Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1807 December 19

Vol. II.)


(No. 103.

Saturday, December 19th, 1807.

Cash Wanted, [heading]
For His Majesty's Service. [heading]
For Bills of Exchange drawn on the Right Honble. the Lords Commissioners for His Majesty's Treasury, to the amount of Two Thousand Pounds Sterling, viz:-
No. 11, ---- L 500.
-- 12, ------ 400.
-- 13, ------ 300.
-- 14, ------ 300.
-- 15, ------ 250.
-- 16, ------ 250.
Sealed tenders for the same (marked Tenders for Bills) will be received at this Office untill Tuesday the 22d inst. at 10 o'Clock in the morning, when they will be opened in the presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops, and if approved accepted.
Will. N. Firebrace,
Res. Commissary.
Commissary's Office, 18th Decr. 1807.

Fuel Wood Wanted [heading]
For His Majesty's Service. [heading]
Any Person willing to Contract for the delivery of about 70 Cords every two Months, will be pleased to address themselves to the Subscriber by Letter Sealed (marked Tenders for Fuel Wood) which will be opened on Tuesday the 29th Instant, in the presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops, when the lowest Tender for the same will be accepted.
This Contract to be in force for Six Months, and the Contractor is expected to give security for due performance of it. The Wood to be deliver'd at the Quarter and Barrack Master's Yard at Fort William Frederick.
Will. N. Firebrace.
Res. Commissary.
Commissary's Office, 19th Decr. 1807.

Office of Ordnance, [heading]
Demerary, 18th Decr. 1807.
Wanted to Hire for the ensuing half Year, Negro Pioneers for the Royal Artillery, and Boatmen and Labourers for the Store-Keepers Department of the Ordnance; Sealed Tenders to be sent into this Office marked "Tender for Negro Hire" and addressed to the Subscriber 'till Tuesday the 22d instant, when they will be opened by the Respective Officers, and the most advantageous offer for Government accepted. For Particulars enquire at this Office.
C. J. O'Hara,
Ordnance Store-Keeper.

The Undersigned Colonial Translator requests those who are desirous of having any Papers translated by him either from or into English, Dutch or French, in future to leave such Papers under Cover at his House, opposite Doctor Lloyd's, Brick-Dam, Stabroek, or at the Secretarys [sic] Office; with notice of the precise time at which it is required the Translation should be ready. Demerary, 19th December 1807.
C. T. Tinne,
Sworn Col. Translator.
Particular care is taken that the meaning of the terms peculiar to the Dutch Official and Low Papers, be rendered perfectly clear and intelligible in the Translation.

For Sale. [heading]
An Excellent House-Servant, and an excellent Boy a compleat Shoe-maker by trade. -
Enquire of John Mackentosh at the House of Messrs. H. Tulloh & Co.
Cumingsburg, 19th Decb. 1807.

The Subscribers have For Sale: -
[first column]
Mess Beef and Pork,
New superfine Flour,
Split Pease,
Madeira and Port Wine,
Cherry and Rasberry Brandy,
[second column]
Negro Cloathing of all kinds,
Negro Hats,
And sundry other articles.
[end columns]
Underwood, Johnson & Co.
Demerary, 19th December 1807.

Op eerstkomende Zondag en de daaraanvolgende, zal weder als voorhenen by de Nederduitsche gemeente, in Stabroek geregeld gepredikt worden; gelyk ook op eerstkomende Kerfdag, door derzelver Predikant.
G. Ryk.
Demerary, den 19e December 1807.

Bekentmaking. [heading]
Voor de Eerste Maal. [heading]
Alle de geenen die eenige Praetention hebben of schuldig zyn ann [sic] de boedel van
[first column]
J. de Weever,
Jas. Keith,
J. McVorran,
[second column]
C. Hendricks,
A. Patterson, &
Sarah E. Howard.
[end columns]
Worden verzogt hunne Praetentien op te geeven of de feulden koomen voldoen binnen den tyd van Vier Maanden ten respective wees en Onbeheerde Boedel-Kamer deezer Rivier, alzo na Expiratie van de Derde Advertentie door den Edelen Agtbaaren hoven van Justitie zal worden geimponeerd het eeuwig Silentium.
Rio Demerary, 19 Decr. 1807.
F. A. Vernede, Pr. Griffier.
Zegt het voorf.

