Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1807 November 21

Vol. II.)


(No. 99.

Saturday, November 21st, 1807.

The Undersigned beg to give notice, that the Subscription Ball to which they were appointed Stewards, is intended to be give non the Evening of Friday, the 11th December next.
General Cards of Invitation will not be issued, as many mistakes are often found to occur by their non-delivery; - every Subscriber is expected to introduce the Ladies of his Family, and should he wish to bring any Visitors, who may be with him, on application to the Stewards a particular Invitation will be immediately sent to them.
Jos. Bothamly,
Colin Macrae,
C. J. O'Hara,
J. Meertens, Stewards.
Demerary, 21st November 1807.

Wanted a Young man as Clerk and Book-Keeper. No Person need apply who is not totally disengaged from other concerns, as his whole time would be required, he being expected to keep 7 or 8 Sets of books, besides having other employment, but upon a trial and his being found to answer a liberal Salary would be given. Apply to the Printer.
Demerary, 21st November 1807.

The Subscriber intending to remove from this Colony to Essequebo to reside on the Concordia Estate, Wakenham Island, gives Public Notice thereof accordingly, and he informs the Creditors of the Estate of the late Charles Clifton decd. to which he is sole acting Executor in this Country by his last Will and Testament of the deceased, (the other Executors named therein having declined to act, and formally resigned) that the Property and Effects of the deceased are nearly or will be wholly situated in Essequebo. The Subscriber hereby requests that all Account relative to the Estate of the late Charles Clifton deceased, as well as his own Concerns may henceforward be rendered to him at his intended residence before named.
James Wollen.
Demerary, 14th [sic] November 1807.

The Subscriber being under the necessity of returning to Europe as soon as possible, gives this Notice for the last time, to all those whose Obligations he has had for such a long time, that, if they are not Pay'd on or before the 9th day of December next, the whole of them will be put into the hands of his Attorney to be Sued for without respect to Persons.
21st Novb. Jno. Binning.

Notice. [heading]
The Undersigned beg leave to acquaint all whom it may concern, that during the absence of the Partners (Messrs. Mackenzie and McLeod) they are duly qualified to transact Business for the Firm of William Mackenzie & Co. of this Colony, and that the second Subscriber continues to attend for that purpose at their Counting-House in Kingston.
The Debtors of said Firm are at the same time respectfully informed that no further indulgence can be given to them, the Credit of the House requiring the most speedy Collection possible of their Outstanding Debts; to which effect the undersigned have orders to use the most summary means.
The Houses and Lots in Cumingsburg and Kingston belonging to Messrs. Wm. Mackenzie & Co. are both offered for Sale or Hire. For particulars apply as above.
Colin Macrae.
Dond. Mackay.
Demerary, 21st November 1807.

To Hire [heading]
Two Extensive Stores on a good landing. Enquire of the Printer.
Demerary, 21st Nov. 1807.

Underwood, Johnson & Co. [heading]
Have Just Imported in the Brig Alert, from London, with the last Convoy: -
[first column]
Best Yorkshire hams,
Tripe in kegs,
Refined sugar and tea,
Mustard and sallad oil,
Pickles and fish sauces,
Hoffman's raspberry and cherry brandy,
Bottled porter and table Beer, Porter in casks,
Port wine in cases,
Candles and Soap,
Oats in puncheons,
Paints and paint oil,
Neatsfoot oil,
Spirits of Turpentine,
Gun powder and shot,
Building & temper lime,
Coffee menaries,
Sugar strainers,
Ditto ladles & scummers,
Coffee & cotton bagging,
A general assortment of Negro Clothing,
Cordage and boat cables,
Sail canvas,
Sewing and sein twine,
White nankeens,
Mens' shoes and boots,
Mens' & Womens' stockings,
[second column]
A general assortment of stationary,
Ready made Coats and Coatees,
A general assortment of Sadlery and Harness,
Glass Ware,
Negro hatts,
Mens' silk ditto,
Nails assorted, 4 to 30dy,
Carpenters' and Coopers' Tools,
Bolts and Hinges,
Locks of all kinds,
Trenching shovels,
Hoes and Cutlasses,
Frying Pans,
Puncheon & butt hoops,
Iron Boilers,
Grating Barrs,
Anchors for Colony boats
Fowling Pieces,
Carbines and hangers,
Gigs with Harness compleat,
Irish linens & long lawns,
Russia and Irish sheeting,
French Cambrics,
Oznaburgs and Checks,
with a variety of other Articles.
[end columns]
London Particular Old Madeira in pipes hogsheads and quarter casks,
Best Mess Beef & Pork in whole & half barrels,
New Irish Butter in half firkins, and
A few Hogsheads Tobacco.
Demerary, 21st November 1807.

