Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1808 January 02

Vol. III.)


(No. 105.

Saturday, January 2d, 1808.

By His Excellency Colonel Robert Nicholson, Acting Lieutenant Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, and their Dependencies, &c. &c. and The Court of Policy, combined with the Representatives of the Inhabitants of the said Colonies for fixing Colonial Taxes, &c. &c.
Unto all whom these present may or shall concern, Greeting, be it known:
Whereas a Statement has been laid before Us of the Supplies wanted to defray the Annual and extraordinary Colonial Expences.
We therefore have fixed and by these presents do fix, a Colony Tax for the Year 1807, as follows;
That all Proprietors, Renters or Occupiers of any Plantation or Plantations in the said Colonies, or their Dependencies, Cultivating or preparing to Cultivate, Sugar, Rum, Molasses, Coffee, Cotton, Cocoa or Indigo, shall Pay the Sum of Three Guilders for each Slave attached to or worked upon such Plantation or Plantations, including House-Slaves, Tradesmen, Sailors, Children, Sick, Lame, Superannuated and Infants, and all other Slaves, of every age and description, according to the returns to be given in as herein aftermentioned.
That all other Persons in the said Colonies or their Dependencies aforesaid, shall Pay a like Sum of Three Guilders for each of his, her or their Domesticks or House-Slaves of every description.
[mutilated] further all Persons deriving or who
[mutilated]ive a Revenue in the said Colonies from
[mutilated] Source than Military Situations, fixed
[mutilated]from Government, (the profits, fees or
[mutilated]ments of any kind received by all Public
[mutilated] Officers whatsoever being liable to the after-mentioned Tax), or the Cultivation of some of the Articles of Produce herein before-mentioned, shall Pay on the gross amount of his, her or their said Revenue or Revenues, without deduction of any Expence, according to the amount of such Revenue or Revenues from the 1st of January 1807 to the last day of December of the same Year, and so in proportion for any shorter period within the present Year, such rate as is pointed out by the following Classes, viz: - those whose Revenue or Revenues aforesaid amount to any Sum from -
--- No. 1. -- - - f 2000, to f 3500, - - f 40. ---
--- -- 2. -- - - 3500, -- 5000, - - - 70. ---
--- -- 3. -- - - 5000, -- 6500, - - - 100. ---
--- -- 4. -- - - 6500, -- 8000, - - - 130. ---
--- -- 5. -- - - 8000, -- 10,000, - - - 160. ---
--- -- 6. -- - - 10,000, -- 15,000, - - - 200. ---
--- -- 7. -- - - 15,000, -- 20,000, - - - 300. ---
--- -- 8. -- - - 20,000, -- 25,000, - - - 400. ---
--- -- 9. -- - - 25,000, -- 30,000, - - - 500. ---
--- -- 10. -- - - 30.000, -- 35,000, - - - 600. ---
--- -- 11. -- - - 35,000, -- 40,000, - - - 700. ---
--- -- 12. -- - - 40,000, -- 45,000, - - - 800. ---
--- -- 13. -- - - 45,000, -- 50,000, - - - 900. ---
--- -- 14. -- - - 50,000, -- 55,000, - - - 1000. ---
--- -- 15. -- - - 55,000, -- 60,000, - - - 1100. ---
--- -- 16. -- - - 60,000, -- 65,000, - - - 1200. ---
--- -- 17. -- - - 65,000, -- 70,000, - - - 1300. ---
[mutilated] -- - - 70,000, -- 75,000, - - - 1400. ---
[mutilated] -- - - 75,000, -- 80,000, - - - 1500. ---
[mutilated] -- - - 80,000, -- 85,000, - - - 1600. ---
[mutilated] -- - - 85,000, -- 90,000, - - - 1700. ---
[mutilated] -- - - 90,000, -- 95,000, - - - 1800.
[mutilated] -- - - 95,000, -- 100,000, - - - 1900.
[mutilated] -- - 100,000, -- 110,000, - - - 2000.
[mutilated] -- - 110,000, -- 120,000, - - - 2200.
[mutilated] -- - 120,000, -- 130,000, - - - 2400.
[mutilated] -- - 130,000, -- 140,000, - - - 2600.
[mutilated] -- - 140,000, -- 150,000, - - - 2800. ---
[mutilated]cepting from such Payments, respecting
[mutilated] Tax on Revenues, all Persons whose Annual Income or Incomes, has or have not respectively for the present Year, exceeded the Sum of 2000 Guilders.
