Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1808 January 23

Vol. III.)


(No. 108.

Saturday, January 23d, 1808.

By His Excellency Colonel Robert Nicholson, Acting Lieutenant Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, and their Dependencies, President in all Courts and Colleges within the same, &c. &c.
Whereas Intelligence has been received of an Embargo having been laid on all Ships and Vessels in the Ports of the United States of America; and of a similar Embargo having taken place in the British West India Islands. - I in consequence have thought fit to issue this my Proclamation, thereby laying an Embargo on all Ships and Vessels that now are, or may arrive in the Ports of these Colonies, to continue until further Orders, of which the Officers of His Majesty's Customs, the Harbour Master, and all others whom it may concern are to take Notice accordingly.
Given under my Hand at the King's House, Stabroek, Demerary, this Nineteenth day of January, 1808.
Robt: Nicholson.
By Command,
Geo: Eddington, Govt: Secty.
God Save the King.

The following Orders in Council have been received by His Excellency the Lt. Governor, from the Right Honourable Lord Hawkesbury, one of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State; - which we Publish by Authority:-
At the Court at the Queen's Palace, the 18th of November 1807,
PRESENT, [centered]
The King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council.
Whereas the Time limited by His Majesty's Royal Proclamation bearing Date the Twenty-second Day of December One thousand eight hundred and six, for the Payment of Bounties for the Encouragement of Seamen and Landmen to enter into His Majesty's Royal Navy; and the Rewards for discovering Seamen who may conceal themselves, so that such Seamen should be taken for His Majesty's Service; and also the Rewards to Persons who should procure the voluntary Service of Able and Ordinary Seamen and Landmen, fit for His Majesty's Naval Service, and should convey such Seamen and Landmen on board any of His Majesty's Ships and Vessels, or to any of His Majesty's Sea Officers employed in raising Men, will expire on the Thirty-first Day of December next; which Bounties an Rewards are as follows; that is to say, To every Able Seaman, not above the Age of Fifty, nor under the Age of Twenty Years, who shall enter himself to serve in His Majesty's Royal Navy, a Bounty of Five Pounds; and to every Ordinary Seaman so entering himself, and not above the Age of Fifty, nor under the Age of Twenty Years, a Bounty of Two Pounds Ten Shillings; to every Able-bodied Landman, not above the Age of Thirty-five, nor under the Age of Eighteen Years, so entering himself, a Bounty of Thirty Shillings; to any Person or Persons who shall discover any Able or Ordinary Seaman or Seamen, who may have concealed him or themselves, so that such Seaman or Seamen shall be taken for His Majesty's Service by any of His Majesty's Officers employed to raise Men, a Reward of Three Pounds for every such Able Seaman, and Fifty Shillings for every such Ordinary Seaman, fit to serve on board His Majesty's Ships; to any Person or Persons who shall procure the voluntary Service of Able or Ordinary Seamen or Landmen, fit for His Majesty's Service, and shall convey them on board any of His Majesty's Ships or Vessels, or to any of His Majesty's Sea Officers employed in raising Men, a Reward of Three Guineas for every such Able Seaman, Two Guineas for every such Ordinary Seaman, and One Guinea for every such Landman, together with an Allowance at the Rate of One Penny per Mile for each Able Seaman, Ordinary Seaman, and Landman, for every Mile such Men may respectively travel to the nearest of His Majesty's Ships of War, or nearest Place of Residence of any of His Majesty's Sea Officers employed in raising Men; provided such Men shall be found fit for His Majesty's Service, and there shall not be Reason to suppose that he is an Apprentice: And whereas it is expedient that the said several Bounties, Rewards, and travelling Allowance should be continued to be paid for some Time longer, His Majesty, with the Advice of His Privy Council, doth therefore order, and it is hereby accordingly ordered, that the Payment of the said Bounties, Rewards, and travelling Allowance be prolonged and extended from the said Thirty-first Day of December next to the Thirty-first Day of December One thousand eight hundred and eight, inclusive, and that the same be paid in the Manner specified in His Majesty's several Proclamations now in force, for the Encouragement of Seamen and Landmen to enter into His Majesty's Royal Navy, and for the discovering Seamen who may conceal themselves, and for giving Rewards for procuring the voluntary Service of Seamen and Landmen; whereof all Persons concerned are to take Notice, and govern themselves accordingly.
W. Fawkener.

