Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1810 August 11

Vol. V.]


[No. 292.

Saturday, August 11th, 1810.

Cash Wanted. [heading]
For the following Government Bills to amount of L 1000 Sterling. -
No. 1712, L 300,
1713, 250,
1714, 250,
1715, 200. L 1000.
For which tenders in Quadruplicate will be received at this Office until Saturday next, the 18th August, when the same will be opened in presence of the Commander of His Majesty's Troops, and the highest (if approved) accepted.
A. Pitman, Assist. Commy.
Commissariat, 10th August 1810.

Notice. [heading]
The Subscriber once more solicits those Gentlemen who stand indebted to him either by Notes of Hand or open Accounts, will have the goodness to come forward and discharge the same to enable him to settle the pressing Demands against him, which his present large Establishment requires.
T. Marsh.
Union Coffee House, 10th August 1810.
N.B. An Ordinary every day at half past 4 o'Clock, and Soup from 1 till 3.

The Domicilium Citandi et Executandi of A. Brouwer Esqr. Owner of Plantation Uytkomst, is at the House of his General Attorney and Attorney at Law N. Rousselet, at Yorkshire Hall, Charles Town, Plantation Repentir.
Demerary, 10th August 1810.

To Be Sold [heading]
Reasonable for immediate Payment.
A Small Quantity of Bolt Iron fit for Punts or Colony Boats, Please enquire at the Store of Mr. William Lucas.
Demerary, 11th August 1810.

Picked up in Essequebo River, - a Batteau. The Proprietor may have it returned on paying for this Advertisement and rewarding the Negroes, by applying to
W. Robertson.
Pl. Maryville, Leguan, 7th August 1810.

For Sale. [heading]
About Thirty Thousand Pounds weight of most
Excellent Coffee,
And a few Casks of Rum - Colony Proof.
James Robertson
New town, 11th August, 1810. Agent.

The Subscriber offers for Sale on very reasonable terms a handsome strong Curricle, little worse than new; it has never been used since line with superfine Cloth and elegant broad Lace, - with or without Harness.
Paul Smith.
Demerary, 11th August 1810.

Notice. [heading]
Is hereby given that a Woman named Fanny Cox (who is well known about Town to have lived with me for the last 6 years,) has been very ill-advised, by some evil-disposed Person or Persons, to leave me without receiving the smallest provocation from me. As she has spread a report that I have threatened her life - I consider it a duty to myself to declare to the Public that the abovementioned Woman's assertions are malicious and false, and should any accident befal [sic] her, no blame must, shall, or possibly can be attached to me; and I further caution the Public against trusting her a single farthing or the value of one on my account, as after this Notice I consider myself no longer amenable for her conduct.
August 11th, 1810. S. Camelford.

By Virtue of an appointment dated 16th July 1810, granted by the Honble. Court of Justice of the Colony on the Petition presented by the Curators of the Insolvent Estate of O. J. Laurin deceased.
Are herewith again Summoned the Debtors of said Estate, agreeable to their names hereunder mentioned, to call and pay the balances of their respective accounts, or to adjust the same within Two Months after date, at the Counting House of the second undersigned. Whereas after the expiration of said time in consequence of the Authority contained in said appointment, those who shall neglect this notice will be enforced payment by Law.
C. Van Dyk q.q.
A. Van der Stok q.q.
Demerary, 11th August 1810.
[a Dutch version follows with the list of Debtors]
[first column]
J. F. Meyer f 37 1
Cornfoot, Bell & Co. 6 15
E. L. Christiana 208 7 8
C. Bake 65 18
H. W. Knolman 344 11 4
R. S. Tibbets 44
F. Kreekel 865 13
E. C. Overbroek 152 3
Isaac Hutter 15 3
Wm. Kool 10
F. Horn 288 19 8
J. P. Heraut 24 14 8
Secretary Demerary 84 10
J. de Jong 640 10
De Wed. Ravenscroft 204 9 8
R. Younghusband 158
Pl. La Penitence 114 17 4
G. J. Kolff 264
F. Green 22
Pl. Elizabeth Ann 655
J. H. Kehring 125
F. Martin 44
J. F. Narjes 21 19 4
T. L. Cramer 22
E. Bishop 97
Gen. Montgomery 66
J. Lalm 13 4
A. Gray 5 10
P. Middelburg 114
L. Labee 93 10
Pl. St. Christopher 20 15
G. E. Aman 59 13 3
Brumell & Heyliger 12
H. Schlott 211
L. Lequesne 126 10
Sarah Culver 23 10
Dankelman 55
De Wed. De Beet 154
Pl. Zeeburgh 118 16
G. Craigh 213 4
H. Buckoll 67 19
Pl. Zorg en Vlyt 194
J. Seward 3
W. B. Leott 223 10
Pl. Amece Foord 151 14 8
A. P. Herklots 44
W. Brereton 90 16
Pl. Annandale 1064 19
De Wed. Poppelman 91 10
J. T. Chaudony 162 15
W. King 133
B. De Bonnevin 25
H. De Jong 49 10
N. Stoakes 178
J. Mansell 446 16 4
Pl. Haslington 1063 10
Lanfferman 37 10
Darmitione 4 15
R. Spence 25
J. French 223 10
[second column]
G. J. Furnace 6021 18 5
R. Barnes 636 10 3
E. Limburg 80
J. Murray 3
J. Knight 15 1 2
J. Beresford 669 10
Schwiertz, Roberson & Co. 214
Pl. Good Intent 132
A. Fleury 63 5
Susanna Jeems 37 15
Catharine Hendriks 22
Mrs. Dusart 67
J. E. Yornigh 292 5
J. Harmen 50
D. Van Sirtema 91
J. Barnwell 33
D. Mercurius 115 5
Boedel Sommerville 110

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