Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1808 April 16

Vol. III.)


(No. 120.

Saturday, April 16th, 1808.

Just Imported in the Ship Fanny, from London, and for sale by the Subscribers: -
Wood Hoops,
Iron Puncheon and Vatt ditto,
Building Lime,
Bricks and Tiles,
Bottled Porter and Table Beer,
Old Cogniac Brandy,
With a Variety of other Articles.
Johnson, Dyett, McGarel & Co.
Demerary, 16th April 1808.

The Undersigned requests all Persons to whom he is indebted to render their Accounts for Payment, and those in Debt to him, to settle as speedily as possible.
G. M. Forrester.
Stabroek, 16th April 1808.

The Subscribers have received by the Barque Swan from Bristol, the following Articles for Sale, at their Stores on the North Dam, (formerly C. D. Forrester's) viz: -
Kegs choice Beef, Tripe,
Oysters, Potatoes,
Cheese, Pickles, Mustard, blown Salt,
Negro Cloathing, Ditto Pipes,
A General assortment of Iron and Brass Ware, among which are Nails 4d to 7 inch spikes.
Bricks, Tiles, square Paving Stones,
Temper Lime, and numerous other Articles.
J. L. & G. M. Forrester.
Who beg leave to inform their Friends, and those of Messrs: Thos: Daniel & Sons, that the Swan will positively sail with the June Fleet, and will be ready to receive Freight by the 25th Day of the present Month.
Stabroek, 16th April 1808.

Just Imported from Cork, in the Brig Hawk, Capt. Campbell, and for Sale by the Subscribers, - a few Firkins
Prime Double-Rose Butter. [centered]
Wardrop & Ferguson.
New-Town, 16th April 1808.

FOR LONDON [heading]
With the June Convoy. [heading]
The Ship Fanny, David Graham Master, burthen 300 Tons; British built and Coppered, will positively sail with the next Convoy. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master on board, or to
Underwood, Johnson & Co.
Who will be exceedingly thankful to their Friends for any assistance in loading this Vessel.
Demerary, 16th April 1808.

FOR LONDON. [heading]
Positively to sail with June Convoy.
The Ship William Heathcote, Moses Joynson Master, mounts 20 Guns, (9 Pounders) For Freight or Passage apply to
Wm. Heathcote.
Jno: Shepley.
Cumingsburg, 16th April 1808.

NAAR LONDON. [heading]
Zal Zeeker Zeylen met het Convooy in de Maand Juny, het Schip William Heathcote, Captn. Moses Joynson, draagende 20 cannonnen (9 ponders) Voor Vragt of passage te bevraagen by
Wm. Heathcote.
Jno: Shepley.
Cumingsburg, 16 April 1808.

FOR LIVERPOOL. [heading]
The Ship Mary, Captain John Afflick, Is well armed and Manned, and will sail with the first Convoy. For Freight or Passage please apply to
Hyndman & Cary.
Cumingsburg, 16th April 1808.

