Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1807 May 23

Vol. II.)


(No. 73.

Saturday, May 23d, 1807.

Any Person willing to undertake Mason & Carpenter Work, wanted on Fort Island Essequebo, for account of the Colony, is requested to call on the Honble: P. C. Ouckama, Commandeur, who will give the necessary information and receive tenders any time before the middle of June.
Essequebo, 20th May 1807.

Notice. [heading]
The Undersigned has received instructions from Samuel Chollet Esq. Commissary General, to advertise that Government Bills will be exposed for Sale, (sufficient for the Expences for two Months of this Colony and Berbice) on or before the 1st of July next, to be drawn in convenient Sums for the accommodation of the Purchasers, and that the Tenders will on that day be opened before Brig. General Montgomerie, and accepted if the Tenders are approved.
Will. N. Firebrace,
Residt. Commissary.
Demerary, 23d May, 1807.

Fuel Wood. [heading]
Wanted for the use of the Garrison at Fort William Frederick. Sealed Proposals for which will be received at this Office until Wednesday the 3d of June, which will be opened in the presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops, when the one most advantageous will be accepted.
Security to be required for the due performance of the Contract.
Commissary's Office, 22d May 1807.

New Contracts For Flour. [heading]
Notice is hereby given to such Persons as are willing to supply the following Colonies and Islands with Flour of the newest and best quality to the dates set opposite them, respectively, that their Proposals (marked "Tenders for Flour," sealed and addressed to the Subscriber) for Barbados and Trinidad will be received at this Office until the 18th June; for Grenada, St. Vincent, and St. Lucia, until the 18th July; and for Surinam, Berbice, Tobago, Demerary, Antigua, St. Kitt's, and Dominica, until the 27th July; upon which days their said Proposals will be opened in the presence of the Commander of the Forces, and the most advantageous for Government accepted: -
Barbados, from 25th June, 1807, to 23d Feb. 1808.
Trinidad . . . . ditto . . . . . . ditto.
Grenada . . . . ditto . . . . . . ditto.
St. Vincent . . ditto . . . . . . ditto.
St. Lucia . . . ditto . . . . . . ditto.
Surinam . . . . ditto . . . . . . ditto.
Berbice . . . . ditto . . . . . . ditto.
Tobago . . . . . ditto . . . . . . ditto.
Demerary . . . . ditto . . . . . . ditto.
Antigua . . . . ditto . . . . . . ditto.
St. Kitt's . . . ditto . . . . . . ditto.
Dominica . . . . ditto . . . . . . ditto.
The above Contracts are to be entered into upon the following terms, viz. -
1st, Proper security must be given for their performance.
2nd, Payment to be made for the Flour in Government Bills, at 4s. 8d. Sterling per dollar.
3d, No large quantity to be received by the respective Assistant Commissaries than will be equal to the consumption of their Garrisons for three months, or less than two months.
4th, That if any quantity of Flour shall be ordered from England by the Commissioners for Victualling, after its arrival in any of the above Colonies and Islands, the Assistant Commissaries in such place or places, where the same shall arrive will be at liberty to refuse to receive any further supply from the Contractor or Contractors, until such importation of English Flour shall be nearly exhausted. - The supplies of Flour from Europe have hitherto been confined to the Colonies situated on the Coast of Guiana, viz. Surinam, Demerary, and Berbice.
Samuel Chollet,
Barbados, 12th May, 1807.

Commissary-General's Office, [heading]
17th April, 1807.
Wanted for the use of His Majesty's Troops in this Island, from 15 to 18,000 lb. weight of Cocoa. Persons willing to make the Supply are requested to address Tenders (sealed and marked "Tenders for Cocoa,") to the Subscriber previous to the 4th May, on which day they will be opened in the presence of the Commander of Forces, and the most advantageous offer for Government accepted.
Samuel Chollett, [sic]
[Transcriber's note: cannot find an earlier instance of this advertisement.]

For Sale. [heading]
A Few Dozen of excellent Old Hock in cases of 2 dozen each, for immediate payment in Cash or Coffee. Apply at the store of F. Meagher Esqr. 23d May.

For Sale. [heading]
A Very fine Colony-built Sloop Boat, 34 feet keel and 13 feet beam, in complete order, and sails very fast. For particulars and terms of Sale apply to Messrs. McInroy, Sandbach & McBean in Stabroek, or to the Subscriber in Mahaycony.
Jno. Sutherland.
Demerary, 23d May, 1807.

A Gentleman of respectability wishes to be accommodated with Board & Lodgings in a genteel manner, will pay accordingly liberal for it; in point of situation, Cumingsburgh down to the Fort should be preferred. An answer directed to A. Z. to be left at Mr. Henery's Printing Office, will be attended to. 23d May, 1807.

