Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1808 January 09

Vol. III.)


(No. 106.

Saturday, January 9th, 1808.

By His Excellency Colonel Robert Nicholson, Acting Lieutenant Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, and their Dependencies, President in all Courts and Colleges, &c. &c. and The Honb: Court of Policy, of the said Colonies, &c. &c.
To all whom these presents may or shall concern, Greeting, be it known:
Whereas it is necessary again to furnish the Government Chest with Funds to make good the different annual Payments that must be defrayed from it for carrying on the Public Service.
We therefore, on his Excellency the Governor's proposition have resolved to levy, and hereby do levy the Capitation Tax due for the Year 1806, to be paid by each and every Slave holder, agreeable to the established mode and in the same manner as the Tax last raised for the Year 1805, viz: at the Rate of Three Guilders ten stivers respectively for each and every Working Male or Female Slave past 12 Years of Age and of One Guilder for all Children from 3 to 12 Years.
It is also ordered in conformity to the system established by the existing Ordinancies [sic] of Taxing House Slaves at a higher rate, that all Persons Possessing Three Male or Female House or Domestic Slaves or less, shall Pay for each of them the Sum of Six Guilders.
Those Possessing Four, a Sum of Ten Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Five, a Sum of Fifteen Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Six, a Sum of Twenty Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Seven, a Sum of Twenty-five Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Eight, a Sum of Thirty Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Nine and upwards, a rate of Forty Guilders as above.
From which encreased rate of Head Money respecting House and Domestic Slaves, are however to be exempted all Planters residing on their Estates, also the Governor to the number of 20 Domestic Slaves, the Members of the respective Courts, the Secretaries of the Courts, the Receivers of the Government and Colony Chests, and the Vendue Masters, to the number of six House Slaves, and all other Persons in Public Employments, who are obliged to reside in the chief Towns or their Precincts, to that of Four Domesticks.
Tradesmen are to Pay for each Slave they Employ in their respective Arts or Trades, Seven Guilders.
All free Women of Colour shall Pay for their own Persons a sum of Ten Guilders: - the other Regulations respecting free Men of Colour to remain in force as established by other Ordinances in this behalf.
And in order the collecting of the necessary returns and the Payment of the said Head Money may be completed in a regular manner, We do hereby order and direct as follows:
That all Planters in these Colonies, whether Proprietors or Attornies, shall give in before the 1st of May 1808, exact returns, subscribed by them under a tender of Oath, of the Slaves on each Plantation belonging to them or under their Administration, according to the number of the said Slaves up to the 31st December 1806, which particulars are to be given in as pointed out in the return, a form of which is printed at the foot of the present publication, and whereof blanks will be left besides at the respective Receiver's Offices, to be filled up by those it may concern.
That further such of the Inhabitants as, tho' residents on, are not Proprietors of any Estates, and also those residing in the respective Towns or their Precincts, or in any other place in the Colonies not being a Plantation, shall likewise be obliged to give in exact returns under a tender of Oath, of his, her or their Male or Female Slaves, Domesticks, Handicraft and other Slaves agreeable to the second form printed at the foot of the present publication, and blanks of which may also be had at the respective Receivers' Offices.
The different returns before-mentioned are to be filled up with the utmost accuracy, so as distinctly to state the number of Slaves of each description therein mentioned, as well as the general number of Slaves on each Plantation in the Year 1806.
It is further ordered that Payment of the said Capitation Tax for the Year 1806 shall be made before the 1st of May 1808, at the same time of giving in the returns herein before required, either in Cash, Bills of Exchange to the satisfaction of the Receivers, or in approved Claim against the Government Chest.
It is also ordered that the respective Receivers of the Government Chest shall for the purpose of receiving the different Returns and Payments herein before respectively required, give attendance at their respective Offices from the date hereof every day in the Week, Saturdays, Sundays and Holydays excepted, from 9 o'Clock in the Morning till one o'Clock in the Afternoon; the whole on pain that those who shall be faultive in giving in returns and in making payments in the manner and at the time herein before directed and limited, shall, on the expiration of the said period, be charged or debited in the Books of the Receiver with a sum equal to the amount of the Capitation Tax which they may appear to have paid for the Year 1805, with the addition of one-fourth or 25 per Centum of such amount; which amount and additional Sum shall then, if necessary, be recoverable from the defaulters by Summary Execution.
Such persons as may not be mentioned or occur at all in the former Books of the Receivers, and are faultive in giving in their returns in the manner herein before directed, shall immediately forfeit, independant of the Taxes, a penal sum of One hundred and Fifty Guilders, to be applied to the use of the Government Chest.
And that no Ignorance may be pretended of what is herein before directed and required, these presents shall be Published, posted up, Printed and sent round for general Information.
Thus done in our Extraordinary Assembly held in the Town of Stabroek, Demerary, on the 17th of December 1807, and Published on the 9th of January 1808.
Robt: Nicholson.
By Command,
P. F. Tinne, D. Secty of the Colony.

Return of Slaves appertaining to Plantation --
Working Field People
Children from 3 to 12 Years of Age
Sucking Children and Invalids.
Free Women of Colour

Return of Slaves appertaining to
Field Negroes
Children from 3 to 12 Years
Sucking Children and Invalids
Free Women of Colour