Notice is hereby given that the Domicilium Citandi et Executandi of the Subscriber is at Plantation Sage Pont, in Canal No. 3.
N. Winandy.
19th December, 1807.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary. [heading]
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, VIZ:-
Mrs. Pamelia Waldron, in 14 days, Decb. 9th.
Mr. William Thos. Mason, in ditto, 10th Decb.
Mr. Domineque Bernard, in ditto, do.
Mr. Aron Bryant, in ditto, Decb. 11th.
Mr. John McDonald, in ditto, do.
Mr. Arch. McGuffie, in 14 days, Decb. 5th.
Mr. Newton Stevens, in 14 days, Decb. 5th.
Mr. Eber. Potter, in ditto, do.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

All Those who have any Claims or Demands against or are any wise owing or indebted unto the Firm of Wilson & Allen, are requested within the space of six weeks from this date to give in their Claims or Demands or make Payment unto Mr. John Allen the remaining Copartner of said Firm, or to John McIntosh, Esq. or the Secretary's Office of this Colony as no receipts or acquitances will be admitted as valid except such as are signed by the said John Allen or John McIntosh.
Thus done at the Secretary's Office of Demerary, this 19th day of December, 1807.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

Wordt mits deezen geadverteerd dat ter Eerstkoomende Commissariaale Vergaadering in de Maand January 1808, zal worden gepasseerd, als volgt:-
Door de Wed: Samuel Thornton Transport van de halve Concessie No 44 en gebouwen, aan de midden-dam Stabroek, aan Juff: Dowding.
C. Treadwell Transport van een opstal van een Huis staande op Erspacht grond op de voorgrond van Plantagie Vlessingen, aan Edward McSwiney welke ter gelyker tyd zal passeeren Hypotheecq op gem: Huis, in faveur van C. Treadwell.
James Parss Transport van zeeker Water Lot op de voorgrond van de Plantagie Werk en Rust, Letta: B. aan McInroy, Sandbach en McBean.
De Representant van J. H. Hobrecher Transport van een Lot Land geleegen aan de Oostwal deezer Rivier ter groote van 150 Roeden facade aan Robert Stephenson, en door denzelve aan John McPherson, welke laastegemelde ter gelyker tyd zal passeeren Transport van opgemelde Land aan M. Doyle.
Door James Ogle Transport van de halve Plantagie Fowles aan John Lewis, welke ter gelyker tyd zal passeeren Hypotheecq op gem: halve Pl.
Door Mr. V. A. Heyliger Transport van de Concessie No 69 aan A. Edmonstone en W. Burn, en van de Concessie No 20, byde geleegen op de voorgrond van de geweesene Plantagie Evaleary, aan W. N. Firebrace.
Door James Calder qq John Fraser Transport van de Plantagie Concordia, geleegen aan de West-wal van de Rivier Demerary, aan James Northey qq. Nathian [sic] Lucas.
En Laastelyk door J. G. Looff Transport van Plantagie Rheenen geleegen in het Canaal No 1, aan J. Schneido en C. G. Storm van S'Gravesande.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary deezen 18de December 1807.
J. C. Stadtman, eerste Clercq.