The Subscribers have Imported in the Bellisle, Captain Gemmill from Glasgow, the following Goods, which they are Selling at their Store in Robb's Town, viz: -
Best Irish Mess Beef in barrels, Do. Do. Pork in do., Butter in firkins, Tongues in ditto, Hams, Tripe in jars, Salmon in kitts, Cheese, Porter and Ale in bottles, Negro Jackets lined and unlined, Ditto Hats & Blankets, Ditto Shirts, Oznaburgs and Oznaburgh Thread, Cotton Bagging, Hoes, Shovels and Cutlasses, Cotton gin Cranks with screws and brasses, Planters strong Shoes to [illegible]ckle round the anckle, ready-made Cloath, Gentlemens' best Leghorn Hats, do. white broad-rim'd do., do. Doe-skin Gloves, Linen handkerchiefs, Welch Flannel, Umbrellas and Parasols, Printed Calicoes, Corded Dimities, ladies and Childrens Hats and Shoes, Cotton Cambric, Paint and Paint Oil, Ground Paint Brushes, Tar ditto, 2 Inch White Roap [sic], Fishing Seins from 10 to 20 fathoms, Best pig tail Tobacco in casks, best refined Loaf Sugar, Fine Tea in cannisters, Starch in boxes, Linen and Cotton Checks, Salempores, Green Baize, Green Gauze for windows, Indian Garments, Irish Hams, Irish Sheeting, Diaper for Table Cloths.
They Have Also On Hand,
Carpenters Tools consisting of single Ironed Jack Planes, Double do. do., Trying Planes, Smoothing planes, Bead ditto, Hand Saws, Tennon ditto, Key Hole ditto, hand saw Files, Whip saw ditto, Braces with Bitts, Turn Screws assorted, Wrights Cramps. An assortment of Ironmongery and Hard Ware, Best Hook and Eye Hinges, Boat Chains, claw hammers, shingling hammers, Coopers adzes, Ditto Howels, Ditto Punches and Chisels, Masons Chisels, Caulking Irons, Pad Locks, But [sic] Hinges, Bright Round Bolts, Carpenters Compasses, rivets for iron hoops, Nails from 4 to 30d, a few barrels American Tar, &c.
A few casks and quarter casks London particular
Madeira Wine.
Hugh Mackenzie & Co.
Demerary, 21st November 1807.

Seasoned Field Negroes [heading]
For Hire. [heading]
21st Nov. Enquire of the Printer.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary. [heading]
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, Viz:
Mrs. Ann Wollard, in 14 days, from 20th Novb.
Mr. James Brown, in ditto, from ditto.
Mr. John French, in 14 days, from 2d Novbr.
Mr. John Farrington, in ditto. ditto.
Mr. Robert Wade, in ditto, from the 11th Novb.
Mr. George Gibson, in ditto, from 13th Novbr.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

