Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1808 July 02

Vol. III The No. 131.

Essequebo and Demerary

Royal Gazette.

Saturday, July 2d, 1808.

By His Excellency Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Ross, Acting Lieut. Governor in and over the Colonies and Dependent Districts of Essequebo and Demerary, President in all Courts and Colleges, &c. &c. &c.
Whereas the Officer of Health of these Colonies has reported to me that the measures which have been adopted to prevent the Small-Pox from Spreading in this Colony, in consequence of the few instances of that disorder which had lately occurred, have so far succeded [sic] as to render unnecessary any further continuance of the precautions directed by the Proclamation of Brigr: General Nicholson of the 14th May last.
I therefore have thought fit to issue this my Proclamation, hereby giving Public Notice that the Passes for Hucksters will again be issued, and that such Passes as had not expired at the time of Brigr. General Nicholson issuing the aforesaid Proclamation, will be renewed, at the Government Secretary's Office; it being consequently again allowed for Hucksters to travel through the Country after such Passes shall have been issued to them.
If however, contrary to expectation, any fresh case of Small-Pox should again occur, the precautions recommended by the abovementioned Proclamation, with respect to the treatment of the Patients, are still to be observed, and report thereof immediately made to the Officer of Health, as directed by the said Proclamation.
Done at the King's House in the Town of Stabroek, Demerary, this 25th day of June 1808.
A. Ross.
Actg. Lt. Governor.
By Command,
P. F. Tinne, Dy: Secty.

In Consequence of a Resolution passed by the Honble: Court of Policy of these Colonies at their last Session, - Notice is hereby given that all Petitions or Addresses to the said Court, if written in the Dutch Language, must in future be accompanied with a Translation in English, and also that all such Petitions or Addresses must be given in at the Secretary's Office at least Eight Days before each Ordinary Session, as after that time they cannot be received.
Court-House, Stabroek, 2d July 1808.
P. F. Tinne,
Dy. Secty. of the Court of Policy.

Ingevolge Resolutie van den Edele Achtbaare Hove Van Politie ter laatste Sessie genomen, word hiermeede bekend gemaakt dat by alle Requesten in de Hollandsche Tall geschreeven, welke vortaan aan welgem: Hove geaddresseerd zullen worden, tevens eene Engelsche Vertaaling van dezelve zal moeten worden overgelegd; - alsmeede dat alle zoodaanige Requesten, in t' vervolg, ten minsten Agt Daagen vr iedere Ordinaire Zitting, ter Secretary zullen moeten ingeleeverd worden; kunnende dezelve na die tyd niet meer worden aangenoomen.
Raad-Huis, Stabroek, 2de July 1808.
P. F. Tinne,
Secretaris van Politie.

Any Person willing to Contract for a Supply of 600 to 700 Bunches to be delivered Weekly (in the River) for Six Months, by addressing Tenders in Writing to Messrs: Cornfoot, Bell & Co. provided the Price is moderate, may hear of a Purchaser. The terms of Payment will be made Satisfactory.
Demerary, 2d July 1808.

Those Persons who are willing to contract for the building of a Chapel, according to the plan which may be seen at the House of the Revd: W. G. Straghan, are hereby requested to give in their Tenders for the same to the Committee before the 14th inst. On that day they will be opened at Government House in presence of His Excellency the Governor, when the most advantageous offer will be duly accepted.
It may be necessary to observe, that as the terms of payment will be liberal, proper security will be required from the Contracting Party.
Demerary, 2d July, 1808.

            Demerary, 30th June 1808.
Wanted to Hire on a Contract for Six Months, three Negro Pioneers, four Boatmen, and ten or a dozen Labourers. Sealed Tenders for which marked "Tender for Negro Hire" addressed to the Subscriber will be received at this Office 'till 12 o'Clock on Wednesday next, the 6th July, when the most advantageous offer will be accepted.
C. J. O'Hara.
Ordnance Store-Keeper.
N.B: For Particulars enquire at this Office.

