Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1808 April 23

Vol. III.)


(No. 121.

Saturday, April 23d, 1808.

The Friends of Humanity in this Colony are earnestly requested to meet at the Union Coffee House on Wednesday next at 11 o'Clock to consider of the means of promoting a Subscription for the Relief of the unfortunate Sufferers by the above distressing Calamity, by which upwards of four Thousand Persons are said to be deprived of their Habitations, and many of them of their Subsistence.
Demerary, 23d April 1808.

FOR GLASGOW. [heading]
To sail with the Convoy in June, the fast sailing Coppered Ship Fortune, John Wilson, Master. and
FOR DUBLIN. [centered]
The Ship Liberty, Jno. McPherson, Master, also to sail with the June Convoy.
For Freight or Passage apply to
Fullerton, Oliverson & Co.
Cumingsburg, 23d April 1808.

FOR LIVERPOOL. [heading]
The Ship Richard, William Croft
Master. [centered]
FOR LONDON. [centered]
The Brig Cygnet, Edward Smith Master.
Both Vessels are Coppered and of the first Class. They will positively sail with the first Fleet, - for Freight or Passage apply to the Masters on Board, or to
Cornfoot, Bell & Co.
Cumingsburg, 23d April 1808.

Ten Butts of Oats marked M, (in a diamond) Landed from the Ship Macclesfield, Capt. Graham, are at the Stores of the Subscribers and ready for delivery to whoever may prove their right to the same.
If not called for in the course of four Weeks from this date they will be Sold at Vendue to defray Expences.
Cornfoot, Bell & Co.
Cumingsburg, 23d April 1808.

The Schooner Active for New York will positively sail in the course of the ensuing Week, full or not. For Freight of a few more Bags of Coffee or Puncheons of Rum, please apply on board or to
Willm: Tremain, near the
American Stelling.
Demerary, 23d April 1808.

The Subscriber Requests all Persons who have any Demands against Plantation Good Intent, Rio Demerary, to render them as soon as possible, made up to the 24th March last.
23d April 1808. John Haywood.

Demerary, 22d April, 1808. [heading]
FOR SALE. [heading]
By the Subscriber. - Who expected a Cargo of Fresh Salt from Liverpool by: - a Ship he sees ashore in the News Papers.
Fresh Provisions! - Just Imported
From Cork: Well Salted and assorted
In Barrels. - Iron bound with Hoops of Wood:
Potatoes, Herring - new and Good. -
Fresh Butter - sound as Salt can make it
In Firkins, suited for this market.
AND [centered]
Money Scales - for Gold to Shew
What you'll receive for each cut Joe.
Scales of Gold - Gold Scale of Brass,
Will shew the value, more or less,
If handled Arch and not let touch
In all this Town, you cant find Such.
Swilly Mic-Duach.

CONCERT. [heading]
By Permission of His Excellency the Lieut. Governor, Colonel R. Nicholson.
Miss Louisa Pieck has the honor to announce to the Ladies and Gentlemen of this Colony, that - A Vocal and
Instrumental Concert [centered]
is appointed for Friday next, the 19th Instant, at Marshall's Hotel, at which Miss Emily Pieck will attend.
Tickets to be had of Mr. Pieck, South-Street Robb's Town, (opposite W. Roach Esq.) and at Marshall's Hotel at One Joe each.
Music will be provided for Country Dances, after the Concert.
Demerary, 23d April 1808.

The Subscriber begs leave to acquaint his Friends and Clients that he will remove his residence on the 6th of May next, to the New House lately finished on Vlessingen Estate, near the Logie of Mr. Daley, where all Business will in future be transacted by him.
H. Cantzlaar, JZ.
Demerary, 23d April 1808.

The Subscriber respectfully informs his Friends and also the Planters, Merchants and Inhabitants of this Colony, that he will be ready to take in Freight for Fort Island, Essequebo and the Arabian Coast, on the 10th of May next: - Any Gentleman being wishfull to ship any thing on board his Schooner at any time may depend of it being by him fast delivered with speed, and will thank them for their favor and custom.
He also begs leave to acquaint his Friend and Captains of Ships and the Inhabitants of this Town, that they may be supplied with any quantity of Fire Wood after the 15th day of May next at his Stelling in Werk & Rust, near the premises of Messrs. McInroy, Sandbach, McBean & Co. where the Boats can take it off at High Water, and where he will always dispatch their Boats with speed.
C. Marquis.
Demerary, 23d April, 1808.