At the Court at the Queen's Palace, the 25th of November 1807,
PRESENT, [centered]
The King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council.
Whereas it has been represented that it would be expedient to fix certain Periods at which it shall be deemed that a reasonable Time shall have elapsed for receiving Information, at different Places, of His Majesty's Orders in Council of the Eleventh of November instant, respecting the Trade with His Majesty's Enemies, and in their Produce and Manufactures; His Majesty taking the same into Consideration, and being desirous to obviate any Difficulties that may arise in respect thereto, and also to allow ample Time for the said Order being known to all Persons who may be affected thereby, is pleased, by and with the Advice of His Privy Council, to order and declare, and it is hereby ordered and declared, that the Information of the said Order of the Eleventh of November instant shall be taken and held to have been received in the Places hereinafter-mentioned, at the Periods respectively assigned to them; namely,
Ports and Places within the Baltic - December 21, 1807.
Other Ports and Places to the Northward of Amsterdam - December 11, 1807.
From Amsterdam to Ushant - December 4, 1807.
From Ushant to Cape Finisterre - December 8, 1807.
From Cape Finisterre to Gibraltar, inclusive - December 13, 1807.
Madeira - December 13, 1807.
Ports and Places within the Streights [sic] of Gibraltar, to Sicily and Malta, and the West Coast of Italy, inclusive - January 1, 1808.
All other Ports and Places in the Mediterranean beyond Sicily and Malta - January 20, 1808.
Ports and Places beyond the Dardanelles - February 1, 1808.
Any Part of the North and Western Coast of Africa, or the Islands adjacent, except Madeira - January 11, 1808.
The United States, and British Possessions in North America and the West Indies - January 20, 1808.
Cape of Good Hope, and East Coast of South America - March 1, 1808.
India - May 1, 1808.
China, and the Coast of South America - June 1, 1808.
And every Vessel sailing on or after those Days, from those Places respectively, shall be deemed and taken to have received Notice of the aforesaid Order: And it is further ordered, that if any Vessel shall sail within Twenty Days after the Periods above assigned respectively, from any of the said Places, in Contravention of the said Order of the Eleventh of November instant, and shall be detained as Prize on account thereof, or shall arrive at any Port in this Kingdom, destined to some Port or Place within the Restriction of the said Order, and Proof shall be made to the Satisfaction of the Court of Admiralty in which such Vessel shall be proceeded against, in case the same shall be brought in as Prize, that the Loading of said Vessel had commenced before the said Periods, and before Information of said Order had actually been received at the Port of Shipment, the said Vessel, together with the Goods so laden, shall be restored to the Owner or Owners thereof, and shall be permitted to proceed on her Voyage in such Manner as if such Vessel had sailed before the Day so specified as aforesaid: And it is further ordered, that no Proof shall be admitted, or be gone into, for the Purpose of shewing that Information of the said Order of the Eleventh of November instant had not been received at the said Places respectively, at the several Periods before assigned. - And the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, and the Judges of the High Court of Admiralty and Courts of Vice-Admiralty, are to take the necessary Measures as to them shall respectively appertain.
W. Fawkener.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary.
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, VIZ:-
C. D. Forrester, in six Weeks from 21st Jany.
Henry Osborn Seward, in 14 days, Jan. 23d.
Robert Nicol, in 14 days, with twenty seasoned Negroes, for Berbice, viz. - Safety, Goodluck, Jammie, Sawdust, Davey, Ned, Quamina, Haywood, Fortune, Queen, Chance, Jane, Dawson, John, Leslie, Bob, Sandy, Chrisholm, Beauty, and Gay, Jan. 22d.
Ninian Jeffrey, in 14 days, January 8th.
Peter Gordon, in ditto, Jany. 11th.
Peter Bremer, in six Weeks, from Do.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

