Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1807 February 14

Vol. II.)


(No. 59.

Saturday, February 14th, 1807.

His Excellency the Lt. Governor having received His Majesty's commands to pay strict attention to the means recommended by the Board of Health, for preventing any infectious disease being communicated to the Garrison or the Colony by Vessels arriving in this Port, or being conveyed to Great-Britain by Vessels sailing from hence, and also to transmit the fullest and earliest accounts, prior to the departure of any Fleets from the Colony, as to the suspicion or appearance of any infectious disease or freedom from the same within this Government, and in case of the former to transmit the most particular account the Lt. Governor may be able to collect, respecting the nature and symptoms of such disease:
Notice is accordingly hereby given, that in order to be enabled to comply with His Majesty's commands beforementioned, and there having been hitherto no Officer of Health established for this Port, His Excellency the Lt. Governor has judged proper to appoint Doctor James Willm. Dunkin, the Garrison Surgeon of this Colony, or his Successor for the time being, to act as Officer of Health within this Government, with Authority to visit the Shipping, whenever he shall deem it necessary, in order he may at all times have it in his power to give Certificates of the state of health of the Crews on sailing from this Port, and to make such reports on these matters as are required by Government, for the information of the Board of Health at Home.
The above appointment is not to interfere with the one conferred by the Honble. Court of Policy on the Surgeon of the Colonial Hospital for the inspection of all New Negroes previous to their being admitted to be landed and sold in the Colony; this regulation remaining in force as heretofore.
His Excellency requires the Officers of His Majesty's Customs, the Harbour Master, and all others whom it may concern, to take notice hereof accordingly.
Government-House, in Stabroek, Demerary,
this 14th day of February, 1807.

Any Person willing to Contract for building a Cistern and making some Repairs at the Military Hospital, the particulars of which may be known by applying to Doctor Dunkin, may deliver in Sealed Proposals for the same, with proper Security for the [illegible] execution of the Contract which may be entered into, at the Government Secretary's Office, on or before the 1st day of March next. Demerary, 14th Feby. 1807.

By Virtue of a certain appointment granted by His Excellency H. W. Bentinck, Lt. Governor &c. &c. &c. on the Petition of Abr. Brouwer, are herewith by me the underwritten Marshal of the Honble. Court of Justice by Edict Summoned all known and unknown Creditors of the said Abr. Brouwer, or to send their Attornies, to appear before the Commissaries of the Honble. Court of Justice at their Sessions in the Town of Stabroek, on the 2d of March next and following days.
In order to be heard on the Proposals and if sensible to be disposed or be accepted of a certain delay of time, or any other sortable [sic] arrangment [sic] in general as circumstances require or shall be proposed as the Law directs.
Demerary, 12th February, 1807.
H. C. Everts, Eldest Marshal.
A true Translation from the Dutch.
D. P. Simon, Sw. Translator.

By Authority Obtained, - I the underwritten Marshal of this Colony, make known, that (after presidental [sic] Process of Law) I shall Expose and Sell at Marshal Sales, in presence of the Honourable Commissaries of the Court of Justice and their Secretary, at the Court House in Stabroek, on Tuesday the 3d day of March next, in behalf of H. W. Knolman, Triumphant of Two Decrees, against the Executed Bruninghaus & Berg: - Two Concessions or Lots of Land situated on the front of Plantation Werk & Rust, known by Lr. B No. 6, occupied by Mr. Bruninghaus, and No. [blank], at present occupied by the Members of the Eendragt Society, with all the Buildings thereon, conformable to the Inventory thereof to be seen at the Marshal's Office.
Also in behalf of P. F. Tinne, Secretary, J. J. Bouillier and N. Volkerts, Plaintifs and Triumphants, against J. Thibout Mathews, - a certain Lott of Land situated on Vlissingen, with a raised Frame thereon, 36 feet long and 18 feet wide, two stories and a half high, with a Gallery, and one Frame, not raised, 56 feet long by 16 feet wide.
Whoever should conceive to have any right to oppose against any of the above Sales, will address themselves in Writing to the Marshal's Office, where I shall receive them as Opposer or Opposers and appoint a day to go to Law; - and any Person or Persons inclined to Purchase are requested to attend on the day of Sale above-mentioned.
Rio Demerary, 10th February 1807.
H. C. Evertsz, Exploiteur.
A true Translation from the Dutch.
D. P. Simon, Sw. Translator.

The Subscriber intending to quit this Colony in April next, requests all Persons indebted to him (as well individually as in Connexion with the late Firm of James Elder & Co.) will make Payment of their several Accounts in course of the Month ensuing, at the Expiration of which time a Legal Process will be instituted against every Individual not complying with this Advertisement.
And all those Persons to whom he may stand indebted, are hereby invited to render in their Claims; - Payment of which will be made without putting them to the trouble of a second Application.
James Lockier Forrester.
Demerary, Feb. 14th, 1807.

