Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1808 June 11

Vol. III.)


(No. 128.

Saturday, June 11th, 1808.

By His Excellency Brigadier General Nicholson, Acting Lt. Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, and their Dependent Districts, President in all Courts and Colleges, &c. &c. &c.
Whereas two vacancies have taken place in the College of Kiezers of this River, in consequence of the departure from the Colony of Fr: Martin Esq. and of the death of James Ogle Esq., and whereas it is also necessary that two new Finantial [sic] Representatives for Demerary should be elected, viz: in the room of the said James Ogle Esq. deced: and of John Wilson, Esq. who completed his two Years of Acting in that situation in December last;
I have thought fit to issue this my Proclamation, thereby calling on all Inhabitants who, being possessed of five and twenty Slaves or upwards, are entitled to vote for the Election of Kiezers and of Financial Representatives, now to give in their votes for two Kiezers, in the room of Fr: Martin Esq. and of the deceased Js. Ogle Esq. and for two Financial Representatives in the room of the said James Ogle Esq. deced: and of John Wilson Esq.
The Votes which ought to be signed and contained in a Sealed Note, must be deposited before the 5th July next, at the Government Secretary's Office in Stabroek, where a Sealed Box shall be placed to receive them; - and upon the expiration of that time, the said Votes will be examined with the usual formalities and the Persons elected to the vacant situations aforesaid, proclaimed accordingly.
Given at the King's House in Stabroek, Demerary, this 11th June 1808.
Robt: Nicholson,
Actg. Lt. Govr.
By Command,
P. F. Tinne, Dy. Secty.

Intercepted on their way the Oronook, at the Undersigned Plantation, Ten Negroes (seven Men, two Women and a Child) in a four-oar'd Tent Boat, on the stern of which is written Recovery. They will be delivered to their Owners upon application, and on adequate Reward being given to the Negroes who secured them.
Robert Ridley,
Evergreen, West Coast Essequebo,
11th June, 1808.

The Undersigned offers for Sale about 100 very Prime Angola Slaves, who have been near three months in the Colony, consequently may be considered as seasoned. Payment would be received in Coffee, Cotton, Rum or Sugar.
William King & Co.
Cumingsburg, 11th June, 1808.

Landing and for Sale at the Store of the Undersigned: -
[first column]
Irish butter in half firkins,
Do. mess beef in whole and half barrels,
Do. pork do.,
Pickled Tongues,
Lancashire Hams,
Double Gloucester Cheese,
Pine do.,
Truckle do.,
Brick do.,
Raisins and almonds,
[second column]
Raspberry and cherry brandy,
Mould candles,
Lamp oil in jugs,
London vinegar in do.,
Paint and paint oil,
Brown beer in barrels,
Slender do. do.,
Cordage from 1 1/2 to 4 1/2,
Seine and sewing twine,
Flag and log lines,
Stoughton's bitters.
[end columns]
Who has also for sale, a very handsome set of glass ware, and a patent curricle harness.
[first column]
Hard ware,
Tin and japann'd do.,
Negro cloathing,
[second column]
Linens cloth,
A variety of glass ware, and candlesticks.
[end columns]
F. C. Otto.
Demerary, 11th June, 1808.

BILLS ON NEW YORK. [heading]
The Undersigned has for Sale Bills of Exchange on New York, to the amount of a few Thousand Dollars, which will be drawn for in any sums to suit purchasers.
Colin Macrae.
He also offers to Sell or rent his House in Cumingsburg, possession to be given immediately.
Cumingsburg, 11th June, 1808.

FOR LONDON. [heading]
The Copper'd Ship Olive Branch, Robt: Millon, Master, stands first class at Lloyd's. For Freight or Passage please apply to the Master on board, or to Mr. Linging at the Store of P. Verbeke, Esq. New-Town.
Demerary, 11th June, 1808.

