Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1811 April 16


Vol. VI.]

[No. 363.

TUESDAY, APRIL 16th, 1811.

[Transcriber's note: the issues between March 26 and this date are missing in the microfilm]

            Demerary, 13th April, 1811.
WANTED for the Supply of the ROYAL ENGINEER DEPARTMENT, the following Lumber, viz: -
6500 feet of 1 Inch White Pine Boards,
850 of 2 Inch Plank.
To be delivered at Fort William Frederick, and to be approved of by the Commanding Royal Engineer. Tenders for which, endorsed "Tenders for Lumber," will be received at this Office until 12 o'clock on Wednesday next the 17th Inst. when they will be opened in presence of the respective Officers, and the lowest offer (if approved) accepted.
The said Lumber to be delivered within four days after the acceptance of such Tender.
Actg. Ordnce. Store-Keeper.

A Negro from the Country was detected in a Store in Town, on Sunday last, issuing a TWENTY-JOE PAPER; - the Negro was of course secured, and the Money taken from him. Any person that may have lost such a sum, may apply to the Printer of this Paper for further information. April 15th, 1811.

FOR BILLS on LONDON, at Ninety days Sight, to the amount of £ 1000 Sterling, to be drawn in sums to suit purchaser. Also
For 40 Bales Clean Cotton.
Apply to
Cumingsburg, 15th April 1811. AD: SMITH.

MOST respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that he has obtained the permission of His Excellency the Governor, to open
in a few weeks, and he hopes, by the general attention that well be paid, to render his house comfortable to those who may honor him with their favors.
Demerary, Middle-Street, Bridge-Town,
15th April, 1811.

A healthy Negro Man,
Coffee, of good quality, will be received in payment at market price. Enquire at this Office.
April 16, 1811.

THE Subscriber, on Wednesday morning last, having found Sixteen Bales of Cotton lodged in the Passage of His House on Lot No. 20, fronting Middle Street, Bridge Town, and being under the necessity of having a free passage, was, in consequence, obliged to store them. Whoever can prove the same their property, may have them restored, by paying the expences of this Advertisement and Storage.
Demerary, 12th April 1811. Wm. NIELL.

A Great Bargain may be had in a COFFEE and COTTON ESTATE, situated on the East Coast. Its contiguity to Town (being only 6 miles) and pleasantness of its situation, makes it a desirable property, and well worth the attention of any one desirous of speculating in landed property. There are 50,000 Coffee Trees in bearing, 120 Acres in Cotton, and 70 Acres in Plantains, and will be sold with or without 70 Slaves. To an approved Purchaser a liberal credit of Ten Years will be given, and nothing required down. Particulars may be known on application at the Royal Gazette Office. Demerary, 12th April 1811.

ALL Persons having demands against the Subscriber are requested to render in their Accounts at her Store for payment.
New Town, 13th April 1811.

THE Subscriber respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that he is removed to the Store formerly occupied by JAMES LYON and Co. nearly opposite the Vendue Office; where he has a general assortment of Merchandize, which he will dispose of at reduced prices for immediate payment: amongst which are
Printed Calicoes,
THREE GUILDERS per Piece and upward.
Demerary, 13th April 1811.

RESPECTFULLY acquaints the Public that he has opened a TAVERN at the House on the American Stelling, which Mr. JOSEPH TAYLER lately occupied; and, by his attention to his Visitors, hopes to merit their favours.
Bouillon can be had every day at 12 o'Clock, and genteel persons accommodated with Board and Lodging.
Jubilee Tavern, Demerary, April 13th, 1811.
[right pointing hand icon] A Sign is set up to direct Strangers.

MAAKT Eerbeidiglyk aan 't geEerd Publiek bekend, dat hy een HERBERG geopend heest, ten Huise onlangs bewoond door den Heer JOSEPH TAYLER, op de Americaansche Stelling, alwaar by hoopt door zyne attentie, hun gunst te meriteeren.
Men kan dagelyks aldaar om de Klokke 12 uuren Bouillon bekoomen; gelyk ook verschaft worden met kost en zeer ordentelyk Logies.
Jubilee Herberg, Demerary, 13e April, 1811.
[right pointing hand icon] Een teeken-boord zal opgezet worden voor Vreemdelingen.

ON the Night of the 2d. instant from the Yard of Mr. JEFFERY, in Cumingsburg, a red Creole COW, but in appearance much resembling an American, a Reward of one Joe will be paid to any Person returning the said COW, with all expences attending it; and if discovered to have been Stolen, a further reward of Four Joes will be paid to whomsoever shall give such information, by Mr. JEFFERY.
Cumingsburg, 6th April 1811.

THE Subscriber respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that he has removed to the House adjoining the Royal Gazette Office, (recently occupied by JOSEPH HILL Esq.) where he hopes shortly to offer for Sale, a select assortment of Provisions, Liquors, &c. of the primest quality, and on moderate terms. In the interim he earnestly solicits those who are indebted to him to discharge their accounts.
New Town, 9th April 1811.

For Sale by the Subscribers,
At their Store in Cumingsburg,
Imported in the Ship COMMERCE from Glasgow: -
[first column]
Cotton bagging,
Flax and tow oznaburgs,
Cotton and linen checks,
Linen platillas,
Salempores, demity,
Sheetings, Irish linen,
Nails assorted,
Negro blanketing,
White lead, linseed oil,
Boots and shoes, hats,
Negro jackets and cotton & linen check shirts,
Duck trowsers,
Blue checkered pullicates,
[second column]
Romal handkerchiefs,
Callicoes assorted,
Porter, beer, &c.
Bristol and pickled tripe,
Sausages, tongues, potatoes,
Pickled and red herrings,
Salmon, candles,
Boxes of stationery,
Pease and barley,
Beef in whole and half barrels,
Port wine, &c.
[end columns]
Demerary, 9th April 1811.

EEN ieder welke iets te Pretendeeren hebben van of verschuldigd zyn aan den Boedel van wyen [sic] A. FLEISCHMAN, worden verzoekt van het zelve opgaave en betaaling te komen doen ten Comptoire van
Demerary, 13e April 1811. Delibereerende Executeur.

BY E. A. SCHLICKER zeeker te bekoomen, Best SEEGALE, woonachtig op de Concessie van den Heer Biesschop, April 13e, 1811.

