Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1808 January 16

Vol. III.)


(No. 107.

Saturday, January 16th, 1808.

Notice is hereby given that the Office of the Acting President of the Court of Justice is removed from the House of Messrs: Henry Tulloh & Co. Cumingsburg, to the House formerly occupied by Mr. H. C. Evertsz, Middle-Dam, Stabroek.
Demerary, 16th January 1808.

Word hier meede bekend gemaakt dat het Officie van den Fungeerend President van den Hove van Justitie, verplaats is van het Huys van Henry Tulloh & Co. in Cumingsburg, ten Huyze te vooren bewoond door den Heer H. C. Evertsz, Middel-Dam Stabroek.
Demerary den 16 January 1808.

Notice is hereby given that the Naval Office is now kept at the House of the Undersigned, No 37, Middle-Dam, Stabroek.
L. Van Rossum,
Actg. Naval Officer.
Demerary, 16th January 1808.

The Undersigned Senior Pilot hereby informs the Public that the Pilot's Office is now kept at the House of Mr. Amos Leeds, where all Persons wanting Pilots will please to apply.
Jan. 16th. Edward Latham.

For Sale for Cash. [heading]
A Few Barrels of Superior Quality well cured Muscovado Sugar for Family use or Retail.
Geo. J. Furnace.
Cumingsburg, 16th Jany. 1808.

His Excellency and the Honble: Court having been pleased to grant unto the Subscriber the appointment of Land-Surveyor, he therefore offers his services in that line to the Public, to survey and furnish plans of settled Estates, &c. lay out new lots, or determine disputed boundaries, and exclusive of plans, those who may wish it, he undertakes to furnish with views of their Buildings, &c. either in perspective or architectural elevation; he may be addressed at the House of John Fraser, Esq. Capooey Creek, or to the care of M. Downie, Esq. Stabroek.
J. Hadfield.
Essequebo, 16th Jan. 1808.

A Steady Man, 30 years of age, with a liberal education is obliged, from ill state of health and the advice of his Physicians, to relinquish a Profession which he has practised with reputation in these Colonies for several years, - now recommends himself as capable of conducting the business of any Gentleman Planter, Merchant, &c. where confidence and trust are required; from the general knowledge he has of the Country the advertiser flatters himself his services may be deemed a considerable acquisition, to those who this may suit; has no objection to a Country situation, provided he is made reasonably comfortable, so as to gain a re-establishment of his health, unexceptionable references and security given if required. Address to M. L. B. at the Office of this Paper will be immediately attended to.
Demerary, 16th Jan. 1808.

The Subscriber finding himself put to great expence and inconvenience in consequence not only of the number of calls he is honored with by Persons to whom he is pretty much a stranger, but likewise from a number of Horses sent from the Ferry to the Estate where he is Manager, to take care of, as well as Boats, &c. left in charge, and finding that the Ferryman who has built stables, &c. for the reception of Horses, conceives himself much injured by their being sent to him in consequence of his vicinity, and being by no means desirous of any longer depriving the Ferryman of his customers, is reduced to the necessity of giving this Public Notice, that there is no longer "entertainment for Man and Horse" at the Plantation Best, without they belong to particular Friends, or are accompanied with a line from Mr. Beete.
Pl. Best, 16th Jan. 1808. Geo. Rose.

Several Merchants and Planters propose Meeting at Mr. Campbell's Coffee House on Friday next, the 22d Instant, at 12 o'Clock, in order to fix a Rate of Freight for the present Year, when it is hoped that all Persons interested in Shipping will attend.
Demerary, 16th January 1808.

Prime Gold-Coast Slaves. [heading]
The subscribers beg leave to inform such of their Freinds [sic] as Commissioned them to import Negroes under their Licences, that they have just received
60 Fine Young Gold-Coast Slaves, [centered]
being part of the Cargo of the Ship Harriett, from Cape-Coast, last from Barbados, which will be ready for delivery on Monday the 25th Instant, at the Stores lately occupied by Messrs. Underwood, Johnson & Co.
Colin Macrae.
H. I. Underwood.
Demerary, 16th January 1808

The Subscribers beg leave to inform their Friends who Commissioned them to import Negroes under their Licences, that the delivery of their 60 Prime Gold-Coast Slaves will take place on Monday the 25th Instant in place of the 18th, as advertised in the last Gazette.
Naghten & Fitzgerald.
Demerary, 16th January 1808.