It is also to be understood that all Persons who derive a revenue by the labour of Slaves, not attached to Estates, altho' occasionally worked upon the same as Task-Gangs or hired Negroes, shall be considered as coming within the description of those above to Pay the Income Tax. Such Persons nevertheless are to give in a Return of their Slaves.
And it is hereby ordered, that with respect to the said Taxes hereby laid on Slaves exact Returns shall be made upon Oath, as herein after directed, by all Persons subject to such Tax, and by them be delivered or Transmitted to the respective Offices at the time of Payment herein after fixed, and which Returns, as far only as concerns the Slaves, shall afterwards be Printed for Public Information.
And it is further ordered and required that all and every Persons in these Colonies, without exception, whether they are or are not liable to the Tax hereby laid on Revenue or Revenues agreeable to the above mentioned Classes, shall before the 1st of May 1808, declare to which of the said Classes they respectively belong, and also at the same time further certify and declare upon Oath, to the best of their knowledge and belief, - that the gross Amount as aforesaid of his, her or their Revenue for the period aforesaid, does not exceed the highest Sum of the Class to which he, she or they shall have so declared themselves to belong; or (should that be the case) that they do not come within the description of any of the said Clases, either in consequence of their having derived no such Revenue or Revenues at all, or from their respective Incomes not having Exceeded the Sum of 2000 Guilders for the period aforesaid: - Excepting from the Obligation for taking the Oath, those who shall declare as aforesaid that they belong to the highest Class and pay their Tax accordingly, all such Persons being hereby excused from taking such Oath.
The several Oaths herein mentioned, are to be taken before the Governor of both Colonies or the Commandeur of Essequebo, a Member of the Court of Policy or of Justice, or before the Burgher Majors or Captains in the respective Districts, such of them not already qualified being hereby specially authorised therein by the Court of Policy.
It is likewise ordered that Attestations of the taking of such Oaths subscribed by the Persons respectively before whom such oaths shall be taken, shall together with the Returns and Certificates herein before required, be produced and delivered to the said respective Receivers at their respective Offices, before the 1st day of May 1810 and further that the amount of the said respective Taxes, so to be ascertained by the said Returns and Certificates, shall by the Persons liable thereto, be paid to the respective Receivers at their respective Offices, in Cash or good Bills of Exchange to the satisfaction of the said Receivers, all before the 1st day of May 1808.
All Persons neglecting to give in such Returns, Certificates and Attestations and to Pay the respective Taxes herein beforementioned in the manner and before the time above stated shall immediately on the expiration of such time, become liable to Pay at the respctive Receiver's Offices, as follows, (viz: those who shall so neglect respecting the Tax on Slaves) their proportion of the said Tax on Slaves) their proportion of the said Tax according to the Returns of Slaves given by them for the last preceding Year, with addition of one fourth as Penalty, all at the rate now fixed of Three Guilders for each Slave; and such Persons as may not be known in the Books of the Receivers, and neglect to declare the number of their Slaves for the present Year, are to pay a Sum of Five Hundred Guilders to the Colony Chest; and all Persons neglecting as aforesaid with regard to the Tax on Revenues, to Pay, on the expiration of the aforestated time, the rate fixed for the highest Class of Income, viz: - Two Thousand Eight Hundred Guilders.
