Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1807 January 03

Vol. II.)


(No. 53.

Saturday, January 3d, 1807.

New Advertisements. [heading]

Notice. [heading]
Notice Is Hereby Given that Blank Schedules for giving in Returns of Slaves are for the accommodation of the Gentlemen Planters and others, sent to the Ferries of Abary, Mahaicony, Mahaica, and Demerary river; they can likewise be obtained at the King's Receiver's Office, where attendance is given from 9 o'Clock until 1 o'Clock every morning, Sundays and Holidays excepted. These Schedules must be filled up and delivered in, on or before the 21st Instant.
Robert Phipps,
Register King's Receiver's Office
January 3d, 1807.

Office of Ordnance, [heading]
Demerary, 3d January, 1807.
Cash Wanted to the amount of L 800 sterling, for Bills of Exchange at 30 Days sight, drawn by me on the Right Honorable and Honorable Board of Ordnance; Sealed Tenders therefor [sic] will be received at this Office on or before 12 o'Clock on Monday the 5th Instant, and when opened in the presence of His Excellency the Governor, H. W. Bentinck, the most favorable offer or offers will be accepted.
Charles John O'Hara,
Ordnance Storekeeper and Pay-Master.

Notice. [heading]
The Creditors of Joseph Beete Esqr. are requested to meet the Trustees of his Estates, Best and Phoenix, at the Union Coffee House on Friday the 9th Instant, at 11 A.M. to hear Proposals for removing the Sequestration.
Demerary, 3d January, 1807.

Thomas Shute requests those to whom he is indebted to furnish their demands against him, for the past Year, also those who are indebted to make Payment. - (thankful for favors received) he begs leave respectfully to inform his Friends and the Public that the Business will in future be carried on under the Firm of Thomas Shute & Co. - who offer for sale (on moderate terms) a general assortment of Provisions, Dry Goods, Cordage, Hard Ware, &c. &c.
Demerary, 1st January 1807.

Negro Carpenters [heading]
For Sale or Hire.
The Undersigned will sell (or hire for the term of one year), ten to fifteen Carpenters Negroes, all excellent workmen, many years accustomed to framing and finishing of Houses.
Colin Macrae.
Demerary, 3d January, 1807.

Notice Is Hereby Given that the Copartnership of Roderick Young & Co. was mutually dissolved on the first day of January last. All Persons having claims against said R. Young & Co. are requested to deliver them to Mr. Thomas Hays at the Counting-House of Colin Macrae, Esq. in Cumingsburg.
Demerary, 3d January, 1807.

The Copartnership existing between Edward Lamming Junr. and G. T. Charter, under the firm of Edward Lamming & Co. is by mutual consent this day dissolved. The Subscribers therefore request all those who stand indebted to them to come forward and settle their accounts immediately; and all those they are indebted to are requested to render their accounts to Edward Lamming Junr. at his store next to Mr. John Binning, he being duly authorized to receive and liquidate all accounts belonging to the said concern.
Edward Lamming, Junr.
George T. Charter.
Demerary, December 31st, 1806.

On Monday the 19th Instant will be exposed to Public sale, by Order of the Court of Vice Admiralty of Barbados, at the Stores of Messrs. Alexr. Fullerton & Co. in Cumingsburg, the Cargo of the Spanish Brig La Divina Pastora (captured by the ship Duke of Kent) consisting of, - 25 pipes and 12 hhds. of Wine, 15 pipes of Brandy, 124 bales and 30 reams of Paper, one bale Sashes, 40 papers thread, a parcell of loose Earthen Ware, 2 bales and 14 pieces of Calicoes, 134 pair Children's and Ladies Shoes, 83 Swords and 14 Daggers, 24 red Sashes, 23 Pocket Handkerchiefs, 1 pair Silk Stockings & 5 pair Cotton Ditto, and two Cases Liquors. Also the said Brig La Divina Pastora, with all her Sails, Rigging & Materials as she now lies in the River.
By Order of Alexr. Fullerton Esq. Agent.
Rt. Kingston,
Dy. Vendue Master.
Demerary, 3d January 1807.

For Glasgow. [heading]
The armed Ship Jason, John Gemmell Master, to sail in company with another arm'd Vessel. For Freight or Passage apply to the Captain on board or to
3d Jan. Thos. Mewburn.