The Barque Swan for Bristol, being unexpectedly detained until July, the Subscribers will be thankful to their Friends for any assistance given her, and will be glad to be informed as early as possible, what freight they wish to ship, in order that none may be disappointed.
J. L. & G. M. Forrester.
Stabroek, 11th June, 1808.

A Meeting of the Proprietors and Inhabitants of Kingston is requested at the House of mr. James Hunter on Tuesday next 14th inst. at 12 o'Clock, to hear the communications of the Commissaries in respect to the appropriation of the Funds arising from the 1 per cent Tax, and any other matters that may be laid before the Town for their consideration.
J. Hicks, [right pointing brace, indicationg, 'Commissaries.']
J. Hunter,
Kingston, 11th June, 1808.

Just Imported by the latest Arrivals and for Sale by the Subscriber the following Articles, very reasonable for prompt Payment, viz; -
Planters' prime mess beef and pork in half barrels, new Irish rose butter in whole and half firkins, hams, tongues, tripe, cheese, Scotch barley, refined sugar, hyson tea, table salt, black pepper, mustard, pickles, vinegar, ketchup, ling fish, potatoes, Madeira, port wine per dozen, porter, old cogniac brandy, old rum, soap, candles, starch, blue, linens, sheetings, printed callicoes, cambric, handkerchiefs, Gentlemens' and Lady's boots, shoes, hats, stockings, umbrellas, newest fashion vests, pantaloons, slops, India nankeens, flannell [sic], green cloth, tapes, marsellas quiltings, oznabrugs [sic], corks, paint and oil, assortment of nails, Queen's ware, tin ware, glass ware, axes, hoes, shovels, cutlasses, hinges, cotton gin cranks with brasses, cannister powder and patent shot, knives and forks, carvers, pins, needles, scissars, penknives, cork-screws, razors in cases, perfumery, dressing cases, boxes bubbles, hammock and deep sea lines, saws, planes, files, chalk lines, sein and sewing twine, padlocks, iron pots, horse and shoe brushes, tobacco and salt in barrels, and sundry other articles.
A New Punt for Sale or Hire,
A. Douglas.
Stabroek, 11th June, 1808.
Who requests the favour of all those indebted to him for last years account and notes of hand, will come forward with payment.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary. [heading]
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, VIZ: -
James Purcell in 3 Weeks from 10 June 1808.
W. A. Perry with the July Convoy, Do.
Mrs. Tapers, in 14 days, Do.
George Bone, in 14 days, from 30th May 1808.
Adam Hill, in 14 days, from 31st May.
William Daniel, in 14 days from 27th May.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

Wordt mits deezen geadverteerd dat ter aanstaande Commissariaale Vergaadering zal worden gepasseerd: -
Door D. H. Van Nooten & J. Steur als Voogden over de Kinderen van G. W. Hitzler Transport van hun aandeel in de Effecten van den Boedel wylen H. Milborn en M. De Vries, aan en ten behoeve van Mejuffrouw de Wede: F. B. Poppelman.
Door D. H. Van Nooten en D. L. C. Martini qq Mevrouw de Wed: C. D. Mack Transport 4 Gedeelte in voornoemde Boedels en Effecten aan gemelde Wed: F. B. Poppelman.
Door Idem qq als vooren Transport van 2-3 Gedeelte van de Pl. den Amstel meede aan meergemelde de Wed: Poppelman.
Door J. J. Deeges qq de Wed: F. B. Popppelman Transport van 1-3 Gedeelte in de Plant: t' Vergenoegen aan de Weduwe C. D. Mack.
Door de Wed: F. B. Poppelman Hypotheecq faveur haar Kinderen in Huwelyk verwekt by G. W. Hitzler op de Plant: den Amstel.
Door Idem Hypotheecq faveur de Wed. C. D. Mack meede op gemelde Pl. den Amstel.
Door W. Riley Transport van de halve Concessie of lot Land geleegen in Cumingsburg bekend onder No 31 met alle de daaropstaande gebouwen aan J. McIntosh.
Door J. Robertson Transport van de Concessie No 30 met gebouwen geleegen aan de Middel dam van Stabroek, aan J. L. Morson, en door laastgemelde aan L. Van Rossum.
Door J. McCamon qq Lambert Blair Transport van de Plantagie Chance Hall aan B. Loustall in dien voor die tyd van t' Hoff van Justitie Brieven von Decreet optineerd.
Demerary den 11 Juny 1808.
J. C. Stadtman, Eerste Clercq.

