Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1807 September 12

Vol. II.)


(No. 89.


Saturday, September 12th, 1807.

Notice is hereby given to the Planters and Merchants of this Colony, that the Honorable rear Admiral Sir Alexander Cochrane has informed His Excellency Brigr. General Montgomerie, that a Man of War will be appointed to take the Convoy from this River on the 18th of October 1807.
Given at the King's House this 12th of Sept. 1807.
By His Excellency's Command,
Geo. Eddington, Govt. Secty.

His Excellency Brigadier General Montgomerie has been pleased to make the following Promotions: -
2d Battn. of 1st Demerary Militia.
3d Company.
Lieut. Wm. B. Tayne to be Captain, vice Patterson removed to Berbice.
Thomas Fraser Gent. to be Lieutenant, vice Tayne.
4th Company.
Lieut. Gilbert Robertson to be Captain, vice Buchanan, gone to Europe.
To be Lieutenants, Lewis Forrester and Jno. Ross, Gents.
5th Company.
Lieut. Nicoll McNicoll to be Captain, vice Sutherland, who resigns.
Latham Avery Gent. to be Lieutenant.
6th Company, [sic - comma]
Captain-Lieut. D. S. Van Gravesande to be Captain.
Francis Wright Gent. to be Lieutenant.
2d Regimt. of Demerary Militia.
Captain Ralph L. Ashington to be Major, vice Van den Heuvel, gone to Europe.
1st Company.
Lieut. Patrick Henderson to be Captain, vice Birmingham, gone to Europe.
--- Waterton Gent. to be Lieutenant, vice Henderson.
2d Company.
F. De Ridder Esq. to be captain, vice Overbrook, gone to Europe.
John Ettles Gent. to be Lieutenant and Adjutant, vice Beete, gone to Europe.
3d Company.
J. Jones Esq. to be Captain, vice G. Brumell, deceased.
James Calder Gent. to be Lieutenant.
King's House, Demerary, 11th Sept. 1807.
Jas. Montgomerie.
By His Excellency's Command,
Geo. Eddington, Govt. Secty.

Cash [heading]
Wanted for His Majesty's Service
For Bills of Exchange drawn on the Right Honble: the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, to the amount of Three Thousand Pounds Sterling, viz: -
No. 423, - - - L 500.
424, - - - - 500.
425, - - - - 500.
426, - - - - 500.
427, - - - - 300.
428, - - - - 300.
429, - - - - 200.
430, - - - - 200.
Sealed Tenders for the same (marked Tenders for Bills) will be received at this Office until Wednesday the 16th Instant, at 10 o'Clock, when they will be opened in the Presence of Brigadier General Montgomerie, and if approved accepted.
Will. N. Firebrace,
Residt. Commissary.
Commissary's Office, Demerary, 10th Sept. 1807.

Cash [heading]
Wanted for His Majesty's Service
For Bills of Exchange drawn on the Pay masters general of His Majesty's Forces, to the amount of One Thousand Pounds Sterling, viz: -
No. 608, for L 400.
609, " " 400.
610, " " 200.
Sealed Tenders for the same, (marked Tenders for Pay-Masters Bills) will be received at this Office until Wednesday, the 16th Instant, at 10 o'Clock in the Morning, when they will be opened in the Presence of Brigadier-General Montgomerie, and if approved accepted.
For these Bills one third of the Amount will be Paid in Dollars.
Will. N. Firebrace,
Resit. [sic] Commissary.
Commissary's Office, Demerary, 10th Sept. 1807.

Office of Ordnance, [heading]
Demerary, 10th September 1807.
Wanted for the Engineer Department of the Ordnance for three Months, Twelve good Trenching Negro Labourers: -
Sealed Proposals of the lowest Terms, endorsed "Tender for Negro Hire" will be received at this Office 'till 12 o'Clock on Wednesday next, the 16th Instant, when the same will be opened in the presence of the Respective Officers, and the most advantageous offer accepted.
C. I. O'Hara.
Ordnance Store-Keeper.
N.B. As the Negroes will be regularly checqued and their hire disallowed for absence or neglect of their work, the Owners must be prepared to supply others immediately in their places. Any other information required will be given at this Office.

