Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1808 September 24

Vol. III.)


(No. 143.

[Transcriber's note: very illegible - text of some of this material recorded from the issue of October 8th.]

Saturday, September 24th, 1808.

For Sale by the Subscriber. [heading]
Hams, Porter and beer, Madeira wine in pipes and hhds., port, do., brandy, cherry and rasberry do., an elegant assortment of sadlery consisting of an elegant and complete set of chariot harness, chaise do., sadles, bridles, sadle cloths, holsters with bear skin flouncels, portmanteaus, cloak pads, curry combs and brushes, mane combs, spunges [sic], spurs, &c. &c. a few kegs temper lime, seine and sewing twine, deep sea, log and fishing lines, table cloths, muslin, calicoes, coffee and cotton bagging, best quality Russia canvas, boiling-house lamps, mast hoops and hanks, rum puncheons, nails, Naval Chronicle complete neatly bound in calf and gilt, best wove paper, 22 vols. Inchbalds British Theatre with engravings neatly bound, paste board, cartridge and Spanish paper.
Rt: Younghusband.
Demerary, 24th September, 1808.

FOR SALE. [heading]
Barrels of Irish Mess Pork [heading]
of the first Quality. [heading]
A. T. Browne.
Demerary, 24th September 1808.

The Subscriber intending to take a trip with his family to Barbados, in a few Weeks, (requests those who have any demand against him to call at his House for their Money) he therefore offers for sale - a Curricle with Harness, a Horse and Chaise in good order, a very good Milch Cow, a Negro Woman, six Water Jars, and a few Coffee Bags. - Cash or Bills of Exchange will be required on delivery of the Articles.
N. Rousselet.
Stabroek, 24th September 1808.

The House formerly occupied by L. Desaulles Esq. to be Let.
And to be Hired - a Mason, Painter, Carpenter, and four Field Negroes for four Months only.
N. Rousselet.
Stabroek, 24th September 1808.

FOR SALE, [heading]
Or to Rent that desirable and pleasant Dwelling House on the Brick-Dam formerly the Property of Arthur Blair, Esq. For particulars apply to
Q. R. Seward.
Cumingsburg, 24th September 1808.

On Account of depredations committed by Negroes cutting Grass on Plantation Kitty, the Subscriber has to request of his Friends and the Public that they will, in future, desist from sending their Negroes for that purpose.
A. Simpson.
Demerary, 24th September 1808.

Plantains for Sale [heading]
On Plantation Potosie at 10 stivers per Bunch to such Gentlemen as hold my Acceptances, or Cash, and 12 stivers & 1/2 per Bunch payable in six Weeks in Cash, Coffee, Cotton or Rum at Cash Price, to be delivered on Plantation Potosie or in Stabroek agreeable to my order; and 15 stivers per Bunch payable the 31st December 1808 as the latter.
Rd. Harding.
Demerary, 24th September 1808.

Drifted from Mr. Heathcote's Stelling Yesterday Evening, a small Ships Yawl, her bottom painted yellow, the bends & inside black. Any Person having picked up the same will receive the Customary Reward on delivering her to
Jno. Ashley.
Saturday, 24th September 1808.

New Irish Butter in whole and half firkins, Wired London Porter, Hessian Boots, Negro Pipes &c. for Sale by
J. L. & G. M. Forrester.
Stabroek, 24th September 1808.

FOR SALE. [heading]
English and American Wood Hoops,
White Oak Shooks and heads,
White Oak Butt Shooks and ditto,
Spars for Boats Masts,
Oars of different sizes,
At the Store of
William King & Co.
Cumingsburg, 24th September 1808.

Just Imported and For Sale [heading]
by the Subscriber: - [heading]
Mess Beef and Pork in half barrels,
New Irish Rose Butter,
Scotch Pickled Herrings in firkins,
Yorkshire Hams,
Refined Sugar, Hyson Tea,
Soap and Candles,
Boots and Shoes,
Irish Linen, Checks,
Russia Sheeting,
Cotton Hammocks,
Blue and Black Broad Cloth,
Printed Callicoes,
Beer and Porter.
H. Douglas.
Stabroek, 24th September 1808.

A Negro Man named Tom formerly the Property of Mr. Morehouse, hath absented himself a few days since from the Subscriber, he has between his eye brows a Country mark the form of a cross, also a dent in one cheek; the Public in general are cautioned not to harbour him, and all Masters of Vessels not to carry him off the Colony, otherwise they will incur the penalty of the Law. Whoever apprehends and delivers him to me in Middle Street, Robb's Town, shall receive the above Reward.
John Roberts.
Demerary, 24th September, 1808.

