Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1808 December 10

Vol. III.)


(No. 154.

Saturday, December 10th, 1808.

Proclamation. [heading]
By His Excellency Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Ross, Acting Lieut. Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, and their Dependent Districts, President in all Courts and Colleges within the same, &c. &c. &c. and
The Honble: Court of Policy of the Colonies aforesaid, &c. &c.
Unto all whom these presents do, may or shall concern, Be it known:
That on a re-consideration of the Proclamation issued in the name of this Court on the 12th day of November last, for granting a certain Colonial Bounty of British Salted Fish, - We have Resolved in Our present Extraordinary Session, and it is hereby Proclaimed accordingly, that the aforesaid Bounties can only be understood to be Payable on such Salted or Pickled Fish as is directly imported from Great Britain or from any of the British Settlements in North America, and not on such Fish of that description as may be imported from elsewhere, unless it be accompanied with a Certificate of the Principal Officers of the Custom-House of the Port whence it was last imported, stating the same to be British caught and cured Fish, and that no Bounty has already been Paid upon it.
And it is further made known by these presents, that agreeable to an arrangement made with the Collector of His Majesty's Customs in this Colony, the Colonial Duty on Wines and the Tax of Four per Cent on the invoices of Goods or Merchandize Sold by Transient Traders, both established by the Ordinance published on the 19th of November last, are in future, untill further order, to be received in behalf of the Colony, by the Collector of the Customs aforesaid, who has been authorised to demand the same, - and all Persons whom it doth or shall concern will take Notice hereof accordingly.
Thus Resolved at Our Extraordinary Sessions held at the Court-House in the Town of Stabroek in Demerary, on the 19th November and the 5th December 1808, and Published the 10th December next thereto following.
Andrew Ross,
Acting Lieut. Governor.
By Command of the Court,
P. F. Tinne, Dy. Secty.

By His Excellency Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Ross, Acting Lieut. Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, and their Dependent Districts, President in all Courts and Colleges within the same, &c. &c. &c. and
The Honble: Court of Policy of the said Colonies.
Unto all whom these presents do, may or shall concern, Be it known:
Whereas it has been represented to Us that notwithstanding it is established by Law that no other Weights are to be used in these Colonies but Dutch Weights, great injury is sustained by the Planters and others in consequence of the requisites of the Law in this respect not being duly complied with.
We have therefore thought fit to issue this Our Proclamation in order to remind all Persons whom it may concern, that according to an Ordinance enacted by this Court on the 31st January 1797, and Published on the 1st March of the same Year, it is enacted that every Person who shall be found to have Sold Goods by any other than Dutch Weights, approved of and stamped as such by the Public Assayer of Weights and Measures (which situation is at present filled by G. S. Martens) shall be liable, for every offence, to Pay a Fine of One Hundred Guilders, which Penalty We have ordered to be strictly enforced against all Defaulters who shall be found so to offend after the expiration of a space of Two Months from the date of the Publication of these presents.
And in case of the warning hereby given proving ineffectual in causing the Ordinance above-mentioned to be duly attended to for the future, the Court reserves to itself to adopt such other measures as circumstance shall appear to require.
Thus resolved at Our Ordinary Session held in the Town of Stabroek in Demerary, on the 4th November 1808, and Published the 10th December next thereto following.
Andrew Ross,
Actg: Lt. Govr.
By Command of the Court,
P. F. Tinne, Dy: Secty.