For Sale. [heading]
Plantation Cape Clear, situated on the East Side of Mahaica Creek, and known on the Chart by Lot No. 7, consisting of 250 Acres Land, whereof there is in cultivation 67 Acres in Plantains, together with 23 prime working Negroes and 2 Children, and 9 head of Cattle; the above has very excellent drainage even in the wettest season. For further particulars may be known on application to Mr. Latham Avery, Mahaicony; or Mr. Park Benjamin, Stabroek.
Mahaicony, 12th Sept. 1807.

The Subscribers will engage to Ship in any Vessel bound for London or Dublin, to sail with the October Convoy, Three Hundred Casks of Sugar, provided the Consignee or captain will receive it at 9 f Stg. per Cwt. Freight. Jos. Bothamley.
Sept. 12th. Wm. King.

All Persons having any Demands against the Estate of the deceased Mrs. Mary Bell, late of Essequebo, are requested to send them in to the Subscriber as soon as possible.
William King, QQ
A. Barker, sole Executor
Cumingsburg, 12th Sept. 1807.

For Sale. [heading]
That New House with side Buildings, Garden, &c. pleasantly situated in front of the public road, and opposite His Honor the Fiscal's, it is at present occupied by John Ashley, Esq. Further particulars will be known by applying either to
John Henley,
Alexr. Reith, or
Hugh Stephenson,
Executors Robt. Stephenson, deceased.
Demerary, 12th Sept. 1807.

To Be Sold. [heading]
A Water Lot and Platform, which the unfinished Buildings thereon, in front of Lots 19 and 20 in Bridge Town; it is conveniently situated for business. For further particulars enquire of
Alexr. Reith.
Demerary, 12th Sept. 1807.

The highest Price will be given for 3000lbs. of good clean Cotton.
Apply to the Printer.
Demerary, 12th Sept. 1807.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary. [heading]
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, Viz:
Mr. W. Chorley, in 14 days or 4 Weeks, Sep. 11th.
Mr. John Burket in three Weeks, from Sept. 4th.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

Huwelyks Bekendmaking. [heading]
Alzo G. Graaff Meerderjaarig Jongman, gebooren in Koningsberg in het Koningryk Pruissien, ter Eenre, - En Mejuffrouw Neetsje Stoel, Wedeuwe van wylen J. Astrake, woontende alhier ter andere zyde. Van voorneemens zyn met elkander een wettig Huwelyk ann te gaan, zoo alse dezelve op den 28 Augustus 1807 in Ondertrouw zyn opgenoomen. Zoo word zulks aan elk en een iegelyk geadverteerd, ten einde die geene welke vermeenen zich teegens het solemniseeren van voormelde Huwelyke te kunnen opposeeren zulks in tyds te doen daar waar en zoo het behoord.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary deezen
5de September 1807.
J. C. Stadtman, Eerste Clercq.

For Hire [heading]
A House and Garden on the Brick dam of Stabroek, known by No. 64. Apply to the Printer. Sept. 12th.

By Virtue of an order of the Honorable Victor A. Heyliger, Acting President of the Honorable Court of Justice of this colony, on the petition of Charles Andre de Florimont, I the undersigned First Exploiteur do hereby for the first time Summon ad valvas curiae all known and unknown Creditors to the Estate of C. H [sic - no period] de Florimont, to appear before the Honorable Court of Justice on the 21st September next and following days, to give in and substantiate their claims and demands against said Estate; and I do hereby further give notice, that at the expiration of the fourth Summons the perpetual silence will be applied for against all Creditors who shall not have given in their claims at that time. This done and pulished [sic] this 5th September, 1807.
M. Smit, First Exploiteur.
Alexr. Tinne, Sw. Translator.