And it is lastly hereby ordered that for the purpose of receiving the said several Returns and Taxes, the said Receivers shall daily attend at their respective Offices, from the 1st of January 1808, 'till the 1st day of May thereto following, from 9 o'Clock A.M. 'till 1 o'Clock P.M. Saturdays and Sundays excepted.
Exclusive of the above usual Taxes, we have further judged fit [illegible] and it is hereby enacted accordingly, that a Colonial Duty, at the rate of Fifty Guilders per Pipe, containing 110 Gallons, and so in proportion for every larger and smaller quantity, shall in future be Paid on all Madeira Wine to be imported from and after the date of the Pubilcation of these presents; which duty shall be Paid at the Office of the Receiver of the Colony Chest; - His Excellency the Lt. Governor having been requested by the Court not to admit any Ships or Vessels, having imported Madeira Wine, to an Entry in the Colony, unless, in additon to the other Colonial requisites, it shall also appear by the signature of the Receiver on the Manifest of the Cargo of such Ship or Vessel, that such duty has been Paid, or that proper Security for the same, has been given to the said Receiver.
We have further thought fit to enact, and it is hereby enacted accordingly, as an amendment to the Law or Ordinance enacted by the Court of Policy of these Colonies on the 26th of May 1803, and published on the 16th of July of the same Year, that the Permits or Licences which by virtue of that Ordinance, are granted by the Governor and the Commandeur for the time being respectively, for Huckstering or Selling Goods about the Country, shall in future always be given for no longer or shorter term than Six Months, at the expiration of which they must be renewed; and all Persons obtaining such Licences shall Pay every time for the same to the Colony a Duty of Twenty-Two Guilders, the Payment of which shall be certified in such Licences by the respective Receivers; - and in case of any Hucksters going about the Country with Licences bearing a date posterior to the Publication of these Presents and not so signed by the Receiver, or for which it shall appear that the above Duty has not been Paid, such Licences shall and may not be considered as valid, and the holders or their agents, whether Free or Slaves, be liable to the Fines and Punishments provided by the aforesaid Ordinance, which in every other respect is to remain in force as heretofore.
Finally We have judged fit to enact, and it is hereby enacted accordingly, that all transient Traders, viz: all Masters or Commanders of Ships or Vessels, Supercargoes or others, who during their temporary stay in the Colony, derive a Revenue from the Sale of Goods or Merchanidise, shall Pay a Colonial duty of One per Centum on such Goods according to the Invoices thereof, - and it is ordered accordingly that all such Masters of Ships or Vessels, Supercargoes or others, previous to their quitting the Colony, shall either Pay to the Receiver of the Colony Chest the above duty on the original Invoices to be produced to them, or make Oath before the said Receiver, who is empowered by these presents to administer the same, that they have not derived directly or indirectly, during their stay in the Colony, a Revenue from the Sale of any such Goods or Merchandize, and unless either the attestation of their having made such Oath or a Receipt for the Duties paid by them, be produced in the Secretary's Office, no Permit or Pass for the departure of such Persons from the Colony shall be issued by the Secretary.
It is understood that the above duty is not to apply or so be intended to the Masters or Supercargoes of Vessels from the United States of North America, in consideration of the heavier Duties which these are already liable to Pay in behalf of the Sovereign's Chest.
And that no Ignorance may be pretended hereof, this present Publication shall be Published, Affixed and sent round for general Information,
Thus [illegible] in our Assembly [illegible]
the 17th December 1807, and [illegible]
the 2d January 1808.
Robt. Nicholson,
By [illegible] of the Court,
P. F. Tinne, D. Secty.