The Undersigned having received positive injunction from the Lords of the Post-Masters General not to give Credit on the Public Account - is constrained to inform the Residents in Guiana that no trust for Letters will be admitted for the future at this Office. - And as the receipts are to be immediately remitted to Great Britain he requests that all who are now indebted for Letters will forthwith Pay the same.
Theops: Williams.
Post-Master General of Guiana.
Demerary, 11th June 1808.


[right pointing hand icon] The Sale at the King's House was postponed to Thursday next, the 16th inst.

On Wednesday the 15th June, [see 18080430EDRG] . . .
Also a quantity of Cogniac Brandy in Casks from 10 to 60 Gallons.
April 30th. Robert Kingston.

On Saturday the 18th and Monday the 20th inst, by order of James Purcell, at the Store lately occupied by F. Meagher, on the American Stelling, - Best Irish pork and butter, Cogniac brandy, madeira [sic - not capitalized] wine in pipes, hogsheads and quarter casks, Ironmongery, glass ware, stationary, Sailors and Negro cloathing, cotton bagging and a variety of other Articles.
June 11th. Robert Kingston.

W Turner informs his Friend he has just landed from the Flora, an elegant assortment of the most fashionable London articles, consisting of Jewelery in all its branches, embroidered robes, habit shirts, trimings in muslin, pearls, bugles and silver, black muslins and cambrics, cotton and French cambrcis, bombazines, bombazettes, crape, callicoes, ginghams, jeans, broad cloths and kerseymeres, muslin shawls, silk do., fancy handkerchiefs, black silk hats, do. poke bonnets, straw do. for Ladies' and Children, Ladies' and Gentlemens' wigs, shoes, boots, hose, gloves, ribbon, thread and cotton lace, checks, britanias, platillias, brown Irish, fine Irish linen, long lawn, diaper table cloths, huckaback, dowlas, sheeting, muqueto [sic] muslin, leather hats and caps, looking glasses, cherry and rasberry brandy, sugar plumbs, do. candy, capilaire, rasberry vinegar, almonds, raisins, plumbs and currants, a general assortment of perfumery, Tunbridge boxes and work baskets, hams, pine cheese, tripe, pearl barley, peas, spices assorted, hyson tea, refined sugar, Stoughton's bitters, essence peppermint, antique oil, anchovies, do. sauce, capers, olives, curry powder, sweet oil, catchup, coratch [sic], Quin's sauce, soy, and a great variety of articles of various descriptions.
New-Town, 11th June, 1808.

The Subscriber has received by the London Fleet, a large and elegant collection of printed callicoes, coloured counterpanes, linens, shirting and lining callicoes, coloured nankeens, cotton towells, pocket handkerchiefs, sallad oil, pickles, mustard, capers, paints and oil, porter, Madeira wine, &c. &c.
Which he will dispose of reasonable for immediate payment.
Joseph Hill.
New-Town, 11th June, 1808.

