Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1808 June 04

Vol. III.)


(No. 127.

Saturday, June 4th, 1808.

Government Secretary's Office, [heading]
Demerary, 4th June 1808. [heading]
All Persons having Demands for Work done, or Articles supplied the Government of Essequebo and Demerary during the Administration of His Excellency Brigadier General Nicholson, are desired to render their Accounts on or before Wednesday next the 8th Instant.
Geo: Eddington, Govt. Secty.

All Persons having Demands against Brigadier General Robert Nicholson, are requested to render their Accounts on or before Thursday next the 9th Instant.
Geo: Eddington.
Stabroek, 4th June 1808.

Those Members of the Church of England, who are desirous of promoting the design of Building a Chapel in the Colony, are requested to meet His Excellency the Governor, at 12 o'Clock on Tuesday next, the 6th Instant, at the House of the Revd: Mr. Straghan on Plantation Vlessingen.
Demerary, 4th June 1808.

Any Persons willing to Contract for the supply of about 70 Cords every two months (to be delivered at the Quarter and Barrack Master's Yard at Fort William Frederick) will be pleased to address themselves to the Subscriber by Letters, (sealed and marked "Tenders for Fuel Wood") which will be opened on Tuesday the 21st inst. in the presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops, when the lowest Tender for the same will be accepted.
This Contract to be in force for six months, and the Contractor to be bound for the due performance of it, in the penalty of Two Hundred Pounds Sterling, by virtue of his Tender.
Will: N. Firebrace,
Res: Commissary.
Commissary's Office, 4th June 1808.

CASH WANTED, [heading]
For the following Bills of Exchange drawn on the Right Honorable the Pay-masters General of His Majesty's Forces, to the amount of One Thousand Pounds Sterling, viz. -
No 45 . . . 400.
46 . . . . 300.
47 . . . . 300.
Sealed Tenders for the same (marked Tenders for Bills) will be received at this Office untill Thursday the 9th inst. at 10 o'Clock in the morning, when they will be opened in the presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops, and if approved accepted.
Will: N. Firebrace,
Res: Commissary.
Commissary's Office, 3d June, 1808.

The Undersigned have just received by the Ship Frederick, Capt. McDonald, from London, a Consignment consisting of
[first column]
Brandy in pipes,
Bottled Porter in puncheons,
Tea in chests,
Refined Sugar,
Hams, Cheese,
Beef and Pork,
Kegs Tripe,
Stock fish,
Salt Fish put up for the Mediterranean market,
Scotch Barley,
Ship Bread,
[second column]
Boxes of Pickles assorted,
Dry Goods consisting of India Muslin,
Long Cloths,
Pullicat & Madras Handkerchiefs,
French Cambrics,
Trunks of Ladies' dresses,
Pocket Handkerchiefs,
India Nankeens,
Mixed Romalls,
India Stuff, &c. &c.
[end columns]
Which they will dispose of by the Package at a very moderate advance on the Cost and Charges, for immediate Payment, in Cash, Coffee, Cotton or Sugar.
William King & Co.
Cumingsburg, 4th June, 1808.

C. & J. RYAN [heading]
Are Landing from on board the Ship Demerary, Peter Inglis, Master, from Liverpool, the following Articles, which they offer for Sale on reasonable terms payable in Cash or Cotton: -
[first column]
New rose butter in firkins,
Irish mess Beef and Pork in barrels and 1/2 barrels,
Pigs Tongues in kegs,
Spiced Salmon in kits,
Hams and Cheese,
Kegs Lard,
Pease, Barley, Groats, and Oatmeal,
Portable Soups,
Table Salt in half barrels and baskets
Refined Sugar,
Porter, Ale, and Beer,
Candles, Soap, and Mill Grease,
Irish Linen and Sheeting,
Printed Cambrics and Callicos,
Cotton Cambrics,
India Jeans,
Corded Dimities,
Laces and Edging,
Ladies' patent silk Hats,
Ladies' Chip Bonnets,
Do. Silk Gloves and Lace Sleeves,
Do. Dresses complete,
Do. Leno and Muslin Habit Shirts,
[second column] Do. Shoes,
Men's and Women's silk and cotton Umbrellas and Parasols,
Childrens dresses assorted,
Men's patent silk and beaver Hats,
Do. Pantaloons & Shirts,
Broad Cloths black and blue,
Marseilles Waistcoating,
Cotton Counterpanes and Hammocks,
Madras Handkerchiefs,
Boxes Threads assorted,
Ladies' Writing Desks,
Do. work boxes and bags,
Backgammon, Card and Cribbage Boxes,
Naval Victories and views of Copenhagen in burnished gilt frames,
Negro Cloathing,
Boiling-house Lamps,
Sugar Strainers,
Hoes and Shovels,
Nails 4d to 30d,
Printed Paper,
Glass and Tin Ware, &c.
[end columns]
ALSO, [centered]
Old Brandy and Rum, Madeira, Claret, and Hermitage Wines.
They request those indebted to them for the last year, to call with Payment of their Accounts.
Demerary, 4th June, 1808.