Wy Robert Nicholson, Luutenant Gourverneur in zo over de Colonien en onderhoorige Districten van Essequebo en Demerary, President in alle Collegien, &c. &c. &c. en Raaden van Politie over gem: Colonien.
Allen de geenen, die deeze zullen zien of hooren leezen, Salut: Doen te weeten -
Naadien het noodig is de Gouvernements Cas weeder te voorzien van de nodige Fondsen tot goedmaaking der Jaarlyksche onkosten, warmede dezelve belast is.
Zoo is het, dat wy, ingevolge voordragt van den Heer Gouverneur by dezen uitschryve het Hoofd-Geld over den Jaare 1806, en zulks op den voet en ingevolge de voorschriften hier [illegible section – top of third column on first page] . . .
Door die geenen, die vier hebben, Tien Guldens per hoofd.
Door die geenen, de vyf hebben, Vyftien Guldens per hoofd.
Door die geenen, de ses hebben, Twintig Guldens per hoofd.
Door die geenen, de zeven hebben, Vyf en twentig Guldens per hoofd.
Die geenen, die agt hebben, Dertig Guldens per hoofd.
En die geene, die negen of daarboven hebben, Veertig Guldens.
Doc zullen van deze hoogere berekening op Huisslaaven, bevryde zyn, Planters, die op hunne Plantagien woonen, als mede de Heer Gouvernment tot een getal van twintig slaaven, Raaden, Secretarissen, Ontvangers en Vendue Meesters, tot een getal van ses Negers, en laagere Amptenaaren, die verplicht zyn and de Hoofdplaatsen te woonen, tot een geta van vier slaaven toe.
Darvoor[??] de Ambagts Lieden voor de slaaven, die zy by hun Amgagt emplojjeeren, vullen betaalen een Hoofdgeld van zeven Guldens voor elken zodanige slaaf of slaavinne.
Dat de vrye gecouleurde Meiden zullen hebben optebrengen, ieder voor haar Persoon, tien Guldens, ter wyl de overige Regulatien omtrent de vrye gecouleurde Mans zullen blyven, als by voorige Ordonnantien dien aangaande bepaald is.
En ten einde de opgaven tot betaaling dezer Hoofdgelden op cane regehunatige wyze te doen geschieden, heben wy verder bepaald, gelyk wy bepaalen by dezen.
Dat een iegelyk Planter in deze Colonie of Rivieren, het zy Eigenaar of Administrateur, verplicht zal zyn voor den 1e Mey 1808, exacte opgat[?] onder presentatie van Eede te doen van het generaal getal slaaven over den Jaar 1806, behoorende tot elk Plantagie, dewelke hun aankoomende is, of onder hunne administratie zich bevindt, verdeeld volgens de Lysten, aan den voet deesen Publicatie gedrukt en welke verder aan de respective Ontsangers comptoiren in blanco, ter opvullinge, te bekoomen zyn.
Zullende de Ingezetenen die geen Plantagien bezitten, ofschoon daarop woonende, en dezulke, welke niet op Plantagien, maar op eenige Grond in deze Colonien ofte in de Hoofdplaatzen hun Verblyf honden, mede gehouden zyn onder presentatie van Eede exacte opgave te doen van hunne slaaven en slaavinnen, zoo Huis slaaven, Ambachts en andere slaaven; ten welken einde alsmede door de ingezetenen in dit gedeelte deezer Ordonnantie bedoeld, Lysten zullen moeten ingevuld worden agtervolgens het model meede aan den voet deeser Publicatie gedrukt en aan de Ontvangers Comptorien te bekoomen. En zullen voorts dezelve Lysten met de meeste [illegible] moeten veworden ingevald, dusdanig dat men duydelyk kan distingueeren het getal der slaaven van ieder soort in deze op-gaven vermelde, en het volle getal van alle slaaven, die zich op iedere Plantagie in den Jaare 1806 bevonden.
En zal wyders de belasting der Hoofdgelden oven den Jaare 1806 hiervooren omschreeven door ieder Ingezeten respectivelyk ter zelve tyd niet het doen der opgaaven, ten Comptoire der respective Ontvangers, moeten betaald worden voor den 1e Mey 1808, alles in Contante Spesien, Wisselbrieven ten genoegen van den Ontvanger of in wettige Ordonnantien ten lasten van's Lands of Gouvernements Cas.
Wordende voorts vastgesteld, dat de Ontsangers der Lands Cas, zoo in Essequebo als Demerary, tot het aanneemen van deeze Opgaven en Betaalingen zullen moeten vaceeren van heden af, van 't Maandags tot Vrydags inclusief van de klokke 9 Uuren voor de middage tot des naa de middags ten 1 Uur, alles op Poene, dat die geenen, welke nalatig zullen zyn hunne Opgaven en Betaalingen, in deezen gerequireerd, binnen de daartoe bepaalde tyd, en zoo en in diervoegen, als de Lysten indiqueeren, te doen, daadelyk naa expiratie van de gem: tyd, in des Ontvangen Boeken zullen worden gedebiteered voor alzulke somma, als door hun aan Hoodfdgelden over den Jaare 1805 is betaald geweest, met een vierde verhooging of 25 per Cent meerder dan hunne Contributie in gem: Jaar 1805 heest bedraagen, en de zulks alles om tegens de nalatigen by Parate Executie te worden verhaald.
Terwyl voorts die geenen, welke niet in de Boeken der Ontvangers bekend mogten staan en gevonden worden nalatig te zyn in hunne Opgaven binnen den bepaald tyd, conformdewer, te doen, immediaat zullen vervallen in eene Boete von f 150, ten voordeesee der Gouvernements Cas, onvermindert hunne gehoudenis tot betaaling hunner Hoofdgelden.
En op dat niemand van dit alles, in deze Publicatie vervat, eenige Ignorantie voorwende, zal deze worden gepubliceerd gaffigeered, met en Druuk gemeen gemaakt en alommerondgezonden.
Aldus gearresteerd in Onze Buitengewoone Vergaadering, gehouden den 17 December 1807, en gepubliceerd den 9 January 1808.
Robt. Nicholson.
Ter Ordonnantie van de Hove,
P. F. Tinne, Sects.

Opgaave der Slaaven, van de Plantagie -
Van 3 tot 12 Jaaren
Zuigelingen, Malingers en Macroenen
Totaal Slaaven
Vryde Meyden

Opgaave den Slaaven, behoorende aan -
Huis Slaaven
Ambachts Slaaven
Van 3 tot 12 Jaaren
Zuigelingen, Malingers en Macroenen
Totaal Slaaven
Vryde Meyden

