Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1808 June 18

Vol. III.)


(No. 129.

Saturday, June 18th, 1808.

(COPY.) [heading]
INSTRUCTIONS to the COMMANDERS of Our SHIPS of WAR and PRIVATEERS. Given at Our Court at Windsor, the 11th Day of April, in the Forty-eighth Year of Our Reign.
OUR WILL and PLEASURE is, that you do not interrupt any Neutral Vessel laden with Lumber and Provisions, and going to any of Our Colonies, Islands, or Settlement, in the West Indies, or South America, to whomsoever the Property may appear to belong, and notwithstanding such Vessel may not have regular Clearances and Documents on Board: - And in case any such Vessel shall be met with, and be in her due Course to the alleged Port of Destination, an Indorsement shall be made on One or more of the Principal Papers of such Vessel, specifying the Destination alleged, and the Place where the Vessel was so visited. And in Case any Vessel so laden shall arrive and deliver her Cargo at any of Our Colonies, Islands, or Settlements aforesaid, such Vessel shall be permitted to receive her Freight, and to depart, either in Ballast, or with any Goods that may be legally exported in such Vessel, and to proceed to any unblockaded Port, notwithstanding the present Hostilities, or any future Hostilities which may take place; and a Passport for such Purpose shall be granted to the Vessel by the Governor, or other Person, having the Chief Civil Command in such Colony, Island, or Settlement.
G. R.
Received from the Right Honble: Lord Castlereagh, 2d June, 1808.
Robt: Nicholson,
Brigadier-General and Actg. Lt. Govr.

Saturday, June 18th, 1808. [heading]
The following extract from a Letter from the Secretary to the Commissioners for Auditing Public Accounts, to His Excellency the Acting Lieut. Governor, is hereby made Public for the information of those concerned, and of which all Public Accountants are requested to take Notice:-
            "Audit Office, Somerset Place,
            11th March 1808.
"Sir, - I am directed by the Commissioners for Auditing the Public Accounts to inform you, that it is required by an Act of 46 Geo: III. Chap. 141. Sec. 8. that all Public Accounts shall, within three Calendar Months at the least after the 31st December in each Year, or within three Months after the period to which their Accounts are usually made up, deliver into, or transmit to this Office, an Account Current of all Sums of Money received and paid by them for the Public Service within the preceding Year, duly attested upon Oath before one of the Barons of the Court of Exchequer, one of the Commissioners of this Board, or the Chief or principal Magistrate of any place out of the United Kingdom where the person attesting the same may reside at the time of such attestation; which Account is to be accompanied, by Vouchers, Authorities, and all other Documents necessary in support thereof, and in every respect fit for Examination and Audit. I am therefore to request that you will pay due attention to the provisions of the above Act, as far as it may regard you, and that you will have the goodness to give Notice of such provisions to all Public Accountants within your Government, and to apprise such of them as have not yet transmitted their Public Accounts to this Board, that they are to make up and transmit to this Board without delay, complete Accounts, made up in the manner above described from the date of their appointments to the 31st December 1805, and seperate [sic] Accounts for the Years 1806 and 1807, or for any broken period of the said respective Years during which they may have been in the receipt and expenditure of Public Monies, taking care to keep the services previous to the 1st of January 1806, distinct from those of subsequent periods."
Robt: Nicholson.

