Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1811 May 14


Vol. VI.]

[No. 371.

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TUESDAY, MAY 14th, 1811.

THE undersigned Receiver informs all those who have not yet come forward with payment of their Capitation Tax, that unless they so do within Eight Days, from date hereof, he will be under the disagreeable necessity of putting the Accounts in the Hand of Messrs. CANTZLAAR and DE VEER, to be recovered by Summary Execution, without any further indulgence.
King's Receiver's Office, Stabroek, 11th May, 1811.
Dy. Rec. King's Chest.

                  Commissariat Office,
                  Demerary, 10th May 1811.
For the repairs of the Dam at Fort
William Frederick.
4371 Cubic feet Greenheart in Piles, 18 feet long, to square 9 inches, making 432 piles.
12610 ditto ditto, 22 feet long, to square 12 inches, making 1019,
7234 Fascines of young hardwood Saplings, 12 feet long and 1 foot thick.
21702 Hardwood Pickets 1 inch diameter and from 3 to 6 feet long. The Piles to be hewn on two sides.
The same to be delivered at Fort William Frederick, free of any expence to Government, and subject to the approval of the Officer commanding the Royal Engineers.
A MASTER ARTIFICER to direct the driving the Piles, and to keep in repair the Pile-Driver.
Tenders in quadruplicate, marked "Tenders for Timber, Pickets, &c." will be received at this Office until WEDNESDAY the 22d instant, at 10 o'Clock, when they will be opened in presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops, and the offer or offers most advantageous to Government accepted.
The Contractors to be bound in the penalty of Five Hundred Pounds Sterling for the due performance of his Contract.
Ast. Comsy. Gen.

                  Commissariat Office,
                  10th May, 1811.
ANY Person wishfull of Contracting for the erection of a BRICK CISTERN at the Post Mahaica, to contain 12,000 Gallons, to find all materials, will please send Tenders to this Office, marked "Tenders for the erection of a Cistern," until Wednesday the 22d Instant, at 10 o'Clock, when they will be opened in presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops, and the lowest, if approved, accepted.
The Contractor to be bound in the Penalty of 200 Sterlg. for the due performance of his contract.
Assist. Commis. Gen

STOLEN out of the Subscriber's Yard, last night, two large Damask Table Cloths, and a quantity of Family Linen, in the first state from the washing tub, not ironed or folded up. Whoever will give information so as to lead to the recovery of these articles, shall receive THREE JOES Reward.
Newtown, 14th May, 1811.

ALL who are indebted to the late M. CAMPBELL, are requested to come forward and settle the amount of their respective Accounts and Notes of Hand, within the space of Six Weeks, as after that period, they will be sold at Public Vendue: a circumstance which would hurt the feelings of the Undersigned, particularly as thereby would be exposed the names of many respectable gentlemen, but owing to certain circumstances, it cannot be avoided.
May 14th, 1811.

PERSONS (of every description) who left work with the Subscriber, at his Goldsmith's Shop, either to make or repair, are hereby cautioned to call and pay for the same; as such as remain unpaid for after Four Weeks from this date, will be sold at Vendue. WM. KING.
N. B. He offers for sale Gold Articles to suit Retailers in that Line.

A Task-Gang wanted.
TO prepare about Forty Acres of Land for Canes, which has been formerly in Coffee; on an Estate up the River. Apply to

Public Vendue.
BY Authority obtained from the Honourable the Court of Justice of this Colony, dated 2d September, 1809, will be sold at Public Vendue, on a day to be hereafter advertised, sundry open Accounts, Notes of Hand, &c. &c. appearing due to the Estate of FRANCIS BYNOE, deceased; in order to enable the Curators to bring the said Estate to a liquidation. All persons whose Accounts, &c. are specified in this list, are particularly requested to come forward and explain or arrange the same, previous to the day of sale, in order to prevent any unpleasant consequences that may hereafter arise to themselves from neglecting this precaution. Some other Notes of Hand, open Accounts, &c. will also be sold as above, particulars of which will be publicly given on a future day.
Demerary, 9th May, 1811.
[Transcriber's note: this listing differs substantially in 18110528EDRG, particularly in the second column.]
[first column]

Moses Van Dam

f 77



John Harriot




Solm. Van Tholl




Charles Clifton




E. Woolf




John Akors




J. M. Van Suyk




G. Winthuisen




G. Timmerman




A. Boter




Armstrong, Heyliger & Co.