JULT [sic] Landing from the Ship Thomas, and for Sale by the Subscribers at their Store on the American Stelling, a choice selection of Gentlemen's Cloaths, of the latest London fashions, viz: -
[first column]
Superfine broad cloth black coats and pantaloons,
Do. do. light brown,
Do. do. blue and do.
Do. do. green,
[second column]
Do. cassimere small cloaths and pantaloons,
Do. Forlonette vests, bound
Buff cassimere vests, do.
Black silk do.
[end columns]
A choice selection of Gentlemens and Ladies boots & shoes.
Also received by the Sloop First Attempt, on Consignment, a few Hogsheads of old Antigua Rum, Champaigne, Burgundy, Claret, Malaga and Madeira Wines, Cyder and Perry, &c.
Demerary, March 30th, 1811.

THE ORPHAN CHAMBER having been broken open last Night, and several goods having been taken away by the Robbers, a Premium of TWENTY JOES is offered to any person who can give such information as may bring them to conviction.
Demerary, 13th April, 1811.
F. A. VERNEDE, Recorder.

Farther reduction in the Cash
Prices of MEDICINES,
as Sold by the Subscriber.
Best pale Bark Powder at f 18 per lb.
" -- yellow ditto do. " 15 ---
" -- Jalap Powder, . . . . 13 ---
" -- Rhubarb ditto, . . . . 18 ---
Camphor. . . . . . . . . . 20 ---
Cantharides. . . . . . . . 36 ---
Plasters of all kinds, . . 4 ---
The Vitriols, . . . . . . . 3 ---
Opium, . . . . . . . . . . 55 ---
The Aetherl. Spirits, . . . 9 ---
Compound Aether, . . . . . 13 ---
Laudanum and Red Lavender, 7 ---
Paregoric Elixir, . . . . . 5 ---
All the other Tinctures at the same rate or from 7 to f 3 per lb
And other Articles of Medicines at prices which bear a proportion to the above.
Mixed Spices of real Cinnamon, Mace, Cloves and Nutmegs at f 36 per lb. or when Cassia is substituted for Cinnamon, at f 30. Unmixed at the same rate.
Portable Soup in Tin Cases.
Bridge-Town, 9th April, 1811.

THE Subscriber offers for Sale, the following Goods Imported by the Commerce, from Glasgow, viz: -
[first column]
Irish mess beef in barrels and half barrels,
Double rose butter,
London brown stout in bottles,
Table beer in bottles,
Old Port wine in bottles,
Lochstue white herrings in kegs,
Potatoes in hampers,
Printed callico in trunks,
Linen pocket handkerchiefs printed borders,
Romall handkerchiefs,
Cotton and linen checks,
4-4 Irish linen,
White cotton lining,
Muspuito [sic] netting,
Corded dimity,
Fashionable spotted muslin for Ladies' gowns,
Cotton ancle socks,
Coloured striped jean for Boys' cloaths,
India white jean,
White royal rib,
York stripe,
Fashionable fancy ginghams
[second column]
Negro blankets,
Do. check shirts,
Bed tick,
Welch and thick flannel,
Ravens duck,
Russia and Irish sheetings,
Ounce thread No. 8 to 30,
Crown window glass cut in panes 12 by 10, and 15 by 13 inches,
Foolscap paper,
Large and small sized think and thin post paper,
Thick yellow wove post paper,
Foolscap and post paper books half bound,
Ledgers, journals, cash and waste books, full bound, ruled and lettered,
Half pint goblets square feet
Half pint tumblers,
Wine glasses cut and engraved,
3 pint and quart rummers with covers,
Cylinder and India shades.
[end columns]
[first column]
Cogniac brandy,
Hollands gin,
Tea and loaf sugar,
Black pepper,
Gentlemen's coats & coatees
Flannel coatees, jackets and dressing gowns,
[second column]
Brown soap,
Candles 4s. and 6s.
Gunpowder and shot,
Hessian dress half boots,
Dress and half dress shoes,
Nails 4dy to 30dy.
&c. &c.
[end columns]
London particular Madeira Wine,
In Pipes, Hogsheads, and Quarter Casks, and in Bottles.
Demerary, 8th April 1811.

For Sale by the Subscriber:
A few firkins New Butter,
Superfine Flour,
Salmon in kits,
Rounds Beef in ditto,
Lamp Oil,
Negro Head Tobacco, &c.
New-Town, April 10th 1811.


[right pointing hand icon] The Sale of Mr. J. M. BAUCH is postponed from Monday the 22d to Monday the 29th Instant.

On Wednesday 17th April, will be exposed for sale at Public Auction, precisely at 10 o'clock, at Yorkshire Hall, by order of N. ROUSSELET Esq. - A large assortment of excellent Furniture, a great variety of Plate, and several valuable Negroes, &c.

On Thursday the 18th instant at the stores of THOMAS FINLAYSON, Esq. Beef, Pork, Salt Fish, Shads, Herrings, Soap, Candles, Dry Goods &c.
April 13th. KINGSTON & MCBEAN.

On Friday the 19th of April, will be Exposed for Sale at the Vendue Office, [see 18110323EDRG] . . .
On the same day 50 Casks of Newfoundland Fish.
Also by Order of W. A. LEESEMAN q.q. the estate of H. TENHAM deceased - Wearing apparel, &c.
Also on the same day, at six months credit, will be sold at Vendue, by order of GEO. MARTEN, Executor to Wm. CRABB decd. and WILLIAM KING, Goldsmith. – The Schooner Lucy and Dutchess, with all her tackle and apparel (as she now lays off the American Stelling) consisting of new suit of sails, two cables, one of which is almost new, an anchor, new caboose, and two water casks; her rigging all in good order, and the vessel herself in complete repair, with good accommodations, calculated to go to the Islands.

On Friday the 19th Instant, at the VENDUE OFFICE, the property of a Gentleman leaving the Colony - A Negro Girl, who is a seamstress, washer woman, and house maid, 18 Dozen excellent Claret, 60 do. White Wines, 18 do. Old Rum, about a score Sheep and Lambs, Some barrels of Prime Mess Beef, a Mahogany four post Bedstead, with bedding, Musquito Curtains &c. quite new, &c. &c.
April 13th. KINGSTON & MCBEAN.

