Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1807 September 26

Vol. II.)


(No. 91.

Saturday, September 26th, 1807.

By His Excellency Brigadier General James Montgomerie, Acting Lt. Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, and their Dependencies, President in all Courts and Colleges, &c. &c. &c. and the Honble: Court of Policy of the said Colonies, &c. &c. &c.
Unto all whom these Presents may or shall concern, Greeting!
Whereas we have received a Petition from Henry Tulloh & Co., Wm. King & Co., Heathcote, Southern & Co. and a number of other considerable Proprietors of Lots and Buildings in the District of Cumingsburg representing the ruinous consequences in which their Properties are likely to be involved from the legal measures that have been resorted to by several holders of claims against the said District of Cumingsburg for enforcing the payment of the same; and praying our interference in ordering such Persons as should judge proper to levy an adequate Tax or Contribution on the Inhabitants of the said District for the purpose of paying off those debts.
We therefore after causing a statement of the said debts to be laid before us, and finding that the same, including the monies advanced at different times from the Colonial Funds for effecting the better drainage of the said District, do amount to a very considerable sum, have ordered and by these presents do order as follows, viz: -
That each and every Proprietor of a Lot or of a Lot and Buildings in the said District of Cumingsburg shall pay towards raising a Fund for the special purpose of paying off the demands beforementioned, a Contribution of five per cent of the value of his or her Lot or lots and a similar rate on the value of the Buildings thereon erected, according to the evaluation that was made in the year 1805, previous to the payment of the Taxes then levied to defray the expence of paving or bricking the Public road in the vicinity of Stabroek.
That all Persons liable to the Tax or Contribution now levied, shall be obliged to pay the same in three Installments, each of one-third of the whole amount of their Quota or Share in the said Tax, - the first Installment to be paid before the expiration of one month from the date of the Publication of these present, - the second before the expiration of two months, and the third and last within three months from and after the same period, all on pain of being compelled thereto by legal measures without any indulgence.
That all the aforesaid payments to be made in manner hereinbefore directed to the Receiver of the Colony Chest, to whom the collection of this Contribution is committed, and at whose Office they may apply to know or ascertain the precise amount of their Quota of the Tax now levied, which as no other notice or warning is to be given than the present Publication, they are expected to do in time accordingly.
With respect to the Buildings that may have been erected since the aforesaid general evaluation or to the Lots and Buildings that may have undergone such material alterations as to require a new appraisement, the Court doth hereby authorize and appoint Mr. H. I. Underwood with Thos. Atkins and Wm. King as Carpenters to appraise the same; a certificate of which appraisement signed by them is to be given to the Receiver of the Colony Chest that he may be guided thereby in levying the Taxes on the Lots and Buildings it may concern.
And as it is necessary that the Receiver should know who are the proper claimants to be paid by him, out of the Fund to raised by the aforesaid tax, it is therefore provided and ordered that the accounts for debts against Cumingsburg, before they can be presented for payment to the Receiver, must be signed by all or any two of the Commissaries which appear to have been appointed by the Inhabitants of Cumingsburg at a meeting held by them on the 22d day of December 1806, viz: - Wm. King, Thos. Fitzgerald, Robt. Phipps, Wm. Brereton, and Robert Bell; it being understood however that this is not to extend to the accounts for the work done some time ago for the better drainage of Cumingsburg, by order of a Committee appointed by this Court from amongst its own Members, and which accounts consequently require no other certificate than that of the Committee by whose orders the work was contracted for.
And the Court lastly with respect to any other matters not interfering with the Contributions now levied directly by the Court, under the peculiar circumstances herein beforementioned, doth further leave it to the aforenamed Commissaries or those who may be appointed in their room by the Proprietors of Lots in general, to carry into execution whatever other measures may be agreed upon by the said Proprietors for their general benefit.
And that no Ignorance may be pretended by those whom these presents shall concern, the same are to be Published and Affixed as is customary.
Thus resolved and ordered at our Extraordinary Session held in the Town of Stabroek, in Demerary, on the 14th day of September, 1807, previous to the Civil Administration and the Presidency of this Court being given up by Brigadier-General Montgomerie to Colonel Nicholson, and Published on the 26th day of the same month.
James Montgomerie,
By Command of the Court,
P. F. Tinne, Dy. Secty.

