Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1807 June 20

Vol. II.)


(No. 77.

Saturday, June 20th, 1807.

Court House, 19th June, 1807
Mr. G. F. A. van Kinschot has been appointed by the Honorable Court of Justice of Demerary, one of their Ordinary Exploiteurs in the room of Mr. H. C. Evertz, who resigned.

Office of Ordnance, [heading]
Demerary, 17th June, 1807. [heading]
Cash Wanted for Bills of Exchange, to the amount of
L 800,
at 30 Days sight, to be drawn on the Right Honble: and Honble: Board of Ordnance, London, for which sum or any part thereof not under One Hundred Pounds, Sealed Tenders marked "Tenders for Bills" will be received at this Office till Monday the 22d inst. at 12 o'clock, and the highest Exchange offered will be preferred
C. J. O'Hara,
Ordnance Store-keeper.

Office of Ordnance, [heading]
Demerary, 17th June, 1807. [heading]
Notice is hereby given to such Persons are inclined to contract to furnish Negro labourers, (four of whom must be Boat-men) Carpenters, Armourers, and Blacksmiths, from time to time as they may be required during a period of six months, for the Civil Department; and also Pioneers for the Royal Artillery - That Sealed Proposals of the lowest rates of hire, endorsed "Tender for Negro Hire" will be received at this Office till Tuesday the 23d inst. at 12 o'Clock, which will be opened by the respective Officers, and the most advantageous offer for Government will be accepted.
C. J. O'Hara,
Ordinance Store-keeper.

The Domicilium, Citandi et Executandi, of the Subscriber from this date will be on Plantation West-Field, in Essequebo.
Demerary, 20th June 1807.
Wm. Brereton.
Mr. Brereton a second time requests such Gentlemen as are indebted to him for their acceptances, returned Bills &c. to take them up to enable him to liquidate demands against himself.

J. Binning begs leave to inform his friends and the public that he has taken into Copartnership Mr. J. C. McFarland, and began business again under the firm of Jno. Binning & Co. who solicits a renewal of their favors; they have for Sale at the store lately occupied by P. Yates, Esq. in front of Plantation Vlissengen, the following Goods, viz: -
[first column]
Yorkshire Hams,
Scotch Herrings in kegs,
Potatoes in hampers,
London bottled porter and small beer,
Madeira, port wine and claret,
Best Cogniac Brandy,
Pine Cheese,
Loaf sugar & hyson tea,
Muscatel Raisins in [barely legible] boxes,
Almonds in bottles,
Split pease and barley in kegs,
Durham mustard,
English pickles,
Table salt in baskets,
Gentlemen's patent silk hats,
Children and negro ditto
[second column]
Black and white silk stockings,
Cotton and thread ditto,
Pantaloon stockings,
Fine India Dimity,
Brown Holland and linen checks,
Table cloths and fine flannel,
Callicoes, &c.
Also an assortment of stationary, writing desks, &c.
Sets of dish covers and driping [sic] pans,
Boots and shoes, shoe brushes,
Curry combs & brushes,
Gigg and jockey whips,
Military feathers and buttons assorted.
[end columns]
Demerary 20th June, 1807.

For London [heading]
The Copper'd Ship Dalrymple, Davis Graham, Master, will positively sail with the next Convoy. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master on board or to
Underwood, Johnson & Co.
Demerary, 20th June 1807.

For London. [heading]
The fast sailing Copper bottomed Ship Elliot, Charles London, Master, mounts sixteen guns, twelve pounders and men answerable, will sail a Running Ship the second springs in August. For Freight or Passage apply to the Captain on Board, William McBean, Stabroek, or to
John Jones.
Plantation Vreedestein, 17th June 1807.
Captain London, has for sale, salted Ox Tongues, Bricks, Barr Iron, Paints and Paint Oil, Organs, Ladies Hats and a case of Millenery.

For Glasgow. [heading]
The Ship Ariadne, George Johnston Master, will sail about the 30th of July, in Company with other armed ships. For Freight or Passage apply to
Alexr. Fullerton & Co.
Cumingsburgh, 20th June 1807.

The Subscriber has received by the last London Ships, a complete assortment of Ladies' and Gentlemens' Bots and Shoes of the first quality, also Childrens' Shoes from the smallest to the largest size.
20th June. M. Downie.