The following Ordinances are re-published, by Authority, for the information of all concerned: -
By the Governor General and the Honble: Court of Police of the Rivers and Districts of Essequebo and Demerary, &c. &c. &c.
To all whom these Presents may come, or concern, Greeting! be it known:
Whereas We have taken into consideration the representations, that have been made of late with respect to the unrestricted Traffick of Gun-Powder, carried on by all those who think it proper, which may give Cause to a great many abuses, and having also deliberated the Dreadfull consequences which may proceed, particularly in Stabroek, should every Person be at liberty to have an unlimited quantity of Gun Powder at his abode.
This Court has thought expedient to enact by these Presents, that henceforth no Person whatsoever, either residing on any Plantation or in any of the Towns be permitted to have on his Estate or in his Dwelling House more ammunition then [sic] Five Pounds of Gun-Powder for his own use, and the same quantity for every effective Burgher living with him or her (including the Ball Cartridges that are to be provided agreeable to the Burgher Regulations; all Inhabitants are hereby enjoined to remove within Four Weeks after these have been sent about in the respective Divisions, all the Gun-Powder which they may have over and above the before-mentioned quantity, either in Essequebo to the town where the same is to be deposited to the care of the provisional Commissary Von Kl[illegible]r, or in Demerary with the Commander of the Garrison residing in Camp near the Fort William Frederick. - The Proprietors of any Gun-Powder thus removed will obtain a Receipt for the same, as in Essequebo from said provisional Commissary, and in Demerary from some Person to be appointed by the Commandant of the Garrison, with the sanction of the Governor General, all Persons transgressing these Orders will forfeit a Fine of One Hundred and Fifty Guilders.
From the before-said limitation as to the quantity of Gun-Powder, are to be excepted the Merchants, who will be specially authorised to Sell that Article, it being required that these only remove to the Town of Essequebo or to the Camp in Demerary, all the Gun-Powder they have over and above One Hundred Weight, which quantity they are now and in future Permitted to have in their Houses or Stores, but not exceeding, on a like Penalty of f 150 Fine, exclusive of having the said Permission immediately annulled.
The Proprietors of Gun-Powder deposited as before said will on their written Order, receive from time to time, free of any expences, to the quantity of Five Pounds, and the Merchants to that of One Hundred Pounds.
All Persons in these Colonies, are forbid to Sell any Gun-Powder, or cause the same to be Sold, or to give in Payment or exchange or cause such to be done to any Person whatsoever, this being permitted to such Merchants only as will have obtained a Written licence from the Governor General (who is requested and authorised to grant them) and whereof notice will be given in a subsequent Advertisement by Government, all those transgressing this Order will incurr every time a Fine of Five Hundred Guilders.
The said Merchants are not permitted to Sell any Gun-Powder but to Persons that are well known to them, and not in a greater quantity then [sic] Five pounds every time; it is expressly forbid to Sell that Article to Slaves under any pretence whatsoever, and should any Persons that are unknown to the before-said Merchants, ask for Gun-Powder alleging they want it for their Burgher equipment, such Merchants, previous to delivering any Ammunition, are bound to demand and to obtain a Certificate from the Burgher Officer that Commands the Company or Division to which such a Burgher belongs, by which it appears that the Ammunition is really wanted for said purpose, all on pain that the said Merchants shall on transgressing either of these Orders, incurr a Fine of Five Hundred Guilders, and exclusively Forfeit the License granted to them by the Governor General for Selling Ammunition.
It is likewise prohibited to all Slaves without any distinction to go about on the Roads or Plantations with Gun-Powder or Shot for the purpose of Huckstering, on pain of Corporal Punishment, and should it appear that they had done the same by Order of their Masters, the last-mentioned will be liable to a Fine of Five Hundred Guilders. - And in order to prevent the Sale of Ammunition on Plantations more effectually, all Proprietors or Managers on Plantations are Authorised and if necessary enjoined, when they may meet on the Roads or on their Plantation any Person, either Free or not, who goes about for the purpose of Huckstering Ammunition to act as follows. - If the same is a Slave, he shall be sent immediately with the Articles found on him to the Fiscaals in the respective Towns, and should the same be a Free Man, he is to be detained and with the knowledge of the nearest Burgher Officer secured, until he sent for by the Fiscaal, to whom immediate Notice is to be given in such a case.
And it is lastly very expressly forbid to all Masters, Supercargoes or other Commanders of Vessels or Craft that arrive in these colonies, to Sell any Gun-Powder to others but to those Merchants as are specially Authorised by Government, to retail that Article, on forfeiture of such Gun-Powder and the said Fine of Five Hundred Guilders.
All former Regulations that may be anywise contradictory with these are Annulled.
The Fines fixed by this Our Proclamation are to be applied as follows, one-third for the Fiscaal, one-third for the Poor and the other third for the Informer.
And in Order that no Person may Pretend to be Ignorant hereof, these shall be Printed, Published, posted up and sent about in the respective Divisions as usually done.
Thus Resolved in Our Ordinary Assembly in Stabroek, Rio Demerary, the 20th of May 1803, and Published the 20th of July following.
A. Meertens, Vt.
By Command,
P. F. Tinne, Secty. ad Intrm.
The foregoing is a true Translation from the Dutch.
J. G. Cloot de Nieuwerkerk, Sworn Translator.

