Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1808 October 22

Vol. III.)


(No. 147.

Saturday, October 22d, 1808.

CASH WANTED, [heading]
For the following BILLS OF EXCHANGE drawn on the Right Honble: the Paymaster's General of His Majesty's Forces, to the amount of Twelve Hundred Pounds Sterling.
No 539 . . . . 300.
540 . . . . . 300.
541 . . . . . 300.
542 . . . . . 200.
543 . . . . . 100.
Sealed Tenders for the same marked "Tenders for Bills" will be received at this Office untill Wednesday the 26th inst. at 10 o'Clock in the morning, when they will be opened in the presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops, and if approved accepted.
Will: N. Firebrace,
Res. Commissary.
Commissary's Office, 22d October, 1808.

Fire at Trinidad. [heading]
The following Subscriptions for that very benevolent purpose have been received by the respective Treasurers.
P. McDonald, 66

Edwd. Scadding, 44

Chas. Parsons, 44
[end columns]
[a total] f 15,046
Sundries paid in by H. W. Knolman, Esq. particulars not received, 1100
[a total] f 16,146
The Gentlemen who have not yet paid in their Subscription are earnestly requested to do that the amount may transmitted and appropriated to its beneficient [sic] use immediately.
Jos: Beete, Chairman.
[CHANGE BELOW - Jos: in People]
Pl. Phoenix, 22d October, 1808.

To the Proprietors of Lots in Cumingsburg. [heading]
Only a few months are elapsed since you paid a Tax of 5 per cent on Buildings and on Lots. A new Tax is now to be levied, and the same bait is kept up to you (as by all the former) that now no more Taxes will be in future required. This new Tax is appointed by self, or at least not properly, elected Commissaries* and is only a leader to many more which may and likely will ensue. - The Commissaries tell you, that f 43000 wanted, but they do not tell you, that about f 25000 is to be recovered in less than 12 months for Sales of the Stellings and Lots by Execution, which sum would more than half reduce the required sum; no, they will raise the full amount of f 43000 - and about f 25000 - more or less to be recovered afterwards, will be used as they chuse, possibly a convenient Canal for the transport of Goods may be dug, possibly a particular easy road be made, one or more bridges raised, or some speculative repairs effected, to the advantage, not of the Commissaries, but of their favoured Carpenters or Masons, in short Gentlemen, the raising and mode of this Taxation is worthy your particular attention; not that I believe that you are entitled to oppose actually this Tax, the not appearing of many at the meeting on the 23d of July last, the confusion, fair speeches, &c. have at that time given to the Commissaries the right of Taxing you and of Taxing you as heartily as they chuse; not that a more convenient Tax could not be raised which joined with the f 25000 - would fully make up the deficiencies of f 43000 - (a state of which I take the liberty to offer to you in an Appendix hereto,) but there is a remedy to this evil, for the future; and the love of order good administration not even speaking of your Interest will make it a duty to you to embrace it. Let us apply to the Honble: Court of Police, and stating our grievances, petition & supplicate it, to take our Town in their protection and grant us even as in Stabroek on paying an annual rederance agreeable to the farther and nearer situation of the Lots to the River, the liberty to be no more directed by Arbitray [sic] Commissaries, curbed under peremptory Taxes, and fearful to erect even the smallest Building foreseing [sic] that beside the expense of raising it, it will be an everlasting load put upon our property.
Gentlemen! You to whom this measure will appear equitable, who are interested not only in the welfare of the Town but also of your property, you are requested to meet or send your written approbation at the House of the Subscriber on Wednesday the 26th of this month at 12 o'Clock at noon, where a petition to that purpose, to be delivered to the Honble: Court of Police will be offered to your signature, and even if there were only few of you, will be given in the 31st of this month, as individuals living together in a community have all equal rights and claims to the protection of the Representatives of their Sovereign.
F. A. Vernede.
---------------- [centered]
Plan of an Annual Contribution to be levied [centered]
on the several Lots of Cumingsburg. [centered]
From No 1 to 77 - 77 Lots at f 99 f 7623.
78 - 133 - 56 82 10 4620.
134 - 189 - 56 66 3696.
190 - 245 - 56 49 10 2772.
246 - 301 - 56 33 1848.
302 - 357 - 56 16 10 924.
--- --------
357 Lots --- f 21,483.
Beside the Square named in the Chart.
Pittman & Ashley's Square.
* At the Meeting when the Commissaries were appointed, two or three of the principal Persons then present made a list, and it was asked to the further then present Proprietors if they had individually any objection to any of the Persons upon that list? of course no objection could be offered unless exposed to private animadversion of the Person objected to; moreover their duty expired on the 23d of July last they have not been re-elected and of course act now without any authority.