By Authority obtained from the Honble. Victor A. Heyliger, Acting President of the Honble: Court of Justice in this Colony, be it known, that the First Marshal of said Honble. Court, shall sell at Marshal's Sale the following Effects: -
In behalf of Ths: Hoppe & Co. versus James Parss a concession situate on the front Lands of Plantation of Werk & Rust, next to the Concession of McInroy, Sandbach & McBean, lately occupied by Remy & Boter, with the thereon situated Buildings, viz. a Dwelling house long about 40 by 24 feet, 2 storys [sic] high, of Colony wood and shingles; a side building long 50 by 12 feet, with fences round the Concession.
In behalf of I. D. Goddard versus James Parss, a Lot of Land and Buildings situate on the front Lands of Pl. Werk & Rust, next to the House of Mr. McBean, and at present occupied by Mr. Rod. Cozier.
In behalf of R. Batty versus C. F. Guntzel & M. Doyle, the half of the Concession No 4, situate on the front Lands of Plantation Vlissingen, with the thereon situated Buildings, viz. a Dwelling house about 24 by 18 feet, 2 stories high, clap boarded with American boards and shingles; a side Building, &c.
In behalf of A. H. Janssen versus C. F. Guntzel, an order drawn by P. L. Boon on Mr. Chs: Waterton to the amount of f 714, in favour of C. F. Guntzel and accepted by Samuel Wardle, qq. Pl. Fellowship.
Whoever pretends to have a right to oppose the above sales, address themselves as usual in writing at the Marshal's Office, and those inclined to purchase please to attend at the Court House in the Town of Stabroek on the 5th of January next.
Rio Demerary, the 19th Decr. 1807.
Mart: Smit, First Exploiteur.

A Young Man lately from Europe wants an Employment in Capacity of Overseer on an Estate. For information apply to the Printer. Demerary, 19th Decb.


On Tuesday the 5th January, at the Vendue Office, by order of D. Willibers and J. Teyssen, Executors of Van Henkelar deceased, - Dry Goods, Household furniture, Negroes, Wearing Apparel, &c.
Dec. 19th. Robert Kingston.

On Thursday the 14th Jany. 1808 (on the premises) by order of the Executors of H. Mutz deceased, and others concerned, - The Lot No. 9 with the Buildings thereon, situated in front of Plantation Werk & Rust, opposite the premises of Joseph Ward, Esq.
On the same day, by order of H. A. Eberhardi, Esq. qq. E. C. Eli, - The Lot No. 239 with the Buildings thereon, situated in Cumingsburgh.
Dec. 19. Robert Kingston.

On Friday the 15th January, at the Vendue Office, by order of James Lyon, Executor to the Will of Mr. John Grant deceased, - 22 Prime Negroes who have been employed in a Task Gang for several years, a puncheon strong rum, some shrub, Madeira wine and old rum, a sabre with belt, salempores, negro jackets and blankets, a parcel of boots and shoes of a superior quality, a case of mathematical instruments, a box colours & brushes, drawing paper, a writing desk, a portmantua, an excellent violin, two flutes and a clarinet, a silver watch, a clock, a fowling piece, a dining table, a side board and two liquor cases, a few goats, a saddle and bridle, hoes, shovels and axes, and several other articles.
Dec. 19th. Robert Kingston.

Absent about four weeks without any cause whatever a black Boy who answers to the name of Jack, about five feet high, form very thin, with regular features for a Negro, and speaks English very plain; dressed with a blue coat and red cape, trowsers and shirt. Supposed to be on the East Coast, and known very well by the Negroes belonging to Plantations Nabaclis, Lowlands, and Haslington. One Joe reward will be given by the subscriber, for apprehending and lodging him in the Barracks, or bringing him to his Owner.
Decb. 19th. G. Gill.

For Sale. [heading]
To an approved Purchaser or Purchasers, the terms will be made easy, 500 Acres Land situated on the Sea Coast between the Rivers Cononteir and Copanama. A large new Punt of choise Colony wood, not yet off the stocks, 36 feet keel, 11 feet beam, and a proportionable depth. A six oar'd Yacht of the best Colony wood, with two sails, well adapted for the conveyance of a large family. A house Frame of Colony wood, 55 by 24 feet. - Apply to the Printer.
19th December, 1807.

