Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1807 January 31

Vol. II.)


(No. 57.

Saturday, January 31st, 1807.

Proclamation. [heading]
By His Excellency Henry William Bentinck, Lieutenant Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, with ther [sic] Dependent Districts, President in all Courts and Colleges, &c. &c. &c.
Having received an Address from the Members of the Court of Policy or Colonial Legislature, in support of a Petition presented to me some time before, by a great number of Merchants and Planters, representing the absolute necessity of these Colonies receiving a constant supply of Tar to keep afloat the immense number of Boats and Craft of every description, without which nothing can be conveyed from one part of the Colony to the other, and requesting in consideration of the certain and utter distress which must shortly ensue from the want of so indispensable an Article, that the Tar on board of some American Vessels now in Port, and which in consequence of His Majesty's late Order in Council, they had not been allowed To Sell, might be landed for the present supply of the Colony; - And whereas, from these Colonies having, since their late Surrender to His Majesty's Arms, been almost entirely Supplied with that Article from the United States of America, the quantity thereof imported from Great Britain during the last Year being only Six Barrels, there is no prospect whatever of the scarcity of Tar already felt being removed by the arrival of the Fleet now momently expected from England.
I therefore taking into consideration the urgent representations so made and finding on enquiry, the same to be well founded, have thought proper, to issue this my Proclamation, thereby Permitting the Tar and Pitch now in Port, and amounting, agreeable to a return thereof, to Three Hundred and twelve Barrels, to be landed for the present supply of the Inhabitants, until their Orders for Tar from England can be attended to, or until the Pleasure of His Majesty shall be known on the statements transmitted by me, and subject to the same duties that are Paid on other imports from America.
This indulgence being solely granted from the conviction I have of its paramount necessity at the present moment, cannot on any account be expected to be repeated, and I do consequently seriously Warn the Planters and other Inhabitants concerned, to take immediate measures for ensuring a sufficient supply of Tar from His Majesty's Dominions, to prevent the recurrence of a scarcity similar to that which they now experience, and for which then they would only have to blame their own want of foresight.
And I do hereby require all those whom it may concern to take Notice hereof accordingly.
Given under my Hand and Seal at Arms, at the King's House in Stabroek, this thirtieth day of January 1807, and in the forty-seventh Year of His Majesty's Reign.
H. W. Bentinck.
By His Excellency's Command,
John Brown, Got. Secty.

The Box containing the Votes of the Inhabitants for the Election of a Keizer and of two finantial [sic] Representatives, agreeable to His Excellency's late Proclamation, having been opened Yesterday it was found that by a large majority, Js. Johnstone Esqr. had been elected to the Former, and Jas. Ogle and Thos. Mewburn Esqrs. to the latter Situation.
Court-House, 31st January 1807.
P. F. Tinne,
Dy. Sect. of the Colony.

New Advertisements. [heading]

The Subscribers have just received by the Ship Betsey, Captain Chipman, from Wilmington, a choice cargo of Pitch Pine Boards and Plank, and Ranging Timber, and Cypress Shingles, which they are now landing at their stores in Cumingsburgh, for sale on moderate terms for immediate payment.
Telford, Naghten & Co.
January 31st.

For Sale by the Subscribers (Per Pipe or Gallon); a Quantity of Superior Flavoured Cette Brandy.
Thomas Shute & Co.
Demerary, 31st January 1807.

The Undersigned as Executor to the Estate of Doctor Peter T. Simson, having since the demise of his joint Executor Gidney Howard Esqr. caused a statement of the Boedel to be formed, has entrusted the collection of the Estate's debts to Mr. James Greenwood, sworn Book-Keeper, and hopes he will meet with every assistance from those who may be indebted; there being an absolute and pressing necessity of bringing the affairs to a close. The Creditors of the Estate will, he doubts not, wait the issue of a couple of months.
January 31st. Rd. Harding.

The Subscriber intends leaving the Colony for the Benefit of his Health, request all those who are indebted to him, to make immediate payment; to those who have worried through 1806 by Promises, will observe that no further indulgence can be expected, (unless settled on or before the 12th February,) their respective Notes and Accounts will be put into the hands of an Attorney.
31st Jany. John Clapham.

