Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1810 September 04

Vol. V.]


[No. 299.

Tuesday, September 4th, 1810.

Proclamation. [heading]
By the Hon. Peter Charles Ouckama, Commandeur in and over the Colony of Essequebo, and Dependent Districts, &c.
To all to whom these shall come or may concern, Greeting! be it known:
Whereas the time of Function of R. Nugent and W. Carberry Esq. in their Capacity as Finantial [sic] Representatives for this Colony has expired, in consequence whereof the aforesaid two situations have become Vacant.
I therefore desire all and every Inhabitant, who possessing 25 Slaves and upwards, are entitled to Vote, to send in their Votes in writing, for the election of two Finantial Representatives for this Colony, , in the room of the said R. Nugent and W. Carbery [sic] Esqs. - at the Commandement Secretary's Office, where the Votes will be received in a Sealed Box prepared for the purpose from this day to Monday the 15th October next, on which day they will be opened, and the Persons elected Proclaimed accordingly
And in order that no ignorance hereof may be pretended, this shall be published, posted up, inserted in the Essequebo and Demerary Gazettes, and sent round for Lecture from Plantation to Plantation, for the general Information of the Public.
Given in the Commandement of Essequebo, this 1st day of September, 1810.
P. C. Ouckama.
By Command,
J. Schepens, Secty. to the Comdr.

For Sale. [heading]
A Piece of Land called La Reserve, situated directly opposite the Sand Hill, containing 250 Acres; 16 of which are impoldered, trenched, and railed in with Wallaba staves and posts and hardwood laths. The pasturage is very good.
The Buildings thereon consist of a large Logie 14 feet high, 72 do. long and 30 wide in the body, with a gallery of 18 feet wide on each side; a part of each of which is enclosed and floored with Colony lumber, and makes a very convenient and comfortable Dwelling.
A side Building 95 feet long by 15 wide, divided into seven parts, for Kitchen, Store-room, Stock-house, Wash house, &c.
A Carpenters Logie 60 feet long, 26 feet wide.
A Sawing Logie 42 feet long, 26 feet wide, and 18 feet high, containing a very excellent framed Saw-Pit.
One other Logie 18 feet by 24 to deposit plank or lumber as it comes from the saw-pit.
A Necessary, a Koker, and a Garden railed in with Wallaba slaves, containing some fruit trees.
All the Buildings are in good repair and lately covered with troolies, except the Kitchen and Necessary, which are shingled with Wallaba shingles. There is on the Land Crabwood, Manicoles and Troolies, and it would be an acquisition to a Carpenter, Boat builder, or Wood cutter.
The place is at present occupied by Mr. Wm. Reach, by application to whom it can be seen at any time, and should it prove more agreeable can conveniently be divided into two parts as the Buildings are well placed for that purpose3. The Land is extremely good for Coffee, Plantains or other Provisions, and the terms will be made very easy to any approved purchaser. Apply to F. J. Huesteeg at Werk & Rust, or to J. Feuillet on Plantation Hayma.
Should the above Land not be sold in four or five weeks from this date it will be offered at Public Sale.
Demerary, 3d September, 1810.

The Office of P. A. De Veer, Attorney at Law, is removed to the House of H. Cantzlaar, J.Z. Middle-Dam of Stabroek.
Monday, 3d September 1810.

Stolen [heading]
From alongside of the King's Stelling, on Saturday Night the 1st inst. (where it was fastened with a Chain and Padlock) - A Punt belonging to Government, 27 feet long and 8 feet wide.
Whoever will give information or discover the thief to the undersigned will be handsomely rewarded.
Stabroek, Demerary, 4th September 1810.
J. R. Brandt. Commissary.

Notice. [heading]
On Tuesday Evening last some Negroes attacked my Servant, when landed from a Boat on the American Stelling, and took from him, a Theodolite Staff, a Branding Iron (M. D.) and ten Surveying Rods, as well as a pair of Boots. Whoever may have got those Articles, is requested to leave them at the Store of Messrs. James Jackson & Co. - as they can be of no use to any Person but myself.
M. Downie.
Stabroek, 4th September 1810.

