Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1807 February 21

Vol. II.)


(No. 60.

Saturday, February 21st, 1807.

Application having been made to His Excellency the Lieut. Governor to adopt some measures for the purpose of preventing any misunderstanding respecting the Freight of Produce for Europe, hereby requests the Planters, Merchants, Ship-Agents, and all interested, to meet at the Union Coffee House on Wednesday next, the 25th Instant, at 12 o'Clock, in order to fix and establish the Rate of Freight for the Season of the different kinds of Produce.
Demerary, 21st February 1807.

The Undersigned offers For Sale, the Plantation named Tyd en Vleyt with all the necessary Buildings, and a perfect new Koker-Sluice 30 feet long, seven wide and seven high, and a Bridge, all made of prime Green-Heart; - situate in the Canal No. 3, between the Plantations Perseverance and 't Haagsche Bosch; now in Cultivation 45 Acres of young bearing Plantains, as also 3000 young Coffee-Trees, (more or less) and a great number of different Fruit Trees, regularly Planted. The land will be sold either with or without Negroes, or with any number from 12 to 24 Negroes, this being left to the option of the Purchaser.
The Terms of sale will be made very easy by the underwritten, on his receiving good Security for the Punctual Payment of the Annual Installments.
For further particulars apply to the underwritten residing in Stabroek.
Marts. Smit.
Demerary, 21st February 1807.

The Subscribers beg leave to inform the Public, that on Saturday the 28th Curt. they mean to remove to the House adjoining to that of Mr. Alexander Gray, Cumingsburg. Their Terms for teaching, per Month, are; - for English Ready 4 Dollars; for Do. with Writing 6 Dollars; and of Do. Do. with Arithmetic 8 Dollars, to be Paid Monthly. - The entry-money equal to the Fees per Month.
Demerary, James Wood.
21st Feby, 1807 John M'Robb.

Now Landing and For Sale by the Subscriber: -
White Pine Boards, Plank and Scantling,
Shingles, Staves and Clapboards,
White and Red Oak Shooks with Heading.,
Hickery [sic] Hoops, Ash Oars, Fish in boxes.
Also On Hand.
Russia and Patent Canvas, Cotton Bagging,
Osnaburghs, Paints and Oil,
Newfoundland Cod Fish, &c. &c.
21st Feby. John Madden.

For Sale. [heading]
By the Undersigned, Manager of Plantation Zorg & Hoop, at reasonable Prices; - Green-Heart, Determa, Silverbally, and Crab Wood Plank of different Dimensions.
21st Feby. J. A. Otto.

Stolen. [heading]
Last Night, from the Canal at the back of the Store of James Lyon & Co. New Town, a four oar'd Yawl. Whoever will give information, at this Office, who carried her off, will receive Four Joes Reward, or who will give information where she may be found will receive Two Joes.
Demerary, 21st February 1807.

The Subscriber intends carrying on the Sail-Making Business (as formerly) by himself: - Those wishing to favour him with their commands may apply at Mr. James Knights' in Cumingsburg.
Alexr. M'Donald.
Demerary, 21st Feby. 1807.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary.
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, Viz -
Mr. J. T. Barrett, in 3 Weeks, from Feby. 21st.
Mr. Daniel Edwards, in 14 Days, from Feby. 21st.
Mr. George Watson, in 14 Days, from 21st Feby.
The free negro Joseph Connier, in 6 Weeks, Feb. 15th.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

The Undersigned respectfully informs the public, that having re-established his health (in Barbados) he is returned again to the Colony, notwithstanding some very bold, and fortunately untrue expressions, which have been circulated to the contrary. He will now resume his profession in taking views and plans of Estates at f 600. - To be seen or addressed at the house of Mr. J. P. Hicks, Bridge Town.
21st Feb. 1807. T. Wishart.
Two good House Painters to hire.

For London. [heading]
Direct, the running Ship Speculator, Captain N. La Sueur, burthen 280 or 300 Tons, will positively sail on or before the first Springs in April, without Convoy, or in company with any other armed Ships, has excellent accomodations [sic] for Passengers.
For Freight or Passage apply to
Colin Macrae, or
S. Mourant & Co.
NB. 80 to 100 Tons of good Stone Ballast will be disposed of, to be delivered alongside said Ship. Demerary, 21st Feb. 1807.

Reward Of Twenty Joes. [heading]
A Store belonging to the Subscribers in the House formerly occupied by Thomas Barker Esq. in Cumingsburg, having been broke into on the Night of Friday the 13th Curt. and Robbed of a considerable number of Cases of Gin. A Reward of Twenty Joes will be Paid by the Subscribers to any Person who will give such information as may lead to the discovery of the Person or Persons guilty of this Robbery, and the Informer's name will, if desired, be concealed.
A. & A. Smith.
Cumingsburg, 21st February 1807.

