Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1808 December 24

Vol. III.)


(No. 156.

Saturday, December 24th, 1808.

Notice is hereby given that the Printed Forms for giving in the RETURNS of SLAVES will be ready by the 27th Inst. and may be obtained on or after that day, during Office hours, from the Slave-Register at the Secretary's Office; and so soon after that day as they can be sent at the following places, viz: -
On the East-Coast - from Lieut. J. C. Schultz, Captains Van Grovenstein, Panye and D. S. Van S'Gravesande.
At the Mahaica Ferry from Capt. G. Robertson,
and at the Mahaicony Ferry.
On the West-Coast, - from Capt. Steur, Major A. Dey, and Capt. Trotz.
On the West-Side the River, - from Capts. De Ridder, J. Jones, and Chs. Brotherson.
And, on the East-Side of the River, from Capt. Brandes. Demerary, 23d, Decbr. 1808.
Robert Phipps, Slave-Register.

ESSEQUEBO. [heading]
Notice is hereby given that the RETURNS for SLAVES for the Colony of Essequebo must be given in at the Slave-Register's Office on Fort Island, between the first day of January and the Eleventh day of February next, where blank forms can be obtained.
Fort Island, Essequebo, 23d Decbr. 1808.
Van Sertima, Slave-Register.

                  Office of Ordnance,
                  Demerary, 23d Decbr. 1808.
Cash Wanted for Bills of Exchange for
L. 3500 Sterling, [centered]
Drawn on the Right Honorable and Honorable Board of Ordnance, London, at 30 days sight, sealed Tenders for which, or any part thereof, not under 100 Sterling, endorsed "Tender for Bills of Exchange" will be received by the Subscriber 'till 12 o'Clock on the Wednesday the 28th Instant, and when opened, the highest Exchange offered will be accepted.
C. J. O'Hara,
Ord. Store-Keeper.

                  Office of Ordnance,
                  Demerary, 23d Decbr. 1808.
Persons willing to enter into a Contract for the ensuing year, or for Six Months, to supply Pioneers for the Royal Artillery and Negro Carpenters and Labourers for the Engineer and Store-Keepers Departments of the Ordnance at Demerary and Berbice as they may be wanted from time to time, and become bound in a penalty for the due performance thereof, are requested to send sealed proposals addressed to the Subscriber, endorsed "Tender for Negro Hire" which will be received by him 'till 11 o'Clock on Thursday next, the 29th instant, and when opened by the respective Officers, the most advantageous offers will be accepted. Information as to the probable number that may be required or any other particulars will be given on application at this Office.
C. J. O'Hara,
Ordnance Store-Keeper.

JUST LANDING [heading]
The Cargo of the Snow Westbury, [heading]
William Gray, Master, [heading]
From Liverpool and Cork - and [heading]
For Sale by the Subscriber: [heading]
At his Store in New-Town. [heading]
At Very low Prices for Prompt Payment in Cash or Produce, or to regular Customers at short Credit, consisting of a Choice Assortment of Provisions & c. - viz:
[first column]
Prime Irish Mess Beef in half barrels,
Ditto do. Pork in ditto,
First quality of Irish Butter in whole and half firkins,
Neats Tongues in half barrels and firkins,
Pigs Tongues in kegs,
Bristol Tripe in ditto,
Cheshire and Dutch Cheese,
Salt in barrels,
Kegs and kitts spiced Salmon
[second column]
Best bottled London Porter in puncheons, tierces and by the dozen,
Fine bottled Table Beer,
Kegs Herrings,
Refined Sugar,
Currants in jars,
Pickles and Preserves, and
A few Puncheons Negro Hatts.
[end columns]
Philip Yates.
New-Town, 24th December 1808.

The Subscriber requests all Persons indebted to him to settle their Accounts as soon as possible, otherwise he will be under the disagreeable necessity of putting them into the hands of his Lawyer to be Sued for without respect to Persons.
Charles Fisk Jr.
Demerary, 24th December 1808.