The Subscriber being informed that there are some Acceptances in circulation signed Wm. T. Boon, qq. Plantation Two Brothers, gives notice that Wm. T. Boon, never had a Power of Attorney, authorising him to bind the whole of Plantation Two Brothers, and that consequently the Subscriber as Proprietor of one half of said Plantation will not allow any Claim against his share, but such as originated in debts really contracted by himself or for supplies bona fied [sic] given for the use of said Plantation, and by no means for any private debt of Wm. T. Boon, for which the Subscriber does not hold himself accountable nor his property in any manner liable.
P. L. Boon.
Demerary, 23d April, 1808.

The Undersigned wishful of forming some arrangement to the satisfaction of his Creditors in general, do hereby Solicit their attendance, - one and all, - at the Union Coffee House, on the 12th of May next ensuing, when he will lay before them a statement of his affairs, made out in the best manner that his long absence from the Colony, and otherwise deranged state of his affairs, will permit.
G. C. Hunter.
Demerary, 23d April 1808.

A Red Cow was sent to the Barracks on the 19th inst. from Pl. Vlessingen. The Owner thereof is requested to apply for the same, otherwise it will be Sold at Vendue to Pay Expences.
Demerary, 23d April 1808.

The Domicilium Citandi et Executandi of the Undersigned is at the House of Miss Sarah Cornielson, on the frontland of Plantation Freedensteyn, Rio Demerary.
23d April 1808. Wm. Nelson.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary.
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, VIZ: -
Archd. McGuffie, in 14 days, from 14th April.
Mrs. Van den Bosch with the first Convoy, ditto.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

Wordt mits deezen geadverteerd dat ter aanstaande Commissariaale Vergaadering zal worden gepasseerd, -
. . . [see 18080416EDRG; for which this is an addition]
Door de Gemachtigde van W. Ewing Transport van een Lot Land geleegen in de Boven Rivier, aan W. Riley.
Demerary den 16 April 1808.
J. C. Stadtman, eerste Clercq.

FOR LONDON. [heading]
The Orion, mounts 16 Guns and has Men answerable, will positively sail with the June Convoy. Capt. Ross will be much obliged to his Friends to come forward as early as possible with their Produce. For Freight or Passage apply at the Stores of Rt: Younghusband Esq. or Messrs. Hugh Mackenzie & Co.
Demerary, 23d April 1808.


By Authority obtained, I the Underwritten First Marshal of the Honble: Court of Justice of this Colony, will Expose and Sell by Execution Sales: -
1st. - In behalf of Wm: Gammel versus Sanders Game, two Negro Women, Jenny Sango and Judith Sanders.
2d. - In behalf of F. J. Huesteeg versus W. Niel, a certain Lot of Land or Concession, situated in the middle street in front of Pl: Vlissengen, with the thereon standing Dwelling house, two stories high, about 30 feet long by 18 feet wide, with two side buildings serving for Negro houses and kitchen, as it is at present occupied by said W. Neil.
3d. - In behalf of D. McLachlan versus Frier & Morgan, 91 bars of Bolt Iron, and 20 bundles ditto, about 3000lbs. more or less.
Any Person or Persons who should conceive to have a right to oppose against any of the aforesaid Sales, will address themselves in Writing at the Marshal's Office, where I shall receive them as opposer or opposers, and appoint a day to go to Law; and whoever is inclined to purchase are requested to attend on the day of Sale, which will be on the 3d day of May next.
Actum in Rio Demerary, 20th April, 1808.
M. Smit, First Marshal.


To be Sold at Public Vendue on Thursday the 5th of May, by order of Colin Macrae, Esq. at Robb's Stelling, the following articles, all of the first quality, and in perfect good order, being a consignment just received per Brig Joseph, from London, viz: - 15 hhds. coals, 5m wood hoops, 10 hhds. building lime, 5m mal pavior bricks, 6 hhds. whiting, 1 hhd. basket salt, 10 jars, each 3 lbs. fine green paint, 20 kegs ground white lead, 20 jugs paint oil, 10 do. lamp do., 6 barrels Stockholm tar, 20 kegs white biscuit, 20 kegs split pease, 5 hair mattresses, 12 boxes mould candles, 10 tierces bottled pale ale, 6 dozen each.
Also 40 hhds. Newfoundland cod fish.
April 23d. Robert Kingston.

On Tuesday the 10th of May will be exposed for sale at Public Auction at the Vendue Office, thirty prime seasoned negroes, dry goods, provisions, &c. &c.
April 23d. Robert Kingston.