M.O. Stabroek District. [heading]
The late Rains and Holydays having prevented the usual Drills and Parades of the Militia during the last month, they will be again resumed next Week, to which effect the whole of the 1st Bat. 1st Regt. will assemble on Parade on Saturday the 9th Inst. at 6 A.M.
Colin Macrae,
Lieut. Colonel Comdg.
Demerary, 2d January 1808.

Wanted for His Majesty's Troops in this Colony. Any Person willing to supply either of the above Articles to be delivered at the Commissary's Stores at the Fort, in such quantities as may be required for the expenditure of the next two months, say of the former about three thousand pounds, and of the latter one thousand pounds, are requested to make Tenders for the same to the Subscriber (sealed and mark'd Tenders for Coffee and Sugar) previous to Tuesday the 12th inst. on which day they will be opened in the presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops, when the most advantageous offer or offers will be accepted.
W. N. Firebrace,
Res. Commissary.
Commissary's Office, 2d Jan. 1808.

Register Office, Fort Zeelandia, 28th Dec. 1807. [heading]
The time for giving in the Six Month's Returns of Slaves in the Colony of Essequebo will commence on the 1st January 1808.
Notice is hereby given that Blank Schedules may be had by the Burgher Captains hereunder mentioned, or at my Office; these blanks must be filled up and sent in to this Office, where attendance will be given from Nine o'Clock in the Morning until Two in the Afternoon, (Sundays and Holydays excepted). The Public will please to observe that no Returns will be received but on these Printed Blanks, and not before the 1st day of January, nor after the 21st of February next.
D. Van Sertima,
Register of Slaves.
[first column]
Leguan. T. Higgins,
Wacquenam, H. Fraser
Supenaame, J. Searles
[second column]
Capoey, J. A. Lanferman
Arabian Coast, Cs. Bean,
Pomeroon, J. W. Thomas.
[end columns]

Secretary's-Office, Demerary. [heading]
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, VIZ: -
Mr. R. C. Adamson, in 14 days, Jan. 2d, 1808.
Mr. William Thos. Mason, in ditto, 10th Decb.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

The Undersigned takes this means to inform those indebted to the Vendue Office, that it is requisite to have the Accounts that are now due paid up, which, if not done in the course of fourteen Days, will be Sued for, without respect to Persons.
Robt. Kingston,
Dy. Vendue Master.
Demerary, Jany. 2d, 1808.


On Wednesday next the 7th inst. will be exposed for sale by order of John Nichol, Esq. at his store Robb's stelling, without reserve - Madeira wine (best London particular) in hhds. and quarter casks, rasberry [sic] and cherry brandy in cases, beef (best India mess) and pork in tierces, barrels and half barrels, pearl barley, split pease and tripe in kegs, pickles in boxes, fish sause, ketchup, capers, vinegar, Dutch beans in tin cases, soap in 28lbs. [sic] boxes, Dutch terras in puncheons, nails in kegs assorted, tin ware, corks, sadlery, cutlery, stationary, Gentlemen London-made wearing apparel, shirts, boots, shoes and hats, Irish linens, calico shirtings, cambrics, muslins, pulicats, printed cottons, a large assortment of osnabrugs, coffee and cotton bagging, cordage of all sizes, cabouses for Colonial craft, Stockholm tar and pitch, a few fowling pieces and cases of pistols, gun powder in cannisters and loose, an anchor 2 cwt. and a new bower anchor stock. Also, 25 hhds. Poland oats.
Jan. 2. Robert Kingston.

On Friday 8th January 1808, [see 18071205EDRG] . . .
[see 18071226EDRG] . . .
On the same day and place will be sold by order of Nicholas Rousselet, Esq. qq. the Boedel Joseph De Weever, deceased, - a negro named Hercules.
Decr. 5th. Robert Kingston.

On Saturday 9th inst. at the store of Messrs. James Lyon & Co. their remaining stock on hand, consisting of Dry Goods, Provisions, Plantation stores, &c. &c.
Jan. 2. Robert Kingston.

On Saturday 16th inst. will be exposed for sale at the Vendue Office, a large assortment of India Goods, Provisions, &c. &c.
Jan. 2d. Robert Kingston.

On Thursday 21st January 1808, will be exposed for sale on Plantation Lancaster, Mahaica, by order of N. Griffith, Esq. Executor to A. S. Miller, deceased, seasoned Negroes, Cattle, Household Furniture, &c. &c.
Decr. 26th. Robert Kingston.
[Transcriber's note: the above Vendue did not appear in 26 December 1807.]

On Friday 22d inst. will be exposed for sale at the Vendue Office, - mess beef and pork in barrels and half barrels, superfine flour, tobacco, hams, and a large assortment of dry goods.
Jan. 2d. Robert Kingston.

FOR SALE. [heading]
A Stout Mulatto Boy, who has been accustomed to waiting on a Gentleman, and is a good House-Servant. Apply to the Printer.
Demerary, 2d January 1808.

All those who have any Claims or Demands against the Copartnership of M. Campbell and J. D. Paterson, are requested [illegible] space of six Weeks from this date to give in their claims or demands to M. Campbell at the Union Coffee House, and all Persons indebted to said Firm are requested to make immediate Payment.
Demerary, M. Campbell.
Jany. 2d, 1808. J. D. Paterson.

Absented himself from the service of the Subscriber, a negro man named Quamina. Whoever will apprehend and lodge him in the Barracks, shall receive One Joe Reward; he is supposed to be harboured at, or near Mahaica Ferry, where he has a Wife.
Will: N. Firebrace.
Demerary, 2d Jan. 1808.

Notice is hereby given, that the Copartnership of the Subscribers terminates this day by mutual consent; - and there being an absolute necessity to bring their Concerns to a close, those indebted are earnestly requested to make speedy Payment of their Accounts &c: as no further indulgence can be given.
Henry Tulloh & Co.
Demerary, 2d January 1808.

