Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1808 April 30

Vol. III.)


(No. 122.

Saturday, April 30th, 1808.

It Having been resolved by the Court of Policy that one or two Landing Places are to be erected in Stabroek. - Any Person wishful to undertake making the same are requested to call at the Government Secretary's Office, where they can see the proposed Plans, in order to enable them to give in Tenders, at said Office, for undertaking the Work, - which Tenders are to be given in within three Weeks from this date.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, 29th April 1808.
P. F. Tinne, Dy. Secty.

At a Meeting held at the Union Coffee House in Stabroek, on Wednesday the 27th April, 1808.
PRESENT, [centered]
[first column]
John Forbes,
Joseph Beete,
Colin Macrae,
H. I. Underwood,
Peter Heywood,
Charles Waterton,
[second column]
J. W. Dunkin,
Richd: Deane,
James Robertson,
Joseph Beete, Jr.
J. Hicks,
Chas: H. Lloyd.
[end columns]
It was resolved, that the sufferings of the Inhabitants of Port of Spain in consequence of the late dreadful Fire, call loudly on every Friend of Humanity, but more particularly on their Fellow Colonists of every Country and description, (who are so constantly liable to the same misfortune) to exert themselves as far as their Ability will admit for their Relief.
2d. - Resolved, that a Committee be appointed to receive Donations and to correspond with His Excellency Governor Hislop and the Gentlemen of the Committee appointed in Trinidad for the same purpose to receive their directions for the appropriation of the sums to be collected in this Colony.
3d. - Resolved, that the said Committee consist of
[first column]
The Hon. Thos. Cuming,
H. W. Knolman,
Jas. Grant,
Jas. Johnstone,
A. Meertens,
F. C. Loncke,
H. I. Underwood,
Colin Macrae,
[second column]
Jas. Ogle,
Jos. Beete,
Jas. Robertson,
Wm. Brumell,
R. L. Ashington,
Wm. Heathcote, and
John Sutherland, Esqrs.
[end columns]
of which any three shall be a Quorum for the purpose of Business, by any of whom Donations will be most thankfully received, as well as by H. I. Underwood & James Robertson, Esqrs. as Treasurers to the Fund.
4th. - Resolved, That a Copy of these Resolutions be left for the Subscription of Gentlemen inclined to assist in this most Humane and Laudable Undertaking at the Union Coffee House, Mr. Marshall's Tavern, and such other Places as may appear most convenient to the Gentlemen of the Committee, and that the Subscriptions be Published Weekly in the two Stabroek Papers.
Joseph Beete, Chairman.

Robert Nicholson, Actg. Lt. Governor, f 300.
Joseph Beete . . . 440.
Colin Macrae . . . 440.
L. Cuming . . . 440.
Charles Waterton . . . 440.
John Forbes . . . 1100.
James Ogle . . . 1100.
J. Hicks . . . 220.
H. I. Underwood . . . 440.
Barton, Deane & Co. . . . 440.
Joseph Beete Junr. . . . 220.
James Robertson . . . 440.
J. W. Dunkin . . . 220.
R. Younghusband . . . 220.
C. H. Lloyd . . . 220.
Heywood & Taylor . . . 440.
C. V. D. [sic] . . . 220.
Charles Ryan . . . 220.
Francis Meagher . . . 220.
William King . . . 440.
Jos: Bothamley . . . 220.
Fullerton, Oliverson & Co. . . . 440.

Mrs. Clifton having on hand a few Articles remaining from her late Sales at Public Auction, consisting of fine India muslin gown patterns, mock India, fancy and Norwich shawls, Foreign and British laces and edgings, silks and silk handkerchiefs, silk net gloves, wash leather do., new and elegant jewellery, velvet for the head, tortoise-shell combs, perfumery, &c. &c. Also a few packages lately arrived in the Barque Swan, viz: - Gentlemens' fine hats, coarse ditto, Youths' and Childrens' ditto, and helmet ditto, Ladies' black jean slippers, white ditto, jean half boots, white and coloured kid and Morocco leather slippers, velvet ditto, Boys' and Childrens' shoes. She will dispose of the same for ready money at the most reduced prices, in order finally to close her business in this Colony previous to her departure with the June Convoy.
Demerary, 30th April, 1808.