The Post-Master particularly requests all Persons will Pay off their Postage Accounts up to the 31st December last.
Demerary, 16th January 1808.

Just Imported and for Sale by the Subscribers on the most reasonable terms, viz: -
[first column]
Irish mess beef,
Cheese, Barley,
Split pease, table salt,
Loaf sugar, hyson tea,
Mustard, black pepper,
Vinegar, London porter,
Beer, old port, Madeira wine, cogniac brandy,
Old Rum,
Coarse & fine Irish linens,
Brittannias, diaper,
Inverness cotton & coffee bagging,
Cotton and linen checks,
Coarse and fine printed callicoes,
New Patterns Madrass handkerchiefs,
Muslins, Cambrics,
Corded Dimities,
Marseilles Quilting,
Gentlemens fashionable coats, coatees, jackets, vests, pantaloons,
Boots and shoes,
Tapes, bobing [sic],
Slops, negro hats,
Ladys', Gentlemen and Childrens hats,
Paints, paint oil,
Queens Ware,
Tin Ware,
Glass ware, stationary,
Corks, soap, gloves,
Green silk umbrellas,
[second column]
Seine and sewing twine,
Hammock and deep sea lines,
Chalk lines,
Carpenters and Coopers tools,
Hinges, hoes, axes,
Cutlasses, shovels,
Sod irons,
Knives and Forks,
Canvas, pins, needles,
Pen knives, scissars,
Razors, Cork screws,
Shaving boxes and brushes,
Gents dressing cases,
Shoe & scrubbing brushes
Box locks, pad locks,
Blacking ball,
Spy glasses, boxes bubbles
Anchors, grapnails [sic],
Boat chains, iron pots,
Cotton gin cranks with screws and brasses complete,
Cannister powder,
Patent shot,
Powder flasks and shot belts,
Blue, black and mixed broad cloths & cassimere,
Medicines and perfumery assorted,
Starch, blue,
Tobacco and flour in barrels, &c. &c.
[end columns]
H. Douglas.
Who requests all those indebted to him for last year's accounts and notes of hand will come forward with payment, in order to enable him to make good his engagements.
Stabroek, 16th Jan. 1807.

A Small Boat has been found, which will be returned to the Owner on application to the Manager of Plantation Golden Grove.
Demerary, 16th Jany. 1808.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, VIZ.-
Ninian Jeffrey, in 14 days, January 8th.
Peter Gordon, in ditto, Jany. 11th.
Peter Bremer, in six Weeks, from Do.
R. C. Adamson, in 14 days, Jan 2d 1808.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

Secretary van Rio Demerary.
Wordt mits deezen bekend gemaakt dat de volgende Persoonen van voorneemens zyn deeze Colonie te Verlaaten, ALS:-
Ninian Jeffrey, in 14 daagen, January 8.
Peter Gordon, in do. 11 Jany.
Peter Bremer, in ses Weeken, van dito.
Robert C. Adamson, in 14 daagen, Jan. 2de.
J. C. Stadtman, Eerste Clercq.

Wordt mits deezen geadverteerd dat ter eerstkoomende Commissariaale Vergadering in de Maand Feburary zal worden getransporteerd: -
Door C. D. Forrester Transport van twee halve Concessien Lands geleegen naast den anderen aan de Noorddam van Stabroek, bekend onder No 7 en 8, en zulks met alle de daaropstaande gebouwen, aan J. L. & G. M. Forrester, welke laastgemeldens ter gelyker tyd zullen passeeren Hypotheecq op voorgemelde Concessie en gebouwen ten faveure van gem: Heer C. D. Forrester.
Door J. C. Schultz, als in Huwelyk hebbende vrouwe de Wedwe: A. Dardier, Hypotheecq op de Plantagie Leleendaal, aan de oost-kust deezer Colonie, ten faveure van wylen Andrew Dardier ingevolge acte van verweezing den 3de Augustus 1793 ter Weeskamer alhier gepasseerd.
Door de Executeuren ten Boedel wylen M. Aut, Transport van quart Concessie en gebouwen geleegen aan de Noorddam van Stabroek, bekend onder No 10.
Demerary, 14de January 1808.
J. C. Stadtman, eerste Clercq.