The Subscriber offers for Sale on reasonable terms, the following Goods, viz: -
[first column]
Irish Linens,
Printed Cambrics,
Do. Callicoes,
Corded Dimities,
Blue Luninas,
Checks and stripes,
Table Cloths,
White & brown Holland,
Canvas, duck and stripe trowsers,
White linen and cotton stripe shirts,
Gentlemens' coats, coatees, waistcoats, and pantaloons,
A variety of Medicines,
Setts of Books,
Negro Blankets,
Pearl Barley in jugs,
Pickles in cases,
Brown stout,
Hyson Tea,
Loaf Sugar,
[second column]
French Plumbs,
Fruits in Brandy,
Almonds in shell,
Table salt,
Salt in puncheons and barrels,
Spiced salmon in kitts,
White Lead in kegs,
Paint and Lamp Oil,
Dray Netts,
Sewing and seine twine,
Inverness cotton bagging,
Cordage different sizes,
A general assortment of tin ware,
Nails from 4 to 30dy,
Iron Pots assorted,
Chamber door and stock locks,
Carpenters' Tools,
And a variety of other articles for Plantation use.
[end columns]
Madeira Wine in pipes, hogsheads and quarter casks.
C. H. De Munnick.
19th Decembe [sic], 1807.

The Subscriber requests all Persons who have any Demands against himself or his Plantation George to render their Accounts on or before the first of January next, at his Dwelling in Cumingsburg, (next the Customs) in order that Proposals may be made for their liquidation, as soon as the total amounts are ascertained.
Geo. J. Furnace.
Cumingsburg, Decb. 19th 1807.

Een Yder welken iets te pretendeeren heest van Plantage Regt door Zee, in het Canaal No. 1 alhier, geleeve daarvae opgave te doen aan de Heere G. Mahlsted of Hugo Cantzlaar, JZ. qq. vorn. Plantage, en vervolgens hunne betaling te kome ontsangen ten huize van de Heer H. Cantzlaar, JZ. voornmt. binne de tyd van Zes Weeken na dato dezes. Demerary, 19 Decb. 1807.

Taken away from the Dam opposite to Messrs. McBean & Co. Eighteen Pieces of Green-Heart Timber, from fifteen to seventeen feet long, nine inches square, had been placed there about fourteen days since for the purpose of piling off the dam of the above named. Any Person giving information who has taken away the same will be rewarded on application to
19th. Decb. John Ashley.

The Undersigned has just Imported, and for Sale the following Articles, viz: -
[first column]
Spermacetia and tallow Candles,
Spanish soap,
Tripe in kegs,
Tongues in do.,
Boiled Oil in jars,
Dry White Lead,
Pork in whole & 1/2 barrels,
Beef do. do.
Oysters in bottles,
Olives do.,
Cucumbers do.,
Dutch Checks assorted,
Best salempores,
Stationary assorted,
Fine Holland linen,
French Cambrics,
Brown Platillias,
Lady's fine Lace Veils,
Do. Schambra shawls,
[second column]
Do. Camel hair do.
An assortment of fine muslins,
Negroe Cloathing,
Sewing silks assorted,
Glass horn lanthorns,
Ditto small ditto,
Brass Ware,
Tin ditto,
Shaving boxes,
Razors assorted,
Best white chapel needles
Tea caddies,
Porter mugs,
Tea Waiters, do. Urns.
Dutch coffee mills,
Ditto Cutlasses,
[end columns]
Madeira and Claret Wines in whole and quarter casks and bottles, and sundry other Goods.
Decb. 19th. De Boer & Breet.