[Transcriber's note: republishing of Meertens of 25th May 1803 reasserting the Ordinance of 8th of June 1789. about slave population – see 18050525EDG for text]

[republishing of Anthony Beaujon of 25th May 1803 reasserting the Ordinance of 8th of June 1789. about slave population - see 18050525EDG for text]

By His Excellency Anthony Beaujon Esq., Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, and their Dependencies, President in all Courts and Colleges: - and the Honble: Court of Policy of the said Colonies; &c. &c.
Unto all whom these Presents shall or may come, Greeting! be it known:
Whereas it is essential for the good of the Colonies to adopt measures for encreasing the number of White Inhabitants throughout the Country and whereas We have considered that altho' an Ordinance was made by this Court on the 8th of June 1789, in this behalf, enacting that the number of Whites upon Estates or Plantations should be in the proportion of at least One White Male Person to every Fifty Working Slaves; - yet that this Law, from not having been enforced for a considerable time, has become obsolete, and whereas it appears to us necessary from the greater extent of the Colony and the considerable encrease of the Black Population since the above period, that the Ordinance aforesaid should be revived with such amendments as are called for by the present state of the Colony, for the better attainment of the object abovementioned.
We therefore have judged fit to alter and amend the Ordinance aforesaid of the 8th of June 1789 and in consequence to enact, and it is hereby enacted accordingly, that on all Estates or Lands in these Colonies, the number of White Male Persons, in proportion to the number of Male and Female Slaves on such Estates or Lands, shall and must be as follows, viz: -
On Estates, Plantations or Lands on which the total number of Slaves of every description, is from One to 75 inclusive, One White.
From 75 to 200 inclusive, 2 Whites.
From 200 to 350 inclusive, 3 Whites.
From 350 to 450 inclusive, 4 Whites.
From 450 to 550 inclusive, 5 Whites.
From 550 to 600 and upwards, 6 Whites.
And it is also enacted that each and every Proprietor or Attorney of any Estate or Land in these Colonies, shall be bound to conform to the present Ordinance within the space of Six Months from and after the date of the Publication thereof, on Pain of forfeiting a Penal Sum or Fine of Five Hundred Guilders for each White Male Person that according to the foregoing classification shall be found deficient on any Estate or Land; to which fine, after the Term of Six Months so fixed in the first Instance, shall again be liable on the expiration of every Three Months of their so being or continuing deficient in conforming to the present Law.
The said Fines to be divided one-third for the Fiscaal, another third for the Poor, and the remaining third for the Informer or Informers.
Those Free Coloured Persons employed on any Estate or Land in these Colonies, who on representation made by their Employers shall be approved of by His Excellency the Governor or the Commandeur respectively, shall with respect to the provisions of the present Ordinance, be considered in the same light as Whites.
And that no ignorance may be pretended hereof, the present Ordinance shall be Published, posted-up. Printed and sent round in the respective Divisions, for general information.
Thus Enacted at our Ordinary Assembly held at the Court House in Stabroek, on the 30th of April 1805, and Published in Demerary, on the 25th of May next thereto following.
Anthony Beaujon
By Command of the Court,
P. F. Tinne, D: Secty.