By Virtue of an order of the Honorable Court of Justice of this Colony, on the petition of Richard Wells, I the Undersigned First Exploiteur do hereby Summons all known and unknown Creditors of Richard Wells aforesaid, to appear themselves or by Attorney, before the Honorable Commissaries of the Court of Justice on the 5th of October next and following days; in order to hear the proposals which will then be made by the said Richard Wells, with regard to the payment of his Creditors, and in general to enter into such arrangements as the case may require, according to Law.
Demerary, 9th September, 1807.
Mart. Smit, First Exploiteur.
Alexr. Tinne, Sw. Translator.

Notice. [heading]
The Subscriber requests all Persons indebted to the Estate of Thomas Waricker, Esq. late of this colony, deceased, to come forward without delay and make Payment of the demands against them; and all Persons to whom the said Estate are indebted are requested to render their accounts properly authenticated to the Subscriber.
Gilbert Robertson,
Acting Executor.
Pl. Kensington, Mahaica, 12th Sept. 1807.

The Undersigned has removed his counting House to the Store of Mr. Samuel Mackay, and his Dwelling to the House of Mrs. Keir, the back street of Cumingsburgh.
He has remaining on hand, some rum puncheons, shooks and heading, tobacco in barrels and tierces, oars, and scantling; also just received from Madeira per ship Speculator, old particular madeira wine in pipes and hogsheads, which will be sold for immediate Payment only.
C. Treadwell, Junr.
Demerary, 12th September, 1807.

Notice. [heading]
The Domicilium Citandi and Executandi of the Subscriber is at the House of Thomas Frankland, Esq. in Cumingsburg.
Thomas Barker.
Demerary, 12th Sept. 1807.

Just Imported from London, and landing at the stores of John Madden, Esq. - A very light, handsome four-wheeled Chaise, adapted either for one or two horses, with harness complete; also an assortment of nails, hinges, bolts, locks, and tools, tin ware and corks, white lead and paint oil, slops, consisting of tradesmen's hats, jackets, trowsers, shirts, &c.; canvas and twine, linen drapery, haberdashery, and saddlery, for Sale by the Package.
12th September, 1807. C. R. Playter.

By the Brig Polly, Capt. Joseph Manson, from Portsmouth, N. H. the Subscribers have received and offer for Sale at very moderate prices for immediate payment in either rum and molasses, cash, cotton, or coffee the following articles: - W. P. lumber, red and white oak shooks, ditto staves, white oak butt shooks from 3 to 400 gallons, cod fish in hhds. and boxes, superfine flour, cheese, &c.
On Hand. [centered]
Shingles, scanling, oars, mess beef, butter, tea, mould and spermatecia candles, soap, tobacco, tar and pitch, brandy, first quality of Madeira wine in whole, half and quarter pipes, a [sic] and few pieces of white nankeen.
Engels & van Senden.
Demerary, 12th September, 1807.
Who offer also for sale, a large and new rum still with worm and head compleat, to be seen at their stelling, per advice, that one half of the payment will be accepted of in rum and molasses.

Just Imported in the Ship William Phillips, Capt. J. Pullen, from London, and For Sale by the Subscriber at the House of Mr. G. Zeegers, opposite that of Jos. Ward, Esq. at very low Prices for Cash only, the following Articles: -
[first column]
Gentlemen's elegant Hessian 3-quarter and Jockey yellow topped boots,
Gentlemen's, Ladies' and Children's fashionable dress shoes,
Ready-made coats, pantaloons, breeches, and waistcoats,
Ready-made superfine cotton shirts,
gentlemen's and Youths' black beaver hats,
Gentlemen's and Ladies' silk and cotton hose,
Ditto and do. silk gloves,
Silk and cotton braces,
Umbrellas and parasols,
Jaconet, book, tambour'd and cambrick muslins,
Laces assorted,
Half head handkerchiefs for Ladies, made of lace
Ounce thread,
New fashionable horsewhips with sunscreens [sic],
[second column]
Chaise and jockey whips,
Walking sticks,
Shot belts and powder horns,
Screw drivers,
Shoe blacking,
Superfine semstresses needles, pins,
Sail and packing needles,
Fish hooks assorted,
Silver pattern bread baskets,
Penknives, scissors, razors,
Steel snuffers,
Table knives and forks, carvers,
Watch glasses,
Etwees [sic] for toothpicks, set in gold with glasses,
Odour boxes,
Silver essence boxes, mounted with gold inside,
Violencello, tenor, and violin strings,
Jewellery, &c. &c.
[end columns]
Also London particular Madeira wine in pipes, hogsheads, and bottles, &c. &c.
Henry Abraham.
Demerary, 12th Sept. 1807.