On Monday the 22d instant, at the VENDUE OFFICE - Twenty boxes Soap, 20 do. Candles, 20 Kegs White Lead, 10 jugs Paint Oil, 10 boxes Raisins, 10 do. Almonds, 10 do. Currants, 1 Bale Russia Sheeting, 20 pieces Oznaburgs, 30 Balls Seine and Sewing Twine, 1 Case Muslins, 1 do. Jeans, 1 do. Corded Dimities, 1 Trunk Checks, 1 do. Nuns Thread, 1 do. Stationary, Beer, Porter, &c.
April 13th. KINGSTON & MCBEAN.

On Tuesday the 23d Instant, at the House of WILLIAM HEATHCOTE, Esq. deceased, in Cumingsburg, by order of his Executors - Household Furniture, Lime in Hogsheads, Kegs Paint, &c. &c.
April 13th. KINGSTON & MCBEAN.

On Wednesday the 24th and Saturday the 27th Inst. will be sold at Public Vendue at the Store of H. O. SEWARD, in Cumingsburg: -
About 20 Head Creole Cattle, and 20 to 30 Head Creole Sheep.
Also, beef, pork, tongues, tripe, flour in half barrels, soap, candles, Poland starch, pease, pearl barley, sago, black pepper, mixed spices, saffron, real cogniac brandy and Hollands gin, old rum in kegs, and a few dozen superior quality perry and cyder, Hoffman's cherry brandy, Harvey's fish and meat sauce, anchovy and quin sauce, olives, capers, and real mushroom catsup, raspberry vinegar, capilaire and orgeat, Golding's lavender, rose and honey water, best hyson and gunpowder tea, by the chest and per lb. best double distilled white wine vinegar in jugs and bottles, fine green and blue paint in pots, mineral and other paints, and paint oil, sein and sewing twine, deep sea lines, anchors and grapnels, sheet copper, straight and folding guaging rods, temper lime, a few elegant sets of breakfast and tea china complete, breakfast and dinner service ware, small mahogany tables, small and large beams with copper scales and weights, German steel hand-saws, tea kettles, breakfast trays, lanterns, estate books, quills, sealing wax, round rulers, memorandum books, folio, gilt mourning and plain letter paper, blotting and note paper, best plated table and tea spoons, McCabe's gold and silver watches capped and jewelled, a table clock, silver pen and pencil cases, razors, penknives, &c. Irish linen and sheeting, Russia sheeting, checks, sewing silks, London made fishing seins, ready made cloaths, consisting of shirts, cravats, coats, coatees, round robins and pantaloons, India jean, and Company's white and yellow nankeen trowsers, drawers, suspenders, gloves; broad and narrow cloths in coat patterns, &c. Real white India nanken [sic], Company's long pieces, London-made top'd and hessian boots, dress and strong shoes, a few pair Madeira boots, Ladies and Children's boots and shoes, baize of different colours, black crape, green canvas for window blinds, Negro blankets, tradesmen's hats, fine India muslin in 10 and 20 yard pieces, India jean and long cloths, rich chintz, musquito netting, coarse muslin in 10 yard pieces 1 1/2 yard wide, Balasore handkerchiefs, &c.
Saddlery of the best quality. - Saddles, bridles, chaise and jockey whips, spurs, spare reins and headstalls, girths, martingales, travelling collars, small valeses and portmanteaus, with pads and straps, a Lady's elegant side saddle with red morocco slipper, curry combs, mane combs, brushes, &c.
Also best quality Fish, in 3, 6, and 8 quintal casks, salt in barrels and baskets, spermaceti oil, neatsfoot oil in jugs, iron pots, tobacco in barrels, &c.
April 16th. KINGSTON & MCBEAN.

On Thursday the 25th and Friday the 26th Instant, at the House of Mrs. C. CLIFTON. -
Gold epaulets, military leather cockades, umbrellas, parasols, silk braces, men's silk hats, women's do. women's bonnets, white India jeans, demitty, sheeting, linen and cotton checks, linen and cotton britannias, cotton platillas, pocket handkerchiefs, musquito netting, toweling, cotton damask for table cloths, flannel, green canvas for window blinds, English and Company nankeens, ready made check shirts, do. do. white cotton do. trowsers, chintz, furniture chintz, plain white cotton cambric, twilled do. do. striped and figured do. deep and half mourning chintz, muslin and cambric for cravats, twilled and watered black cambric, black muslins, shawl gown patterns, fashionable muslin and work India shawls, plain white Norwich shawls, mantles, coloured and black silk handkerchiefs, elegant worked muslins, plain and corded do. imperial nett robes fashionably worked, ladies' ready made dresses, gossamer nett, bombazeen and bombazet, linen diaper, black and white cotton stockings, brown cotton do. children's cotton stockings, plain black and white sarsenet, corded white doe. black figured do. black twilled silk for waistcoats, velvets, twilled Italian sarsenet, jewellery, ribbons, tape and thread, ready made dresses [sic] for boys, gentlemen's town made shoes, boys' shoes, childrens and women's do. shaving cases complete, straw bonnets, cotton sleeves, gloves coloured sewing cotton, work boxes fitted, Irish linen, perfumery, stationery, plated and glass ware, knives and forks, floor cloths, Brussels carpeting, painted chairs, a large looking glass suited to a sitting room, mahogany wardrobes and half chests of drawers, hyson tea, double refined sugar, sallad oil, ketchup, capers and soy, &c.

On Monday the 29th April, by Order of J. M. BAUCH, Esq. at the house of Mrs. BIEGMAN, on the Middle Dam of Stabroek - 15 to 20 Negroes, viz. house servants, carpenters, sawyers and field negroes, Household Furniture consisting of mahogany tables, chairs, bedsteads and bedding, glass ware, plate, silver, coffee, and tea services, silver spoons and forks, shades, globe lamps, looking glasses, a piano forte and organ, table and tea services, Kitchen utensils, &c. &c.
Also a new Coffee Mill.
The whole of the above may be seen on the premises, five days previous to the Sale.
March 30th. KINGSTON & MCBEAN.