Notice is hereby given that a Man of War will be ready on the 8th of July next to Convoy the Trade from this River to the place of general rendezvous.
Given at the King's House, this 18th June 1808.
By His Excellency's Command,
Geo: Eddington, Gov: Secty.

Wanted for His Majesty's Troops [heading]
in this Colony. [heading]
Persons willing to Supply either of the above Articles, to be delivered at the Commissary's Stores, in such Quantities as may be required for the Expenditure of the two next Months, commencing the 25th Instant, are requested to make tenders for the same, seperately, marked - "Tenders for Coffee or Sugar" - previous to Monday the 27th Instant, on which day they will be opened in the presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops, when the most advantageous Offer or Offers will be Accepted.
It is to be understood that the Person or Persons Contracting for the supplies of either of the above Articles shall be bound for the due performance of it, under the Penalty of One Hundred Pounds Sterling.
Will: N. Firebrace.
Residt: Commissary.
Commissary's Office, 17th June 1808.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary [heading]
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, VIZ: -
Wm. Davis, with the July Convoy. June 18th.
David Jones, with ditto. ditto.
Michl: G. Hamer, with ditto. do.
William Linging, with ditto. do.
James Barclay, with ditto. do.
James Purcell in 3 Weeks from 10 June 1808.
W. A. Perry with the July Convoy. Do.
Mrs. Tapers, in 14 days, Do.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

Alzo de Heer William Wardlow Karnan, Meerderjaarig Jongman, gebooren in Ireland, ter Eenre. - En Mejuff: Martha C. Foster, Weduwe van wylen Harmanus Mutz, ter andere zyde.
Van voorneemens zyn met elkander een Wettig Huwelyk aanteegaan. Zoo word zulks mits deezen aan elk en een iegelyk geadverteerd, ten einde die geenen welke vermeenen zich teegens het Solemniseeren van opgemelde Huwelyke te kunnen opponeeren, zulks in tyds te doen daar waar en zoo het behoord.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary deezen 17de Juny 1808. In kennisse van my
J. C. Stadtman, Eerste Clercq.

Wordt mits deezen bekend gemaakt dat ter aanstaande Commissariaale Vergaadering in de Maand July eerstkoomende zal worden gepasseerd: -
[Transcriber's note: the Lot numbers for the first two Transports change from '51' to '50'; see and compare with 18080625EDRG]
Door Rudolph Onink Transport van halve Concessie (meer of min) met de Gebouwen geleegen aan de noord dam Stabroek, bekend onder No 51, aan P. C. Mickerts.
Idem Transport van de andere halve Concessie en gebouwen (meer of min) uitkoomende aan de midden dam Stabroek bekend onder No 51, aan de vrye meid Eliza.
Door James Rutherford Transport van de onverdeelde helft van de Plantagie Planter's Hall, aan Richard Landreth.
Actum in Rio Demerary, 17de Juny 1808.
J. C. Stadtman, Eerste Clercq.


By Authority obtained, I the Underwritten First Marshal of this Colony, will Expose and Sell at Marshal's Sale in the presence of the Honble: Counsellors Commissaries of the Honble: Court of Justice and their Secretary, in the Town of Stabroek on Tuesday the 5th of July, next: -
1st. - In behalf of A. Fleischman versus A. Danjoy, a Concession or Lot of Land with the thereon standing Dwelling house (most new) about 40 feet by 18, a side building and necessary situated near the Fort William Frederick, and at present occupied by said A. Danjoy.
2d. - In behalf of A. G. Burmeester versus Louisa Warner, a Concession of Land situated in the Town of Stabroek, and known under No 86, with the thereon standing Dwelling house, side building and kitchen.
3d. - In behalf of Ch: Vincent Receiver of the Colony Chest versus the Lot No 13, on Cumingsburg, with the thereon standing Dwelling house 24 feet by 15, a side building serving for kitchen, horse stable, 46 feet by 18, and a necessary.
[Transcriber's note: the above item gets removed in a subsequent listing (see 18080702EDRG) and note its similarity to the Contelat versus Knight item below]
4th. - In behalf of Ch: Vincent Receiver of the Colony Chest versus the Lot No 251, on Cumingsburg, with the thereon standing Dwelling house 24 feet by 16, two stories high, a side building, the said Concession being railed in.
5th. - In behalf of Ch: Vincent Receiver of the Colony Chest versus the Lot No 211 on Cumingsburg, with the thereon standing Dwelling house 30 feet by 16.
6th. - In behalf of A. Contelat versus James Knight, the Concession No 13 on Cumingsburg, with the thereon standing Dwelling house, a side building 46 feet by 18, serving for kitchen, horse stable, &c. and a necessary.
[Transcriber's note: here write something about the earlier item above for No 13]
7th. - In behalf of Mary Claxton versus R. Samson & W. Eyffel, a Negro Woman Philis.
Whoever may pretend to have a right to oppose either of the above Sales, will address themselves in writing at the Marshal's Office, where I shall receive them as opposer or opposers, and appoint a day to go to Law; and further any Person or Persons inclined to purchase are requested to attend on the day and place before-mentioned.
Rio Demerary, 18th June, 1808.
M. Smit, First Marshal.