For Sale by the Subscriber the following articles (received by the latest arrivals from England): -
Fine Irish sheeting,
Fine and coarse Irish linen,
Table cloths and towelling,
Ladies fashionable silk and beaver hats,
Do. ditto Leghorn, chip and straw hats,
Do. ditto dresses,
Gentlemen's silk, beaver and Leghorn hats,
Ditto boots and shoes,
Ladies and Gentlemen's cotton stockings,
Bed ticks and platillas,
Stationary, Ironmongery, Sadlery,
Negro Clothing,
Paints, lamp and paint oil,
Candles, soap, and rosin,
Refined sugar, tea, black pepper,
Barley, hams, and beef.
Also for Sale, Madeira and port wine, Cogniac Brandy, and Hollands Gin.
20th June. Thos. Finlayson.

Just Imported by the Subscribers in the Ships Ariadne and Fame, and to be sold Cheap for Cash, Coffee, or Cotton: - A Choice assortment of Glass Ware to be sold by the package, an elegant assortment of Ladies Shoes, Gentlemen's Boots, Dimities, Jeans, Printed Callicoes, Salempores, Threads, Oars, Saddles, Bridles and Chaise Harness, and a variety of other articles.
James Lyon & Co.
Stabroek, 20th June 1807.

All Persons to whom Thomas Hoppe or Thomas Hoppe & Co. are indebted, will render in their accounts for payment, and all who are indebted to them are requested to come forward and pay the same, as Thomas Hoppe intends departing this Colony for Europe in Two Month; - Those who do not pay attention to this Advertisement will be sued without respect to persons.
Demerary, 20th June 1807.

To Be Sold Cheap. [heading]
A Second hand Chaise in good repair and a strong seasoned Chaise Horse, also a New Punt. Enquire of the Printer.
Demerary, 20th June 1807.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary.
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, Viz: -
Mr. George Laing, in six Weeks - June 20th.
Mr. William Burges, in fourteen Days, - June 20th.
Mr. Edward Austin, Ditto, Do.
Mr. J. Runnels, JZ, Ditto, Do.
Mr. Thomas Hoppe, in two Months, - June 20th.
Mr. George Wells, in 14 days, June 19th.
Mr. F. Michel, in 14 days, June 12th.
Mr. Ralph Lacy, with the first Convoy, - June 5th.
Mr. N. Volkerts, with July Convoy, - June 5th.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

Huwelyks Bekendmaking. [heading]
Alzoo de Heer George Gill, Weduwenaar, gebooren te Barbados, Bruidgom ter Eenre, en Mejuffrouw Louisa Mathew Cells, Minderjaarige jonge Dogter, geadsisteerd met haard Grootmoeder in voogdesse Vrouwe de Wed: Sarah Bradford, Bruid ter andere zyde, van voorneemens zyn met elkander een wettig Huwelyk aan te gaan.
Zoo word zulks mits deezen aan alle ne een iegelyk bekend gemaakt, ten einde de geene die zig daarteegens vermeenen te kunne opposeeren zulks in tyds te doen, daar en zoo het behoord zynde dit het Eerste gebod.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary deezen 20ste Juny, 1807. In Kennisse van my,
J. C. Stadtman, Eerste Clercq.

Wordt mits deezen bekend gemaakt dat ter eerstkoomende Commissiariaale Vergaadering in de Maand July aanstaande,
[see 18070630EDRG] . . .
Door Mevw: de Weduwe Paal Transport een Stuk Land geleegen in het Canaal No 1, tusschen de Gronden van F. De Ridder en die van J. G. Looff, aan Edward Cooke.
Een Lastelyk . . . [see 18070613EDRG] . . .
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary deezen 12 Juny 1807.
J. C. Stadtman, Eeerste Clercq.

Wordt mits deezen bekend gemaakt dat ter Commissariaale Vergaadering in de Maand July eerstkoomende:
[see 18070523EDRG and 18070606EDRG] . . .
En laastelyk door D. Hoola Van Nooten Jr. en P. Henderson als gemachtigdens van E. Barnwell Vier Hypotheecq of de Plantagie St. Christopher geleegen aan de West Zee-Kust deezer Rivier met Recht van derde verband, ten faveuren van de Minderjaarige Kinderen van gem: E. Barnwell voor de heen Compereerend Moederlyke Ersportie.
Actum ter Secretary deezen 22 Mey 1807.
J. C. Stadtman, Eerste Clercq.