The Domicilium Citandi et Executandi of the Undersigned is at the House of H. Cantzlaar, J.Z. Esq. Stabroek.
Sept. 26th , 1807. G. Jones

Secretary's-Office, Demerary. [heading]
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, Viz:
Mr. H. Tempest, in 14 days, from September 21st.
Mr. Thomas Frankland, in ditto, from 25th Sept.
Mr. F. C. Long, in 4 Weeks, from the 12th September.
Mr. Nathaniel Littlefield, in 14 days or 3 weeks.
Mr. W. Chorley, in 14 days or 4 Weeks, Sep. 11th.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

Wordt mits deezen bekend gemaakt dat na Expiratie van Drie Weeken zal worden gepasseerd:
Door Adam Knight Hypotheecq op Zeeker Water Lot of Concessie met de daaropstaande Scheepstimmermans Lodge en verdere gebouwen geleegen op de voorgrond van de geweesene Plantagie La Bourdage nu genaamd Cumingsburg ten faveur van Robert Younghusband, alsmeede een Hypotheecq ten faveure van McKenzie & Co.
Door Joseph Walcott op 82 stuks Neegers ingevolge Naamlyst ter Secretary alhier berustende, ten faveur van Stephen Walcott.
Door C. F. Guntzel Hypotheecq ten faveur van Robert Younghusband op de halve Concessie No 4 geleegen in de South-Street op de voorgrond van de Plantagie Vlissingen en elf Slaaven en een Kind.
Door Robert Younghusband qq de Boedel wylen Thomas Rees, Transport van een halve lot of Concessie Lands op de voorgrond van de Plantagie Eveleary aan James Lyon & Co.
Door Benjamin en John A: Thomas Transport van een gedeelte of circa 1/4 van de Concessie No 18 aan de Zuyddam van Stabroek en gebouwen aan Harry Feake Ashford.
Door A: Gray Transport van een vierde gedeelte eener Lot Land geleegen op Cumingsburg naast dat van de WelEdele Gestrenge Heer Mr. F: P: Van Berckel, met alle de daaropstaande gebouwen aan en ten behoeve van A: Osborne.
Door Joseph Ignas Transport der halve Concessie en Gebouwen aan de Zuiddam van Stabroek bekend onder No 82 aan Jacob Gein.
Demerary den 19de September 1807.
J. C. Stadtman, Eerste Clercq.
[Transcriber's note: unable to find this item in the issue for 18070918EDRG]

Wordt mits deezen bekend gemaakt dat ter eerstkoomende Commissariaa[umlaut]le Vergaadering in de Maand October aanstaande zal worden gepasseerd, als: -
Door Henry Marsh Transport van een Concessie en gebouwen geleegen op Cumingsburg, bekend onder No 91, aan Rodrick McLeod.
Door William Good Transport van de halve Concessie No 2 op de voorgrond van de Plantage Repentier aan de Kinderen van J: Ariaans.
Door William Harris Hypotheecq ten faveure van Doctor Wm: Bostock op vier Slaaven met naame William, Peter, Boson en Billy.
En Laastelyk, door de Gemachtigde van de Wed: Heintzen Transport van de Concessie en Gebouwen aan de Noord Zyde van Staborek, bekend onder No 57, aan John Scott, en van den zelve op - Bell.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary deezen 19de September 1807.
J. C. Stadtman, Eerste Clercq.

Notice. [heading]
All Persons indebted to the Estate of the late Macumber Barker, are requested to make payment utterly in the space of four weeks from this date, to Messrs. Robert Younghusband, A. Cart, and William Good, as Curators to said Estate; after expiration of which time all unsettled claims will be put in the hands of their Attorney at Law.
Secretary's Office of Rio Demerary, Sept. 19th, 1807.
I. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.
Faithfully translated from the Dutch,
F. A. Vernede, Sw. Translator.

Office of Ordnance, [heading]
Demerary, 24th September 1807.
Cash Wanted to the amount of Twelve Hundred Pounds Sterling for Service of this Department, for Bills of Exchange to be drawn at Thirty Days sight, on the Right Honorable Board of Ordnance, London, in Sums not less than One Hundred Pounds Sterling, for which Sealed Proposals marked on the outside "Tender for Bills of Exchange" will be received at this Office 'till, Monday next, at 12 o'Clock and, when open'd, the highest Exchange offered will be preferred.
C. J. O'Hara,
Ordnance Store-Keeper.