Imported in the Schooner Active, R. Whillis, from London, and for sale on reasonable Terms by the Subscriber: - Real Westphalia hams, Irish butter, potatoes, loaf sugar, hyson tea, gun-powder ditto, pale beer, porter, soap, candles, superfine blue and black cloth, and kerseymere, Irish linens, cotton bagging, hemp twilled coffee bagging, checks, role and negro blankets, negro jackets and hats, boiled linseed oil, white lead, Demerary hoes and shovels, iron pots, sets of 8 qrs. blank account books, &c.
Also on Hand, [centered]
Smoaked beef, pickled tongues, cheese, tobacco, salt in barrels, flour, &c. &c.
Jan. 2d. F. C. Otto.

The Subscribers will dispose of the following Articles at moderate prices for immediate Payment: -
[first column]
Fish in hogsheads,
Flour in barrels and half barrels,
Mess beef in barrels and half barrels,
Cargo beef in barrels,
Red oak staves & shooks,
White oak shooks and heading,
[second column]
White oak butt shooks and ditto,
Truss hoops,
New England shingles,
Spars for boat masts,
Tar in barrels,
Tobacco in ditto.
[end columns]
William King & Co.
Cumingsburgh, 2d Jan. 1808.

FOR LIVERPOOL. [heading]
The Ship General Hunter, Capt: Oldham: For Freight or Passage apply to the Master on board or to
Jan. 2d. Rt. Younghusband.

Uyt de hand te Koop, een Extra goed vier Riems Tent Boot, leggende agter de Huyzinge bewoond wordende by de Heer Cantzlaar, J:Z: te bevragen by denzelve
Demerary, 2e January 1808.

ALMANACKS for 1808 [heading]
For Sale at this Office
Royal Gazette Office, 2d January 1808.

To the Printer of the Royal Gazette.
Sir, - Irony when aptly introduced I take to be the most powerful mode of reasoning; but assertion without proof, or reference to support it, is folly in the extreme. Zelot has not detracted in any one instance from the alledged Bravery of Americans, it is their Naval and Military skill that he questions, instance Commodore Barron's proceeding to sea with an American vessel of war, having her cables coiled on the Guns and the Officers enjoying a repast when the ship ought to have been clear for action. [dagger symbol] General Eaton's operations against the Barbary states is no proof of military knowledge, his little success, was owing to his being joined by some disaffected Tripolitans; as to the naval exploits at Tripoli, it was a desperate act, totally unconnected with cool determination; the young American Officer, found he had imprudently drawn himself and his party within the power of the enemy, and was conscious there was only one choice: gradual torment, or immediate destruction: he chose the latter, but his despising death, was no proof of Naval information, - on the subject of American Shipping the term, number, had it been used by a late writer, in lieu of tonnage, would have been more appropriate and decorus, but not admitted as correct. - It does appear as yet, that Zelot is neither a would be merchant, or a medling Fishmonger, nor is it fair to conclude that he will be intimidated, or corrupted, by the Editor's chagrine, the Doctor's mixture, or the Trader's eloquence.
31st Decb. 1807. Eumeus.
[dagger symbol] Fishmonger's [sic] may mistake the name of a package, but Commanding Officers should not evade their duty.

For want of room we are obliged to defer the insertion of Zelot 'till next week.

The second mail for November arrived here on Tuesday last, its contents are interesting so far as relates to our situation with America, every thing, at present, appears, at least, to tend to an amicable adjustment. The first packet for November it is strongly feared is captured.

Mr. Rose, the British Envoy to America, did not leave England till the 9th of Nov. on board the Statira frigate, accompanied by Mr. Casamajor Secretary of legation, and Mr. Mansfield private Secretary.

A convoy for the West Indies, left Portsmouth on the 15th of November.

The expedition which has been preparing since the arrival of the Fawn, sloop of war, which lately arrived at Barbados with dispatches for the commanders on that station has sailed, under the command of Sir A. Cochrane, and General Bowyer, on the 16th ult. There can be no doubt about its destination being against the Danish Islands. The equipment is not quite complete but, they are to rendezvous at St. Kitts, where they are to be joined by more Troops, and we hope very soon to have the satisfaction of announcing their success.