By Virtue of a certain appointment of the Honble. V. A. Heyliger LL.D. Acting President of the Honble. Court of Justice of this Colony, dated 11th May 1808, granted on the Petition of J. T. Mathews and J. J. Kotwyk in quality as representing the Estate of H. E. Glaser deceased, are herewith by me the Undersigned First Marshal for the first time by Edict Summon'd all known and unknown Creditors of the above-mentioned Estate to appear or send their Deputy before the Honble. Court of Justice, at the Ordinary Session, to be held in the Town of Stabroek on the 18th day of July next and following days; in order to render their pretentions in due form and lay their claim thereto. Whereas after the expiration of the fourth Edict will be proceeded against the non appearers according to Law.
Actum Rio Demerary, 16th June, 1808.
M. Smit, First Marshal.


On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the 21st, 22d and 23d June, [see 18080514EDRG] . . .
May 14th. Robert Kingston.

On Saturday the 25th inst. by order of Mr. John P. Hicks, at his store in Bridge-Town, - mackrell, shads, negro pipes, brandy, &c. &c.
June 18th. Robert Kingston.

On Friday the 1st July, [see 18080604EDRG] . . .
Also, by order of the Honble. Fiscaal, a negro Adjuba, confined in the Colony Stocks the 26th February last by Iskanius, belonging to mr. Looff.
Also by order of William Turton Ellis, Executor of Pero Dusart deceased, sundry articles of furniture, and two negro women sellers, &c. &c.
June 4th. Robert Kingston.

On Friday the 8th July, at the Vendue Office, by order of J. F. Meyer, q.q. - Chaise harnesses, shoes and boots, jackets, pantaloons, shirts, blue Honley's pennistone, oznabrugs, ironmongery, and a variety of other articles.
June 18th. Robert Kingston.

On Monday and Tuesday the 11th and 12th July, at the store of messrs. McInroy, Sandbach & McBean, - A general assortment of provisions, Plantation stores, dry goods, tin, glass and hard ware, &c. &c.
June 18th. Robert Kingston.

Imported in the Betsy from Belfast, and the Sir Edward Pellew from Liverpool, and for Sale by the Subscriber,--
[first column]
Irish butter in half firkins,
Do. mess Beef in barrels and half barrels,
Do. Pork in do. and do.,
Pickled Ox Tongues in firkins,
Do. Pigs do. in kegs,
Pine and Gloster Cheese,
[second column]
Candles, Soap and Lamp Oil,
Vinegar in jugs,
Beer and Brown Stout in barrels,
White Lead and Paint Oil,
Gun-powder Tea,
Coffee Bagging, &c.
[end columns]
C. H. De Munnick.
Demerary, 18th June, 1808.