FOR GLASGOW [heading]
The Ship Commerce, Thos. Watt Master, will sail the second springs in January. For Freight or Passage apply at the Store of Garden, Dickson & Co. or to
Alexr. Fullerton, and
Thos. Frankland.
Cumingsburg, 24th December 1808.

NOTICE. [heading]
All Persons having any Claims against the Estate of the late John Dickson Esq. are requested to send in their Accounts to the Subscribers for Payment. And all those indebted to the Firm of Garden, Dickson & Co. or the late Firm of Alexr. Fullerton & Co. are desired to make immediate payment to the Subscribers, who are provisionally authorised by His Honor the Vice-President of the Court of Justice to conduct the affairs of the said Concerns.
Alexr. Fullerton.
Thos. Frankland.
Demerary, 24th December 1808.

Most respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that he is now ready to receive Gentlemen as Boarders, where a Room is soley adapted for that purpose so that gentlemen cannot by any means be interupted by Strangers or Transient persons from the Country, there being a Room for the purpose of receiving Gentlemen who are not in the Mess, and who can be provided with Breakfast and Dinner at the same Hour as that of the private Room: - He further begs leave to inform the Gentlemen of this Colony that the Subscription Billiard Tables shall be kept solely for their use, and no person will be allowed to play at said Tables unless a Subscriber or his Friend.
He solicits the continuance of those Gentlemen who were Subscribers to Mr. Campbell's Tables.
Thomas Marsh.
24th December 1808.

By the Brig Westbury [heading]
Captain Gray from Cork - [heading]
A Few half-barrels of Beef & Pork of a superior quality.
Hyndman & Cary
Cumingsburg, 24th December 1808.

Has for Sale a very compleat assortment of Copper, Pewter and Tin Ware, among which are Copper Skimmers, Ladles, Boiling-house Lamps, and brass wire sugar Skimmers, &c. &c.
Mr. Finlayson being agent for Sutherland's Liverpool Copper and Pewter Works, will receive Orders for Copper Rum Stills, Teaches, Pewter Worms, &c. &c.
N.B: He will give Seven Stivers per pound for Old Copper.
Demerary, 24th December 1808.

                  Leguan, Decbr. 23d, 1808.
Mr. Henery, - Please to insert the inclos'd letter in your Paper and keep the original 'till call'd for by me.
Wm: Carbery.

            Leguan, Decr. 20th, 1808.
W. Carbery Esq.
Any assertion that I may at any time have made injurious to your Character, I declare to be without foundation, and made from the heat of passion, for which I am very sorry and make you this apology, leaving you at liberty to make what use of it you please.
I am Sir!
Yr. Hbl. Servt.
John Charles Day.

Secretary's-Office, Demerary. [heading]
Notice is hereby given on the part of the Secretary, that the following Persons intend Quitting this Colony, at the expiration of the following dates, VIZ: -
Cathe. Daxon, in 14 days, from 19th Decbr.
Charles Brough, in ditto. ditto.
Beneto Orfila, in 3 Weeks from the 17th Decb.
A. Scarpato, in 14 days, 19th Decbr.
Mrs. Mary Seaward, in 14 days. Decbr. 9th.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.


[right pointing hand icon] On account of Mr. Gall's indisposition, his Vendue is postponed from Wednesday the 28th inst. to Wednesday the 25th January 1809.

On Wednesday the 28th instant, at the Vendue Office, will be sold for account of whom it may concern, by order of Charles Sayers Esqr. Thirty barrels of Pork, fifty firkins of Butter and 29 half barrels of Red Herrings.
On the same day by order of J. D. Scantlebury and P. Cambridge, Executors of Gedney Howard deceased, a Lot of Land No. 18, with the Buildings thereon situated in Cumingsburg, household furniture, books, &c.
Decbr. 24th. Robert Kingston.

