Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1807 April 11

Vol. II.)


(No. 67.

Saturday, April 11th, 1807.

Second Convoy. [heading]
Lieut. Governor Bentinck informs the Planters, Merchants and others concerned, that a Ship of War will be directed by Admiral Sir Alexr. Cochrane to call at Demerary on the 6th of June next, to Convoy the Trade to the general Rendezvous.
King's house, 11th April, 1807.

G. Ryk, Pred: maakt hiermede bekend, dat by de eerstvolgende Zondagen in Demerary niet zal Predicken, voor nader Advertentie, alzo by eenige Maalen in Essequebo, der Predikdiens moet waarneemen.
Stabroek, den 11 April, 1807.

For Sale Or Hire. [heading]
The House in Cumingsburgh belonging to the Subscriber. For Particulars apply to Mr. James Wollen, or to himself.
11th April, 1807. Charles Clifton.

Wanted to Hire, 25 to 30 Field Negroes for 18 Months certain, for which a liberal price will be given. for further particulars apply to the Subscriber.
William King.
Cumingsburg, 11th April, 1807.

The Subscriber wishing very much to ascertain how far the late Francis Bynoe has liquidated all the debts due by the late Firm of Bynoe & Benjamin, according to agreement entered into between him and the Subscriber. All those that may have any Claim against the said firm, are requested to send the particulars of them to
April 11. Park Benjamin.

Just imported in the Snow Westbury, Captain Gray, from Liverpool, and On Sale by the Subscribers at low prices for immediate payment, the following articles:
Prime mess Irish beef in barrels and half barrels,
Pork in half barrels, Salmon in tierces,
Spiced ditto in kegs, Ling Fish in boxes,
Red Herrings in kitts,
White ditto in half barrels,
Cow Tongues in firkins,
Cheshire, double Gloucester and pine cheese,
Hung Beef, Hams, Porter in barrels,
Ditto bottled in tierces,
Brown stout ditto ditto,
Strong and slender Beer ditto ditto,
Cyder in tierces, Port Wine in ditto,
Capers in bottles, Anchovies in potts,
Vinegar, Shot in bags, Sheet Lead,
Paints assorted in kegs and jars,
Spirits of Turpentine, Paint and Lamp Oil,
Coffee and Cotton Bagging,
Osnaburghs, Drogheda Linen,
White Dowlas, Platillias, Sheeting,
Britannias, Irish Linen,
Ladies' super fine split straw hats,
Ditto ditto chip and riding ditto,
Women's and Men's white cotton hose,
Tin and Copper Ware assorted,
Sadlery assorted, Nests of Trunks,
Fine and fancy Towelling,
Huckaback, Diaper, Printed Counterpanes,
Table Cloths, Gentlemens' patent silk hats,
Ditto beaver ditto,
Ladies' and Children's Hats assorted,
Gentlemens, dress Gaiters and Gloves,
Sail Canvas, Trafalgar Chord, Buff,
Drab, Thickset, Jeanetts,
Sago, Loaf Sugar, Tapioca,
Pearl Barley in cannisters,
Blacking Balls, Vermicelli,
Hyson Tea in cannisters,
Papers of Starch, Smelt [sic] Blue,
Spices assorted, Gun and Pistol Flints,
Bristol Bricks, Black Pepper,
Whiting and Chalk, Stone Blue,
Portable Soup in cannisters,
Lamp Wick, Sallad Oil in flasks,
Strong cannister Powder,
Mops and handles, Currants in jars,
Prunes in ditto, Almonds in ditto,
Raisins in boxes,
Pickles in jars and fish sauce assorted,
Pots of preserves in cases,
Fine Barley in kegs, Whole Peas in ditto,
Split ditto in ditto, Oat-Meal in ditto,
Scubes [sic] in cases and steel palms,
Steel spring rat traps, Fish hooks assorted,
Corn mills with hoppers and fly wheels,
Best steel Coffee Mills, Ditto Pepper ditto,
Sail needles and ships scrapers,
Anchors and Graplins,
Cordage assorted, and spun yarn,
Seine and sewing Twine, Fish Lines,
Stove salt in barrels,
Ditto in baskets, Iron Pots assorted,
Earthen Ware assorted in crates,
Gentlemens' strong and dress Boots and Shoes,
Ladies Spanish slippers,
Ditto Royals ditto,
Children's Morocco Pumps,
Ladies' boots to lace, and Goloshed nankeen do.
An assortment of Furniture,
Camp Desks, Bottles of Liquid Blacking,
Ditto ditto for cleaning boot tops,
Silver table and tea spoons,
Ditto salt ditto, Ditto Soup Ladles,
Ditto Sugar Tongs, Ditto Fish Knives,
Ditto Pencil Cases, Ditto Thimbles,
God Ditto, French Check Pullicats,
Ditto Centers ditto, Madrass Handkerchiefs,
Cotton and Linen Checks, Furniture Ditto,
Ends Dimity, blue Salempores, Cambrics,
India Jaconet, Piquet marked Handkerchiefs,
Laced Cambric Muslin,
Trafalgar ditto, and an assortment of other Muslins, India Dimity, Muslinets,
Diamond Quilting, Chintz,
Lawn bordered Handkerchiefs, Silk ditto,
Mould, spermaceti and wax Candles,
Brown Soap, Bricks, Terrace and Lime,
And a variety of other articles.
Heywood & Taylor.
Who have also received per Cloud Scott, a few Pipes of Choice London-Particular Madeira Wine.
Demerary, 11th April 1807.