            Demerary, 30th June 1808.
Cash Wanted for Bills of Exchange, to be drawn on the Right Honorable and Honorable Board of Ordnance, at 30 Days Sight for 1000. And also 600, on Messrs: Greenwood & Cox, Agents to the Royal Artillery, London. Sealed Tenders for which, (in sums not under 100 each,) addressed to the Subscriber, marked "Tender for Bills" will be received at this Office 'till 12 o'Clock on Wednesday next, the 6th July, and when opened in presence of the Governor, the highest offer will be accepted.
C. J. O'Hara,
Ordnance Store-Keeper and Pay-Master.

            Demerary, 30th June 1808.
All Persons having any Demands for Negro Hire, Materials, or other Articles supplied this Department, between the 1st of April last and the above date, are desired to send their Accounts to the Subscriber, within the first Week in July, and to attend Personally at this Office any Day in the Week following to receive Payment thereof, or they will not be included in the Ordnance Accounts for the present Quarter.
C. J. O'Hara,
Ordnance Store-Keeper.

NOTICE. [heading]
The Subscriber being appointed by the Governor and the Honorable Court of Policy, on the 2d ultimo, as Superintendant of the Pilots, he therefore notifies all Captains of Vessels and others concerned, that he will keep his Office at the Store of Mr. Saml. Wachope, on Mr. Amos Leed's Stelling, where a Copy of the Regulations is posted up. Those Concerned will do well to attend, as the Pilotage outwards must be Paid at his Office for every Vessel, before they can pass the Fort.
E. Latham.
Demerary, 2d July, 1808.

FOR LONDON. [heading]
The Ship Mirvin, Joshua James Master, will positively sail on the 8th Instant, fully loaded or not. - 50 Hogsheads only are Wanted to fill the Ship for which a Premium will be given. Apply to
J. L. & G. M. Forrester.
G. J. Furnace.
Demerary, 2d July 1808.

The Subscriber finding it impossible to call on the different Gentlemen who stand indebted to the Post Office, particularly request they will oblige him by sending or calling to settle their Accounts as soon as possible. H. Williams.
Demerary, 2d July 1808.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary. [heading]
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, VIZ: -
John Allen, in 14 days from the 27th June 1808.
Mr. and Mrs. Michel, in 14 day [sic], June 29th.
Leonard Kerou in 14 days or 4 Weeks, June 30th.
John Clapham, in 14 days, from the 20th June.
Mrs: C. Clifton with the July Convoy.
John Bennett in 14 days from the 22d June.
Frederick Rae with the July Convoy.
Wm. Davis, with the July Convoy. 18th June
David Jones, with ditto. ditto.
Michl: G. Hamer, with ditto. do.
William Linging, with ditto. do.
James Barclay, with ditto. do.
James Purcell in 3 Weeks from 10 June 1808.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

Alzo de navolgende Personen zig by Requesten aan den Edele Achtbaare Hove van Politie der Rivieren en onderhoorige Districten van Essequebo en Demerary hebben geaddresseerd, verzoekende om brieven van Vrydom, als:-
Andries Harwood voor de hem toebehoorende Neegerinne genaamd Lemon.
Charles Edmonstone en G. C. Wallace als Executeuren ten boedel wylen Wm. Cruckshanks, voor de Neegerinne genaamd Doly.
J. Knight Clinket voor de hem toebehoorende Mulattinne Dianah en haare Mustice Kinderen Aron, Robert en Joseph.
Charles Edmonstone voor Twee Neeger Kinderen hem in Eygendom toebehoorende genaamd Betsey en Cecelia.
Zo is 't dat allen en een iegelyk, die eenig Recht of Pretentie op de Voornoemde Slaaven zoude vermeenen te hebben, by deezen worden geadverteerd, hunne Sustenuen daar van aan 't Commandement der Rivier Essequebo, en ter Secretary van den Hove van Politie in Demerary, behoorlyk te koomen aangeeven, tusschen deeze en de aanstaande Sessie van welgemelde Hove die zyn zal in de Maand July eerstkoomende.
Zullende by faute van dien, op de gedaane verzoeken van de Requestranten worden gedisponeerd als bevonden zal worden te behooren.
Actum in Raade van Politie der Rivieren en onderhoorige Districten van Essequebo en Demerary deezen 27ste January 1808. [sic]
Ter Ordonnantie van welgemelde Hove
P. F. Tinne, Sects.