Wordt mits deeze bekend gemaakt dat ter aanstaande Commissariaale Vergadering in de Maand December aanstaande, zal worden gepasseerd, als: -
Door Mr. Victor Amadeus Heyliger qq Jordaan Van den Paadevoort Transport van de halve Concessien No 29 en 31 en van de geheele Concessie No 30 geleegen op de voorgronden van de geweesene Plantagie Eveleary, met alle de daaropstaande gebouwen zynde oorspronkelyk door J. Van den Paadevoort, aan Thomas Kelly verkogt en door laastgem: aan Peter Clements en den zelve weeder aan Penelope Tredin en laastelyk door P. Yates als gemachtigde van Penelope Tredin aan J. J. de Mey. Alsmeede Transport van de Concessie No 28 aan James Lyon & Co.
Door Thomas Cuming Transport van de vier Concessien No 66, 67, 314, 315 in Cumingsburg aan Colin Macrae qq Alexander Macrae.
Door Colin Macrae qq de Wedw: wylen J. Haslin Transport van het Lot No 53 geleegen in Stabroek, aan Lucy Van de Velden.
Door R. Oninck Transport van de Concessie No 27 aan de Noord Zyde van de middel-dam Stabroek aan de Wed: Runnels, welker ter gelyker tyd zal passeeren Hypotheecq op voormelde concessie en gebouwen ten faveure van R. Oninck.
Door Alexander Gray Transport van een vierde gedeelte van de concessie en gebouwen geleegen op Cumingsburg naast de concessien van de WelEdele Gestrenge Heer Mr. F. P. Van Berckel, aan Anthony Osborne.
Door John Nihell Transport van de Plantagie John, Oost-Kust, aan John Austin, welke laastgem: ter gelyker tyd zal passeeren Hypotheecq op gem Plantagie John, ten faveur van opgem: John Nihell.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary deezen 20ste October 1807.
J. C. Stadtman, eerste Clercq.

By Authority obtained from the Honble. Victor A. Heyliger, Acting President of the Honble. Court of Justice in this Colony be it known, that the First Marshal of said Honble. Court shall sell at Marshal's Sale on the 8th day of December next: -
In behalf of Culpeper & Troughton versus J. Arians, one-third of the Concession No. 2, situated on the front Lands of Pl. Repentir, next that Lot formerly occupied by Mr. Parss, with a small Dwelling house and a Carpenter's Logie thereon.
In behalf of F. C. Otto surviving Partner to the Firm of Pasquier & Otto verses John Jones, the half of the Concession No. 1, situated on the North Dam of Stabroek, with the Dwelling house thereon about 50 feet long and 18 broad, standing on a brick foundation, and having a gallery; also a negro house, kitchen, and necessary house.
In behalf of Macinroy, Sandach & Co. [sic] being authorised to collect the demand of J. Stephenson & Co. versus Wm. Neil & Co. a Lot of Land situated on the front Lands of Plantation Vlissengen, with the thereon situated Buildings and side Buildings, known by the name of the Demerary Hotel.
In behalf of W. Hamilton & T. Marsh versus J. Thibou Mathews, a certain Lot No. 31, situated on the front Lands of Pl. Vlissengen, with two frames of Colony Wood already raised and shingled.
Whoever pretends to have a right to oppose the above sales, address themselves as usual in writing at the Marshal's Office, and those inclined to purchase please to attend on the day of sales mentioned, at the Court House in the Town of Stabroek.
Rio Demerary, the 20th November, 1807.
D. P. Simon, Marshal.


On Friday the 27th of Nov. [see 18071107EDRG] . . .
Also by order of Mr. Pieter Balmer, a Schooner Boat, 36 feet long and 14 feet broad across the beam, deep in the hold 5 1/2 feet Rhinland measure, along with three anchors and two good cables, one of which is quite new; also a coil of rope 70 fathoms long serving for hawser, and a set of sails only half worn. The said Boat can load 36 to 40 casks of sugar.
Oct. 31st. Robert Kingston.

On Monday and Tuesday the 30th instant and 1st December will be exposed for sale by order of C. H. De Munnick Esq. at his house front of Pl. Vlissengen, - Irish linens, callicoes, dimity, checks, stripe, madrass and romall handkerchiefs, table cloths, brown holland, salempores, muslins, shoes, ready made cloths, coffee bagging, negro clothing, bunting, provisions, mixt spices, medicines, paint and paint oil, spirits turpentine, nail assorted, Carpenters and Coopers tools, iron and tin ware, soap and candles, perfumery, cutlery, jewelry, hot baths, life preservers, &c.
21st Novr. Robert Kingston.

On Monday the 7th December will be exposed for sale, by order of H. DeSalve Esq. at the house formerly occupied by Messrs. McInroy, Sandbach & McBean, on the north-dam Stabroek, - ten pipes and twenty hogsheads of Old London particular Madeira Wine, imported into this country about eighteen months.
Nov. 21st. Robert Kingston.