For Dublin. [heading]
The Brig Nancy, Edward Wilson, Master, will sail with the next Convoy from this. For Freight apply to
Telford, Naghten & Co.
11th April, 1807.
Who have for Sale on board the said vessel, building lime in hhds. and tierces and barrels, bricks and tempered lime; which they will sell very reasonable for immediate payment, if taken from a long side.

Notice. [heading]
Is Hereby Given, that all Persons residing in this Colony or elsewhere, having any demands against the Boedel of William Clark, deceased, are requested to render in their accounts for examination, within thirty days from the date hereof, to the undersigned residing at present up the Brick Dam in the Town of Stabroek.
John Clark,
11th April, 1807. Deliberating Executor.

The Subscriber intending to quit the Colony, requests all Persons indebted to him to come forward and settle their accounts, in order that he may discharge the demands against him. He offers for Sale the House he at present occupies in Bridge-Town; any Person wishful to purchase it may know the terms by applying to
James Mings.
Stabroek, 11th April, 1807.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary.
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, Viz: -
Mr. John Binning, in 4 or 5 weeks, from April 10.
Mr. W. L. Cowan, in 14 days, from April 10th.
Mr. Hendrick Temminck, in 14 days, April 10th.
Mr. A. Labee, in 14 days, from April 10th.
Mr. Pierre Gastebois, in 3 or 4 weeks, April 2d.
Mr. Samuel B. King, in 14 days, from March 23d.
Mr. C. F. A. Zier, in 14 days, from March 24th.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

By Authority obtained, I the Underwritten Marshal of this Colony make known, that (after precedental process of Law) I shall Expose and Sell at Marshal's Sales in presence of the Honorable Commissaries of the Court of Justice and their Secretary, at the Court House in Stabroek on Tuesday the 5th day of May, 1807.
1st. - In behalf of F. Martin qq. C. Tol, Triumphant of Certain Decree against A. B. Cozier, a Concession or Lot of Land situated on the front of Plantation Cambridge near Mahaica Ferry, with the Dwelling House thereon, being one and a half story high, 32 feet long by 16 ditto broad, framed of Colony wood, boarded in with American boards and shingled; and the out buildings of little value.
2d. - In behalf of J. Roberts, Triumphant, of Certain Decree against C. F. Guintzel & Co. and M. Doyle & Co. certain [sic] Dwelling-House and out Builings [sic] on a Water Lot butting [sic] and bounding on Robb's Stelling on the front of Plantation Vlissingen, formerly known by the name of the Demerary Hotel, subject to all such rights as may appear to be against said Buildings.
3d. - In behalf of J. C. Kuster, Triumphant, of a Decree against J. B. Oxley, a half Concession or Lot of Land No. 70, situated on the North Dam Sabroek [sic], with all the Buildings thereon, tho' in bad order; and a negro woman named Carolina.
Whoever should conceive to have any right to oppose against any of the above Sales, will address themselves in writing to the Marshal's Office, where I shall receive them as opposer or opposers, and appoint a day to go to Law; and any Person or Persons inclined to purchase are requested to attend on the day of Sale abovementioned.
Mart. Smit, first Marshall [sic],
A true Translation from the Dutch.
D. P. Simon, Sw. Translator.