The Barque "Swan" having discharged nearly the whole of her Inward Cargo is now ready to receive Freight, and laying at the service of the Friends of Messrs. Thos: Daniel & Sons of Bristol, who are requested to take Notice thereof, and to inform the Subscribers within the 14 days allowed them by the Charter Party; what quantity and kind of Freight they intend to put on board the said Vessel, in order that if there should be deficiency, she may be filled with what other Freight may offer. The Swan will positively sail with the Convoy in June.
J. L. & G. M. Forrester.
Demerary, 30th April, 1808.

All those holding any Claims of whatever description against Plantation Parika, the Property of R. Wells Esq. are requested to render them in for adjustment, to the Subscribers, or either of them, within four Weeks from the date hereof.
Chs: Vincent.
D. Hoola Van Nooten Jr.
Demerary, 30th April 1808.

Alle de geene welke eenige Pretentien hebben ten lasten van de Heer Richard Wells voor de Plantagie Parika, het zy Hypotheecquen, geprotesteerde Wissels, Acceptatien of geapproberde en openstaande Reekeningen, worden verzogt daarvan exacte opgaave te doen binnen den tyd van vier Weeken aan de Ondergetekendens als dor den Edelen Achtbaaren Hove van Justitie aangestelde Sequesters.
Chs: Vincent.
D. Hoola Van Nooten Jr.
Demerary, 30 April 1808.

The Subscriber, intending to quit the Colony with the June Fleet, requests all those to whom he is indebted to render their Accounts to Mr. James Robertson, New Town.
Ralph Lee Ashington.
Demerary, 30th April, 1808.

J C. Muller, Med: Doctor, informs his Friends that he has Removed to Stabroek in the House, front land of Werk & Rust, formerly occupied by the late O, J. Lauren.
He has for Sale Fresh Medicines and Spices of all kinds, just imported from London.
Demerary, 30th April 1808.

The Subscriber informs the Public that she intends to Transact her own Business from the Date of this.
Susanah Connor.
Demerary, 30th April 1808.

The Subscriber as Agent for several Timber Cutters, solicits the favors of his Friends and the Public in general. - Orders for Timber or Shingles, left at his house on the American Stelling, will be punctually attended to. He has generally a supply of Shingles on hand. - Price f 35 per M.
J. Culpeper.
Demerary, 30th April 1808.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary.
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, VIZ: -
David Russel, in 14 days, from 29th April.
Archd. McGuffie, in 14 days, from 14th April.
Mrs. Van den Bosch with the first Convoy, ditto.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

Wordt mits deezen geadverteerd dat ter aanstaande Commissariaale Vergaadering zal worden gepasseerd. -
Door John Allen Transport van de Concessie No 154 op Cumingsburg met de gebouwen aan John Mackentosh.
Door Edward Cooke Hypotheecq op desselfs Plantagie Mes, cum annexis, geleegen in het Canaal No 1, in faveur van Mevrouw Paul.
Door de gemachtigdens van James Fraser en Robert Patterson Transport van drie Concessien of Looten Lands geleegen op Cumingsburg bekend onder No 327, 328 en 329, met alle de daaropstaande Gebouwen, aan Doctor J. Waddel.
Door de Wed: Ch: Bourne Transport van de Concessie No 24 op Cumingsburg met de Gebouwen.
Demerary den 29 April 1808.
J. C. Stadtman, Eerste Clercq.


By Virtue of authority obtained, I the Underwritten First Marshal of the Honble: Court of Justice of this Colony, will Expose and Sell at Marshal's Sale: -
In behalf of Wm. Brown qq John Donaldson deceased, versus Rodrick [sic] Cozier, a Schooner named Success, with her Sails, standing and running Rigging, Rudder, Anchor, Cables, &c. and a Jolly Boat with two Oars; also three Negroes, Phillip, Boat Captain, John and Boatswain, Sailors.
Whoever pretend [sic] to have a right to oppose the above Sale, address themselves in Writing at the Marshal's Office, and those inclined to purchase please to attend at the Court House in the Town of Stabroek on the 3d of May next.
Actum in Rio Demerary, 23d April, 1808.
Mart. Smit, First Marshal.