Office of Ordnance, [heading]
Demerary, 24th September 1807.
Wanted for the Engineer Department for Three Months, Thirteen Negro Labourers, who must be good Trenchers; - Sealed Proposals of the terms of Hire, endorsed "Tender for Negro Hire" will be received at this Office 'till Thursday next, at 12 o'Clock, and when opened by the Respective Officers the most advantageous offer will be accepted.
C. J. O'Hara,
Ordance [sic] Store-Keeper.
Their Owners to Feed them; - any other particulars will be given on application to this Office.

The Subscriber offers For Sale three seasoned Negroes, - one an excellent Sugar Boiler, another a Man who has been employed as a Driver, and the third a Woman who has been always in the Field. They are parted with for no fault whatsoever.
William King.
Cumingsburg, 26th Sept. 1807.

Landed at the Store of Messrs. W. King & Co. from on board the Ship Wilding last voyage, a Case marked W A. containing Dutch Books, the Owner thereof is requested to come forward and receive the same, otherwise it will be Sold to pay the expences.
There is at present on board the Wilding, 2 Cases No. 1 and 2 Boxes No. 3 and 4, marked E.B. shiped [sic] in London by Wm. Dunlop; also 2 Barrels of Tar, the Owner or Consignee of the same is requested to send for them.
26th Sept. John Marman.

There remains on board the Ship Intrepid, W. Turnbull, Master, from Liverpool and Madeira, one pipe of Wine marked C.S. shipped by Phelps, Page & Co. and consined [sic] to Charles Smith, Esq. the Owner is requested to send for the same, or it will be landed and stored at his expence.
26th September. W. Turnbull.

Superfine Baltimore Flour [heading]
For Sale by
S. O. Nurse.
Bridge-Town, 26th September 1807.

For Sale. [heading]
At the Store of Mr. Finlayson, Robb's Stelling, Best New Irish Butter at Three Joes a firkin (for Cash only). 26th September.

The Subscriber intending to leave this Colony for a few weeks, requests those who have any demands against him, either on his own private account or otherwise, to send in their Accounts up to the date of this Advertisement, and to call for Payment in the two first weeks of the next month.
Thomas Frankland.
26th Sept. 1807.

An Order drawn by Doctor Lotharius Kissing favor of John Luke (and endorsed by him) on and accepted by Hk. Milborn qq Plantation Golden Grove in the Month of May 1791 for f 300, being Lost, the Payment thereof is of consequence stop'd with the present Attorney, being of no value to any one else but the said John Luke.
Demerary, 26th September 1807.

Superfine New Flour, [heading]
For Sale by
F. C. Otto.
Stabroek, 26th September, 1807.
Who has still on hand, some of the very excellent Provisions imported in the ship Demerary, Capt. P. Inglis.

Just received, and for Sale, by the Subscriber, an assortment of ironmogery, in which are - Iron boilers, grating bars, mill wedges, gudgeons, steel steps and capooses, pick and felling axes, carpenters, coopers and masons tools, iron pots, dripping pans, grid irons, sauce pans, and coffee mills, hoes, cane bills, nails, locks and hinges, gin cranks, bolts for doors and windows, hooks, staples and stay-bars for do., caulking irons, surveyors chains, sets of pad locks with master keys, corn mills, also negro hats, blankets and caps, paint and paint oil, stationary; Mountain wine in hhds., Madeira wine by the dozen, salt in barrels, glauber salts, Irish linen, Indian dimity and nankeen, table cloths and napkins, blue, red, yellow and white bunten, coat, waistcoat and pantaloon patterns, ready-made clothes, hyson tea black pepper, mustard, essences for soup; glass, tin and crockery ware; blocks, trucks, wood banks, deep sea lines, paints, tar, tallow and white wash brushes, brass cocks, mill brasses, and a variety of other articles.
26th Sept. Wm. Hallstead.

Notice. [heading]
All those having claims on the Estate of the deceased Aulay McAulay, Coppersmith, are desired to lodge Notes of their claims with Mr. D. McLauchlan or Mr. M. Downie; and all Persons indebted to said Estate, whether by Note of Hand for Work done or otherwise, are requested to make Payment to either of said gentlemen, who are hereby authorised to grant Receipts for the same.
The Coppersmith, Blacksmith and Plumber business will henceforth be continued under the Firm of John McAulay & Co. and under the direction of Mr. Thos. Frier, who is engaged to superintend the Work, at a certain salary.
John McAulay, and
Allan McLean,
Demerary, 26th Sept. 1807. Executors.
N.B. No transaction will be considered valid without writen [sic] order signed by D. McLachlan or M. Downie, who are the lawful Attornies of John McAulay and A. McLean, as Executors to the Will of A. McAulay deceased, and also to the Firm of J. McAulay & Co.