Lost, an Obligation of John Geards for the amount of One Hundred and Thirty-two Guilders on Plantation Good Hope; the said Obligation I once passed to Anthony Josey, and was returned by him to be collected. Whereas the said Obligation to the amount of Six Joes is null and of no value to any other Person but the former Owner.
V. A. Lintches.
Demerary, 24th September, 1808.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary. [heading]
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, VIZ: -
Duncan McLachlan in 6 Weeks. Sept. 16th.
Peter Halliday with the October Fleet. ditto.
William Kemp, with ditto. ditto.
George Rainy, with three Negroes, in 14 days to Berbice. September 24th.
Catharin Bellgrove, in 14 days. do.
Stephen Mourant, in ditto. do.
Robert Metcalfe, with the October Convoy.
John Crook, in 14 days or 3 weeks, from 9th Sept.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.


Be it known, that by a latter [sic] authorisation obtained from the Honble. Court of Justice of this Colony and also of the Honble. President of said Colony, I the Underwritten First Marshal will Expose and Sell at Marshal's Sale at the Court House in the Town of Stabroek on the 4th day of October next, the following: -
1st - In behalf of Henry Tulloh and N. Rousselet versus John Hillman, a certain Concession No. 24 situate in Cumingsburg, with the threon [sic] standing Dwelling house long about 30 by 28 feet, with a gallery; also a Side building, and Kitchen.
2d - In behalf of Kent & Leslie having obtained Right and Action of A. Simpson and Ths. Shute versus Chs. De Beausobre, a piece of Land situated in Madewine Creek, also a House serving for sawing wood about 60 feet by 25 feet, covered with wallaba shingles; a Side building, of Colony wood partly bricked, containing a steam engine serving for sawing boards, and having connexion with said House; also a Dwelling House of Colony wood, long 40 feet by 24 feet; and lastly a Building of 20 feet square serving for a Blacksmith's shop, and also 2 Punts.
3d - In behalf of N. Morehouse versus Wm. Williams, a Negro named Pieter.
Whoever are inclined to purchase either of the above Goods please to attend on the day and place abovementioned.
Rio Demerary, 23d September, 1808.
Mart. Smit, First Marshal.


On Thursday the 29th inst. by order of William Lucas Esq. at his store in Robb's Town, (for account and risque of whom it may concern,) - six pipes real Holland's gin, 2 pipes Madeira wine, 20 casks fish 8 quintals each, 40 boxes anchovies, 100 firkins Irish new butter, 2 casks Yorkshire hams, 20 boxes candles, 1 case dimities, 2 trunks Madrasses, 100 pieces 6-4 plain cambric, 10 dozen Ladies parasols, 100 pieces check, 1 bale bunting, 1 trunk shirts, 1 do. jewellery, 2 trunks calicoes, 1 do. coat trimmings, 1 do. London-made coats, 10 pieces fine Irish linen, 20 pieces coffee bagging, 7 cases hard ware, and what further may appear on the day of sale.
September 24th. Robert Kingston.

On Monday the 3d October at the Vendue Office, by order of Henry Tulloh, Esq. - several Negroes who have been accustomed to work in the Field, and are sold for no fault whatever.
September 24th. Robert Kingston.

On Wednesday the 12th October at the House of Doctor A. V. Bekurts, - a half concession with the buildings thereon, situated in Stabroek; also household furniture, slaves, a capital riding and chaise horse, water vats, a parcel of medicines and chirurgical instruments, and many other articles.
September 24th. Robert Kingston.

Op Woensdag den 12 October zal worden te koop gepresenteerd van weegens Doctor A. V. Bekurts, - een halve concessie geleegen op Stabroek, met de daaropstaand gebouwen; alsmeede meubelen, slaaven, waaronder een bekwaame timmer neger, een excellente ry en chais paard, water vaten, een assortement van medicynen en chirugicall instrumenten, en deversche andere goederen.
September 24. Robert Kingston.