By His Excellency Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Ross, Acting Lieut. Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, and their Dependencies, President in all Courts and Colleges &c. &c. and
The Honble. Court of Policy of the said Colonies, &c. &c.
To all whom these presents may or shall concern, Greeting, be it known:
Whereas it is necessary again to furnish the Government Chest with Funds to make good the different annual Payments that must be defrayed from it for carrying on the Public Service.
We therefore, on His Excellency the Governor's proposition, have resolved to levy, and hereby do levy, the Capitation Tax due for the Year 1807, to be Paid by each and every Slave holder, agreeable to the established mode and in the same manner as the Tax last raised for the Year 1806, viz: at the Rate of Three Guilders ten stivers respectively for each and every Working Male or Female Slave past 12 Years of Age and of One Guilder for all Children from 3 to 12 Years.
It is also ordered in conformity to the system established by the existing Ordinances of Taxing House Slaves at a higher rate, that all Persons Possessing Three Male or Female House or Domestic Slaves or less, shall Pay for each of them the Sum of Six Guilders.
Those Possessing Four, a Sum of Ten Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Five, a Sum of Fifteen Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Six, a Sum of Twenty Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Seven, a Sum of Twenty-five Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Eight, a Sum of Thirty Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Nine and upwards, a rate of Forty Guilders as above.
From which encreased rate of Head Money respecting House or Domestic Slaves, are however to be exempted all Planters residing on their Estates, also the Governor to the number of 20 Domestic Slaves, the Members of the respective Courts, the Secretaries of the Courts, the Receivers of the Government and Colony Chests, and the Vendue Masters, to the number of six House Slaves, and all other Persons in Public Employments, who are obliged to reside in the chief Towns or their Precincts, to that of Four Domesticks.
Tradesmen are to Pay for each Slave they Employ in their respective Arts or Trades, Seven Guilders.
All free Women of Colour shall Pay for their own Persons a sum of Ten Guilders: - the other Regulations respecting free Men of Colour to remain in force as established by other Ordinances in this behalf.
And in order the collecting of the necessary returns and the Payment of the said Head Money may be completed in a regular manner, We do hereby order and direct as follows:-
That all Planters in these Colonies, whether Proprietors or Attornies, shall give in before the 1st of May 1809, exact returns, subscribed by them under a tender of Oath, of the Slaves on each Plantation belonging to them or under their Administration, according to the number of the said Slaves up to the 31st December 1807, which particulars are to be given in as pointed out in the return, a form of which is printed at the foot of the present publication, and whereof blanks will be left besides at the respective Receiver's Offices, to be filled up by those it may concern.
That further such of the Inhabitants as, tho' residents on, are not Proprietors of any Estates, and also those residing in the respective Towns or their Precincts, or in any other place in the Colonies not being a Plantation, shall likewise be obliged to give in exact returns under a tender of Oath, of his, her or their Male or Female Slaves, Domesticks, Handicraft and other Slaves agreeable to the second form printed at the foot of the present publication, and blanks of which may also be had at the respective Receivers' Offices.
The different returns before-mentioned are to be filled up with the utmost accuracy, so as distinctly to state the number of Slaves of each description therein mentioned, as well as the general number of Slaves on each Plantation in the Year 1807.
It is further ordered that Payment of the said Capitation Tax for the Year 1807 shall be made before the 1st of May 1809, at the same time of giving in the returns herein before required, either in Cash, Bills of Exchange to the satisfaction of the Receivers, or in approved Claims against the Government Chest.
It is also ordered that the respective Receivers of the Government Chest shall, for the purpose of receiving the different Returns and Payments herein before respectively required, give attendance at their respective Offices from the date hereof, every day in the Week, (Saturdays, Sundays and Holydays excepted,) from 9 o'Clock in the Morning till 1 o'Clock in the Afternoon; the whole on pain that those who shall be faultive in giving in returns and in making payments in the manner and at the time herein before directed and limited, shall, on the expiration of the said period, be charged or debited in the Books of the Receiver with a sum equal to the amount of the Capitation Tax which they may apppear to have paid for the Year 1806, with the addition of one-fourth or 25 per Centum of such amount which amount and additional Sum shall then, if necessary, be recoverable from the defaulters by Summary Execution.
Such Persons as may not be mentioned or occur at all in the former Books of the Receivers, and are faultive in giving in their returns in the manner herein before directed, shall immediately forfeit, independant [sic] of the Taxes, a penal sum of One hundred and Fifty Guilders, to be applied to the use of the Government Chest.
And that no ignorance may be pretended of what is herein before directed and required, these presents shall be Published, posted up, Printed and sent round for general information.
Thus done in Our Assembly held in the Town of Stabroek, Demerary, on the 4th of November 1808, and Published on the 10th of December next following.
Andrew Ross,
Actg. Lieut. Govr.
By Command of the Court,
P. F. Tinne, Dy: Secty. of the Colony.