Notice. [heading]
The Subscriber intending to quit the Colony in the course of two months from this date, therefore requests all those who have any demands against her deceased Husband, Christopher Bourne (formerly Blacksmith in this Colony,) to render them in as soon as possible; and those who are indebted to his Estate are also requested to come forward with payment, so as to enable her to close his concerns.
Sarah Bourne.
Demerary, 26th September, 1807.

Nieuw Aangebragt in het Schip William Phillips, Capt. John Pullen, van London, en Te Koop by den Ondergeteekende ten Huise van Den Heer G. Zeegers, regt over Den Heer Jos. Ward, voor zeer geringe Prysen voor Contanten alleen, de volgende goederen, te weeten: -
[first column]
Mans' eligant Hessiche, 3-quart, en knegts laarse,
Mans, Dames en kinderen kleed schoenen,
Gemaakte rokken, pantalons, korste brockeen en vesten,
Suprafyne cattoene hembde,
Mans en jongeliede bee ver hoede,
Mans en vrowe zyde en cattoene kousen,
Dito en do. zyde handschoene,
Zyde en cattoene draagbane,
Parapluen en parasols,
Jaconet, hock, geborduerd en bastist neteldock,
Kanten gesorteerd,
Halve hoofd doeken voor dames, van kants gebreids,
Once gaareu
Zyde kuszens voor half doeke,
[second column]
Neuw modische carwatsen met zonseerme,
Chais en rey sweepe,
Wandel stocke,
Hagel zakken en kruit,
Hoors, syoeve trekkers,
Suprafyne naar naalde spelden,
Zeil en pak naalden,
Vis hoeken gesorteerd,
Zilvere nagemaakte broodmanden,
Pennemesse, schaare,
Scheermessen, Ralle,
Tafel messe en forke,
Transheer messe,
Horlogie glaases,
Etuis voor tandepeuters in goud gesch, met glaase,
Odeur doosies,
Silvere essence doojes, gemunteerd met goud,
Violencello, tenor,
Fiool fnaare,
Juweelen, &c. &c.
[end columns]
Alsmeede, London particular Madeira Wyn, in pypen, oxhoose en bottels, &c. &c.
Henry Abraham.
Demerary, 26th Sept. 1807.

The Undersigned beg to give notice, that the Subscription Ball to which they were appointed Stewards, is intended to be given on the Evening of Monday the 19th October next.
General Cards of Invitation will not be issued, as many mistakes are often found to occur by their non-delivery; every Subscriber is expected to introduce the Ladies of his Family, and should he wish to bring any Visitors, who may be with him, on application to the Stewards, a particular Invitation will be immediately sent to them.
P. F. Tinne,
Tho. Naghten,
William King, Stewards.
26th September 1807.

The Undersigned hereby informs the Public that at having been duly appointed Commissaries of Union District, or New Town, all Business respecting that District is to be settled by them.
And they are now ready to receive Proposals from any Person inclined to Contract for Piling and filling up, and Planking of the Dams of the said District consisting of 125 Roods, more or less, at so much per Rood, with Posts 8 inches square, and of a proper proportionate length, at 6 feet distance, Planked on the inside with 2 inch Plank, (the whole of Green-Heart) in such manner as has lately been done in Cumingsburg. Tenders for which will be received at Mr. Angle's, New Town, every day, until the 12th of October next, when they will be opened, the lowest offer accepted, and an immediate agreement entered into respecting the mode of Payment.
P. Benjamin,
M. Downie,
G. Angle,
R. B. Daly,
Commissaries of Union District, or New Town.
Demerary, 26th September 1807.

For Sale. [heading]
The Cargo of the American Schooner Dian, Capt. Fernald, from Portsmouth, consisting of - Scale Fish in hogsheads and boxes, and Red Oak Staves.
26th Sept. Henry Tulloh & Co.

To Be Sold. [heading]
Twelve large handsome Mules, will broke to the Draft and will answer for the Saddle. For further particulars apply at the Store of Wm. Roach Esq. in Bridge Town.
Demerary, 26th Sept. 1807.