Now Landing form the Brig Peggy, Capt: Pullen, from London, and for Sale by the Subscriber, a small but good assortment of the following Articles, which will be sold very low by the Package for Cash only, being a Consignment.
The Difficulties attending Collections are so well known, that it is unnecessary to say any thing in excuse of the salutary precautions the Subscriber is obliged to adopt in his future dealings with those whose Accounts to ultimo December are yet outstanding:- to his Friends who have always honorably dealt with him it would be almost as much injustice as foreign to his interest to refuse Credit.
[first column]
Casks of prime Beef and Pork,
Rounds prime Ox Beef,
Firkins salted Salmon,
Pickled Tripe,
Dried Lyng,
Pickles & Sauces assorted,
Cannisters Sago,
Half kegs split peas and pearl barley,
Keg Scotch barley,
Best Poland Oats in puncheons,
White wine vinegar,
Fine small ale in tierces 8 dozen each,
Old port, hock and claret in cases 2 dozen each,
Rasberry & cherry brandy
Stoughton's bitters,
Fashionable chaise harness and whips,
Best flint wine glasses,
Blue finger basons,
Butter tubs,
Rich cut glass fruit dishes,
Salts, &c. &c.
Blue printed English China in whole and half table sets,
Cottage jugs,
Enamell'd and gold tea and coffee services,
Blue printed hand basons and ewers,
[second column]
Breakfast cups & saucers,
Inverness cotton and coffee bagging,
Bed tick,
India salempores and nankeens,
Sail canvas No 1 to 8,
Green card and extra table cloths, 5, 6, 7 and 8-4,
Green, black, brown, mixt, corbeau and blue Ladies' cloth,
Gentlemens' silk hats,
Japann'd patent leather hats with gold and silver bands and lace,
Felt hats,
Indigo-blue napt jackets lined and unlined,
Boxes eau de cologne,
Small cases of perfumery calculated for the toilet containing 12 pounds violet powder, 6 pots and 2 rolls pomatum, 8 boxes tooth powder and 6 brushes, 2 bottles lav: 1 milk roses, 2 scent, and 1 honey water, 6 cakes Windsor soap, 1 dressing comb and comb brush, and 1 powder puff,
Stationary assorted,
Cordage from 9 threads to 2 1/2 inches,
Boat cables 4 to 6 inches,
White rope 1 1/4 to 2 inches.
[end columns]
IN STORE. [centered]
[first column]
Port and sherry wines,
Nectarine brandy,
Real cogniac brandy in cases,
Brown stout & table beer,
Hyson tea,
Refined sugar,
Mixt spices,
Black pepper,
Jars of currants,
Mould candles 4 to the pound,
White, yellow and castile soap,
Glass ware assorted,
An assortment of buck beads,
Printed breakfast cups and saucers,
Wash basons,
Ivory handled knives and forks,
Coffee seives,
A bedstead with furniture complete,
Writing desks, Eau de Cologne et d'Acquebusade,
Rose, honey and lavender water,
Tooth powder & brushes,
Silk braces,
Head & clothes brushes,
Boots and shoes,
Silk and beaver hats,
Irish linen,
Linen cambric,
[second column]
Broad cloths,
A Lady's elegant saddle and bridle,
Gentlemens' best hunting saddles,
Chaise harness and whips,
A very handsome curicle harness so constructed as to suit a chariot,
Gun powder, Shot,
Sail canvas,
Coffee bagging,
Seine and sewing twine,
Fishing lines,
Nails 4 to 30 penny and coopers nails,
Paints assorted,
Paint oil and brushes,
Iron pots,
Linen and cotton checks,
Watch coats,
Lined and unlined jackets
Large and small brass lock cocks,
Chamber-door, stock and padlocks,
Ship scrapers,
A few kegs temper lime, &c. &c.
[end columns]
James Robertson.
New-Town, 11th January [sic], 1808.