On Monday the 13th May, by Order of B. FREYHAUS as Substituted Deliberating Executor in the Boedel of H. H. SCHAPERS, at the house of the deceased – One Third of a Concession, fronting the Concession of A. BARKEY, Esq situated in Charles-town, and known, on the general Chart, by no. 28, with all its Right and Title thereby, and all the buildings thereon erected; as, a Dwelling house long 26 feet, wide 12 1/2 feet, more or less, with a small gallery, one side building, a kitchen and buttery, thereto annexed, and a small necessary. Two punts long 26 feet, wide 8 1/2 feet wide, and the other long 26 feet, wide 6 feet, one coriaal, one grapnel, one coil rope, 17 whip saws, 2 hand ditto, a parcel of different tools, 2 steelyards, 1 1/2 barrel tobacco, one carving machine for tobacco, a barrel salt, 1 do. with some rum, 1 Jack Screw, 1 grind stone, 1 Smith's anvil, some empty rum or water puncheons, 2000 bricks more or less, 3 packs door hinges, 5 new cutlasses, 2 pieces check, 6 pair new black silk stockings, 8 negro jackets, 1 silver tobacco box, 1 mahogany writing desk, 1 spy glass, house utensils, wearing apparel, &c. &c. 50 Crab and other planks, 15 crab and other blocks, 1 parcel of loose plank, 70 bundles shingles, 8 creole sheep, and 1 ram, 1 hog.
Six Negro Men, and a Negro Woman with her two children; the negroes are good looking people, and recommend themselves for their work done for the deceased, one of which is a capable smith and carpenter, and the others are good sawers [sic], and all accustomed to the Boat, the woman is a good washer and house servant.
N. B. The Concession and Slaves to be sold at Six and Twelve months credit.
April 16th. KINGSTON & MCBEAN.


THIS is to inform the
Public, that the follow-
ing Persons intend
quitting this Colony:

deezer Colonie word gead-
verteerd dat de volgende
Persoonen von voorneemen
zyn van hier na elders te
vertrekken, viz;

Thos. Howard Griffith, in 14 days or one month from 28th do.
John Elder, in 14 days from 28 do.
Frs. Caroline Moll, in do. from 28 do.
Wm. Rigg in 14 days from 30th March.
Geo. Rutherford in 14 days from 1st April.
Joseph Mix in do. from 2d. do.
John Oliverson, in 14 days or 6 Weeks, from April 2.
John Hosack, in do. or do. from 3d do.
Henry M. Mathews, in do. or one Month, from 4th do.
Hugh McKenzie, in do. or 6 Weeks, from 4th do.
John Buchanan, in 14 days, from 4th do.
M. M'Donald, in 14 dads [sic] or 6 weeks, from 6th April
C. B. Bauerman, do. or 3 weeks, from 8th.
A. Jordan, do. or 6 weeks, from 9th.
T. DeLisle, do. from 12th.
Mrs. Sarah Walcott, do.
John Mitchel, do.
Colin Dunlop, do.

ALZO JAMES PRINCE, Meerderjarrige Jongman, gebooren te Scarborough, Woonachtig alhier, ter Eenre. en
Mejuffrouw C. ELIZABETH BOEKHORST, minderjaarige Jonge Dochter, geboren in deese Colonie, mede Woonachtig alhier, ter andere zyde.
Van voorneemns zyn met elkander, een Wettig Hewelyk aantegaan, wartoe hy op den 10e deezer Maand door Heeren Commissarissen uit den Edele Achtb. Hove van Justitie in Ondertrouw zyn opgenoomen.
Zoo word zulks aan een iegelyk bekend gemaakt, ten einde die geene welke vermeenen zich tegens het voltrekken, van dit Huwelyk te kunnen opponeeren, zulks is tyds zoude kunnen doen daar en zoo 't behoord.
Actum Secretary van Demerary den 13e April 1811.
Zynde dit de Eerste Bekendmaaking.
In kennisse van my
ALEX. TINNE, Fungd. Secretaris.

Between Mr. JAMES PRINCE, Batchelor, born in Scarborough, and
C. ELIZABETH BOEKHORST, Spinster, born in this Colony. - for the 1st time.
Any person knowing just cause or impediment why the above Parties should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony must declare same at the Colonial Secretary's Office. - Demerary, 12th April 1811.
ALEX. TINNE, Actg. Dy. Secty.

UYT kragte van Appoinctement van den Edele Achtbaare Hove van Justitie der Colonie Demerary [illegible - dark] 23e Maart 1811, worden hiermeede opgeroopen all [sic] binnen en buntenlandsche crediteuren de Boedel van wylen MARGT. JAMES, (waarin R. JONES en M. BUCHANAN als Curators gesteld zyn), om hunne pretensien en sustenuen lasten gemelde Boedel ter Griffie van den Hove voormeld in de Hoofdplaatse Stabroek alhier, te fourneeren namentlyk de binnelandsche crediteuren binnen den tyd van zes maanden, ende buitenlandsche crediteuren binne den tyd van twaalf maanden, van heeden afgereekend; zullende by welgemelde Hove, na expiratie van die tyd worden geprocedeerd tot het reguleeren der prae en concurrentie in voorfz: Boedel en tot het imponeeren van eeuwig stilswygen aan de niet opgekoomen crediteuren.
Actum ten Raadhuise binnen de Hoofdplaatse Stabroek, in Demerary, den 29th Maart 1811.
ALEX. TINNE, Fungd. Secty.

BY Virtue of an Order of His Excellency Governor BENTINCK, by non-session of the Honb. Court of Justice of this Colony, are hereby Summoned, all Persons who have any Claims to the Sale by Execution of the Plantation TWO BROTHERS, situate on the West Coast of this Colony, in order to give in their said Claims on the first day of the Ordinary session of the Honble: Court of Justice of this Colony, held at the Court House, Stabroek, which will take place in the month of May next, when the Court will proceed to decide on said Claims, after which time no further Claims will be admitted. Court House, Stabroek, 27th March 1811.
ALEXR. TINNE, Actg. Dy. Secty.