Wy Lieutenant Gouverneur en Raaden van Politie over de Rivieren en onderhoorige Districten van Essequebo en Demerary, gecombineerd met Representanten der Ingezetenen in gem: Rivieren, &c. &c.
Allen de geenen, die dezen zullen zien of hooren leezen, Salut! Doen te weeten:
Naadien aan ons gebleken is het beloop der benodigde Penningen, ten einde te voldoen aan de jaarlyksche Ordinaire en Extra Ordinaire onkosten der Administratie dezer Colonie.
Zoo is het, dat wy op heden de heffing van eene Colonie Belasting over her Jaar 1807, hebben bepaald, gelyk wy dezelve bepaalen als volgt.
Dat alle Eigenaaren, Huurdens en Bezitters van eenige Plantagien in deze Colonien dervelver Districten, cultiveerende of aangelegd wordende ter culture van Zuyker, Rum, Molassen, Coffy, Catoen of Indigo, gehouden zusten zyn te betaalen de somma van Drie Guldens voor ieder Slaaf toebehoorende tot of werkende op zoodanige Plantagie of Plantagien, daaronder begrepen Huis, Ambachts en Boot Slaaven, Ouden of Bejaarden, Kinderen en Zuigelingen, Malingers en Macroenen, zonder eenig onderscheid volgens de opgaven en in maniere hier agter nader te bepaalen.
Dat voorts alle Persoonen die binnen deeze Colonien, of derzelver Districten, eenige Inkomsten genieten, of mogen koomen te gepieten, uit eenige andere oorzaak spruitende dan het bekleeden van Militaire Posten, het trekken van Salaris van den Souverein, (zynde de Profyten of emolumenten van wat aart ook door Civile Publieke amptenaaren genoten, aan de naagemelde Tax onderheevig), of de culture van de hier voorten gemelde Producten, van derzelver zoodanige Inkomsten, gerekend naar het grosse beloop van dien, zonder astrek van eenige onkosten, en gecalculeerd naar het geen dezelve Inkomsten hebben bedraagen van primo January 1807, tot ultimo December, van dat Jaar, en zoo proportioneel voor eenig korter tydvak van dat Jaar, almeede zullen verpligt zyn te betaalen, invoegen als by de naavolgende Classen is vasgestelad, te weeten, [illegible section] . . .
--- No. 1. -- - - f 2000, to f 3500, - - f 40. ---
--- -- 2. -- - - 3500, -- 5000, - - - 70. ---
--- -- 3. -- - - 5000, -- 6500, - - - 100. ---
--- -- 4. -- - - 6500, -- 8000, - - - 130. ---
--- -- 5. -- - - 8000, -- 10,000, - - - 160. ---
--- -- 6. -- - - 10,000, -- 15,000, - - - 200. ---
--- -- 7. -- - - 15,000, -- 20,000, - - - 300. ---
--- -- 8. -- - - 20,000, -- 25,000, - - - 400. ---
--- -- 9. -- - - 25,000, -- 30,000, - - - 500. ---
--- -- 10. -- - - 30.000, -- 35,000, - - - 600. ---
--- -- 11. -- - - 35,000, -- 40,000, - - - 700. ---
--- -- 12. -- - - 40,000, -- 45,000, - - - 800. ---
--- -- 13. -- - - 45,000, -- 50,000, - - - 900. ---
--- -- 14. -- - - 50,000, -- 55,000, - - - 1000. ---
--- -- 15. -- - - 55,000, -- 60,000, - - - 1100. ---
--- -- 16. -- - - 60,000, -- 65,000, - - - 1200. ---
--- -- 17. -- - - 65,000, -- 70,000, - - - 1300. ---
--- -- 18. -- - - 70,000, -- 75,000, - - - 1400. ---
--- -- 19. -- - - 75,000, -- 80,000, - - - 1500. ---
--- -- 20. -- - - 80,000, -- 85,000, - - - 1600. ---
--- -- 21. -- - - 85,000, -- 90,000, - - - 1700. ---
--- -- 22. -- - - 90,000, -- 95,000, - - - 1800. ---
--- -- 23. -- - - 95,000, -- 100,000, - - - 1900. ---
--- -- 24. -- - 100,000, -- 110,000, - - - 2000. ---
--- -- 25. -- - 110,000, -- 120,000, - - - 2200. ---
--- -- 26. -- - 120,000, -- 130,000, - - - 2400. ---
--- -- 27. -- - 130,000, -- 140,000, - - - 2600. ---
--- -- 28. -- - 140,000, -- 150,000, - - - 2800. ---
Zullende van deze betaaling, de belasting der Inkomsten betreffende, bevryd zyn alle de geenen, vier Inkomsten over het Jaar 1807, niet hooger dat de somma van 2000 Guldens beloopen hebben.
Zullende alle Persoonen die eenig inkosten genieten spruitended uit de arbeid van Slaaven, niet uit Plantagien behoorende [illegible] die Slaaven [illegible]tyds op dezelven ge‘mployeerd worden ter verrichting van werk by [illegible section] . . .
welke opgaven de gemelde Persoonen voor den 1ste Mey 1808 ten Comptoire van de respective Ontsangers zullen moeten inleveren of verzorg en; zullende deze opgaven, allen voor zoo veel die der Slaaven aangaat, door den durk publiek gemaakt worden.
Lastende en beveelende wy dat alle Persoonen in deze Colonien zonder eenig uitzondering, het zy dezelve aan de hiervoor bepaalde geclasificeerde belasting onderhevig zyn dan niet, moeten verklaaren, tot welke Classen dezelve behooren en voorts te gelyker tyd onder Eede naar hunne beste wetenschap declareeren, dat het grosse beloop van derzelver Inkomsten over den Jaare 1807 nite excedeerd de hoogste Som van zoodanige Classe, waartoe dezelve zullen verklaard hebben te behooren, ofte, (zoo zulks het geval mogte weezen), dat zy in het geheel daarin niet vallen, doordien zy geene zoodanige Revenues als vooren gemeld, hebben genoten, ofte dat die de somma van twee duyzend Guldens niet te boven gaan; doch worden by dezen van de verpligting der Eeds praestatie ge‘ximeerd, alle die geenen, welke zullen verklaaren tot de hoogste Classe te bebooren, en als zoodanig hun aandeel in deze belasting betaalen.
En zullen de verschillende be‘edigingen, hiervooren gemeld, moeten worden afgelegd in handen van de Gouverneur over de beide Rivieren, of van den Commandeur van Essequebo, een der Raaden van Politie en Justitie, of wel in handen van de Burger Majoors of Capteinen in hunne respective Divisien, ten welken einde dezoodaanigen vn de genoemden, als niet reeds gequalificeerd zyn, door den Hove van Politie daartoe speciaal worden geauctoriseerd by dezen.
En is wyders vastgesteld en bepaald, dat de behoorlyke Attestanien van het afleggen der voorschreeven Eeden ondertekend door de geenen in wiens handen zoodanige Eeds praestatien respectivelyk zyn geschied, ter zelver tyd met de hier voor gemelde opgaven en verklaaringen aan de respective Ontsangers ten hunnen Comptoire zullen worden geproduceerd voor den 1ste Mey 1808, en dat voorts by het produceeren aan dezelve ten Comptoire van de Ontsangers, Ingevolge voornoemde opgaven en verklaaringen, door alle Persoonen aan de voorz: belastingen onderhevig, betaaling zal moeten gedaan worden van hun aandeel in gezegde belastingen in Contante Gulden of goode Wisselbrieve ten genoegen aan de respectve Ontsangers, alles voor den 1ste mey 1808.
Zullend die geenen, welke nalatigen zyn (een ieder in derzelfs resepct) hunne voorgemelde Opgaven, Attestatien en Verklarringen te prodeceeren, en de respective Belastingen hiervooren bepaald te betaalen, in maniere en binnen den tyd, hierboven gestatueerd, gehouden zyn, dadelyk naa expiratie van dezelve tyd, naamentlyk wat de Slaaven betreft, ten Comptoire van de respective Ontsangers betaaling te praesteeren gelyk zy ook alfdan in de boeken aldaar gedebiteerd zullen worden,) [sic] voor al zulk getal Slaaven, als waarvoor zy volgens hunne laatst gedaane opgaven, betaald hebben, en dat wel pro rato van drie Guldens per kop, en met by voeging van zoodanige eene additioneele somma als een vierde van het geheel hunner laatst gedaane opgave uitmaakt; mede gerekend tegens drie Guldens voor ieder Slaaf; - terwyl die geenen, die niet mogten bekend staan op de Boeken der respective Ontsangers en nalatig blyven hunne opgave van Slaaven, in maniere hiervoor bepaald, te doen, betaalen zullen Vyf Honderd Guldens aan de Colonie Cas.
En voor zo veel aangaat de belasting op Inkomsten by Classen, zullen de nalatigen ten dien opzigte, naa expiratie van de gestatueerde tyd voormeld, dadelyk ten Comptoire van den Ontsanger betaalen de hoogste somma by de laatste Classe bepaald, naamentlyk f 2800.
En is laatstelyk nog vastgesteld, dat tot het ontvangen van alle de voormelde Belastingen en Opgaven ten Comptoire van de respective Ontsangers zal worden gevaceerd van 1e January tot den 1ste Mey 1808, alle van 9 Uuren [illegible]morgene, tot 1 Uur naa den middag, uitgenomen alle Zaturdagen en Zondagen.
Buiten en behalven de voorafgaande ordinaire belastingen, hebben wy verder noodig geacht te statueeren zoo als geschied mits deezen dat in 't vervolg een Coloniaale belasting van Vyftig Guldens zal betaald worden voor ieder Pyp Madeira Wyn inhoudende 110 Gallons en zoo na rato voor ieder grooter of mindere quantiteit, welke naa dato van de Publicatie deezer binne deeze Colonie zal worden geimporteerd, zullende deeze belasting moeten betaald worden ten Comptoire van de Ontvanger der Colonie Kas; ten welken einde Zyne Excellentie den Heer Gouverneur door den Hove is verzogt geworden geene Scheepen, Madeira Wyn aanbrengende, in deeze Colonie tot inklaaring te admitteeren ten zy op hunne Manifesten ook van wegens den Ontvanger der Colonie Kas blyke dat deeze Belasting is betaald, of genoegzaame Securiteit daarvoor is gegeeven.
En is verder gestatueerd zoo als gestatueerd word mits deezen, by wyze van ampliatie van 's Hofs Publicatie gearresteerd den 26ste Mey 1803, en gepubliceerd den 16de July van het zelfde Jaar, dat de Passen of Permissie-Brieftjes de uit kragte van die Proclamatie door de Gouverneur en Commandeur respectivelyk verleend worden voor het ronddraagen ter Verkoop van Goederen ten platte lande, in 't vervolg voor geen langer of korter tyd dan Zes Maanden aldus zullen afgegeeven worden, na expiratie van dewelke tyd dezelve zullen moeten vernieuwd worden: zullende een iegelyk die zoodaanig Permissie-Billet ontvangt daarvoor telkens aan de Colonie moeten betaalen de Som van Twee en Twentig Guldens, waarvan de betaaling door de respective Ontvangers in de Permissie-Billetten zal moeten geattesteerd worden; en ingeval iemand 't zy vry of onvry ten platte lande gevonden mogt worden Goederen ter Verkoop ronddraagende, met een Pas of Permissie-Billet van een laater datum dan die der Publicatie deezes, doch welke niet als voormeld door den Ontvanger meede onderteekend is, zoo zal en moet zoodaanige Pas gehouden worden van geener waarde te zyn en de houder van dezelve of die geen welke zoodaanige Goederen daarmederonddraagt, 't zy vry of onvry, onderheevig zyn aan de Paenaliteiten en Strasten by voormelde Publicatie bepaald, welke laatstgemelde in alle andere opzichten in volle vigueur blyft.
Laastelyk hebben wy goedgevonden te Statueeren zoo als gestatueerd word mits deezen, dat alle ongedomicilieerde Kooplieden, te weeten, Schippers, Supercargos of anderen, die geduurende hun vertoef in deeze Colonie eenig Revenue komen te genieten, Spruitende uit de Verkoop van Goederen of Koopmanschappen, eene Coloniaale Belasting van Een per Centum op de factuur van zoodoonige Goedern, zullen moeten betaalen; gelastende wy dierhalven dat alle zoodaanige Schippers, Supercargos of anderen die zulks aangaat, voor hun vertrek uit deeze Colonie aan den Ontvanger van de Colonie Kas zullen betaalen de bovegemelde Tax op de gemeld Origineele Factuur, die door hen zal moeten worden geproduceerd, of wel met Eede zullen moeten verklaaren (tot het afneemen van welke Eed den Ontvangers mits deezen geauthoriseerd word) dat zy nog direct of indirect eenig zoodaanig inkomen geduurende hun vertoef in de Colonie gemaakt of getrokken hebben; - en ingeval, 't zy de Attestatie van den Ontvanger wegens het praesteeren van dien Eed, of wel de quittantie voor de betaaling der gemelde Tax, niet ter Secretary geproduceerd word, zal aan zoodaanig Persoon door den Secretaris geene Pas om uit be Colonie te vertrekken, worden afgegeeven.
De Schippers of Supercargas van Americaansche Vaartuigen zyn niet begreepen onder die geenen welke aan de gem: Tax onderheeving zyn, uit hoofde van de Zwaare Rechten die zy reeds aan de Land's Kas betaalen.
En op dat niemand eenige Ignorantie hiervan pretendeere, zal deze worden gepubliceerd, geaffigeerd en rondgezonden.
Aldus geŠrresteerd in Onze Gecombineerde Vergadering, den 17e December 1807, en gepubliceerd den 2de January 1808.
Robt. Nicholson.
Ter Ordonnantie van dezelve,
P. F. Tinne, Secretaris.