Imported from London in the Ship Flora, Capt. Hardy, and for Sale by the Subscribers:-
Handsome new gigs with best plated harness, small sets mahogany dining tables, pembroke do., brass-bound mahogany writing desks, bamboo, cane-bottom and cherry tree chairs, mahogany night do., mahogany backgammon boxes, do. liquor cases 6 bottles each, dressing glasses, tent bedsteads with musqueto netting, mattresses, &c. complete, best hair mattresses with bolsters and pillows, from 3 to 5 1/2 feet wide, musqueto lawn, plated cruet stands, bottle coasters and candlesticks, knives and fork [sic], candle shades with and without stands, vase and barrel lamps, and a large assortment of plain and cut glass ware, painted wire meat safes, sets of blue table ware, saddlery, white and coloured horse netts, stationary, Gentlemens' fashionable wearing apparel, military and hessian dress boots and shoes, strong walking do., flannel jackets, do. night gowns, silk and beaver hats, Planters' broad-rim'd do., Childrens' do., servants' glazed do. with silver bands, scarlet, blue and black superfine broad cloth and cassimeres, 8-4 green cloth for tables, do. gauze for window blinds, finest swanskin and Welsh flannels, printed and white marseilles, and black silk waistcoating, India dimity, white and yellow nankeens, salempores, checks, Ladies' and Gentlemens' cotton stockings, silk braces, gloves, black crape and bombazine, black and colour'd silk handkerchiefs, Irish linens and sheetings, white and brown Russia do. and duck, flax and tow oznabrugs, damask, dinner and breakfast table cloths of various sizes and patterns, 8-4 huckaback, D'Oyles, negro hats and blankets, cloathing and slops, Coker and brown canvas No 1 to 4, cordage 1 to 4 inch, 4 1/2 do. for raising mill points, boat cables 4 1/2 to 6 inch, white rope 1/4, 1/2 and 2 inch, deep sea, fishing and chalk lines, sein and sewing twine, blocks assorted, pump leather, bottled beer and porter, draught do., Irish mess beef and pork in whole and half barrels, Westphalia hams, Bologna sausages, Gloucester cheese, lyng fish in small boxes, pickled tripe and ox tongues in kegs, pickled oysters, anchovie, mushroom and other fish sauces, French olives, capers, pickles in cases of 6 bottles each, sallad oil and mustard, garden seeds in small boxes, fine old Grenada and Antigua rum, and cogniac brandy in kegs of 10 gallons and upwards, hyson tea, refined sugar, spices, black pepper, sago, starch and blue, pearl barley in kegs, Hoffmans raspberry vinegar, cherry and raspberry brandy, finest Turkey figs in jars, rose and lavender water, Stoughton's bitters, best yellow bark, handsome mahogany family medicine chests with medicine, &c. complete, paints and paint oil, neatsfoot do., spirits turpentine, and white wine vinegar in jugs, white, yellow and soft soap, candles, mill grease in kegs, fowling pieces, gun powder and shot, handsome military hangers, sheet lead, copper teaches, iron boilers, grating bars, Swedish bar iron assorted, iron pots, boat anchors, grapnels, nails 4d, 6d, 8d, 10d, 20d, 30d and 5 inch spikes, round and axe-eyed falling axes, hoes, shovels and cutlasses, steelyards from 1 to 150lbs., small iron chests, vat and puncheon iron hoops, [illegible]g wood and truss do., copper scummers and ladles, brass wire coffee manaries, and sheet copper, agreeable to directions received from the most experienc'd coffee planters of this Colony, brass wire for manaries, do. twisted parrot cages, iron coffee roasters, tin kettles, japann'd coffee biggins, and German coffee pots, box and other coffee mills, horn and tin lanthorns, and a general assortment of single and double block tin ware, japann'd trunks of various sizes with best trunk locks, black leather portmanteaus, red-gilt and hair trunks in nests, iron remin'd [sic] brass and stock locks, hinges, marking irons, coopers' and carpenters' tools, vat and wine brass lock cocks, grind stones, Swedish tar, &c. &c.
Cornfoot, Bell & Co.
Who have on hand a quantity of old London particular Madeira Wine in pipes and hogsheads.
Cumingsburg, 11th June, 1808.

Newfoundland Cod Fish [heading]
For SALE by [heading]
Cornfoot, Beell [sic] & Co.
Cumingsburg, 11th June, 1808.