For Sale. [heading]
At a reasonable Price,
Any Quantity of Plantations from an Estate up the river, which has the advantage of a Stelling, to which Boats can come at any time of Tide
Also 4000 lbs Coffee. Application to
James Robertson
New town, 4th September, 1810. Agent.

The Subscribers intending to leave this Colony, hereby request all those who have put Clocks, Watches, &c. into their hands, that they will call for them, otherwise they will be under the necessity of disposing of them at Public Vendue, in one Month from this date, to pay their Repairs. They at the same time request all those who may have any Demands against, or are indebted to them, to come forward, in order to receive their Claims, and discharge their Debts.
E. S. Soret & Comp.
Demerary, 4th September 1810.

Drifted or Stolen, from the Plantation Concordia (opposite the first Island) a small Batteau or Punt, with a Tent. Whoever will deliver her to the Subscriber in Stabroek, will receive the customary Reward. Any Person in whose Possession she may be found after this Notice, will be Prosecuted according to Law.
John Macdonald.
Demerary, 4th September 1810.

A. C. Williamson. [heading]
Coppersmith, Plumber, and Brass founder,
Lately from Europe.
Begs leave to offer his services (in any of the above branches) to the Gentlemen Merchants and Planters of these Colonies, when he flatters himself, from his perfect knowledge of the different branches, having served a regular Apprenticeship to the Business and wrought in the first Manufactories in England, he abel by assiduity and attention to those who may employ him to merit their Patroniga. Letters addressed to him on Plantation Huys te Deeren, West Coast, Essquebo, will be punctually attended to.
September 3d, 1810.

The Subscribers have for Sale: [heading]
[first column]
Salt in tierces and barrels,
Terras in barrels,
Cordage of different sizes,
Lead and Log Lines,
Sewing and Sail Twine,
Canvas No. 5 and 7,
Paints and Paint Oil,
Ensigns, Jacks, Burgees and Pendants,
Red and White Bunting,
Blocks and Mast Hoops,
[second column]
Cambooses, different sizes,
Anchors, ditto,
Hooks and Thimbles,
Boat Rudder Irons,
Marlin Spikes and Boat Hooks,
Small Spars,
Ash Oars,
A Trunk Cloves,
Snuff in Cannisters,
Coffee and Molasses Casks,
Wallaba Posts, Laths and Staves,
[end columns]
And Sundry other Articles.
London Particular Madeira Wine in Pipes, Hogsheads and Quarter Casks, - and first Quality Noyeau in Cases of 12 bottles each.
De Munnick & Co.
Demerary, 4th September 1810.

Public Vendues. [heading]

[no new listings]

Secretary's Office. [heading]
This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Wm. Grant, in 14 days from 16 August.
Geo. Reed (of Dochfour) in 14 days, from 20th Aug.
G. H. Van Senden, in ditto, from ditto.
Thos. Steele, in ditto, from 22d do.
Thos. Atkins, with his Family and three Servants, in 14 days or 6 Weeks, from the 23d August.
George Runice, in 14 days from the 24th August, or by the Ship Hopewell.
John Foal, in 14 days or one Month, from 29th Aug.
Fanny Harving, in 14 days or 6 weeks from 30th Aug.
Owen Kernan, in 14 days, from the 31st August.
George Stolger, ditto, do.
A. Tinne, senior Clerk.

At the request of Messrs. Hugh Douglas and R. B. Knight, provisionally appointed by His Excellency Governor Bentinck as Curators in the Insolvent Boedel of Robert Craig deceased, under date of the 31st August last, - Notice is hereby given that all Persons having Demands against the said Boedel are requested to render them before the expiration of Six Weeks from the date hereof to the said Hugh Douglas and R. B. Knight q.q. or at the Office of Messrs. Cantzlaar & De Veer, Attornies at Law, Brick-Dam, Stabroek, to enable the Curators to close said Boedel.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, 4th September 1810.
Alex. Tinne, Senior Clerk.