Op Vrydag den 27 deezer, ten Vendue Comptoir, op order van de Heer Pieter Balmer, - een schoender lang 36 voeten kiel breed 11 voet over zyn berghoute, deep in 't ruym 5 en half voet alles rheinlands maat, met drie dregge en twee goede touwen, waarvan de eene nog heel niewe, alsmeed een trass tow van 70 vaam dienende out met in of uit haute te roepen, een stell sylen, zynde half gestectens gemelde schoender laat 63 a 40 vaaten Zuyker.
Octr. 31. Robert Kingston.
[Transcriber's note: this did not appear in the issue for 18071031EDRG]

New Negroes. [heading]
The Subscriber begs leave to acquaint such of his Friends as Commissioned him to Import Negroes under their Licences, that he has received the Cargo of the Ship Mary, Captain Stringer, consisting of
Three Hundred and Thirty Prime Ebbo Slaves,
which will be ready for delivery on Wednesday next the 25th Instant, at the Stores of Mr. Forshaw, in Labourgade.
21st Nov. James Ogle.

The Subscriber intending to leave the Colony in January next, offers for Sale the following Goods, very low for immediate Payment. -
Irish mess Beef and Pork,
Real Hollands Gin,
London particular Madeira in pipes, hhds. quarter casks and per dozen,
Hyson tea, black pepper,
Soap and candles,
Paint and lamp oil,
Paints assorted,
Nails assorted,
Irish linen, sheeting, table cloths, towels, dimity, brown Holland, checks, nankeen, canvas, boots and shoes, hats, sadlery, stationary, ironmongery, cutlery, glass and Queen's ware, &c. &c.
Thos. Finlayson.
Stabroek, 21st Novr. 1807.

Just Imported in the Brigitn. Alert and Ship Bellisle, and for Sale by the Undersigned at his store Werk & Rust, for immediate payment in Cash, Coffee or Cotton at Colony price, the following articles: -
[first column]
Hams, cheese, salmon,
Herrings, butter,
Sausages, split pease,
Barley in kegs and jugs,
White wine vinegar in jugs,
Porter, beer, old port,
Old Jamaica and Antigua rum,
Cogniac brandy,
Madeira by the pipe and dozen,
Dutch gin, sweet oil,
Mustard & black pepper,
Refined sugar,
Hyson tea in cannisters,
Cambric, bombazeen,
Indian ginghams,
Muslin and cambric handkercheifs [sic],
Linen pocket do.,
Chintzes, do. furniture,
Counterpanes plain and fringed,
Musquito lawn,
Maseilles, Janes,
French pullicat and Madrass handkerchiefs,
An assortment of Irish linen,
Brown and white Russia sheeting,
Negro clothing,
Half bleached Dowlas,
Platillas Royal,
Brown Holland, checks,
Pade[illegible]born linen,
Coffee Bagging,
Huckaback, salempores,
Blue and black cassimere,
Superfine bottle green, brown & scarlet broad cloths,
Ready-made coats, pantaloons and waistcoats,
Rich black florentine for waistcoats,
Welch flannel, dimity,
India silk handkerchiefs,
Umbrellas and Ladies parasols,
Ladies silk and cotton stockings, do. do. gloves,
Gentlemens' silk and cotton stockings,
[second column]
Ladies shoes and slippers,
Childrens do. for both sex,
Gentlemens dress shoes,
Do. high quartered do. with buckles,
Hessian, back strap'd and brown top boots,
Gentlemens patent silk and beaver hats,
Childrens hats,
Ladies long fawn skin gloves, Gentlemens buck and doe skin do.,
Silk and cotton braces,
Sets tortoise shell combs,
An assortment of jewelry,
Rose, honey and lavender water, essence of bergamot and peppermint,
Turlingtons balsam,
Huxham tinc. of bark,
Martinique liqueurs,
Violet hair powder,
Hair ribbons,
An assortment of whips and walking sticks,
Saddles and bridles,
Curry combs and brushes,
Shoe, scrubbing and paint brushes, hair brooms,
Gun powder and shot,
Glass, pewter, tin and earthen ware, An assortment of stationary,
Paint and paint oil, lamp oil, cordage and canvas,
4, 6, 8, 10, 20, 24 and 30dy nails, hinges, bolts,
stay bars and locks,
Carpenters and Coopers tools, desk locks,
Pruning knives & cutlasses,
Frying pans & grid irons,
Coffee and pepper mills,
Knives and forks, spoons,
Plated and brass candlesticks, brass cocks,
Fish hooks and lines,
Chalk lines,
Deep sea and log lines,
Cherry tree chairs, sophas
Mahogany sideboards,
Do. book cases with glass doors, tea caddies,
Mahogany trays,
Astor's Barrel Organs.
[end columns]
J. F. Meyer.
Demerary, 21st November, 1807.