P.S. To remove all opposition that the Subscriber intends personally to attack one or more of the actual Commissaries, he declares, that he regards Messrs. William King, Robert Bell, Robert Phipps & Thos. Fitzgerald, as Gentlemen and men of honour, and does not believe them able to favorise [sic] their private interest of the expence of their duty; not that the expressions alluding to the Commissaries in the foregoing Paper are only as speculative objections to the system in general, considering to what point other Commissaries might bring this Town.
F. A. Vernede.

The undersigned Commissaries are sorry to observe that Mr. Vernede in the appeal above (as they conceive from want of giving himself the necessary trouble to obtain a correct statement of facts) has brought forward a very incorrect statement, which they pledge themselves to prove at a Public meeting of Proprietors so soon as they have laid their present measures before the Court of Policy for their approbation, when they have no doubt of convincing the Proprietors that they have not only acted correctly but that they have adopted the best measures that under existing circumstances could be adopted for the benefit & good regulation of the Town.
William King, [right pointing brace, indicating 'Commissaries of the Town of Cumingsburg']
Robert Bell,
Thos: Fitzgerald,
Robt: Phipps,
Demerary, 22d October, 1808.

FOR BARBADOS. [heading]
The fast-sailing Armed Ship Camilla, William Orr, Master, will sail on the 5th of November. For Freight or Passage apply to the said Master, or
Fullerton, Oliverson & Co.
Demerary, 22d October, 1808.
Who have for Sale a few hhds. of Salt.

Just Imported in the Barton, Capt. Ford, a few Firkins of the best
Double Rose Butter. [centered]
Hyndman & Cary.
Cumingsburg, 22d October 1808.

All Persons having Demands against the late Mr. John Weldon of this Colony, or against Plantation Fortitude on the Arabian Coast, Essequebo, are requested to render their Accounts within three weeks from the date hereof, to
H. I. Underwood, qq.
Stabroek, 22d October, 1808.

Drifted from the Ship William, Captain Sinclair, when in this River, a new four-oared Yawl, with the Ship's name on the stern. Any Person who may have picked her up will be Rewarded on delivering her to
Johnson, Dyett, McGarel & Co.
Demerary, 22d October, 1808.

The Subscriber requests those having demands against Nicol McNicol deceased, Dunlop & McNicol, or Plantation Good Success on Walkenaam Island, Essequebo, to render them in to him properly attested
Henry Tulloh.
Demerrry [sic], 22d October, 1808.

FOR SALE. [heading]
At the Store of the late Firm of James Lyon & Co. American Street, - An elegant Book Case and Cloaths Press, hard wood posts; White Lead in barrels, Port Wine in bottles, Brandy in pipes, New Rose Irish Butter, Hams, &c. &c.
Demerary, 22d October, 1808.
Also, a Horse and Chaise. [centered]

Secretary's-Office, Demerary. [heading]
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, VIZ: -
John Henderson, in 14 days, from 22d October.
Mrs. M. Lawrence, in 14 days from 14th Octbr.
Edwd. Messum, in ditto. do.
Andrew Bloomsbury, in 14 days, from 6th Octbr.
Wm. Embleton, in ditto, ditto.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk

[Transcriber's note: following did not appear in the Oct. 15, 1808 issue]

Wordt mits deezen geadverteerd, dat op den 5de deezer voor Heeren Raaden van Regieren der Colonie de Berbice in ondertrouw zyn opgenoomen,
De Heer Thomas George Heyliger, meerderjaarig jongman, gebooren te London, woonende binnen deeze Colonie, ter eenre
En [centered]
Jonkvrouwe Mary Barry, minderjaarige jonge dogter, gebooren te Grenada, thans in de Colonie Berbice woonagtig, zyn dezeleve geadsisteerd met haar moeder Margaret Nichols Weduwe van David Barry, en thans huis vrouw van Thomas Fryer Layfield, welke met en beneevens de Heer John Bethune door de Hove van Civiele Justitie der Colonie de Berbice, zyn aangestelde voogden over gezegde minderjaarige ter andere zyde.
Ten einde die geenen welke vermeenen zig teegens het solemniseeren van voorgemelde Huwelyk te moeten opposeeren, zulks in tyds te doen daar, waar, en zoo het behoord.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary, deezen 15 October, 1808, in kennisse van my
J. C. Stadtman, Eerste Clercq.