Wanted To Hire [heading]
An Elderly Woman of good Character (either white or free coloured) as a Nurse in a small Genteel Family. A Person capable of, and willing to undertake such a charge, may hear of a very eligible situation by applying to the Printer.
Stabroek, 14th February 1807.

Irism [sic] Mess Beef in tierces, barrels and half barrels, mess pork in barrels, firkins new double-rose butter, hams, tongues, cheese, jugs vinegar, mustard, pease, barley, crackers, pilot bread, sallad oil, porter, ale and beer, port wine, claret, rasberry and cherry brandy, tallow candles, soap, lamp black, paints, paint oil, gun powder, shot, hoes, cutlasses, hand-saw files, crosscut and whip saws, padlocks, a variety of hinges, adzes, milled-lead, anchors, white and green-edged earthen ware, nails, Cooper-nails and tools, Stationary, boots, shoes, hats, linen pocket handkerchiefs, printed cambricks and calicoes, muslins, shawls, caps, linin [sic] cambric, Irish linen and sheeting, long lawn, dowlas, Russia sheeting, platillas, britannias, broad India nankeens, counterpanes, marseilles quilting, threads, cotton bagging, seine & sewing twine, deep-sea, hand, log and fishing lines, canvas, white rope, cordage, oznaburgs, pennistone, salempores, cotton and linen checks, check and duck shirts and trowsers, jackets and wrappers, - For Sale by
James Robertson.
New-Town, 14th February 1807.

Just Landed from the Demerary, at the store of W. Turner, (Old Union Coffee House,) Hams, Tongues, Tripe, Rounds Beef, Butter, Cheese, Olives, Pickles, red and white Herrings, Salmon, Oysters, Potatoes, Porter, and Beer.
Demerary, 14th February, 1807.

Found. [heading]
By a Negro, yesterday morning, A Gold Watch and Chain, with two Gold Seals. Whoever can prove the same to be their property may have it restored by applying to the Subscriber.
Feb. 14. J. Binning.

Wanted On Freight for Ship Jane, John Thompson, Master, for Liverpool, to sail in all March, with or without armed Vessel or Vessels, unless a Convoy is appointed early in April, in that case she will take Benefit of it, -
100 or 150 Hogsheads Sugar,
And about 200 Bales Cotton.
Please apply to Heywood & Taylor.
Stabroek, 14th February 1807.

The Subscribers have received per Brig Ceres, from North America, and for Sale reasonably for immediate payment in Rum or Molasses:
45 Horses,
Salt fish, white pine boards,
Clap boards, shingles, fresh rice,
Lamp oil in barrels.
Also On Hand,
Irish and and [sic] American mess beef and pork, best Irish butter, spermaceti and tallow candles, soap, gin and brandy in cases and demijohns, paints and oil, nails, felling axes and carpenters' tools, stationary and ship chandlery, Madeira wine per dozen.
Feb. 14. Culpeper & Troughten.

The Subscriber intending to leave the Colony in the latter part of April, requests all those who remain indebted to him, by obligations or open accounts to come forward with immediate payment, as all accounts &c. which are not settled at that period, will be put into the hands of a Lawyer to be sued for without distinction. He also requests all those who have claims against him to render in the same for immediate payment.
John Binning.
Robs Town, 14th Feb. 1807.

To Be Sold. [heading]
Those spacious and substantial Premises, admirable adapted for a Wholesale and Retail Trade, being the concession adjoining that of Messrs. McInroy, Sandbach & McBean, on Werk en Rust, formerly occupied by Messrs. Remy & Boter; - comprising a capital Stelling, with a large Warehouse thereon, an excellent, strong, well-built Dwelling, 45 feet by 28 feet, with a good floored store underneath; detached Offices and every other convenience.
The Lot and Buildings were valued a short time since at the sum of Forty Four Thousand And Four Hundred Guilders.
Twelve Thousand Guilders in payment will be required, within six months and the remainder may be paid in five years. It is presumed that this offer will be properly appreciated when the eligibility of the situation and its having been for a long time the center of the Essequebo Trade is considered. Further particulars will be given on application to
Jas. Greenwood.
Werk en Rust, 14th February, 1807.

The Subscriber requests all those indebted to him or to Edwd. Mac Swiney, to come forward with immediate payment of their respective accounts or notes of hand, to enable him to settle his affairs in the Colony; those that do not come forward, will be sued for without respect to Person.
Thomas Marsh, qq.
Edwd. Mac Swiney.
Demerary, 14th February, 1807.

The Subscribers request all Persons having Demands against the Estate of the deceased John Hackett, (of Leguan-Island) to render the same properly Authenticated, - and those who are indebted thereto, to make immediate Payment, as it is necessary to bring the said Estate to a speedy close.
Charles Parsons, Executor.
Henry Wollford, Jr. q.q.
Demerary, 14th February 1807.


On Tuesday and Wednesday, the 17th and 18th instant, at the store of M'Donald, Halket & Co. a general assortment of Dry Goods, Provisions, and Plantation Stores.