His Excellency the Acting Lt. Governor has this day received from the Right Honorable Lord Hawkesbury, One of His Majesty's Principal Secretary's [sic] of State, the following Supplement to the London Gazette, of Saturday the 14th November, and Instruction to the Commanders of His Majesty's Ships of War, &c. &c. relating thereto.
King's House, Demerary, the 5th day of January, 1808.
R. Nicholson.

Supplement to the London Gazette, [heading]
Of Saturday, the 14th of November.
Published by Authority.
Monday, November 16th. 1807.

At the Court at the Queen's Palace, the 11th of November 1807,
PRESENT, [centered]
The King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council.
Whereas certain Orders, establishing an unprecedented System of Warfare against this Kingdom, and aimed especially at the Destruction of its Commerce and Resources, were, some Time since, issued by the Government of France, by which "The British Islands
"were declared to be in a State of Blockade," thereby subjecting to Capture and Condemnation all Vessels, with their Cargoes, which should continue to trade with His Majesty's Dominions:
And whereas by the same Orders, "all trading in
"English Merchandize is prohibited, and every Article
"of Merchandize belonging to England, or coming
"from her Colonies, or of her Manufacture, is declared
"lawful Prize."
And whereas the Nations in Alliance with France, and under her Controul, were required to give, and have given, and do give, Effect to such Orders.
And whereas His Majesty's Order of the 7th of January last has not answered the desired Purpose, either of compelling the Enemy to recall those Orders, or of inducing Neutral Nations to interpose, with Effect, to obtain their Revocation, but, on the contrary, the same have been recently enforced with increased Rigour!
And whereas His Majesty, under those Circumstances, finds Himself compelled to take further Measures for asserting and vindicating His just Rights, and for supporting that Maritime Power which the Exertions and Valour of His People have, under the Blessing of Providence, enabled Him to establish and maintain; and the Maintenance of which is not more essential to the Safety and Prosperity of His Majesty's Dominions, than it is to the Protection of such States as still retain their Independence, and to the general Intercourse and Happiness of Mankind.
His Majesty is therefore pleased, by and with the Advice of His Privy Council, to order, and it is hereby ordered, that all the Ports and Places of France and her Allies, or of any other Country at War with His Majesty, and all other Ports and Places in Europe, from which, although not at War with His Majesty, the British Flag is excluded, and all Ports or Places in the Colonies belonging to His Majesty's Enemies, shall, from henceforth, be subject to the same Restrictions in point of Trade and Navigation, with the Exceptions hereinafter mentioned, as if the same were actually blockaded by His Majesty's Naval Forces, in the most strict and rigorous Manner: - And it is hereby further ordered and declared, that all Trade in Articles which are of the Produce and Manufacture of the said Countries or Colonies, shall be deemed and considered to be unlawful; and that every Vessel trading from or to the said Countries or Colonies, together with all Goods and Merchandize on board, and all Articles of the Produce and Manufacture of the said Countries or Colonies, shall be captured, and condemned as Prize to the Captors.
But although His Majesty would be fully justified by the Circumstances and Considerations above recited in establishing such System of Restrictions with respect to all the Countries and Colonies of His Enemies, without Exception or Qualifications; yet His Majesty, being nevertheless desirous not to subject Neutrals to any greater Inconvenience than is absolutely inseparable from the carrying into effect His Majesty's just Determination to counteract the Designs of His Enemies, and to retort upon His Enemies themselves the Consequences of their own Violence and Injustice; and being yet willing to hope that it may be possible (consistently with that Object) still to allow to Neutrals the Opportunity of furnishing themselves with Colonial Produce for their own Consumption and Supply; and even to leave open, for the present, such Trade with His Majesty's Enemies as shall be carried on directly with the Ports of His Majesty's Dominions, or of His Allies, in the Manner hereinafter mentioned:
His Majesty is therefore pleased further to order, and it is hereby ordered, That nothing herein contained shall extend to subject to Capture or Condemnation any Vessel, or the Cargo of any Vessel, belonging to any Country not declared by this Order to be subjected to the Restrictions incident to a State of Blockade, which shall have cleared out with such Cargo from some Port or Place of the Country to which she belongs, either in Europe or America, or from some Free Port in His Majesty's Colonies, under Circumstances in which such Trade from such Free Port is permitted, direct to some Port or Place in the Colonies of His Majesty's Enemies, or from those Colonies direct to the Country to which such Vessel belongs, or to some Free Port in His Majesty's Colonies, in such Cases, and with such Articles, as it may be lawful to import into such Free Port; - Nor to any Vessel, or the Cargo of any Vessel, belonging to any Country not at War with His Majesty, which shall have cleared out from some Port or Place in this Kingdom, or from Gibraltar or Malta, under such Regulations as His Majesty may think fit to prescribe, or from any Port belonging to His Majesty's Allies, and shall be proceeding direct to the Port specified in her Clearance. Nor to any Vessel, or the Cargo of any Vessel, belonging to any Country not at War with His Majesty, which shall be coming from any Port or Place in Europe which is declared by this Order to be subject to the Restrictions incident to a State of Blockade, destined to some Port or Place in Europe belonging to His Majesty, and which shall be on her Voyage [illegible] thereto, but these Exceptions are not to be understood as exempting from Capture or Confiscation any Vessel or Goods which shall be liable thereto in respect of having entered or departed from any Port or Place actually blockaded by His Majesty's Squadrons or Ships of War, or for being Enemies' Property, or for any other Cause than the Contravention of this present Order.
And the Commanders of His Majesty's Ships of War and Privateers, and other Vessels acting under His Majesty's Commission, shall be, and are hereby, instructed to warn every Vessel which shall have commenced her Voyage prior to any Notice of this Order, and shall be destined to any Port of France, or of her Allies, or of any other Country at War with His Majesty, or to any Port or Place from which the British Flag as aforesaid is excluded, or to any Colony belonging to His Majesty's Enemies, and which shall not have cleared out as is hereinbefore allowed, to discontinue her Voyage, and to proceed to some Port or Place in this Kingdom, or to Gibraltar or Malta; and any Vessel which, after having been so warned, or after a reasonable Time shall have been afforded for the Arrival of Information of this His Majesty's Order at any Port or Place from which she sailed, or which, after having Notice of this Order, shall be found in the Prosecution of any Voyage contrary to the Restrictions contained in this Order, shall be captured, and, together with her Cargo, condemned as lawful Prize to the Captors.
And whereas Countries not engaged in the War, have acquisced in the Orders of France, prohibiting all Trade in any Articles the Produce or Manufacture of His Majesty's Dominions; and the Merchants of those Countries have given countenance and effect to those Prohibitions, by accepting from Persons styling themselves Commercial Agents of the Enemy, resident at Neutral Ports, certain Documents termed "Certificates of Origin," being Certificates obtained at the Ports of Shipment, declaring that the Articles of the Cargo are not of the Produce or Manufacture of His Majesty's Dominions, or to that Effect.
And whereas this Expedient has been directed by France, and submitted to by such Merchants, as Part of the new System of Warfare directed against the Trade of this Kingdom, and as the most effectual instrument of accomplishing the same, and it is therefore essentially necessary to resist it.
His Majesty is therefore pleased, by and with the Advice of His Privy Council, to order, and it is hereby ordered, that if any Vessel, after reasonable Time shall have been afforded for receiving Notice of this His Majesty's Order at the Port or Place from which such Vessel shall have cleared out, shall be found carrying any such Certificate or Document as aforesaid, or any Document referring to, or authenticating the same, such Vessel shall be adjudged lawful Prize to the Captor, together with the Goods laden therein, belonging to the Person or Persons by whom, or on whose Behalf, any such Document was put on board.
And the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty and Courts of Vice-Admiralty, are to take the necessary Measures, herein, as to them shall respectively appertain.
W. Fawkener.

