Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1807 May 30

Vol. II.)


(No. 74.

Saturday, May 30th, 1807.

G.M.O. Stabroek District. [heading]
His Excellency Brigadier General Montgomerie has been pleased to transmit a letter, of which the following is a Copy, dated, -
Berbice, 25th May, 1807.
"Being well convinced of the Loyalty
"of the Royal Demerary Militia, I do not think
"it necessary to give an order, but only beg leave
"to request, that on the 4th of June they will
"join His Majesty's Troops in the Camp, under
"the Command of Colonel Nicholson, in
"order to celebrate the Birth-day of our most
"gracious Sovereign."
"I have the honor to be
"Your most Obt. Sevt.
(Signed) Jas. Montgomerie.
"To Major Macrae,
"Comdg. Demerary Royal Militia."
The Undersigned has much satisfaction in communicating the above to the Corps, and in order to prepare for the day alluded to, there shall be a Parade on Monday next, at 6 A.M., when he expects every individual of the 1st Battalion capable of doing duty, will attend, with Arms and Accoutrements in the highest order. Such as are in want of good Muskets will be supplied each by the Officer of his Company.
The Commanding Officers of the Cavalry Corps, and Artillery Company, will likewise muster and exercise on their respective Parades any day most convenient to them previous to the 4th and send in due time correct returns of the number they expect to bring into the field on that day.
Colin Macrae,
Major Comdg. D. M.
Demerary, 28th May, 1807.

Notice. [heading]
S. G. Martens having been appointed and Sworn by His Excellency Lt. Governor H. W. Bentinck, Drossart of the Court of Justice of this Colony and proposed as such to said Court, these are to notify, that the said S. G. Martens, has entered upon the duties of that Office, and is to be regarded as such.
Demerary, 28th May 1807.
F. P. van Berckel,
Fiscal and Acting Governor.

His Honor Colonel Nicholson, &c. &c. has been pleased to order the Royal Artillery Volunteers to Parade at Ten o'Clock on the 4th of June, in Fort William Frederick, being his Majesty's Birth Day; it is expected every one will attend clean dressed agreeable to the standing regulations of the Company.
James Hunter,
Kingston, 30th May, 1807. Comdg. R. A. V.

To Let. [heading]
A House with Kitchen, Horse Stable, Bake Oven, &c. adjoining H. C. Everts, Esq. and the Subscriber, fronting the Brick Dam Stabroek. This is a good situation for a family who likes a retired life. - Enquire of
30th May, 1807. N. Rousselet.

Commissary-General's Office, [heading]
5th May, 1807.
Public Notice is hereby given, that the Contract for the supply of Money for the use of His Majesty's Services within this Command will terminate upon the 24th day of June next, and that Cash will be wanted by the Subscriber for Bills on the Treasury to the amount of L 10,000 Sterling,
to be drawn in suitable sums. Tenders therefore will be received at this Office until the 30th June, Sealed and Marked "Tenders for Bills" and will be opened on the 1st day of July in the presence of the Commander of the Forces, and if approved will be accepted.
Sam. Chollet,
Commissary General.

Sugar & Coffee. [heading]
Wanted for the use of His Majesty's Troops in this Colony. Any Person willing to supply either of the above Articles at the Commissary's Stores in such quantities as may be required for the expenditure of Two Months, say of the former about five thousand pounds weight, and of the latter about three thousand pounds weight, are required to make Tenders for the same to the Subscriber, marked thereon "Tenders for Sugar and Coffee" previous to the 18th June, on which day they will be opened in the presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops, when the most advantageous offer or offers will be accepted.
Will. N. Firebrace,
Resident Commissary.
Commissary's Office, Demerary,
25th May, 1807.

Fuel Wood. [heading]
Wanted for the use of the Garrison of Fort William Frederick, to be there delivered and measured at the Quarter and Barrack Master's Yard. Sealed Proposals for which will be received at this Office until Wednesday the 3d of June, which will be opened in the presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops, when the one most advantageous will be accepted.
Security to be required for the due performance of the Contract.
Commissary's Office, 22d May 1807.