An exchange of prisoners, by Cartel, from Guadeloupe has lately taken place, by which Sir John Wardlow is again restored to the service of his Country.

It is much to be feared the Enemy has got another Squadron out in these seas. The Camilla frigate observed two French frigates bring up in Fort Royal Bay Martinique, on the evening of the 18th ult. which it is very likely are forerunners of some squadron, and in fact, an American, Capt. of a vessel, lately arrived at Barbados, says, (but rather in a vague way) that he fell in with a squadron of French men of war, about the 18th ult. without mentioning their number or describing their situation.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last. [heading]

ENTERED. [heading]
Ships Mennie, W. Fairlee, from Glasgow. - Ariadne, G. Johnston, Greenock. - General Hunter, E. Oldham, Liverpool. - James, W. Thompson, Barbados. - Stabroek, E. Cooley, New London. - Harriett, J. Williamson, Barbados. - Brig Hope, Otis Stillman, New London. - Schrs. Dolphin, J. Cox, Bristol. - Active, R. Whillis, London. - Africa, H. Baiter, Hartford. Sloop Hancock, M. Mecanger, Barbados.

CLEARED. [heading]
Ship Mennie, W. Fairlee, for Berbice.


Nov. 18. America is believed to have incurred the displeasure of Bonaparte, who, it is supposed wishes to make her declare against this country. It is rumoured in Holland, that Mr. Munroe will soon quit Paris. It is certain that he has given it as his advice to the American Captains in the Dutch ports, that they should prepare to sail with all possible speed. The following is the substance of the letters that have been received from Holland of the 11th.
            Rotterdam, Nov. 11.
"Every day increases our difficulty's [sic], and things get worse and worse, Mr. Armstrong, the American Ambassador at Paris, is said to have quitted that place; we are certain that he is apprehensive of an immediate rupture with France, he having transmitted to Mr. Bourne, our Consul here, fresh injuctions [sic] to cause all American vessels to depart with all possible speed; instructions to the same effect have been forwarded to all the other American Consels [sic]. Our opinion of Mr. Armstrong has long been settled - he is wary, and he is firm.
"The differences with America, are said at Paris, to grow out of the politics of England; but the fact is, that America has refused to shut her ports against British commerce, and hence arises all that has, and will follow. Bonaparte will have America take a decisive part, and declare for or against this country.

Nov. 23. It is generally believed at Hamburgh, that the French and Americans are on the eve of a rupture; for the Danes, who are in the fullest sense the agents of the French, do not respect, in the smallest degree, American property wherever it is found.

Several letters received in town on Saturday from the Dutch coast agree in stating, that Mr. Armstrong, the American minister at Paris, has been called upon to declare categorically, in the name of his government, either in favour of France or England, not being allowed to send any more to America for instructions.

The following short explanation of the late orders, as it applies generally, may be useful:

France has declared that no vessel which sails from hence, shall be admitted to any port under her controul: - we declare that we will permit no vessel to enter their ports which has not sailed from hence; but we do not execute this order, in the first instance, by capturing their vessels, which in ignorance of the order are bound to an enemy's port, without being cleared out from hence; but by obliging them to touch at one of our ports, and then allowing them to proceed to the port of their original destination. - France prohibits all countries under her controul from trading with Great Britain; we declare they shall trade only though a British port. Our trade, our produce, our manufactures are prohibited, to the injury of the countries which are compelled to prohibit them. We allow their trade, their produce, their manufactures, either for our own accomodation, or to render them, by re-exportation, under adequate duties, tributary to us; at the same time affording protection of our own manufactures and colonial produce.

The Undersigned Dy: Secretary of this Colony in consequence of an Advertisement inserted by Mr. G. J. Furnace in the last Week's Gazette, deems it incumbent upon him in the same Public Manner to state that on a former remonstrance of the Court of Policy against the admission of Notaries Public, independent of the Secretary's Office, as incompatible with the Capitulation, His Majesty was pleased to cause His Royal pleasure to be signified as appears by the following Letter of the late Governor Beaujon;
King's House, Demerary, 27th Aug. 1804.
"His Majesty's Minesters [sic] having
"signified to me the King's pleasure that the
"appointments of Notaries Public in this Colony,
"independent of the Secretary's Office, should be
"considered null and void and the Secretary's
"Office placed on its former footing, I have
"thought proper to acquaint you therewith for
"your Government.
"I am,
"Your most obedient Servt.
"Anthony Beaujon."
"P. F. Tinne Esq.
"Dy. Secty. & Register."
Existing circumstances having rendered a new reference to the King necessary, it will be, in the mean time, for the Public to consider how far His Majesty's further decision may ultimately, on the grounds whereon the former appears to have been given, affect the validity of Notarial Instruments executed before any Person acting as a Notary Public, independent of the Secretary's Office.
Demerary, 1st January 1808.
P. F. Tinne,
Dy. Secty. of the Colony.