To be Sold at the Vendue Office on Monday the 16th of May, [see 18080409EDRG for '15th [sic] of May']
April 2d. Robert Kingston.

On Tuesday the 17th of May, will be exposed for sale by order of Dr. Lloyd, at his House Brick Dam, - household furniture, consisting of mahogany dining tables with D ends, pembrook and card tables, sideboard, sophas, chest of drawers, beds and bedsteads, chairs, looking glasses, secretary, pictures, a large collection of books, negroes, horses, chaise, &c. &c.
April 23d. Robert Kingston.

On Thursday and Friday the 19th and 20th of May, at the stores of messrs. J. van der Haas & Co. by order of C. G. Storm van s'Gravesande, Esq. negro cloathing, nails assorted, coffee bagging, cotton cambrics, &c.
April 23d. Robert Kingston.

NOTICE. [heading]
The Subscriber is under the necessity of informing those indebted to him whose Accounts and Notes should long since have been paid, that it is wholly out of his power to grant them farther indulgence, as he has no other means of satisfying the demands against him, than by collecting the money he has outstanding; after this notice they will not blame him if they are applied to by his Attorney at Law.
He will dispose of a Punt 33 feet long by 10 feet wide, just out of the Carpenter's hands, and in complete repair.
Wm: Roach.
Bridge-Town, 23d April, 1808.

FOR DUBLIN. [heading]
The Ship Stork, Wm: Turnbull, Master, will sail with the June Convoy. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master on board, or
Johnson, Dyett, McGarel & Co.
Demerary, 23d April, 1808.

No Arrival in the course of this Week from either Europe, America or the Islands.

The Mail begins to be anxiously looked for, it has now been due a considerable time.

A letter dated January 23d from Rotterdam mentions that there has been an alarming inundation in different parts. - The Water was so high in New Helvoct, that the People saved themselves in the Steeples.

We have this Day extracted the whole of the particulars of the late dreadful Fire in Trinidad, and we are happy to observe that a laudable institution for the relief of the unfortunate sufferers, is about to be set on foot: - See Advertisement in First Page.

On Tuesday Night last the Store of Mr. Warchop was broke open and robbed of a few trifling articles; it is supposed that the Thieves must have been disturbed from their not taking more than they did. The frequency of Shop-breaking, calls aloud for some steps to be taken to secure the Community from such repeated aggressions. In short the Negroes in Town have become so insolent and intemperate of late, that we sincerely hope some sort of Patrole will be appointed. - Negroes are found passing the Streets at all hours of the Night, which is a circumstance that ought not to be permitted.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last. [heading]

ENTERED [heading]
Schr. Gingle, E. Tynes, from Barbados.

CLEARED [heading]
Brig Hetty, H. Clarkson, for Portsmouth.

From the Trinidad Paper. [heading]

Between ten and eleven o'clock on the night of the 24th March, the inhabitants of this town were suddenly awoke by the drums beating, and bells ringing the alarm. Fire was soon found to be the cause, and the house of Dr. Schaw, in Frederick Street, one of the narrowest, most populous, and built altogether of timber, the focus from whence the conflagration issued, threatening, by its impetuosity, devastation all around.

The fire from the inflammable and combustible materials of Dr. Schaw's shop, in which were stored quantities of nitre, sulpher, aether, and other rectified spirits and essential oils, soon raged with inconceivable violence: and diverging from that focus in every direction, the whole of that street, together with Henry-street on the East, Chacon-street on the West, and King and Queen streets on the North and South, were soon enveloped in the devouring element; and to those who had time to reflect, afforded a melancholy presage of the total destruction of the town. The terror which took possession of the unfortunate tenants and proprietors of this neighbourhood is not to be described, nor can fancy paint a scene of such astonishment and dismay.

They were roused from their sleep to behold the very flames bursting into their chamber windows, and had but sufficient time to abandon all and save their lives. The screams of the women and children running distractedly through the streets in search of a place of safety - the neighing, or rather squealing of the horses and mules, many of which were burned to death in their stables; and the loud and frequent reports of buts of spiritous liquors and gun-powder, as the fire reached them, altogether formed an assemblage of horror, as awful as it was terrific. Of lives, we have not heard any being lost, except a negro of Mr. Sandes, the Vendue-master, whose house was contiguous to the spot where the fire originated, and a grenadier of the 37th, who generously devoting himself to save the life of a child, succeeded in the attempt, but was so scorched as since to have died of his sufferings.