By His Excellency Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Ross, Acting Lieutenant Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, and their Dependent Districts, President of all Courts and Colleges within the same, &c. &c. &c.
Whereas at a Meeting of the Proprietors of Cumingsburg held at Marshall's Hotel on Saturday the 26th of November last, it appears by a Public advertisement in the News-Papers, that certain Resolutions were entered into, by a Majority of said Proprietors, wherein they have asserted Rights and Privileges which actually do not belong to them, namely, that of Taxing themselves &c. - and have given orders to their Commissaries to levy a particular Tax, without any legal sanction; And Whereas it has come to my knowledge, that, at the said Public Meeting, certain declarations were made by some of its Members tending to disseminate principles of opposition to the Authority of The Honourable The Court of Policy of these Colonies.
I do hereby make known to all concerned, my total disapprobation of the same, and Declare the said Resolutions of the Proprietors of Cumingsburg (as far as the relate to the Levying of Taxes upon those who are unwilling to pay) to be Null and Void, unless they are sanctioned in the usual manner.
And I do further make known and declare that I consider all such Meetings as the aforesaid, held without my leave first obtained, to be Illegal, and have therefore to desire that none such may be assembled within these Colonies, during my administration of this Government in future.
Given under my hand and the Seal of Government at the King's House Demerary this Eighth day of December, One thousand Eight hundred and Eight, and in the Forty-ninth Year of His Majesty's Reign.
Andrew Ross.
By His Excellency's Command,
Geo: Eddington,
Govt. Secty.
God save the King.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary. [heading]
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, VIZ: -
Mrs. Mary Seaward, in 14 days. Decbr. 9th.
Mrs. Elizabeth Price, in 14 days. Decbr. 2d.
John Brown in 14 days or 3 weeks. Decbr. 3d.
Robt: Ramsay, in 14 days. 29th November.
Edward Messum, in 14 days. December 3d.
George Wilson, in 14 days, from the 12th Novr.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.


By Authority obtained, I the Underwritten First Marshal will Expose and Sell unto the highest bidders at Marshal's Sale, in presence of the Honble. Councellors Commissaries and their Secretary, at the Court House in the Town of Stabroek on the Third day of January 1809: -
1st - In behalf of H. H. Luhrs qq. E. N. Wichers versus Cornelis Smit, JCZ. a certain Concession situated on the front ground of Pl. Werk & Rust, between the Premises of Van Braam and F. W. Overweg Esqrs. with the thereon standing Dwelling House long 25 feet by 15 feet wide and 1 1/2 story high, a store house 60 feet by 36 feet wide, a side building 42 feet by 15 feet, serving for kitchen, horse stable, &c. and a necessary.
2d - In behalf of Eliza Babb versus Maria Kendrick, the half Concession No 18, situated in South street in front of Pl. Vlissingen, with the thereon standing buildings, containing a Dwelling House long 48 feet by 18 feet, two stories high, also a store house &c.
3d - In behalf of J. Bothamley only surviving Partner of the Firm Bothamley & Jackson versus W. B. Thompson, seven Negroes named James, Bristol, Liverpool, Caesar, Camberwel, Rodney, and Quacoe.
4th - In behalf of R. Cozier versus Wm. Perkins, a certain piece of Land or Concession situated next to the Ferry of Mahaica, with a thereon standing House (out of repair) about 30 feet by 24, one story high; also a side building serving for Kitchen, about 12 feet by 8 wide, and a horse stable also out of repair.
5th - On the 4th of January 1809, in behalf of Le Tessier versus T. Feuillet, the Wood Land called Hayama, situated in this river, with all the Appurtenances thereof; also thirty-nine Negroes named Cezer, Adonis, Julier, James, Pieter, Profit, Bartholemy, Thom, Iridore, Lubin, Sonday, Andre, Jean Piere, Azor, Margaeta, Abel, Sandre, Windee, Comba, William, Nicolas, Scypio, Alexander, Julie, Foot, Ouenotitia, Asra, Mane, Polly, Paulena, Georges, Jenny, Francois, Henry, Couachy, Louis, Young, Flora, Rily.
Whoever pretends to have a right to oppose either of the above sales, address themselves in Writing to the Marshal's Office as customary, and those that are inclined to purchase either of the before-mentioned goods please attend on the day and place before-mentioned.
Demerary, 9th December, 1808.
M. Smit, First Marshal.