Four Cases Furniture, marked W. W. on board the ship William Phillips, Capt. Jno. Pullen, from London, shipped by Mr. William and consigned to order. The Owners are requested to send for them, or they will be landed and stored at their expence.
12th Sept. 1807. Jno. Pullen.


On Thursday the 17th Instant, at the store of Mr. Amos Leeds, by order of Mr. T. T. Barrett, 20 hogsheads of New Fish just landed, 20 cases Dutch Cheese, and an assortment of Provisions.
September 12th. Robert Kingston.

On Friday the 18th inst. in front of Plantation Herstelling, by order of A. V. Beckerts and G. H. van Senden, Executors of the deceased Doctor J. G. Sommer, a dwelling house and side building, negroes, chaise, horses, saddles and harness, household furniture, and a valuable assortment of medicines and chirurgical instruments.
N.B. The above sale was to have been held on the 12th inst. but was postponed to the 18th in consequence of bad weather.
Sept. 5th. Robert Kingston.

On Monday the 28th Instant, at the House lately occupied by Mr. Donavan in Charles Town, by order of Mr. H. Tempest; - Household Furniture (formerly the Property of F. Sabbathier deceased) consisting of two mahogany sideboards, bedsteads with beding [sic], hair bottomed sophas, chairs, an elegant assortment of silver and plated ware, three horses, two Chaises, several head of Cattle, &c. &c.
Sept. 12th. Robert Kingston.

The Undersigned gives notice that he will dispose of the remainder of his wreaths, sprigs and artificial flowers, at the very low rate of two guilders a piece; he has also on hand a few pair of Ladies white slippers and silk stockings, and has received by the late Fleet a complete Ladies dress a la nelson, together with an elegant veil.
12th Sept. 1807. P. Verbeke.

Wanted [heading]
An Overseer on a Sugar Estate in this river, who is well acquainted with that Business, particularly with the Distillery of Rum; A handsome Salary will be given to a Person that can be well recommended for Sobriety &c.
Apply to the Printer of this Paper.
Demerary, 12th September 1807.

The Undersigned requests that those indebted to the Firm of John Ballard & Co. will not pay the same unless his signature is annexed, as it will not be considered as valid, he being the only Copartner of that Firm.
12th Sept. 1807. John Conner.

Absented himself from Plantation Vive La Force, this Morning, a tall Negro Man named Codjo, formerly belonging to Mr. Barthly deceased, and afterwards to Mr. Byble. Whoever will apprehend said Negro and deliver him to the Subscriber, or in the Barracks, will receive, above the ordinary Fee for Runaways, a Reward of Five and Twenty Guilders.
Sept. 12th. C. M. Overweg.

By the arrival of the Mail Boat yesterday from Barbados, with the second Mail for July, we have received the regular sets of London Papers to the 18th July; as well as the Barbados Papers to the 5th inst. inclusive. Except what relates to America, their contents have been laid before the public.

It appears that the James Mail Boat, Capt. Hunter, was captured off Berbice on the 24th ult. by the French Privateer named La Jeunne Adelle, mounting 12 guns and 118 men; Capt. Hunter passed himself as a passenger, who with several others, was put on board an American bound to Surinam. The Captain was fortunate enough to sink the Bags, &c. before she was captured.

The Schooner Burchall, Tynes, has been captured by two Privateer Schooners and sent to Martinique.