Secretary van Rio Demerary. [heading]
Wordt mits deezen bekend gemaakt dat de volgende Persoonen van voorneemens zyn deeze Colonie te Verlaaten, ALS:-
C. D. Forrester, in ses Weeken van den 21 Jany.
Robert Nicol, in 14 daagen, met twintig geacclimateerde Neegers, naa Berbice. Jan. 22.
Ninian Jeffrey, in 14 daagen, January 8.
Peter Gordon, in do. 11 Jany.
Peter Bremer, in ses Weeken, van dito.
J. C. Stadtman, Eerste Clercq.
[Transcriber's note: Henry Osborn Seward listed in the English version is not in the Dutch version]

Wordt mits deezen aan elke en een iegelyk geadverteerd dat de Heer Robert Nicol de volgende Slaaven aan de Heer R. B. Daly heest verkost, als, Simon, Phoenix, Alert, en Polly, waarvan de Eerstgemelde naa Expiratie van 14 daagen de verkoop brief zal afgeeven.
Demerary den 21ste January 1808.
J. C. Stadtman, eerste Clercq.

Alle die geene welke iets te pretenderen hebben van ofte schuldig zyn aan de Boedel van wylen Peter Gordon worde verzogt daarvan betaaling of opgaave te doen, binne de tyd van Zes Weeken naa dato deezes, ten huize van de Heer Donald Mackay in qualiteit als Executeur van voornoemde P. Gordon
Demerary, 23d January 1808
J. C. Stadtman, Eerste Clercq.

The Subscribers inform their Friends who Commissioned them to import Slaves under Licences granted by His Excellency the Governor, that they have received Forty
Very Prime Gold-Coast Slaves, by the Ship Harriett, Capt. Clark, which they will be ready to deliver, at their Stores in Cumingsburg, on Tuesday the 26th Instant.
William King & Co.
Demerary, 23d January 1808.


By Authority obtained from the Honourable Victor A. Heyliger, Acting President of the Honble: Court of Justice of this Colony, I the undersigned first marshal of said Court will expose by Execution Sales the following Negroes:
In behalf of J. C. H. Kuster versus J. H. Wiedeman, Beekman & Trachte, - four Negroes the Names unknown.
Any Person who should conceive to have a right to oppose against the aforesaid sale will adress [sic] themselves in writing at the Marshall's [sic] Office, where I shall receive them as opposer or opposers and appoint a day to go to law; and further any Person or Persons inclined to Purchase are requested to attend on on [sic] the day of sale, which will be on the second day of February next.
Rio Demerary, 23d January 1808.
Marts: Smit, First Exploiteur.


On Thursday the 28th instant, at the premises and by order of Thomas Finlayson Esq. - Part of a Lot of Land No. [blank], with the Buildings thereon, situated in the street leading to Robb's Stelling, in front of Pl. Vlessingen [sic], and at present occupied by himself; a few Negroes, and his remaining stock in trade.
Jan. 23d. Robert Kingston.

On Friday next the 29th Instant will be sold at Public Auction, at Mr. Yearwood's Yard, for the benefit of those concerned, the Hull, masts, sails, rigging and other materials of the Schooner Ann, condemned under survey. And afterwards on the same day, on the American Stelling, 140 Bags Coffee being part of the lading of the said Schooner.
Jan. 23d. Robert Kingston.

On Friday the 5th February, at the Vendue Office, - 10 pipes of old Madeira Wine, 5 quarter casks and 50 dozen Port, also 2 or 3 butts of excellent Sherry, which must be sold to close a consignment.
Also, by order of James Greenwood, Curator of the Boedel of Peter T. Simson, a negro named Rice, a clever cook and house boy, bequeathed by the deceased, but in consequence of the Insolvency of his Estate to be sold for the benefit of his Creditors, seven stone pillars to be seen in Mr. Culver's yard, linen, wearing apparel, trunks, &c.
Jan. 23d. Robert Kingston.