To all whom it may concern, be it known by these Presents, that after this date the Power of Attorney passed on Mr. Thomas Morgan and Thomas Riding are nul [sic] and void, and that I have passed by Power of Attorney to J. Greenwood Esq. to be my Attorney ad Negotiant, and N. Rousselet Esq. my Attorney at Law.
The mark [X] of
Thomas Frier.
A. Blackwood.
Demerary, 26th Sept. 1807.


On Friday the 2d of October will be exposed for sale, at the Vendue Office, by order of J. F. Meyer Esq. q.q. - Fifty casks Bourdeaux Claret.
Also, on the same day, Dry Goods, Provisions, Furniture, Madeira wine in quarter casks and pipes, Gin Cranks, &c. &c.
Sept. 26th. Robert Kingston.

On Tuesday the 6th of October will be exposed for sale, on Plantation Vigelence, Great Corabanna, by order of Wm. Panny & Stephen Mourant Esqrs. Executors to Doctor Wm. Ord deceased, twelve head of Cattle, one Horse and two Negroes.
Sept. 26th. Robert Kingston.

On Friday the 16th of October will be exposed for sale, at the Vendue Office, by order of Mr. N. Winandy, his four remaining Negroes, viz: - a very capable Creole House-Boy named L'Eveilla; a seamstress, house and childs' maid, by the name of Angeline, speaks English, French and Creole; a trusty Huckster Woman and good Seamstress by the name of Fanny; and Aurora a Washer-Woman &c. - At Four Months Credit.
Sept. 26th. Robert Kingston.

Monday the 21st September 1807, at two o'clock in the morning, Jacob van Millingen, Esq. Member of the Honble. Board of Orphans, departed this life.
Without the bright talents, which shine in the Statesman or Hero, his life more useful to Society, he has been cut off in the vigour of it, by the will of the Almighty.
His amiable mind, adorned with useful talents and benevolence rendered him precious to his friends and Society; he was equitable, just, though feeling for the errors and faults of mankind, and scorned to depress more the afflicted beings; exemplary in the fulfillment of his duties, he never deviated from the paths of honour and virtue.
He is no more!!! - You indigents, to whom he offered consolation and relief; you orphans, who deplore in him a father; you friends, whom he esteemed and loved, and now with the same sentiments feel so severely his loss; let the sacred tear of pity drop on his untimely grave and repeat with a Latin poet,
Ossa queta precor! Tuta requiescant in Urna.
Et Sit humus cineri non onerosa tuo.

We are entirely deficient of any thing new in the course of the present Week. The only arrival from the Islands is the Gingle from Barbados; she brings a Mercury of the 12th inst, but its contents are entirely uninteresting. The Packet had not arrived on the 16th inst. nor had there been any other European arrivals.

His Majesty's Ship Hippomenes carried an American Schooner into Barbados for Adjudication, she was from Cayenne, but we understand she has been since permitted to proceed.

We have to acknowledge the polite attention of one of our Subscribers, who has kindly favor'd us with a copy of a Letter, dated Point a Petre, (Guadeloupe) August 22d, from Cap. McArthur of the Brig William, which was captured off Berbice River the 9th ult; the following is the Copy: -
"I [illegible] inform you of the capture of the
brig [illegible] my command, by a French priva-
teer of [illegible]ders and 62 men. We anchored
off Berbice [illegible] on the 9th inst. and got a Pilot on
board, but the [illegible] being to the Southward we could
not get in. Next morning we were engaged by the
privateer for one hour and a half, but beat her off; we
had one man killed. - Next day she engaged us again,
and our grape-shot being all expended, she got on our
quarter and boarded us; - we were obliged to strike;
we had another man mortally wounded and myself
slightly wounded in two different places. The priva-
teer had two men killed and six wounded, some of
them I believe mortally, having lost some their legs and
some their arms. They were obliged to bear up for
Guadeloupe, as their vessel would hardly swim, she was
so much shattered. The brig has since arrived here,
but it was with great difficulty they got her in, having
received some shot between wind and water, which
obliged them to keep the pumps constantly going."

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last.

Brig Lord Duncan, W. Greenidge, from Barbados.
Schr. Gingle, H. C. Darrell, Ditto.
Brig Mary Ann, Alex. Birnie, Newfoundland.


No Additional Slaves in the Barracks since our last.

See the Supplement.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
(at Thirty-three Guilders per Annum)
By Edward James Henery.

Supplement to the Essequebo & Demerary Royal Gazette.

Saturday, September 26th, 1807.

Stabroek: - Printed by E. J. Henery.


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