On Tuesday Morning the Mail Boat arrived here with the two Mails for February, their contents are highly interesting; - in our last we gave the particulars of the recapture of Buenos Ayres by the Spaniards, on the 12th of August, and it is with much satisfaction we announce the great probability, which appears to its being again recaptured by the British under General Achmuty, on the 2d February. . . .

On the 10th of February the Bill for the abolition of the Slave trade was read the third time in the House of Lords, and sent to the Commons where it was read a first time and ordered to be read a second time on the 20th.

We understand, that, contrary to the general opinion, that the Convoy had sailed and left several of the Vessels, it is still off the Coast and it is expected they will sail this Evening or early in the morning.

Six Vessels of the Cork fleet arrived here on Wednesday under Convoy of the Helena sloop of War, Captain Worth.

Died. - On Thursday Morning, at his House on the South Dam Stabroek, John Huiberts Esqr. Solicitor.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last.

Brig Claude Scott, William Croft, from Liverpool.
Ship Tarlton, Edw. Jackson, London and Madeira.
---- Eglenton, Wm. Hamilton, Glasgow.
Brig Nancy, Edw. Wilson, Liverpool.
---- Guyana, Andrew Glough, Ditto.
Ship General Hunter, Henry Mossop, Ditto.
---- Lucretia, D. McGregor, Glasgow.
---- Bellisle, Wm. Gemmill, Ditto.
Snow Westbury, William Gray, Liverpool.

Ships Grenada, James Duke; Speculator, Noah Le Sueur; Oeconomey, William Ross; Brig Lady Cathcart, W. Osburn; Ship Planet, W. Langley; Snow Abeona, Wm. Ellis; Brig Success, Jonathan Pierson; Snow Mary Anna, John Harris; Ship James, A. Smith, for London.
Ships Flora, George Ravely; Queen, John Mares; Scipio, James Barkley;- for Liverpool.
Brigs Reward, Henry McClintock; Emmeline, Joseph Allen; William, D. McArthur; Ceres, [illegible] Cole; for Boston.
Ship Hero, James Carnochan; - for Greenock.
Schr. Isabella, Samuel Emery, for Biddeford.
Brig Hunter, E. Woodbury, - Portland.
---- Elizabeth, F. Stillman, New York
Ship Ann, J. Grossard, Clyde.
Brig Vigilance, R. Mallon, Norfolk.

For Liverpool [heading]
With The First Convoy. [heading]
The Snow Westbury, William Grant, Master. For Freight please apply to said Master on board, or
Heywood & Taylor.
Demerary, 11th April, 1807.

A Convenient Dwelling [heading]
House For Sale Or Hire. [heading]
The Underwritten's House in Cumingsburg, possession to be given on the 1st May next. For particulars apply to him on the premises.
11th April, 1807. Colin Macrae.