Just Received by the Ship Demerary, P. Inglis, Master, from Liverpool, and for Sale at the Stores of the late Firm of McInroy, Sandbach & McBean for ready money only: - Potatoes in hampers, double Gloucester Cheese, first quality Irish Butter in firkins, Lancashire Hams, a few half barrels Corned Beef, choice pieces, pale and brown Beer in bottles, Split Pease, Barley and Oatmeal in kegs, superfine English Flour in barrels, Salt Fish, Salt in tierces, lined and unlined Negro Jackets, &c. &c.
Demerary, 4th June, 1808.

The Subscriber offers for Sale at his Store in Cumingsburg, the remainder of his Brandy at Six Guilders per Gallon, and of his Madeira Wine at Forty Joes per Pipe or f 22 per dozen, both of the first quality.
Thomas De Lisle.
Demerary, 4th June 1808.

In any Quantity, For Sale by
Thomas Shute & Co.
New-Town, 4th June 1808.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary. [heading]
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, VIZ: -
George Bone, in 14 days, from 30th May 1808.
Adam Hill, in 14 days, from 31st May.
William Daniel, in 14 days from 27th May.
Robert Crawfurd, with the first fleet.
Patrick MacIntyre, with the June Convoy.
Isaac Kerselius, in 14 days, May 28th.
C. H. Lloyd, in 14 days or 3 weeks, 14th May.
Mrs. Eliza Michel, in ditto, ditto.
Mev: de Wed: Mathews, by the June Convoy.
John Baillie, with the June Convoy, Ditto.
H. C. Evertz, with the June Convoy, Ditto.
Richard Batty, with the 1st Convoy, ditto.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.


By Authority obtained, I the Underwritten First Marshal will Expose and Sell at Marshal's Sale:-
In behalf of F. W. Overweg and G. I. Goppy versus Js. Parss, a part of the Concession No 78 in Cumingsburg, between the Premises of N. Morehouse and that lately occupied by A. Gray, with a Dwelling House of Colony wood, large 25 feet by 20, 2 stories high, a side building of very little value, and a necessary.
Whoever pretends to have a right to oppose the above Sale, address themselves in writing at the Marshal's Office, and those inclined to purchase please to attend at the Court House in the Town of Stabroek on the 8th day of June next.
Rio Demerary, 27th May, 1808.
M. Smit, First Marshal.

Notice is Hereby Given from the Marshal's Office, to those whom it may concern, that the Execution Sale which was detained in the month of May 1808, in behalf of Quiding and Silvester versus Frier & Morgan, whereby has been taken under Execution, a certain Negro named Cadi, will take place on the 8th day of June next.
Rio Demerary, 27th May, 1808.
M. Smit, First Marshal.


By Virtue of a certain extract of the minutes dated 25th May 1808, are herewith by me the Undersigned First Marshal of the Honble. Court of Justice in this Colony, in the name and behalf of J. H. Beekman as Executor to the Estate of Johan Frederick Sanderus deceased, for the second time by Edict Summon'd all known and unknown Creditors of said Estate, to appear before the Honble. Counsellor Commissary of the Honble. Court of Justice, sitting for Audiance [sic] at the Ordinary Court of Rolls, to be held in the Town of Stabroek on the 7th of June next, in order to render their pretentions in due form and lay their claim thereto; whereas after the expiration of the fourth Summons by Edict will be proceeded against the non appearers to obtain a perpetual silence. Thus published and affixed there and where it ought to be.
Rio Demerary, 28th May, 1808.
M. Smit, First Marshal.
[Transcriber's note: Summons 'for the second time' posted here; no evidence of a first summons]