On Saturday the 31st instant, at the Vendue Office, by order D. H. Van Hoytema Esqr. Deliberating Executor of Doctor Sannes deceased, Household furniture, gigs, horses, chase harness, saddles, wearing apparel, fishing netts, Medicines, and two Negro Women, one of whom is a Cook, the other a house servant.
December 24th. Robert Kingston.

On Wednesday the 11th January 1809, on the Premises, - The Plantation Sophia, ([right pointing hand icon] see advertisement of C. Macrae and C. M. M. Overweg, q.q.)
December 24th. Robert Kingston.

On Monday the 23d and Tuesday the 24th of January 1809, at the house of James Jeffery Esq. Mahaica, the following Goods just imported in the ship Paragon, candles and soap, pickled and smoaked herrings, butter, beef, pork, tripe, pickled tongues, salmon, cheese, hams, porter, beer, pickles, Irish linen, cotton stockings and socks, cotton bagging, negro clothing, sewing and sein twine, corded dimities, cambrics, calicoes, stationary, huckaback, mens' ladies' and childrens' hats of different qualities, Welsh flannel, counterpanes, made cloaths of the newest fashion & best materials, boots and shoes, ladies slippers, ginghams, brittanias, linen and cotton checks, glass and earthen ware, fiddles, flutes, travelling shaving cases, looking glasses, carpenters' tools, flints, files, and many other articles. Also a Colony Schooner, six months old, in complete repair.
December 24th. Robert Kingston.

On Wednesday the 25th January 1809, will be exposed for Sale, at the Vendue Office, without reserve at six months Credit, by order of Mr. H. B. Gall, the whole of his Stock of Valuable Medicines, Books &c. particulars of which may be seen in circulating Hand-Bills, also a Gig and Harness, a steady saddle and draft Horse, Cows, Furniture &c. &c. Also the following Notes and Accounts, viz: -
George Perkins, deceased, Note for f 1094 ,, 14.
Ditto do. do. for 685 ,, 10.
An attested account against Plantation Devonshire Castle for 312 ,, 15.
A do. against the Estate of Js. Crawford, 695 ,, 10.
A do. against the Estate of Jos. Tuite, 148 ,, 19.
Do. against the Estate of Adam Knight, 129 ,, 12-8.
Do. against the Estate of Ts. Harriott, 316 ,, 15.
Do. against the Estate of G. H. Trotz, 112.
Do. against the Estate of Js. Graham, 545.
Do. Ditto Elizabeth Taylor, 73 ,, 15.
December 24th. Robert Kingston.

All Persons having demands against the Estate of Mr. John Potter decd. will please render statements of the same unto Messrs. Heywood & Taylor, or the Subscribers, and those indebted to said Estate are requested to make immediate Payment to
William Chichester, for self and
Richard Barry, Executors.
Demerary, 24th December, 1808.

All those who have any pretentions against the Subscriber are hereby requested to deliver in their Claims and call for Payment. - And those indebted to him are hereby solicited to come forward and settle their Accounts before the 15th of January next, or to give their Notes of Hand for the same, so as to enable him to close his Books, otherwise he will be under the necessity of putting his Books into the hands of his Lawyer to enforce payment by the rigour of the Law.
A. V. Bekurts.
N. B: His Domicilium Citandi & Executandi is at the Concession of Mr. B. Teyssen Jr. Brick-Dam, Stabroek.
Demerary, 24th December 1808.

FOR SALE. [heading]
About 70 Cords of Fuel Wood, a small distance from town, which will be disposed of at a very reasonable price. For further particulars apply to the Printer. The like number of Cords can be delivered every Month, and the Payments will be received in Produce at Colony Price.
Demerary, 24th December 1808.

TWO JOES REWARD. [heading]
Will be given for apprehending a Negro Boy Named Glasgow, - who has been absent from the Subscriber about three Months, and was formerly advertised. He is of the Congo Nation, and may be known by the small Toe being off the left foot - and has a large Scar on one of his legs.
Decb. 24th. Joseph Connier.