The Subscriber has on Sale a few Cases of Choice Claret and Old Port, - also Dundee Cotton Bagging of a superior quality, Strelitz [sic] and Flaxen Osnaburghs, Irish & Flaxen Sheeting, Patent Canvas No. 1, 2, 3 & 7, Paints and Oils, Hoes, Newfoundland Cod Fish &c.
3d Jan. John Madden.

A. B. Morris, [heading]
Has imported in the ship Wilding from London, and for Sale at the House of Mr. R. S. Turton, in Bridge-Town, a variety of Dry Goods, Ironmongery, Medicines, &c. which will be sold very reasonable for immediate Payment.
Demerary, 3d January 1807.

Just Imported in the Ship Intrepid, Captain Turnbull, and for sale by the Subscribers on reasonable Terms for immediate Payment:
Gordon Duff & Co's. [sic] best Old London Particular Madeira Wine, in pipes, Hogsheads and quarter casks.
Heywood & Taylor.
Who have also for sale the following articles: Plain and tamboured muslins, Romall and pullicat handkerchiefs, britannias, Irish linens, dimities, German checks, sail canvas, Negro cloathing, salempores, white calico, Wired Porter, Nails assorted, Fusees and accoutrements &c.
Demerary, 3d January 1807.

Notice For The Last Time. [heading]
All those indebted to the Estate of William Leeds, Joseph Mountfort, and Knowles Hatch, are earnestly solicited to come forward and pay their respective accounts to the Subscriber before the 18th February next, otherwise without respect to Persons, he will be under the disagreeable necessity of placing them in the hands of a Lawyer, as no longer indulgence can be given.
Amos Leeds.
Demerary, 3d January, 1807.

Notice. [heading]
The Subscriber requests all those who are indebted to him to come forward without delay and settle their respective accounts by note, Cash, Coffee or Cotton, as there is an immediate necessity to have his books closed as soon as possible, in consequence of his taking a Partner in his business, which in future will be conducted under the firm of Leeds & Wachope.
Amos Leeds.
Demerary, 3d January, 1807.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary. [heading]
Notice is hereby given on the port of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting the Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, Viz: -
Mrs. Sarah E. Moore, in two or three Weeks from January 3d.
Mr. Levy Cohen, in 2 or 3 Weeks, from Jany. 3d.
Mr. John A. Matthews, in 14 days from Dec. 24th.
Doctor Fras. Haite, in 21 days, from Decb. 19th.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

Alzo de navolgende Persoonen van voorneemens zyn met elkander een Wettig Huwelyk aan te gann, als: -
De Heer Ernst Wilhelm Baron Von Firks, gebooren te Berlin, - met Mejuffrouw Johanna Alfida Geertruda Lomer, Minderjaarige Jonge Dochter, gebooren binnen deeze Colonie.
De Heer Harmanus Mutz, Weduwnaar [sic], met Mejuffrouw Martha Clarke Foster, Minderjaarige Jonge Dochter, gebooren te Barbados; - EN
De Heer Alexander Junor, Meerderjaarig Jongman, gebooren in Scotland, - met Mejuffrouw Sarah Elizabeth Landroy, Minderjaarig Jonge Dochter, geb. binnen deese Colonie.
Zoo werd een ieder daarvan by deeze geadverteerd, ten einde de geenen die zig daar teegens Vermeenen te kunnen Opposeeren zulks in tyds te doen, daar waar en zoo het behoord.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary deezen 19 December 1806.
J. C. Stadtman, Eerste Clercq.

Word mits deezen aan elk en een iegelyk geadverteed, uit naam en van Weegens Pieter Verbeke in qualiteit als eenige Overgebleevene Executeur in de Boedel en Nalatenschap van Wylen de Heer J. J. Leuschenring, in leeven Medis Doctor binnen deeze Rivier, dat hy na de Loop van een Maand na dato zal Verkoopen, de volgende Effecten en Slaaven: -
Een Huis en concessie Lands geleegen binnen de Hoofdploaste [sic] Stabroek aan de Noord Zyde van de midden dam, bekend onder No. 60.
Een Huis en quart Concessie Lands geleegen als vooren aan de Noord dam, bekend onder No. 43.
Een Mulat genaamd Jan.
Een Neeger genaamd Pieter.
Een Neeger genaamd Primo.
Een Neegerinne genaamd Rosetta.
Ten einde die geenen welk eenig Recht op deeze Effecten mogte sustineeren te hebben gelieve dezelve alvoorens de voormelde tyd ter Secretary alhier in te geeven, met zoo daanige bewyzen als waar op zy hun Sustenu fundeeren.
Actum ter Secretary van Demerary den 20 Decb. 1806
J. C. Stadtman, Eerste Clercq.