Rio Essequebo. [heading]
List of the Estates &c. who have Paid their Colonial Tax levied on Slaves for the Year 1808 - Published by order of the Honble. Court of Policy.
[first column]
Estates. Negroes.
Avond, den 29
Aurora 180
Annandale 136
Anna Maria 44
Amsterdam 274
Anna Regina 271
Amensfoort 86 *
Aberdeen (Bacon) 21
Affiance & Onverwagt 333
Adventure 142
Aberdeen (Wishard) 90
Andrew 47
Alliance L 31
Abrahams Zuyl                        146
[illegible - paper fold]
Belleplaine 164
Baskingsburg 38
Batchelors Adventure 68
Begin in t Bosch 35
Berlyns Welwaaren 172
Better Success 19
Belfield 65
Bankhall 127
Barons Bay 28
Batsebas Lust 166
Coffee Grove 99
Columbia 232
Caledonia 145
Concordia 195
Cane Garden 125
Caap Batave 59
Canefield 176
Catharina Elizabeth 61
Cape of Good Hope 28
Clairmont 137
Cornelia 105
Catharina 98
Dumbarton Castle 53
Dorotheas Rust 24
Diamond 83
Devonshire 46
Doornsvreeden 100
Doorhagen 156
Domburg 64
Devonshire Castle 299
Darmouth 39
Daageraad & Mocca 100
Endeavour 91
Engel Rust 143
Evergreen 202
Elizabeth Ann 230
Exmouth 97
Enterprise 101
Elizabeth & Success 148
Eliza 23
Fearnot 85
Federalhall 162
Fitspatrickshall 43
Fairfield 108
Friendship (Thos. King) 394
Frischgewaagd 9
Friendship (R. Feffery - sic) 73
Fortitude 30
Good Intent No. 73 73
Good Intent (Searles) 87
Goede Hoop (Sissingh) 24
Goede Hoop (Windhuis) 196
Gedachtenis 139
Graaflykheid 52
Good Intention 44
Good Success 74
Goede Hoop (J. J. Deeges) 118
Gmad Groen 12
Heathfield 30
Henriette 154
Huis te Dieren, 't 223
Hibernia 139
Hoop & Vrees 104
Hackney 55
Hope 132
Hope & Success 65
[second column]
Hoff van Aurich 't 130
Hamburg 185
Hoff van Holland 't 110
Hoff van Zeeland 't 102
Johanna (R. Turvil) 71
Johanna (J. H. H. Touson) 77
Johanna Welhelmina 106
Kitty 97
Klyn Paris 39
Kinell 137
Klyn Zigt 23
Kew 16
Lust tot Rust 17
Land of Promise 55
[illegible - paper fold]
Liberty 127
Lief de de (sic) 116
Makeshift 82
Mainstay 163
Marias Lodge 63
Marias Pleasure 352
Marionville 144
Maria Johanna 119
Middlesex 109
Meerzorg 312
Maria Elizabeth 88
Nieuw Vreedenburg 26
Ninive 74
No. 32 Lot 39
Noorden 15
Nill & Providence 72
Niew Ostenbeck 110
2-3 No. 45 27
1-3 No. 45 10
Nooytgedagt 26
1-2 No. 50 (Fortitude formerly) 10
Opkomst 197
Onderneeming 159
Paradise 70
Perth & Dunkeld 108
Prosperity 25
Phoenixpark 53
Pleasinghope 61
Perseverance 53
Rural Retreat 20
Retrive 265
Richmond 122
Richmondhill 110
Resource La 52
Reliance 126
Rushbroek & Bremen 76
Sparta 118
Spring Garden 185
Sarah 151
Succes [sic] No. 19 10
Sophienburg 121
Sanssouci 80
Terra Ferma 67
Tweedside 26
Three Friends 47
Twee Vrienden 106
Tarsis 100
Triangle 12
Utrecht (Brunel) 13
Union 221
Uniform 139
Vilvoorden 140
Vertrouwen 184
Vrouw Anna 177
Westfield 60
Windsor 98
Waltonhall 89
Weltevreeden (Bilsteen) 16