The Underwritten has received per Ships Paragon from Glasgow and Traveller from Liverpool:-
[first column]
Hams, Cheese,
Herrings and Potatoes,
Split pease & pearl barley in jugs,
Tripe in kegs,
Loaf sugar,
Gingerbread in cannisters,
Beer and porter,
Cherry and Raspberry Brandy,
Vinegar in jugs of 1, 2 & 3 gallons each,
Pickles and sauces,
Soap and Candles,
Fashionable Coats, coatees and pantaloons,
Ruffled and plain fine linen and cotton Shirts,
Gun Powder and shot,
Gentlemens' and Ladies' boots and shoes,
[second column]
Blacking & boot-top liquid,
Gentlemens' Ladies' and Childrens' Hats,
Sadlery, Paints, Oil and Varnish,
Anchors, Grapnals,
Cordage, Patent Canvas,
Seine and sewing twine,
Checks and salempores,
Callicoes and Chintzes,
Nails assorted,
Hoes, shovels & cane bills,
Iron hoops and rivets,
Archangel tar,
Puncheon and large sugar hogshead Shooks with heads and hoops,
Negro pipes,
Salt in barrels, and a
Complete assortment of Negro Cloathing,
[end columns]
John Madden.
New-Town, 24th December 1808.

FOR SALE. [heading]
AT THE STORE OF [heading]
PETER VERBEKE. [heading]
New Irish Butter, Gloucester Cheese, Hams, Pickled Herrings, pickled and spiced Salmon, smoaked ditto, Lyng Fish, potatoes, Tripe, small Beer, Soap, Candles, Oznabrugs, checks, Negro Clothing, &c.
New-Town, 24th December 1808.

Newfoundland FISH, [heading]
In 6 and 8 Quintal casks and in boxes, salmon, mackarel and shad in barrels, red and pickled Herrings in boxes and kits, lamp oil in jugs and barrels, punt and boat oars, just imported in the Schooner Emily, from Halifax, and for Sale by
F. C. Otto.
Demerary, 24th December, 1808.

FOR SALE. [heading]
Five Hundred Bunches Plantains Weekly by application on Plantation La Penitence.
Demerary, 24th Decmb 1808.

FOR NEW YORK. [heading]
The British Brig Venus, W. Ward Master, to sail in the course of a fortnight from this, can take from 50 to 100 hogsheads on Freight. For further particulars apply to the Master, or to
Sack & Tremain.
Demerary, 24th December 1808.

FOR SALE. [heading]
From 20 to 50 or 60 prime seasoned Negroes, who have been for some years employed in a Task-Gang, amongst them are from eight to ten complete Brick-Makers and an excellent Driver. For terms &c. apply to W. Ewing, or
Decb. 24th. Andrew Rose.

In the month of June last, the following Goods were left at the store of the Subscriber, this is to inform the Owners that if they are not called for and taken away before the 16th January next ensuing, that they will be sold at Vendue (on the American stelling) on that day to Pay the store rent and other expences, - Five casks Fayal Wine, a pipe of some Brandy, two puncheons with some Rum, one keg, two bags broken Coffee, a quantity scrubbing brushes, Military breast plates, Chaise whips, one Liquor Case, and some empty puncheons.
Francis Meagher.
Demerary, 24th December, 1808.

Wanted on Plantation Land of Canaan, Two Young-Men of fair Character as Overseers, one for the Field and the other for the Buildings; - the latter is required to write a tolerable hand, to whom due encouragement will be given. Apply to the Subscriber Manager on said Plantation.
Richd: Estwick.
N.B: Only those who understand their Business need apply.
Demerary, 24th December 1808.

Drifted from Robb's Stelling, on the 14th inst. a Punt 26 feet long and 8 feet wide, belonging to Messrs. Thomas Shute & Co. Whoever will restore the said Punt and bring her to the Subscriber on Robb's Stelling, will receive Five Joes Reward.
Decb. 24th. Patk. Macintyre.