Imported in the last arrivals and for Sale by the Subscriber at the House formerly occupied by Mr. John Binning, in front of Plantation Vlissengen, at reduced prices for immediate payment, viz.
[first column]
Nails, 4, 6, 8, 10, 20, 30 and 40dy,
Paints and Oil,
Neats foot oil in pint bottles,
Vinegar and turpentine,
An assortment of paint brushes,
An elegant mahogany stoopt [sic] bedstead complete,
London patent silk hats,
Also On Hand,
Porter and Beer,
Soap and Candles,
Ling fish and red herrings,
Table knives and forks,
Tierces blue and green ware,
Inverness cotton bagging,
Scotch Oznaburgs,
Irish linen and sheeting,
Bed Counterpanes,
Britanias and Callicoes,
Muslin and Ginghams,
[second column]
Cotton and French cambricks,
Brown Holland,
Linen Checks,
Madrass handkerchiefs,
Saddles, Bridles, and Whips,
2 sets mahogany dining tables,
Ready-made coats, pantaloons and waistcoats,
An assortment of table cloths,
An assortment of stationary,
White Thread,
Bed Ticking,
Boots and Shoes,
An assortment of coat buttons,
Ditto of tin ware,
Blue and yellow nankeen,
Gentlemens' gloves,
Oats in tierces,
Whiteman's elixer in pint and 1/2 pint bottles.
[end columns]
11th April, 1807. Colin Elder.

[placement of European News section – before Public Vendues?]

From the London Papers. [heading]

- Feb. 21. – [heading]

The following Order, relating to Neutral vessels, has been signed by the Privy Council, and expected to appear in the Gazette of this evening. We give it as of great importance to the Mercantile World: -
Order. - Neutral Vessels laden with cargoes consisting of the articles herein after enumerated, coming for importation to any Port of the United Kingdom, are not to be interrupted (provided they are not coming from any Port in a state of strict and rigorous blockade); and in case any such Vessel so coming with such articles shall be brought for adjudication, before the High Court of Admiralty, or any Court of Vice-Admiralty, the same are to be forthwith liberated, upon a claim being given by or on behalf of the Merchant or Merchants to whom such articles are consigned, without the necessity of producing proofs as to the property.
Enumeration of Articles. - Grain, viz. Corn, Meal and Flour (if importable according to the provisions of the Corn Laws), Rice; Spanish Wool, Mohair Yarn, Madder and Madder Roots, Smalts, Shumack, Argel, Galls, Cream of Tarter, Safflower, Valonea, Brimstone, Spanish Wine, Indigo, Saffron, Verdigrease, Cochineal, Orchilla Weed, Turpentine, Pitch, Hemp, Timer, Fir, Oak, Oak Plank, Mats and Spars, Rags, Oak Bark, Flax, Seeds, Oil of Turpentine, Cork, Olive Oil, Fruit, Ashes, Juniper Berries, Barilla, Organzine thrown and raw silk (not being of the production of the East Indies or China), Quicksilver, Bullion coined and uncoined, Goat, Kid and Lamb Skins.


On Tuesday and Wednesday, the 14th and 15th of April [see 18070328EDRG and 18070404EDRG] . . .
[Transcriber's note: references to advertisement removed]

On Friday the 17th inst. at the Vendue Office, [see 18070404EDRG] . . .
Also on the same day, Dry Goods, Provisions, Porter and Beer in bottles, Claret in cases, Negroes, &c.

On Thursday the 23d instant, by order of D. MacLachlan, Esq. a Schooner Boat, about 36 feet keel, with her rigging &c. Also on the same day, Calicoes, checks, salempores, linen, porter, beef & pork in barrels, horses, negroes, &c.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
(at Thirty-three Guilders per Annum)
By Edward James Henery.

Supplement to the Essequebo & Demerary Royal Gazette.

Saturday, April 11th, 1807.

The following particulars of the capture of Curracou, is taken from the Barbados Mercury of the 31st ult. -