&c. &c. [heading]
The Subscribers are now landing from the Bark Swan, George Lewis Master, from Bristol, (via Cork) the following Articles in prime order and of the first quality, which they offer for Sale on low terms, for immediate Payment in Cash, (or Credit to those of their Customers who have paid their Accounts of the past Year, and to whom they beg leave to return their thanks for the same)
VIZ: [centered]
[first column]
12 pipes real old Cogniac Brandy,
3 ditto Holland's Gin,
Best Irish Claret,
London Porter in 10 dozen casks,
Taunton Ale in ditto,
Herefordshire Cyder in 6 dozen casks,
Bristol draught ale in barrels,
Hoffman's Cherry and Rasberry Brandy,
Prime Yorkshire Hams,
Bristol Tripe in jars,
Oysters in pots,
Tubs spiced Beef,
Kegs Ox Tongues
Ditto of Salmon,
Ditto White Herrings,
Irish mess Pork in whole and half barrels,
Firkins new double Rose Cork Butter,
Pine and truckle Cheese,
Boxes of Muscatel raisins,
Currants in jars,
Capers and Olives,
Beef, Mutton, Chicken and Veal portable Soups,
Hyson Tea,
Refined Sugar,
Stone Blue,
Basket Salt,
Stoughton's Bitters,
Scotch and Pearl Barley,
Split Pease,
Candles and Soap,
A large and general assortment of Hare's patent floor cloths of different patterns for rooms and passages,
Planter's broad rim'd Hats,
Common ditto,
Strong Shoes for Men and Boys,
Stout and fline [sic] Welch flannel,
Blue and Black Broad Cloths,
Black Silk Florentine,
Green Baize for Tables,
Green Window Gauze,
Irish Linens well assorted,
Boot Stockings,
Bed Tick,
Sail Canvas,
Blue Duffell,
Negro Jackets (lined and unlined),
Dito [sic] Hats,
Ditto Blankets,
Ditto Pipes,
Seines of different sizes,
Kegs best Bristol temper lime full bound,
Sugar hhd. and puncheon truss hoops,
Iron vat and puncheon hoops with rivits [sic],
Sheet Lead,
Ditto Copper,
English and Swedish bar iron,
Iron Pots,
Boat Anchors,
[second column]
Hand ditto,
Horse Brushes,
Scrubbing ditto,
Hand and paint ditto,
Birch Brooms,
Copper Cranes,
Gauging Rods,
Proof Vials,
Spring Rat Traps,
Lime Squeesers [sic],
Plated Tea and Table Spoons,
Pewter ditto,
Copper Skimmers and Ladles,
Iron Chests of different sizes,
Copper scales with sets of brass weights,
Steelyards of all sizes,
Sail and packing needles,
Palm Irons,
Caulking Irons,
Long Shade Snuffers,
Whip, Crosscut and hand saws and files,
Brass Camp Desk,
Book Case,
Drawer and Chamber Locks,
Sod Irons,
Frying Pans,
Grid Irons,
Screw Augers,
Brass Table Hinges,
Bed Screws and Caps,
Patent Iron Tea Kettles,
Large Vat, Butt and Wine Cocks,
Turkey Oil Stones,
Pan Shoe Scrapers,
Copper Boiling-House Lamps,
Six feet Coopers Jointers,
Plow, bead, groving [sic], long trying and smoothing planes (with spare irons,)
Chalk Lines,
Long Claret Corks,
Short ditto,
Masons Trowels,
Brass drawer handles and Escutcheons,
Carpenters and Coopers braces and bits,
Best Demerary Shovels,
Dutch Hoes, Cutlasses and Pruning Knives,
H L, Garnet, hook and eye box, table and other hinges,
Firmer and Socket Chissels,
Gun Flints,
Coffin Furniture,
Gun Tool Chests,
Sets of Knives and Forks with Carvers,
Negro Knives,
Pen ditto,
Nails from 4 dy to 6 inch spikes, (including flat pointed 20 dy,)
Blocks of all sizes,
Cordage from 9 thread to 6 inch Cable,
Pitch and Tar,
Iron Locks of every description,
And a number of other articles.
[end columns]
Thomas Shute & Co.
New-Town, 16th April 1808.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary. [heading]
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, VIZ:-
Archd. McGuffie, in 14 days, from 14th April.
Mrs. Van den Bosch with the first Convoy, ditto.
James Stallard, in 14 days from the 29th March 1808.
John Croyden Blair, in 14 days from the 29th March 1808.
Saml. S. Sommers, in 14 days or One Month, from 23d March 1808.
Benjn: Shirnson, in 14 days or One Month, from 23d March 1808.
Robert Griffith, in 14 days or 4 weeks, ditto
John Brooks, in 14 days or 5 weeks, ditto.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

Wordt mits deezen geadverteerd dat ter aanstaande Commissariaale Vergaadering zal worden gepasseerd, -
Door Chs. Vincent q.q. Transport van de Concessie No 28 geleegen op de voorgrond van de Plantagie Le Repentir, aan L. Kisselens, zynde oonspronkelyk deeze Concessie door voor: Ch: Vincent aan J. W. Bruninghaus en door dezelve aan voorn: L. Kisselens verkogt geworden.
Door A. Baum Transport van het Lot Land op de voorgrond van Plantagie Werk & Rust, bekend onder No 2, met de daaropstaande Gebouwen, aan F. Horn.
Demerary den 16 April 1808.
J. C. Stadtman, eerste Clercq.