At the Court at the Queen's Palace, the 11th of November 1807,
PRESENT, [centered]
The King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council.
Whereas Articles of the Growth and Manufacture of Foreign Countries cannot by Law be imported into this Country, except in British Ships, or in Ships belonging to the Countries of which such Articles are the Growth and Manufacture, without an Order in Council specially authorizing the same.
His Majesty, taking into Consideration the Order of this Day's Date, respecting the Trade to be carried on to and from the Ports of the Enemy, and deeming it expedient that any Vessel belonging to any Country in Alliance, or at Amity with His Majesty, may be permitted to import into this Country in Alliance, or at Amity with His Majesty, may be permitted to import into this Country Articles of the Produce or Manufacture of Countries at War with His Majesty.
His Majesty, by and with the Advice of His Privy Council, is therefore pleased to order, and it is hereby ordered, that all Goods, Wares, or Merchandizes, specified and included in the Schedule of an Act, passed in the Forty-third Year of His present Majesty's Reign, intituled "An Act to repeal the Duties of
"Customs payable in Great Britain, and to grant
"other Duties in lieu thereof." may be imported from any Port or Place belonging to any State not at Amity with His Majesty, in Ships belonging to any State at Amity with His Majesty, subject to the Payment of of [sic] such Duties, and liable to such Drawbacks as are now established by Law upon the Importation of the said Goods, Wares, or Merchandize, in Ships navigated according to Law; and with respect to such of the said Goods, Wares, or Merchandize, as are authorized to be warehoused under the Provisions of an Act, passed in the Forty-third Year of His present Majesty's Reign, intituled "An Act for permitting
"certain Goods imported into Great Britain, to be
"secured in Warehouses without Payment of Duty." subject to all the Regulations of the said last mentioned Act; and with respect to all Articles which are prohibited by Law from being imported into this Country, it is ordered, that the same shall be reported for Exportation to any Country in Amity or Alliance with His Majesty.
And His Majesty is further pleased, by and with the advice of His Privy Council, to order, and it is hereby ordered, That all Vessels which shall arrive at any Port of the United Kingdom, or at the Port of Gibraltar or Malta, in consequence of having been warned pursuant to the aforesaid Order, or in consequence of receiving Information, in any other Manner, of the said Order, subsequent to their having taken on board any Part of their Cargoes, whether previous or subsequent to their sailing, shall be permitted to report their Cargoes for Exportation; and shall be allowed to proceed upon their Voyages to their original Ports of Destination, 9if not unlawful before the issuing of the said Order,) or to any Port at Amity with His Majesty, upon receiving a Certificate from the Collector or Comptroller of the Customs at the Port at which they shall so enter, (which Certificate the said Collectors and Comptrollers of the Customs are hereby authorized and required to give,) setting forth that such Vessels came into such Port in consequence of being so warned, or of receiving such Information as aforesaid; and that they were permitted to sail from such Port under the Regulations which His Majesty has been pleased to establish in respect to such Vessels. But in case any Vessel so arriving shall prefer to import her Cargo, then such Vessel shall be allowed to enter and import the same, upon such Terms and Conditions as the said Cargo might have been imported upon, according to Law, in case the said Vessel had sailed after having received Notice of the said Order, and in conformity thereto.
And it is further ordered, that all Vessels which shall arrive at any Port of the United Kingdom, or at Gibraltar or Malta, in Conformity and Obedience to the said Order, shall be allowed, in respect to all Articles which may be on board the same, except Sugar, Coffee, Wine, Brandy, Snuff, and Tobacco, to clear out to any Port whatever, to be specified in such Clearances; and, with respect to the last-mentioned Articles, to export the same to such Ports, and under such Conditions and Regulations only, as His Majesty, by any Licence to be granted for that Purpose, may direct.
And the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, and the Judges of the High Court of Admiralty and Courts of Vice-Admiralty, are to take the necessary Measures herein as to them shall respectively appertain. W. Fawkener.

At the Court at the Queen's Palace, the 11th of November 1807,
PRESENT, [centered]
The King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council.
Whereas the Sale of Ships by a Belligerent to a Neutral is considered by France to be illegal.
And whereas a great Part of the Shipping of France and her Allies has been protected from Capture during the present Hostilities by Transfers, or pretended Transfers, to Neutrals:
And whereas it is fully justifiable to adopt the same Rule, in this respect, towards the Enemy, which is applied by the Enemy to this Country.
His Majesty is pleased, by and with the Advice of His Privy Council, to order, and it is hereby ordered, That in future the Sale to a Neutral of any Vessel belonging to His Majesty's Enemies, shall not be deemed to be legal, nor in any Manner to transfer the Property, nor to alter the Character of such Vessel. And all Vessels now belonging, or which shall hereafter belong to any Enemy of His Majesty, notwithstanding any Sale, or pretended Sale to a Neutral, after a reasonable Time shall have elapsed for receiving Information of this His Majesty's Order at the Place where such Sale, or pretended Sale, was effected, shall be captured and brought in, and shall be adjudged as lawful Prize to the Captors.
And the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, and the Judges of the High Court of Admiralty and Courts of Vice-Admiralty, are to take the necessary Measures herein as to them shall respectively appertain. W. Fawkener.

Instructions to the Commanders of His Majesty's Ships of War and Privateers, and to the Judge of His Majesty's High Court of Admiralty and the Judges of His Majesty's Courts of Vice-Admiralty, for carrying into Execution His Majesty's Order in Council, bearing date the 11th of November, 1807, Given at Our Court at St. James's the 11th day of November 1807, in the 48th Year of Our Reign.
Whereas by Our Order in Council of the 11th November instant, it is recited and ordered as follows; to wit:
[Here is inserted the General Orders, beginning "Whereas by Our Order in Council," and ending, "any such Document was put on Board," according to the Tenor of the same, as printed in the inclosed Gazette.]
Our Will and Pleasure is, and We do hereby direct, by and with the Advice of Our Privy Council, That the Commanders of our Ships of War and Privateers do act in due Conformity to, and Execution of, Our aforesaid Order in Council. And We do further order and declare, that nothing in the said Order shall extend, or be construed to extend to prevent any Vessel not belonging to a Country declared to be under the Restrictions of Blockade as aforesaid, from carrying from any Port or Place of the Country to which such Vessel belongs, any articles of Manufacture or Produce whatever, not being Enemys [sic] property, to any port or place in this Kingdom.
And we do further direct, that all articles of British manufacture, upon due proof thereof, (not being naval or military stores) shall be restored by our Courts of Admiralty or Vice-Admiralty, on whatever voyage they may have been captured; to whomsoever the same shall appear to belong. - And we do further direct, with respect to Vessels subject only to be warned, that any Vessel which shall belong to any Country not declared by the said order to be under the Restrictions of Blockade and which shall be proceeding on her Voyage direct to some Port or Place of the Country to which such Vessel belongs, shall be permitted to proceed on her said Voyage; and any Vessel bound to any Part in America, or the West Indies, to which port or Place such Vessel does not belong, and which is not near to America, or the West Indies, shall be permitted, at the Choice of the Master of such Vessel, to proceed either to Halifax or to One of Our Free Ports in the West Indies, at the Option of such Master. - Which Choice of the Master, and the Port chosen by and assigned to him, shall be written on One or more of the principal Ship's Papers. And any Vessel subject to Warning, met beyond the Equator, shall, in like Manner, be permitted to proceed, at the Choice of the Master of such Vessel, either to St. Helena, the Cape of Good Hope, or the Island of Ceylon. - And any such Vessel which shall be bound to any Port or Place in Europe, shall be permitted, at the Choice of the Master of such Vessel, to proceed either to Gibraltar or Malta, or to any Port in this Kingdom, at the Option of such Master; which request of the Master, as well as the Port chosen by and assigned to him, shall be, in like Manner, written upon One or more of the principal ships Papers. - And we do further direct, that nothing in the above Order contained shall extend, or be construed to extend, to repeal or vacate the additional instructions of the 4th day of February last, directing that Neutral Vessels laden with Cargoes consisting of the Articles therein enumerated, coming for importation to any Port of Our United Kingdom (provided they are not coming from any Port in a State of strict and rigorous Blockade,) must not be interrupted.
(Countersigned) Hawkesbury.