Ms. Smit, in capacity as first Marshal of the Court of Justice of this River, Advertises that he will Expose at Marshal Sale, in presence of the Honble: Commissaries of the Court of Justice and Secretary on the 7th day of July next, the following Effects, viz: -
1st. - In behalf of Chs. Treadwell, qq. T. Pierce versus J. W. Bruninghaus, the Lot of Land Lr. B No. 6, with all the Buildings thereon, situated on Werk and Rust, and consists of a Dwelling-house 50 feet long by 25 wide on a brick foundation 8 feet high, an Out-house 100 feet by 18, 1 1/2 story high on a brick foundation, a ditto Out-house 36 feet long by 18 wide, a horse stable 34 feet long by 18 wide, a large brick Cestern [sic], and a necessary, all in compleat order; the Lot of Land No. [blank] with the Buildings thereon, formerly occupied by the Members of the Eendragt Society, consists in a commodious Dwelling-house 50 feet long by 25 wide, 2 stories, on a brick foundation 7 or 8 feet high, an Out-house 40 feet long by 16 wide, a Necessary; also a Schooner with all the Riggings, Sails, &c.
Lastly. - In behalf of McDonald, Halkett & Co. versus Bruninghaus & Co. three Negroes named Roller, Humbert, and Lena; also an American Chaise and two American Horses.
Should any Person having reason to object against the Sale of the above mentioned Properties, they are to signify such reason of opposition to the Exploiteurs Office previous to the day of Sale, and whoever feels inclined to purchase are requested to attend in the Court House on the day of Sale.
Rio Demerary, 20th June, 1807.
M. Smit, first Exploiteur.
[Transcriber's note: the two issues in this execution vendue get divided in 18070627EDRG – the first gets a new date of posting and the latter retains the posting date above, both remain scheduled for the 7th of July]

By Authority obtained, I the Underwritten first Marshal of this Colony (after precedental process of Law) shall publicly expose and Sell unto the highest bidder, in the presence of the Counsellors Commissaries and their Secretary in the Town of Stabroek, on the Seventh July next, as follows:-
[Transcriber's note: this revises and removes the first (1st.) item listed in 18070613EDRG and removes numbering for the following item with some minor formatting changes]
In behalf of F. C. Otto Plaintif [sic], versus J. H. Wiedeman and Beekman and Trachter Defendants, also in behalf of F. C. Engels Plaintif [sic] and Triumphant, versus J. H. Beekman prive Defendant. The following taken under Execution. Furniture.
One table, a small sideboard, eight chairs, 14 different pictures and paints [sic], two plate candlesticks, a spy glass, three shades, five decanters, some glasses, a backgammon table, a box for a house clock.
Buildings, [centered]
A Dwelling house of Colony wood, long 36 feet and about 20 feet broad, with a store, &c. boarded with American boards, a kitchen and wash house of American wood, a horse stable with posts in the ground, covered with troelies, two ranges of negro houses boarded and covered with troelies, a side building boarded and covered with troelies, formerly occupied by Mr. Hk. Trachter, a very spacious Carpenters' Logies with posts in the ground and covered with troelies; all the aforesaid Buildings and Side buildings at present occupied by J. H. Beekman himself, standing on the front Lands of Plantation Meerzorg; these Buildings are for breaking down, or with such titles, servitudes and prerogatives as thereunto from former times are belonging.
In case any Person should conceive to have a right to oppose against any of the above Sales, address themselves in writing to the Marshal's Office, where I shall receive them as opposer or opposers, and appoint a day to got to Law; and any Person or Persons inclined to Purchase are requested to attend on the day of Sale above mentioned.
Rio Demerary, 12th June, 1807.
Mart. Smit, first Marshal.
Translated from the Dutch.
D. P. Simon, Sw. Translator.