By Virtue of a certain extract of the minutes dated 25th May 1808, are herewith by me the Undersigned First Marshal of the Honble. Court of Justice of this Colony, in the name and behalf of W. Allen and W. B. Thompson only surviving Executors of the Estate of Hugh Wilson deceased, for the second time by Edict Summon'd all known and unknown Creditors of the above mentioned Estate, to appear before the Honbl. Counsellor Commissary of the Honble. Court of Justice, sitting for Audience at the ordinary Court of Rolls, to be held in the Town of Stabroek on the 7th of June next, in order to render their pretentions in due form and lay their claim thereto; whereas after the expiration of the fourth Summons by Edict will be proceeded against the non appearers to obtain a perpetual silence. Thus published and affixed there and where it ought to be.
Rio Demerary, 28th May, 1808.
M. Smit, First Marshal.
[Transcriber's note: Summons 'for the second time' posted here; no evidence of a first summons]

By Virtue of a certain extract of the minutes dated 25th May 1808, are herewith by me the Undersigned First Marshal of the Honble. Court of Justice in this Colony, in the name and behalf of Samuel Chaloner as Executor to the Estate of Thomas Carter deceased, for the second time by Edict Summon'd all known and unknown Creditors of said Estate, to appear before the Honble. Counsellor Commissary of the Honble. Court of Justice, sitting for Audience at the Ordinary Court of Rolls, to be held in the Town of Stabroek on the 7th of June next, in order to render their pretentions in due form and lay their claim thereto; whereas after the expiration of the fourth Summons by Edict will be proceeded against the non appearers to obtain a perpetual silence. Thus published and affixed there and where it ought to be.
Rio Demerary, 28th May, 1808.
M. Smit, First Marshal.
[Transcriber's note: Summons 'for the second time' posted here; no evidence of a first summons]


On Friday the 10th inst. at the King's House, by order of His Excellency Brigadier-General Nicholson, - Household furniture, a curricle and pair of horses, a chaise, Madeira wine, &c. &c.
June 4th. Robert Kingston.

On Monday and Tuesday the 13th and 14th June, [see 18080528EDRG] . . .
Also, a complete air gun with two barrels, a double barrel fowling piece, a turning lathe, and complete chest of turning and carpenters' tools, a vertical jack and reflector, and a light landau, with harness complete.
May 28th. Robert Kingston.

On Monday the 27th inst. at the store of William Lucas, middle street, Bridge-town, without reserve on account and risk of the shippers or those it may concern, - 100 barrels beef and pork, 100 firkins butter, 25 boxes candles, 50 boxes soap, 6 pipes real Holland's gin by the pipe or in smaller quantities to suit the purchaser, 1 pipe brandy, 50 dozen Madeira, boat cables 4, 5 and 6 inches 80 fathom each, bar iron, nails, trunk coat trimmings, boots, Ladies' and Gentlemens' shoes, Madrass, pullicat and muslin handkerchiefs, callicoes, plain and lappel [sic] cambrics, linens, checks, thread, tape, buttons, coats, coatees, waistcoats, pantaloons, hats, and what further may appear on the day of sale.
June 4th. Robert Kingston.

On Monday the 27th inst. at the House formerly occupied by mr. Colin Elder on Robb's stelling, by order of mr. Thomas Barry, the following articles to close a consignment, - Irish beef in barrels and half barrels, do. pork in half barrels, or cheeks in do., Irish lard in whole and half firkins, candles 4, 6, 8, prime Newfoundland cod fish, puncheons bottled porter, do. pale ale, and sundry other articles. - Terms 3 months credit.
June 4th. Robert Kingston.

On Friday the 1st July, at the Vendue Office, by order of Francis Meagher and James Holland, Executors to James Ronoyne [sic] deceased, - A mortgage from John W. Quinn to the said James Ronoyne, on a negro boy named William.
On the same day, dry goods, provisions, &c.
June 4th. Robert Kingston.

