Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1811 February 16


Vol. VI.]

[No. 346.


                        Commissariat Office,
                        February 13, 1811.
WANTED, the following articles, to be approved of by the Assistant Quarter and Barrack Master General and delivered at his Store at Fort William Frederick.
47 Tradesmen's Hats,
47 Do. Jackets,
47 Do. Trowsers,
111 Labourers' Hats,
111 Do. Jackets,
111 Do. Trowsers,
2 Boy's Hats,
2 Do. Jackets,
2 Do. Trowsers,
149 Yards Check.
Sealed Tenders, in quadruplicate, and on half sheets foolscap paper, marked "Tenders for Clothing," will be received at this Office until Monday next, the 18th instant, at 10 o'clock, when they will be opened in presence, of the Officer commanding His Majesty's troops, and the lowest if approved accepted.
Assistant Comsy General.

15th February, 1811.
THE Subscriber hereby gives Notice, that he will give a liberal price in Cash for any quantity of BORICARADA or LETTER WOOD, delivered to him on or before the first of April next.
Assistant Comsy. General.

ALL Persons having Demands against the late WILLIAM HEATHCOTE Esq. or against the firm of HEATHCOTE, SOUTHERN & Co. are requested to render them to the Subscribers for Liquidation, and those, who are indebted to either of the above Concerns, are requested to make payment without delay.
AD. SMITH, [right pointing brace indicating 'Executors.']
Cumingsburg, 15th February 1811.

Wanted a Manager [heading]
For a large COFFEE ESTATE.
ANY Person, fully qualified as such, and of respectable Character, will hear of a very advantageous situation, by applying to
Cumingsburg, 15th Feb. 1811.

THE Subscriber intends to leave the colony for the benefit of his health, and visit the Islands of Nevis, St. Eustatia, St. Thomas, St. Christopher, and Curacoa, from which latter place he will return to this Colony; his friends may profit by such opportunity for the delivery of Letters. All Persons who have any Demands against him prive, or as Sequestrator of Plantation Uytkomst, on Articles delivered by his order, are requested to call for payment; and he also requests that his Clients will call for their Papers, or he will be obliged to deposit them, on their account and risk, at the Secretary's Office.
Yorkshire-Hall, 15th Feb. 1811.

FROM the residence of Mr. D. McKAY in Kingston, on Thursday the 14th inst. Two SILVER CUPS the stamp mark GS [with the letters 'TH.' directly below] any person giving information so as to detect the thief, shall be handsomely rewarded. Should the same be offered for Sale it is requested the bearer thereof may be Secured.
Demerary, 16th February 1811.

ON the third of May next will be exposed for Sale, and Sold to the highest bidder, by the Vendue Master of Essequebo, by order of the Executors of the Estate of T. DUIM, thereto authorised by the Honorable Court of Justice of Demerary, as supreme Guardians.
The Sugar Estate called Perseverance, formerly De Noord star, situated on the Arabian Coast, between the Plantations Goede Hoop, and Berlyns Welvaaren, containing 280 acres Land, of which about 40 acres are planted in Canes, and twelve in plantains, with all the buildings thereon, Consisting in a brick Boiling house, with one set of boilers, a Cattle Mill, Pagas Logies, Dwelling house, Hospital &c. And also fifty four good Negroes and Twenty six Mules.
The above property will first be exposed seperately and the Negroes in families, payable in four instalments at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months from the day of Sale. And afterwards the property and all the Negroes will be exposed in one Lot. When a first payment, of Twenty five thousand Guilders, will be required within six weeks from the day of Sale, and the remaining Sum in three annual instalments, to be calculated from the day of Sale, and interest on the remaining unpaid Capital.
Should a better offer be made in the last instance than in the former, the former must be considered void.
On the same day will be exposed for Sale, Sixteen Prime negroes belonging to the same Boedel, who have been employed for the last three years on the above-mentioned plantation, without being attached to it.
Two good Securities will be required, to the satisfaction of the Vendue Master.
The Sale will take place on the plantation PERSEVERANCE, and to begin in the morning at ten o'clock.
Essequebo, 16th February 1811.

FROM the Subscriber, a Young Negro Man, named HARRY; lately bought from Mr. BAUCH; he speaks English, has a pleasant Countenance. A JOE Reward will be given to any Person who will secure him in the Goal [sic] of Stabroek.
Yorkshire-Hall, Feb. 15, 1811.