By Virtue of an Authorisation and Charge contained in a Decree of the Honourable Court of Justice of this Colony, dated the 17th October 1806, are by me the underwritten Marshal, in the Name and behalf of Jonas Fileen in capacity as Executor to the Estate of the deceased J. F. Moller and P. Iskenius, and M. Smit as Executor to the Estate of the deceased F. A. Cosack, for the first time by Edict Summoned, - all Colonial and Foreign known and unknown Creditors, as well of the once Existing Firm of Moller & Cosack, as to the Prive Estates of J. F. Moller and F. A. Cosack, to appear before the said Honourable Court of Justice at their session, on the Nineteenth day of this Month of January and following days, to render in their Pretensions and Claims, as after the expiration of the fourth summons by Edict, the last of which will be Published before the Ordinary sessions of the said Court in the month of May this Year, shall be proceeded against the Non Appearers as the Law directs.
The respective Creditors are in the mean time at Liberty to look into the statement of the said Boedels, which are rendered at the Secretary's Office (Griffie) to take from them their Remarks and render them in time to come to aforesaid Honble. Court may take such Notice thereof as they shall think fit.
Demerary, 1st January 1807.
F. P. Francke, Exploiteur.
A faithful Translation from the Dutch.
D. P. Simon, Sw. Translator.

By Virtue of an Extract of the Minutes dated 15th September, 1806, you Arthur Blair at the instance of F. P. Van Berckel LL.D. Fiscaal (R. O.) are Summoned for the fourth time by Edict Exsuperabundante, Personally to appear before the Honorable Court of Justice at their Session in the Town of Stabroek on the Nineteenth Day of January first coming and following days, in order to see there the Plaintifs [sic] (R. O.) intendeth [sic] and Vouchers thereto belonging, and to hear the pronounciation [sic] of sentence.
Una Cum Expensis.
Rio Demerary, 3d January, 1807.
Marts. Smit, first Marshal.
A faithful Translation from the Dutch,
D. P. Simon, Sw. Translator.

All Persons indebted to the Estate of the late John Cunningham, deceased, are desired to make payment; and those to whom that Estate are indebted are requested to render in their accounts to Peter McLagan or John W. Thomas, Executors, without delay, that the Boedel may be brought to a close as soon as possible.
Stabroek, 3d January, 1807.

For Sale. [heading]
A Negro Woman, she is a very good semstress [sic], a compleat Washer and a good House Maid. To hire, a Negro Man, he is a good Cook. - Apply to the Printer.
Stabroek, 3d January 1807.

On Monday the 19th Instant will be sold to the highest bidder at the Vendue Office, Robert Martin's Account Current against Pln: Maria Johanna belonging to Col. James Nicholson; it is for Managing said Pln: during the Attorneyship of John Jackson Esq: lately deceased. The Account is drawn out in Mr. Jackson's own hand, and signed John Jackson qq.
Demerary, 3d January 1807.

At the House of D. P. Simon Esqr. is the Domicilium Citandi & Executandi of
James S. Pemberton.
Demerary, 20th December 1806.

Runaway from the Subscriber on Thursday last, a young Negro Woman named Nancy, of the Congo Nation, speaks English and Dutch tolerably well. Whoever will deliver her to the Subscriber or lodge her in the Barracks shall receive two Joes Reward; - all Persons are hereby forbid harbouring her, and Captains of Vessels from taking her out the Colony as the law will be rigidly enforced against such offenders, by
Decb. 20th. Abraham Nunes.

For Sale. [heading]
A House Frame of Colony Wood, 32 feet long, 18 feet wide and two stories high. For Price &c. apply to the Printer.
Demerary, 6th Decbr. 1806.