Wordt mits deeze van weegens het Secretary alhier bekend gemaakt, dat den Heer H. C. Wahl voortaan zyn Domicilium Citandi et Executandi gehooren heest in Essequebo, tusschen de Rivieren Cnassarony [sic] en Cerjuny als Posthouder.
Demerary den 14 January 1808.
J. C. Stadtman, eerste Clercq.


By Authority obtained from the Honble. Victor A. Heyliger, Acting President of the Honorable Court of Justice, be it known, that I First Marshal of said Court shall sell at Marshal sale on the 2d day of February next.
In behalf of I. H. Reis versus W. B. Liot, a Dwelling House and side buildings of Colony wood, situate on the front lands of Plantation La Grange.
In behalf of William Williams versus Richard Forshaw, a Concession situate in Cumingsburg, known by the name of (the Square) with a frame on brick pillars, long 48 feet by 26.
In behalf of M. L. H. Jansen versus C. F. Gruntzel, a sentence of the Honble. Court of Justice, in favor of C. F. Gruntzel against Cornelis De Weever, dated 15th October 1806, large in capital f 736 5, with the expenses incurred thereon f 932, amount together to f 1668 5.
In behalf of J. & H. Barnwell versus Hugh Holmes, a Concession with the buildings thereon situate in Cumingsburg, adjoining the concessions of R. Forshaw and Smith & Bell, viz. - a Carpenters logie, long 80 by 40 feet broad, Wallaba shingled, and three side buildings, negro house, kitchen, ware house and necessary.
In behalf of William Bostock versus John Love Robinson & William Gibson, as security for W. A. Ellis, - a Negro man called Abraham.
Rio Demerary, 15th Jan. 1808.
Mart. Smit, First Exploiteur.
J. van Yzendoorn, Sw. Translator.

FOR SALE. [heading]
The Lot and Buildings adjoining the American Stelling opposite the House lately occupied by Francis Meagher, Esq. the situation for mercantile business is so well known as to need no comment. An indisputable title will be given and the terms made easy to an approved purchaser.
16th Jan. 1808. Sarah Allen.

NOTICE. [heading]
Those who still remain indebted to the late firm of Peter Nisbet & Co. will do well to come forward immediately and pay the amount of their respective accounts to the Subscriber, who, if he finds this notice does not produce that effect, will prosecute by Law for payment, without respect to Persons.
No farther indulgence can now be given, neither ought it reasonably to be expected being there has already nearly six years elapsed since those debts were contracted, during which time repeated applications have been made for payment. It now therefore becomes more requisite than ever, to bring the business to a close, for which purpose the Subscriber is instructed to use the most summary measures, and is determined as far as lies in his power to carry them into effect. His place of residence is in Cumingsburgh, next House to where Messrs. Henry Tulloh & Co. formerly dwelt.
Archd. Iver,
16th Jan. Acting by the direction of the Trustee.

Alle die geene welke nog verschuldigt zyn aan de geweeze Firma van Peter Nisbet & Co. zullen wel doen van immediaat hunne respective Rekeninge te koomen betaalen aan den Ondergeteekende, dewelke, indien by mogte onder vinder dat deeze Waarschouwing niet 't gewenschte Effect mogte hebben, zal de betaaling door den weg Rechten zal trachten te erlanger, zonder aanzien van Persoon. Geen verder uitetel kan meer gegeeven worden nogte kan zulks met redelykheid verwagt worden, aangezien reets Seven Jaaren verloopen zyn zeedert deeze Schulden zyn gecontracteerd, geduurende welken tyd dikmaals aangemaant is geworden; - Weshalven het thans meer noodaakelyk dan voit, om aan deeze zaaken een einde te maken, tot welk einde den Ondergeteekende de strikte orders heest, en zal dezelve zoo veel in zyn wermoogen interuitvoerte zien brengen.
Zyn woonplaats is in Cumingsburg, naast het huys waar de Heeren Henry Tulloh & Co gewoont hebben.
Archd. Iver, ageerende op Orders van de Curators. (Trustee)
Demerary, 16de January 1808.

Picked Up last week by the Negroes of New Hope Estate, a small Punt drifting up the River. Any Person who can prove the same to be their property, may have it on application to the Manager of said Estate, and paying expences - There is also on said Estate another small Punt found in same manner about a month since, and which has been already Advertised, but not yet claimed, if either or both are not owned in fourteen days from this date, they shall be sold at Vendue as the Law directs. 16th Jan.