ON the 29th of December, 1810, a Negro Man, named QUASHEY, by trade a Carpenter; he is thin-made, and about 5 feet 8 inches high; speaks Creole, English, Dutch, and French. One Joe Reward will be given for apprehending and delivering him to the Subscriber, or to Mr. W. MASSIAH, New-Town.
Mahaica, 16 Feb. 1811.

ALL Persons who have any Account or Demand against the Boedel of JAMES TELFER, deceased, are hereby requested to render them in, unto the Subscriber in Charles-Town, for examination, within Six Weeks; and, at the same time, those who stand indebted to the Estate of the said James Telfer, deceased, are also requested to come forward with payment, that the Subscriber may be enabled to arrange the business to the satisfaction of those concerned.
H. P. QUISTEL, Executor.
Charles Town, 16th Feb. 1811.


On Wednesday, the 20th of February, by order of MCINROY, SANDBACH, & Co. at their Store.
Ship bread and rice in tierces, hams, beef and pork in half barrels, Irish linen, bed sheeting, platillas, fine dowlas, cotton hammocks, table cloths, harn [sic], calicoes, cotton and linen checks, brown holland, ginghams, cotton checks, seersuckers, fine Madrass handkerchiefs, salempores, thread and tape, cotton stockings, gloves, York stripe, bed tick, Osnaburgs, Russia sheeting and ravensduck, fine quilting and jean, tin, glass & earthen ware, beer and porter &c. &c.
February 16th. KINGSTON & MCBEAN.

On Saturday the 23d Instant, will be exposed for Sale at the VENDUE OFFICE. - A trunk printed cambric, a ditto boots, furniture chintz, brown platillas, Irish linen, checks, oznaburgs, barley and pease in kegs, porter, gin and brandy in cases, &c.
February 14th. KINGSTON & MCBEAN.

On Monday the 4th of March next, will be sold at the ORPHAN CHAMBER.
Furniture, Wearing Apparel, an Electrical apparatus, Negroes, a Phaeton Harness, a sail Boat to be seen at the loge of Messrs. BRIDGE & HARROWER, and what further may be offered on the day of Sale.
February 16th. KINGSTON & MCBEAN.

On Wednesday the 17th April next, will be exposed for Sale at the VENDUE OFFICE, by order of Mr. JAMES FOTHERINGHAM. - Twelve head Creole Cattle, a Horse and Chaise, Household Furniture, a large collection of Books, &c.
February 16th. KINGSTON & MCBEAN.


THIS is to inform the
Public, that the follow-
ing Persons intend
quitting this Colony;-

deezer Colonie word gead-
verteerd dat de volgende
Persoonen von voorneemen
zyn van hier na elders te
vertrekken, viz;

Henry King, in 14 days or One Month, from 23d Jan.
Peter Halliday, in 14 days or 5 weeks from 23d do.
John Auld, in 3 Weeks or One Month from 23d do.
James Moffat, in do. or do. from 23d do.
James H. Curtis, in 14 days or 3 Weeks from 25th do.
John Henery in 14 days from the 28th January.
Mrs. E. N. Walcott and Family, in ditto from do.
Mary Tape in 14 days or 6 Weeks, from 28th Jany
Saml. Dowdle in 14 days from the 1st February.
Antoine St. Felix in 14 days or 6 Weeks from ditto.
Joseph Templeman, in ditto, do. do.
Henry Austin in 14 days or one Month from Feb. 4th.
John Buchannan, in 14 days from the 4th February.
Saml. Ramsden, in 14 days, from 11th Feby. 1811.
John Fraser, in ditto or 6 Weeks, from 11th ditto.
John McGarel, in ditto or ditto, from 11th ditto.
C. J. A. Stakman, in 14 days, from 11th ditto.
Jeanette Burton and 3 Children, in ditto, from 14 do.
Mrs. Sarah Nurse, in ditto or ditto, from 14th ditto.
Margt. Fraser, in ditto or One Month, from 15th do.
F. A. Barrow, in 14 days or 6 Weeks, from 15th do.
John Crone, in ditto or ditto, from 15th ditto.
N. Rousselet in 14 days, from 16th February.
A. TINNE, senior Clerk.

AGREEABLE to an Order of the Honble: Court of Justice of this Colony, dated the 24th January last, given in the matter of J. SCHEEIDO [sic – Schneido] q q. P. F. SCHIRMEISTER, versus the Proceeds of the Executorial Sale of Plantation- WELGELEGEN, I the undersigned Deputy Secretary do hereby summon, all those who may lay any Claim to the said proceeds, to give in such their Claim or Claims, with the vouchers relating thereto, on the 2d day of the Ordinary Session of the Court of Justice aforesaid, in the month of July 1811, when the Court will proceed to decide on the preference or priority of such claims, and decree perpetual silence against those who shall not have given in their claims at that time.
Court House, Stabroek, Demerary, 11th February 1811.
C. T. TINNE, Dy: Secty:
[Transcriber's note: this advertisement did not appear in an earlier issue.]