On Tuesday the 9th February, at the store of James Lyon & Co. the remaining Goods belonging to that Firm, consisting of white and brown Irish sheeting and linen, diaper and table cloths, stockings, white nankeen, blue and black cassimere, muslins, soap and candles, white and yellow paint, lamp oil, lamp black, prussian blue, tobacco, hard ware, tin ware, phials, shoe blacking, corks, patent cork screws, loaf sugar, tea, a few carpenters' and coopers' tools, white rope, &c.
Jan. 23d. Robert Kingston.

On Wednesday the 10th February , by order of Lachlan Cuming Esq. on Plantation Chateau Margo, - Twenty Prime Creole Cows all of them either with calf or giving milk, thirteen prime seasoned mules, a pair of handsome well-matched seasoned horses accustomed to draw a phaeton, two elegant gig horses, a superior saddle horse, an elegant new phaeton with suitable harnass [sic], three large new water vatts [sic] of the best Colony wood. Also at the same time and place will be exposed for sale, the Plantation Beehive, situated on the River Demerary, consisting of 1307 acres of land, lately divided into five lotts of which a chart may be seen by applying at the Vendue Office any day previous to the day of sale. Terms of sale for cattle and moveables, three months, and for the land six and twelve months credit.
[right pointing hand icon] The Vendue to commence at 10 o'Clock A.M. precisely.
Jan. 23d. Robert Kingston.
[Transcriber's note: Vendue changes date to Feb. 19 (see 18080213EDRG)]

Op Dondersdag den 28 deezer ten huyze en van weegens de Heer Thomas Finlayson, gedeelte van Lot No [blank], met de daaropstaande gebouwen, geleegen in de straat leeydende na Robb's Stelling, op de voorgrond van Pl. Vlissingen, en thans bewoond door hem zelve, eenige Neegers; alsmeede de overige Koopmanschappen nog op handen.
Jan. 23. Robert Kingston.

Op Vrydag den 5 February, ten Vendue Comptoir, 10 pypen Madeira Wyn, 5 qr. pyen en 50 dozyn Port Wyn, en 2 of 3 vaten Sherry Wyn.
Jan. 23d. Robert Kingston.

Op Dingsdag den 9 February, ten huyze van de Heeren James Lyon & Co. alle de overige Winkel waarvan behoord aan gemelde Firma bestaande in witt en bruyn Irische linnens, tavel linnen, koussen, wit nankeen, blaauw en zwarte cassimere, muslines, seep, kaarsen, verf, lamp oly, zwartzel, tabak, yzer en tin werk, vlesjes, brood suyker, thee, eenige timmer en kuyper gereedschap, touw, &c.
Jan. 23. Robert Kingston.

Op Woensdag den 10 February van weegens de Heer Lachlan Cuming, op Pl. Chateau Margo, - Twentig stuks creoole Koeyen, alle welke melk geeven of voll zyn, 13 stucks geacclemateerde Ezels, een paar well gepaste Paarde gewooord [sic] aan een phaeton te trekke, een superior rey paard, 2 excellente chais paarden, een elegante phaeton met dito tuyge, drie groote water standers gemaakt van beste Colonie Hout. Alsmeede ten zelve dag en plaatse, de Plantagie genaamd Beehive geleegen in de Rivier Demerary, bestaande in 1307 ackers Land onlangs in vyf looten verdeeld, van welke een Kaart kan gezien worde ten Vendue Comptoire eenige tyd voor de dag der verkoop. Conditie van betaaling voor Beestiaale en roerende Goederen over drie maanden en voor 't land over ses & twaalf maanden. [right pointing hand icon] De Vendue zal beginnen om 10 Uuren voor de middag precies.
Jan. 23. Robert Kingston.

JONATHAN CORNSTALKS Complaint to [heading]
Squire PUMPKIN, on hearing of the Embargo. [heading]
"Ride si sapis." [centered]
Tarnation seize these English Folks:
What the dickens ails them,
They talk so smart of Sturdy Oak's,
Men's Stomachs seem to fail them.

CHORUS [centered]

      Yankee boy dont tell me no:
      For I have told the Deacon,
      That if Our President goes so
      We'll barely save our bacon.