By Virtue of authority obtained, I the Undersigned First Marshal will Expose and Sell at Marshal's Sale: -
In behalf of Js. Bruce qq N. Osborne & Co. versus R. B. Knight, a Dwelling House and Out Buildings situated on the front Lands of Plantation Vlissengen, American Street, betwixt the Houses of W. Good and Rt. Kingston, with all such servitudes, incumbrances, right and title as thereunto of old attached and connected with.
Whoever pretends to have a right to oppose the above Sale, address themselves in Writing at the Marshal's Office, and those inclined to Purchase please to attend at the Court House in the Town of Stabroek, on the 8th day of June next.
Actum in Rio Demerary, this 29th April, 1808.
Mart. Smit, First Marshal.


On Friday the 6th May, at the Vendue Office, for the benefit of the Underwriters and those concerned, - One Bale of canvas containg [sic] 25 Bolts, and 12 pieces of bagging damaged at sea.
Also, on the same day, a capital Chaise Horse with a new Chaise and Harness.
April 30th. Robert Kingston.

On Saturday the 7th May, at the Vendue Office, by order of Messrs. De Boer & Breet, - a general assortment of Dry Goods, Jewellery, Tin Ware, Cordage, &c. &c. lately imported.
April 30th. Robert Kingston.

On Friday the 13th May, at the store of J. T. Barret [sic], next door to Park Benjamin Esq. 10 hogsheads first quality Tobacco, 25 barrels Prime Pork, 20 barrels Tar and Pitch.
April 30th. Robert Kingston.

On Wednesday the 18th May, at the stores of Messrs. Hugh Mackenzie & Co. by order of Capt. Rt. Ross, - Soap and Candles, paints and oil, cordage, pale ale, porter and brown stout, household furniture, boots and shoes, ready-made cloaths, corded dimities, callicoes, &c. &c.
April 30th. Robert Kingston.

On Monday the 23d May, by order of P. Macintyre, at the Store of J. S. Alves, near Robb's Stelling, the following articles imported in the ships Union and Macclesfield, - Madeira wine, Irish mess beef and pork, raisins, almonds, porter and pale ale, soap. candles, cordage assorted Irish linen, checks, britannias, platillias, callicoes, linen and cotton shirts, nankeens, silk, linen and cotton handkerchiefs, Negro jackets, frocks and trowsers, earthen ware, tin ware, cutlery, sadlery, coopers and carpenters tools, nail assorted, cotton pruning knives, gin cranks with screws and brasses complete, felling axes, a dozen plain and two arm mahogany chairs with sofas to suit, bedsteads, pembroke tables, paints and oil, &c.
April 30th. Robert Kingston.

On Friday the 27th May, by order of G. M. Forrester Esq. at the Vendue Office - a quantity of Bristol Tempered Lime in kegs, Building Lime in hogsheads, and stock Bricks, to be taken from on board the Ship Mirvin, and other articles. A sample of each Package of Lime to be seen at the Vendue Office, and the whole warranted to be in as good order.
April 30th. Robert Kingston.

On Wednesday the 1st June, by order of Lewes [sic] Forrester Esq. on Plantation Good Fellowship, No. 1 in Mahaica, - Household Furniture consisting of mahogany bedsteads, beds, mattresses, mahogany sophas on brass castors, chairs, dining tables with D ends, square ditto, card and work ditto, knife cases, looking glasses, mahogany slab, ditto writing table, &c. a neat light and strong Gig, 2 excellent draft Horsesand one riding ditto, 12 head of Cattle, 30 Sheep, silver coffee pot, milk ditto, table, dessert and tea spoons, sugar tongs, silver candlesticks, snuffers and tray, plated ditto, an elegant set of tea china, prints, Books, among which is an excellent edition of Encyclopedia Britannica, Ferguson's history of Rome, Haylay's Poems, Whites' Journal to New-South-Wales with Engravings of Non-descripts, &c. &c.
April 30th. Robert Kingston.