Just Landed from on board the Ship Demerary, and for Sale by the Subscriber for immediate Payment:-
[first column]
Puncheons Beef & Pork,
Half barrels prime [illegible - looks like a brand name - Ploozer's] corn Beef,
Barrels and hampers Potatoes,
Barrels superfine Flour,
Firkins Irish Butter,
Half barrels Ox Tongues
Kits fine white Herrings
Kits red Ditto,
Kegs pickled Tripe,
Bottles Pickles assorted
[second column]
Pots fine pickled Oysters,
Boxes Raisins,
Boots and Shoes of the newest make,
Coats and Coatees,
Gentlemens' Turkey Slippers,
Camp Bedsteads complete with musqueto curtains, &c.
Double spouted Sugar House Copper Lamps,
And sundry other Articles,
[end columns]
4th June. Rt: Younghusband.

Wanted to Purchase, a good House Boy that can be well recommended as such, and for Sobriety. Apply to the Printer.
Demerary, 4th June 1808.

As Book-Keeper or Clerk, in any respectable House, a Young man, who has been a short time in the Colony, and can be well recommended both with respect to moral character and abilities. - A line addressed to G. R. and left with the Printer shall be attended to.
Demerary, 4th June, 1808.

The Committee for Collecting the Contributions for the relief of the unfortunate Sufferers by the Fire at Port of Spain, Trinidad, have the Honor of laying the following Communications received from His Excellency Governor Hislop, before the Gentlemen Subscribers for the laudable Purpose and the Public.
            "Government House
            "Trinidad, May 10th 1808.
"I have now to acknowledge the receipt of your Letter of the 27th ult. and to express my most grateful Acknowledgements for the very flattering and benevolent Communication therein contained.
"I immediately caused the same with the Papers therewith subjoined to be laid before the Committee for receiving benefactions in Aid of the [illegible] by the Calamity with which it has pleased the Almighty to visit the Colony, and I herewith have the Honor to subjoin the Resolutions which were determined upon on the Occasion.
"It is a duty I owe this Community to say that the generous and liberal Feelings which on the present Occasion have been so nobly evinced by their fellow Colonists in Demerary are appreciated as they ought to be, and universally acknowledged with the strongest Expressions of Admiration and Gratitude; a Sentiment in which I most cordially participate.
"The mode pointed out for the appropriation of the Subscriptions which may be collected arose from a Suggestion I made, but how far it may be practicable or free from exposure to difficulty and danger on account of the Enemy's Cruizers will be a subject for the Consideration of your Committee. It is however to be perfectly understood that the amount whatever it shall be (it is particularly wished,) may be expended in the Manner pointed out in the second and fourth Resolutions contained in the Minutes subjoined, with the View of perpetuating the Remembrance of such an Act of beneficence, as well as of applying it to a Purpose which by long existing to serve the Calls of Humanity, appears the more worthy of the Occasion which has given rise to it. Should your Committee perceive Objections on Account of the danger abovementioned or of the additional Expence which will be incurred in freighting a Vessel for the Transport of the Materials for the Building in that case it may be undertaken here by some Person or other who will readily be found to provide them and to erect the Building.
"It is however wished that your Committee should alone decide on this Point and indeed on every other connected with the subject, having to us to enjoy in the fullest degree the inestimable Feelings which a real Sense of Gratitude is calculated to [illegible].
"With unfeigned assurances of the sincerest Regard
"I have the Honor to be,
"Your most obedient and
"faithful humble Servant
"T. Hislop.
"Joseph Beete Esq
"Chairman, &c. &c. Demerary."