Squire Armstrong was sent to France,
His journey cost Us Money;
Now he's come back to bow and dance,
I swamp, he looks quite funny.

Chorus. [centered]

Squire Pinkney went by Jeff's desire,
To fix thing at Saint James's!
But that there Canning, - darn the brier,
I swear his wit has sham'd Us.

Chorus. [centered]

Father's Barn is full of Corn
We Husk'd it in right early,
And there it lays for worms to harm
We cannot Truck it fairly.

Chorus. [centered]

There's Sister Tabby's Ducks and Geese
With all her other Notions,
Must stay at home till in come Peace:
On 'Count of some Commotions.

Chorus. [centered]

Our Pease and Meal is getting sour,
Our Lumber's laying rotting
Our Indigo, Fish, Pork and Flour
And Onions too, - Ha! shocking!

Chorus. [centered]

The Copper-bottom'd Serpents + jog:
Like Cod-Fish thro' the Water,
And bark as loud as Father's dog,
Now, Squire what's the matter.

Chorus. [centered]
(Tune Yankee Doodle.) [centered]

+ British Men of War.

On Sunday last, the first December Mail arrived here in three days from Barbados, some parts of its contents have already been laid before the public in our last number, however it brought several articles of the highest importance; - one circumstance is that - America, apparently influenced by France, has laid an Embargo on all Vessels in the Ports of the United States, It becomes daily more evident that the present Executive Government of America is biased in favor of the French; for by one of the sentences in the Act for laying on the Embargo, a provision is made that "all Armed Vessels, possessed of Public Commissions, from any Foreign Power, arte not to be considered as liable, to the Embargo laid by this Act." - Now it is very evident that this article is meant to favor any of the Vessels of our Enemies that may be in their Ports, for none of ours have been permitted to enter them since the affair with the Chesapeake, nay, so hostile have they been, that they would not suffer our Boats, event to take Water [sic - no terminating period]

A General Embargo was lade on here on Monday last, - see Proclamation.

Yesterday the Ship Richard, of Liverpool, arrived off the Bar, and we this morning have heard it currently reported that Great Britain had declared War against America; - however as this report can not be traced to any respectable source, it ought to be received with great caution.

Monday was the anniversary on which Her Majesty's Birth is kept. The 1st Battalion of the Demerary Militia marched down to the Fort and joined the Regular Troops, when a Feu de joy was three times repeated and by three Cheers from the whole line. The Governor was pleased to express his approbation of the Militia to Lieutenant-Colonel C. Macrae.

His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor gave an elegant Ball and Supper, the same Evening, to a very numerous Company.

The meeting appointed at Mr. Campbell's Coffee House on Friday the 22d Inst. for regulating the Freight to Europe, was but thinly attended, from the badness of the day; a very few Sugar Planters present agreed to give nine shillings per Cwt. at the same time, the Signature of Twenty Planters, was laid before the meeting, by Thomas Cuming Esq. signifying that eight shillings per Cwt. was an equitable rate of Freight.

George-Town (Washington), Dec. 23. [heading]

The House of Representatives closed their doors on Friday last, and continued to sit with them closed on Saturday and Monday, till unusually late hours. On Monday they sat till half past ten at night. We have not been able to learn the subjects of their deliberations, except in one instance. A Law, laying an Embargo, has certainly passed, and received the sanction of the President yesterday morning. This embargo is general, with this single exception - that foreign vessels which are now actually laden shall be suffered to depart. The law is to take place from its passing. Such, we believe, are the leading features of the Bill. It is rumoured, and we fear it is too true, that this measure has been adopted at the instance of France.
We are of opinion, hat the Embargo Bill could not have been the only subject under consideration during the time the House sat with closed doors: we are led to this opinion by a variety of circumstances, but particularly by the number of confidential messages which passed between the two Houses yesterday. We do not pretend to know the particular points under consideration, but we believe them to be important, and pregnant with the most serious consequences to our Country. Yesterday, in debate, Mr. Masters observed, that "since the dark midnight vote (alluding to the night before), his hopes of peace with England were greatly diminished;" and yesterday a member of the Legislature of some eminence, who belongs to the Presidental [sic] squad, told the Editor of this paper, that War was almost certain, but that it would take a Prophet to tell with which Power it would be - France, or England.