ust Imported and for Sale by the Subscribers at their store opposite the Vendue Office,--
[first column]
Planters prime Irish mess beef and Pork in barrels and half barrels,
Double Rose Butter in firkins,
Ling Fish,
Ox Tongues in firkins,
Superfine Flour,
Refined Sugar,
7-8 & 4-4 wide Irish linen,
Linen Checks and Stripe,
Diaper of different widths
Brown Holland,
Gents wearing Apparel,
Gents and Ladies Shoes,
[second column]
Superfine black and blue Cloth and Kersemere,
An assortment of glass ware, hard ware and sadlery,
Gents dressing cases,
Writing Desks,
Cordage assorted from 1 1/2 inch rope to 6 1/2 inch hawser,
Cherry & Raspberry do.,
Iron and Wood Hoops,
Nails assorted,
Sets of Dish Covers,
Fowling Pieces,
Vinegar in jugs,
Paint Oil in do.
[end columns]
A few pipes, hhds. and quarter casks of the finest old Madeira Wine, also Sercial and Malmsey in half quarter casks.
Wardrop & Ferguson.
A four-oar'd Tent Boat well calculated for the River, built of the best materials, will be sold very cheap. Enquire as above.
Demerary, 18th June, 1808.

All those who have any demands against, or are indebted to, the Estate of J. C. Messemaker, deceased, or Plantation Le Destin, are requested to give in their Accounts, and to make Payment, to the Underwritten on Plantation Greenwich Park.
D. Hoola Van Nooten, Jun.
Executor to the Estate of J. C. Messemaker.
Demerary, 18th June 1808.

Alle de geene die iets te pretendeeren hebben of verschuldigd zyn aan den Boedel van wyle J. C. Messemaker of de Plantage Le Destin, worden verzogt daarva opgave en betaling te doen aan de Ondergetekende op de Plantage Greenwich Park.
D. Hoola Van Nooten, Jun.
Demerary, 18th Juny 1808. Executeur.

TO HIRE [heading]
A Complete House Servant with two Children, an excellent Washer Woman, a good Seamstress and a House Boy, the property of Orphan Children under age. For particulars apply at the Subscriber's every day, Sundays excepted, from 10 'till 2 o'Clock.
F. A. Vernede
Demerary, 18th June 1808. Recorder.

TE HUUR. [heading]
Een Compleete Huys-Meid met twee kinderen, een zeer goede Was meid, een bekwaame Naayster en een Huis jongen den eygendom van minderjarige Weezen; voor nadere informatie kan men zig vervoegen ten Comptoir van den ondergeteekende ter Griffie der Wees en onbeheerde Boedel-Kamer dagerlyks behalven Zondag's van 10 tot 2 Uuren.
F. A. Vernede.
Demerary, 18 Juny 1808. Griffier.

ONE JOE REWARD. [heading]
Will be given for apprehending and lodging in the Barracks, a Negro Man named Joe, the Property of the Subscriber.
18th June, 1808. N. Dawes.

FOR LONDON, [heading]
To Sail with the July Convoy,
The Brig Peggy's, Capt. Pullen, and
The Brig Atlas, Capt. Hill. [centered]
For Freight or Passage apply to the respective Masters on board, or to
Johnson, Dyett, McGarel & Co.
New-Town, 18th June 1808.

FOR LONDON [heading]
Positively by the Next Convoy. [heading]
The Coppered Ship Riga Packet, John Brand, Master, Who will be much obliged to the Shippers of Coffee or Cotton for their early assistance in loading said Ship. He takes on board No Sugar.
Demerary, 18th June, 1808.

Those who have demands against the late Mr. Archbald [sic] Leslie, are desired to render them to the Subscriber, and those indebted to make immediate Payment.
L. Cuming,
Demerary, 18th June 1808. Executor.

A. Meertens qq M. La Maison Esq hereby informs all whom it may concern, that those who may still have any Papers at the Office of the said M. La Maison, will have the goodness to apply for them at the Office of Messrs. Cantzlaar or Hofstede.
Demerary, 18th June 1808.