By Virtue of an appointment of the Honble. V. A. Heyliger, Acting President of the Honble. Court of Justice of this Colony, granted the 24th of November 1808, on the Petition of W. B. Panye for self and the Executors of the Estate of Edward Cooke deceased, are herewith by me the Underwritten First Marshal of this Colony, for the first time by Edict Summon'd all known and unknown Creditors to the said Estate within this Colony or elsewhere, to appear themselves or by proxy before the Honble. Court of Justice, at their session, to be held in the Town of Stabroek in the month of January 1810 [sic], in order then and there to render their pretentions or demands to the said Estate in due form and lay their claim thereto accordingly; whereas after the expiration of this first, second, third and fourth Edict will be proceeded against the non appearers as the Law directs. Thus published and affixed there and where it ought to be.
Actum Demerary, 6th December, 1808.
M. Smit, First Marshal.


On Monday the 12th of December next, [see 18081105EDRG] . . .
On the same day will be sold, for account of the shippers, 500 new cutlasses, and 18 jugs of neatsfoot oil [sic - no terminating period] Also two negro women.
Novbr. 5th. Robert Kingston.

On Friday the 16th inst. by order of Andrew and Peter Rose Executors of James Robinson, Esq. M.D. deceased, at his late Dwelling House in front of Pl. Cumings-Lodge, - household furniture consisting of an elegant set of mahogany dining tables with D ends and spare leaves, a ditto sideboard, pembroke, card and other tables, sofa chairs, mahogany bureau, ditto chest of drawers, wash stands, chamber chairs, knife cases, tea urn and caddies, coffee pot, an elegant dining service of real India China, tea ditto, two dening services, glass ware, large water jars, a mahogany medicine chest, fresh assorted medicines, bottled wine and rum, a valuable collection of books, and sundry other articles.
On the same day and place will be sold, from 10 to 15 prime seasoned Negroes who have been accustomed for several years to work in a task gang.
December 10th. Robert Kingston.

On Saturday the 17th inst. at the store of T. T. Thompson, Esq. - Madeira choice old wine in pipes and hogsheads, one cask of negro cloathing, white calicos, nails assorted, Newfoundland fish, beef and pork in barrels, salt, white oak shooks, and several other articles.
December 10th. Robert Kingston.

On Wednesday the 21st inst. at the store of mr. Wm. Hallstead, all his remaining stock of goods consisting of ironmongery, &c. in which are iron boilers of various sizes, mill wedges and brasses, crow bars, locks and hinges,; [sic] also stationary, ship chandlery, old rum from 6 to 10 gallons, and a variety of other articles without reserve and at three months credit.
And at the same time and place, the lot and house thereon at present occupied by mr. Hallstead as a store, and the opposite water lot, not subject to ground rent; also a schooner boat, boat negroes and coopers, condition will be made known on the day of sale.
December 10th. Robert Kingston.

On Thursday the 22d inst, at the stores of messrs. Cornfoot, Bell & Co. in Cumingsburg, - 50 barrels new English flour, 50 do. pickled pilchards, 15 barrels best Irish pork, 4 half do., 6 barrels do. beef, 2 firkins pickled tonges [sic], and 30 water jars, the whole being a consignment just received.
December 10th. Robert Kingston.

On Friday the 23d inst. will be sold at the Orphan Chamber, Lots No 12 and 13 in Cumingsburg with the buildings thereon, two schooners, one almost new, with sails and rigging, boat and house negroes, wearing apparel, silver and goldsmiths tools, and what will be further offered for sale. The schooners may be seen at Robb's stelling by applying to mr. Cotton Brown, and an inventory of them at the Orphan Chamber eight days previous to the sale, being the Estates of Nathan Smith, Sandbergen and A. Vermey.
On the same day and place will further be sold by order of the Poor Chest, the effects of H. W. Lookey deceased consisting in watches (if not previously reclaimed,) tools, &c.
December 10th. Robert Kingston.

On Tuesday the 27th inst. at the store of Thomas Finlayson, Esq. Robb's stelling, a general assortment of dry goods, provisions, liquors, &c.
Also a consignment just come to hand, consisting of negro cloathing, earthen and tin ware, &c.
December 10th. Robert Kingston.