An Act, laying an Embargo [heading]
On all Ships and Vessels in the Ports and Harbours [heading]
of the United States: - [heading]
"Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That an embargo be and hereby is laid on all ships and vessels in the ports and places within the limits and jurisdiction of the United States, cleared or not cleared, bound to any foreign port or place, and that no clearance be furnished to any ship or vessel bound to such foreign port or place, except vessels under the immediate direction of the President of the United States; and that the President be authorised to give such instructions to the Officers of the Revenue, and of the Navy and Revenue Cutters of the United States, as shall appear best adapted for carrying the same into full effect: Provided that nothing herein contained shall be construed to prevent the departure of any foreign ship or vessel, either in ballast, or with the goods, wares, and merchandise on board of such foreign ship or vessel, when notified of this Act.
"Sec. 2. - And be it further enacted, That during the continuance of this Act, no registered or sea letter vessel, having on board goods, wares, and merchandise, shall be allowed to depart from one port of the United States to another within the same, unless the master, owner, consignee, or factor of such vessel, shall first give bond, with one or more sureties, to the Collector of the district from which she is bound to depart, in a sum of double the value of the vessel and cargo, that the said goods, wares, and merchandise, shall be re-landed in some port of the United States, dangers of the sea excepted; which bond, and also a certificate from the Collector where the same may be re-landed, shall by the Collectors respectively be transmitted to the Secretary of the Treasury. All armed vessels possessed of public commissions from any foreign power are not to be considered as liable to the embargo laid by this Act."
The above Act passed in consequence of a message from the President, and received his sanction as late as 2 P.M. We learn that this law, when received from the Senate, contained only the first section - the second section was an amendment of the House of Representatives.
A motion was made by a member in the minority to amend the Bill, by giving it a limited duration, and confining the embargo solely to American vessels. - Negatived.
Another motion was made by another member of the minority, to exempt from the effect of the embargo, the vessels of all Nations who, by Treaty, had stipulated with the United States that they should not be subject to such a provision. - Negatived.
Many attempts were made by the minority to adjourn, to give time for deliberation, but they failed, every motion being negatived. - The advocates for an adjournment were answered only by an obstinate and contemptuous silence, or a rude and vociferous call for the question. At length, at half past eleven on Monday night, the question on the passage of the Bill was taken, and carried - Yes, 82 - Nays, 44.
The Merchants and Traders of Philadelphia intend presenting a memorial to Congress, praying "for such a Peace as shall be consistent with the honour and welfare of the Nation." If peace can be preserved upon these grounds, it would certainly be preferable to war. - If the memorialists ask for a peace that would surrender a national right, or tarnish the national honour, they would deserve the most pointed reprobation of their fellow-citizens. It might be worth while for our merchants and traders to consider whether a similar memorial would not be expedient from the more opulent and flourishing city of New York.
It is said by a Philadelphia paper that perverts every thing that is good to every, that is bad, that one of the objects of the memorial of that city is to obtain a repeal of the Non-Importation Act; and they are therefore charged with being British Agents, Tories, Quids, Quadroons, Yazoo-men, Refugees, Traitors, &c. &c. all which is very easily written - because it is very foolish. He who solicits a "Peace that shall be consistent with the honour and welfare of the Union," asks for War when such a Peace cannot be maintained.
But grant that one of the objects of the memorialists is to obtain a repeal of the Non-Importation Act, what can be more obvious than that it ought to be repealed.
That Act is now suspended, and therefore while it is of no advantage to the United States, it may be of disservice in our negociations; for, although it may be well calculated to irritate, it is not formidable enough to frighten. It is a very partial Non-Importation Act - it prohibits but a very few articles.
Why should the suspension be taken off, and the Act again put in force?
In case of an amicable adjustment of our differences with England, the Act would be worse than useless.
Reverse the supposition; say that our differences are not only not so adjusted, but that there is no prospect of an amicable termination of them. - What then shall we do? - Revive the Non-Importation Act it would be setting a moschetto to worry an ox! No - on that supposition, something infinitely more energetic should be resorted to. Non-Importation Acts, although shallow politicians have clamoured much about them, are the last steps to which we should resort as a measure of obtaining justice.
When at Peace, we should be really peaceful; and when at War, like a nation proud of its independence and anxious for its honour, we should be warlike. I have always thought, and think still, that Britain must ultimately be coerced to do us justice: I wish I may be mistaken, and hope that I am; but if not, away with Non-Importation Acts. The least first step that we could with any thing like honour take, would be an embargo - and that now is done.