Selling Off [heading]
At the Store of F. C. Otto, Brick Dam, the following Goods at prime Cost, for ready Payment: -
[first column]
Elegant muslins,
Cotton and French cambricks,
Quilts, Counterpanes,
Dimity, Welt Quilting,
White Diamond,
Coloured Nankeens,
Genoa Cord, Furniture chints and callicoes,
Pullicat handkerchiefs,
Cotton bagging, checks,
Negro Blankets,
Do. Jackets, salempores,
Superfine Biclefield and Irish linens,
Cotton shirting,
Long lawn, sheeting,
Diaper, britannias, and platillas,
[second column]
Sail cloth, 4, 6, 8, 10 20, and 30dy Nails,
Iron hoops, cutlasses,
Pruning knives,
Falling Axes,
Large assortment of carpenters' tools,
Broad Axes, Grapnalls,
All sorts of paints,
Paint Oil,
Spirits of turpentine, &c.
Pickled sausages and tongues,
A Large assortment of earthen and glass ware, viz. elegant vase & globe lamps, shades, &c.
An assortment of fashionable jewelery, epaulets, &c.
[end columns]
NB. The above Articles if not Sold prior, will be Sold at Public Vendue on the 10th of June and following days.
He also offers for Sale, on reasonable terms, a few pipes of choice old London particular Madeira Wine in 1-4, 1-2 and whole pipes. Stabroek, 30th May, 1807.

Y.B. has just imported in the Blackbird, from Barbados, 150 Land Turtle, for which he will take Gourds in payment. Apply at the Coffee House.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary.
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, Viz: -
Mr. James Grant, with the first Convoy, May 23d.
Mr. John Newton, with the next Fleet, May 20th.
Mr. William Frederick Wells, with the next Fleet, May 20th.
Mr. Thomas B. Rofnar, with the next Fleet, May 20th.
Mr. Beaujon, Daniel Telford, Joseph Bowman, Andrew McClelland, J. Van Yzendooren, Mrs. M. C. Van Oolen, Francis Yates, Hugh Davidson, Hk. Wernick, Mrs. Paadevoort, John Richardson, and J. L. Morson, within fourteen days or with the first Convoy, - May 16th.
Joseph Beete, Junior, Esqr. with the first Convoy.
Mrs. Beete, and Miss Ferrier with the first Convoy
Mr. J. Schneido, with the first Convoy.
Mr. J. Browman, with ditto.
The free colour'd Man, Alexander Cassie, with do.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

By Authority, I the Underwritten first Marshal of this Colony (after precedental process of Law) will publicly Expose and Sell in the presence of the Councellors Commissaries of the Hon: Court of Justice and their Secretary in the Town of Stabroek on Tuesday the 7th July next, as follows:
1st. - In behalf of J. Staunton versus Philidore Leith, the Concession or Water Lot situated on the front lands of Plantation Vlissengen, next the Concession of Mr. F. Meagher, with the Dwelling house thereon, long 30 by 20 feet wide, of Colony wood, a new store house unfinished, a side building serving for kitchen, &c. and a necessary house.
2d. - In behalf of Thomas Cuming versus Thomas Frier, a Concession or Lot of Land situate on the front of Plantation Vlissengen, betwixt the Lotts of Mr. L. Barnes and that of J. Hacket, formerly the property of Mr. E. Loncke, with a Dwelling house thereon of Colony wood (standing on posts) long 40 by 30 feet wide, not yet floored, one do. (also on posts) of American wood, long 30 by 20 feet, a side building serving for a kitchen, store, &c. a black-smith's shop, and a necessary house.
3d. - In behalf of J. D. Scantlebury and Philip Cambridge Executors to the last Will of Gidney Howard versus Samuel Mackay, the Concession No. 337, situated in the Town of Cumingsburgh Street, Lr. F, with the buildings thereon, consisting of two side buildings, each 30 feet by 20, more or less; the one serving for a Dwelling house and for kitchen, &c. all of Colony wood, two smaller buildings, a pigeon house and necessary.
4th. - In behalf of the Widdow [sic] De Beet versus J. H. Giezenhuyzen, a half Lot of Land situated on the Middle Dam Stabroek, on the East side bound by the Concession of Mr. J. L. Eils, and on the West side by the Colonial Prison, with all the buildings there and in such as they are now occupied by, and taken under Execution from the said Giezenhuyzen.
In case any Person should conceive to have a right to oppose against any of the above Sales, address themselves in writing to the Marshal's Office, where I shall receive them as opposer or opposers and appoint a Day to go to Law; and any Person or Persons inclined to purchase are requested to attend on the day of Sale above mentioned.
Rio Demerary, 30th May, 1807.
Mart: Smit, first Marshal.
Translated from the Dutch.
D. P. Simon, Sw. Translator.