On Thursday and Friday the 29th and 30th inst. at the stoer of messrs. Thomas Shute & Co. in front of Plantation Vlissengen, the following articles, without reserve, - hams, loaf sugar, basket salt, fish sauces, black pepper, starch and blue, oil, mustard, Stoughton's bitters, cogniac brandy, port wine, oats, umbrellas, hessian boots, best London-made gig harnesses, whips and other sadlery, hosiery, huckabacks, Welch flannel, green baize, window gauze, gloves, oznaburghs threads pennistone, negro blankets, hats, jackets, shirts and trowsers, cotton bagging, Hares patent stair case cloths, sewing twine, cordage and blocks, an assortment of hard ware, consisting of nails, hoes, pruning knives, iron pots, harpoons, grid irons, iron chests, copper skimmers and ladles.
Also a punt nearly new 26 feet by 8, a horse and mule, water vats, furniture, an elegant copying machine, &c. &c.
December 3d. Robert Kingston.
[Transcriber's note: this Vendue did not appear in the 3 December issue]

On Tuesday the 3d January 1809, by order of James Lyon and Andrew Blackwood, the unexpired part of the lease of the lot with the buildings thereon, at present occupied by A. Blackwood; household furniture, a negro woman, a horse and chaise, white lead in barrels, or by the 100lbs. crab wood posts, cabacally plank, and several other articles.
December 10th. Robert Kingston.

The Subscribers are landing from the Ship Caledonia, direct from Liverpool, for sale at their Store on Robbs Stelling, at very reduced prices: -
[first column]
Irish prime mess port,
Cork 1st quality butter,
Yorkshire hams,
Pine cheese,
Red herrings in fine order,
Lyng fish in boxes,
Baskets of onions,
London porter,
[second column]
Table beer,
Raspberry brandy,
Loaf sugar,
Silk hats,
Negro blankets,
Irish linen,
Boots and shoes,
Paints and oil &c.
[end columns]
Thos: Barry & Co.
Demerary, 10th December, 1808.

Just Imported by the Ship Caledonia, and for sale by the undersigned at his Store Werk & Rust, the following articles at moderate prices for immediate payment in Cash, Coffee, or Cotton: -
[first column]
Potatoes and Lyng fish,
Salt in barrels,
Black pepper,
Refined sugar,
Raspberry and cherry brandy,
French Liqueres [sic],
Ditto Plumbs,
Irish linen,
Russia sheeting,
Table cloths,
[second column]
Ladies and Gentlemens stockings,
Ditto Ditto Gloves,
Silk hats,
French pullicat handkerchiefs,
Madrass ditto,
Sewing twine,
Hammock and fishing Lines,
Negro jackets and Trowsers,
Glass and tin ware,
Honey and Lavender water,
Essence of Rose, Bergamot, Jesamine and Lemon,
Huxham's tincture of Bark, and a variety of other articles.
[end columns]
J. F. Meyer.
Demerary 10th, 1808.

On Monday last the Ship Nereid, Capt. Johnston, arrived here from the Clyde, after a passage of 38 Days. The Brig Kingsmoor arrived on the same day in 35 days from the Downs, and on Thursday the Ships Caledonia and Mary from Liverpool. They bring London Papers of a late date, from which we have taken several extracts.

By Letters received in London from Holland, dated the 18th of October, it appears that King Louis has signed a Decree which has been expected for some time, the communication with England, by any kind of correspondence whatever is prohibited under pain of Death. It is said that this new Law was dictated by Bonaparte, whilst at Erfurth. A Dutch Army passed through Paris on the 14th of October, on its way to Bayonne.

By the arrival of the Acasta, Captain Beaver, at Barbados, we learn that he lately convoyed a very fine Vessel, Ferdinand VIIth through the Mona Passage, with 30,000 Dollars, and a Cargo of Cocoa, as a voluntary contribution to the Patriots of Spain from the Government of the Carracas, and that when he left La Guira, three other Vessels were also preparing to sail with contributions for the same purpose.

On Thursday Evening the Schooner Dispatch arrived here from St. Kitts with the Passengers of the Brig Good Intent, (which we last week mentioned having put into that Island) who Chartered her to bring them here.

This morning the Ship Hero, arrived from Halifax, with a Cargo of Fish to Fullerton, Oliverson & Co.

This day the Mail Boat with the 2d October Mail on board, arrived.