UIT kragte van zeekere dispositie van den Edele Achtbaare Hove van Justitie deezer Colonie, d. d. 24 January l.l. in cassa J. SCHNEIDO q.q. P. F. SCHIRMEISTER, arrestant en Eischer, op en de jegens, het provenue der koopschat van het by Executie verkogte stuk Grond of Plantage WELGELEGEN. Worden hiermede door my ondergeteekende Secretaris opgeroepen alle die geenen welke mogen sustineeren tot het gem. Provenue gerechrigd te zyn, om hunne pretensien op den 2de dag der Ordinaris Sessie van deesen Hove in de maand July 1811, (als welke dag daartoe peremptoir is gepr¾figeerd) ten Hove in te dienen; zullende als dan door het Hof worden geprocedeerd tot het reguleeren der pr¾ en concurrentie, als mede tot het decreteered van eeuwig silentium; alles ingevolge styl en ordonnantien.
Actum Raadhuise, Stabroek, Demerary den 11e Feb. 1811.
C. T. TINNE, Secretaris.
[Transcriber's note: this advertisement did not appear in an earlier issue.]

Average Cash Prices of Produce in Stabroek this day.
Cotton - 14 1/2 to 15 stivs. Sugar - 3 to 3 1/2 stivers.
Coffee - 6 to 6 1/2. Rum (C.P.) - 20 to 22 1/2

The Financial Representatives beg leave to lay before the Inhabitants their Proceedings at the last Meeting of the Honorable Court of Policy, combined with them for the purpose of laying the Taxes, as far as regards proposals made for rendering the Representation of the Inhabitants more complete, the particulars of which will appear by reference to the Copy of the minutes of the Court, and other papers hereto annexed. Such of the Inhabitants as approve thereof, are requested to signify the same, by signing the Memorial to His Excellency the Governor and the Honorable Court of Policy, sent round herewith for that purpose. And it is further requested, that should any Inhabitant disapprove of the Plan suggested, he would state his objections, and propose such other plan as he may think better.

An Extract of the Minutes of the Proceedings of the Honorable Court of Policy of the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary and their Dependent Districts, combined with the Financial Representatives of the Inhabitants, held at the Court House in Stabroek, Demerary.

His Excellency Governor H. W. BENTINCK,
The Honble. P. C. OUCKAMA, Commandeur of Essequebo.
The Honble. P. F. [sic] VAN BERCKEL LL.D. Fiscaal of Demerary.,
And the Honorable [right pointing brace indicating 'Members of the Court of Policy.']