Notice. [heading]
The Advertisement of Execution Sale, in behalf of P. F. Tinne, Secretary, J. J. Boullier and N. Volkerts, Plaintifs and Triumphants, against J. Thibou Mathews, inserted in the first Page of this Paper, has been countermanded by the first Marshal, but came to hand too late to be omitted there. Feby. 21st.

Drifted on the front of Plantation Covent Garden, a small Creall. Any Person proving it to be his Property and Paying the Expences may have it, by applying to the manager of said Estate.
Demerary, 21st February 1807.

Absconded from Plantation John, East Coast Demerary, the property of John Nihell, a creole negro boy by name Mucco Prince, about 12 or 14 years of age, sharp countenance, high, full forehead; his navel somewhat enlarged. Any Person who will bring him to the above Plantation, or deliver him to Mr. W. King's Cumingsburgh, shall receive One Joe reward. Feb. 21st.

Drifted into the Garden of Eden Mill Trench about 4 days since, a large Punt with a Tent over the middle, newly tared [sic]. The owner may have it on applying on said Estate, and paying for this Advertisement.
Demerary. 21st February, 1807.


On Thursday the 26th instant, [see 18070214EDRG] . . . 'one Coooper ditto' corrected to 'one Cooper ditto'
. . .
Also by order of Miss Nanny Orr, a Lot of Land, situated next to the above-mentiend Lot Sans Souci, named Grenada, containing 250 acres, or 100 roods facade, by 750 roods deep.
On the same day will be sold at the Store, and by order of Mr. John Madden, a large quantity of choice Claret in cans of 3 dozen each, bottled Port of an excellent quality in tierces of 6 dozen each, rich old Port in quarter casks; - Also an Apparatus for drying Coffee, by means of Copper plates heated by steam, which would be found very useful for Coffee Planters (in rainy weather) wishing to get their crops soon to market.

On Friday, the 27th instant, at the Vendue Office, by order of Messrs. King & Co. - Ten Seasoned Negroes. Also, on the same day, Dry Goods, Provisions, Plantation Stores, &c. &c.

On Monday, the 2d of March, by order of the Honble. the Board of the Orphan Chamber, - Household Furniture, Wearing Apparel, and many other Articles that will appear on the day of sale.

Last night a Neutral Schooner arrived here from Barbados; she gives an account of the first January Mail having reached there before she left, and was put on board the Nelly Lugger to be forwarded here, so that it may now be hourly expected.

The Guinea brig Dick, which was lately off this River, has arrived in Barbados, and was chased on the night of the 9th and morning of the 10th, by a French privateer lugger who had the audacity to run close in with the land.

A Portuguese Guinea man is arrived in Barbados having been at sea eleven Weeks, she was in a most deplorable situation, being in total want of water and nearly every other species of provisions for the last fortnight.

It our last we were mistaken, with respect to the name of the vessel, which arrived on the 14th instant, she proves to be the Lady Cathcart.

Another of the London fleet arrived here on Thursday, (the Planet Capt. Langley), and at the time of our Paper going to Press the remainder of the fleet was coming in, one of which the Ameona [sic], parted convoy in Lat. 17 N. but made the land at the same time with the other vessels.

On Tuesday last, died, at his Estate, West Coast Demerary, The Honble. C. D. Mack, Member of the Court of Police for Essequebo and Demerary, whose active life and honourable employments will render his loss severely felt by the Colony.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last.
Brig Ulysses, S. Hutchings, from Portsmouth.
Schr. Gingle, H. C. Darrell, Barbados.
Brig Lady Cathcart, W. Osburn, London.
Schr. Milly, J. Donald, Charlestown.
---- Joann, B. Hohkins [sic], Portland.
Ship Hero, J. Carnochan, Glasgow.
---- Planet, W. Langley, London.
Brig Betsy, J. Stordly, for Savannah.
Ship Alexander, R. Pince, Liverpool.
---- Ariadne, G. Johnston, Greenock.
Brig Fidelity, G. Dame, Portsmouth.
Ship Intrepid, W. Turnbull, Liverpool.
Brig Mercury, J. Bogg, Ditto.
Ship Benlomond, W. Young, London.
Shr. [sic] Brutus, W. Darnell, Trinidad.
---- Milly, James Donald, St. Thomas.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 21st February, 1807.



Brought by


Brittlebank, Berb.

J. Turner.


Mac Intosh

R. Murray.



Pl. Petite Fortuin.


On be Kend,


James, mulatto,

Barker, Essequebo,




Pl. Columbia.


Horn (or Hend,)



Pl. Gt. Diamend, [sic]

Negroes of Tuite.



Pl. Georgia.


B. Hall,



Boedel Kroll,

C. Macrae.


On be Kend,




Jefferey, Macnie.











Tom Eyland,


And 3 New Negroes their Names & Owners unknown.
J. Runnels, Drossaart.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
(at Thirty-three Guilders per Annum)
By Edward James Henery.


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