By Virtue of an appointment of the Honble. Court of Justice of this Colony, bearing date 20th December 1806, granted on the Petition of the Honble: Victor A. Heyliger & Lachlan Cuming, in behalf of his Wife Margaretta Clara Heyliger, heirs to the Estate of Johs. Heyliger J. Filius, deceased; are herewith, by me First Exploiteur by Edict summoned all known and unknown Creditors to the Estate of Johs. Heyliger, J. Filius; late Governor of the Colony of Berbice, to appear before the Honble: Court of Justice at their session in the Town of Stabroek on the 18th January 1808, and following days, in order to render their pretentions in due form. Whereas after the expiration of the fourth summons by edict, will be applied to obtain against the non appearers the perpetual silence; thus published and affixed.
Rio Demerary, 8th January, 1808.
Marts: Smit. First Exploiteur.
S. van Yzenddoorn, Swz. Translator.


On Saturday 16th inst. [compare with 18080102EDRG - Vendue changes] will be exposed for sale at the Vendue Office, - A considerable quantity of India goods, new superfine flour, mess beef and pork, &c. Also, three prime Negroes.
Also on the same day will be exposed for sale on the Premises by order of His Excellency Governor Nicholson, the frame and boarded part of the store formerly occupied by the Resident Commissary, as it shall stand on that day.
Jan. 2d. Robert Kingston.

On Monday and Tuesday the 18th and 19th inst. will be exposed for sale by order of Messrs. De Boer & Breet, at their store in Stabroek, - Irish and Dutch linen and sheeting, muslins, shawls, chambrey, bed quilts, plattillias, check, stripe, tape and thread, negro clothing, brass tea kettles and coffee pots, coffee mills, tin ware, cutlasses, paint and paint oil, a large assortment of jewellery, gold watches and chains, glass lanthorns, &c. Also, provisions, candles and soap, tar, negroes, &c.
Jan. 9th. Robert Kingston.

On Saturday 23d inst. will be exposed for sale at the Vendue Office - Mess beef and pork in barrels and half barrels, pilot bread in barrels, crackers in kegs, salt in barrels, hogs lard, flour, bread, &c. &c.
Jan. 9th. Robert Kingston.

To be sold at Vendue on account of the Underwriters, by order of Messrs. Hugh Mackenzie & Co. on Monday the 25th inst. at their store in Robb's Town, - Superfine scarlet broad cloth, do. navy blue do., do. French black napt do., do. bottle green do., do. blue cassimere, do. black do., do. gray do. Also, soap and candles, beef, porter and ale, nails, paints and paint oil, coopers and carpenters tools, salempores, checks, Irish linens and sheeting, Gentlemens cloaths, &c. &c.
Jan. 9th. Robert Kingston.

On Tuesday and Wednesday 26th and 27th inst. will be exposed for sale by order of Messrs. Eleazor & Castello, at their store in Robb's Town, a large assortment of dry goods, jewellery, &c.
Also, the lease of half lot No. 24, situated in middle street Robb's town, with the buildings thereon; terms of payment will be known the day of sale.
Jan. 9th. Robert Kingston.

On Friday 29th inst. will be exposed for sale by order of James Knight, Esq. two compleat house servants named Polly Ann and Rachael, formerly the property of Mr. A. Campbell. Also on the same day, a good house Carpenter, sold for no fault.
Jan. 9th. Robert Kingston.

On Monday 1st Feb. will be exposed for sale at Public Auction by order of Messrs. Douglas, Reed & Co. at their store, - Irish linen and sheeting, callicoes, muslins, stockings, plattillias, brittannias, checks, cotton sheeting, dimitys, superfine broad cloths, cassimere, boots and shoes, stationary, sadlery, mess beef and pork in barrels and half ditto, hams, cheese, butter, bottled porter and beer, port wine, soap, candles, paint and paint oil. Also, London particular Madeira wine, &c. &c.
Jan. 9th. Robert Kingston.

NEW NEGROES. [heading]
The subscribers have received by the ship Stork, Capt. Turnbull last from Barbados
40 Prime Young Angola Slaves, [centered]
which they will be ready to deliver on Wednesday the 13th Instant, at their stores in Cumingsburgh, to those Gentlemen who Commissioned them to import Negroes under their Licences.
Naghten & Fitzgerald.
Demerary, 9th January 1808.

FOR LIVERPOOL. [heading]
The Snow Clarence, Jas. Grieve, Master, expected to sail about the middle of February in company with other ships. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master, or
Jan. 9th W. Wilkinson.

FOR GLASGOW [heading]
The well known ship Ariadne, George Johnston Master, will sail a running ship (in company with any other that may offer) by the second springs in February. For Freight or Passage apply to
Jno. Dickson.
Cumingsburg, 9th January 1808.

Drifted or Stolen on Friday night or early on Saturday morning, 26th Decbr. 1807, from the Canal in front of Plan. Vlissingen, a small new Punt; Any Person giving information of the above will be rewarded by applying at the store of Mr. R. S. Turton, New Town.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary. [heading]
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, VIZ: -
Mr. R. C. Adamson, in 14 days, Jan. 2d 1809.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

NEW NEGROES. [heading]
The subscribers beg leave to inform such of their Friends as Commissioned them to import Negroes under their Licences, that they have just received
80 Prime Young Slaves in high Health. [centered]
Imported in the ship Stork, Captain Turnbull, last from Barbados, which will be ready for delivery on Wednesday the 13th Inst, at the stores lately occupied by Messrs. Underwood, Johnson & Co.
Colin Macrae.
H. I. Underwood.
Demerary, 9th January 1808.

The Copartnership of Underwood, Johnson & Co. having been this day dissolved by mutual consent, the subscribers beg leave to Notify the same, and to request of those to whom they stand indebted to render their Accounts for settlement, and those indebted to the said Firm are requested to make Payment of their Accounts as soon as possible to enable them to close their affairs.
H. I. Underwood.
John Johnson.
Demerary, January 9th 1808.

The Subscribers have for Sale at the Store lately Occupied by Messrs. Underwood, Johnson & Co.
[first column]
Best mess Beef and Pork,
Tripe in Kegs,
Refined Sugar and Tea,
Pickles, and Fish Sauces,
Porter and Table Beer,
Port Wine,
Madeira Wine, of the first quality in Pipes, Hhds, and quarter Casks,
Oats in Puncheons,
Paints, and Paint Oil,
Neatsfoot Oil, and Spirits Turpentine,
Gunpowder, and shot,
Sheet Lead,
Coffee Menaries,
Sugar Stainers [sic],
Ladles and Scummers,
Temper lime,
Coffee, and Cotton Bagging,
Negro Cloathing,
Cordage, and Boat Cables,
Anchors for Colony Boats,
Sail Canvas,, [sic - two commas]
Sewing, and Sein [sic] Twine,
White Nankeen,
[second column]
Mens Shoes, and Boots,
Mens, and Womens Stockings,
A General assortment of Stationary,
Ready made Cloaths,
Saddlery assorted,
Glass Ware,
Mens Silk Hats,
Negro ditto,
Nails, of all kinds,
Carpenters, and Coopers Tools,
Bolts, and Hinges,
Locks, assorted,
Trenching Shovels,
Hoes, and Cutlasses,
Iron boilers,
Grating Barrs [sic],
Fowling Pieces,
Carbines, and Hangers,
Irish Linens, and Long Lawns,
Russia, and Irish Sheeting,
With sundry other articles. And
A few Hogsheads of Tobacco,
[end columns]
Johnson, Dyett, McGarel & Co.
Demerary, 9th January 1808.

