Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1808 April 02

Vol. III.)


(No. 118.

Saturday, April 2d, 1808.

The Ship Flora, Geo: Ravely, Master, for Liverpool, having nearly the whole of her Cargo engaged, and on board, will positively sail with the April Convoy. The Subscriber will feel greatly obliged to his Friends for 50 to 100 Bales of Cotton to complete her load.
2nd April. G. M. Forrester.

SHIP ECONOMY, [heading]
FOR LONDON. [heading]
The Subscriber requests his Friends who have offered him Freight for the above Ship, to send their Produce on board as soon as possible, as he will positively clear out on Saturday the 9th instant.
William Ross.
Demerary, 2d April, 1808.

FOR SALE. [heading]
Just Imported from London in the Cygnet, a handsome well-built modern Charriot. Apply to the Captain on board, or to Messrs. Cornfoot, Bell & Co.
Demerary, 2d April, 1808.

Informs his Friends and the Public in general that he has opened Store in the House at present occupied by Mr. D'Helliand near the American Stelling, - where he solicits their Patronage and a share of the Public favour.
He has at present FOR SALE: -
Good Tobacco, by the Barrel or Hhd.,
Pilot Bread,
Ship Ditto,
Superfine Flour,
Potatoes, in excellent order.
Demerary, 2d April 1808.

All Those having Claims against the Estate of the late James Jessamin, will please render them in for adjustment within three months, as after that period, whatever may be received, on Account of his Heirs and Legatees, will be remitted to them; also, those who are indebted to said Estate are requested to settle the same.
As Attorney to the Heirs and Legatees of the late James Jessamin.
Andrew Rose.
Kitty, 2d April, 1808.

From the landing place of Plantation Chantille, West side of the River Demerary, on the night of Thursday the 24th ult. a Canoe about 20 feet long and 3 1/2 feet wide, she is quite new, Mora Timbers and Tattaba Planks and Gunwales. Whoever will give such information as may lead to her recovery, will be suitably rewarded, by applying to the Subscribers, or to David Wardrop, Esq. Stabroek.
2d April. Edmonston & Burn.

Runaway from the Subscriber on the 19th ult. a Stout Negro Man of the Congo Nation, called Jack; he has a defect in one eye and a scar on his forehead, has been usually employed in a small Boat on the River and is well known among the Porter and Boat Negroes about Town; - he is known to have crossed the River and is supposed to be some where on the West Coast. A Reward of Two Joes will be given to any Person who will apprehend and lodge him in the Barracks.
James Wm. Dunkin.
Demerary, 2d April 1808.

As Manager, either on a Coffee or Sugar Estate, a Person that has been some time in the Colony. A Letter addressed to I. M. and left at this Office will be attended to.
Demerary, 2d April, 1808.

FOR BOSTON. [heading]
The Schooner Active, J. Attwood, Master. For Freight of Sugar or Coffee please apply on Board, at Mr. Benjamin's Stelling, or to the Subscriber.
William Tremain.
Demerary, 2d April 1808.

FOR NEW YORK. [heading]
The British Brig Mary, A. Bernie, Master. Will sail with the April Convoy. For Freight of Sugar or Coffee apply on Board, or to
Will: Tremain,
Demeary [sic], 2d April 1808.

Cotton Pruning Knives f 22 per dozen,
Iron-Handle Cutlasses, 27 - 10 –
Dutch Hoes, 30 - -
Ditto Shovels, 36 - -
Falling Axes, 36 - -
Nails, Hinges, Stay Bars, Brass and Wood stock Locks, with a variety of Dry Goods are to be Sold at very Reduced Prices for immediate Pay, by applying at the Store of
R. S. Turton.
New-Town, 2d April 1808.
Also a few Hogsheads best London Porter.