Op Dondersdag den 20 October op order van J. Schneido en J. H. Beekman Executereuren Testamentair in den boedel wylen H. Haasemann, aan 't pachuis van J. van der Haas & Co. -- een kleeren, beddegoed meubilen, koeyen, vaartuigen, timmermans gereedschappen, een excelent huis fraam van sipere hout met wallaba posten 40 voet lang en 18 voet breed, tezien op Pl. Meerzorg op de timmerwerk van de Heer Beekman, een party wallaba cingels en diverse stukken hout, een hout grond gend: bereurmans welvaaren met daarop staande gebouwen, een hout gend: mahayka bally, een hout grond gend: parippe, alle geleegen in de booven Rivier 26 slaaven waaronder excelente fraamejmaakers zyne en hout maakers, eenige koebeessen.
September 24. Robert Kingston.

To be Sold on Tuesday the 1st of November next, at the Vendue Office, an entire Gang of Negroes, consisting of Men, Women and Children, to the number of one hundred and fourteen. They are uncommon fine People and sold for no fault.
September 24th. Robert Kingston.

Double Rose May Butter in firkins and half firkins,
Candles 4 to the pound,
English Brown Soap,
Choice Madeira Wine in hogsheads, qtr.
Casks and per dozen, for Sale by
Thomas Barry & Co.
Robb's Stelling, 24th September 1808.

In the course of the present week we had two arrivals from Barbados, the Schooner Porcupine, on Tuesday last, and on Wednesday the Friendship, Captain Greenidge; - they have both had long passages, the former 14, the latter 10 Days. They bring Barbados Papers to the 10th inst. inclusive.

The long expected Packet with the 2d July Mail arrived [illegible] on the 31st ult. having fallen in with a French Privateer to Windward of Barbados, which chased and obliged her to run for that Island. The Mail had not reached Barbados on the 14th, notwithstanding which, London Papers had been received there, up to the 25th July inclusive. . . .

General Bowyer arrived in England on the 15th of July on board the Lily Sloop of War.

Four Armed Vessels have got into Guadeloupe lately, and ten Vessels are laden or loading for France.

The American Sloop Hancock, Macenger, has been captured and carried into Guadeloupe.

Admiral Cochrane is expected in Surinam about this time.

Accounts received here one day later than the above Papers, state that a very severe action was fought on the 6th inst. to Windward of Antigua, between His Majesty's Brig Recruit, of 14 guns, and a large French Corvette Ship, when after engaging her for upwards of three hours and a half, and losing her mainmast, was obliged to decline the action, and it was said that she observed the Corvette sinking soon after she left her. The Recruit has received very considerable damage and is gone to Antigua to refit - her Commander lost his leg, and the 1st Lieutenant had his skull fractured, and 14 men killed in the action.

We have been favoured with the following Extract of a letter from Trinidad, which accounts for the non-arrival of the Active, at this Port:-
                  "Port of Spain, Trinidad, July 27th, 1808.
"We have arrived here only one day - We were bound from Halifax to Demerary with a full Cargo of Flour, Fish, Beef, &c. We made the Bar on the 12th instant (Tuesday) and was close in (i.e. in the sight of the River's Entrance) when a Vessel which we supposed might be a Pilot Boat or a Schooner from Leeward, ran alongside us and after hailing proved an Enemy- (a pretty Look-out your Brig and Skip Jack keep) and after a running Fight of about three Quarters of an Hour, she sheered off into Shoal Water, but not untill she had led us so far to Leeward in the pursuit that we were obliged to bear up for this Island - for our Heads were actually under Water so deeply were we loaded, and to attempt to beat to Windward in such situation would have been down right Folly. - On our making this Island yesterday we kept close in shore and were welcomed to the Island by stout French Privateer which seemed so certain of making us a Prize that on our firing a Gun and hoisting an Union Jack, her Commander had the Insolence to range her fairly alongside us, and after sending a hand aloft who either nailed or lashed French Colours to the Mast-head - he favor'd us with a broadside - and a shower of Musquet Balls. - He must have had at least an hundred men for the shower of small shot seemed incessant. - it never ceased during the whole of the Engagement, - he however met a warm reception, (by the by we have added to the Active's strength since she was last in Demerary some 12-pound Carronades) and after having fought us nearly for an Hour and ten Minutes he hauled his Wind - and we were enable to [illegible] the advantage we had gained from being [illegible] have before stated so deeply Loaded. - Our Quarters were well filled with the Hammocks, Sails, &c. to which we owe the preservation of every Man on board, - and the only injury we have sustained is a few [illegible] in our Top-sails, and a few Ropes, &c. shot away. - We had only 15 Men and Boys altogether on board, but the Enemy could see none of them, and was consequently ignorant of our [illegible]. - The People from the Signal Post beheld this Engagement, and His Majesty's Brig Le C[illegible] is ordered out of the Harbour by Telegraph, but was not fortunate enough to fall in with the Enemy.