INCLOSURE. [heading]
"At a Meeting of the Committee appointed [heading]
for the relief of Sufferers by the late Fire, [heading]
convened by Summons. [heading]
PRESENT, [heading]
The Honble John Black Esq. Member of Council.
The Revd: J H. Clapham.
Edwin Gairdner Esq.
Francis Robson Esq.
The Baron De Montalenbert, and
B. Portel Esq.
Mr. Black stated to the Gentlemen of the Committee that he had called them together in Consequence of a Communication which he had received from His Excellency the Governor conveying the Resolutions of a Meeting held by the Inhabitants of the Colony of Demerary, at Stabroek on Wednesday the 27th April, to take into Consideration the sufferings of the Inhabitants of Port of Spain, in consequence of the late dreadful Fire, and to raise by Subscription a Sum of Money for their Relief. The Governor's Letter with a Printed Copy of the Resolution then and there enter'd into and also a Letter from Joseph Beete Esq. as Chairman of the Demerary Meeting, Mr. Black laid before the Committee as follows:
            "Demerary, 30th April 1808.
"I have the Honor to inclose to Your Excellency for the Information of the Gentlemen of the Committee in Trinidad for the Relief of the unfortunate Sufferers by the late Fire there, Copy of Resolutions enter'd into by some Gentlemen here for the Purpose of procuring such Contributions as we may be able to Collect for that Object.
"Your Excellency is perfectly aware that in the present Situation of Difficulties under which his Colony labours in common with all the neighbouring Islands, our Means are necessarily much restricted and You will therefore receive our Mite rather as a Proof of our anxious Feelings for the distresses occasioned by this dreadful Calamity in your Island, than as the measure of Assistance we would gladly hold out if our Power bore any sort of Proportion to our good Will. The Subscription is so recently established that there has not yet been Time to circulate it, but I hope I shall be enabled before I dispatch this to procure a List to subjoin to it of what has been already done, or if Mr. Shute, who is so food as to take Charge of it, is (as I expect) detained till to-morrow, he will bring down a Copy of the Newspaper in which it will be Published.
"Most sincerely condoling with the very unfortunate Sufferers on this melancholy Occasion, we can only hope that, following the noble Example of Your Excellency, the liberal assistance of the opulent in the Mother Country and its Colonies may re-establish Your Metropolis in a State of increased Convenience and Splendour, and that the temporary depressions of the Colonies in general, whether arising from the Efforts of Foes who seek every base and illiberal means to increase the personal Calamities of War, from a misplaced and mistaken Philosophy, or from a petty Contention for a [illegible]usive and momentary Popularity may speedily pass away and these Colonies again become that Source of Prosperity to their Mother Country and of Opulence to Individuals for which they were formerly eminently distinguished
"Waiting Your Excellency's Orders for the disposal of the Fund as collected - I have the Honor to be; with the highest Respect and Regard,
"Your most obedient and
"most faithful, humble Servant
"Joseph Beete
"Chairman of the Meeting
"In the Name of the Committee."
"His Excellency
"Brigd. General Hislop,
"Governor and Commander in Chief &c. &c. &c.
"TRINIDAD" [centered]
And the same having been taken into their immediate Consideration [ink spot]ed,
That the [ink spot] Inhabitants
of the Colony of Demerary on this awful Occasion reflects the highest Honour on their feelings as fellow Colonists, who are like ourselves subject to the Scourge of these Elements to which West India Possessions are ever exposed, entitles them to the liveliest Sentiments of Gratitude from the Inhabitants of this Colony and to a reciprocity of the like benefits should it ever please God to visit them with a similar Calamity.
Resolved, - That the donations offered be accepted and that to perpetuate the remembrance of this Act of benificence the Monies Subscribed shall be applied to the Erection of a line of small connected Buildings for the Use of such Poor and indigent Persons as have been burnt out and have not the means of providing themselves with lodging either by Rent or otherwise, during the present inadequacy of Houses to the number of Persons to be provided and agreeable to the Suggestions contained in His Excellency the Governor's Letter now before the Committee.
Resolved, - That as such Buildings can be prepared with more facility at Demerary from the local Circumstances of that Colony, as suggested by His Excellency the Governor, the Committee be requested to expend the amount of the Subscription there in Frames of the hard Wood of the Country for the above Purpose, and that His Excellency General Hislop be requested to transmit a Plan suited to the Occasion.
Resolved, - That it be recommended to His Excellency General Hislop to erect those Buildings on the unoccupied Spot of Ground extending from the River St. Ann Eastward to the Artificers Yard and that this little Suberb [sic] shall be called Stabroek, in Commemoration of the benificient [sic] Assistance received from the Inhabitants of Demerary and of the dreadful Calamity which had excited it.
Mr. Black then stated to the Committee that he had great satisfaction in communicating to them that since the 25th March, the date of the dreadful Event, to the present time, 14,959 lbs. of Bread and 59,838 lbs dry Fish had been distributed in Rations to the poor and destitute who were entitled to relief, and that 812 Rations of Bread and Fish are now daily issued proceeding from donations received within the Colony, excepting however 50 Sterling from James Mahon Esq of St. Vincent and 50 Stg. from Wm. Whitmore Esq. Commissary General and that a considerable Supply of Provisions still remain on hand proceeding from the same Fund.
Resolved Finally, - That a Copy of the whole of the Proceedings on the Occasion be published in the Weekly Courant that the Public in general may be informed of the Humanity exhibited by our Co-colonists of Demerary and bear them in Remembrance accordingly.
John Black, Chairman.
Government-House, the 12th May 1808.