From Bethel Chapel. [heading]
With much greif [sic] We have been informed that by a misunderstanding of a person, having attended the public service in Bethel Chapel on the Estate Le Re Souvenir, on Sunday forenoon the 11th of this month, a report has been circulated that the Revd. John Wray, in his Sermon, as an improvement on the death of the, in his Life, a very useful Doctor Robinson, should made Expressions signifying that the deceased should be in Hell! - We are sorry that the White attendants were not so numerous as usual, but we all who were present solemnly declare that not a jota of such an Expression came from the lips of the Revd: Preacher, which could have given rise to such a Report; it is to be lamented that the person who misunderstood him did not in a friendly manner address himself to the Minister, who could have had an opportunity of informing him better. After Mr. Wray had enumerated some of the Sophistical opinions of Infidelity concerning Rewards and Punishments in a life to come, he made his apeal [sic] thus - "and you Doctor Robinson (whose death I wish to improve) know now whether there be a Heaven and a Hell."
Many of the Coloured and Black People being asked the words, repeated them in the manner above-mentioned.
[first column]
H. H. Post.
A. Post.
J. Van der Haas.
M. E. Dorner.
J. Kernan.
[second column]
G. H. Middeweg.
E. Henry.
W. Black.
J. C. Dowbiggin.
[end columns]



List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in
the Stocks of Demerary, the 24th December, 1808.



Brought by






Pl: Edenburg.



Pl. Paradice.






Pl. Bel Air.

A New Negro,


Pl. Blygezigt.


Pl. Sanspareil,

Pl. Btzr Adventure.


J. Henery,

Pl. Zorg & Hoop.



Pl. Turkeyen.



Colony Negroes.



Pl. Best.






Pl. Kitty.



Pl. Wirtenberg.



Wm. Harris.


Louisa Warner,




Pl. Friendship.






J. Wade.



Pl. Laretraite.



Pl. Rome.


[?]aoffie Poller,

Pl. Zorg & Hope.

S. G. Martens, Drossart.

C. & J. Ryan. [heading]
Are Now Landing [heading]
From on Board the Ship John, Capt. Tyer, [heading]
From Liverpool and Cork: - [heading]
A general assortment of [heading]
Provisions, Dry Goods, [heading]
Furniture, &c. &c. [heading]
The particulars of which will be inserted in next Week's papers.
New-Town, 24th December 1808.

The piece signed "Agricola" has been received, and would have been published, had the author made himself known, or had he omitted some passages, which we consider exceptionable, and which we will point out to Agricola, if he will honour us with a communication.

By the arrival of the Emily Schooner on Monday last, we have received Barbados Papers to the 13th inst. by which we learn that the First November Packet, had arrived, its contents as far as relates to political matter has been principally anticipated by the late arrivals here from Europe.

The 13th Regiment arrived lately in Barbados from Bermuda. - Sir G. Prevost may be hourly looked for from Halifax with 10,000 Men, on his arrival the immense Expedition now preparing in Barbados will sail. - It appears however that General Villaret is well informed of the attack meditated upon him, and is exerting all the means in his power to oppose it.

On Monday four Vessels of the Cork fleet arrived here, in 46 days, under Convoy of His Majesty's Ship Helena, Capt. Worth.

Died] - Last night, Mrs. Elisabeth Hughenos, Wife of Mr. Wm. Hughenos.
At Plantation Kitty, Mr. W. Barclay, after a lingering illness.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last. [heading]

ENTERED [heading]
Ship Paragon, Capt. Miller, from Glasgow.
Schooner Emily, Reid, Halifax.
Ships Traveller, Fisher; Union, Hamilton; John, Tyrer; and Brig Westbury, Gray; from Liverpool.

CLEARED. [heading]
Schooner Active, Capt. Hayes, for New York.
Brig Kingsmoor, Tydeman, Africa.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
By Edward James Henery.

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