Died - On Saturday last, Mr. Wm. Burn.
On Sunday, Jas. Robinson Esq. MD.
On Monday Night, John Dickson Esq. of the House of Garden, Dickson & Co. Cumingsburgh.
On Sunday last, at Plantation Vergenoegen, on the West Coast, W. Bruininghaus Esq.

Wanted for His Majesty's Troops [heading]
in this Colony. [heading]
Persons willing to supply either of the above Articles, to be delivered at the Commissary's Stores, in such Quantities as may be required for the Expenditure of the two next Months, commencing the 25th Instant, are requested to make tenders for the same, seperately, marked - "Tenders for Coffee or Sugar" - previous to Thursday the 22d Instant, on which day they will be opened in the presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops, when the most advantageous Offer or Offers will be accepted.
It is to be understood that the Person or Persons Contracting for the supplies of either of the above Articles shall be bound for the due performance of it, under the Penalty of One Hundred Pounds Sterling.
Will: N. Firebrace.
Residt: Commissary.
Commissary's Office, 10th December, 1808.

Any Persons willing to Contract for the supply of about 70 Cords every two months (to be delivered at the Quarter and Barrack Master's Yard at Fort William Frederick) will be pleased to address themselves to the Subscriber, by Letters (sealed and marked "Tenders for Fuel Wood") which will be opened on Tuesday the 10th of January 1809, in the presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops, when the lowest Tender for the same will be accepted.
This Contract to be in force for six months, and the Contractor to be bound for the due performance of it, in the penalty of Two Hundred Pounds Sterling, by virtue of his Tender.
Will: N. Firebrace,
Res: Commissary.
Commissary's Office, 10th December, 1808.

Just Imported in the Ship Caledonia, Capt. Thompson, from Liverpool, and For Sale by the Subscribers at their stores on the American Stelling, for immediate Payment in Cash or good Sugars at Cash Price, -
[first column]
Irish prime beef and pork in half barrels,
English roast beef in boxes,
Irish butter in whole and half firkins,
Do. potatoes in hampers,
Cheshire cheese, hams &c.
Six rib beef and tripe in kegs,
Double refined sugar,
Pearl barley in kegs,
Shield do. in do.,
Groats in do.,
Oatmeal in do.,
Best salad oil in bottles,
Do. white wine vinegar,
French plumbs in boxes,
Do. almonds, raisins and currants,
Salt in baskets & barrels,
Pickles in boxes assorted, consisting of piccallilo, cucumbers, onions, walnuts and red cabbage, &c. each,
Sauces assorted,
Best Durham mustard in 1/2lb. bottles,
Do. London bottled porter and beer,
Raspberry & cherry brandy
Claret and Hermitage wines,
Limirick [sic] oats in iron-bound puncheons,
Soap and Candles,
Gentlemens fashionable cloaths consisting of superfine black cloth coats,
Do. blue do. do.
Do. grey do. frock do.
Do. black silk vests,
Do. marseillas do.,
Do. jean pantaloons,
Boat cloaks lined with green baize, &c.
Irish linen,
Fashionable light ground cambric callicoes,
[second column]
Black, white and Lilac do. do.,
6-4 cambric dimitys,
India jeans,
10-4 superfine counterpane,
Do. do. printed do.,
Do. do. marseilles quilts,
9-4 do. printed counterpane,
Do. do. do. quilts,
8-4 do. do. do.
10-4 cotton hammocks corded and fitted,
Ladies black shoes with heals,
Do. assorted colours,
Do. trimed,
Landies [sic] and Gentlemens fine cotton stockings,
Do. dressing and ivory combs,
Do. elegant ornamental do.,
Nail, tooth and hair brushes,
Princess of Wales smelling bottles,
Sweet almond past [sic] in pots,
Boxes of tooth powder assorted,
Lavender & honey water,
Essence of do.,
Court plaister in sheets,
Lamp & paint oil in jugs,
Best green paint in 4lb. pots,
Do. blue do. in do.
White lead in kegs of 28lbs. each,
Spirit of turpentine in quart bottles,
Nail assorted from 4d to 30dy,
Negro lined and unlined jackets,
Do. trowsers and shirts,
Do. blankets,
Cotton & coffee bagging,
Glass ware assorted,
And a variety of other articles.
[end columns]
C. & J. Ryan.
Who earnestly request all those indebted to them for last year's accounts, to make immediate payment, or coercive measures will be put in force to obtain a speedy arrangement of the same.
Demerary, 10th December, 1808.