CASH WANTED, [heading]
For Bills of Exchange drawn on the Pay Masters General of His Majesty's Forces, to the amount of Sixteen Hundred Pounds Sterling, viz:
[first column]
No 785, -- 400.
--6, -- 400.
--7, -- 200.
[second column]
No 8, -- 300.
- 9, -- 300.
[end columns]
Sealed Tenders for the same (marked Tenders for Bills) will be received at this Office untill Tuesday the 26th inst. at 10 o'Clock in the morning, when they will be opened in the presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops, and if approved accepted.
Will: N. Firebrace,
Res: Commissary.
Commissary's Office, 23d January 1808.

Notice his hereby given that the following Negroes at present confined in the Barracks, will be sold at Public Vendue, at the expiration of one month from this date, pursuant to the Proclamation of the Honble. Court of Policy, dated 17th November 1804. - viz: - The Negro Adonis, belonging to Fryer, brought by the Dienders. Jack, belonging to Demitt, brought by Kewley on the 6th Sept. 1807. Andrew of Plantation Golden Grove, brought by Young on the 5th October 1807. George of Plantation Union, brought by Van Genderen on the 16th Oct. 1807.
S. G. Martens, Drossaart.
Demerary, 23d January 1808.

An Ass was sent to the Barracks on the 8th Inst. by Mr. Js. Freeland. The Owner may have it restored by applying to the Drossaart, and Paying the Expences.
Demerary, 23d January 1808.

The Subscriber appointed by the Honble. Court of Justice Curator of the Boedel of the late Peter T. Simson, and acting for Rd. Harding Esq. Joint-Curator, respectfully entreats those remaining indebted to the Deceased's Estate, (to whom repeated applications have been made for Payment) not to put him under the necessity of resorting to other than friendly measures for the settlement of their accounts.
23d Jan. James Greenwood.

Rousselet informs all those whom it may concern, that he has this day resigned the Substitution which Mr. H. Hazeman had passed on him, as Executor of the deceased H. Mutz, - and that Mr. H. Hazeman will in future Act in his quality as he will think necessary. Stabroek 23d Jany. 1808.

Runaway from the Subscriber, two weeks ago, his House Servant by the name of Profit, and who calls himself John Profit, he was formerly the property of Captain C. Van Dyck, is a short well-made Negro, about 16 years of age, very well known about Town and Country. Whoever will apprehend the said Negro, or give information so that he may be found and brought back to his Owner, or lodged in the Barracks, will receive a Reward of One Joe. Masters of Vessels are cautioned not to allow him to remain on board their Ships, as he very often expressed his inclination to go again to Sea.
Ruimveld Estate, 22d January 1808.
N. M. Manget.

The Subscribers will dispose of the following Articles at moderate prices for immediate Payment: -
[first column]
Fish in hogsheads,
Flour in barrels and half barrels,
Mess beef in barrels and half barrels,
Cargo beef in barrels,
Red oak staves & shooks,
White oak shooks and heading,
[second column]
White oak butt shooks and ditto,
Truss hoops,
New England shingles,
Spars for boat masts,
Tar in barrels,
Tobacco in ditto.
[end columns]
William King & Co.
Cumingsburgh, 23d Jan 1808.