The Copy of the Plan alluded to has not yet been received, but it shall be laid before the Gentlemen of the Committee here as soon after its Arrival as a Meeting can be convened, which it is anxiously hoped will be fully attended that the Measures may, if approved of, be carried into immediate Execution.
The Committee again earnestly call on the liberal and benevolent to assist them with their Subscriptions which however small will be most thankfully received by any of the Gentlemen nominated, or by H. I. Underwood or James Robertson Esqrs. Treasurers to the Fund. The extent of this dreadful Calamity may be conceived when the Public are informed that the Losses of One hundred and forty Persons already Sworn to before the Committee amounted to One Million, Seven Hundred and Fifty Seven Thousand, Seven Hundred and Sixty Five Spanish Dollars, exclusive of many of the most considerable Looser who have not as yet given in their Returns and many that do not intend to do so.
Joseph Beete, Chairman.
Pl. Phoenix, 1st June 1808.

[Trinidad fire fund] Subscriptions already Received.

James Grant . . . 440.
W. Robertson . . . 132.
R. Burrithorn . . . 120.
J. F. Burrows . . . 66.
Edward Leading . . . 44.
Wm. Carberry . . . 88.
Stephen Holman . . . 44.
James Anstice . . . 88.
Kh. McRae . . . 88.
Philip Portless . . . 66.
Charles Gordon . . . 176.
M. Campbell . . . 110.
Wm. Heathcote . . . 440.

A BARGAIN. [heading]
For Sale a Property on the West-Bank River Demerary, near the second Island with 10 seasoned Negroes, for the Sum of f 32,000. This Property is 100 to 120 Rood Facade, more or less, and has on it a comfortable Dwelling House, Out-house, Hospital, and Negro Houses sufficient for 50 Negroes, 4 oar'd Tent Boat, Punt and new Greenhart Sluice, 25 feet long. There is about 40 acres in bearing Plantains and 20 to 25,000 Coffee Trees, most of which are in bearing; Cattle thrive remarkably well on this place and there is pasturage for 40 or 50 head. The Land, Buildings and Cultivation alone, without a Negro, was appraised some time since to f 45,000 and is now offered with ten seasoned People worth at least f 12,000, for f 32,000. - f 18,000 must be arranged to the satisfaction of the Mortgagees, and Six Years, by annual Installments, given for the Ballance [sic]. For further Particulars apply to the Printer of this Paper. Stabroek, 4th June 1808.

TO BE LET. [heading]
The Apartments at present Occupied by Mr. H. Williams, (Post-Office) to be entered upon on the 18th Instant. - Also a ready furnished apartment, to be entered on immediately. Apply to
4th June. S. Van Hove.

NOTICE. [heading]
The Undersigned inform the Creditors of John Hubbard Esq. that there will be twenty-five puncheons of Rum and five hogsheads of Sugar ready for delivery in Town from his Estates, on or before the 25th inst. for which they will receive Tenders at their respective Houses (to be sealed up and directed Tenders for Produce) until Wednesday next the 8th, when they will be opened at the Union Coffee House, in the presence of such of the Creditors as chose to attend, and the highest offer or offers accepted.
Thomas Naghten. [right pointing brace, indicating 'Trustees.']
Thomas Frankland,
Cumingsburg, 4th June, 1808.

NEW NEGROES. [heading]
The Subscribers beg leave to acquaint such of their Friends as Commissioned them to Import New Negroes under their Licences, that they have received by the Schooner Hebe, from Barbados,
61 Healthy Young SLAVES, [centered]
which will be ready for delivery on Monday the 13th instant.
Hyndman & Cary.
Cumingsburg, 4th June, 1808.

FOR LONDON [heading]
The Coppered Ship Raga Packet, John Brand, master, who will be much obliged to his Friends for their assistance in loading the said Ship; this Ship is held in the first destination [sic] in Lloyds Coffee House.
Demerary, 4th June, 1808.

FOR GLASGOW. [heading]
The Ship Sir Edward Pellew, William Orr, master, will positively sail with the July Convoy. For Freight or Passage apply to the master on board, or to
Garden, Dickson & Co.
Cumingsburg, 4th June, 1808.

Newfoundland Cod Fish [heading]
Just Imported in the Ship Sir Edward Pellew, and for Sale by the Subscribers,
Prime Newfoundland Fish,
In Small Casks,
Garden, Dickson & Co.
Cumingsburg, 4th June 1808.