The Pump Company with the water engines did every thing that could be expected from them, to stop the progress of the flames; but from the number of years that the town, through a variety of hazards, had escaped, and the late uncommon wet weather, which had lulled the inhabitants into security, people were off their guard, and the machinery of every class attached to that establishment had been neglected - the want of water was another difficulty, the wells only furnishing the little that was procured, and those were soon drained, or became inapproachable by the excessive heat of the houses and palings on fire around them. We will venture to affirm, however, that the quantity of water a dozen such engines as ours, well served and well furnished, could have thrown, would have been totally useless and unavailing to extinguish or even arrest the impetuosity of a conflagration such as we have been a witness to, after it once got head.

His Excellency the Governor, with the officers of his staff, and working parties from the 57th and 8th, were early at the scene of action; and although their efforts were vigorous, and behaviour orderly and meritorious under his Excellency's orders, it was all ineffectual; human art or exertion could do nothing against the progress of such a torrent of fire, continually renewed and excited by fuel of such inflammable matter.

When day broke, and the clouds of smoke which lay on the ground and could not ascend from its own density, had cleared away by the morning breeze, a scene of desolation presented itself to us not to be described - a large and populous town, which but a few hours before bore the second rank in our Windward Island possessions, had vanished, and nothing remained but stacks of chimneys and walls in ruins; not an atom of any thing inflammable escaped, and in many places bottles and glass ware, and even pot metal, were found to have been a state of fusion.

On taking an account of the extent of the damage with the plan of the town in hand, we find that 12 squares or blocks have been entirely consumed, and 49 partially, making an ensemble of 435 principal houses or stores with the fronts to the streets, besides back stores and out-offices, which may be estimated at four times that number at least, and the whole, at a moderate calculation, worth 3,500,000 dollars, the lodging or property of about 4500 persons, who are now in the streets, and numbers of them totally destitute; of the value of merchandise, produce, and effects destroyed, we can at present form no idea. Government has called for the account of every person's loss upon oath - it will however exceed, we think, half a million sterling.

Of the public buildings not one has been saved - Government-house, the Custom-house, the Hospital, the Protestant Church, the Town-hall, and a part of the Public Archives' and Treasurer's Offices, have fallen a sacrifice to the flames; most fortunately the Commissaries' Stores and King's provisions were by great exertions saved, and to this source of life many now owe, in a great measure, their subsistence - it having pleased His Excellency to proclaim Martial Law, and with his usual goodness and humanity, to order rations to be issued to the Militia as in times of actual warfare; and all the tents which could be spared in the Garrison have been pitched in Brunswick Square, to lodge the unfortunate sufferers who have neither house nor home, and they are numerous.

On the part of Government, every measure that could contribute to alleviate the public miser has been taken, with a precision and promptitude which does his Excellency infinite honour. Expresses have been sent to the neighbouring Colonies, to the Spanish Main, and to the United States, for supplies; a Committee of His Majesty's Council, and of the notable inhabitants, has been appointed to receive donations of every kind that can be useful, and distribute to those who are in need, rations of bread, flesh and fish salted, and even fresh beef to the infirm, which are purchased up by the Committee, from a private subscription opened for the relief of the sufferers, at the head of which stands his Excellency's name, and that of the Collector of His Majesty's Customs, Charles Grant, Esq. for 1000. sterling each, an example of munificence, worthy the imitation of the charitable and humane, to whom it has pleased God to dispense the blessings of wealth or independence. With respect to the source of this dreadful calamity, we have not only the concurrent testimony of the inhabitants of Frederick Street, who were most contiguous to the flames, but of Dr. Schaw himself, who has confessed before authority, that the first knowledge he had of the fire, was its bursting in at the windows of his back gallery from the out-offices in his yard; but by what means his out-offices caught fire is all conjecture. We firmly and riligiously [sic] believe, that there was no design immediate or premeditated in the affair, it was undoubtedly owing to accident, and that is the best face we can put upon it. A town opulent and flourishing, and an immense property, have been destroyed; it is of little consequence to the sufferers to be informed how it happened, the mischief is done and there is no remedy, but it is at least satisfactory to be assured, that evil design had no hand in it.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 23d April, 1808.



Brought by






Pl Haagsche Bochs.



Pl Zwaanenschutt.


A: Meertens,



Louisa Warner,



D. Bacon,

Pl: New Hoop.






Pl: Zorg & Hoop.





C. Macrae,




R. Bennie.


Dl: Timmerman,

Pl: Non-Pareil.

S. G. Martens, Drossart.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
By Edward James Henery.


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