The Danish Schooner Betsey has been taken (or detained) by the Enemy off Berbice and carried into Guadeloupe, and not (as we had been informed) to Cayene [sic].

The Nelly Army Schooner, has struck upon a reef of Rocks off Ricketts Battery in Barbados, and it is much to be feared will be totally lost.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last.

Brig Polly, Capt. Jos. Manson, from Portsmouth.

Brig Hero, Capt. Wm. Trefethen for Portsmouth.
Schooner Hero, O. Stillman, Middletown.

American Affairs. [heading]
Halifax, July 10. [heading]

His Majesty's brig Columbine, Capt. Bradshaw, from the Chesapeake, on Saturday last, brought dispatches for Vice-Admiral the Hon. G. C. Berkeley, relative to a most unpleasant rencounter which took place on the 24th ult. between His Majesty's ship Leopard, Capt. Humphreys, and the American frigate Chesapeake, Capt. Barron, in consequence of proceeding to carry into effect the following Order from the Commander in Chief on this station; which with the subsequent letter, we have extracted from the Gazette of Tuesday: -
By The Hon. George Cranfield Berkeley, Vice-Admiral of the White, and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Ships and Vessels employed in the river St. Lawrence, along the Coast of Nova Scotia, the Islands of St. John and Cape Breton, the Bay of Fundy, and at and about the Island of Bermuda, or Somers' Islands.
Whereas many Seamen, subjects of His Britannic Majesty, and serving in His Majesty's ships and vessels as per margin*, while at anchor in the Chesapeake, deserted, and entered on board the United States' frigate the Chesapeake, and openly paraded the streets of Norfolk, in sight of their Officers, under the American flag, protected by the Magistrates of the town, and the Recruiting Officer belonging to the above-mentioned American frigate; which Magistrates and Naval Officer refused giving them up, although demanded by His Britannic Majesty's Consul, as well as the Captains of the ships from which the said men had deserted: The Captains and Commanders of His Majesty's ships and vessels under my command are therefore hereby required and directed, in case of meeting with the American frigate Chesapeake at sea, and without the limits of the United States, to shew to the Captain of her this order, and to require to search his ship for the deserters from the before-mentioned ships, and to proceed and search for the same; and if a similar demand should be made by the American, he is to be permitted to search for any deserters from their service, according to the customs and usages of civilized nations, on terms of peace and amity with each other.
Given under my Hand at Halifax, Nova Scotia, the 1st day of June, 1807.
(Signed) G. C. Berkeley.
To the respective Captains and Commanders of His Majesty's Ships and Vessels on the North American Station.
* Bellisle, Belona, Triumph, Chichester, Halifax, Zenobia (Cutter.)

Extract of a Letter from a Gentleman on board His Majesty's ship Leopard, dated

[reimage this at the bottom of the page]