WHEREAS the following Persons have Petitioned the Honble: the COURT OF POLICY of Essequebo and Demerary, for Letters of Manumission for the afternamed Slaves, as follows:
FREDERICA WILHELMINA GERDS, late Widow of J. A. JANSEN, for the Negro Woman Beli, and her Mulatto Son named Solomon
Ernst Voogd, assisted by D. N. A. VAN HOYTEMA for himself.
The Negro Woman Clarinda, formerly belonging to Pl. La Bonne Intention, assisted by H. J. VAN DE WATER, for herself and her two Children named Betsey and Catharina.
All those who may have any right or title to said Slaves are hereby Notified to give in their Claims, either at the Commandement in Essequebo or at the Secretary's Office, Demerary, between this date and the next ensuing Ordinary meeting of the Court of Policy aforesaid, as the Court will then proceed to give such orders on the said several Petitions is it shall seem meet.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, 5th April, 1811.
Loco Secretarii.

INGEVOLGE Authorisatie van Zyn Excellentie den Heer H. W. BENTINCK, Gouverneur dezer Colonie, by non-cessie van den Hove, worden hiermede opgeroepen alle die geenen welke mogen Sustineeren op het provenu der by Executie Vendue verkogte Plantagie SANS SOUCI, geleegen in Abary, preferent of concurrent te zyn, om hunne Eisschen en Sustenuen in dat casten Hove in te dienen op den Eersten dag der Ordinaris Sessie, welke weezen zal in de Maand Mey aanstaande, als welke tyd daartoe by den Hove peremptoir geproefigeerd word, zullende als dan by den Hove, de zaak daartoe gedisponeerd zynde, dadelyk worden overgegaan tot het uitwyzen der pr¾ en concurrentie, en in allen gevallen, onverminderd de casuquo verder te hondene procedeeren in cas van debath en contra debath, aan de niet opgekomene Crediteuren worden geimponeerd een euwig Silentium.
Actum ten Raadhuize, Stabroek, Rio Demerary, 27 Maart 1811.
ALEX. TINNE, Fung: Sects.

Secretary's Office, Essequebo.

AT the Commissary Court in the month of May next, will be passed, a legal Transport by A. VAN RYCK DE GROOT in favour of M. J. F. MULLERT, and in case of decease, by reversion on her five Children, viz.
Dwelling house and out buildings on Fort Island and the following Slaves, Frederick, Cobina, Silvester, L'Espirance, Alexander, Rebecca, Maddelon, Nancy, Lixette, Christena, and a few head of Cattle.
Secretary's Office in Essequebo, this 2d April 1811.
J. P. ROUSKOLB, first Clerk.

Public Vendues in Essequebo.

On the Third day of May next, will be exposed for sale, and sold to the highest bidder, by order of the Executors of T. DUIM, thereto authorised by the Honourable Court of Justice of Demerary, as supreme Guardians: -
The Sugar Estate called PERSEVERANCE, Formerly De Noord Star, situated on the Arabian Coast, between the Plantations Goede Hoop and Berlyns Welvaaren; containing 280 acres of Land, of which about 40 acres are planted in Canes, and 12 in Plantains; with all the Buildings thereon, consisting of a Brick Boiling House with one set of Boilers, a Cattle Mill, Pagas Logie, Dwelling House and Hospital; and Fifty four Negroes and Twenty five Mules.
The above property will first be exposed separately, and the Negroes in families, payable in four Instalments at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months from the day of sale; and afterwards the property and all the Negroes will be exposed in one lot, when a further payment of Twenty-five Thousand Guilders will be required within six weeks from the day of sale, and the remaining sum in three annual instalments, to be calculated from the day of sale, and interest on the remaining unpaid capital.
Should a better offer be made in the last instance than in the former, the former must be void.
On the same day will be exposed for sale, Sixteen Prime Negroes, belonging to the same Boedel, who have been employed for the last three years on the abovementioned Plantation without being attached to it.
The sale will take place on the Plantation Perseverance, and to begin in the morning at ten o'Clock.
Two good securities will be required to the satisfaction of the Vendue Master.

On the 7th May next, at the Vendue Office, by order of Mr. J. F. CORDES, thereto authorised by the Honourable Commandeur P. C. OUCKAMA: - the Negro Sirkie.
On the same day will be sold, an assortment of Dry Goods, Provisions, and several Negroes.
Essequebo, Fort Island, 2d April 1911.
B. HEBBELINCK, Dy. Vend. Mr.

OP den Derde Mey eerstkoomende, op order van de Executeuren in den Boedel wylen T. DUIM, na bekoomen Authorisatie van den Edele Achtb. Hove van Demerary, als opper Voogden, zal Publicq worden opgeveild, en aan de meestbiedende worden verkogt –
De Suyker Plantage genaamd Perseverance,
Voor deese genaamd de Noord Star, geleegen aan de Arabische Kust, tusschen de Plantagien de Goede Hoop en Berlyns Welvaaren, groot 280 Ackers Land, waarvan circa 40 Ackers beplant met Suyker riet, en circa 12 Ackers met Banannen. Op dezelve bevind zig een steene Kookhuis, met een stel Keetels, een Paarde Molen, Pagas Huys, Woonhuis, en Ziek Huys, en vier en vyftig stuks Slaaven, heneevens vyf en twintig stuks Muyl Ezels.
Bovenstaande Plantage met het geene zig daarop bivind zal eerst separatelyk, en de Slaaven in familjes worden opgeveild, betaalbaar in vier Termynen van drie tot drie maanden, te reekenen van den dag der verkoop. En daarna weederom in eene massa worden opgeveild, wanneer een eerste payment van vyf en twintig duisend guldens, binnen zes weeken na den verkoopdag verlischt word, en het resteerende betaalbaar zal zyne in drie Termynen van jaar to jaar, met den interest van het resteerende onbetaalde capitaal.
Indien by de laatste opveiling meerder gebooden word, dan by de eerste, zal de eerste koop nul zyn.
Tenzelven dage dage zullen nog opgeveild worden Zestien stuks Slaaven, meede behoorende aan de Boedel van wylen T. DUIM, welke zeedert drie jaaren op de bovengem: Plantagie gewerkt hebben zonder tot dezelse te behooren.
Twee goede Borgen zullen verlischt worden ten genoegen van den Commissaris der Venduen.
De Verkoop zal geschieden op de Pl. Perseverance, [illegible] 's morgends on Tien uure.