Wordt mits deezen bekend gemaakt dat ter eerstkoomende Commissariaale Vergaadering in de Maand November zal worden gepasseerd:-
[see 18081015EDRG] . . .
Door de Executeuren ten Boedel Wylen J. Graham aan de Executeuren ten Boedel H. Holms, en door laast gemelde aan Jonas Fileen Transport van de Plantage Mary's.
Door Thomas Cuming Transport van de Concessie No 342 in Cuminsburg [sic] aan Henry Baynes.
Door N. Rousselet Transport van zyn Recht en actie op de halve Concessie No 31 met de opstal aan P. L. Mounier, en door denzelve aan P. Reynard.
Door Ralph Lee Ashington Tweede Hypotheecq op de Plantage Middelsex [sic] in faveur van Reregement [sic] & Behrens.
Door J. P. Slengarde Transport van zecker stuk Land geleegen aan de oost-wal deezer Rivier tusschen de Gronden van Juffr. Van Hersel en die van de Wed: Van Kreuningen, ter groote van 100 Roeden Facade by 750 Roeden diepte zynde een gedeelte van de Plantagie Susannah's Rust, aan E. C. Overbroek.
Secretary Demerary, 14 October 1808.
J. C. Stadtman, Eerste Clercq.


By Authority obtained, I the Underwritten First Marshal will Expose and Sell at Marshal's Sale in presence of the Honble. Councellors Commissary and their Secretary, at the Court House in the Town of Stabroek on Tuesday the 8th day of November next, the following:-
1st - In behalf of A. Reith versus W. B. Thompson, a Lot of Land No [blank] situated in Cumingsburg, between the Premises of Wm. King & Co. and R. F. Yearwood, contaning a Dwelling-House, long about 36 feet by 16 feet wide, with two Logies, Kitchen and Necessary.
2d - In behalf of M. Downie versus N. Firebrace [sic – not W. N. Firebrace] and S. Mourant qq. A. & A. Smith, a part of the Lot No 133, situated in Cumingsburg, with the thereon standing Building being a Loge [sic], also a Negro Woman named Emelia, a Negro Boy George, and a Schooner Boat with its standing and running Rigging.
3d - In behalf of Wm. Niell only surviving Executor to the Estate of D. Thomson deceased, versus James Kenyon, a certain part in a Dwelling-House, long about 50 feet by 20 feet wide, with a gallery, being two stories high, also a side building serving for kitchen and store house, &c. situated on a Water Lot on Plantation Vlissingen, adjoining to Robb's Stelling, and at present occupied by T. Finlayson, Esq. with all such right and title as from former times thereto belonging.
4th - In behalf of J. M. Bauch versus W. Bell, a Concession No [blank] situated in Kingston, with the thereon standing Buildings, viz. a Dwelling-House about 24 feet long by 20 feet wide, a side building 16 by 16 feet, a ditto about 24 feet by 10 ditto wide, and a necessary.
5th - In behalf of Bauch & Co. versus J. J. Berteling, the half Concession with its realing [sic], situated on front of Plantation Werk & Rust, behind the Concession of F. W. Overweg, formerly of H. Mutz, with the thereon standing Dwelling-House, two and a half stories high, long about 25 feet by 18, more or less, a side building serving for a kitchen, wash house, negro house, and a necessary.
6th - In behalf of R. Younghusand [sic] versus C. F. Guntzel & Co. three Negroes named Betsy, Jacob and Anthony.
Whoever pretends to have a right to oppose either of the above Sales, address themselves in Writing at the Marshal's Office according to Law, and those inclined to Purchase either of the above Goods, please to attend on the day and place above-mentioned.
Rio Demerary, 21st October 1808.
M. Smit, First Marshal.