The Subscriber intending to quit the Colony in the course of two months, requests all those that are indebted to him to liquidate the same; also all those that have any demands against him to come and receive payment. He also offers to hire five excellent Negroes, (two stout men, one washer woman and two house boys), and will either sell or let his House next to the premises of Messrs. Kent & Leslie, Werk and Rust. For further particulars apply to
D. Cargil [sic].
Werk and Rust, 31st January, 1807.

For Sale 100 Gin Cranks with Brasses complete; an assortment of Coopers and Carpenters tools, Pruning Knives, &c. &c. Apply to the Printer.
Demerary, 31st January 1807.

For Sale. [heading]
A House Frame of Colony Wood, forty feet by twenty-four, two story high, of ten feet each story. For further particulars apply to L. D'Helliand, Esq.
Stabroek. January 31st, 1807.

Runaway from the Subscriber a Negro Man named Mentus, formerly the property of Peter Grundie deceased, the said Negro is of a Yellow complexion, in stature about five feet, was some time since taken out of the Block-House, and now strongly suspected to be harboured about the Fort, having very lately been seen there, any person apprehending and delivering him to Messrs. Frier & Morgan, shall receive a Reward Two Joes, and any person found harbouring him shall be prosecuted to the utmost rigour of the Law.
31st Jany. G. Lockett.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary.
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, Viz -
Mr. Robert McCulloh, in 14 days, from Jan. 22
Mr. Rowland Hackett, in 14 days, from Jan. 23.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

Notice. [heading]
The Subscriber, hereby, for the last time, call the attention of Persons concerned, to an Advertisement published in the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette of August 24th, 1805, and continued some weeks afterwards, by Joseph B. Sandiford and himself, who had been carrying on business under the firm of Wm. Hallstead & Co. That Advertisement informed the Public of the dissolution of the said Copartnership, on the 23d of that Month, and required all Persons concerned therein, either as Debtors or Creditors, to call on the Subscriber for Settlement and Payment; but, with respect to the former class, the Advertisement has been totally disregarded by many, though his applications, either Personally, or by Letter, have not been wanting. As they must be conscious of this, no further application will be made by him; but the influence of a Lawyer will be restored [sic] to, if timely measures be not taken to prevent it.
Wm. Hallstead.
Demerary, January 31st, 1807.

Wm. Hallstead, [heading]
Informs his Friends and Customers generally, that there is the same pressing necessity for collecting the Debts due to himself on 31st December last, as there is for collecting those alluded to in his other Advertisement of this date: If he should not be enabled, through their assistance, to effect this in a short time, it will place him in a state of great embarrassment, as he has no other means of satisfying Persons who have claims against him. - He presumes nothing further is necessary to be said to those who are able and willing to pay.
He proposes selling off his remaining stock of Provisions, Dry Goods, Ironmongery, &c. at what they cost him, for prompt Payment in Cash, Cotton, or Coffee: Particulars of these Goods will appear the next week. Any of his former punctual Customers, who may not find it convenient to send such Payment for what they may require, can be supplied on the usual terms.
Demerary, January 31st, 1807.