Op den 7e Mey aanstaande, aan 't Vendue Comptoir, op order van de Heer J. F. CORDES, na bekoomen Authorisatie van de WelEd: Gests: Heer Commandeur P. C. OUCKAMA: - De Neeger Sirkie.
Also een assortement Drooge Goederen, Provisien, en Neegers.
Essequebo, Fort Eyland den 2e April 1811.
B. HEBBELINCK, Coms. Der Vend.

OP Dingsdag den f [sic] Mey aanstaande, zal op order van den Heer A. VAN DER STOK, als Executeur in den Boedel van wylen A. FLEISCHMAN, worden verkocht:-
Een Sloep Boot, genoegzaam nieuw met alle dezelve toebehooren, eenige Boot Neegers, de Concessie en Gebouwen door A. FLEISCHMAN aan 't Fort Eiland bewoond geweest, een Pont, eenige Koeyen, Kalven en Schaapen, en het geen wyders te voorschyn zal gebracht worden.
Essequebo, Fort Eiland, 12 April 1811.
B. HEBBELINCK, Coms. Der Vend.

ON the 7th of May next, by order of the ORPHAN CHAMBER – Eighteen field negroes, Wearing apparel, a parcel of Music &c.
Essequebo, Fort Island, 12th of April 1811.
Dy. Vendue Master.

OP den 7e May aanstaande van weegens de Wees en Onbeheerde Boedel Kaamer, Agttien Tuin Negroes, Eenige Kleederen, een party Musick &c.
Essequebo, Fort Eyland, den 12 April 1811.
Coms. der Venduen.

For Sale,
Stationary, &c. at Reduced Prices
for Cash only:
Viz: -
[first column]
4, 5, and 6 quire Journals,
1 and 2 quire books, plain and ruled,
Boxes type for marking linen
Best clarified quills,
Wafers, wax, red tape,
Slate and black lead pencils,
Pocket journals,
Do. memorandum books,
[second column]
Desk knives,
Red and black ink powder,
Rulers and wafer seals,
Music paper,
Foolscap do
Gilt and plain letter do.
Blotting and wrapping do.
Clasp receipt books,
&c. &c. &c.
[end columns]
Also a few Copies of SMITH's Medical Instructions.

Sworn Translator.

The Undersigned, appointed as Sworn Translator, in the English and Dutch Languages, begs leave to assure his Friends and the Public in general, that any Documents in the above Languages, which may be intrusted to him, will be attended to with accuracy and dispatch.
Rio Demerary, 2d. April, 1811.

BeEedigd Translateur.

Den Ondergeteekende aangesteld zynde als BeEedigd Translateur in de Engelsche en Hollandsche Taal; recommendeerd zig in de gunst van zyne Vrienden en 't geEerd Publiek, hun verzeekerende dat by alle documenten in de voornoemde taal die hem aan het ouwd mogt worden, met vlyt en acurateese ter uitvoer zal brengen.
Rio Demerary, 2e April, 1811.

Three o'clock, P. M. - The Schooner Nancy in just arrived from Barbados, by which we have received Papers to the 2d of April. Their second January Packet is arrived from Falmouth, after a passage of 36 days, but they have no intelligence later than what we are already in possession of.

Independent, therefore, of our promised particulars of the Capture of Banda, we have no article of news to present to our readers, in this number; but we do no much lament, for as they all, doubtless, glory in the sovereignty of the British Flag; in the invincibility of the British Seamen; even those, we believe, would suffice, had we folios to insert!

Died - on Monday last, H. Barnwell, Esqr.

Promised in a former Paper.

It has been ours to record (thanks to the God of Battles!) innumerable feats of British naval heroism, but never one approaching so near the marvellous, as the conquest of Banda; so near, that while we write, we feel proud and delighted, but while we think, we nearly doubt! – doubt, not an attempt at such a conquest by British officers and British seamen, (for what will they not attempt?) but it is the actual success of such attempts that staggers our belief! And yet, why doubt at all, for where are the bounds which can circumscribe them, the dangers which can appal, and the valour that can rival theirs? – This is indeed a conquest! a conquest, which will immortalize the names of Cole and Kench, and rank them with the number of illustrious Seamen! a conquest, not from muscular strength, not from superiority of numbers, but from native valour, from heroic resolution, from consummate skill, and from astonishing presence of mind!
Banda, although the principal and largest of the nutmeg-islands, in the Indian ocean, is, nevertheless, a small one, being not above twenty miles long, and not half so broad. Its shape is that of a horse-shoe. In the middle is a large bay, whereon stands the chief town, surrounded with groves of nutmeg-trees. There are two remarkable mountains; one, which has between three and hour hundred stone-steps to its top, on which there is a fort – and from the other flow several brooks which water the country. The island is divided into three parts, each three leagues round, and well fortified at every landing place. It is surprisingly fertile, yielding oranges and other fruit in great abundance, but its chief production are nutmeg-trees, of which there are forests. Its chief dependencies are the isles of Poleron, Rosinging, Poolaway, and Gonapi, and they lie between 4 and 5 degrees of S. lat. And 127 and 128 E. lon. These islands are subject to earthquakes. They contain about 6000 inhabitants. Have three harvests in an year.
The following private Letter gives an excellent account of the capture.