On Wednesday the 15th June, at the Vendue Office, by order of Willm. King and Park Benjamin, Curators to the Insolvent Estate of Francis Bynoe deceased, - a Negro Woman named Patience with her two Children Betsey and Sarah which were left as a Legacy by the deceased to John Pennington Esq. of Barbados; also a mulatto Child named Polly, left by the deceased to be made Free, and a Negro man named Pordore, left to Mr. Wm. S. Kirton as a Legacy by the said deceased. - Should any Person have objections to the sale of the abovementioned Slaves they will please to address themselves to the Undersigned.
April 30th. Robert Kingston.

The Subscriber intending to quit the Colony in a few Months, requests all those indebted to him, and Colin Elder & Co. to make Payment of their respective Accounts and Notes of hand, before the 1st of June, otherwise they shall be given in to the hands of a Lawyer.
Colin Elder.
Demerary, 30th April 1808.

Notice to all those having Claims against the Estate of the late Robert Young will please render them in to the Subscribers or to M. Campbell Esq. Union Coffee House, for Examination; and all those indebted to said Estate are requested to make Payment without delay, in order that his affairs may be finally settled.
John D. Paterson, [right pointing brace, indicating 'Exctrs.']
John P. Blaunt,
Demerary, 30th April 1808.

                  Demerary, 4th August, 1807.
Being impressed with a due sense of the advantages received by these Colonies, during the period you were stationed in His Majesty's Ship Nimrod, for their protection, and being also perfectly sensible of the promptitude and zeal, with which you on all occasions afforded assistance, not only to the Merchant Ships in the Harbour, but to the Colonial Vessels constantly passing. We cannot allow your departure from this station without expressing our most grateful acknowledgements for the many professional services rendered to us, which we have very great additional pleasure in doing, from the remembrance that those services were always rendered with the greatest urbanity of manners, joined with the skill and judgement characteristic of an Officer of the British Navy, to which we consider you a valuable acquisition. And we take this opportunity of begging your acceptance of a Sword, of the value of One Hundred Guineas.
Wishing you every possible success in life, We have the honor to be
your most Obt: Humble Servts.
[first column]
James Montgomerie,
Thomas Cuming,
Lachlan Cuming,
Joseph Beete,
James Johnstone,
James Ogle,
Alex: Fullerton,
Thos. Fitzgerald,
Thos. Naghten, per Thos. Fitzgerald,
Wm. King,
J. C. McLeod,
R. Gordon,
V. A. Heyliger,
Adam Smith,
Heywood & Taylor,
Stephen Mourant,
[second column]
John Waddell,
James Reid,
W. N. Firebrace,
F. C. Otto,
H. I. Underwood,
R. L. Ashington,
James Robertson,
R. Younghusband,
P. Verbeke,
Heathcote, Southern & Co.
Hy. Tulloh per H. Clementson,
H. Clementson,
James Calder,
Francis De Ridder,
A. McKenzie,
John Wilson.
[end columns]
To Hugh Cameron, Esq.
Commr. of His Majesty's Ship Nimrod.

                  Ayr, 25th January, 1808.
I am honoured with your Letter of 4th August 1807, and feel highly gratified by your flattering mark of attention, for which be pleased to accept my best thanks. It affords me inexpressible pleasure, in reflecting that during the time I had the honor of being stationed for the protection of your Colony and Trade, by Sir Alexander Cochrane, with the assistance of that highly valuable Officer, General Montgomerie the Governor, my feeble services in any degree merited the good opinion of that very respectable Community the Gentlemen of Demerary: - and when my Country honors me again, with an opportunity of wearing your elegant present, it shall be my proudest day to draw it in defence of my King, and the Protection of his Colonies and Commerce.
With every sentiment of regard and esteem, I have the honor to be
you [sic] most Obt. Humble Servt.
Hugh Cameron.
To His Excellency the Governor
and Gentlemen of Demerary.


The CONCERT. [heading]
Which was advertised for last Evening at Marshall's Hotel, was postponed in consequence of the unfavourable state of the Weather, and will be given on Saturday Evening, the 14th of May.
Demerary, 30th April 1808.