The Subscriber intending to leave the Colony early in the Month of June next, will be obliged to those indebted to her, for a speedy payment of their Accounts. Any Person having demads [sic] against her, are desired to render in their respective accounts at her Store, for a final settlement. She is now selling off, for Cash, the goods specified at foot, (which are of the very first quality), at the following reduced prices: -
Men's patent silk hats, . . . f 22
Do. fine white beaver do. . . . 16 10
Do. do. black do. . . . 15
Inferior do. do. . . . 6
Women's black beaver do. . . . 16 10
Do. silk hats . . . 19 5
Do. do. bonnets . . . 18
Childrens light flush do. 7
Women's do. do. . . . . 9
Fine split straw bonnets and hats dressed, 22
Plain do. do. . . . . 12
Large leghorn bonnets, . . . 7
Childrens do. do. . . . 4
Large leghorn hats, . . . 6
Small do. do., . . . . 3
Town made boots, . . . 22
Do. do. fine shoes, . . . 7
Black Velvet stocks, . . . 3
Sword knotts, . . . 5 10
India Nankeens per bolt, . . 33
Long do. do. per piece, . . . 6
Fine cambric cravats . . . . 2
Ready made fine cotton shirts, . 10
Linen inferior do. do. . . . 5 10
White Trowsers, . . . 4
Spring braces, . . . 4 & 5
Fine britanias, . . . 6
Black and white silk stockings, .12
Plain white silk gloves, . . . 6
Do. mitts do. . . . . 5
Large Umbrellas, . . . . 18
Small do. . . . . 9
Japaned muslin per piece, . . . 19 5
India stripe do. 7 yards, . . . 44
Coloured British per piece 18
Italian sarsenetts do. 22
Dress do. . . . 44
Plated Castors, . . . 27 10
Do. in Morocco stands, . . . . 18
Bottle stands per pair, . . . 3
Plated Candlesticks per pair, 18
Pontipool do. do. . . . . 6
Do. Coffee biggins, . . . 16 10
Smaller do. do. . . . . . 13
A Ladies elegant inlaid dressing table 220
A Tea Celleret, . . . 44
A Mahogany Wardrobe, . . . 264
Green Tea per lb. 6
The Subscriber offer for Sale the House she at present occupies, it is perfectly commodious for a small Family, is built of Colony Wood, and has lately been put in thorough repair.
Christian Clifton.
North-Dam, Stabroek, 31st January 1807.
The Subscriber, as Executrix to the Estate of the late Mr. John Crone, requests all Persons indebted to him to come forward with Payment of their respective Accounts; all such as have demands against his Estate, will render them in to her, in the course of One Month, from this date. She offers for sale the half Lot no. [blank] on Werk and Rust, (next that of J. F. Meyer Esqr.) with two Dwelling-Houses, Kitchen, &c. thereon: - An approved purchaser will meet with liberal terms.
January 31st. Peggy Crone.

Opgevangen Een Scheeps Yol, met merk van vooren P.R. Die dezelve toebehoord, kan na Betaaling de Kosten te rug Bekoomen op de Plantagie de Toevlugt.
Demerary, den 31ste January 1807.


On Tuesday the 3d February, by order of Mr. William Mudie, at the House lately built by Messrs. Kent & Leslie, opposite the Store of Messrs. McInroy, Sandbach & McBean, an elegant assortment of Household Furniture, consisting of Dining tables, sofa tables, card tables, sofas with covers, one sofa bed with curtains, two elegant sideboards, dressing and toilet tables, bason stands, night tables, Ladies work tables with silk bags, writing desks, matresses with bolsters and pillows, knife cases, portmanteaus, muslins, pullicat handkerchiefs, checks, platillas, calicoes, shawls, stockings, tin ware, tea trays, saddles, bridles, mirrors, prints, gilt frames, gold rings, broaches, ear-rings, ling fish in boxes, smoaked and pickled herrings in half barrels, Gloucester cheese, &c.

On Friday the 6th of Feb. [see 18080124EDRG] . . .
Also, Dry Goods, Provisions, &c. &c.

On Monday the 9th February, at the Vendue Office, by order of Francis Meagher and Robert Stephenson q.q. John Lanan, the Lot of Land No. 3 in the District of Bridgetown and all the buildings thereon consisting of a Dwelling House three stories high, and several side buildings, two Negroes, and sundry articles.
Also by order of Francis Meagher and Robert Stephenson q.q. William Hogan deceased, and John French, the Water Lot No. 3, on the South side of Robb's Stelling, consisting of 110 feet by 50, English measure, a Platform 50 by 50, a side building, and a House Frame unraised.
Also by order of Mr. Alexander Gray, the Western Quarter of Lot No. 78, in Cumingsburg, next above the Dwelling House of the Hon. F. P. van Berckel, L.L.D. together with all the Buildings erected thereon, consisting of a well-built Dwelling House, Colony Frame, two stories and a half in height, 36 feet in length, and 19 feet in width, with different side buildings, 75 feet long and 15 feet wide, all of Colony wood frames; and also a Brick Kitchen and Oven; all in good repair, and nearly new. The Quarter Lot measures about 57 feet in front, and 80 in depth, railed round. Terms of Payment, one half in six months, and the remaining half in twelve months.