First Summons By Edict. [heading]
By Virtue of Appointments of His Honor the Acting President of the Court of Justice of this River, Victor A. Heyliger, dated the 8th and 10th June last, granted on the Petitions of Thos. Cuming, Thos. Mewburn and D. Cargill, qq. the Heirs of John Campbell, deceased; Cons: Smit, JCZ. Executor to the last Will and Testament of the late M. Aut. I the Undersigned Marshal of this River, do hereby Summon for the first time by Edict, all known and unknown creditors to the above mentioned Estates, to appear or send their Attorneys before the Honble: Court of Justice of this River, on the 20th day of July next ensuing and following days, in order to render their claims duly attested. Whereas after this first, second, third and fourth (Exsuperabundanti Edicte) Summons by Edict, will be provided as the Law directs. Thus done, published and affixed as usually in Demerary, 16th June, 1807.

Mr. J. L. Forrester will positively quit this Colony for Europe early in the Month ensuing. All persons to whom he may stand indebted are required to take note accordingly and "Vice Versa."
Demerary, 20th June 1807.

Absented himself, a Negro Man named Dunnah, a Carpenter belonging to Mr. William John King, formerly of this Colony, he is well known in this and the Colony of Essequebo, having been employed with his Master in both places, he is a native of Barbados, about forty years of age. Any person that will deliver him to the Subscriber, or lodge him in the Barracks, will be rewarded by application to
M. Campbell q.q.
Demerary, 20th June 1807.

Absconded. [heading]
From the Subscriber on Plantation Meer Zorg, on the west side of this river, a Negro Man named Bob, formerly the property of Mr. D. Cargill. One Joe Reward will be given to any Person who will lodge in the Barracks or deliver him to Mr. W. B. Thompson, Cumingsburgh.
20th June Wm. Allen.

A Caution to the Public not to imploy [sic] a White man by name Hendrik Strang, he being under Contract to serve the Subscriber for Three Years, any Person found imploying [sic] him after this Public Notice, will be dealt with according to Law. The Subscriber being wishful of settling all demands against him, earnestly solicits all those who stand indebted to him, to come forward and settle the same on or before the First of July; as after that date no longer indulgence can, or will be given.
Thos. Riding.
Stabroek, 20th June 1807.


The whole of the Effects belonging to the Eendragt Society, will be exposed to Public Sale on Monday the 29th inst. at their House in front of Plantation Vlissengen, consisting of a large Billiard Table with it appendages, mahogany Dining Tables, black hair Sophas, Card Tables, Chairs, Pier Glasses, Celanders [sic], Glass and Earthen Ware, &c. &c.
20th June. Thos. Duim, Secty
At the same time and place will be Sold, ten or twelve Creole Milch Cows.

To be sold by Private Sale the House at present occupied by the Subscriber, with some Water Vats and other heavy articles if the purchaser would wish. The very healthy and desirable situation of this House is too well known to need a discription [sic], it is in good repair with very complete out Buildings. The terms will be made agreeable to an approved purchaser.
W. Brereton.
Demerary, 20th June 1807.

For Bristol. [heading]
The Armed Ship Active, (stands A. 1. at Lloyd's), positively to depart hence with the July Convoy. Three fourths of her Cargo being already engaged.
20th June. James L. Forrester.

Madeira Wine For Sale. [heading]
A Few Pipes and Hogsheads choice London particular, of the first quality. Apply to J. R. Brandt, residing upon the north side of the Brick Dam. 20th June.

Den Ondergeteekenden adverteerd elk & eigelyk voorneemns te zyn van heeden af te verkoopen, Een hecht en Sterk welbezeilde Tentboot gebouwd van best inland Hout, zynde lang over Steeren acht en twintig vorten, en breed buyten het potdekzel zeven en half voet waar in staat een Schoeders tuyg met een Hoopen de vok, zinde te bevraagen hoedanig genoemde boot is gesitueerd aan de Heeren, Hafperhooven en Poggenberg, en leggende op de Plantagie Zeelandia geleegen op het Wacquename Eyland in Rio Essequebo den 25 Mey 1807.
20th June. M. N. Mertens.


On Monday the 22d inst. by order of Messrs. Fisher and Chorley, at their store in the New Town, their remaining stock of New Goods.
Also by order of James Rutherford, Esq. on Plantation Belmont, Little Corobana, forty to fifty head of Cattle, fifty ditto Sheep, ten Horses, Chaise and Harness, spare Harnesses, Household Furniture, six seasoned Negroes.