On Tuesday the 19th instant, [compare 18080109EDRG De Boer & Breet Vendue on Monday and Tuesday] will be exposed for sale by order of Messrs. De Boer & Breet, at their store in Stabroek, - Irish and Dutch linen and sheeting, muslins, shawls, chambrey, bed quilts, plattillias, check, stripe, tape and thread, negro clothing, brass tea kettles and coffee pots, coffee mills, tin ware, cutlasses, paint and paint oil, a large assortment of jewellery, gold watches and chains, glass lanthorns, &c. Also, provisions, candles and soap, tar, negroes, &c.
Jan. 9th. Robert Kingston.

On Wednesday the 20th inst. at the store of E. McSwinney Esq. - Ox tongues, spiced salmon, pearl and Scotch barley, paints and paint oil, soap and candles, Gentlemens' boots and shoes, Ladies fashionable shoes, silk and cotton stockings, Irish linen, negro clothing of every description, Welch flannel, Gentlemens' pantaloons and waistcoats, silk and beaver hats, Ladies' beaver bonnets, best jockey saddles and bridles, leather portmanteaus, cutlery, stationary, perfumery, with sundry other articles.
Jan. 16th. Robert Kingston.

On Monday the 8th February, at the Vendue Office, a House and half Lot of Land No. 4, situated in Kingston and occupied by Miss Deb. Yearwood; the house, one and a half story, best Hardwood Frame, &c.
Jan. 16th. Robert Kingston.

Op Dingsdag den 19 deezer zal publiek worden verkogt ten huyzen en van weegens de Heeren De Boer & Breet, Iresche en Hollandsche hembden en bedde linnens, musline, chambray, muslinet, catoen deekens, platillas, bont, streep, Neeger kleedering, koopere keetels, koffy potten, en moolens, tin werk, kap messen, verf oly, een groot assoortement Galantery, goude horologien en kitingen, glass lamptaaren, alsmeede Provisien, kaarse, zeep, teer, Neegers, &c.
Jan. 15. Robert Kingston.

Op Woensdag den 20 deeser, ten huyse van de Heer E. McSwinney, offe tonge, zalm in speceryen, split pease, pearl en scheeps gort, verf en oly, can oly; zeep en kaarsen, laarse en schoenen, zyde en catoen kousen, Irische linnens, Neeger kleeding, flanneel, mans gemaakte broeke en veste, zyde en bever mans en dames hoeden, besse zadels en toomen, leedere reys koffers, yzer werk, schryf behoestens, parfumeryen, en andere goederen meer.
Jan. 9. Robert Kingston.

Op Zaturdag den 23 deezer, ten Vendue Comptoire, mess vleesch en spek in heele en halve vaate, brood in vaaten, craeken in vaatjes, sout in vaate, reusel, blom, boone, &c.
Jan. 16. Robert Kingston.

Op Dingsdag en Woensdag den 26 en 27 deeser ten huyze en van weegens de Heeren Eliazer en Castello, een groot assortement van Drooge Goederen, en Juweleryen; alsmeede de Pacht van zeekere halve lot land No 24, gesitueerd in de middel straat Robb's Stadt, met de daaropstaande gebouwen, &c.
Jan. 16th. Robert Kingston.

Op Vrydag den 29 deezer op order van de Heer Jas. Knight, twee compleete Huys meyde, met naamen Polly Ann, en Rachal [sic], bevoorens behoord hebbende aan mejuffrouw A. Campbell, alsmeede een goede Huys Timmermans, verkogt voer geen foute.
Dec. 19th. Robert Kingston.

The Subscribers give notice that a Trunk of Wearing Apparel without either mark or address, was in the month of June last left at their store by Capt. McAskil of the ship Norfolk Hero. Any Person proving their right to the same, can receive it on paying for this Advertisement.
Cornfoot, Bell & Co.
16th January, 1808.

NOTICE. [heading]
A Box marked HS containing Coopers Rivetts [sic] was shipped in London last August, on board the Good Intent for this Colony, and for which no Bills of Lading were signed; if not claimed before the 20th inst. will be sold for the benefit of those concerned.
Corns. Stuvens, Master.
16th January 1808.