            "His Majesty's Ship Barracouta, Indian Ocean
                        October 8th. 1810.
"Having met a merchant ship on her way to England, I avail myself of the opportunity of sending you the earliest account of the Capture of Banda; and, as the Public dispatches cannot reach England for some time after this, I take the liberty of giving you a detailed account of the attack.
"The Caroline, Piedmontaise, and Barracouta, arrived off Banda on the 8th August, and have too at a considerable distance from the land, to avoid being seen, (a hope which was frustrated by some fishing boats.) At ten at night, being about four miles from the harbour, the boats were hoisted out, and assembled alongside the Caroline, containing 390 men. At twelve the boats shoved off, under the command of Capt. Cole, the weather being then tolerably fine, it soon, however, became dark and squally, attended with a boisterous sea, which occasioned the separation of the boats, and, on arriving at the appointed rendezvous, Capt. Cole found the original force diminished to 180 men. After, remaining until three o'clock, in hopes of being joined by the missing boats, it became necessary to push on for Banda Neira, still three miles off, or return to our ships mortified and disappointed. Capt. Cole fortunately determined to go on, and on approaching the shore, we found, by several alarm guns being fired, that the enemy were expecting us. The badness of the weather, which had before acted against us, now became our protection; for the boats grounded undiscovered in a heavy squall of wind and rain, within a hundred yards of a battery of ten 24-pounders, which was stormed in the rear, the centinel was killed by a pike, and sixty men were disarmed without firing a pistol. – After leaving a guard in the battery, the storming party headed by Capt. Kench, and the reserve by Capt. Cole, proceeded to Fort Belgica, by a narrow path on the skits of the town. The Bugle was then sounding the alarm of our landing; the enemy in Belgica reserved their fire until we got close to the walls. The scaling ladders were then placed between the guns, and the men mounted with a rapidity, exceeding all belief, not withstanding a very smart fire from the citidel [sic], and the surrounding bushes, both very ill-directed. After gaining possession of the lower works, the ladders were hauled up, and placed against the inner wall; the interval occasioned by this, seemed to give the enemy fresh courage; but when they saw the ladders firmly fixed, they seemed panic-struck, and fled in all directions, leaving the colonel commandant and ten men killed, and two captains and thirty men prisoners. The guns, near which the ladders were placed, fortunately burnt priming, owing to the heavy rains, and thus we found ourselves in possession of this strong citadel, without the loss of a single man, just in time for the sun to rise on the British flag, and to shew us our commanding situation; having Fort Nassua and the town immediately under our guns. A flag of truce was dispatched to the Governor, offering protection to private property on the surrender of the island, which was refused; however, a shot from Belgica, and a threat of storming the town and forts, produced an immediate and unconditional surrender, and 700 disciplined troops and 300 militia grounded their arms to us. Capt. Cole's feelings, at this moment must have been in unison with his followers, proudly grateful. The enemy had notice of our approach, at six o'clock in the evening, and dispatched a great force to the place where Admiral Rainier formerly landed; an event which Capt. Cole had foreseen.
The enemy, taking advantage of the flag of truce, which we had flying in Belgica, opened a fire on the shipping just entering the harbour, but a few shot from that commanding fort, drove them from their guns. Fortunately, the nature of the attack, required no firing from the assailants, as the boats grounded some distance from the shore, and the men had to wade up to the middle in water. The enemy were drawn up at their guns, with lighted matches.
Banda Neira, and its dependencies, export 900,000l. worth of spice annually to Batavia; we found about 400,000l. worth of spices at the time of the capture.
The Piedmontaise remains at Banda in charge of the island. We are now on our way to Admiral Drury with the dispatches, and the Caroline is making arrangements to supply provisions from the neighbouring islands.
Lieutenant of the Barracouta."


April 13 Schr. Joseph, Capt. Parkley, from Surinam.

April 10 Brig Hope, Capt. Gilbert, for New London.
----- 13 Schr. Ann, --- De Munnick, -- St. Vincent.

THE Undersigned intending to leave the Colony in May next, requests all Persons having demands against him to call for payment.
Werk en Rust, April 6, 1811. JOHN MITCHELL.

A HOUSE situated in Kingston, on Lot No. 65, in front of Plantation Eve Leary, at present hired by the Engineer Department, and formerly belonging to Mr. BENJAMIN MAYNARD. It is very desirably situated for a residence, and to an approved purchaser the terms will be made easy, and may be known by applying to Messrs. GARDEN, KING & Co. or
Demerary, 6th April 1811.

Country Residence to be Let.
A Neat Airy DWELLING HOUSE and Out Offices, situated within half an hour's ride of the Camp. It is peculiarly adapted for a Family that would like an occasional retirement from the bustle of a Town residence; being placed at a very short distance from the sea, it is remarkably healthy, and affords a beautiful prospect of the Shipping as they enter or go out of the River. Immediate possession may be had, and further particulars known by application to the Printer of this Paper.
Demerary, 5th April, 1811.
NB. Two or three acres of Land for Gardening or Pasturage may be had along with the Premises, if required.

The Sequestrators of Plnt. STRANDGROEN request a Meeting of the Creditors of Mr. D. TIMMERMANS, at the House of PETER VERBEKE, on Monday Noon the 29th Instant, in order to consider on the best mode how to divide between them
Five and Twenty Thousand weight of COTTON,
Now on hand.
It is hoped that all who can, will attend, or otherwise authorise some person to act for them, as such measures as shall on that day be resolved upon by a Majority of the said Creditors, will be considered binding on all concerned. Demerary, 5th April 1811.

THE Cargo of the Schooner ELIZA, Captain ADAMS, from New Brunswick, consisting of Cod Fish in Hogsheads and small Casks,
Salmon in barrels and half barrels, do. in kitts,
Pickled Herrings, Smoaked do.
Flour, Pork, Beef,
Tar, Pitch, and Turpentine,
Soap, Red Oak Staves, &c. &c.
April 5, 1811. THOS. FINLAYSON.

Newfoundland Cod Fish,
In 4, 6, and 8 Quintal Casks, for Sale by
Demerary, 6th April, 1811.