Willm: Turner informs the Public he intends selling off the whole of his remaining stock at Vendue on the 29th and 20th inst. also some old Jobs left for repairs will be sold to pay expences, if not fetched away before that day. He particularly requests all those indebted to him to settle their accounts, as he intends going to Europe with the first Convoy. Those who have any demands against him will call for payment.
Demerary, December 10th, 1808.

Imported in the Ship Mary, Capt. John Mares, from Liverpool, and for Sale by
Phillip Yates. [centered]
At his Store in New-Town, in addition to his late importation by the Fame:-
Fine corded and pin striped Muslin,
Jaconet & Tamboured ditto of various qualities,
Fancy corded dimities, Furniture ditto &c.
Superfine hair striped ditto, linen and cotton checks, and a general assortment of Dry Goods.
Demerary, 10th December 1808.

For Sale or to be Let. [heading]
A Coffee Estate, planted with 106,000 Trees, the greater part of which are in bearing; the Buildings and other Depencies [sic] of said Plantation are in perfect order, and no more required. Inventory, prisation [sic] and conditions of Sale or Hire may be seen at the House of Mr. Hoytema, Attorney at Law, and possession given the first of January 1809.
Demerary, 10th December, 1808.

Te Koop of te Huur. [heading]
Een Coffy Plantagie beplant met 106,000 boomen, waarvan meer als de heelst draagbaar, de gebouwen in een compleete order en zo goed als nieuw, zo dat geen meer vereyst worden, teaanvaarden P[superscripted 'o' - degree sign] January 1809.
NB: De Plantagie is 250 akkers die alle bepoldert en beplant zyn, de dubbelde diept indisputabel in goede Loofing.
Inventaris, prisatie en conditien te zien ten huyse van de Weled: Heer en Mr. Hoytema Advocaat. Demerary, 10 Decb. 1808.

FOR SALE. [heading]
White-Wood Staves and Heading.
Apply to John Culpeper, Plantation Upper Pearl, or
T. F. Elliott.
American Stelling, 10th December 1808.

CAUTION. [heading]
The Subscriber forbids all Merchants, Vendue-Masters and other Persons, delivering any thing on his Account, or Plantation Potosie, without a written order from him.
R. Harding.
Demerary, 10th December, 1809.

Imported by the Subscriber in the Ship Neried from Glasgow, and For Sale on moderate terms for immediate Payment only, at his Store in American Street, formerly occupied by Mr. M: Downie; an assortment of Goods, viz:-
[first column]
Irish Linen assorted,
Gentlemens fashionable cloth riding coats,
Ready-made linen shirts,
Do. stript Holland ditto,
Negro Cloathing,
Sailors warm blue jackets,
Negro Blanketing,
Green Baize,
Superfine scarlet cloth,
Ditto Navy blue ditto,
Ditto black ditto,
An elegant assortment of saddlery,
Ladies plain cotton hose,
Gentlemens ditto ditto,
Ditto silk ditto black and white,
Brown stout in puncheons,
Mould Candles,
Yellow Soap,
An assortment of tin ware,
Wine Corks,
Strong Military shoes,
Gents Morocco slippers,
Ditto strong calf shoes,
Shoe Brushes,
Scrubbing Ditto,
Marking Irons,
Pump Tacks,
Iron sash pullies,
An assortment of Coopers and Carpenters tools,
Locks and Hinges of various discriptions [sic],
Gun Flints,
Horse Fleams,
Sets of Table Knives and Forks.
Garden spades,
Trenching shovels,
Gauging Rods,
[second column]
Iron pots 1 and 1 1/2 gallons each,
Proved cast metal teaches,
Pullicate handkerchiefs,
Youths hats,
Mens ditto,
Masons hammers,
Nails of all descriptions.
Dressing glasses,
Mahogany dining tables with round ends and folding leaves,
Fine mahogany tray top night tables,
Pembroke tables,
Night stools,
Leather backgammon tables,
Hair mattrasses with feather Bolsters and pillows,
Cantines with 6 large chrystal and 4 tin plates, 4 knives & forks 2 tumblers & wine glasses each,
Light ground fancy callico 7 yards each,
Cambric ditto ditto,
Corded dimity,
Stationary, Day books, Journals and Ledgers, &c. &c.
Musquetto nett lawn,
Linen handkerchiefs,
Irish pistol lawn, &c. &c.
[end columns]
Decb. 10th. Archd: Iver.