Best New Irish Butter for Sale at the Store of Mr. Finlayson,
Robb's Stelling. Jan. 9th.

There has been no arrivals from Europe in the course of the present Week. We have heard that a Vessel has arrived in Berbice from Barbados, and by a private letter it appears that a dreadful mortality prevails in Barbados at present.

No further particulars are mentioned of the Expedition.

His Majesty's Brig Demerary sailed on a cruize on Wednesday last.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last. [heading]

ENTERED [heading]
Schr. Mary Ann, W. McKenzie, from Surinam.
Schr. Sally, James Harding, from Boston.
Ship Stork, W. Turnbull, from Barbados.

CLEARED [heading]
Schr. Ann, S. North, for Tortola.

We feel it but our duty to apologize to many of our Advertising Friends for not inserting their favours this Week, from the circumstances of our having so much official matter; but they may rely on every attention being pay'd to them in our ensuing Number.

[right pointing hand icon] SEE THE SUPPLEMENT. [centered]

Stabroek: Printed and Published
(at Thirty-three Guilders per Annum)
By Edward James Henery.

Supplement to the Essequebo & Demerary Royal Gazette. [heading]

Saturday, January 9th, 1808. [heading]


The Subscriber in addressing the Public in reply to the Deputy Secretary's Notification of the first instant in the Royal Gazette, by no means intends entering into any controversy with that Gentleman, for whom he feels great Personal respect, he merely addresses the common understanding of the Public, by stating, that his present Commission which Authorizes him to use the profession of a Notary Public in these Colonies, and in any of His Majesty's Possessions in South America or West Indies, is under a late solemn Act of Parliament, and thereby the Act of His Majesty delegating such Powers to the Archbishop of Canterbury for that purpose, that the date of his Authority is of the 30th May 1806, and duly recorded in His Majesty's Office for Faulties [sic] in Chancery on the 31st May of the same month, subsequent 22 months to the Letter written by the late Governor Beaujon, dated 7th August 1804, and quoted by the Deputy Secretary, and which was merely to sett [sic] a side the Provisional Appointment under the Then Acting Lieutenant Governor, and which he at that period acted under; his Commission is now under a permanent authority and cannot be set a side but by Act of Parliament, except by representation to the Archbishop of Canterbury of venality in the conduct of the Subscriber.
The Subscriber leaves it to the Public to judge what weight or validity his acts or instruments may have at Lloyd's or elsewhere in matters of Insurance or in any other business in a British Court of Justice, where reference can be had to his authority on record as a Notary Public in the Faculty Office, London, and in the Secretary's Office in this Colony, and he with confidence asserts, that even under his provisional appointment, suspended as before stated, the acts and instruments executed by him, had due and full effect.
The Subscriber again requests the favor of the Public.
Geo: J. Furnace.
Notary Public.
Cumingsburg, Jan. 8th 1808.

FOR SALE. [heading]
The House and lot at present occupied by the Subscriber, a few valuable slaves; 200 bundles Spanish salt jerk beef (or tassau] just landed in excellent order, a few packages containing black silk handkerchiefs, coloured Persian fancy ribbons, black, slate and check seersanetts, fancy flowers, cotton and silk girdles, silver tassels, head ornaments, spangled fans, gold and silver cord, mantlets, spencers, &c. &c.
Also for sale, - Iron hoops, salt in barrels, rosin, soap, paints and oil, nails assorted, coffee bagging, Irish sheeting, checks, brown Holland, hats, shoes, sadlery, stationary, ironmongery, glass ware, tin ware, tea, black pepper, wine, brandy, &c. &c.
9th Jan. Thos: Finlayson.

Whereas the undersigned deposited into the hands of Mr. Verroon, (who practised the Law in this colony in the Years 1802 and 1803,) an obligation of Hugh Douglas, endorsed by Thomas Lawrence of Mahaica, from whom said obligation was received in payment; as also an obligation of G. C. Hunter, on the back of which was an order drawn by John Donaldson upon said Hunter, in favor of the undersigned, And as the undersigned resided in the Country, at the time of Mr Verroon's departure from this Colony; the above obligations have been mislaid, and enquires made for them to no purpose.
Any Gentleman who can give an illucidation or information respecting the above obligations; as they are materially wanted, will be kindly thanked, and any expences attending thereon paid by.
Rodk. Cozier.
Demerary, January 8, 1808.

FOR HIRE [heading]
The House and Lot No. 2, Charleston, now rented by Robert Craig, Esq.; possession to be given the 24th instant. For terms please apply to the Subscriber, living opposite to Peter Verbeke, Esq. New Town. Who has also for Sale the House and Lot No. 11 in said New Town, on easy terms, to an approved Purchaser.
Wm. Good.
Demerary, January 7, 1808.

The Undersigned appointed ASSAYER by the Honble: Court of Policy, give notice, that he has the stamps ready prepared at his House in Cumingsburg, for the annual assizing according to the Proclamation issued by the said Honble: Court on that head.
Demerary, 9th Jan. 1808.
S. G. Martens.

Den Ondergetekende als by den Hove van Politie aangesteld tot keurmeester der maaten en gewichten, maakt hier meede bekend, dat by de stempelen in gereed heid heest aan zyn Huys in Cumingsburg om de jaarlykse yking[?]e doen ingevolge de Publicatie van den Ed. Achtbaare Hove van Politie ten dien op zechten geemaneerd.
Demerary, den 9 Jan. 1808.
S. G. Martens.

The Subscriber offers for sale on board the ship Stabroek, from Norwich, Connecticut, or at the store of P. Benjamin, Esqr. the following articles at reduced prices for immediate payment in cash: -
[first column]
Best mess beef,
Prime pork in barrels,
Prime beef in barrels & half barrels,
Pilot bread,
Salt in barrels,
[second column]
Hogs lard,
Garden seed,
Red oak shooks & staves,
Oats in puncheons,
[end columns]
9th Jan. E. Cooley.

FOR SALE. [heading]
Thirty Thousand Wallaba Shingles at f 30 per thousand, to be delivered at one of the Stellings in Town, or any place in the River. Apply to H. Cantzlaar, JZ, Esq. Demerary, 9th Jany. 1808.

The Subscriber intends leaving this Colony for Essequebo this Night or to-morrow Morning, requests all those who have any business with him to apply to Alexander Reith, at his Store on Bridge-Town Stelling.
Alexr. Wishart.
Demerary, 9th January 1808.

The Undersigned having observed in Mr. Henery's Papers of last Week, an Advertisement signed N. Rouselet [sic], for himself, and Alex. Mc.Nabb, Executors, to the Will of the deceased Adam Knight; begs to State in opposition thereto, that on the 12th Sept. 1806, he entered into a Contract of Business with his Brother for two Years, under the Firm of James Knight, and Co. which Contract, notwithstanding the decease of his Brother about six weeks ago, remains good, with his Executors, untill annulled by their Mutual consent or by a Superior Power. That further by another agreement entered into between the said parties on the 31st. day of July, 1807, the former Contract was confirmed with the addition that all due moneys, due to, and arising from the said Copartnership, should be collected solely by James Knight for the benefit of both. By what principle of Equity or Law Mr. Rouselet [sic], is guided when he attempts to mislead the Public by such advertisements is only perhaps to be explained by himself.
James Knight.
for the firm of James
Knight, and Co.
January 8, 1808.

TO BE SOLD [heading]
An excellent four oar'd Tent Boat, laying in the Canal near the House occupied by H. Cantzlaar, JZ, Esq. - to whom please apply.
Demerary, 9th January 1808.

Het Domicilium Citandi et Executandi van de Ondergeteekende is ten Huys van movr. de Wedwe. Bastiaanse, op Pl. Werk & Rust.
S. W. Lindemarn,
Weduwe Sanberus.
Demerary, 8th January 1808.
[Transcriber's note: spelling of the surnames in the above entry get corrected in the Supplement of the issue for Jan. 30, 1808.]