The Undersigned takes the liberty of recommending the Person of D. W. F. Steffan with all his Capacities to any one who might be in want of a Book-keeper and a Cashier (other-ways said a Cash-keeper) which last profession he does understand in a masterly manner, of which the former Butchery of L. Egnar can give the most sensible proofs of. Any one now who is wishful of employing said honest D. W. F. Steffan in the afore-mentioned Professions can have a more ample and exact information concerning his Capacities, by the Subscriber.
J. J. Boullier.
Demerary, 11th June, 1808.
NB. All Persons yet indebted to the former Butchery of L. Egnar, are requested not to pay any monies to the above-mentioned Steffan as his receipts after this will not be approved of.

The Residence of Andrew Rose sworn Land Surveyor is now Cumingsburg (near the road leading from the Block House) where he will be happy to receive the orders of those Gentlemen, who wish Plats of their Estates wish their different Fields, Divisions, &c. on a large scale, and their Boundaries run out and adjusted.
Demerary, 11th June, 1808.

De Ondergeteekende is thans gedomicileerd in Cumingsburg, digt by de weg die naar het Block Huis leid, alwaar het hem aangenaam zal zyn orders te ontsangen, van de Heeren Planters die geneegen mogten zyn hem te employeeren tot het maaken van Plans figuratur van hunne Plantagien, met derzelves [illegible]nnen verdeer, lingen, &c. of tot het bepaalen van derzelves courte-en-limiten.
[Transcriber's note: no 'undersigned' (ondergeteekende) - presumed to be Andrew Rose, as above]
Demerary, 11 June 1808.

The British built Ship Mirvin, Joshua James, master, will positively sail with the Convoy in July for London, and has at present two-thirds of her Cargo engaged. The Subscribers request such Gentlemen as have promised Freight to the above Vessel, to be as speedy as possible in sending it on board, and will feel much obliged to the remainder of their Friends for their early assistance in completing the Load.
J. L. & G. M. Forrester,
G. J. Furnace.
Stabroek, 11th June, 1808.

FOR LONDON [heading]
The fine fast-sailing copper'd Snow Ann Mackenzie, burthen 270 tons, Wm: Nelson, Master, mounts 16 Guns. For Freight or Passage apply to
Cornfoot, Bell & Co.
Cumingsburg, 11th June, 1808.

FOR SALE. [heading]
The Plantation De Hoop on the West side in the Creek Mahaica, situated between the Estates of J. Barnwell and Thos: Lawrence, Esqrs. containing 100 Acres in good bearing Plantains and about 50 Acres in young Cotton, all well worked, besides more land fit for Provisions aback; Transport can be given immediately, a moderate first payment is expected, and the remainder of the capital in four annual payments. For further information apply to
Ms. Visser.
Mahaica, 11th June, 1808.

From the Stelling at Fort William Frederick, on Friday Night the 2d Inst, a Clinker built Yawl, Copper fastened, about 14 feet Keel, Painted Black inside and White out, Rows four Oars, and has a Step in the Foresheets for a Mast. Any Person having found the same will be Rewarded by applying to the Subscriber, or the Printer, If found in any Person's Possession after this they will be Prosecuted according to Law.
Wm: Mudie.
Demerary, 10th June, 1808.