By Authority obtained, I the Underwritten First Marshal of this Colony, will Expose and Sell at Marshal's Sale in the presence of the Honble: Counsellors Commissaries of the Honble: Court of Justice and their Secretary, in the Town of Stabroek on Tuesday the 5th of July, next: -
1st. - In behalf of A. Fleischman versus A. Danjoy, a Concession or Lot of Land with the thereon standing Dwelling house (most new) about 40 feet by 18, a side building and necessary situated near the Fort William Frederick, and at present occupied by said A. Danjoy.
2d. - In behalf of A. G. Burmeester versus Louisa Warner, a Concession of Land situated in the Town of Stabroek, and known under No 86, with the thereon standing Dwelling house, side building and kitchen.
[Transcriber's note: here one item gets removed (Lot No 13 in Cumingsburg) and the remaining items get renumbered (see and compare with 18080618EDRG)]
3d. - In behalf of Ch: Vincent Receiver of the Colony Chest versus the Lot No 251, on Cumingsburg, with the thereon standing Dwelling house 24 feet by 16, two stories high, a side building, the said Concession being railed in.
4th. - In behalf of Ch: Vincent Receiver of the Colony Chest versus the Lot No 211 on Cumingsburg, with the thereon standing Dwelling house 30 feet by 16.
5th. - In behalf of A. Contelat versus James Knight, the Concession No 13 on Cumingsburg, with the thereon standing Dwelling house, a side building 46 feet by 18, serving for kitchen, horse stable, &c. and a necessary.
6th. - In behalf of Mary Claxton versus R. Samson & W. Eyffel, a Negro Woman Philis.
Whoever may pretend to have a right to oppose either of the above Sales, will address themselves in writing at the Marshal's Office, where I shall receive them as opposer or opposers, and appoint a day to go to Law; and further any Person or Persons inclined to purchase are requested to attend on the day and place before-mentioned.
Rio Demerary, 18th June, 1808.
M. Smit, First Marshal.

[confirm heading here and whether there are other Summons, plus Milligen question]

By Virtue of an appointment of the Honble. V. A. Heyliger, LL.D. Acting President of the Honble. Court of Justice of this Colony dated 28th June 1808, granted on the Petition of F. J. Huesteeg and J. Schneido in quality as Curators to the Estate of J. van Milligen deceased, are herewith by me the undersigned first Marshal for the first time by Edict Summon'd all known and unknown Creditors of the abovementioned Estate, to appear before the Honble. Court of Justice, at their Session, to be held in the Town of Stabroek on the 18th of July next and following days; in order to render their pretentions in due form and lay their claim thereto. Whereas after the expiration of the fourth Summons by Edict, will be proceeded against the non appearers according to Law.
Actum Rio Demerary, 30th June, 1808.
M. Smit, First Marshal.


On Wednesday the 6th inst. at the Vendue Office, by order of - Phillipart, Esq. - Shads, herrings, mackerel, beef, pork, dry goods, &c. &c.
July 2d. Robert Kingston.

On Thursday the 7th inst. at the Vendue Office, - Tables with D ends, 1 dozen chairs, looking glasses with drawers, set blue ware, medicine chest, sofa, silver, beef and pork.
July 2d. Robert Kingston.