FOR LIVERPOOL. [heading]
The Ship Nile, John Aneerson [sic], Master, mounting 20 Guns and well manned, will sail on the 28th Inst. in Company with other armed Vessels. For Freight or Passage apply to
Barton, Deane & Co. or
Fullerton, Oliverson & Co.
Cumingsburg, 9th January 1808.

FOR LONDON. [heading]
The Coppered Ship Harriet, Captain Clark, will sail with the first Convoy. She stands A 1 at Lloyd's, mounts 14 Guns and is well manned. For Freight or Passage please apply to the Subscribers.
L. Cary & Co.
Cumingsburg, 9th January 1808.

Just Imported in the ship General Hunter, from Liverpool, and for sale by the Subscribers: -
[first column]
Potatoes in barrels,
Bottled porter in puncheons,
[second column]
Burton ale in tierces,
Cod fish,
Salt in tierces,
Hhds. lime and tarras [sic].
[end columns]
[first column]
Beef and Irish pork in barrels,
Shads in ditto,
Barrels flour,
Red oak staves,
Tobacco per hogshead or barrel,
Can tea,
[second column]
Muslins and callicoes,
Sadlery assorted,
6d Nails per bag,
Buck knives,
Fishing lines,
Cherry brandy, & choice old Madeira wine per dozen or hhd. &c. &c.
[end columns]
9th Jan. Rt. Younghusband.

                  30th December, 1807.
To ----- Burke,
Sir, - I have not the honor of your acquaintance: nor will I ever offer you mine. Your pretended knowledge of me, is the irritated effect of a disturbed imagination, yet permit me, in my turn to offer my sympathy, and express my regret: at perceiving you so much out of humour during the holidays. You seem to have forgot your promised illustrative defence of the late demands, made by the American Government on the British Cabinet: and with involuntary agility, enter into an opinion of my Person and principles, with as much freedom as if you had the least knowledge of either - Your figures of speech are rather new. - Disappointed ambition, lounging habits, and false jointed finger dance about in metaphorical maze, through the whole of your performance, jostling each other, with as little ceremony, as the People of New York do, on a May day. In your observations on some of my betters, you have changed the position of the sentence: and made nonsense of it, by making it your own. The only way indeed, you could adopt, to divest Them of clear forcible reasoning. - Though I cannot assure myself that, you have either sensibility, generosity, or moderation to spare; yet I'm inclined to think you'll excuse me for saying, you are not wholly exempt from neutral principles, hopes, and pursuits. - You have a happy mode of asking advice before you put the question, and terminating your cluster of words, by stating what is not FACT. I have circumspectly avoided using personalities, but you, have no scruple in making the attempt, EVEN at the serious hazard of departing from the truth. I have not introduced the character of individual Americans, or spoken disrespectfully of either chief magistrate. It is you Mr. Burke, that have insulted them by asserting, "That their conscience may be purchased for a Joe." - Without enquiring where YOU have been taught your ethics, I find they differ widely from mine, and, if you have been guilty of the practice you recommend, I advise you to an early repentance. - Were you not afflicted with a stuborn [sic] disposition: you would have been silent on the subject of the United States accordant views, and unanimity. - Shortly after the Inauguration of General Washington, the first Congress assembled at Federal-Hall, during the Session, the important question of finding the State debts came before the House: Were the representatives of the Union unanimous? NO. - On the interesting motion of a nothern [sic] member respecting the Slave Trade, was the House of Representatives unanimous? They were not. - The southern members argued upon the pristine principles, and intention of the Constitution," - That Congress was not invested with power to prevent the migration, or importation of any description of People into the United States prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight: The northern members dissented: five days were occupied in contention, at a vast expence to the Union, and the result confirm'd the opinion of the southern members. here is no semblance of unanimity. - The Genessee [sic] and Tenessee [sic] Estates are powerful in numbers and in resources, have they not revolted under the sanction of Colonel St. Clair, and been followed by a mass of the people in arms, declaring their intention to separate [sic] the back-country, from the oppressive yoke of the Union? Yes. - Lastly, during the serious contest between Mr. Jefferson, and Mr. Burr, for the Presidency: was not the people of America equally divided, was not the legal functions of all Public Offices suspended, nearly twenty-four hours after Mr. Adams declined to act, did the Federalists yield, before they found that the Constitution was in danger? No. Then, and not till then was the decisive voice permitted to be given in Mr. Jefferson's favor. If you dispute these representations of American unanimity, I refer you to the Journals of their Congress, where you will find my assertion sufficiently supported - you ought to know (if your letters are intitled to credit,) the exact date and Page. - Your remark on one of my letters is not deserving notice it discovers spleen in yourself without pointing out a remedy, but taking your observations collectively: if you've not deviated from fact, my letters are at least innocent. They are not calculated to effect the purpose, or express the wish you assign to them. - Until your temper moderates, I will suspect however, my words have had some effect on it. Your idea of my respect for the regicide Ruler of France, and your idle surmise respecting my affection for my King and Country under whose Government I've been born and educated, NOBODY will believe you, you do not believe it yourself. - Your affected information of the description of men who navigate English Vessels, is consonant with your pretended knowledge of the relative situations and interests of the several States forming the American Union: when you say, that nine-tenths of the men on board British Ships are Foreigners, the usual Records in England are against you, in the second instance the sense of the American people is not with you. The residue of your letters if it means any thing chiefly respects yourself. - your opinion of the intention of American Gun-Boats, and the state of their Fortifications is pointedly contradicted in the Presidents message to Congress in 1802. - Nevertheless allow me to mention, that New-York has three Batteries, between the Hook and the Town, - the Delaware is fortified, - Hampton Roads is fortifyed [sic]. - so is Cape-Fear, South Carolina, and Savanna River, (Georgia) nor do I think a single Navigable River on the American Coast is without protection, and that protection directed to be extended, - and yet, Sir, you have the effrontery to assert, that the Harbour of Boston alone is defended. Your unqualified assertions, and imprudent insinuations intitle me, (and that proportion of the Public who have read my letters, and perused yours and those of your auxiliary) to an explicit and direct answer to the following Questions. Your insinuated superior knowledge of America, ought to render the talk at least easy.
Why did General Washington decline the Presidency, was he actuated by the sensible operation of injured feelings, or guided by his usual motive to promote the Public good?
Why did Mr. Adams follow, in this precise instance, the General's example?
Was it a meritorious conduct in Mr. Jefferson, (instantly on his obtaining the Chief Magistracy of the American Union) to solicit the return of TOM PAINE to the States, and to His warmest affections; and afterwards encourage His aspersing the reputation of Their once esteemed Chief, and was not Paine's avowed enmity to England a leading inducement to the President?
Which of the three Admistrations [sic] of Presidental [sic] duty has been most difficult, and what one, has been most beneficial to the American Union, and tended most to promote harmony with Great Britain?
Provided Mr. Jefferson does not succeed in securing his ensuing Election, can he depart from Office, leaving the same extent and sort of protection to American Commerce that Mr. Adams did on His resignation, and does it appear likely that America will be on the same favorable terms with England?
Is the East or West India Trade of America improving or declining, and upon what principle, in either case?
From the commercial intercourse between Great Britain, her dependencies, and the United States, In whose favor does the Annual ballance [sic] of Trade stand, which of the two Nations act most on the funds of the other?
In the event of a rupture with France and a disagreement with England, what consideration would be given to the Government of the United States in the scale of European Power?
I now, Sir, take my leave of you, with as consumate [sic] indifference for your Person, and contempt for your fugitive allusions, as it is possible for you to entertain for
Bonaparte in calling out the French Conscripts, did not promise himself so-much advantage from their infant service, as he did from the effect which the sound of Numbers might have on the Public Ear, delusion was his object. - If Burke in the division of his letter, has not been actuated by the same motive, 'tis something very like it.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 9th January, 1808.



Brought by






Thos: Kewley.


Pl. Golde [sic] Grove,




Van Genderen.



Pl Chateau Margo.






Pl Zorge & Hoop.



Pl. Pyrica.


Pl: Madelise,






Miss Jonas,



Pl: Union,

Van Cooten.



Pl Columbia.



Pl: Schoonoord.





'S Gravesande,

J. Sharp.




And a new negro man unknown brt. from Pl. Belmont.
S. G. Martens, Drossrat [sic]

Stabroek: - Printed by E. J. Henery.


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