FOR SALE. [heading]
A Curricle and a pair of good healthy Bay Horses, the Owner intending to leave this Colony, will take in Payment Produce, Cash, Bills and Rum at 26 proof. Enquire of the Printer.
Stabroek, 4th June, 1808.

Just Imported in the Betsy from Belfast, and for Sale by the Subscribers: -
[first column]
Irish Butter in half firkins,
Ditto mess Beef in half barrels,
Do. do. Pork in do.
[second column]
Pickled Ox Tongues in firkins,
Do. Figs do. in do.
Soap, &c. &c.
[end columns]
C. H. De Munnick
Demerary, 4th June, 1808.

Just Landed from the London Fleet, and for Sale by the Subscriber at the stores formerly occupied by mr. Colin Elder, Robb's stelling: -
[first column]
Westphalia Hams,
Double Gloucester Cheese,
Irish Butter double rose,
Irish mess Beef in barrels
[second column]
and half barrels.
Do. Pork in half barrels,
Beer and Porter,
Paint of all colours & Oil,
Dry Goods, &c. &c.
[end columns]
THEY HAVE ON-HAND, [centered]
Superfine American Flour,
Newfoundland Fish.
T. Barry & Co.
Demerary, 4th June, 1808.

Any Person desirous to negociate Five Thousand Guilders in Cash to be returned in One Year, with the interest of six per cent per annum, giving a good and indisputable Security, is requested to call on the Subscriber for that purpose.
N. Rousselet, qq
J. H. Schreuder & Son.
Stabroek, 4th June, 1808.

Wanted, A Carpenter by the Year, to superintend the Negro Carpenters on Plantation Zorg & Hoop, and to reside there. A man properly recommended may address himself to
A. Meertens.
Rome, 4th June, 1808.

Borrowed Lately of Dr. Lloyd the 4th Volume of a new work intitled [sic] Modern and Contemporary Voyages and Travels, and some time since the 2d and 3d Volume of the Adventurer; as these books are now the Property of the Subscriber he will be very thankful for their being returned to him.
Jos: Beete.
Who will also be obliged to any Person who may have 3 of his Volumes of Malonet's Memoires sur les Colonies, lent long since, to return them.
Demerary, 4th June, 1808.

The Subscribers request that all those having any Claims upon the Estate of James Wood deceased, will render them properly attested to mr. Jno. McRobb, middle street, within the space of one month from date; and that those indebted to said Estate will take the earliest opportunity of settling with
Jno: McRobb, [right pointing brace, indicationg 'Executors.']
A. Leslie,
Demerary, 4th June, 1808.

Runaway from the Subscriber, on Sunday the 22d of May , a Negro Boy named Friendship, of the Papa Nation, much pitted with the Small Pox, and lame of the left hand. Any Person apprehending said Negro shall be genteely Rewarded.
David Gold.
Cumingsburrg, 4th June, 1808.

To-day being the anniversary of Our beloved Sovereign's Birth, the same was celebrated with all the usual rejoicings and heartfelt satisfaction of British Subjects on such an occasion. The Troops in Garrison and Militia, Paraded in Camp and fired a feu de joy, which was re-echoed at 1 o'Clock by the Shipping in the Harbour.

His Excellency Brigadier-General Nicholson, intending shortly to depart from these Colonies, was pleased to avail himself of this day to present the 1st Battalion, 1st Regiment of Militia with a Pair of Colours, as an honorable and lasting testimony of his approbation of the conduct of the Corps since its first formation under his own Administration, immediately after the Surrender of the Colony in 1804. The ceremony of Consecration took place in Camp, whither His Excellency was escorted by Captain Phipps' Troop of Cavalry previous to the assembling of the General Parade. The Revd: Mr. Straghan officiated on the occasion in a very appropriate and impressive manner. His Excellency addressed the Corps in a short, but suitable Speech which was replied to by Major Otto, who received from him the Colours, after which the whole saluted and took post in line with the Garrison to celebrate the Day.

The Brigadier-General expressed himself much pleased with the good appearance of the Militia Corps, (Cavalry, Artillery, and Infantry), and complimented Lieutenant-Colonel Macrae on their steady Firing and Marching.