On Wednesday the 13th inst. will be exposed for sale by order of A. Fleischman, Esq. at his House, Werk & Rust, - Household furniture, consisting of dining tables with D ends, card and pembroek [sic] tables, sophas, cabinet, elegant chairs, book cases, looking glasses, reflectors, globes, plate, glass and earthen ware, an elegant single horse chaise, horses, cows, a negro woman a complete house servant and washer and used to attend on a family, she is sold for no fault only that she wishes to remainin [sic] in Demerary, a negro man used to a punt or boat, provisions, dry goods, &c. &c.
July 2d. Robert Kingston.

On Thursday the 14th inst. will be exposed for sale by order of F. F. Heusteeg [sic], Esq. qq. J. L. Eiles [sic], at his store situated in Stabroek, - Dutch plattillas, ditto brittanias, ditto linen, kersimere coats, flannel, French cambrics, waistcoat patterns, marseilles waistcoating, kersimere, buttons earthen ware, ironmongery, a tent boat, chaise and harness, horses, negro jackets, trowsers and shirts, &c. &c.
July 2d. Robert Kingston.

On Friday the 15th July, [compare with 18080625EDRG] . . .
and two negro women.
June 25th. Robert Kingston.
[Transcriber's note: changes from 'ten negro women' in 18080625EDRG to 'two negro women' in 18080702EDRG]

On Saturday the 16th inst. will be exposed for sale by order of S. Cramer, Esq. qq. Louis Chignard, Esq. on Plantation Plaisance, East Coast of Demerary, - Household furniture, consisting of elegant dining tables with D ends, card and pembrook ditto, sopha, chairs, a large quantity of silver plate, looking glasses, an elegant carriage, a single horse chaise, a fine black riding horse, a mule, cows and calves, and a variety of other articles that may appear on the day of sale.
July 2d. Robert Kingston.

On Wednesday the 20th inst. will be exposed for sale at the Vendue Office by order of R. Craig, Esq. Executor to Thos. Sharp deceased, - A third of a lot No. 92 in Cumingsburg, with the buildings thereon. Also on the same day, dry goods, provisions, &c. &c.
July 2d. Robert Kingston.

To be sold at the Vendue Office, on Thursday the 21st inst. by order of messrs. Wm. King & Co. - Excellent real French brandy, a large quantity of very excellent stock fish, say 10 to 12,000 fish, 150 barrels flour, 30 a 40 barrels best dried red herrings, 15 a 20 do. white ditto, 70 a 80 kegs best pickled tripe, 20 a 30 boxes of assorted pickles, a few cases of the best Durham mustard, a few cases of sauces, a parcel of excellent cheese, a few chests of tea, a few pipes of excellent red wine.
July 2d. Robert Kingston.

On Saturday the 6th of August next, by virtue of an appointment from the Hon. Court, dated 21st May, on the petition of the Hon. Ch. Vincent, according to the 5th article of the publication dated May 20, 1777, the Plantation called Ameliaswaard, situated on the east bank of this river, with all the slaves and other articles appertaining thereto, in order to recover from the proceeds thereof, the last remaining instalment now due upon the purchase of 1st October 1805, and also to defray the expences of the present sale.
July 2d. Robert Kingston.

For Sale at the Stores of
C. & J. Ryan.
New-Town, 2d July, 1808.

NEW NEGROES. [heading]
The Undersigned have still on hand about 100 Very Prime Young Angola Slaves which they will dispose of for immediate Payment in Sugar, Coffee, Cotton or Rum, or at very moderate Prices, for approved Bills of Exchange at Twelve Months' sight.
William King & Co.
Cumingsburg, 2d July, 1808.

Just Imported and For Sale at the
Store of [centered]
James Lyon & Co. [centered]
New Town, [centered]
[first column]
Pilot Bread,
[second column]
Fine Gun-powder Tea,
And an elegant assortment of Lady's Shoes,
Printed Cottons, &c. &c.
[end columns]
Demerary, 2d July, 1808.