L. C. Blecker




J. G. Klousman




D. Merunious




David Fileen




Widow Malgraaft




A. Solis




John Bollers [Transcriber's note: an entry for this individual does not appear in 18110528EDRG]




John Sutherland




John Huberts




Allyn Walcott




E. Lonk, junr.




Van Cooten




[second column]

Widow Boter

f 746



S. F. Liott




J. E. Frantzen




M. Buckol




Betsey Brigs




E. Bishop




Henry Lookey




Pl. Maria Johanna




A. P. & J. Heraut




C. Block




Thos. Lawrence




Wm. Neal




James Brown




Peter Clements




J. C. Codin




Bella Alsop




Susannah Connor




Lucy Jones




Pl. Walton Hall




W. Brumell & Co.




S. B. King




A. J. Nunas




P. Burnier's order on Markodt




[end columns]

THE Subscribers have received by the Ship Demerary, Capt. Dougal, from Glasgow, the following articles, which they offer for Sale. -
[first column]
Beer and porter,
Ling fish, pickled herrings,
Potatoes, loaf sugar and tea,
Printed calicoes,
Irish linens 3-4, 7-8 and 4-4,
Linen shirts,
India jeans, white quilting,
French and cotton cambric,
Lace, cotton shirting,
York stripe,
Ladies' & Gents. stockings,
Children's do.
Mattrasses, bolsters, and pillows,
Bedsteads complete,
Welch flannel,
Bed tick and collistraw,
Imitation Russia sheeting,
Real Russia duck,
Superfine dowlas,
India salempores,
Cotton and linen check,
Negro hats and wrappers,
Do. jackets lined & unlined,
Cotton and coffee bagging,
Cotton hammocks,
Cordage from 12 thread ratline to 3 1/2 inch,
Anchors and grapnels,
Cables and cambooses,
Double and single blocks,
Mast hoops, jib hanks,
Russia canvas, common do.
Sein and sewing twine,
White rope for cotton bales
Fish hooks and fishing lines,
Planting, hand & chalk lines
White lead in kegs of 14 and 28 lbs.
Green and blue paint,
Paint oil, lamp oil,
Paint brushes assorted,
Hook and eye hinges,
Butt do. HL and T do.
Round bolts,
Brass and iron chamber door locks.
[second column]
Pad locks, box do.
Buck knives and axes,
Common and best triple seal gunpowder,
Patent shot,
Hoes, shovels, cutlasses, and pruning knives,
Tea kettles, frying pans, and gridirons,
Glass & earthen ware asstd.
Long, jack and hand planes,
Best hard whip saws,
Best cast steel do.
Hand-saws, cast steel,
Tennon do.
Hand, whip, and cross-cut saw files,
Shingling & claw hammers,
Socket chissels,
Large and small gimblets,
Marking irons,
Stay hooks and staples,
Screw augers, carpenter's adzes,
Coopers' broad axes & adzes,
Bung borers, round shaves,
Cold chissels, punches,
Flagging irons,
Small brass pump tacks,
Nails 4dy to 6 inch spikes,
Cooper's do.
Hunting saddles,
Double and single bridles,
Spare girths,
Horse and gig whips,
Portmanteaus, pump leather
Flaxen oznaburgs,
Buck looking glasses and razors,
Green baize,
Pullicate handkerchiefs,
Musquito net muslin,
Boots, fine dress shoes,
Neat calf shoes,
Planters strong do.
Building lime, &c.
[end columns]
Werk & Rust, 14th May, 1811.