The arrival since our last, are the Frederick, Capt. McDonald, the Sir Edward Pellew, Capt. Orr, the Demerary, Capt. Inglis, and yesterday three Vessels of the London Fleet, which left the Ship Peggy, Capt. Pullen, off Corantine. They came under the Convoy of the Amarantha, Capt. Brenton, who without coming to, proceeded for Curacoa.

The Mail Boat with both Mails for April arrived here in four days from Barbados. The mails do not contain any later intelligence than we had previously received by the before-mentioned arrivals. We have extracted some of the most material parts of the contents of the London Papers which we have received in succession to the 23d ult. inclusive.

Neutrals are allowed to import Lumber and Provisions unmolested into British Ports and Colonies, this is contained in a Proclamation to that effect.

General Bowyer returned to Barbados on the 15th instant.

Died] - On Sunday last, on Plantation La Reconnaissance, East Coast, James Ogle Esq.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last. [heading]

ENTERED [heading]
Brig Betsy, A. McLain, from Belfast.
Ship Demerary, P. Inglis, Liverpool.
Ship Sir Edward Pellew, W. Orr, Ditto.
Ship Frederick, I. McDonald, London.
Schr. Eleanor, W. Fleedwood, Surimam.
Schr. Owins, J. Hancock, Barbados.
Schr. Gingle, Th. Davis, Surinam.

CLEARED. [heading]
Ship Fortitude, Z. Holman, for London.


April 21. - We rightly presumed, yesterday, the squadron that hove in sight of Plymouth, on Monday evening, was that of Admiral Duckworth. The Royal George, of 100 guns, bearing the flag of Admiral Duckworth, the Temerire and Neptune of 98 guns each, Le Tonnant, 80, and the Dragon, 74, cast anchor in the Sound, on Monday night. As stated in The Globe, yesterday, they ran down the Leeward Islands, as far as St. Domingo, and then proceeded to the Chesapeake, where they remained eight days, and from thence returned to Europe, leaving Statira frigate in the Chesapeake, waiting for Mr. Rose, and also the Eurydice frigate, not Eurjales, as stated in the papers of yesterday. During the eight days the ships remained in the Chesapeake, they could get no supplies, and found the Americans hostile to this country. It is the opinion of many of the Officers of the squadrons, that a war with America is inevitable.

Dispatches were received yesterday at the Admiralty from Rear-Admiral Sir Edward Pellew, dated on board His Majesty's ship Culloden, of 74 guns, Madras Roads, the 19th of October, 1807. They state, that he was at that time preparing to depart with 500 troops, and 60 artillery, for the Island of Java, with intent to attack and destroy the Dutch squadron, under the command of Admiral Hartsinck. The Dutch squadron was not at Batavia, which is on the North West end of the Island, but in the port of Crissey, on the eastern end. Sir Edward Pellew was confident of success, and from his gallantry and experience we may expect that nothing will be left undone to effect his purpose. It is supposed, the gallant Admiral will return to England immediately after his expedition to Java. He had a vessel in reserve to dispatch with the result. The object of the enterprize, which has been the subject of so much speculation in the Newspapers, is thus ascertained, and appears a very laudable and important undertaking.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
By Edward James Henery.

Supplement to the Essequebo & Demerary Royal Gazette.


Saturday, June 4th, 1808.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 4th June, 1808.



Brought by






Pl Zwaanenschutt.


Mrs. A. Lerts,

H. Fazy.






Pl: Zorg & Hoop



R. Bennie.



Pl: Fellowship.



H. Fazy.



Pl: Le Henery.



Pl: Thomas.



Pl: De Best.



J. Verway.

A New Negro,


Firebrace's Ngrs.



Frankland's Ngrs.


Wm. King,

Pl: Good Fortuyn.



Pl. Belair.



Pl. Pacadelle.

A new negro wn.


J. Mapp.


Pl: Jillecity,

Frances Mayer.


James Fressier,

Kemp, Abarie.





Mrs. Robb,

Pl. Le Repentier.

Dunken Sort,

Pl: Ruymvelt,







Pl. De Farm.



Pl. Enmore.


De Ridder,

Heywood & Taylor.


Charlot Meyer,



Dl: Timmermans,

Pl. Craiy Miln.





Pl: Hanerick,



Boedel Kroll

Pl. Petteusin.

S. G. Martens, Drossart.

Stabroek: - Printed by E. J. Henery.

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