A Patent Cattle Mill [heading]
For Sale.
Enquire of
Nov. 29th. G. J. Goppy.


On Monday the 5th Instant, by order of T. Mewburn, Esq. Tent and mahogany bedsteads, mattrasses, cornices, curtains, musquitto netting, &c. Dining and night tables, cupboards, travelling desks, chairs, sophas, knife cases, bason stands and dressing glasses, Earthen ware in crates, an assortment of Carpenters' and Coopers' tools, &c. just imported in the ship Menie. Also by order of A. B. Morris, Esqr. for the benefit of the Underwriters and those concerned, sundry damaged goods, imported in the ship Wilding, viz. one bale of cotton bagging, one ditto romal handkerchiefs, one ditto baby flannel, two ditto guernsey jackets, and two cases of fine Hats.

On Tuesday the 6th Instant, at the store of Mr. Hoppen, Irish linen, checks, printed calicoes, Ladies and Gentlemen's silk stockings, silk stocking breeches, Ladies toilets, satin wood tea caddies, black pepper, soap in boxes, starch and blue in boxes and parcels, beads in packs, brandy in kelders and 15 gallon kegs, hand brushes, painting and other brushes, Coopers' tools, nails assorted, door and window hinges, brass and iron hinges for chests, &c. Locks with screws, silver spoons and Forks, ditto shoe buckles and thimbles, plated spurs, glass and earthen ware, household furniture, viz: tables, chairs, a sideboard, a clock, looking glasses, sofas, shades, plated candlesticks and water jars, beam and scales with iron chains and weights. Also three female Negroes, viz. a good huckstress, a ditto house maid, and an excellent washerwoman, a milch goat, a he goat, and whatever else may appear on the Day of sale.

On Wednesday the 7th Instant, by order of Mr. W. Hallstead, at his store near the Stelling in Bridge Town, new provisions, &c. just landed, viz [sic - no punctuation] mess beef in whole and half barrels, fish in boxes, tongues, hams, butter, soap, candles, mill grease, split pease, hyson tea, old rum in kegs, brandy in ditto, gin in cases, Irish Linens, ready made clothes, coat and waistcoat patterns; also a variety of other goods, which will be produced on the day of sale.
[Transcriber's note: date of Vendue changes to 27 January (see 18070117EDRG), but surname 'Hallstead' changes to 'Halstead']

On Friday the 9th Instant, at the Vendue Office, Dry goods, provisions, Negroes, &c. &c.
Also, by order of Adam Knight and Hugh Holmes Esqrs. Executors of Mrs. Ann Campbell, deceased, five negroes, named Chance, Johnny and Ned, carpenters; Polly Ann and Rachel houseservants.

On Thursday the 8th, and Saturday the 10th Instant, by order of Messrs. Underwood, Johnson & Co. at their store in the New Town, a large assortment of dry goods, consisting of Irish linen, cotton shirting, plattillas, brittannias, Russia sheeting, German linen, marseilles, jeans, stockings, pullicat handkerchiefs, muslins, cambricks, and Gentlemen's hats; also Irish beef in tierces and barrels, pork in ditto, hams, cheese, porter, ale, &c.

On Monday the 12th, and Tuesday the 13th Instant, at the store of H. H. Post Esqr. on Werk & Rust, by order of Hend. Werninck, Esq. Linens assorted, calicoes, printed ditto, pieces of silk for waistcoats, marseilles and silk waistcoats, umbrellas, flannel, Ladies corsets, Ladies and Gentlemen's straw hats, braces, Artificial flowers, Gaden [sic] seeds, potatoes, Westphalia hams, Dutch cumin cheese, candles, paint and paint oil, lamp black, writing and printing ink, shoe black, white wine and other vinegar, haerlem [sic] oil, &c.

On Monday the 19th Instant, at the stores of Messrs. Alexr. Fullerton & Co. in Cumingsburg, the Cargo of the Spanish Brig La Divina Pastora, (Prize to the ship Duke of Kent,) as also the Hull, sails &c. of said Brig. - See Advertisement in First Page.

Runaway. [heading]
A Negro Man named Amour, (a Carpenter) he is a tall Negro of a plauseable [sic] address and speaks good English; - Whoever will apprehend the said Negro and deliver him at Plantation Leliendaal, shall receive a Reward of Twenty Two Guilders.
Demerary, 6th December 1806.