NOTICE. [heading]
All Persons having any Claims against the Estate of the late William A. Perry deceased, are hereby requested to render in their Accounts to the Subscriber forthwith - and those indebted are likewise requested to come forward with Payment to enable him to arrange the affairs of the deceased as speedily as possible.
James Wollen,
Deliberating Executor.
All Persons having any Accounts against the Ship Olive Branch, Capt. Millan, are desired to render them for Payment before the 6th Instant to Mr. Linging, at the Store of Peter Verbeke Esq.
N.B. For Freight or Passage in the Olive Branch, apply to the Captain on board or to Mr. Linging as above.
Cumingsburg, 2d July 1808.

ONE JOE REWARD. [heading]
Will be given for apprehending and lodging in the Barracks, a Negro Woman named Mary Vallance, who has eloped the service of the Subscriber; she is a Creole of Barbados, and has hitherto been employed in Huckstering Dry Goods in Town and about the Country, where she is remarkably well known, it's most evident she will endeavour to pass thither on pretext of having Goods to Sell. All persons are forbid harbouring her.
Elizabeth Game.
Demerary, 2d July, 1808.

The Subscriber hereby makes known to whom it may concern, that her Domicilum Citanda Executanda is in Stabroek, Lot No. 53, Brick Dam, those who have any Business whatsoever to transact will please address themselves according. E. M. Hariott [sic].
Stabroek, 2d July, 1808.

The Undersigned received a short time since by the Ship Frederick, Capt. McDonald, from London, a Consignment consisting of
[first column]
Brandy in pipes,
Bottled Porter in puncheons,
Tea in chests,
Refined Sugar,
Hams, Cheese,
Beef and Pork,
Kegs Tripe,
Stock Fish,
Salt Fish put up for the Mediterranean market,
Scotch Barley,
Ship Bread,
[second column]
Boxes of Pickles assorted,
Dry Goods consisting of India Muslin,
Long Cloths,
Pullicat & Madras Handkerchiefs,
French Cambrics,
Trunks of Ladies' dresses,
Pocket Handkerchiefs,
India Nankeens,
Mixed Romalls,
India Stuff, &c. &c.
[end columns]
Which they will dispose of by the Package at a very moderate advance on the Cost and Charges, for immediate Payment, in Cash, Coffee, Cotton or Sugar.
William King & Co.
Cumingsburg, 2d July, 1808.

To those whom it may Concern. [heading]
By the Resignation of A. McRobb Esq. and the death of A. McNabb, the Subscriber is now the only acting Executor of the deceased Adam Knight. Those Gentlemen who had any transactions during the life time of said A. McNabb concerning the Estate of the deceased A. Knight are requested to give timely Notice thereof to the Subscriber, who intends to close the business as soon as possible for the Interest of two Orphans, the Heirs of said A. Knight, as well as for the Creditors.
Wanted a good Honest manager with a good recommendation, on the Cotton Estate Eliza in Essequebo, the Property of the deceased A. Knight, which has 20 Negroes on it and about 45,000 bearing Cotton Trees.
Wanted also a Capable Book-Keeper to put the Books of the late A. Knight in good order; a sworn Book-Keeper will have the preference provided he understand the English Language.
N. Rousselet
Demerary, 2d July 1808.

TO BE LET. [heading]
A House and Concession, middle dam Stabroek, lately occupied by L. Desaulles Esq the House is extremely airy and inclosed with palisades which prevent intrusion; there is room sufficient in front to admit of a little shrubbery. Any Person inclined to Purchase or Rent the above will be pleased to enquire of
N. Rousselet.
Also, for Hire, a Capable Negro mason, during the time of six months.
Demerary, 2d July 1808.

In Consequence of some irregularity of the receipt of money, it was my request to mr. De Boer Acting Partner of the Firm of messrs. De Boer & Breet that he should Advertise that his signature alone was to be valid in future, and as I have been in the habit of doing business for those Gentlemen and some evil constructions may be put upon the tenor of their advertisement, I therefore think it incumbent on me to state this to the Public.
R. Robles.
Demerary, 2d July, 1808.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 2d July, 1808.