By Virtue of an appointment of the Honble. V. A. Heyliger, LL.D. Acting President of the Honble. Court of Justice of this Colony, dated the 15th October 1808, granted on the Petition of Geo. J. Furnace Proprietor of the Plantation Georgia, are herewith by me the Undersigned First Marshal of said Court, by Edict Summon'd all known and unknown Creditors of the before-named Geo. J. Furnace also of the Plantation Georgia, to appear or send their Deputies before the Councellors Commissaries of the Honble. Court of Justice of this Colony, on the 7th day of November next, in order to hear the said Geo. J. Furnace's Proposals, and if possible to agree and dispose within a certain time, or such other kind of agreement in general as according to circumstances will be proposed, and in case the Creditors should not incline thereto or to any other arrangement, then to see the business taken over by the Honble. Commissaries to be appointed by the Court, in order that by the same consequently may be disposed of ex officio as to them shall seem meet. Thus Published in the Colonial Papers and Affixed at the Court House in Rio Demerary, 21st October, 1808.
M. Smit, First Marshal.

By Virtue of a certain extract of the minutes dated 17th October 1808, are herewith by me the Underwritten Marshal of the Honble. Court of Justice of this Colony, in the name and behalf of A. McNabb and N. Rousselet Executors to the Estate of Adam Knight deceased, for the fourth time exsuperabundantie by Edict Summon'd all known and unknown Creditors of said Estate to appear before the Honble. Court of Justice at their Session, to be held in the Town of Stabroek on the 21st of November next, in order to render their pretentions in due form and lay their claim thereto; whereas after the expiration of this last Edict will be proceeded against the non appearers to obtain a perpetual silence. Thus published and affixed there and where it ought to be.
Actum Demerary, 21st October, 1808.
D. P. Simon, Marshal.


On Monday and Tuesday the 24th and 25th inst. at the store of messrs. C. & J. Ryan, - Irish prime provisions, cotton and coffee bagging, oznabrugs, black and blue cloth, green bunting, printed cambrics and mourning callicoes, fine worked muslin, chambrays, Ladies hats and fashionable dresses, Ladies silk and cotton hose, Ladies work boxes with assorted thread, claret and Hermitage wine in cases of three dozen each, negro jackets, shirts, trowsers and blankets, cases of assorted pickles and sauces, partable [sic] soups, old brandy in pipes and kegs of six gallons each, white wine vinegar in jugs, oatmeal in kegs, green paint in 4lb. pots, portmantaus, trunks, horse nets, and a variety of other articles.
October 22d. Robert Kingston.

On Thursday the 27th inst. at the Vendue Office, - linens, beef, pork, lard, 40 casks salt fish, 20 tierces salmon, 50 barrels salt, &c.
October 22d. Robert Kingston.

The Subscriber finding it absolutely necessary for the recovery of his health to take a Voyage to Europe, requests all those indebted to him by notes of hand, open accounts or otherwise, to make payment on or before the 1st January 1809, as at that time all outstanding debts will be put into the hands of his Attorney at Law to Sue for without respect to persons. It is hoped this Notice will be paid attention to, as his indulgence has been already too much abused.
Alexr: Reith
Demerary, 22d October 1808.

Drifted from Mr. Heathcote's Stelling on Friday Evening the 23d of September, a small Ships Yawl, her bottom painted yellow, the bends & inside black. Any Person having picked up the same will receive Two Joes Reward on delivering her to
John Ashley.
Demerary, 22d October, 1808.

New Theatre, Vlessingen. [heading]
On Wednesday, November the 22d 1808, will be Performed
A Concert, [centered]
With a Complete Orchestra, [centered]
Act 1st. [centered]
Grand Overture - Battle of Prague.
Duetto. Sestetto.
Concerto Violoncello - Mr. Markordt.
Act 2d. [centered]
The Celebrated Music of the Opera
Admittance to the Boxes Two Joes for a Lady and Gentleman, and Twelve Dollars for a Gentleman's Ticket, and those who wish to have a select Party can have a Private Box containing Twenty Chairs. Places for the Boxes to be taken only of Mr. Goepel, at the Theatre, where a Plan is opened.
Admittance to the Pit - One Joe each Ticket.
[right pointing hand icon] Refreshments will be served. [centered]
To begin at Seven o'Clock. [centered]
Demerary, 22d October 1808.

Now Landing from on board the Ship Barton, Capt. Ford, and for Sale by the Subscriber:
New double Rose Butter,
Newfoundland Fish,
Salt in Barrels,
Oats in ditto,
Wax Skins & Sole Leather,
Childrens Shoes,
W. Roach.
South Street, Bridge Town, 22d October 1808.