On Sale by the Subscribers,
At their Store in New Town.
BEEF, pork, tongues, tripe, porter, beer and ale, raspberry and cherry brandy, olives, capers, fish sauces, catsup, pickles, sallad oil, vinegar, salt, mustard, black and Jamaica pepper, spices assorted, sago, almonds, currants, raisins, garden seeds, refined sugar, hyson tea, pease, oatmeal, barley, soap, candles, paints and oil, lamp and neatsfoot do. lamp black, jars blacking, cream for boot tops, bedsteads, mattresses with curtains complete, hair bottomed chairs, card tables, swing glasses, boot racks, basin stands, book shelves, crown glass, nails 4dy to 30dy, boat and cooper's do. pump tacks, brads, puncheon and vat hoops with rivets, iron pots, frying pans, gridirons, brass candlesticks, fish hooks, carpenter's and cooper's tools, Dutch steelyards, sad irons, pit and crosscut saws, stock, chamber door, and pad locks, hinges, stay bars, brass cocks, skimmers and ladles, brass wire coffee manaries, sheet lead, gun powder, shot, flints, coffin furniture, hoes, shovels, cutlasses seins, sein and sewing twine, white rope, cordage assorted from 1 1/2 to 6 inch, sail cloth from No. 1 to 4, cotton and coffee bagging, oznaburgs, Russia sheeting, blankets, flannel, worsted socks; black, blue, and bottle green superfine broad cloths, black cassimere, silk Florentine, crape, bombazeen, black silk handkerchiefs, gentlemen's and ladies' black and white silk stockings, silk gloves, black silk small cloaths, coatees, black silk and quilting vests, trowsers, negro cloathing, hats, shirts and trowsers, large sized boat cloaks, green baize; blue, red, and white bunting; window gauze, cotton and linen checks, furniture do. stripes, salempores, counterpanes, Irish linen, dowlas, long lawn, cotton shirting, cotton cambric, linen do. a large assortment of muslins, calicoes, jeans, dimitties, princes cord, striped nankeens, quiltings, ginghams, seersuckers, pullicate and romal handkerchiefs, thread, tape, patent silk hats, broad brimmed do. Leghorn and willow do. children's caps and hats, servants' glazed do. parasols, mops, and brooms, cloth, crumb, and shoe brushes, military, brown top'd and hessian boots, dress and show shoes, slippers, boys' boots and shoes, calf skins, boot legs, pump and sole leather, saddles, bridles, heads and reins, portmanteaus, head stalls, whips, girths, curry combs and brushes, blue, green, white, and leather coloured horse nets different sizes, shot belts, power [sic] flasks, stationery, glass ware, dish covers, table mats, copper scales with beams and brass weights, proof bubbles, sets ivory chess men, silver table spoons and forks, soup ladles, wine funnels, fish knives, plated snuffers with stands, &c.
March 30, 1811. HENRY HALKET & Co.

DRIFTED last Night from alongside the Brig Hero, Capt. TIBBITS, a small American YAWL, with varnished sides. Whoever may have picked up the same, will be handsomely rewarded by delivering her either to the Captain on board or to
Who offer for sale, a large Sail Boat, Sloop-rigged, twenty seven feet long, and ten feet wide, faithfully built and sails remarkably fast.
Werk & Rust, 8th April 1811.

ALL Persons who may have claims against, or be indebted to the Estate of the late Mr. H. H. SCHAPERS, deceased, are requested to render in their Accounts, and make payment of the same, within three months from date, unto the undersigned at Plantation Klein Poederoyen; in order to bring said Estate to a speedy liquidation.
Demerary, 9th April, 1811. Subst. Delibtg. Exectr.

A Boat Captain,
Well acquainted with the Coast from Berbice to Pomeroon River; also a Sailor Negro - both of which will be sold reasonable for immediate payment in Rum.
For Particulars apply at this Office.
Demerary, 8th April, 1811.

NOTICE is hereby given, that all persons who may be indebted to DUNCAN McLACHLAN Esq. now of London, but late of this Colony; and also to J. S. ALVES Esq deceased, also late of this Colony; are requested to pay the respective debts so du [sic] by them to either of the above, to the undersigned at their Office, on or before the 1st day of May next; in default of which the undersigned have received the most positive orders to enforce such payment by due course of Law.
Demerary, 1st April 1811. Attornies at Law

THE Copartnership of ROBT. SPENCE & Co. being dissolved by mutual consent on the 1st March last, this is to inform those indebted to said Firm, that the first undersigned is duly authorised to collect all monies due said Firm, and will also pay any demands owing by said Firm, contracted previous to the date of dissolution of Copartnership
Demerary, 2d April 1811. ROBT. SPENCE.

THE Undersigned beg leave to inform their Friends and the Public in general, that the Business of BLACK-SMITHS, HORSE-SHOEING and FARRIERY, is carried on at their Shop on the Water Lot facing South Street, formerly occupied by the second undersigned; where they hope by diligence and attention to merit the encouragement of those who may favor them with their Work.
Demerary, 2d April 1811. JAMES HOLLIDAY.

RETURNS his best thanks to the Friends of the Pupils entrusted to his care, and takes this opportunity to say that the support and encouragement he has met with calls forth his warmest acknowledgements. He begs leave respectfully to inform them and the Public, that the EASTER VACATION commences on the morning of Good Friday, and continues till the 22d Instant, when he hopes all the Scholars will punctually attend.
Having occasion for another Assistant, he will give encouragement to a steady Man, who understands English and Arithmetic well. Stabroek, 9th April 1811.

For 60 or 70 M. lbs. of Coffee.
UNEXCEPTIONABLE BILLS at 12 Months Sight, allowing Nine Months Interest, will be given. Enquire at the ROYAL GAZETTE OFFICE
Demerary, 1st April 1811.

There will be sold on the 4th day of May next, on Plant: UNION, Essequebo, if not disposed of before, by private bargain: -
Some very fine Cows and Calves of the real Dutch breed, Sheep, Horses, and several articles of Household Furniture. Demerary, 29th March 1811.

Is ready to receive Produce on board and will positively sail for Liverpool by the 24th Inst. The undersigned request their Friends to send on their Shipments as speedily as they can, to prevent disappointments.
The Diana, Capt. McGEORGE, is daily expected on to Berbice, and is intended to join the Sisters homewards.
Cumingsburg, 2d April, 1811.

All Persons having Demands against the Estate of the late Mr. JOHN FOSTER, are requested to render in a statement of their claims to either of the Subscribers, and all Persons indebted to said Estate will particularly oblige them by making payment as early as possible.
GILBERT ROBERTSON, [right pointing brace indicating 'Exectrs']
Demerary, 8th April 1811.

CAPT: GEMMEL, of the Ship SISTERS, has for Sale, three SMALL BOATS, for Colony Schooners; they are faithfully built, and will be sold cheap for Cash. Applications to be made on board the Ship. Demerary, 8th April 1811.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves now confined in
the Colony Stocks of Essequebo, this 12th April, 1811.



Brought by





Pl. Columbia,

Postholder morocco




A New Negro,



W. V. D. WAGT, Schout

LIST of Runaway and Arrested SLAVES in the
Colony Stocks of DEMERARY, 13th April, 1811.



Brought by





Boed. F. C. Engels,



Sue Donnavan,




Pl. Vlissingen.



A. Simpson,

Saint Pierre,

St. Deeges,

La Reduite,


Rule, Berbice

Pl. Profit,


Greem, do.




Pl. Adventure,



De Ryk.

S. G. MARTENS, Drossart.

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By Edward James Henery.

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