The Receiver is sorry to find, that his late Advertisement with respect to the Taxes levied on Cumingsburgh, has been disregarded by many Proprietors of that District; he therefore wishful to avoid all rigid proceedings, once more and for the last time request all those who have hitherto been deficient in paying their respective Contribution, to appear at this Office in the customary hours within eight days from the present date, and acquit themselves of their duty; after the elapse of which time, the Receiver will most positively, without distinction to Persons, resort to just measures as directed by Publication of the Honorable Court of Policy.
Demerary, 2d Jan. 1808.
Ch. Vincent, Receiver.

FOR SURINAM. [heading]
The Schooner Eleanor, will sail in a few Days. For Freight or Passage apply to Jno: P. Hicks.
Kingston, 2d January 1808.

The Subscriber intending to leave the Colony for Europe in April next, requests those who he is indebted to will immediately render in their Accounts for Payment, and hopes those who are indebted to him will come forward with Payment of their Accounts, as soon as they can make it convenient, to assist him in bringing his affairs to an immediate close.
2d Jany. Francis Meagher.

For Sale by the Subscribers at the store lately occupied by Francis Meagher, Esq. on the American Stelling, - Hams, beer and porter, Madeira wine in pipes, hhds. quarter casks and per dozen, cogniac brandy, nails assorted, tobacco in barrels, Welsh flannel, Ladies and Gentlemens cotton stockings, sailor's and negro clothing, Irish linens, Planter's shoes, sadlery and ironmongery, starch in boxes, a few boat cables, shades with stands, mops, scrubbing and paint brushes, tin and glass ware, deep sea and fishing lines, whip and hand saw files, &c. &c. &c.
Gahan & Purcell.
Demerary, 2d Jan. 1808.

The Subscriber gives Notice that no Bills of sale, Engagement entered into, or Transactions done with the Names of Jas. Knight & Co. since the decease of A. Knight, the principal of the Firm, are, or can be valid in law or equity. He therefore gives a friendly hint to all who may have been in treaty with any one acting in the names of Jas. Knight & Co. to be cautious and mindful of the consequences that may result.
He offers for sale a Schooner, built of the best materials of the Colony, universally allowed to be equal in every respect to any Boat launched in Demerary.
N. Rousselet, and for
Alex: McNabb, (in his absence)
Executors to the Will of the deceased
2d Jany. Adam Knight.

Drifted from Plantation Malgre-tout, on the 26th ult. a Punt about 25 feet keel, 8 feet beam, with a cross beam. Whoever may have taken up the same and will give information on said Plantation, will receive the customary Reward. Demerary, 2d Jan. 1808.

The Subscribers give this public notice that they this day cease to transact the American and retail business as heretofore, having resigned all interest therein to Mr. Lucius Cary, whom they beg leave to recommend to their friends for a continuance of their favors.
As it is their intention to devote their future time of residence in this Country to bringing the concerns in which they have been engaged to a close, they trust those indebted to them will enable them to do so in as short a time as possible.
They offer for sale the Eastern half of the Premises occupied by them, the many conveniences of which for transacting all kinds of mercantile business are so generally known that it would be needless to enumerate them.
They will also dispose of the two lots opposite their buildings, known on the chart as Nos. 6 & 7, and used by them as a lumber yard, on which there is a large Cooper's logie.
All these premises are entitled to the use of the stelling in front, being the exclusive property of the Subscribers, who will sell the whole or part at a reduced price, and give to an approved purchaser favorable terms.
Naghten & Fitzgerald.
Demeray [sic], 31st Decr. 1807.