On Tuesday the 10th February, at the store of I. T. Barrett, his remaining stock on hand, viz: 100 half barrels mess beef, 40 boxes spermaceti candles, 10 boxes mould ditto, 40 demijohns lamp oil, 30 kegs Dutch butter, 600 pieces nankeen, 15 barrels mackarel, 2000 red oak staves, 8000 clapboards, and a few hogsheads and barrels sugar.

At the request of a Gentleman in this Colony who has not been in Barbados for some Years, we insert the following Notice: -
To all Men whom the Advertisement may Concern; be it known: - That a Pound Barbados Currency is 20 shillings, that One Dollar is Six shillings and three pence, and One Dollar is Ten Bits.
Ergo. [centered]
Three Dollars and two Barbados bits (or two tenths of a Dollar) is one L Barbados Currency, or 20 shillings equal with 32 bits in Barbados, so that the Dollar in Demerary, calculated at the present standard of f 3, makes in Demerary the L Barbados Currency, the Sum of Nine Guilders Twelve stivers H. C.

Runaway from the Subscriber on Monday last, an Ebbo Boy named Jack, had on a pair oznaburg trowsers and a blue jacket turned up with a red collar and sleeves, no hat, speaks good English; supposed to be harboured about the Camp, as he was chased from there last Thursday into Vlissengen Cotton piece. All Masters of Vessels and others are forbid harbouring said Boy. A generous reward will be given by delivering him either into the Barracks, or to
January 31. William Good.

We are happy to state that His Excellency the Governor is so far recovered from his late indisposition as to enable him to return to his Town residence, where he arrived Yesterday Morning.

The Honble. Court of Justice of this Colony will meet again on Monday the 16th of February ensuing.

The present week has been remarkable from the non arrival of any Vessel from either Europe or the Islands, which leaves us totally deficient of News; - The Mail may be hourly looked for; when we hope its contents, will enable us to lay more flattering accounts, before our readers, than have appeared of late; some rumours have been circulated in Town, (but upon what authority we know not, nor can we vouch for their authenticity) that the King of Prussia is still at the Head of thirty three Battallions [sic] of Infantry and a considerable Body of Cavalry and that hopes are entertained that he may still, be enabled to retrieve his late misfortunes: - we shall feel an extreme pleasure to be able to announce such an event, or any other, that may tend to check the horridly rapid Progress of the Haughty and overbearing Conqueror.

For three or four Days past a signal has been made at the Block House for a Square Rigged vessel, but which never came in, we have learnt that it is the Dick Guinea-Brig, which lost all her Anchors, and is thereby under the necessity of standing off and on untill she can be helped.

On Monday last a Race was ran on the road between the Block House and the Kitty Gate between an American Grey Horse and a brown Stallion belonging to J. D. Breton Esqr. The Grey won with the greatest ease, Brother Johnathan rode his own Horse, and although he did not display much elegance he shewed he had a thorough knowledge of what his Horse could do, as he offered two to one before starting, considerable sums were pending and it was generally believed if the Race had been for two instead of one mile, that the Stallion would have won, for he came in very fresh.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last.
Ship America, R. McEwan, from Berbice.
Ship Barton, J. Ford, for Liverpool.
Grace, R. Spencer, New York.
Brig Velocity, H. Gartner, Baltimore.
Jane, A. Jenkins, Saco.
Greyhound, S. Gelpatrick, Ditto.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 31st January, 1807.



Brought by


Reith, in Berbice,



Trulock, Ditto,

J. Kennyon.



J. Turner.






R. Murray.


On be Kend,





James, mulatto,

Barker, Essequebo,




Pl. Columbia.


Horn (or Hend,)



Pl. Gt. Diamond,




Pl. Georgia.


B. Hall,




Baas Daley.






J. James.


On be Kend,




Jeffery, Macnie

And 6 Negroes of Plantation Bushey Park in Mahaiconie.
And 3 New Negroes their Names & Owners unknown.
J. Runnels, Drossaart.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
(at Thirty-three Guilders per Annum)
By Edward James Henery.




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