By Virtue of an appointment granted by the Honorable Victor A. Heyliger, LL.D. Acting President of the Honorable Court of Justice of Rio Demerary, on the Petition of Murdoch Downie and Joseph Tuite, in their quality as Acting Executors to the Estate of the deceased William Allanby, M.D. are herewith by me the Underwritten first Marshal, for the first time by Edict Summoned all known and unknown Creditors to the said Estate, to appear before the Honorable Court of Justice at their Session in the Town of Stabroek, on the twentieth day of July next and following days; in order to render there, their pretentions and lay their cilam [sic] thereto accordingly. Whereas after the expiration of the fourth Edict, shall be proceeded against the non appearers to obtain perpetual silence. Thus published and affixed there and where it ought to be.
Rio Demerary, 29th May, 1807.
Mart. Smit, first Marshal.
Translated from the Dutch.
D. P. Simon, Sw. Translator.

By Virtue of a Certain appointment of the Honourable Court of Justice of the River Demerary and its Dependencies. In the name and behalf of A. Meertens in Capacity as Curator appointed by the Honor. Court of Justice to the abandoned Estate of Thos. Walker, are by me the Underwritten First Marshal herewith for the first time by Edict Summoned all known and unknown Creditors to the said Estate to appear before the Honourable Court of Justice at their Session in the Town of Stabroek on the Twentieth day of July next and following days, In order to render their Pretentions and at the same time lay their claim thereto. Whereas after the fourth Edict by Summons shall be proceeded against the non appearers to obtain perpetual silence. Thus Published and affixed there and where it ought to be.
Demerary, 30th May 1807.
Mats. [sic] Smit, First Marshal.
Translated from the Dutch.
D. P. Simon, Sw. Translator.

For Sale by the Subscriber at his store late occupied by J. P. Hicks, Esq.
[first column]
Tobacco in hogsheads and barrels,
Fish in boxes,
Salt in barrels,
Irish butter, Flour,
Inverness Baging [sic],
Pitch, tar & turpentine,
[second column]
Puncheon hoops,
Building lime in barrels,
Gin in cases and demijohns, Madeira wine of an excellent quality per dozen.
[end columns]
30th May, 1807. S. O. Nurse.

A Still and Clarifiers [heading]
For Sale. [heading]
To be Sold a Still of 180 gallons with Worm and Head complete. Also two new Copper Clarifiers, to be seen on Plantation Zorg en Hoop. Application to the Manager on said Estate. 30th May.

The Creditors of the Widow Van Der Lott, deceased are hereby requested to render in their accounts to the Undersigned for Payment, as there is an absolute necessity of bringing the affairs of said Estate to a final conclusion. A. Meertens,
Demerary, 30th May, 1807.

Notice. [heading]
The Subscribers being desirous of closing the Accounts of Culpeper & Troughton, give this Public Notice that the Copartnership is dissolved by mutual consent; the Books and Papers are in the Hands of Mr. Troughton. All indebted are requested to make immediate Payment to enable them to discharge the claims against themselves.
Jno. Culpeper.
30th May. Ellis Troughton.

Houses For Sale At Mahaica. [heading]
The Subscriber offers for Sale Two Houses conveniently situated on the East side of Mahaica Creek, the Canal and publick road passing in front of them, the one 40 feet long and 20 feet wide, hard wood frame, two stories high, covered with wallaba shingles, having a commodious ground store; the other a hardwood frame covered with Albany leaves, has two floors and is divided into four apartments, there is a suitable quantity of Land attached to those Buildings for a Garden, &c.; the advantageous situation of these premises for carrying on Merchantile Business is well known, being in a central and populous part of the Colony, they will be Sold on very moderate terms. Apply for particulars to Wm. McBean, Esqr. Stabroek, or
                              Gilbert Robertson.
Mahaica, 30th May, 1807.

Notice is hereby given, that from this date the Subscriber will transact all her business herself, revoking all Powers heretofore given. She therefore requests all Persons indebted to her for Negro Hire, &c. &c. to make immediate payment.
S. Conner.
Demerary, 30th May 1807.

Lost. [heading]
Yesterday Evening, a black Newfoundland Bitch about 6 months old, answers to the name of Dart, her ears and tail cut; whoever will bring her to W. McGill, Surgeon 4th West India Regt. at the Camp, shall receive a liberal reward. Any Person in whose possession she may be found after this Advertisement, will be prosecuted to the extremity of the Law. 28th May, 1807.

For Sale. [heading]
At the House of Mr. J. L. Eils, Brick Dam Stabroek. - Tar, pitch, rosin, paint oil in jugs, white lead, spermaceti candles, castile soap, tobacco in hhds. and barrels, beef and pork in whole and half barrels, Dutch cutlasses, harlem and vries bonton, linen checks and stripes, braband lace, silk figures for ladies gowns, silk waistcoats, bokke coralia, an assortment of medicines, spices, black pepper, Malaga and Cape wine, &c. &c. &c.
Stabroek, 30th May, 1807.