The Subscriber has a Consignment of the following Articles which he offers for Sale by the Package at a moderate Advance for immediate Payment, viz:-
Cotton and Coffee Bagging, Oznabrugs, Scotch Sheeting, Negro Cloathing consisting of lined and unlined Jackets, stripe cotton shirts, trowsers, hats, caps, Women's wrappers; nails assorted, salt in baskets fish sauces, pitch and tar &c.
He has also on hand, [centered]
Which he continues Selling at the usual Credit to those who have paid their last years' account.
Irish Beef in whole and half barrels, Hams, tripe, pine cheese, pickles, sweet oil, Schiedam gin in cases, Port Wine, mustard, loaf sugar, best hysan [sic] tea, Wryghte's and Stoughton's Bitters, fish sauces, white and brown soap, vinegar, paints and oil, wax candles, starch and blue, nails assorted, Coffee manaries, Plantation Lamps, Lace and Edging, with a variety of other articles.
P. Verbeke.
Demerary, 18th June 1808.

As the Subscriber intends quiting [sic] the Colony in a short time, he requests all Persons having demands against him, of whatever nature, sort, or kind they may be, to deliver them in for examination, and if found just will be settle without delay.
William Brown.
Demerary, 18th June, 1808.

Drifted from Robb's Stelling on the night of the 4th instant, a small Punt, 30 feet long with one Beam in the middle. Any person giving information as may lead to her recovery will be rewarded by the Subscriber.
18th June. Thos: Finlayson.

TO BE SOLD. [heading]
On Board the Brig Atlas, from London,
10,000 BEST BRICKS. [centered]
Apply to the master on board, or at the Store of Messrs. Johnson, Dyett, McGarel & Co.
Demerary, 18th June 1808.

Picked Up in front of Plantation Windsor Forest, a Large Punt. The Owner may have it restored on paying the expence of this Advertisement and Rewarding the Negroes for their trouble, by applying to
18th June, 1808. Geo: Rainy.

The Subscriber requests all those who may have any Claims against his Brother Collit Smith (lately deceased), will render in their Accounts properly attested to him, so that he may be enabled to make the necessary arrangements; and all those who may be indebted to him is requested to come forward and settle their Accounts without delay.
J. S. Smith, qq.
Demerary, 18th June, 1808.

Runaway from Mr. Van Tholl's Schooner, a young negro man named John, he speaks tolerable good English, is of middle stature, and rather thin, bears a mark on his right leg of an old sore. Whoever apprehends the said negro and delivers him to the Subscriber or at the Barracks will receive One Joe Reward.
P. Heywood.
Stabroek, 18th June, 1808.

Runaway from the Subscriber about a fortnight ago, a short Negro Girl named Fanny, of the Mucco Nation, formerly belonged to Rose Thomas. Any Person bringing her to the Subscriber will receive a Joe Reward.
Wm: King, Gold-Smith.
Stabroek, 18th June, 1808.

FOR SALE. [heading]
At the stores of the late Firm of McInroy, Sandbach & McBean, the remaining part of their stock on hand, at very reduced prices for Ready Money Only, and such as remain unsold on the 11th July will on that and following day be exposed for sale at Vendue as follows, viz:--
Cordage, anchors, grapnels, mast hoops and hanks, cambooses, rudder irons, canvas No 1 a 5, sail and sein twine, pitch and tar, bunting assorted, light carts with harness complete, paints, oil and paint brushes, neatsfoot oil, spirits of turpentine, starch and blue, mustard, hams, cheese, butter, split pease and oatmel [sic], negro lined and unlined jackets and wrappers, negro caps, port wine, porter and beer in bottles, beer in barrels, tin and glass ware assorted, brown earthen ware, an assortment of carpenters tools, consisting of long, jack, smoothing, plow and bead planes, augers, axes, chizels, gimblets, 2 foot rules and iron compasses, hand and tennant saws, do. do. and X cut saw files, gin cranks complete, patent shot and gun powder, nails assorted from 4d to 30dy, hoes, cutlasses and pruning knives, chamber-door, stock, trunk and padlocks, butt hinges, iron teaches, and negro pots, oats in puncheons, tallow in kegs, candles, bedsteads with mattresses, bolster, pillows and musquetto netting, bamboo chairs, mahogany bottle sliders and servers, saddles, bridles, chaise and tandum harness complete, portmanteaus, curry combs, main [sic] do. and brushes, horse halters, chaise and jockey whips, boots, cotton stockings, long lawn, ginghams, check, brown Holland, linen, stripe, Irish diaper and table cloths, cotton shirting, printed callicoes, threads, tapes, bobbins, cotton and coffee bagging, coffee mills, &c. &c
And four pipes, eight hhds. and eight quarter casks of Gordon, Duff & Co's. Wines, imported in the Trio from Madeira, and in the Demerary from Liverpool, flour in barrels, salt in tierces, and fish in 6 quintal casks.
Demerary, 18th June, 1808.