Demerary, 10th June, 1808. [heading]
At a meeting held at Marshall's Hotel this day, in consequence of the prior meeting in the House of the Revd: W. G. Straghan, to take into consideration, the best means of establishing a Chapel in the Town of Stabroek, for the Members of the Church of England.
Present His Excellency the Governor, [centered]
It was Resolved, - That to the inattention and negligence of Divine Worship, the anarchy and misery which have so long deluged the world, and caused the affliction of mankind is greatly to be attributed, that it behoves every one but is especially essential, to the dignity and respectability of English Colonists, to mark the outward respect (which they inwardly acknowledge) for their Church establishment, by a decorous attention to every public duty appertaining to Religious Worship.
That, the Building in which it has been usual to perform service in Stabroek, is not large enough, to admit one-third of the population, and has other objections, which are considerable impediments, to devotion and attendance.
That, it is particularly desirable and highly necessary, for the respectability, as well as the moral and religious benefit of the community, that a Chapel for Divine Worship, should be immediately contracted in this Town.
That, we whose names are subjoined, are most particularly anxious, and zealous, by our Subscriptions, and exertions, to promote its structure, and hasten its establishment.
That it is our particular wish and desire that his Excellency Governor Nicholson will be pleased to nominate and appoint a Committee, to receive Subscriptions, to collect the money already subscribed, and to conduct in the most expeditious manner the Building of the Chapel, which his Excellency has, always so anxiously, wished to see established in the Colony.
That R. B. Daly, Esq. prive and qq. the heirs J. Bourda having offered two Lotts of Land on Plantation Vlissingen, for the erection of the Chapel, of which we most gladly accept, that our thanks be publicly given to R. B. Daly, Esq. for his handsome and very liberal Donation.
His Excellency has been pleased, agreeably to our request, to appoint the following Gentlemen to form a Committee, for receiving Subscriptions and to carry into effect the above resolutions, any three members of which, will be sufficient to act, on all occasions.
COMMITTEE, [centered]
[first column]
Jos. Beete, Sr. Esq.
Jas: Robertson, Esq.
W. N. Firebrace, Esq.
[second column]
A. Fullerton, Esq.
J. Hicks, Esq.
Revd: W. G. Straghan.
[end columns]
And it is further resolved that the said Committee be allowed the privilege, of electing any additional members, whom they may deem necessary.
That a Book be prepared for the insertion of the names of the Subscribers, which is to be deposited in the Chapel, as a lasting monument of their munificence.
That, the thanks of the meeting be given to his Excellency Brigadier-General R. Nicholson, our Acting Lieutenant-Governor, for his zealous exertions in forwarding and promoting so laudable an institution.
And lastly, that the foregoing Resolutions be inserted in the Public Papers of this Colony for three weeks successively, and also in the Barbados Mercury.
Names of those Gentlemen who were present at the meeting.
His Excellency the Governor, [centered]
[first column]
Theos: Williams,
W. N. Firebrace,
Jos. Bothomley,
Rd. Deane,
Alexr: Fullerton,
J. Oliverson,
Jas. Robertson,
G. M. Forrester,
Jas Hunter,
[second column]
R. B. Daly,
A. Junor,
Jas. Naghten,
R. Marshall,
F. P. Francke,
D. P. Simon,
R. L. Ashington,
C. H. Lloyd,
J. McGarrel,
Revd: W. G. Straghan.
[end columns]

Yesterday the Brig, Faith, one of the London Fleet, arrived here with the loss of her fore top-mast, she was destined for Surinam.

The Vessels from hence to Europe all left the Bar this morning at 7 o'Clock under Convoy of the Julia Brig, Capt. Yarker, they were joined yesterday evening by the Berbice ships, and amounted altogether to 26 sail.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last. [heading]

ENTERED [heading]
Ships Flora, R. Hardy, London, Riga, G. White, Ditto. - Brigs Peggy, M. Cavanugh [sic], Ditto; Atlas, W. Till, Ditto.

CLEARED. [heading]
Ships Wm. Heathcote, M. Joynson, for London; Grenada, W. Brown. Ditto; Caledonia, J. Thompson, Liverpool; Orion, C. Spunell, London,; Nicholson, W. Kermod, Liverpool; Fanny, A. Nicholson, London; Stork, W. Turnbull, Dublin; Traveller, J. Fisher, Liverpool; Harmony, W. Wilson, London; Richard, W. Croft, Liverpool; Hercules, H. Hawkins, Massachusetts. - Brig Cignet, E. Smith, London.

[Trinidad fire fund] Subscriptions already Received.

A. T. Browne . . . 110.
Tully Higgins . . . 220.
Thomas Naghten . . . 220.
Thomas Fitzgerald . . . 220.
R. L. Ashington . . . 330.
A Friend to the destressed [sic] . . . 330.
J. Heywood . . . 220.
J. Ettles . . . 110.
J. Jones . . . 220.
J. Calder . . . 110.

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