Notice is Hereby given that my Domicilium Citandi et Executandi is at the House of M. Downie, Esq. New Town.
John Mackintosh.
Demerary, 2d April, 1808.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary. [heading]
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, VIZ:-
Saml. S. Sommors, in 14 days or One Month, from 23d March 1808.
Benjn. Shirnson, in 14 days or One Month, from 23d March 1808.
Robert Griffith, in 14 days or 3 weeks, ditto.
Henry Hubbard, in 14 ditto, from 24th March.
John Brooks, in 14 ditto or 5 weeks, ditto.
J. Daniel, in 14 days, from 25th March.
Thos. Middleton, in ditto, ditto.
Francis Meagher, in 3 Weeks, ditto,
Charles Faddy in 14 days, or first Convoy, March 12.
John Carpenter, ditto, ditto, 18th do.
J. Van Ysendoorn, do. do. do.
George Gellie, do. do. do.
J. S. Walworth, do. do. do.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk


Notice is Hereby Given from the Marshal's Office, to those whom it may concern, that the Execution Sale which was detained in the month of January 1808, in behalf of I. D. Goddard versus James Parss, whereby has been taken under Execution a certain Lot of Land and the Buildings thereon, situated on Werk & Rust, adjoining Messr. McInroy, Sandbach & McBean, and at present occupied by R. Cozier, will take place on the 5th day of April next.
Rio Demerary, the 30th March, 1808.
M. Smit, First Marshal.


[right pointing hand icon] The Sale of the Plantation Tyd en Vlyt which was advertised to take place on the 29th ult., was put off in consequence of the late heavy rains, but will positively take place on Thursday the 21st inst, on the Premises.

On Monday next the 4th inst. will be sold, at Robb's Stelling, by order of the representatives of Paul Benfield Esq. for the benefit of the Underwriters and others concerned, the following Plantation Stores, re-captured in the ship Olive Branch of London, intended for Berbice. The Terms will be declared at the sale: -
[first column]
20,000 best malm [sic] paving bricks,
4979 Coffee tiles,
21 Hogsheads Building Lime,
50 hogsheads Coals,
[second column]
to be taken from along side the Ship.
[end columns]
32 barrels, barley, 4 barrels pitch, 7 barrels tar, 5 bales cotton bagging, 2 ditto oznaburgs, two casks red port wine 6 dozen each, 9 tierces beef, 8 barrels pork, 8 puncheons containing Negro men and Women's cloathing made up in jackets, trowsers, wrappers and petticoats, also check shirts and negro hats of different qualities, oznabrug thread, sewing twine and needles, paints and oils assorted, lamp oil in jugs, spirits of turpentine in ditto, nails 4, 8, 10, 20 and 30 dy, trenching shovels, brush-wood and pruning knives, iron potts, copper ladles, cooper's tools assorted, wire sugar strainers, butt & iron hoops, truss hoops, flat and square bar iron, tallow and candles, temper lime.
The above worthy the attention of Planters or Store-Keepers, it being a general assortment of the best Articles; - delivery to take place immediately after the sale.
April 2d. Robert Kingston.

On Monday the 4th Instant, at the Vendue Office, by order of Capt. William Greenidge, for the benefit of those concerned, - The Brig Lord Duncan, as she now lays stranded on the East Bank, and all her sails, rigging &c. The sale will commence at 2 o'Clock precisely.
April 2d. Robert Kingston.

On Wednesday the 13th instant, at the Vendue Office, - beer, porter, nails, salempores, locks, &c.
Also two field Negroes, and a waiting Boy, sold for no fault.
Also ten hogsheads of Newfoundland Cod Fish.
April 2d. Robert Kingston.

On Thursday the 14th instant, at the store of F. C. Otto Esq. - Flour, Newfoundland Fish, refined sugar, smoaked beef, potatoes, porter and beer, pickles, saddlery, Irish linen, checks, paint and paint oil, gun powder and shot, tin ware, stationary, candles and soap, cotton and coffee bagging, cutlasses, pruning knives, &c.
Also a few bales of Coffee Bagging and Oznabrugs, damaged, for account of the underwriters.
April 2d. Robert Kingston.

SHIP ORION. [heading]
Capt. Ross is exceedingly sorry that in consequence of the unfavorable state of the Weather for bringing forward Produce, the Orion will not Sail 'till June Convoy; the Ship not being at present one-fifth full.
Demerary, 2d April 1808.

FOR SALE. [heading]
By the Subscriber, received per Schooner Enterprize from Barbados: -
Irish Butter in firkins, Ditto Lard in do.
Beef and Pork, Ox Cheeks, and Candles.
April 3d [sic] T. Barry.

FOR BARBADOS. [heading]
The Schooner Enterprize, sails remarkably fast. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master on board, or to
T. Barry.
Robb's Stelling, 2d April 1808.

We have been favoured with London Papers to the 20th of February, from which we have made some Extracts; . . .