Absconded from the Subscriber on Wednesday Night last, a Negro Boy named George or Kees, it appears he has got a Pass, the said pass is given by some one, unknown to his owner, therefore the Public are warned not to harbour or hire him, unless under the pass of his proper owner.
6th Dec. Simeny [sic] Eyman.

Drifted from the Trench of Plantation Peters Hall on Sunday night or Monday morning last, a small Punt 23 feet keel and 7 feet beam, plancked with crab wood and mora timbers (newly tared [sic]), any person giving information where she can be found, will be rewarded on application to W. Brereton Esqr. Stabroek or at the above Estate.
Demerary, 6th December 1806.

A Meeting of several Planters and Merchants was held on Monday last at Mr. Campbell's Tavern, to take into consideration the alterations made by His Majesty's late Proclamation in the intercourse between America and the West India Colonies, and a Petition was agreed to be drawn to request the continuation of the importation of Beef and Pork, Pitch and Tar, and the Exportation of Sugar for a certain time, and presented to His Excellency the Governor on Wednesday next. The Petition we understand lays for signature at Mr. Campbell's Tavern.

On Monday morning the schooner Fame arrived from Barbados, by which we received a Mercury of the 23d ult. containing intelligence of the highest importance, should it turn out to be authentic; - by the arrival of L'Eperver Brig in Barbados, from Surinam, who spoke a vessel going into that River, the Captain of which reported, that accounts had been received in England of a Grand victory obtained over the French by the combined Prussian and Russian Armies; - that Bonapart had taken up a position in and near Berlin, and was considerably embarrassed how to extricate his Army, - By the following Extract from the above Paper it will be seen that in the two previous Actions, the French had lost upward of 33,000 men:-

His Majesty's brig L'Epevier, Lieut. Douglas, arrived here on Sunday night, five days from Surinam, and brings intelligence to the above important purport, received there on the 16th inst. by the ship Minerva, from London, in 27 days. . . .

Yesterday morning the Ariadnie [sic], Capt. Johnson, arrived here from Glasgow, which she left on the 22d of Novbr. - at the moment of her departure the Post had just arrived, from London, which contained important account relative to the above Victory; when the news reached the Tavern, the Building rung with Cheers! and the Public was in the highest spirits. . . .

Promotions [heading]
In the British Army serving in the West Indies, under the Command of General Bowyer.
[not transcribed]

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last.
Ship Intrepid, W. Turnbull, from Liverpool & Madeira.
Schr. Fame, J. Lawson, Barbados.
Ship Thame, J. Lester, New London.
Brig Hanniball, R. Rogers, Boston.
Hunter, C. Blanchard, Ditto.