Absented himself from the Subscriber on Wednesday night last, a Negro Named Abokee. He is a tall stout good looking man and is well known about the town, having been employed to cut grass for a considerable time. Any persons apprehending and bringing him to the Undersigned shall receive One Joe Reward.
William King.
Cumingsburg, 21st Nov. 1807.

Three Brown Horses have been taken-up and sent to the Barracks, viz. -
two by the Dienders on the 16th inst. and one from Pl. Bel Air, on the 20th inst. The Owners thereof may have them restored by applying to the Drossaard, and Paying the Expences.
Demerary 21st Nov. 1807.

No. I. 18th November, 1807.
To the Printer of the Royal Gazette.
Sir, - I am of opinion that, the dispute created by the American People with the British Government, (should it ever open into actual war) cannot be productive of those inconveniences in the West Indies which continues to be surmised. The Islands and Colonies are the chief market for the productions of the Southern and Middle States. - The Northern States also export to the West Indies the major part of the articles received in exchange for their imports and redundancy of their home Manufactures, supplyed to the aforementioned States, who have no other means of payment than the production of their farms. - A Southern or a Middle State, Trader, or Farmer, urged by a Northern Merchant for the liquidation of a debt only sixty days old; having his stores filled with country produce suited for the West India consumption, would receive the intelligence of an embargo with an ill grace. - The result of their boasted embargo in 1795, directed in consequence of a dislike of the 12th art. of Mr. John Jay's Treaty with England, limiting the Tonnage of American Vessels employed in the West India Trade, will operate strongly against their attempting any similar measure in haste: It was created by native impetuosity, and died by the clamours of an American mob. - The British Ministry, never once interferred. -- As to the dull tale of west India Produce in the U.S. I mean such, as, our Planters usually appropriate for the discharge of contingencies, it is evident the cause does not arise in America, but, from the great increase of our West India property, and the destructive intercourse we have permitted the Americans to carry on with the Islands of our Enemies since the commencement of the present war. - We have purchased their cargoes, paid them in specie, which they have uniformly carried to the enemy and purchased his produce, thereby draining us of our money and vauntingly supplying our foes with the means of carring [sic] on, an energetick war against us. - Admitting Rum, and Molasses to be as requisite for the existence of an American, as Boards, Staves and Shingles, are necessary for the convenience of the West India Planter, yet the species of intercourse here alluded to, not only lessens the demand for our produce, but is also, notoriously productive of every evil I've adverted to.

On Tuesday last the Mail-Boat arrived here with the second September Mail, which brought us our regular setts of London Papers to the 24th. - since which however the Bellisle, Capt. Gemmil, which arrived here on Thursday in 56 days from Port Glasgow, has brought London news to the 7th ult. -

On Sunday evening his Majesty's Brig Demerary, Capt Shephard, arrived in the River when after some necessary repairs to her Fore Top mast, she again sailed Yesterday morning to cruise off the Oronoque.

Died. On Thursday morning last Mr. C [sic - no period] Hendricks, Carpenter.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last.

Schr. Ant, Joseph Lolly, from Barbados.
Sloop Hancock, M. Mecanger, Ditto.
Ship Bellisle, W. Gemmell, Glasgow.
Brig Dian, E. S. Young, Portsmouth.
Ship Mary Ann, J. Kendall, Africa and Barbados.
---- Mary, W. Stringer, Ditto.

Big [sic] Harriot, John Wells, for Boston.