For Barbados and St. Kitts. [heading]
The Schooner Dispatch, intending to sail in a few days. For Freight or Passage apply at the Store of
Thos: Finlayson.
Robb's Stelling, 10th December 1808.

Dutch Tarrase and [heading]
Inverness Cotton Bagging [heading]
For Sale.
At the Store of Mr. Finlayson.
Robb's Stelling, 10th Decbr. 1808.

NOTICE. [heading]
The Subscribers Executors to the estate of William Burn deceased, request all Persons having demands against said estate, or the Wood-Cutting Concern of Archd. Edmonston & Burn, to render them to Mr. James Alves so soon as possible.
James Jamison.
Jas: Alves.
Demerary, 10th December 1808.

All those having Claims against James Robinson Esq. M. D. deceased, or Plantation Andrew, in Essequebo, will please render them in attested. It is also requested that those indebted to his Estate will settle the same as soon as possible.
Andrew Rose,
Peter Rose.
Deliberating Executors.
Demerary, 9th December, 1808.

An Overseer wanted who understands directing the work of a Boiling House, and Still House. A liberal salary will be allowed. None need apply who cannot be well recommended.
L. Cuming.
Chateau Margo, 5th December, 1808.

Those who may be interested in the Lottery of Hadfield & Murrow are hereby informed, that the drawing thereof will take place during the term of the ensuing January Court, at Fort Island; and they beg leave to inform the Public that they have a few Tickets yet remaining unsold, which may be had at Mr. Marshall's Coffee House.
Demerary, 6th December, 1808.

The Subscriber intending to quit the Colony, offers for Sale the House and Lot she at present occupies in Robbs [sic] Town, also what Furniture she has, separate or together, and that at a very reduced price; payable in Cash or Bills, (or to accommodate the purchaser she will take Produce). If not sold previous to the 23d Inst. she then will put it up at Publick Auction.
Eliza Walcott.
Robbs Town, 10th December, 1808.
NB. She will also dispose of a few valuable Slaves.

All Persons having demands against the Estate of Judy Cuming deceased are hereby requested to render in the same properly authenticated; and all indebted to said Estate to make payment in order to prevent Law Suits.
J. D. Scantlebury,
and for Thos. Cuming. [indicated as Executors]
Demerary, 10th December, 1808.

TO BE SOLD [heading]
By the Subscriber, on his Concession No. 1 in Charlestown, the Hull of a Schooner Boat 40 feet Keel, 16 feet Beam and 6 1/2 feet hold, made of the best Colony wood, and nearly finished. Also a four oared Tent Boat almost new, both of which will be sold on reasonable terms to an approved purchaser.
Jabez Lamb.
Charles-Town, December 10th, 1808.

All Persons indebted to the Estate of Youngs Turner, deceased, are again requested to call and make payment as soon as possible that his Estate may be closed, and all those who have not rendered in their accounts or demands against the same, are requested to do so without delay.
Thos: T. Thomson, qq.
Edwd: W. Wilkinson, qq.
Demerary, 10th December 1808.

Found in front of Plantation Nouvelle Flandre, West Sea Coast, a Tent Boat, painted blue and black and in very good condition. The owner may have her restored by applying on said estate and paying the expences.
Demerary, 10th Decbr. 1808.

Runaway from the Subscriber, two negro women, Ambah and Easter, creoles of the Colony, well known, being formerly the property of Mr. Saml: B. King, any Person that will apprehend them to Mr. John Scott or lodge them in the Barracks shall receive f 50 reward. All Persons are forbid harbouring them, on pain of the Law being enforced against them to its utmost rigour.
Decbr. 10th. Rodrick Cozier.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
By Edward James Henery.

Supplement to the Essequebo & Demerary Royal Gazette.


Saturday, December 10th, 1808.

Stabroek: - Printed by E. J. Henery.

[No List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves]


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