Died. - On Wednesday last, Mr. - Loof, whilst walking in the street he was suddenly taken ill and instantly expired. The cause of which is supposed to have been a stroke of the Sun.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last. [heading]

ENTERED [heading]
Ship William, R. Sinclair, from London.
Schr. Porcupine, E. Evans, Barbados.
Schr. Friendship, W. Greenidge, Ditto.

CLEARED -- None. [heading]

Extract of a Letter from Juan Manuel de C?? [heading]
to His Excellency Governor Hislop, dated [heading]
Cumana, 3d inst. [heading]

Sir - I deferred answering the honor of your Excellency's Letter until I had received advices from the Captain-General of Caraccas, that I might without reserve more fully express the acknowledgments for the generous expressions with which your Excellency forwarded to this Continent the intelligence of the [illegible] excesses committed by Napoleon against your Sovereign, and against our national dignity.
When your Excellency was pleased to announce to this information coming directly from Gibraltar, it [illegible lines] without even excepting the clergy, the friars, or the women.
The arrival in this port on the 28th of last month, of a British corvette from the squadron under the command of Admiral Lord Collingwood, in which came passengers, a Captain of a ship of the line, and two Captains of frigates of our Navy, was the moment of witnessing the fidelity of His Majesty's subjects in its purity, at the joyful sight of His Britannic Majesty's colors displayed at the main-top-gallant mast head, bearing the lemma alliance embroidered in large characters in the field. Exultations of grateful applause spontaneously burst forth from our people, who respect generosity in as great a degree as they abhor perfidy. The acclamations of "George and Ferdinand" rent the air, and repelled even the thunder of the artillery of all the batteries, which (at the petition of the immense multitude assembled on the plain below), proclaimed and celebrated the intelligence of the wonderful achievements performed by their fellow subjects, and their offer to sacrifice their own lives in defence of their country and attainment of national vengeance.
At length, Sir, the officers of both nations having landed, they were surrounded by thousands of spectators, eager to learn of the existence of Ferdinand VII. and his fate; which being divulged, nothing but murmurs of horror and execration were heard, unequivocal proofs of the sentiments of loyalty to their King, which mark the character of this faithful people. Their gratitude to the British nation and Government was not less desided [review preceding word], on learning from the Captain of the line, Don Joseph Melendoz, the seasonable assistance they had received in Cadiz: in effect, Sir, arms, species, military stores, troops, or whatever was in the power or authority of the Hon. Admiral Lord Collingwood to furnish was supplied to the Spaniards, and a peace between the two nations was hourly expected; for which purpose Lieut.-General Don Juan de Apodaca had gone to England in a ship of the line from Lord Collingwood's squadron, which it was not doubted would be easily effected in form, since our sentiments coincide, and are inseperably allied in the cause which excites unto so just a defence.
My faculties, Sir, are immediately dependent on the chief authority of Caraccas, and I intreat your Excellency to believe, that in unison with that Government and with its approbation, I shall be happy to have in my power to prove to you, by suitable returns, the high sense we entertain of the generous actions with which the British Chiefs have illustrated the noble virtues that constitute their national character.
I have the honour to subscribe myself, to your Excellency, full of the most sincere expressions of gratitude and respect. Your Excellency,
Juan Manuel de Carigal.
His Excellency the Governor of Trinidad. [centered]

Stabroek: Printed and Published
By Edward James Henery.

Supplement to the Essequebo & Demerary Royal Gazette.

Saturday, September 24th, 1808.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 24th September, 1808.



Brought by








R. Benny,

Pl: La Penitentie.



Pl: Edenburg.



Vessers Negroes.



G. M. Forrester.


Pl. Canary,

Pl. Zulugt.



Pl. Grove.


R. Benny,

Pl. Meerzorg.

A New Negro,


Pl. Sophia.






Pl. La Penitence.






Pl: Ruymveld.



Pl. Lady Stun.

A New Negro,


Pl. Woodland.



Pl. Paradice.











C. Macrae,

A. Fraser.


Pl. Sarah,

Pl: Jonge Rachel.


Ths. Frankland,


S. G. Martens, Drossart.

Stabroek - Printed by E. J. Henery.



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