"Learn to be wise by others harm"
"And thou shalt do full well."

The above old Adage, Mr. Printer, is very applicable to many of your Neighbours in Stabroek whose Caution and Vigilance appear not to have been aroused even by the late dreadful Calamity at Trinidad. I observe not only numbers of Kitchens built of wood, but even without Chimneys, and Smiths' Shops and other Dangerous Trades in Huts of Wood which are nearly in a state as inflammable as Tinder, and I tremble lest by our own supineness we should be soon reduced to solicit the Relief which we are just called on to extend to our Neighbours.
I wish this slight Hint may induce Attention where it is required and that if we are doom'd to Fire it may at least break out at high Water, as the state of our Public Cisterns in Stabroek at no Period promised less Utility on that or indeed any other Occasion.
Demerary, 30th April 1808.

The First Packet for March reached Barbados on the 13th instant: - this intelligence was received here by way of Berbice, where the Schooner of Captain Parker is arrived. The Mail Boat is hourly expected here.

The contents of the Mail as far as we have seen do not appear to be highly interesting.

We have been favoured with two Barbados Papers containing London News to the 3d ult. which we have extracted.

We understand that General Bowyer Commander in Chief on this Station, is at this time in Surinam, and is very shortly expected here in the Hussar Frigate.

The whole of the Squadron of Line of Battle Ships under Admiral Sir A. Cochrane are returned to Barbados from Mariagalante.

It appears that the Rochefort squadron of whose destination we have been so long ignorant of, has gone to Toulon, and that Admiral Sir Richard Strachan is gone after it.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last. [heading]

ENTERED [heading]
Schr. Eclipse, Capt. H. McKenzie, from Surinam.

CLEARED [heading]
Ship Mary, J. H. Hewes, for Boston.
Schr. Mary Ann, Sam. Seabury, Trinidad.
---- Active, J. Atwood, New York.


Feb. 23. - . . .

Advices were yesterday received from France of the capture of three American vessels by the Enemy's cruizers, viz. the Charlotte, bound from Plymouth to Gottenburgh (mentioned in our extracts from French Papers yesterday), the Two Marys, and the Octavin. The latter ship had touched at a British port, and was in consequence sent into Belle Isle, where her cargo was landed and the crew made prisoners. The Two Marys was boarded and examined at sea by a British cruizer; she afterwards put into Calais, where the Captain innocently relating the fact, the ship was declared a lawful prize under the late decree of Bonaparte. The French Papers mention two more instances of that Decree having been rigorously acted upon, namely, the capture and confiscation of the American ships Mary, from New York to Belle Isle, and the Catherine, captured in the Mediterranean by the Josephine privateer. The rigorous enforcement of the order has been indeed long a matter of universal notoriety.

March 3. - The rumour, that Ministers had received an account of the determination of the American Government with respect to this Country, is probably untrue; it had its rise in the circumstance of a dispatch, said to be received by Mr. Pinckney from Mr. Armstrong, at Paris, which it was alledged contained the resolution of the American President, after being made acquainted with our Orders in Council. We believe, however, that Mr. Pinckney has received no such dispatch, and that we are still without any news whatever of the effect produced by these Orders on the United States.
It is universally demanded by mercantile men, why these Orders in Council are to be hurried into execution before the resolutions of America is known, because their existence as they now stand, and the existence of peace between the two countries, are incompatible; and if we shall have war, they are a nullity.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 30th April, 1808.



Brought by






Pl Haagsche Bochs.



Pl Zwaanenschutt.


D. Bacon,

Pl: New Hoop.






Pl: Zorg & Hoop.






R. Bennie.


Dl: Timmerman,

Pl: Non-Pareil.



Pl: Fellowship.


Pl: Den Haag,

Pl: Vriez & Hoop.





Pl Grove (Abary,)

Richd. Dean.

S. G. Martens, Drossart.

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Stabroek: Printed and Published
By Edward James Henery.

Supplement to the Essequebo & Demerary Royal Gazette.


Saturday, April 30th, 1808.

Stabroek: - Printed by E. J. Henery.


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