Alzo de Heer John P. Hicks, Meerderjaarig Jongman, gebooren in deese Colonie, Bruidegom ter Eenre. - En Mejuffrouw Catharina Justina Sertorius, Minderjaarige Jonge Dochter gebooren te Essequebo, geadsisteerd met haare Moeder de Wedw: Wylen Thos: Harriott, Bruid ter andere zyde.
Alsmeede de Heer John Smith, Meerderjaarig Jongman, gebooren in Engeland, Bruidegom ter Eenre, - en Mejuffrouw Mary Turville Murphy, Bruid ter ander zyde
Van voorneemens zyn met elkander een Wettig Huwelyk aantegaan, zoo als dezelve ook reeds op den 8ste en 4de deezer maand, ten overstaan van Heeren Raaden Commissarissen uit den Edele Acrhtbaare Hove van Justitie alhier in Ondertrouw zyn opgenoomen. Zoo word zulks mits deezen aan elk en een iegelyk geadverteerd, ten einde die geenen welke vermeenen zich teegens het Solemniseeren van opgemelde Huwelyke te kunnen opponeeren, zulks in tyds te doen daar waar en zoo he behoord.
Zynde dit te Tweede Bekendmaaking.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary deezen 10de April 1808. In kennisse van my
J. C. Stadtman, Eerste Clercq.


On Tuesday the 19th inst. will be exposed for sale at Public Auction, by order of messrs. Johnson, Dyett, McGarel & Co. at their store, - mess beef and pork, superfine flour, tar, elegant London made furniture, dry goods, and sundry other articles.
April 16th. Robert Kingston.

On Wednesday the 20th inst. will be exposed for sale at Public Auction, by order of Mr. Brooks, middle street, Robb's Town, - a sideboard, mahogany chairs, tables, jewellery, clocks and watches, pictures, water vatts, and other articles that may appear on the day of sale.
April 16th. Robert Kingston.

On Friday the 22d inst. will be exposed for sale by order of messrs. A. Cart & L. De Saulles at the Vendue Office, - the unexpired lease of the concession in New Town, front of Pl. Vlissingen, at present occupied by A. Cart, Esq. situated between messrs. Johnson, Dyett, McGarel & Co. and Alexander McNabb, Esq. with all the buildings thereon, well situated for the mercantile business, one end opposite the North Canal of Stabroek, the other opposite the street leading to the American stelling, the land free of ground rent during the lease, with right to the use of the stelling.
April 16th. Robert Kingston.

On Monday the 25th inst. will be exposed for sale at their store by order of messrs. Johnson, Dyett, McGarel & Co. for the benefit of those concerned, an elegant assortment of London made furniture, consisting of chairs, sophas, cellerets, sideboards, mahogany secretaries, card tables, pembroke tables, counting-house desks and stools, liquor cases and night chairs; also several handsome gigs with harness, bottled porter, negro hats, with several other articles just imported in the Ship Fanny, Captain Graham, from London.
April 16th. Robert Kingston.

On Tuesday the 26th inst. will be exposed for sale at Public Auction, by order of messrs. Douglas, Reid & Co. at their store, - a large assortment of dry goods, provisions, porter, new Irish butter, Madeira wine in pipes, hhds, quarter casks.
April 16th. Robert Kingston.

On Wednesday and Thursday the 27th and 28th inst. will be exposed for sale at Public Auction, by order of the Honble. Board of Orphan Chamber, a choice collection of Books, among which the Encyclopedia Brittannica, 20 volumes, Anderson's British Poets, 13 volumes, Ossian, 3 volumes, Pennantstour in Greatland, 3 volumes, Milton's Paradise Lost, beautifull Views of the Diamond Rock, coloured folio plates, and a large assortment of entertaining Works; also new and worn linen wearing apparel, gold watches, gold and silver work, punt, negroes, and other articles that may appear on the day of sale.
April 16. Robert Kingston.

On Friday the 29th inst. will be exposed for sale at the Vendue Office, by order of miss Maria Kendricks, - two house servants named Hannah and Maria. Also on the same day, dry goods, provisions, &c. &c.
April 16th. Robert Kingston.

On Monday the 2d May, at the Store of F. C. Otto Esq. - Flour, Newfoundland Fish, refined sugar, smoaked beef, potatoes, porter and beer, pickles, saddlery, Irish linen, checks, paint and paint oil, gun powder and shot, tin ware, stationary, candles and soap, cotton and coffee bagging, cutlasses, pruning knives, &c.
April 16th. Robert Kingston.