To be Sold at Public Vendue on Tuesday the 9th of June, by order of, and at the store of Mr. John Madden,
50 to 60,000 feet white pine boards & plank,
40 hhds. Newfoundland cod fish in very good order,
A quantity of sail canvas principally No. 1,
A parcel of fine osnaburghs & flaxen sheeting,
100 dozen table beer,
10 quarter casks old port wine,
Bottled port wine in tierces,
Claret in cases,
White, yellow and black paints in kegs,
Green and blue ditto in potts,
Paint oil, spirits turpentine, &c.
Stabroek, 30th May, 1807.

Pursuant to a Proclamation of the Hon. Court of Police and by Permission of the Honble. F. P. Van Berckel, Fiscal, at the expiration of Fourteen days from the date hereof, will be sold at Public Vendue: - A New Negro Woman marked T IIII, name and owner unknown, brought in on the 2d February by H. Welch, Mahaicony. Also a Bay Horse brought to the Barracks on the 12th of May last.
S. G. Martens, Drossaard.
Demerary, 30th May 1807.

The only arrival in the course of the present week is the Emma, army ship, Capt. Adamson, from Surinam, she will sail for Tobago to-morrow.

The Demerary Militia, will have a Parade on Monday Morning preparatory to the Grand Field Day on the Kings [sic] Birth Day. See Official Advetisement [sic] in First Page.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last.

Schr. Odan, J. Clenarchan, from New York.
Sloop Fancy, R. Strickland, Barbados.

Schr. Fame, F. Lightbourn, for Barbados.

Selling Off by the Subscribers. [heading]
Oats in hhds., beef and shads in barrels, loaf sugar, hyson tea, pease and barley, spermaceti candles, boots and shoes, lamp oil in jugs and barrels, temper lime in kegs and tierces, paints of various colours, parasols and walking sticks, saddles and bridles, chaise harness and chaise whips, sparn girths and stirrup leathers, spurs, mane combs with sponges, hatters and watering cloth, curry combs and brushes, paint brushes, marking brushes, knives and forks with carvers and [illegible], razors in cases, [illegible] knives, and scissars, locks, hinges, bolts, hooks and eyes, nails in kegs, carpenters' and coopers' tools, grid irons, rudderirons, grapnels, iron [illegible] for nails, hoes, brass and plated candlesticks, brass wire, tin ware, consisting of ditto covers, coffee pots and biggings, tea pots, candlesticks, lanthorns, candle boxes, spice boxes, sauce and stew pans, tea trays and waiters japaned, earthenware and glass ware, a few barrels of tar, mens' and womens' hats and stockings, gloves and mitts, printed callicoes, platillas and britannias, coarse Irish linen, brown sheeting and linen, plain and sewed muslins, plain book muslin for musquetto netting, cotton lining, white and coloured jean, fine linen pocket handkerchiefs, cotton do. Madrass do. coloured thread, black and blue cassimere, ready-made clothes, sein and sewing twine, pickles and raisins in bottles, mustard in do., paper and quills, &c. &c.
30th May, 1807. James Lyon & Co.
Who will be much obliged to those indebted to them prior to the 1st January last, to pay their accounts, much longer indulgence cannot be given.


On Monday the 1st of June, [Transcriber's note: after a long absence this advertisement reappears (see 18070404EDRG) with an addition]
Also the Effects of Mr. Francis Crombie, deceased. [right pointing hand icon] See Advertisement of the Executors.

On Tuesday the 2d of June, by order of John Runnels, Esq. at his House, Household Furniture, some Negroes, Horses, and a chaise.

On Wednesday the 3d of June, at the Store of Chas. Treadwell, Jun. all his remaining Stock in Trade, at Three Months' credit.

On Friday the 5th of June, by order of the Hon. Board of Orphan Chamber, Wearing Apparel, Furniture, Negroes, Horses, &c.

On Monday the 8th of June, at the house of I. H. Wahlstab, Esq. in Charles Town, Household Furniture, Negroes, a 4 oared Tent Boat, Water Jars and Vats, and several other articles.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
(at Thirty-three Guilders per Annum)
By Edward James Henery.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 30th May, 1807.



Brought by


J. Fraser,







J. F. van Well.


Wm. Munro,

Thos. Frankland.



J. H. King.



Pl. Best.





Miss Jansen,


And 1 new negro woman her Name & Owner unknown.
S. G. Martens, Drossaart.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
(at Thirty-three Guilders per Annum)
By Edward James Henery.




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