The Undersigned being admitted Attorney at Law by the Honble: Court of Justice of Demerary intends again to take up his residence in the Town of Stabroek, at the House formerly Occupied by him, next adjoining Mr. Tinne's, where he may be spoken with, from the 8th of February next, every day from nine o'Clock in the forenoon until two. As he does not intend to continue practising as Attorney at law in Essequebo, he requests those who have entrstued [sic - entrusted] him with any Business to be carried on before the Honble: Court of Justice of that Colony, to call or send for their Papers at his Domicilium in Essequebo before the abovementioned date, to Pay such fees as may be due to him and to refund the Monies advanced on prosecuting their respective Suits; - he will however endeavour to obtain Sentence during the Court's sitting in the Month of March next, in the causes wherein he has Sued during this present Month of January.
The Undersigned further gives Notice of the Change of his Domicilium as abovementioned, and requests those to whom he is indebted to give in their Accounts, and those who are indebted to him to settle with him at Fort Island, on or before the 8th of February next.
Essequebo, 19th January 1808.
C. J. A. Stakman.

Those who have any Claims against the Estate of Mr. John Grant deceased, are requested to give in Statements of the same to the Subscriber, and those indebted to the said Estate are requested to make Payment as soon as possible.
James Lyon, Executor.
Demerary, 23d January 1808.

FOR SALE. [heading]
A Sugar Estate on the Island of Wackename, adjoining to that of the Honourable H. W. Knolman. For further Particulars apply to Thos. Dunbrack, residing on said Estate.
Essequebo, 23d January 1808.

Whereas the Widow of the late C. D. Mack Esq. intends leaving this colony within 3 Weeks from the date hereof, it is requested that those who may have any Demands against her, or are indebted to her, to render their Pretentions and Accounts for settlement as early as possible to
D. H. Van Nooten, q.q. [right pointing brace, and indicating 'qq.']
or D. L. C. Martini,
Who will dispose of at private sale, 8 Slaves viz: 4 Working Negroes, one Boy, an excellent Washer-Woman, and a working Woman with her Child. If not disposed of by private sale, they will be sold at Auction after the expiration of three Weeks.
Demerary, 23d January 1808.

Also Mevrouwe de Weduwe wylen de Heer C. D. Mack van voorneemens is om binnen de 3 Weeken de Colonie te verlaaten, zo worden de geenen die iets van haar Eed: mogten te prentendeeren hebben, ofte verschuldige zyn, vriendelyk verzogt om zig ten spoedigsten te adresseeren by
D. H. Van Nooten, q.q. [right pointing brace, and indicating 'qq.']
of D. L. C. Martini,
P. S. Dezelve presenteerd uyt de hand te Koop, 8 Stucks Slaaven, zynde 4 Werk neegers, een Jongen, een excellente Wasmeyd, een werk meyd en haar Kind, zo dezelve niet voor die tyd mogten verkogt zyn, zullen den over drie Weeken op Publicque Vendue worden opgeveylt.
Demerary, 23 January 1808.

The Subscriber requests all Persons having any Demands against the Estate of Abraham Nunis deceased, to render the same for Examination, and those who are indebted thereto to make immediate Payment, that he may be enabled to discharge the Debts against the Estate.
Jan. 23d. J. Hawkesworth, Exectr.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 23d January, 1808.



Brought by






Thos: Kewley.


Pl: Golde [sic] Grove,




Van Genderen.



Pl Chateau Margo.



Pl. Pyrica.


Miss Jonas,



Pl: Union,

Van Cooten.



Pl Columbia.








M. Smitt,

Pioneer Negroes.



M. N. Manget.



Pl: Kitty.



Pl: Jalousee.


C. Macrae,

J. Hendricks.



Ths: Freeland.


Miss Lusee,



C. Macrae,









Miss Mary Anne,


And a new negro man unknown brt. from Pl: Belmont.
S. G. Martens, Drossart.

See The Supplement.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
(at Thirty-three Guilders per Annum)
By Edward James Henery.

Supplement to the Essequebo & Demerary Royal Gazette.

Saturday, January 23d, 1808.

Stabroek: - Printed by E. J. Henery.


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