On Tuesday the 23d inst. by order of J. L. Forrester, Esq. at the store of Messrs. Fisher and Chorley, New Town, the remaining cargo of the ship Rosetta.
Also by order of Peter Gordon, Esq. q.q. on Plantation Huntly, Abary, forty to fifty head of Cattle. - Six months credit, payable in Cash or approved Bills.

On Thursday the 25th inst. at the store of Messrs. Thos. Shute & Co. barrels and half barrels first quality mess beef, superfine flour, rice, tobacco in barrels, demijohns brandy, cases gin, old rum in kegs, boxes raisins and almonds, port wine per dozen, cannisters tea, a large assortment of plated and japanned ware, also an elegant copying machine, with apparatus complete.

On Friday the 26th inst. on the Premises, by order of C. D. Forrester, Esq. the Lease of the Lot of Land No. 13, situated in Robb's Town, with the all the Buildings thereon, at present occupied by Messrs. Eliazer & Castello. (The Land is free from Ground Rent till the expiration of the lease.) Negroes, &c.

This Day at noon the mail Boat arrived with the first mail for may (the second April mail has in all probability been captured) its cotents [sic] are not of that interesting nature we had been led to expect.

The Maxwell, Edwards, from Demerary, arrived at Liverpool, sailed from thence the 25th March, a single ship. At one, p.m. on the 29th April, in lat. 19, 3, N. long, 10. 30. W., saw two sail on her starboard bow, bearing S.E. At two observed one of them making signals, and found they were both brigs. At three supposed one of them to be a privateer, and the other her prize, and cleared for action. At half past three the supposed prize, apparently a foreign vessel, hauled her wind to the eastwards. The other standing on, hoisted English colours, and fired a gun to leeward, and directly after bore down towards the Maxwell, the prive heaving about on the other tack. At half past four the privateer hauled down the English ensign and came within gun-shot; Capt. Edwards fired the quarter deck guns at her and hoisted his colours. the enemy not shewing her's, shortly after fired at them a second time, when coming within pistol-shot she hoisted a French ensign and pendant, and a red flag at the fore, and commenced firing on the quarter of the Maxwell, which was kept up very warmly on both sides until half past five, when, after an ineffectual attempt to board her, she sheered off, and hauled her wind to S.E.; her braces, top-sail, and top-gallant ties being shot away, and her rigging otherwise much injured. She was pierced for 14 guns, appeared to have 12 mounted, and was full of men. Mr. John Irlam, the Chief Mate of the Maxwell, was slightly wounded; and Joseph King, a seaman received a shot in the body, of which he died 66 hours after.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last.

Schr. Porcupine, B. Stamers, from Barbados.
---- Ant, B. Bowen, Ditto.
Snow Clarence, J. Grieve, Liverpool.
Ship Active, J. Chessel, Bristol.
---- Dallrymple, D. Graham, London & Berbice.
---- Elliot, Chas. London, Monte Video.

Brig Mary Jane, P. McCobb, for Boston.
Sloop Fancy, R. Strickland, Barbados.
Schr. Ant, B. Bowen, Ditto.

The Ball in honor of His Majesty's Birth Day took place on Monday Evening last, though the weather was very unfavourable, there was a numerous assemblage of most of the first People in the Colony, though, only 21 Ladies we understand were present the Dances were supported with spirit till after 12 o'clock, when Supper was announced: after which several Loyal Toasts were Drank with enthusiasm. A few dances were led down after Supper, and the Company parted about half past four, the whole Evening was spent in the most agreeable manner.

An anonymous article has been presented to us for insertion, respecting the Ball which took place on Monday Evening being of a nature not to be admitted in our Paper, we have declined its insertion, not with any indifference to the author, but that we do not think fit to enter into any thing like party spirit. - Nor shall we in future insert any article when the author does not give his name to us at least, which if required will be kept with inviolable secrecy.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 20th June, 1807.



Brought by



J. H. King.


Edwd. Cooke,



Boedel Lawrin,

R. B. Daly.

Good Luck,

Wm. King,



Miss Wayzers,

M. N. Manget.






Pl. Thomas.



J. Grant.

And 1 new negro woman her name & owner unknown.
S. G. Martens, Drossart.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
(at Thirty-three Guilders per Annum)
By Edward James Henery.

See the Supplement.

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