On Tuesday the 3d of May and following days, by order of McInroy, Sandbach & McBean, at their Sores [sic] in Werk & Rust, - The whole of their stock of Goods on hand, consisting of cordage, anchors, grapnals, cambouses, rudder irons, mast hoops and hanks fit for Colony craft, canvas no. 1 a 5, light carts with harness, paints and oils, paint brushes, blue, starch, mustard, spirits of turpentine, lined and unlined jackets, wrappers, negro hatts, boots and shoes, cotton and coffee bagging, checks, muslins, dimity, India Jean, white and printed quilting, Russia sheeting, Russia ravens duck, Irish ravens duck, 7-8 and 4-4 Irish and Scoth [sic] linen, long lawn, ginghams, brittannias, diaper, printed calicoes, cotton stockings, bed sheeting, oznabrugs, tin and glass ware assorted, stationary, refined sugar, port wine, beer and porter, gin cranks, a complete assortment of Carpenters tools, patent shot and gun powder, fusees with accoutrements complete, fowling peices [sic], scouring ramrods, hoes, shovels, cutlasses and pruning knives, dining tables with D ends, pembroke and card tables, bedsteads with mattresses, bolsters and pillows and musquetto nettings, bamboo chairs, bottle sliders and servers, saddles, bridles, chaise harness, and do. with tandum [sic] harness, portmanteaus, curry comb brushes and main [sic] combs, horse halters, corks, soap, candles and tallow, pickled and red herrings, beef and pork in half barrels, nails assorted, iron teaches, &c. &c.
And the Lot and Buildings at present occupied by them, with a number of other articles which will then be produced.
April 16th. Robert Kingston.

On Wednesday the 11th May, by order of mr. Wm. Hallstead, at his store in South Street, Bridge-Town, - mess beef in whole and half barrels, hams, cheese, mountain wine by the half pipe and dozen, beer, ale and porter by the dozen, dry goods, glass and tin ware, ironmongery, two seasoned horses and a chaise. Also at the same time and place, by order of Capt. Wilson, a variety of dry goods, ironmongery, and provisions, in which are prime corn'd beef in large kegs, tripe in kegs, and many other articles, now landing from on board the Ship Harmony.
April 16th. Robert Kingston.

The Undersigned begs leave to inform his Friends and the public in general, that he has removed from the Logie formerly occupied by him to the Logie lately occupied by Messrs: James Knight & Co. where he carries on the Boat Building and Blacksmith Business in all their various Branches. He begs to return his thanks to his Friends for their favors hitherto received, and hopes for a further continuance of them, as every attention will be paid to speedy dispatch and good Workmanship. Also on the same Premises Mr. Granham will carry on the Plumber, Braiser, and Coppersmith Business, and hopes by steady attention to merit the Public favour.
Richd: F. Yearwood.
Cumingsburg, 16th April 1808.

Whereas the two Casks of Dry Goods, marked D W No 1 and 2, formerly advertised as being unowned on board the Ship Triton, have not yet been claimed; this is therefore to give Notice that they have been landed at the Store of James Robertson Esq. and that if they are not claimed before the expiration of one Month from the date of this advertisement, they will be Sold to Pay Expences, and for the benefit of whomsoever it may afterwards appear they belong to.
C. Van Dyk.
Demerary, 16th April 1808.

Alzo de twee Vaaten Drooge Goederen gemerkt D W No 1 en 2, aan boord van 't Schip Triton, voor deezen geadverteerd nog ongeeygend zyn, zoo word hiermeede bekend gemaakt, dat dezelve geland zyn in het pakhuys van de Heer James Robertson en indien dezelve niet binnen de tyd van een Mand ge‘ygend worden dezelve zullen Verkogt worden ter benificie van dien dezelve moogen zyn tot goedmaking der Kosten.
C. Van Dyk.
Demerary, 16th April 1808.

COD FISH. [heading]
Just Imported in the Brig Hawk, and for Sale by the Subscribers, a Cargo of
Newfoundland Fish [centered]
of superior Quality in Casks of Eight, Six,
Four and Three Quintals. [centered]
Fullerton, Oliverson & Co.
Cumingsburg, 16th April 1808.

Just Landed from on board the Harmony, and for sale at the Store of the Subscriber by the Package and for prompt Payment only, at a moderate advance, payable in Sterling Money or in Guilders at the rate of the present Exchange, viz: - Coffee and Cotton Bagging, Scotch sheeting, Sailor's Cloathing, Negro ditto, pale ale, beer and porter, furniture paper, iron hoops, nails and other ironmongery assorted, patent silk hats, children's ditto, boots and shoes, paint, paint oil, Cordage from 4 1-2 inch to 6 bouling [sic], a few barrels prime mess Beef and Pork, a new Cable 11 1-2 inches, salt in baskets, soap, two handsome Gigs with harness, sewing twine, garden seeds, Windsor soap and wash balls, flat iron, &c. &c.
P. Verbeke, q.q.
Wm. Wilson.
Demerary, 16th April 1808.