Capture of Curracoa. [heading]
                  Kingston, Jamaica, Jan. 24.
On Saturday night last arrived at Port Royal, His Majesty's frigate Anson, of 40 guns, Capt. Lydiard, from Curracoa, with 300 prisoners, and the colours captured at that Island, which was taken in the most extraordinary and gallant manner, by a squadron of frigates, consisting of the Arethusa, 34 guns, Captain Brisbane; Latona, 38, Capt. Wood; Anson, 40, Capt. Lydiard; Fisgard, 38, Capt. Bolton.
For skill in planning, singular boldness in executing, this event will rank amongst the first of heroic actions - it is indeed perfectly in unison with every thing glorious in the past, and an example of every thing great to the future.
As our squadron did not possess the means of laying regular siege to the place, Capt. Brisbane came to the determination of sailing into the port, and storming forts hitherto considered as impregnable, or perishing in the attempt, for retreat was impossible. The time chosen was day dawn on the morning of the first of January, when all the boats were hoisted out, and the squadron stood in with a good breeze, the Arethusa leading. The enemy were panic struck at such unexpected temerity; all was confusion - here soldiers without officers - there officers without soldiers; alarm drums beating in all directions; a British squadron in their very harbour, and within pistol shot of their batteries, before sun-rise. Troops collected at Otra Banda were prevented from crossing the water, our ships interposing; not more than three broadsides were fired from our frigates, when the ships' companies and officers of the [illegible] Anson, with the marines of the [illegible] Captains Brisbane and Lydiard, were [illegible]
Amsterdam stormed, and all the [illegible] works had British colours flying before eight o'clock. Fort Republic on the hill, and [illegible]. The Fisgard had orders to act against Otra Banda, two batteries distinct from the main land she took possession of, to one of which the men absolutely swan, the enemy being previously dislodged. The guns of Fort Amsterdam were fired [illegible]. On our people storming the place, they did not act in a body, but retreated in confusion, firing round corners, and from houses. The militia, amounting to 3000, had not time to collect, nor could they cross the water in boats. The Dutch frigate Kenau Hasstat was boarded by Captain Brisbane, the Latona warped alongside and took possession, when Captain Brisbane proceeded for the shore. The Surinam corvette was boarded from the larboard bow of the Anson, while her starboard guns were firing at the batteries. The Flying Fish, a large national schooner, was boarded by the boats of the Arethusa; the officers and crew of those vessels fought most gallantly; Commodore Cornelius Vertz was killed; the Captain of the Surinam mortally wounded, and the first Lieutenant dangerously, besides several others. The moment the Town, Fort Amsterdam, &c. were completely in Captain Brisbane's possession, a Lieutenant of Marines was sent with a flag of truce, requiring Fort Republic to surrender. The officer discontinued firing, but would not surrender without an order from Lieutenant-General J. P. Changnion [sic], the Governor, who was at this time a prisoner, with all his staff, in Fort Amsterdam. We understand that Captain Brisbane desired the Council to be collected, and gave them five minutes to capitulate for the whole island; but as they intreated for a longer period, it was extended to half an hour; in the mean time the most active preparations were made for storming this almost inaccessible fort. The ship's company of the Fisgard, commanded by Captain Bolton, were in boats ready to proceed by water. The marines of the squadron, with about 300 sailors of the Arethusa and Anson, were prepared to advance by land, the remainder of the sailors on shore, including an officer and sixty men from the Latona, manned such guns as could bear on the object of attack, every thing was ready on a signal being made, when a capitulation was signed, and the troops of Fort Republic alone marched out with the honours of war, piling their arms and becoming prisoners. All private property is respected, and the troops to be sent to Europe and exchanged. Captain Bolton took possession of Fort Republic. Captains Brisbane and Lydiard landed nearly together, the former was the first man who scaled the wall, the latter the second, closely followed by their respective officers and ships companies. Captain Wood remained afloat in the command of the squadron; about 200 of the enemy were killed; our loss is very trifling; had our ships been half an hour later in the attack the slaughter must have been dreadful: nothing could be better timed. The cidevant Governor comes a passenger on his way to Europe.

List of killed and wounded on board his Majesty's Vessels.
Arethusa - 2 killed and 5 wounded.
Latona - 1 killed and 2 wounded.
Anson - none killed, 7 wounded.
Fisgard - none killed, none wounded.
Total - 3 killed, 14 wounded.
We understand that there were upwards of sixty Spanish, French, and Dutch Vessels, exclusive of six or seven Americans, lying at Curracoa when that island fell into our possession: some of them are stated to be of great value.

Printed by E. J. Henery; - Stabroek.


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