J. J. DEEGES, [right pointing brace indicating 'Esquires. Financial Representatives.']

Tuesday, 4th December 1810.
(After Prayers.)
The Financial Representatives having attended the Court agreeable to adjournment, &c. Mr. JOHN WILSON rose and begged the Governor leave to read to the Court a paper containing some remarks and representations of the Financial Representatives as to the nature of their offices, which having obtained, Mr. WILSON read as follows: -
The Financial Representatives have long considered that the nature and extent of the duties of their situation should be clearly defined, but not withstanding that this inquiry has been made at every meeting of the combined Court, during a period of several years, yet no satisfactory answer has hitherto been obtained, nor has the origin of the institution ever been accurately ascertained, altho' it took place within the memory of most of the present members. At the last meeting of the combined Court the Financial Representatives were told that they were appointed by a resolution of the Honorable Court of Policy subsequent to the capture of the Colony in the year 1796 - the minutes were accordingly referred to, and tho' it appeared that the Court of Policy sanctioned the election of six persons as Financial Representatives instead of four Kiezers who had hitherto met the Court in that capacity, yet it cannot therefrom be inferred that the idea of such a combined Court originated with them, for it had existed under another form from the beginning of the year 1795; nor is it likely that they would assume the power of changing the existing constitution without the sanction of a higher power. That such sanction was given by the Government of Holland appears by a detail of various communications between this and the mother country, contained in a memorial presented to General WHYTE on the capture of the Colony in 1795. By this memorial, which states, we conclude, authentic facts, it appears that the inefficient representation of the Inhabitants of these Colonies was complained of at a very early period, and representations on that subject made to the sovereign previous to the appointment of Baron VAN GROVESTINE [sic] to the government of these Colonies; which representations, it clearly appears, were attended to, as is proved by the 39th and 19th articles of his instructions from the Colony Board, which after some time he communicated to the Court of Policy; and in consequence of which he summoned that Court to meet and form a combined Court with the Kiezers, to deliberate on the best mode of raising the Taxes, and in the manner the most conformable to the 19th article of his instructions. Neither this, however, nor subsequent meetings, produced any settled plan; and it was not until after his departure from the Colony, and during the serious disturbances which were consequent thereon in 1795, and which were rendered more alarming by a revolt of some Negroes on the West Coast of Demerary, that the Governors ad interim (two members of the Honorable Court of Policy) summoned that Court to meet four of the Kiezers, two from each river, to deliberate not only on levying the Taxes, which were then necessary, but it was determined that the appropriation of these Taxes should rest with the four Colony Counsellors and the four Kiezers, forming the combined Court. And this no doubt was considered the meaning of the several orders received from Holland on the subject. The Kiezers holding their seats for life were deemed improper Representatives for Taxation, which, it appears, gave rise to the election of Financial Representatives, who have only a seat for two years. It is presumed, however, on their appointment, that the same powers which the combined Court of Policy with the Kiezers possessed, were delegated to them; and that they were not only intended to deliberate on the best mode to lay the Taxes, but to superintend the expenditure of the public money, and also to be consulted whenever any extraordinary expence should be incurred during the year.
Unless these powers are vested in the Financial Representatives, it is their humble opinion, that their sitting with the Honorable Court of Policy once a year, can be of no possible use to their constituents, and that tho' it has no doubt always been their intention to act conscientiously, yet that they could not perform the duties imposed on them by their oath.
Strongly impressed with these sentiments the Financial Representatives request of the Honorable Court of Policy to state what they consider the Constitutional duty of, and Powers that are vested in them. And in the event of their situation being declared to be such as renders them of no use to the Inhabitants, by whom they are elected; they must then, tho' very reluctant to impede the Public business, decline taking any part in levying the Taxes over the Expenditure of which they are to have no controul.
(Signed) J. J. DEEGES.
Demerary, 4th Dec. 1810. RD. NUGENT.

THE GOVERNOR then proposed that the subject of these Representations should be deliberated upon with the Financial Representatives, and the same having been duly considered and discussed accordingly, and the Court having fully admitted the Justice of the Remarks made by the Financial Representatives, and the Expediency of remedying, under the present circumstances of the Colony, the deficiency in the Representation of the Inhabitants in the Legislature; complained of by the Financial Representatives, it was Resolved unanimously that, as that deficiency could not be remedied without making some material Change in the Constitution of the Colony, established by the Sovereign, which this Court have not in their Power to do without the Sanction of the Sovereign, the Financial Representatives be requested, in a Memorial to be presented by them to this Court, in the Names of the Constituents, to propose such measures as they shall think most likely to bring the Representations of the Inhabitants in the Colonial Legislature on a more equal footing in every respect; and that the Financial Representatives do further obtain the sense of the Inhabitants on the measures so to be proposed by them, when the Court, as soon as it shall appear to them, that the Majority of the respectable Inhabitants do approve thereof, will request His Excellency the Governor to be pleased to transmit the Plan to His Majesty's Government, praying in the name of the Court that the same may be taken into consideration, and the Changes in the Constitution of the Colony, which it shall so appear to be the Wish of the Majority of the respectable Inhabitants to obtain, be established by His Majesty's Government accordingly.
A True Extract,
(Signed) C. T. TINNE, Dy. Secty.

The following is a Copy of the Memorial presented by the Financial Representatives in consequence of the preceding Resolution of the Combined Court of Policy and Financial Representatives, which they presented to the Honorable Court of Policy, as their Sentiments of the Change in the Representation of the Inhabitants most proper to be made, but without pledging themselves that their Constituents were of the same Opinion, as they had not then an Opportunity of collecting their Sentiments.

To His Excellency HENRY WILLIAM BENTINCK Esquire, Governor and Commander in Chief, and the Honorable Court of Policy of the Colonies of Demerary and Essequebo.