NOTICE. [heading]
The Subscriber begs leave to inform those concerned, that if the following goods are not claimed before the 20th inst. he will be under the necessity of landing them at high water mark, as he cannot proceed loading his homeward bound cargo until they are claimed.
[first column]
IL 2 boxes
PT 2 cases,
[second column]
FR 1 cask, 2 cases, 6 tierces, 11 coils rope.
[end columns]
Robert Whillis,
16th Jan. Master of the Active from London.

WANTS EMPLOY [heading]
As Manager on a Plantation, a sober, honest, sedate young man who has been regularly brought up in the Planters profession. Any person wishful of employing a man of that description will please to direct a letter to Mr. A. B. and leave the same at this Printing Office, which will be diligently attended to.
16th January, 1808.

Runaway on Monday morning the 11th inst. a Barbadian Woman named Amba, she is well known about the Town where it is supposed to be harboured with her Country foulks [sic]; she speaks good English and Dutch. Any person or persons harbouring the said Negro the Law will be inforsed [sic] against all such offenders, and a handsome reward will be given to any person lodging her in the Barracks of Stabroek.
Mary Paadvoort.
Cumingsburg, 16th Jan. 1807 [sic].

Runway about two months since a stout negro man, a Carpenter by trade, named George; - he has some of his Country marks on his temples, formerly the property of the deceased Mr. Hackett of LeGuan Island; and on Sunday morning last, a stout man named Sandy, may be known by having a small spek [sic] on the left eye, formerly the property of Messrs. Smith & Ross of Mahaicony. A generous reward will be given for apprehending and lodging them in the Barracks, by applying to Mr. A. B. Leslie, Werk & Rust.
16th Jan. William Charloson.

Wants a Situation. [heading]
A Young Man who writes a good hand, and can be well recommended, he would prefer a situation in a respectable Counting House. A line addressed to W. - and left at this Office will be attended to.
Demerary, 16th Jany. 1808.

A Small Boat has been picked-up and left with the Drossaart, which the Owner may have on applying at the Barracks and paying the Expences.
Demerary, 16th January 1808.

TO BE LET. [heading]
The House lately occupied by David Wardrop Esq. on Robb's Stelling; - the situation for Business is too well known to need a description. Apply to the Subscriber at her House in Cumingsburg.
16th Jany. Eleanor Blair.

NOTICE. [heading]
The Subscribers request all those indebted to the Estate of Hugh Jack deceased, to come forward and pay their respective Accounts in the space of one month from this date, which will prevent them applying to an Attorney at Law, which they must do if not prevented; they having some pressing demands against the Estate to liquidate as soon as they are in funds.
Daniel Watson, Executor.
Benjamin Emtage, Acting Extr.
16th January, 1808.

No 7. 14th January, 1808.
To the Printer of the Royal Gazette.

Sir, -
"What studies please, what most delight
And fill men's thoughts, they dream them o'er at night."