On Friday, the 20th instant, at the Vendue Office, by order of F. Kent and H. C. Schreyber, q.q. Nathaniel Lougee, deced. a trunk of wearing Apparel, a Chest of Drawers, a writing desk, two silver watches, a firelock with bayonet and sword, 2 large anvils, beak iron, grind stone, 4 large vices, a Smith's bellows, a chest of Blacksmith's tools &c.
Also Dry Goods, Provisions &c.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the 23d, 24th, and 25th inst. by order of Messrs. Bauch and Co. at ther [sic] store, Smoked tongues, Dutch butter, hams, salt beef and tongues, mustard, loaf sugar, pine and double Glo'ster cheese, soap and candles, paint oil, prepared paints, lamp oil, glass ware, looking glasses, writing desks, shaving boxes, woollen jackets, trowsers, frocks and coatees, pantaloons, waistcoats, thread and woollen stockings, negro clothing, silk patent and beaver hats, negro hats, canvas No 3 and 4, white and coloured muslins, Madras handkerchiefs, table cloths, britannias, Irish and Russia linens, fine and planters' shoes, boots, saddles and bridles, horse and chaise whips, currycombs and brushes, nails of different sorts, paper, pens, &c.
Also, by order of the Hon. I. S. Masse, q.q. the Quarter Concession No. 22, situated on Stabroek Side Dam, behind the Concession of Mr. Obermuller, with the Dwelling and other houses thereon, as it now stands.

On Thursday the 26th instant, at the Store of Mr. John Madden, by order of Colin Macrae and C. M. Overweg, Esqrs. in their capacity as Executors appointed by the Hon. Court of Justice to the Estate of the Hon. F. Kroll, dec. and in obedience to the authority of the said Hon. Court, bearing date the 21st January last, Fourteen Carpenter Negroes, three mason ditto, and one Coooper [sic] ditto.
Also a lot of Land, called Sans Souci, situated in the Canal No. 3, to the eastward of the land of Miss Nanny Orr, containing 250 acres or 100 roods facade by 750 deep, a frame of Colony wood, 40 feet long and 25 feet wide, of one story 9 feet high, which is now lying on the ground of Miss Nanny Orr, in the said Canal, and there to be seen; and further, some Plantation Tools, jack screws, iron balance, scales and weights, 2 boxes window glasses, paints, copper wire, cross cut and whip saws, brass and iron locks, &c. &c.

To Be Let. [heading]
A Good Convenient Store, situated on the North-Canal of Stabroek, being a part of the Premises formerly occupied by G. J. Goppy Esq. and measures 78 feet length, by 15 feet breadth. Apply to
Feb. 14th. Fisher & Chorley.

On Thursday last the Body of a well dressed Man was found in the Bush behind Plantation Thomas; - the Body was in a very Putrid state, and appeared to have been dead about a fortnight. The Dress was a dark-brown coat, white marseilles Waistcoat, clay-coloured kersimere Pantaloons, with half Stockings and Shoes.

This day at noon the Joseph Catharina, Capt. --, arrived in this River, she is one of the London Fleet (which may now be momently looked for) she left Portsmouth on the 6th of January, one day later than the Fleet, no part of which she has seen since her departure, she brings no news.
Four Vessels sailed from hence in the course of the present week for Europe three of which got safely over the Bar, but we are sorry to say, the Highlander Capt. Stevenson got on the Windward Bank, she however is got safely off again and must now wait until the next springs.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last.

Brig Nautilus, W. Baker, from Portland.
Nancy, A. Child, Wiscasset.
Ceres, N. Foss, Saco.
Schr. Wealthy, G. Gilbert, New London.
Richard, G. W. Halsey, Ditto.
Burtus [sic], W. Darnell, Barbados.
Brig Traveller, W. Lester, for St. Thomas.
Plunter [sic], J. Tilton, Ditto.

Just Landed and For Sale, at the Stable of Mr. Malcomb Campbell, two Pair of full sized Bay Horses, well broke to the draft. Feby. 14th, 1807.

To Let. [heading]
The (so called) half Concession No. 39, front Dam, Stabroek, with Dwelling-House, Store, Kitchen, Bake-Oven, Necessary and Horse-Stable, situated between Messrs. Everts and Rousselet, lately occupied by Mr. Swanke. Enquire of the Printer.
Demerary, 14th February 1807.

Runaway. [heading]
A Yellow-skin Negro woman formerly of Grenada, named Leece, she is about thirty years of age, speaks English and French perfectly, and is well known in the Country, having been employed latterly Huxtering. Any Person restoring her to her Mistress will receive One Joe Reward. It is supposed she is secreeting [sic] herself in the neighbourhood of Mahaica.
February 14. Eve Ann Jordan.

[No 'List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves']

Stabroek: Printed and Published
(at Thirty-three Guilders per Annum)
By Edward James Henery.


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