ley (in the event of meeting the United States frigate Chesapeake, to search her for deserters, of whom we had information), the next morning the signal was made from the Bellona to proceed to sea, which we did at nine o'clock this morning. The Chesapeake was then passing the Bellona, about three miles within us. - We stood to the S.E. with the wind at S.W. until eleven, when it shifted to E. which retarded the progress of the frigate, being obliged to beat out. We kept on a wind, under easy sail, until she got within two miles of us, when she shortened sail and we bore down to her - we were about 12 or 14 miles from the land. When sufficient close the Captain hailed, and said he had dispatches from the British Commander in Chief. - The answer was - "Send them on board, I shall heave to." - Which he did accordingly. I was sent on board with the Admiral's Order, and a letter from Captain Humphreys, saying, he hoped to be able to execute the Admiral's Order in the most amicable manner; and, after the Commodore read the Order and Letter, he told me, his orders from his Government were most peremptory, in not suffering any Foreigner to muster his ship's company, but that he would write an answer to Captain Humphrey's Letter, if I would be the bearer of it to him. After having answered in the affirmative, he wrote, saying, that he had no deserter, and that his Instructions prevented his allowing the Chesapeake to be searched. I returned with this answer, after being on board 40 minutes. - As the Admiral's Order was positive, there was no alternative but by force - so we edged down to her, and Capt. Humphreys hailed, and said, that Commodore Barron must be aware that the order of the British Commander in Chief must be obeyed; the only reply made to this (which was thrice repeated) was, "I do not understand what you say." Now, as we were to windward and heard distinctly his answers, it was evident he must have heard what Capt. Humphreys said - orders were then given to fire a shot across his bows from the lower deck; after a minute another; and, in two more, no satisfactory answer being given, Captain Humphrey's [sic] ordered the fire to be opened on her, beginning with the foremost gun, and in succession after: but as the order was not perfectly understood, a broadside was poured into her. Commodore Barron hailed, when orders were given to cease firing, but as he only said he was going to send a boat on board, and as they were preparing to return the fire, it was supposed an artifice to gain time, and orders were again given to fire - two broadsides more were the result; when she struck. Two lieutenants, with several midshipmen, went then on board the Chesapeake to search for deserters, and after being there three hours, returned with four - 3 belonging to the Melumpus, and 1 to the Halifax; the latter is the fellow who abused Lord James Townshend at Norfolk. Commodore Barron wrote to Captain Humphreys, saying, that he considered the Chesapeake as his prize, and that he was ready to deliver her up to any person authorised to receive her. Captain Humphreys replied, that as he had executed the orders of the Commander in Chief, he had nothing more to do with her; that he must forthwith join the rest of his squadron; and that he not only lamented, most sincerely, the necessity that compelled him to violent measures, but that if he could render the Chesapeake any service, he would cheerfully do it. In short, Capt. Humphreys has conducted himself throughout the whole of this unpleasant transaction, in the most praiseworthy manner, as an Officer and Gentleman - he has more humanity in his composition than most mankind; you make then suppose his feelings were none of the most comfortable on this occasion. The Chesapeake returned by a few shot; they were scarcely prepared when we began, and were thrown into such confusion, that the greatest part of the people deserted their quarters.
"The number killed on board the Chesapeake (according to their own statement) was 6 - and 23 wounded.
"Twenty-six shot went through the hull, seven between wind and water; the sails were completely riddled, and I have not a doubt but that in ten minutes more she would have gone down, the sea being so smooth every shot told after the first broadside, which was chiefly at the rigging.
"Commodore Barron was slightly wounded in the leg by a splinter - he behaved in the coolest way imaginable, and stood at the open gang-way the greater part of the time."
If any thing can place this matter in a stronger light, we need only compare the assurances of Commodore Barron with the result: Of the deserters claimed, six were taken out of the frigate, upon searching her, two were killed and one jumped overboard. The gunner of His Majesty's ship Chichester, who basely deserted his Country's Flag, was found dead, acting in that station on board the American frigate, and many others were left by Capt. Humphreys, because they could not be identified.

Imported in the ship Enterprize, James Anderson, master, from London, and for Sale by the Subscriber, opposite the House of Mr. J. L. Eils, - Haberdine or Labberdaan in kegs, pickled sausages in do., do. tongues in do., do. tripe in do., do. oysters, pickles, sour crout, almonds and raisins, pearl barley, green and grey pease, smoaked herrings, beef and pork, butter and cheese, castjle [sic] soap, spermaceti and mould candles; a valuable assortment of medicines, syringes, lancets, &c.; stationary; gloves and stockings, black and coloured silks. Also on hand, Dutch cutlasses, Harlem and Vrees bonnets, checks, and stripes, Dutch linseed oil and white lead, tobacco in hhds. and barrels, segars and snuff, pitch, rosin, and tar.
J. C. H. Kuster.
Demerary, 12th September, 1807.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 12th September, 1807.



Brought by



J. H. King.


Boedel Lawrin,

R. B. Daly.


Pl. O. Nassau,







J. Ver Wagen.






Pl. La Crange [sic].









Thos. Kewley.




S. G. Martens, Drossart.

See the Supplement.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
(at Thirty-three Guilders per Annum)
By Edward James Henery.

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