Drifted away from along side the ship Amelia, a middle-sized Punt. Whoever has found the same is requested to inform the Subscriber of it, who will pay a reward of One Joe.
P. Verbeke.
Demerary, 16th April 1808.

TO BE SOLD OR LET. [heading]
The Premises at present occupied by the Subscriber. They are spacious, convenient, and eligibly situated for Business.
Wm. Hallstead.
Demerary, 16th April 1808.

The Subscriber advertises that his Domicilium Citandi et Executandi is on Plantation Aberdeen, West Sea Coast, Essequebo.
16th April 1808. David Bacon.

Just Imported and for Sale by the Subscriber at his Store in South-Street, Bridge Town, the following Goods, Viz: -
[first column]
An assortment of nails from 4 to 30dy,
Tin Tacks,
Pump do. and Brads of various sizes,
Slender fine drawn Nails,
Scheepper ditto,
Iron Boilers,
Mill Brasses,
Grating Barrs,
Mill Wedges,
Shovels, Hoes, Bills, Matchets and Pruning Knives,
Steelyards (Dutch standard) to weigh from 150 to 200 lbs.,
Bolts, Hooks and Staples for doors and windows,
Hinges of various kinds for doors, windows, boxes, trunks, &c.
Brass and iron locks of various kinds and sizes, among which are portable desk and Ladies' work-table locks,
Steel and brass bells on springs with screws and plates complete for shop doors and windows,
Small pained [sic] scale beams from 18 to 25 inches,
Tin pans suitable for bottoms for do.,
Small sets leaden weights for ditto,
Sets bed screws with caps,
Bed Keys,
Corn mills,
Coffee ditto,
Carpenters and Coopers tools,
Blacksmiths large vices [sic],
Hand and bench ditto,
Iron Pots,
Frying Pans,
Grid Irons,
Meat Spits,
[second column]
Sod irons for smoothing clothes,
Table Knives and forks,
Pen Knives, Scissars,
Fine Ivory Combs,
Powder and Shot,
Bottle and Vial Corks,
Brass and wood pullies for lantherns [sic],
Brass frame pullies,
Wood Screws,
Best Glue,
Surveyors brass and iron chains,
Tin and japanned ware,
Glass and crockery do.,
Horn Lanthorns,
Pewter liquor measures from a gallon to a quart,
Horse brushes and curry combs,
Mane combs and spunges [sic],
Clothes Brushes,
Full sets coffin furniture for grown persons and children,
Vat hoops and rivits,
Caulking Irons,
Large and small oars,
Mast Hoops,
Blocks, Dead Eyes,
Hanks, Trucks,
Tar Brushes,
Paint ditto,
Paint and Paint oil,
Tar and Pitch,
1 large elegant floor carpet
Bedside carpeting with binding for do.,
Green gauze for window blinds,
Red, white, yellow and blue bunten [sic],
Elegant gilt picture frames of various sizes with glass and boards,
Some of Pleyels musical lessons, &c. &c.
[end columns]
Wm. Hallstead.
Demerary, 16th April 1808.

Runaway from the Subscriber, a Negro Woman named Harriet, late the property of Mr. D. McLachlan. She is a strong made wench, and may be known by one foot and anckle being thicker than the other, and is supposed to be harboured by the Pioneers. A Reward of Two Joes will be given for apprehending and delivering her to
Nathan Smith.
Stabroek, 16th April 1808.

The Gingle Schooner arrived this Morning from Barbados and has brought us the Mercury to the 9th inst. Its contents will be found as follows:

BRIDGE-TOWN, BARBADOS, April 9th. [heading]

The Rochfort Squadron, which report had at one time sent to he East, and then to the West Indies; at another to Louisiana, and then to Toulon; now to conquer Surinam, or then to skulk into Martinique; at one time touching at Cayenne, and at another proceeding to St. Domingo; we are happy at length in being able to give some tidings of which bear an authority that removes ever doubt of its destination. - They have actually arrived at the Chesapeake. We first received this information on Thursday, through a most respectable channel, obtained from St. Lucia; accompanied with information of minor importance - that of the capture of the Island of Deseade.