The Subscriber informs his Friends and the Public in general that he is just arrived from Liverpool in the Ship Mary, Captain W. Miller, and has brought with him a Choice assortment of goods, which he offers for sale at reduced Prices for immediate Payment, at the House lately occupied by R. S. Turton Esq. in New-Town, Viz: -
Irish Beef in barrels, pickled Cork butter in half firkins, pickled tongues in firkins, Yorkshire hams, double Gloucester and Lancashire cheese, kegs split pease, oatmeal, Scotch Barley and groats, potatoes in barrels, porter in casks of 6 dozen each, best gun powder and superfine Hyson tea in 1 lb cannisters, spices assorted in ditto, refined sugar, boxes and half boxes of muscatel and bloom raisins, jars currants, [faint printing - a few lines] wine vinegar in jugs, starch and blue in convenient packages, rappee snuff in 1 lb pots, double [illegible] gunpowder in 1 lb. cannisters, large patent [illegible] muskett, fowling piece and pistol flints, walking sticks silver mounted, best silk Umbrellas and Parasols with plated furniture, patent [illegible] Gold Lockets for minatures [sic], ditto broaches, ear rings, finger rings, breast pins, watch keys, [illegible] for neck chains, and all kinds jewelry; ivory tooth pick cases, Ladies full dress and bent Tortoise shell combs, dressing ditto, pocket ditto, ivory folding ditto, ladies and Gentlemen's [illegible] morocco pocket books, silver globe pipe tubes, best high finished razors with ivory and Buffalo handles silver mounted, do. Ladies scissars with silver bows, pen desk and sporting knives of a superiour quality finished to prevent rust, common razors, ivory handled knives and forks, desert [sic] do. and carvers to suit, superfine black bone handled do. in setts complete, patent snuffers, sets billiard balls, fowling pieces and pistols, Ironmongery assorted, consisting of brass and iron chamber door, desk, trunck [sic] and cardevine [sic] locks, pad locks, door and window T and H L hinges, bands and Gudgeons, bolts, staybars and hooks, carpenters hammers, hingle axes, adzes &c. patent brass vent pegs, coffee mills brass mounted, white tacks, sash pulleys, screws and cords, butcher knives, steelyards, Gentlemen's mahogany tool chests, lemon squeezers, powder flasks and double shot belts, kegs of 4, 6, 8, 10, 20, 24 and 30dy nails, best fashionable Gentlemen's hogskins saddles, bridles with bridoons [sic] &c. gig harness, gig and jockey whips, brass and leather dog collars &c. Best fashionable Hessian and jockey boots, planters ancle do. men's do. all of bespoke quality; white paint in 28 lb. kegs, jugs paint and lamp oil, ditto turpentine, lamp black, &c. portable writing desks, new pattern and superfine brass mounting, patent silk hats, felt, do. servants glazed leather do. with bands and buckles to suit, boys leather hats and caps, jockey do., Ladies, Gentlemen, boys and girls, and middle sized white cotton stockings, plain and embroidered clocks, pantaloon do. cotton night caps, Men's and Women's cotton and leather gloves, Ladies cambric and silk do. and open sleeves, best superfine broad cloth coat patterns with buttons and trimmings complete, fashionable waist coat patterns and black silk florentine for do., table linen assorted, clouting diaper, long lawns, do. pocket handkerchiefs, French and cotton cambric, cambric, jaconet and Scotch muslins and mulls, black cambrick for mourning, nankeens, cantonetts, thicksets, satinetts and cords, dimities, stripes, marseilles &c. fine ell wide printed calicoes, rich patterns, muslin shawls &c. Stationary of all sorts, amongst which is a neat sett Merchants Accompt books (pathet [sic] bound), bound books in calf and gilt, being a collecton of valuable works from the best Authors, flint glass of all kinds, consisting of Indian shades, globe lamps, cut goblets and wine glasses, setts of casters with plated frames and silver caps, rich cut decanters, liquor stands, lemonade glasses with covers, one rich ornamental hall lamp elegantly mounted, and sundry other articles.
Nov. 29th. Philip Yates.

For Sale. [heading]
Ten to Twelve New Water Butts of 4 to 500 Gallons each, and to be seen on application to Mr. James Hollen, at the Loge [sic] on the bottom of the Canal Dam leading to the Thomas Estate.
Demerary, 29th Novbr. 1806.

For Sale. [heading]
A Boat's Crew consisting of Five Good Sailor Negroes, three of which are capable of taking charge of a Boat as Captain, will be Sold separately or together as may suit a Purchaser: - Enquire of the Printer.

An Almanack [heading]
For the Present Year 1807, will be issued on Monday next, at f 8 each.

For Glasgow. [heading]
The Running Ship Menie, Wm. Fairlie, Master, well armed, and expected to sail the latter end of next Month. For Freight or Passage apply to the Captain on board, or to
Thomas Mewburn.
Demerary, 20th Dec. 1806.

The Subscriber is now receiving from on board the Benlomond, Gordon & Duff's choice London particular three years old Madeira Wine, in casks of different sizes, which he offers for Sale on moderate terms for immediate payment in Cotton or Coffee; also on hand, Port Wine of excellent quality per cask or dozen. Fresh Newfoundland Fish, Herrings, Salt in barrels, Irish Butter, Beef and Pork, Rice, Tobacco, Lamp Oil, and a variety of Plantation Stores.
Wm. Roach.
Demerary, 27th December, 1806.
NB. The Copartnership between Jackson & Roach of Barbados, ceased on the 1st of September, 1802