No 5. 16th December, 1807.
To the Printer of the Royal Gazette.
Sir, - As far as His Majesty's mild Proclamation tends to effect a recal [sic] of Natural-born Subjects, from, and entering into the degrading service of go-between neutrals, It is entitled to the approbation of the English Nation. Its pacific intention admits of a construction which unquestionably will reach the attention of every Officer in Command, both Navy and Army. - There is scarcely an American Vessel employed in their European, East, or West-India trade, that is not manned in part by British Subjects: and, their would-be Navy, has obtained its tuition from English deserters. It cannot be hoped that such individuals can be brought to a due sense of their natural duty; but, under the Proclamation sufficient authority exists to drag them to legal punishment. Example is every thing. The Commanding Officer of any Vessel in our Navy is only accountable for the conduct of a subordinate Officer ordered on a specific duty, so far as such Officer's proceedings correctly correspond with the orders given him. I speak advisedly: not an Officer in our service will contradict the doctrine, and it is an elating hope, that every item of power delegated by the long wished for, and now existing Proclamation will be rigidly exercised. While England holds a single Possession in either North or South America, the United States necessarily forms a part of the European system: notwithstanding the intervention of the Ocean, and ought to be watched with more than jealous attention. - 'Tis not British Seamen America wants, it is the Professional knowledge of English Sailors that Columbians are in quest of: a knowledge obtained under the reign of a Prince whose parental attention to his People, is admired even by his enemies. Information so acquired, and prostituted in the service of either Neutrals, or actual foes: justly merits for its possessors, the rigorous execution of the punishment announced by the Proclamation. I admit, our Navy and Army will not be a whit the stronger by receiving back, those Seamen and Soldiers whose wavering principles has led them to the detestable act of desertion. I take it that, the utility of the measure is, in preventing the United States, or any other supposed neutral from purchasing out of Our service, Schoolmasters, Drill-Sergeants, Gunners, and Armourers: however much they stand in need of the acquisition.
That Bonaparte has influenced the conduct of the American Government, seems to be sufficiently proved by Mr. Jefferson's declaration to Mr. Erskine on a question touching the Maritime power of America. The President betrayed by accustomed invective, forgot his usual philosophical deliberation. France might have aided the American Union with a few Ships, had England suffered the Danish Navy to remain under the controul [sic] of the Emperor of the French; but that care is fortunately and wisely altered, America can no doubt furnish Men; but supplying a Navy with numbers, and equiping [sic] it with disciplined Seamen: are very distinct considerations.

On Monday last His Majesty's Ship Ulysses, Capt. Nesham, of 4 guns, arrived off this River in company with His Majesty's Schooner L'Eclair. The Ulysses is gone to Suriman [sic] to convoy some ships from thence, as we hear - and the L'Eclair is come into this river. We understand that she is to cruize for some time upon this station.

No arrivals from Europe in the course of the present week. We have been favoured with the sight of American Papers to the 21st ult. in one of which is Mr. Jefferson's Message to Congress, it is extremely long and its contents are not of that interest to deem it worthy of being printed at length - one part of it relates to the different Provincial Courts transmitting their Minutes of Proceedings to the President, who till now never exacted any such authority over them, and it is also observed by the Boston Gazette to be unconstitutional and an atrocious usurpation of power, by claiming a right, to review and controul [sic] the proceedings of the judiciary.

We learn that a number of the Planters of these Colonies have enter'd into an engagement with each other not to Ship any Sugars from hence unless a reduction of the Freight to eight Shillings pert Ct. takes place.

We are concerned to learn that the Spaniards have again made their appearance off our Coasts: - a large Launch, on Monday last, past within fifty yards of Wakenam Island, and a Boat was chased by, apparently the same Launch on Thursday Afternoon, we do not hear that they have taken any thing as yet.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last.

Brig Henry, E. Trask, from Boston.
Schr. Charming Nancy, S. L. Davis, Gloucester.

Schr. Mary Ann, W. McKenzie, for Surinam.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 19th December, 1807.



Brought by


Boedel Lawrin,

R. B. Daly.



Thos. Kewley.


Pl. Golde [sic] Grove,




Van Genderen.





F. De Ridder,

Pl. Success.


W. B. Liot,

Pl. Legrange.



Pl. Chateau Margo.





W. B. Liot,







Pl. Zorge & Hoop.


L. Warner,

Pl. Lepenetence.



Pl. Pareca.


S. Mourant,



J. Wade,

M. N. Manget.






Jas. Freeland.

And a new negro man unknown brought by Pl. Belmond.
S. G. Martens, Drossart.

See the Supplement.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
(at Thirty-three Guilders per Annum)
By Edward James Henery.

Supplement to the Essequebo & Demerary Royal Gazette.

Saturday, December 19th 1807.

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