The following are the accounts received from St. Lucia, of the 4th inst.

"The Rochfort Squadron have put into the Chesapeake, Admiral Duckworth close after them with eight or ten sail.

"The Cerberus frigate and Melville sloop, took on Tuesday night, with the assistance of some brigs of war, the Island of Deseada - the Admiral then at Marigalante, with six sail of the line."

The arrival of the Rochfort squadron in the Chesapeake is now further communicated by accounts from Antigua; and Sir Alex. Cochrane, as we understand had been apprised of the fact nearly a fortnight ago. A vessel from Tortola, where direct accounts from America had been received, was dispatched with the tidings; and a subsequent confirmation was made to the Admiral from Capt. Crofton of his Majesty's ship Demerary, who obtained it from a Swedish vessel sent express to our Naval Commander on the American station. - Capt. Croften relying on the information, proceeded in quest of Admiral Duckworth, then supposed to be in the neighbourhood of St. Domingo, but it would seem that this indefatigable Officer had some previous knowledge of the Enemy's route, for it is confidently added, that Sir John had been seen off the Coast of America, standing for the Chesapeake. This is not only mentioned in the account from St. Lucia, but is also currently given with that of the Enemy's being already there. Only one wish - one sentiment - one opinion can be entertained as to the rencounter and its issue; and unless we are duped by sallacious reports, we now may fairly anticipate the capture of the eloped L'Almand, and the subjugation of his whole Squadron; giving by its splendid achievement, immortal fame to the renowned Duckworth, in a title derived from the watery field of battle.

A report has also been received here from Antigua, which tends to overthrow all hopes of an accommodation with the American Government, it being stated that Mr. Rose, our Minister, has quitted the United States. - If this be true, it has been no doubt the result of the Enemy's arrival in the Chesapeake; where Admiral Duckworth's appearance so speedily after may, however, give a new turn to our political ascendency.

Admiral Berkeley still retains the command on the American station, and Sir. J B Warren is gone to take that of Jamaica.

On Wednesday Evening three Vessels of the Cork Fleet arrived here; - they left Cork on the 29th Of February. The Ship Mervin, Capt. James, intended for Surinam, but lost her fore topmast in a squall and could not bear up, several other Vessels destined there, have fallen to Leeward and have gone to St. Vincents. Tho' their departure from Europe is much later than the last mail, we do not learn that they bring any news.

The Homeward bound Fleet from this Port, consisting of nearly 30 Vessels, sailed on Thursday morning, under convoy of a Sloop of War.

A most daring Robbery was committed on Thursday night last in the House of Mr. Barry, on Robb's Stelling. The thieves entered by a back window, and after taking the keys of his store and iron chest from his waistcoat pocket, (he being a-sleep in the same room) they opened the chest and took out about 170 Joes in Cash. [sic - period] robbed [sic - not capitalized] the store of some dry goods, drank six bottles of beer, and escaped without the least alarm being given!! The Centinel at the Military Hospital hailed a Negro during the night, who threw down a bundle and made off. The bundle contained 9 pieces of cambric belonging to Mr. Barry. Every exertion is making to apprehend a Negro who is suspected of being concerned in the affair, and who had been lately in the employ of Mr. B.

Died, at an advanced age, on Wednesday last, the Widow De Beete.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last. [heading]

ENTERED [heading]
Bark Swan, Capt. G. Lewis, from Bristol.
Brig Hawk, G. Campbell, Greenock.
Ship Mervin, J. James, Bristol.
[add James above to people]

CLEARED [heading]
Ships Endeavour, A. Cowan, for Cork; Enterprize, J. Anderson, London; Garthland, J. Barkley, Liverpool; Joseph & Betsey, J. Dawson, Trinidad. Brigs Alert, W. Delday, London; Fortune, T. Crowly, ditto. Schooners Drednought, T. Rees, Nova Scotia; Enterprize, John Frith, Barbados, Active, R. Whillis, London; Eleanor, J. P. Hicks, Surinam.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 16th April, 1808.



Brought by






Pl Haagsche Bochs.



Pl Zwaanenschutt.


A: Meertens,









Louisa Warner,



D. Bacon,

Pl: New Hoop.


Miss A. Lert,




Pl Musquetto Hall.






Pl: Zorg & Hoop.



Pl: Triumph.

S. G. Martens, Drossart.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
By Edward James Henery.

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