The Subscriber has received by the recent arrivals, the following articles, (for Sale at reasonable prices) viz. - Inverness cotton and coffee bagging, flax and tow oznabrugs, linen and cotton checks, German and Russia sheeting, platillas, britannias, salempores, white, yellow and blue nankeens, check shirts, vests, Planters shoes, cordage assorted from 1 to 4 1/2 inch, seine and sewing twine, cut and common glass ware, Poland oats in puncheons, setts knives and forks with carvers, hoes, pruning knives and cutlasses, powder and shot, negro hats and cloathing, carpenter's and cooper's tools, silk and beaver hats, 4, 6, 8, 10, 20 and 30dy nails, bacon and mutton hams, loaf and pine cheese, neats tongues, ling fish, kits salmon, tripe, almonds, raisins, currants, prunes, sago, spices, sallad oil, white wine vinegar, split pease, pearl barley, starch and blue, hampers potatoes, refined sugar, hyson tea in boxes and cannisters, London porter in 6 dozen casks, beer, gin and brandy in cases and demijohns, Irish butter in half firkins, beef, pork, soap, spermacetie and mould candles, tobacco in barrels, rice, fresh Baltimore flour, and various other articles.
Thomas Shute.
A Large Punt to Hire.
Demerary, 20th December, 1806.

Taken from a Negro on the Evening of the 23d Instant, when offering the same for Sale, Three Silver Spoons. Any Person proving their property and paying for this Advertisement, may have them restored by application at this Office.
Demerary, December 27th, 1806.

Just Imported and For Sale by the Subscribers, at the Store formerly Occupied by G. J. Goppy Esqr. - An extensive assortment of Goods, which will be Sold on very reasonable terms for immediate Payment.
Decb. 20th. Fisher & Chorley.

Notice. [heading]
Is hereby given, that all who have any Demands against the Subscriber, are earnestly requested to come forward to settle the same, and receive their monies by the New Year; as he is intended to finally to Close his Business, in consequence he informs the Public, that he has authorised Mr. Van der Heyden to receive his debts, and his Receipt will be fully allowed by
P. C. Mickerts.
Stabroek, 27th December 1806.

To Be Sold. [heading]
A Gig & Harness Compleat, and the addition of a Tandum Harness.
December 27th, 1806. [no subscribrer listed]

The Subscriber has Ten Prime Field Negroes, likewise four Carpenter Negroes, which he will dispose of very reasonably to an approved purchaser.
William King.
Cumingsburgh, 27th December, 1806.

Received by the Intrepid, Captain Turnbull, from Madeira, and for sale by the Subscribers, a parcel of rich, full bodied Old Madeira Wine in Pipes, Hogsheads and Quarter Casks.
Telford, Naghten & Co.
Demerary, December 27th, 1806.

Imported in the Ship Highlander, Allan Stevenson, Master from Liverpool, and for Sale by Subscribers: - Porter and slender Beer in bottles and barrels, Hams, Cheese, Butter, Potatoes, and a few half barrels choice corned Beef, Candles and Soap, loaf Sugar, split Pease, Barley, and Oatmeal, 9 and 12 inch Welch Tiles and Bricks.
McInroy, Sandbach & McBean.
Demerary, 20th December, 1806.

Just Imported by the Brig Sally, from Portsmouth (N.A.) and for Sale by the Subscribers, the following Articles: -
W. P. Lumber,
R. O. Staves,
W. & R. O. Shooks,
Wood Hoops, Oars,
Salt Fish, &c. &c.
Telford, Naghten & Co.
Cumingsburg, Decb. 20th, 1806.

Just Imported in the Ship Menie, Captain Fairlie, and for Sale by the Subscribers at the House lately built by Messrs. Kent & Leslie, opposite the Store of Messrs. McInroy, Sandbach & McBean, an elegant assortment of Household Furniture and Dry Goods consisting of
Sets of Dining Tables,
Pembroke, toilet, and sopha tables,
Card tables,
Dressing and toilet glasses,
An elegant side board,
Bason stands and night tables,
Ladies work tables with silk bags,
Hair covered and stuffed easy chairs,
Bureaus and writing desks,
Mattresses with bolsters and pillows,
Mahogany waiters and knife cases,
Wrought and plain muslins,
Pullicat handkerchiefs,
Saddles, bridles, and chaise harness,
Hessian boots and dress shoes,
An assortment of tin ware,
Elegant tea trays, Jewelry &c. &c.
Wm. Mudie.
Demerary, 27th December 1806.