Wartenberg 14
Witte Zivaan de 29
Weltevreeden (Butteweg) 41
Wisselvalligheid 94
Zeezigt 44
Zorg 69
Zorg & Vlyt 104
[third column - new headings]
[Transcriber's note: Bl. appears to be an abbreviation for boedel]
Individuals Negroes
Arthur Elizabeth 8
Anderson James 14
Bunting Joseph 2
Burnett E. N. 9
Blecher L. C. 1
Burton Henry 3
Beusekom A. H. Van 8
Brodhag J. L. 1
Bradshaw R. 11
Bohm Wed. 2
Beek P. C. 9
Barkey A. T. 6
Black T. 3
Burgess Wm. 6
Brunel Wed. 3
Buisson Abm. 6
Brunel Jan. 4
Broodhage Aurora free wn. 4
Borel H. 6
Brass C. A. 1
Brumell John 5
Boter I. E. 1
Boter J. H. F. 3
Bishop I. E. 66
Bergman H. 4
Bishop, Bl. E. 29
Brulyns, Van kant 3
Burght, I. Van der 5
Cuff Helena 9
Cave, John 1
Cappelaar, The heirs of 4
Christiaansen E. 10
Conwaijs 4
Clark John 10
Crawford John 6
Cox B. H. W. 7
Clarke B. W. 2
Cordes I. F. 17
Cathery Thos. 26
Cleave, Wed. 7
Cadet, Baptist 1
Christie Alexr. 2
Don Ths. 2
Dain N. P. I. Van 5
Dempster W. B. 8
Dyk L. Van 1
Dieraard Miss 1
Ernst I. C. 9
Es, P. Van 15
Eeckhart, Eliz. 2
Easton, I. B. 4
Felania free woman 2
Finlay Mathew 1
Frizell Bl. B. H. 18
Fraser John 14
Fileen Bl. Dd. 1
Fleischman A. 13
Gill James 9
Greathead, Ch. 2
Griffith T. 1
Griffin George 2
Gilberts Is. 1
Gelot Louisa free women [sic] 8
Gelot Elizabeth 6
Grunken, L 1
[illegible - above below - paper fold]
Gardans Maria 4
Grant Jno. 1
Groot, A. V. Ryck de 30
Geelhoed P. 2
Higgs, Wed. 3
Hancock, J. 2
Hartensfield L. 2
Handel, Bl. Lucretia 3
Harwood Henry 3
Henry Jno. 5
Harincaspel, Bl. Van 1
Harker W. & Sa. Waterman 5
Heim M. 5
Hebbelinck, B. 2
Janse, P. 2
Juhlss, H. R. [or Juhlfs] 1
Jansen Wed. S. A. 7
Joris free man 1
Jones Alexr. 2
[second column]
Individuals Negroes
Jungius Bl. 2
Johnston Laz. 10
Johnstone A. 15
Koene I. 3
Kelders C. 1
Kip B. C. 4
Kihing J. A. 8
Knegt, A. C. 5
Kreekel F. 7
Keating Chs. 1
Kesler I. F. 7
Kingston B. 28
Linau H. 5
Lupe S. L. de 1
Lachtrop [illegible] 1
Linberg E. 4
Mooy Wm. 20
Meeler J. A. 6
Mathews C. S. 2
Mason Thos. 1
Mottet Robt. 12
Middleburg A. P. 1
Middleburg P. 1
Murphey E. 1
Mills Alexr. 4
Moll P. C. 1
Marianna the woman 10
Maquet Bl. 3
McFarlan J. 3
McPherson Evan 4
[illegible - above below - paper fold]
McFarguhan John 13
Mertens Wed. M. N. 6
McArthtur Robt. 4
Magdelaine free woman 4
Ouckama P. C. 9
Oth N. 1
Poggenburg H. 3
Peelman free man Cornelis 1
Pill do. do. Francis 5
Pauli Wm. 2
Pheiffer J. 1
Perret G. F. 1
Perret & Beausobre 7
Parkinson Saml. 3
Roufkolb J. P. 3
Roden free woman A. Van 1
Rinck do. do. Jeanette 1
Repair do. do. Mercy 2
Runcie John 19
Rhodius free woman Mariana 8
Roza do. do. 1
Roth J. 4
Ryck Bl. of the Wed. 5
Ruperti F. W. 11
Rapin C. J. 2
Snethlage H. L. 1
Spaman J. P. 2
Smith Rd. 1
Simon free man 1

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