The Subscriber being anxious to quit the Colony, begs leave to inform his Friends and the Public in general, that from this date he has given over the Taylors Business to Mr. Henry B. Maggee late master of the Board, and request the favor of his Customers to continue their orders to Mr. Henry B. Maggee, being assured he will use his endeavours to render satisfaction; he earnestly requests all those indebted to him to come forward with Payment of their respective Accounts immediately to enable him to satisfy the demands against him, those Accounts which are open in his Books for several years will be put into the hands of a Lawyer for recovery.
H. M. Waldron.
Cumingsburg, 18th June, 1808.

TAYLOR, [heading]
Begs leave to inform the Public in general that he has this day commenced Business at the shop formerly occupied by Mr. H. M. Waldron, where he intends carrying on the Taylor's Business in all its Branches. Any Orders that he may be favoured with shall be executed with Neatness and dispatch. He will be much obliged to the Customers of Mr. Waldron for a continuance of their favours, assuring them that unremitted attention will be always shewn to give general satisfaction.
Cumingsburg, 18th June 1808.

FOR SALE. [heading]
Any Quantity of good Wallaba Shingles, which will be Sold reasonable for ready Cash only. Enquire of the Printer of this paper. June 18th.

The First Mail for May and several days due, has not arrived here yet, nor has there been any other arrival in the course of this week than a small schooner from Surinam, but we do not learn that she brings any news.

An American Ship the George, arrived here last Saturday from Portsmouth (N.H.) she brings Papers to the 30th of April; - there have been long Debates in Congress respecting the Embargo, it however remains tho' vessels are allowed to depart for the Countries indebted to them with a limited cargo, merely for the purpose of collection. - The miseries produced by the Embargo are severely felt in America.

Died. - Yesterday, Mrs. Elizabeth Ross.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 18th June, 1808.



Brought by






Pl Zwaanenschutt.


Mrs. A. Lerts,

H. Fazy.






Pl: Zorg & Hoop.



R. Bennie.



Pl: Fellowship.



Pl: Le Henery.



Pl: Thomas.


Wm. King,

Pl: Good Fortuyn.



Pl. Belair.



Pl. Pacadelle.

A new negro wn.


J. Mapp.



Pl. Enmore.


Charlot Meyer,

Heywood & Tayl.


Dl: Timmermans,

Pl. Craig Miln.


Pl: Hanerick,



Boedel Kroll

Pl. Peteusin.











Pl Novell Flander,




Pl: Vlissingen.


Roland Kuler,




Dr: Wiep.


P. C. Ouckama,



Mr. Tronk,

Pl. La Grange.

S. G. Martens, Drossart.

List of Subscribers - last three

[Trinidad fire fund] Subscriptions already Received.

J. Calder . . . 110.
Henry Tulloh & Co. . . . 220.
And. Blackwood . . . 66.
James Jackson . . . 66.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
By Edward James Henery.

Supplement to the Essequebo & Demerary Royal Gazette.


Saturday, June 18th, 1808.

Stabroek: - Printed by E. J. Henery.

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