The wandering incoherency, disguised, weak and inconsistent declamation, of puerile acrimony, which circulates throughout, and forms the prominent features of Mr. President Jefferson's capricious Message to the two Houses of the American Congress, on the 27th day of October last, could not fail to urge a crimson blush, even on the pallid check of a Burke, of one thousand eight hundred & seven.
From the foundation of Rome to the end of the commonwealth, and from that memorable period to the present day, I have not discovered in the History of any country, such a sinical [sic] production from its Chief Magistrate: when he judged it necessary to exercise one of the most important prerogatives delegated to him by the Constitution! That of convening at will, the highest constituted authorities, to deliberate on the state of the Nation.
Congress had a just right to hope, as they no doubt did, for decisive information respecting their foreign relations, and national compacts, accompanied with a well digested and firm plan for promoting, and securing the general benefit of, their Constituents; - under this idea, which cannot be considered extravagant, I will proceed to examine the origin, progress, and natural tendency of the President's contumelious adress [sic] to the American Legislative Body.
Mr. President Jefferson enters upon his skeptical strain of exucrouscircumlocution [sic], by a cramp'd Notice of the innovations practised on American Commerce, without venturing even to name the aggressors, otherwise than by a captious glance at the unsuccesful [sic] mission of his Minister to St. James's; - the reason of this obscure representation is strikingly conspicuous: had he been explicit, the aggression must have been placed to account of his Corsican Comptroller: for England has paid, to the good citizens of the United States every penny adjudged due to them by their own Commissioners acting under the President's authority, in conjunction with those appointed by our Government; - but the conduct of France, has been the direct opposite, - yet tamely submitted to. - The amount of the French spoilations adjusted, and acknowledged to be due to Americans, by the Commissioners of the two Nations at Paris, was fixed in a way that was protested against by the majority of the American Merchants: - notwithstanding the President's knowledge of this state of the public mind, he was wise in not repeating to Congress, - "The amount of injuries sustained by the American Commerce, from the depredations of French vessels of War is amicably adjusted; - but I've judged it adviseable not to demand your money from the Emperor, and in pursuance of such consideration I've agreed to receive his disputed title to Louisianna [sic], and have directed our Citizens to be Paid, by long-winded instalments, from their own Treasury." - Americans did not wish for, or want additional Territory; - Centuries will elapse before they cultivate, or know the extent of their Possessions, at the time the President concluded this unpopular bargain, and the Spaniards have already convinced them, that the questionable Possession of Louisanna [sic] does not even guarantee the undisturbed navigation of the Mississiipi [sic], so essentially necessary for the welfare of the Back Country. - The President then hurries on to his commentary, on the affair of Commodore Barron, in which he assiduously misrepresents the order of Admiral Berkley, and the conduct of Capt. Humphries, to the Representatives of the American Union, by giving the transaction a tortuous hue; - for with a correct statement of facts in his custody, he willingly misconstrues the literal intent of the Admiral's order, and the proceedings of Captain Humphries, and his Officers acting under the authority of the said order. - The President's motive indubitably, was, to obtain sanction and encouragement, to his enmity for England; and to screen his marked partiality to France. - In support of this assertion, I will only adduce two Proofs: - first, the conduct of the French Admiral Willammes, in demanding, and taking out of an American Merchant Vessel at sea, four French Deserters from the Villeureuse frigate. - This Officer in his despatch to General Turreau, then the French Ambassador at the Federal City, openly, and, unprefaced by appology [sic], declared the Americans to be - "an avaricious designing Nation, - and insists on His Minister to make them smart in that point in which they felt most, - their averice [sic] for Money." - A similar conduct has neither been adopted or attempted by an English Admiral, or Minister; - yet Mr. Jefferson silently passes by these encroachments on United dignity, and terms the English Nation outrageous.
Secondly, - If Mr. Jefferson's Ministers could not effect a Treaty with the British Cabinet, consonant with their instructions, they ought to have informed the President, and consistantly [sic] with his Office, he ought to have recall'd them; - But to return a Treaty, solemnly signed by virtue of his delegated sanction, is, I believe, new in the annals of Government.
In speaking of the Chief Magistrate of the American Union 'tis my settled rule to be guided by every possible extent of the spirit of decorum, - therefore I will not remark on his - "indulgencies to our Squadron on the Hallifax [sic] station," - or the visible state of his political relations with France and Spain, although the subject is by no means undeserving of attention, - and his representation of the Naval and Military resources of the Union, with his proposed Stile of organization, and system of descipline [sic] will not, (I am of opinion) meet the Public approbation of his fellow Citizens, or the sanction of either Seamen or Soldiers.
Without attempting to justify, or exculpate, a Character I never admired, I venture to assert, that Mr. Jefferson has pressed Mr. Aaron Burr to attempt a conduct, for which, nature has furnished him with ample abilities.

The only arrival in the course of the present week is the Gingle, Capt. Tynes, from Grenada, by which we learn that the Islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix surrendered to the British Forces under Sir A. Cochrane and General Bowyer without the least resistance; - the following is the particulars as published in a Gazette Extraordinary at Barbados, on the 6th inst. a Copy of which was obligingly sent us this morning:--