Brought by





Pl. Bel Air,



Mrs. A. Lerts,

H. Fazy.






Pl: Zorg & Hoop



R. Bennie.


Pl: De Kinderen,




Pl: Fellowship.



Pl: Thomas.


Wm. King,

Pl: Good Fortuyn.



Pl: Belair.


J. Knight,


A new negro wn.


J. Mapp.


Charlot Meyer,

Heywood & Tayl.



Pl. Enmore.






Pl: Vlissingen.



Dr: Wiep.


P. C. Ouckama,




Pl: Nooten Zuil.



J. Kemp.



Pl. Turkeyn.





Pl: Manily,







Vessers Negroes.



G. M. Forrester.


G. Robertson,

J. Runnels

S. G. Martens, Drossart.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last. [heading]

ENTERED [heading]
Ship Belleisle, W. Gemmill, from Madeira.

CLEARED [heading]
Schr. Gingle, Th. Davis, for Barbados.

On Wednesday morning last a small Sloop, Capt. Boumie, arrived here from Barbados, he was boarded in Carlisle Bay, by the first Lieut. of the Bellisle, who informed him that a Vessel had just arrived, in 26 days from England, which had brought an account of a very serious insurrection having taken place in Madrid; - that 9000 of the French Troops had been distroyed [sic] by the Populace, to whom they were very obnoxious: - which circumstance may easily be credited, when we look at the Proclamation of the New King, upon Murat and his Troops entering that Capital on the 26th of March, in which it appears he was evidently doubtful of the manner in which they would be received. The unauthenticated irregular way in which this account has reached us, renders it necessary we should not say more respecting it, altho' the same report was brought by the Bellisle from Madeira, last Week, where it stood on no better ground than report.

On Wednesday Evening His Majesty's Schooner Laura, (formerly a Cutter) Lt. Yetts, arrived from Barbados. She is come to Convoy the Trade from this and Berbice, for which place she sails on Monday, and will be off the Bar here on the 8th. The Laura has brought over 54 Convalescents belonging to the Royals.

BRITISH NAVY. [heading]
The following Table of the Stations of the British Navy will be found correct and complete:-
[Transcriber's note: here only those within the Caribbean]
WEST INDIES. - Barbados. - Admiral Cochrane, Belleisle, 80; Captain, 74; York, 74; Ramillies, 74; Intrepid, 64.
JAMAICA. - Admiral Dacres. - Veteran, 74.
Under Admiral Duckworth.
Royal George, 110; Neptune, 92; Temerabre, 74; Tonnant, 80, Defence, 74; Dragon, 74.

Died. - On Monday morning last, at his House in New-Town, Alex. McNabb, Esq.
Yesterday, Mr. Van Setten.
This morning, at his Pl. Le Henry, Canal No. 3, Edward Cooke, Esq. - Mr. George Craig, Blacksmith, and Mr. Heneken.

NOTICE. [heading]
The Creditors of John Hubbard, Esq. are hereby informed that there will be thirty Hogsheads of Sugar and twenty Puncheons of Rum ready to be delivered in Town from his Estates, on or before the 12th July next, for which the Undersigned will receive Tenders, sealed up and directed "Tenders for Sugar and Rum" at their respective Houses until Wednesday next, at 12 o'Clock, when they will be opened in presence of such of his Creditors as please to attend at the Union Coffee House and the highest offer for a part or the whole accepted.
Thomas Naghten, [right pointing brace, indicating 'Trustees.']
Thomas Frakland [sic]
Demerary, 2d July, 1808.

Lost, some where between Stabroek and Werk & Rust, a Pair of Gold Oval Sleeve-Buttons marked JB in a cypher; Any Person delivering them to the Printer shall receive a Reward equal to their full Value.
Stabroek, 2d July 1808.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
By Edward James Henery.

Supplement to the Essequebo & Demerary Royal Gazette.


Saturday, July 2d, 1808.

Stabroek: - Printed by E. J. Henery.


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