A Fine Fresh Green Turtle will be Killed To-Morrow Morning, and on every Thursday and Sunday Mornings untill his Stock is out. - at his House, Middle-Street, Robb's Town.
Octr. 22d. Wm. Gibson.

Marshall's Hotel, [heading]
Turtle Soup [heading]
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
At 12 and 4 o'Clock.
Fresh Turtle by the pound on those days.

The Ship Barton, Ford, and Brig Thames, Greaves, arrived here on Wednesday both from Barbados, - and have brought our Barbados Papers up to the 8th inst. - . . .

That part of the 4th West India Regiment which left this Colony lately, arrived safe in Barbados on the 3d inst.

On the Afternoon of the 8th inst. two Sloops Lespoir and St. Joseph Prizes to His Majesty's Brig Attentive, arrived in Carlisle Bay, the one was cut out of a Bay a little to the Southward of Point a Petre, Guadeloupe, and the other out of Basse Terre, - both laden with Dry Goods, Wine, and Brandy.

Mr. Gibson's Schooner, the Dolphin, with Turtle, last from Tobago, spoke the last Vessels from hence, under Convoy of the Savage - all well, on the 15th inst. in lat. 10. long. 59.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last. [heading]

ENTERED [heading]
Ship Barton, Capt. Ford, from Barbados.
Brig Thames, Grieves, Ditto.

CLEARED [heading]
Schr. Friendship, Capt. Greenidge, for Barbados.
Brig Ann & Frances, Jakways, New York.

Mrs. Buyn's Academy or School having been closed this day, on account of her retiring, which unexpected circumstances made advisable, she regrets that it was out of her power to inform those parents who entrusted their children to her care in time, and to thank them for their favours towards her.
She assures those friends, however, that such arrangements have been made, that the Children have not suffered a moment; neither has their instructions been in the least neglected, under the direction of Mr. Cart, who will continue his exertions until the parents shall have disposed to the contrary.
The undersigned Proprietor of the Building for the School, being desirous that the said Building, on account of its retired, healthy, and pleasant situation, should continue to serve for so useful a thing as instruction of a rising generation, has resolved, until it be properly established, and the revenue equal to the expences, to have it undertaken at his own cost and risk, and has agreed with Mr. Cart, who has these several months displayed his zeal and capacity, and with the further Teachers necessary to instruct the three most used Languages in this Colony, also in Writing, Arithmetic, Book-keeping, and Geography. The young Ladies will be taught Needlework likewise by Miss Mary Downie, whose excellent character entitles her to the care of the Boarded Children, with which she has charged herself.
Parents and Guardians, wishful of having their Children or Orphans continue, or inclined to add to the number, are assured that all attention will be given to render the utmost satisfaction.
The following are the proposed Charges:
For instruction in one or two of the three Languages, Writing, and Arithmetic, One Joe per Month.
For book-keeping, Four Dollars per ditto.
For Geography, Two dollars per ditto.
For Boarding, Lodging, and Washing, Two Joes per ditto.
For Dining, One Joe per ditto.
Books, pens, and paper must be procured by the parents, or paid for at a reasonable rate.
Parents wishful that a particular Doctor should attend their children in case of sickness, will signify the same. Mr. Cart is empowered to contract for engaging Children.
H. H. Post.
Demerary, 14th October, 1808.



List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 22d October, 1808.



Brought by








R. Benny,

Pl. La Penitentie.



Pl. Edenburg.



Vessers Negroes.






Pl. Paradice.






Pl. L. Repentier.





R. Smith,

Pl. St. Lucy.



Pl. Vryheeds Lust.

A New Negro,


Pl Windsor Forest


S. Mourant,



Capt. Ince,




Pl. Rome.






Pl. Den Heuvel.


Kitty Macinroy,

Pl Btzr Adventure.

A New Negro,


Pl. Kitty.



Pl. Laurentie.

A New Negro,


Pl. La Repentier.


Pl. Le Repentier

J. Hunter.








Pl. Meerzorg,

Pl. Vriesland.



Pl. Bel Air.


C. Pollard,

Pl. Velzerhooft.


Pl. Lancaster,

Pl. Porter.



Pl. Rome.

A New Negro,


Pl. Blygezigt.

S. G. Martens, Drossart.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
By Edward James Henery.

Supplement to the Essequebo & Demerary Royal Gazette.

Saturday, October 22d, 1808.

Stabroek: - Printed by E. J. Henery.



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