Just Imported by the Brig Clarence, and for Sale at Fisher & Chorley's store New Town: - Old Jamaica Rum, Cotton Gin Cranks and Brasses, Corded Dimities, and an assortment of Carpenter's Tools, &c.
Fisher & Chorley.
Demerary, December 20th, 1806.

The Copartnership lately existing between G. M. Forrester and James Elder, under the firm of "James Elder & Co" has this day been dissolved by mutual consent. - Those Gentlemen (merchants and others) indebted to said concern have already been informed that the amount of their Accounts would be required of them in January, and they are hereby required to make payment accordingly; and all Persons having claims against the said concern are required to send in their respective accounts which will meet immediate lequidation [sic] on application to either of the Subscribers.
G. M. Forrester,
Deceb. [sic] 20th. James Elder.

The Creditors of the late George Crafts Esqr. deceased, are requested to meet the Executors at the Union Coffee House on Thursday the 6th of January next, when Proposals will be made for the liquidation of their Demands.
Demerary, 13th December 1806.

Board & Lodging. [heading]
A Single Gentleman wishes to be accommodated with Board and Lodging in a genteel Family, or otherwise in any respectable House. - For particulars apply at the Office of this Gazettte. Decb. [sic] 20th 1806.

Mr. E. J. Henery,
Sir, - On perusing the Gazette of the 13th Instant, I find that Notice is given to the Public, of Plantation La Resource being put under Execution by the Hon. P. C. Ouckama, in his quality as sole remaining partner of the firm of S. & P. C. Ouckama, Plaintiff, against me; if that gentlemen had only perused the contract made between us, previous to his proceedings, he would there have found that only one half of said Estate was purchased by me, and the enormous sum of Four Thousand Guilders to be the balance due him, which sum is ready on receipt of a Transport, the other half of said place is the property of Mr. George Healis of Barbados, whose full power I hold to act. It is therefore my duty to inform his friends and creditors, that his half by no ways is liable for my contract with Messrs. Ouckama's, and we are not obliged to pay each other's debts.
I am Sir
Your Obedient Servant,
James Parss.
Demerary, December 20th, 1806.
N.B. The above Estate were [sic] appraised by two respectable Planters of this Colony five years ago, for f 110,000.

Essequebo, December 24th 1806.
To the Printer,
Sir, - I find it much beneath my character to put myself on an equal footing with a Mr. Parss, by keeping a Public Correspondence with him, I nevertheless deem it indispensable to acquaint the Public (for the first and last time on this unworthy subject) that Messrs. S. & P. C. Ouckama sold in September 1796 to the said Mr. Parss, the Plantation La Resource, containing 124 Acres of Land, situate on the West Sea Coast of this River, for the enormous sum of Ten Thousand Guilders, payable in the so very short and ungenerous time of Ten Years only, viz: One Thousand Guilders every year, with the so illiberal Interest of Sixty Guilders per annum on the whole Capital sum till fully paid. It is true, he is (as he observes in his address inserted in your last Gazette) only four years backwards in his so very heavy installments, and uncommon high interest. He owes no more than two-fifths of the Purchase money (exclusive of the Law Expences), and it is indeed very ungenerous of me not to have waited longer, especially when an Estate is sold so much beyond its value, and when "the sum" is (and no doubt has since long been) ready for me! ! ! In fine, Mr. Parss promised me some months ago, that he always would be thankfull to me for my indulgence towards him, and I am now very happy to receive his heartfelt acknowledgements, in every respect so consistent with his behaviour in regard to said Contract.
I am, Sir, your obed. Servt.
P. C. Ouckama.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 3d January, 1807.



Brought by


Reith, in Berbice,



S. Fraser, Ditto,



Trulock, Ditto,

J. Kennyon.


Doctor Munro,

Pl. Lr. T. in Abary.






R. Murray.


Doctor Seaton,



On be Kend,






Boedel Bynoe,




Pl. Columbia.


Horn (or Hend,)



Pl. Gt. Diamond,



Mackley, Ess.

A. Deys.






Pl. Georgia.



Van der Haas.



J. Turner.


On be Kend,


And 3 New Negroes their Names & Owners unknown.
J. Runnels, Drossaart.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
(at Thirty-three Guilders per Annum)
By Edward James Henery.


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