For Sale. [heading]
The Lots No. 55 and 56 on the Arabian Coast, the former having about 60 Acres of bearing Cotton, exclusive of about 80 Acres impoldered, partly cleared, and ready for planting.
The inability of the present Proprietors to continue the Cultivation, caused by a recent misfortune induces them to offer it as a great Bargain, - they are enabled to give good terms and require very little down; an additional advantage which a Purchaser at this time would have, is, there being at present a Crop upon the Trees. The Land is said to be excellent, and is eligibly situated with regard to Pomeroon; the present back-dam being only about 800 Roods from that river. These Lots will be sold either together or separate. Particulars may be had by application to
21st Nov. M. Downie.

The Subscriber having just returned from Barbados, where he was obliged to reside some time for the reinstatement of his Health, begs leave to inform his Friends and Customers that he now carries on the Carpenter and Joiners' Business in all its Branches and humbly solicits the Patronage of his Friends and the Public, which he will endeavour to merit yb a strict attention to their Command.
21st Nov. James W. Mapp.
N. B. Will let the Herse attend Grattis, if favoured with the making of the Coffin.

Picked-Up at Plantation New Hope, a Punt about 25 feet long by 6 or 7 board. Any person claiming the same may have it by paying a trifling reward to the Negroes, and the Expence of this Advertisement. Nov. 21st, 1807.

See the Supplement.

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From the London Papers. [heading]

-- Sept. 19. -- [centered]
Some rumours are in circulation unfavourable to the amicable adjustment of our differences with America. Mr. Monroe's intended departure for America has given currency and credit to these rumours, and has made many suppose war with America inevitable. Mr. Monroe's departure, however, is not at all connected with the differences between the two Powers. - It must be recollected, that Mr. Monroe has for some time had a successor to him in this country in the person of Mr. Pinckney. It was natural, therefore, to suppose, that he would not remain long here after his successor's arrival. - He remained longer than he intended, in order to assist Mr. Pinckney in the negociation of the Treaty concluded by the late Ministers. - But Mr. Monroe aspires, we understand, to the Presidency of the United States, and as the period of election is approaching, and it is reported that Mr. Jefferson will not offer himself again, Mr. Monroe is hastening his departure in order to endeavour to secure the object of his ambition. We believe Mr. Monroe has always been a favourite with that party which seems to have the most influence in America at present.

-- Sept. 21 -- [heading]
An American ship, the Independence, Churchill, having 200 slaves on board, with all the crew except the Captain and one mate, was blown up by accident, at Loango, in July.

-- Sept. 28. -- [heading]
Another Decree has been published by the Dutch Government, against the Commerce of this Country. It bears date the 2d instant, and in severity exceeds all former regulations upon the same subject. It interdicts all communication with Holland in terms so precise and positive, as leave no hope of exception or evasion.
We [Star] are informed, and we believe our information is correct, that our Government has resolved to retaliate on France by a Proclamation exactly on the model of the French decree of blockade. Not only the coasts of France and of Italy, but of every European State under the influence and controul of Napoleon - as also all foreign dependencies so circumstanced, will be declared in a state of blockade, and all vessels going to or coming from any of them, will be declared legal prizes. This will settle at once the clamours of the Americans respecting their rights to trade with the French Colonies - carrying, or pretending to carry their produce to an American port, and afterwards to re-ship the same for Bordeaux and other French ports.
We understand that the definitive answer given by Ministers to Mr. Monroe (who has not yet taken his departure) was exactly conformable to the principles that are about to be adopted. Mr. Monroe, it seems, was instructed to declare, that should the British Government refuse to concede the points demanded by America, the Non-Importation Act would immediately be enforced. The reply was, "I am commanded by His Majesty to inform you, that the issue of such an order by the American Government may be considered and held as a declaration of war."
On the points respecting the right of search, Mr. Monroe was informed, that this country will maintain its right not only respecting goods but seamen - not even excepting American ships of war.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
(at Thirty-three Guilders per Annum)
By Edward James Henery.

Supplement to the Essequebo & Demerary Royal Gazette.

Saturday, November 21st, 1807.

Stabroek: - Printed by E. J. Henery.




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