For Sale. [heading]
An Excellent Saddle Horse, fifteen hands high and seven years old. He will be sold reasonable for Cash or to an approved Purchaser at three Months Credit, as his owner sails in the first fleet. For further particulars apply to D. Cargill.
Werk & Rust, 23d May, 1807.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary.
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, Viz: -
Mr. James Grant, with the first Convoy, May 23d.
Mr. John Newton, with the next Fleet, May 20th.
Mr. William Frederick Wells, with the next Fleet, May 20th.
Mr. Thomas B. Rofnar, with the next Fleet, May 20th.
Mr. Beaujon, Daniel Telford, Joseph Bowman, Andrew McClelland, J. Van Yzendooren, Mrs. M. C. Van Oolen, Francis Yates, Hugh Davidson, Hk. Wernick, Mrs. Paadevoort, John Richardson, and J. L. Morson, within fourteen days or with the first Convoy, - May 16th.
Joseph Beete, Junior, Esqr. with the first Convoy.
Mrs. Beete, and Miss Ferrier with the first Convoy
Mr. J. Schneido, with the first Convoy.
Mr. J. Browman, with ditto.
The free colour'd Man, Alexander Cassie, with do.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

Wordt mits deezen bekend gemaakt dat ter Commissariaale Vergaadering in de Maand July eerstkoomende:
Door de Gemachtigdens van Dockscheer en Steenbergen te Amsterdam zal worden getransporteerd de Plantagie de Georgia, geleegen aan de West wal deezer Rivier, aan G. J. Furnace, welke laaste ter gelyker tyd zal passeren Hypotheecq op voormelde Plantagie ten faveur van opgemelde Dockscheer & Steenbergen.
Voorts door A. V. Beckurts Transport van de halve Concessie No 46 geleegen aan de Noord dam van Stabroek aan J. Runnels, JZ.
Door de Gemagtigde van John Tapin Transport van de halve Plantagie Sancousi, geleegen aan de Oost Zee-kust deezer Colonie in het district van Abary van Woolford & Horsham.
Door de Executeuren ten Boedel Wylen J. Walcott Hypotheecq op de Plantagie Airy-Hall, faveur Joseph Reed.
Door Richard Deane q.q James Maxwell Transport van de Plantagie Dantzic aan Edward Terrill.
Door Wm. Hallstead q.q. Robert Elder Transport van een quart Concessie en Gebouwen aan de Noord dam van Stabroek bekend onder No 18 aan Benjamin en John A. Thomas.
En laastelyk door D. Hoola Van Nooten Jr. en P. Henderson als gemachtigdens van E. Barnwell Hypotheecq of de Plantagie St. Christopher geleegen aan de West Zee-Kust deezer Rivier met regt van derde verband, ten faveuren van de Kinderen van gem. E. Barnwell voor de verweering van hun Moederlyk Portie.
Actum ter Secretary deezen 22 Mey 1807.
J. C. Stadtman, Eerste Clercq.

By Virtue of Authority granted by the Honourable Victor A. Heyliger, LL.D. Acting President of the Honourable Court of Justice, and in consequence of the previous obtained Sentence, will be by me the Underwritten First Marshal on the second day of June next ensuing, Publickly sold at Executional Sale at th [sic] Court House in the Town of Stabroek, in behalf of P. C. Mickerts, two Carpenter Negroes named Providence and Glocester, belonging unto Philip Cambridge. Whoever should conceive to have any Right or Title of property on the above named negroes, will address themselves with their Reasons of opposition in writing within the course of the Ordinary days of Proclamation, when I the first Marshal shall receive them as opposer or opposers, and appoint a day to go to Law, and those who are inclined to purchase the said negroes are requested to attend the day of sale abovementioned.
Actum Rio Demerary, 23d May 1807.
Mats. [sic] Smit, First Marshal.
Translated from the Dutch.
D. P. Simon, Sw: Translator.

Wanted [heading]
150 Bales Cotton and 300 Bags Coffee. [heading]
The Subscriber is ready to treat, with any one for the above Articles, for which he will give Cash and Bills immediately.
23d May. C. H. De Munnick.

For London. [heading]
Positively to sail with the First Convoy, the Ship Tarleton, Edwd. Jackson,
Master. Having the greatest part of her Cargo on board; for a few Tons light Freight, apply to the Master at the Store of Messrs. Wardrop & Co. or to V. A. Heyliger Esqr.
Demerary, 23d May 1807.