We the undersigned Financial Representatives of the above Colonies beg leave to state to your Excellency and the Honorable Court of Policy, That under the present Constitution of these Colonies, We find Ourselves restricted from doing what We conceive to be the duties of our Situation, and of rendering that Service to our Constituents that they expect from Us, in as much as We are taught to understand that We are compelled to confine Our deliberations solely to the mode of Taxation and to checking the Account of the Public Receivers, instead of having a Power which as Representatives of the Inhabitants paying Taxes, we conceive ought to be vested in Us, of superintending jointly with your Excellency and the Honorable Court, the Expenditure of the Public Money, and of being consulted in the case of extraordinary Expences to be incurred, which call for additional Taxes from the People, but understanding that in the present situation of these Colonies this cannot be altered, and feeling Ourselves inefficient, We beg leave to suggest that from the encreased number of Inhabitants of these Colonies, as well by their augmented Cultivation, as by the very considerable Mercantile Houses now established here, the former number of elective Members of the Honorable Court of Policy consisting of two only from each Colony is become insufficient for the Public Duties, and to submit to your Honorable Court, the Propriety of taking the sense of the Inhabitants on a Petition for adding three elective Members for each Colony to the Honorable Court of Policy, whose duties would of course be more enlarged, instead of the six Financial Representatives, who appear under the present Constitution, to be no way entrusted with any Controul of the Public Expenditure, and We conceive that in the present extended state of Commerce of the Colonies, the Mercantile Body should also have a Right of Election, and that as the Qualification for the Merchant or other Capitalist should be confined to that Class of Inhabitants that pay the Tax on an Income of Ten Thousand Guilders or upwards.
We trust that your Excellency and the Honorable Court will receive these Suggestions, which originate only in an anxious desire to do our Public Duty conscientiously, and to contribute as far as may be in our Power to the Welfare of the Colonies with approbation, and will afford Us the necessary support in carrying this Plan, or any other that may embrace the Objects required, in the most effectual manner into Execution.
Demerary, 6th December, 1810.
(Signed) J. J. DEEGES.

[right pointing hand icon] It is with exceeding pleasure we have been enabled to lay the above before the public - to whom it will be doubtless as welcome, as it is honorable to the Gentlemen it originated with.

The non-arrivals from England still prevent our answering the following important questions with any satisfaction, either to ourselves or that extensive population which the Royal Gazette is constantly subscribed to:

Does the King live?
Is the Regency established?
And Has a Battle been fought in Portugal?

Respecting the first, al we can say is – that if the prayers of a grateful people, enamoured of a reign of love and good-intent, can move the Deity for the continuance of a life so truly valuable, he, "who has born his faculties so meek, has been so clear in his high office, that his virtues" speak "like angel trumpet-tongued," in his behalf – undoubtedly exists!

In the second place, as to the Regency – unfortunately for the king personally, and for the people politically, there has long been occasion for one; and confident are we, that in our beloved but afflicted monarch's lucid intervals, its appointment has been, for his people's good, the first wish of his benevolent heart; and hence we may conclude, (united with the present Administration's full conviction, that no act is legal without the sanction of the third estate, whose functions a Regent would exercise,) that long ere this, that constitutional substitute for a king, is full established in the person of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales; who, always magnamious, doubtless has over-looked, for the tranquility of his future realm, the form and manner it has approached him in!

Thirdly, and lastly: - as to "a battle fought by the Britons brave," though not authenticated, undoubtedly has taken pace – "one, worthy Britons!" for the reinforcements which have long arrived, have assuredly enabled Wellington to strike the final bow, and give the natives power to say, that from her Gallic enemy at last – Portugal is free!

The third subscription Ball, advertised in another part of this Paper, to be given on Tuesday the 26th instant is expected to be the most brilliant ever known in the Colony.

DIED - on Wednesday last, Mr. Thomas Riding, carpenter.

Madam Jerome Buonaparte lives, it is said, in great style in the vicinity of Baltimore; she received her pension of 40,000 dollars upon condition of breaking her marriage with Mr. Oakley, and never marrying again. Her pension is paid her annually, and before-hand, by Mr. Beajour, the French Consul at Philadelphia, who has 2,000,000 dollars in his hands, remitted by American smugglers to that country from Mexico, before Buonaparte's outrages in Spain were known.

LIST of Runaway and Arrested SLAVES in the
Colony Stocks of DEMERARY, 16th February 1811.



Brought by





Boed. F. C. Engels,



Boed. Rood,






Doct. Arenburg,






Boed. Ross, Berbice

Pl. Eendragt.



James Allan.


Rool, (Berbice)



Pl. Pouderoyen,

Pl. Nismes.



Pl. Golden Grove.


Fraser (Correntine)

Pl. Friendship.



Pl. Helena.



Pl. Sophia.

S. G. MARTENS, Drossart.

STABROEK: Printed and Published
By Edward James Henery.

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