For Sale by the Subscribers at the store in Cumingsburgh, hitherto occupied by Messrs. Naghten & Fitzgerald, the following Articles: - Temper lime, cordage, canvas, twine, table linen, checks, osnaburghs, Madras and pulicat handkerchiefs, linens, silk and cotton hose, soap, candles, tallow, black pepper, loaf sugar, split pease, rounds beef, barrels and half barrels beef, salt, oats, tar, nails, shovels, hoes, cutlasses, lamp oil, gun powder, pickles, glass ware, Madeira wine in pipes and hogsheads, &c. &c.
Also the following, now landing from schooner Success, ex Portsmouth, N. A. - Fish, beef in barrels and half barrels, clap boards, mackrel, &c.
2d Jan. 1808. Lucius Cary & Co.

NEW NEGROES. [heading]
The Subscribers beg leave to inform such of their Friends as Commissioned them to import Negroes under their Licences, that they have received by the ship James, Capt. Thompson,
200 very prime young Angola Slaves, [centered]
and by the ship Harriett, Captain Williamson,
60 choice Gold-Coast Negroes, [centered]
which they will be ready to deliver at their stores in Cumingsburg, the former on Monday next the 4th, and the latter on the 18th instant.
Naghten & Fitzgerald.
Demerary, 2d January, 1807. [sic]

NOTICE. [heading]
The Subscriber once more requests all those who have left Clocks or Watches with him to repair, to call for the same in six weeks from this date, otherwise they will be sold to pay the charges, as he intends to leave the Colony.
John Brooks.
Demerary, 31st Dec. 1807.

NOTICE. [heading]
The late Cooperage of Robt. Arnot & Co. in futur [sic] will be carried on by the Subscriber.
2d Jan. W. B. Thompson.

Just Landed from the Brig Hope, Capt. Stillman, Forty-three Prime Saddle and Draft Horses, which are offered for Sale, at the Stables of Mr. Saml. Mackay, South-Street, Bridge-Town.
Jan 2d. Jno: Clapham.

FOR SURINAM. [heading]
The fast-sailing Schooner Mary Ann, Capt. McKenzie, will be ready to take in on Monday next. For Freight or Passage apply to
2d Jan. Jno: Clapham.

Notice is hereby given that the Concern of James Lyon & Co. is dissolved this day, those who have any demands against that firm are requested to render the same, and those indebted to come forward with Payment as soon as possible to either of the undersigned; who beg leave to acquaint those indebted to them since 1806 and former years, that longer indulgence cannot be given and that their Account will be given in to be sued for at the first Courts, unless they are prevented by speedy Payments being made.
Demerary, James Lyons
31st Dec. 1807. A. Blackwood, q.q.
N.B. The Vendue which was advertised for this day, does not take place until Saturday, the 9th January, until which day they will sell any of the Goods at first Cost, for Cash, Cotton or Coffee.

A Young man just from England, who wishes to engage himself either in a Store or the Planting Business. Any Gentleman wanting a Person in either of the above capacities, please to direct a line to H. W. at the Printer's, and it will be immediately attended to.
2d January, 1808.

NOTICE. [heading]
The Copartnership carried on under the Firms of Hamilton, Garden & Co. in Glasgow, and Alexander Fullerton & Co. in this Colony, having been dissolved by mutual consent, notice is hereby given that John Dickson, Esq. is fully authorised to settle the affairs of the said Firms; all Persons indebted to them are therefore requested to come forward with Payment of their respective Accounts, as there is an absolute necessity for the affairs being brought to a speedy close.
A. Fullerton, q.q. Jno: Hamilton, Jno: Dickson, q.q. Francis Garden, and James Oughterson,
A. Fullerton.
Demerary, 2d Jan. 1808.

NOTICE. [heading]
All those who have any claims against the deceased Mr. Aeneas Scobie (late Manager on Plantation Essex in Mahaica) are requested to give in their Accounts to the Subscriber; and those who are indebted to the said Mr. Aeneas Scobie, are requested to settle the demands against them without delay.
Hu: Mackenzie,
2d Jan. 1808. Deliberating Executor.

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Stabroek: Printed and Published
(at Thirty-three Guilders per Annum)
By Edward James Henery.

Supplement to the Essequebo & Demerary Royal Gazette.


Saturday, January 2d 1808.

Stabroek: - Printed by E. J. Henery.


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