Runaway from the Subscriber a Negro Woman named Judy Sanders, she is of a Yellow complexion and a Native of the Island of Barbados, speaks good English, and is well known in Town. Any Person delivering her to the Subscriber or lodging her in the Barrack shall receive One Joe Reward. All persons are requested not to employ or harbour the said slave, as the Law will be put in force against them on there being sufficient proof.
23d May. Cassandra Game.

Wanted to Hire, a small House or part of a House in a Publick part of the Town fronting the Street. Any Person having such to Let will please to enquire at the Office of this Paper.
Demerary, 23d May 1807.

To Be Sold. [heading]
A thoroughly seasoned, well conditioned Horse, in high order, walks well and trots fast, and is now rising five years old, and will be warranted sound. For further particulars apply at the store of
May 23d. Fisher & Chorley.

For Sale. [heading]
By the Subscribers, at their store on Robb's Selling [sic]: - Madeira wines, consisting of London particular and London market, in pipes, hhds. and quarter casks, also Malmsey, sercial, and tinta of very superior qualities in half quarter casks and per dozen, brown stout in hhds. barrels and bottles. bottled small beer; potatoes, hams, Bristol tripe in kegs tongues in half barrels, barley and split pease in jugs, refined sugar, kegs of crackers; saddlery, consisting of gig harnesses, saddles, bridles, whips, portmanteaus, &c. an assortment of tin and glass ware, nails assorted; tobacco in barrels, negro jackets, hats, and blankets, check shirts, oznaburg trowsers, seine and sewing twine, hand and deep sea lines, fishing and log lines, India silk handkerchiefs, Gentlemens' patent silk and broad rimmed hats, Ladies' and Childrens' ditto, Ladies' most fashionable ready-made cloaths, Gentlemens' wash leather gloves, portable writing desks, and dressing cases, gun powder, shot, mottled and brown soap, candles, white lead, green paint, yellow ditto, Spanish brown, black paint, black lead in firkins, paint and lamp oil in jugs, turpentine, vinegar, florence oil, paint brushes, stationary, consisting of pot and fools-cap paper blank books, memorandum ditto, pen knives, wafers, sealing wax, paper folders, pencils, ink stands, &c. canvas, brown and bleached Russia sheeting, coffee bagging, white jean, corded dimities, coffee bagging, white jean, corded dimities, britannias, linen checks, and a variety of other Dry Goods.
David Wardrop & Co.
Demerary, 23d May, 1807.

On Thursday the Mail-Boat with the first Mail for April arrived here, if we except the total change of the British Ministry, its contents are not so highly interesting as might have been expected. Rumours of a general action have reached England but the last regular account left the hostile armies still in their respective Cantonments.

We are sorry to learn that the Ship Ann, Capt. Gossard, (which sailed from hence in company with the Demerary and Jane,) has been captured and carried into Guadeloupe.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last.

Sloop Blackbird, John Tynes, from Barbados.
Ship Sibella, James Jeffrey, Barbados.

Brig Polly, J. Manson, for Portsmouth.
Brig George Washington, R. Blunt, Portsmouth.
Ship Huron, J. Newell, New York.

The Subscriber being obliged to leave the Colony for the benefit of his health in the begining [sic] of July next, will be thankful to such Persons as are indebted to him to come forward and take up their notes of hand immediately and pay their accounts; and all accounts that remain unsettled at the 5th of June next will positively be put into the hands of C. Hofstead [sic], Esq. Attorney at Law, and be sued for accordingly; the Subscriber also request [sic] the favor of those Gentlemen to whom he might be indebted, who have not rendered in their accounts, to render them in at the House of Mr. Henery, New-Town, on or before the 5th of June next, where he will attend to discharge the same.
Cornelius Marquis.
Stabroek, 23d May, 1807.

Notice. [heading]
All Those that have claims against the Estate of the late Hugh Wilson, and the late firm of Wilson & Allan, will please call on the 30th of June to receive payment; and all those that are indebted to either of the above concerns, if not settled previous to the 30th June, will be sued for without respect to Persons.
23d May, 1807. W. B. Thompson, q.q.


On Wednesday the 27th inst. at the store of Amos Leeds, Esq. Dry Goods, Provisions, Liquors, &c. &c.

On Thursday the 28th instant, at the Store of T. T. Thompson, Esq. Lamp oil in barrels, paint oil in jugs, tar, pitch, and rosin, Dutch and American cheese, butter, candles, soap, &c.

On Friday the 29th instant, by order of the Executors of Charles Clifton, Esqr. deceased, at his late Residence in Cumingsburgh, Household Furniture &c. See Advt. in the Supplement.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
(at Thirty-three Guilders per Annum)
By Edward James Henery.

Supplement to the Essequebo & Demerary Gazette.

Saturday, May 23d, 1807.

Printed by E. J. Henery; - Stabroek.


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