Mercury Office, Jan. 6, 1808. [heading]
Dispatches have been this afternoon received from Admiral Alexander Cochrane, and General Henry Bowyer, Communicating the satisfactory intelligence of the surrender of the Islands of St. Thomas, and St. Croix, to the Forces under their Command.
The following are the most authentic particulars which we have been able to procure, and are communicated in a letter from a confidential Officer engaged in the expedition.
We have gained a bloodless victory over the Danes, St. Thomas surrendered on St. Thomas's day (the 21st.) and St. Croix on Christmas Day, General Shipley and Capt. Fanie, were dispatched with a summons to St. Thomas's, and in answer they brought off with them Major Van Holten (2d. in command) and two other Officers, who were permitted to row round and indeed go on board the several Ships to see our Forces, they then returned on shore to make their report, accompanied by General Maitland and Capt. Pickmore, (attended by Mr. Keir and Mr. Tracey) with powers to negotiate, which was entered upon and setled [sic] in a few hours, and on the following morning the Troops landed and took possession. The Danes saluted and hauled down their colours. The English saluted and hoisted theirs.
The terms are nearly the same as they were in 1801, except being a little more particular and severe upon the King of Denmark's property, which is all confiscated, as far as it can be and the payments for which are likely to be considerable, on his loans, as well as on the Dutch loans.
All the Danish property on shore is preserved to them.
About fifty Danish vessels were found in St. Thomas harbour, but all empty, and generally schooners, and half that number at St. Croix, all empty.
The terms for both Islands are nearly the same, and exactly the same circumstances took place at the surrender at St. Croix as at St. Thomas.
The Thais proceeds with the dispatches on the 28th December, in charge of Capt. Parkinson for the Navy, and Capt. Berkely, with those of the Army. - Lieut. De Courcy succeeds to the command of the Favorite.
The Danes had about 60 regulars at St. Thomas, and about 160 at St. Croix. All the militia seemed to be under arms, at both Islands and were much on the alert; and by reports before our arrival intended a formidable resistance, but they found our Force too powerful for them, when we made our appearance.
At St. Thomas Brigadier Mc'Lean commands, and at St. Croix, Lieut. Col. Ross.

By a vessel arrived in Berbice, Mr. Cummin's Bag was received, and reached here over land this morning, by which we have received the Barbados Mercury to the 5th inst. which gives an account of the First Packet for December having arrived there and may be hourly expected here; - its contents are highly interesting; - War has been declared against Russia, by Great Britain, and a Russian Frigate has been captured and carried into a British Port. - Accounts have been received that the Russian Squadron, which lately passed the Straits of Gibraltar, had got into the Tagus; - another account, which appears still more strange than the rest is, that the Hazard sloop of war had spoken Sir Sidney smith with eleven sail of the line, and upwards of 200 sail of Portuguese Vessels under his Convoy, shaping their course towards the Brazils, where it is though the Prince Regent and Royal Family, have at last been compelled to retire. In addition to the above, the Juno, Capt. Fisher, one of the London Fleet lately arrived in Barbados, spoke two Portuguese Frigates which had been seperated from the main Fleet, and confirmed the account that the whole of the Royal Family was in the Fleet on their way to the Brazils. That the Fleet had put to sea in a most precipitate manner, several of the Vessels being without Water or adequate Provisions, and very much crowded with those Persons attached to the Royal Cause, of their much respected and ancient Royal Family.

The Duke of Montrose Packet with the first November Mail on board was captured after a very severe action, and carried into Guadeloupe, we regret to hear that her Crew was so much reduced, by the Action, that the Mail was not sunk, consequently taken by the Enemy.

His Majesty's Brig Demerary sailed from hence on Thursday last, with a Transport Vessel, which has taken several sorts of this Colony Timber for an Essay, to ascertain whether it will answer for Ship Building or not. The Spanish Prisoners went in the above Vessels for Barbados.

We are happy to see that the Spanish-Launch, which was captured some time ago, is now fitted out; - she was on the River on Wednesday, and went through the evolutions of Rowing and Firing under the direction of Mr. Smith, the sailing-master of the Demerary Brig. She was well managed, and will, no doubt, be an acquisition to the Colonies.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last. [heading]

ENTERED [heading]
Schooner Gingle, Capt. A. Tynes, from Grenada.

CLEARED [heading]
Schr. Dolphin, Capt. John Cox, for Wilmington.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 9th January, 1808.
[sic – on date, though entries have changed]



Brought by






Thos: Kewley.


Pl: Golde [sic] Grove,




Van Genderen.



Pl. Chateau Margo.



Pl. Pyrica.


Pl: Madelise,



Miss Jonas,



Pl: Union,

Van Cooten.



Pl Columbia.







Van Well,


Pl: Lerepentier.


M. Smitt,

Pioneer Negroes.

And a new negro man unknown brt. from Pl: Belmont.
S. G. Martens, Drossart.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
(at Thirty-three Guilders per Annum)
By Edward James Henery.


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