The general idea in England is that every thing will be adjusted in the most amicable manner with America - indeed there are some observations in the Barbados Mercury of the 22d ultimo, extracted from an American Paper, which tend to the opinion that America begins to open her Eyes to her real interest by making a comparison between the alternative of joining Great Britain or France.

Bonaparte has already seized and confiscated a number of American Vessels with their Cargoes, on the most frivolous pretences.

Mr. Rose still remains at the seat of Government. The explanation given by him in the affair of the Chesapeake was satisfactory to the Government - but the negociations appeared to be at a stand.

The rigours of the French towards the Portuguese are still continued, Commerce is totally at a stand, and the greatest scarcity prevails, they are still apprehensive of a revolt and they have by decree made it Death for any Portuguese to be found with fire arms in his possession, even if a hunting or shooting.

The Island of Madeira is crowded with Emigrants from Portugal, not a house is to be procured for lodgings, so that the British Troops have remained encamped, from which they have suffered a good deal.

This morning the Schooner Enterprize, from Barbados, brings us Papers up to the 23d ult. which announce the arrival of the second February Mail, but which does not bring Papers to a later date than those which we were already in possession of, consequently nothing in addition to their contents.

The Duke of Manchester arrived in Barbados on the 18th ult. on board the Guerrier Frigate; - his Grace remained there but Three Days, when he proceeded on his way to Jamaica, where he is appointed Governor General.

A report has been brought by the Skip Jack, which came in from a Cruize last night, that, the Rochefort Squadron had got into the Mediterranean and had captured two British frigates and thirty sail of merchantmen. The above news was received from the Attentive Gun Brig cruizing to Windward.

On Sunday night last a Pilot Boat belonging to Mr. O. Whiston, broke from her anchorage and ran foul of Captain Greenidge's Brig, the Lord Duncan, riding at anchor a little below the Fort, and falling across her bows, the point of the anchor was forced through her side; - the other point entered the Boat. - The leak became so alarming, that the People had but just time to cut the cable and run in shore, when the Brig immediately sunk, she was deeply laden with heavy Colony Timber and Coffee; next morning some of the Papers and Stores were got out of her at low water, but she is now entirely sunk and lost. The Boat is also sunk near the same place.

Died] - Yesterday morning at his Estat [sic] Mokoa, in Canal No 3, Joseph Tuitte M.D.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last. [heading]

ENTERED [heading]
Brig Cygnet, Capt. E. Smith, from London.
Ship Neptune, W. Teryer, Berbice.
Schooner Enterprize, Frith, Barbados.

CLEARED [heading]
Schooner Gingle, Capt. E. Tynes, for Barbados.


Feb. 13. . . .

We have been favoured with a perusal of late letters from Madeira: the troops there are in good health and high spirits, and the utmost cordiality exists between the officers and the inhabitants. General Bereford is equally popular with the inhabitants of Madeira as he was with the Spaniards in South America; his personal influence with either could carry any measures. It is not unlikely that the Buffs and 11th Regiment will, by and by, proceed to the West Indies. There is some idea of making Madeira, whose climate is so fine and favourable, a seasoning quarter for our troops, before they proceed at once to the West India Islands.

Feb. 15. . . .

Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Cotton, and Rear-Admiral Otway, having taken the command of the squadron off Lisbon, Sir Sidney Smith, has, we understand, proceeded to the Brazils, to take the command there.

Feb. 17. - By letters from Madeira, dated the 14th ultimo, we are informed, that the troops under General Beresford had been a month encamped and had suffered in some degree from the cause, there being no buildings there to accommodate them. At the application of the General, however, the Portuguese Government has appropriated two of the principal Convents for the accommodation of the troops; and it was intended to unite some of the poor order of convents, for the benefit of the friars, and with a view the better to make room for the troops in their buildings.

The island was crowded with emigrants from Lisbon, so that not a house was to be procured for lodgings.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 2d April, 1808.



Brought by






Pl Haagsche Bochs.


Mrs. Jonas,

Pl. Rome.



Pl Zwaanenschutt.


Dr. Farrell,

James Ogle.





A: Meertens,




R: Wells.


Smith, (Berb.)

A. Reed.


Pl: Good Intent,




N: M: Manget.








Pl: Herstelling,

Groot Diamand.


Pl: Lancaster,



Louisa Warner,


S. G. Martens, Drossart.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
By Edward James Henery.


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