From the Ship Mercury, T. Powe[mutilated]
Hendrick Sonders, (a Dane), about 4[mutilated]
5 ft. 6 inches high, stout-made, pitted [mutilated]
pox, bald head. James Griffiths, (an[mutilated]
about 24 years of age, 5 ft. 11 inches [mutilated]
complexion, broad face, slender-made, h[mutilated]
hair tied. James Graham, alias Williams [mutilated]
years of age, 5 ft. 6 inches high, dark c[mutilated]
short hair, pitted with the small pox, and ha[mutilated]
on his right ankle.
All Captains of Vessels, and others, are [mutilated]
cautioned against employing or harbouring the [mutilated]
mentioned Seamen, as the Law will be en[mutilated]
against them with the utmost rigour; and a Re[mutilated]
of TEN DOLLARS EACH will be paid by [mutilated]
Subscriber, to any person bringing them to the Colon[mutilated]
Barracks, beside all other reasonable expences.
Demerary, 12th May, 1811.
[Transcriber's note: unable to find this item in succeeding issues.]

To sail the First Springs in June. For Freight or Passage apply to said Master, or to
13th May, 1811.

The remarkable Fast-Sailing, Coppered and Armed
Will sail a Running Vessel, the First Springs in June. For Freight of a few Bales of Cotton and Bags of Coffee, or Passage, apply to the Master on Board, or to the Subscriber at the Store of Messrs. Cornfoot, Bell, and Co.
Cumingsburg, 11th May, 1811.

The Ship MARY,
Will Sail the First Springs in June.
For Freight or Passage apply to the Master, or to
Demerary, 11th May, 1811.

[mutilated]Hhds. and Bbls.
[mutilated] of JOHN LEWIS.
[mutilated], 1811.
[Transcriber's note: unable to find this item in succeeding issues.]

[mutilated] COLPOYS from London.
[mutilated]D by the above Vessel, and for
[mutilated]scriber, at his Stores in Cumings-
[mutilated] Sold very reasonable for immedi-
[mutilated] and pork, tongues in half barrels,
[mutilated]atoes, a few double Gloster cheese
[mutilated]y, cyder, Hoffman's cherry and rasp-
[mutilated]niac brandy, Holland's gin, soap, can-
[mutilated] barley, split pease, currants in jars,
[mutilated]namon, nutmegs, saffron in tin boxes,
[mutilated]e, black pepper, mixed spices, Poland
[mutilated]chests hyson and gunpowder tea, fresh
[mutilated]a House, a few bolts India Company's
[mutilated]s, olives, capers, mustard, anchovy and quin
[mutilated]ey's meat and fish sauce, real mushroom cat-
[mutilated]man's raspberry vinegar, do. orgeat and capi-
[mutilated]ing's rose, honey, and lavender water, G.
[mutilated]Co's. aromatic vinegar, best double distilled
[mutilated]ne vinegar in jars, neatsfoot oil in do. black,
[mutilated]and yellow paint in kegs, fine blue and green
[mutilated] pots, mineral point, paint oil, brushes, house-
[mutilated], fishing seins in bags, deep sea lines, seine and
[mutilated] twine, cordage, one inch, one and a quarter one
[mutilated] half, and two inch cables for colony boats, anchors
[mutilated] grapnels for do. bolt and bar iron, cutlasses, felling
[mutilated]xes, hoes and shovels, iron pots, nails 4dy. to 30dy.
[mutilated]at hoops, rivets, HL hinges and stock locks, large
[mutilated]ounter scales and weights, small do. do. German steel
handsaws, tin and horn lanthorns, tin tea kettles, elegant services of breakfast and tea china, large breakfast bowls and saucers, black Egyptian tea and coffee pots, sugar boxes and milk ewers, dinner services of very fine enameled ware, foot baths, spade shaped do. plated table and tea spoons, setts green ivory and other handled knives and forks with carvers complete; fine Irish linen and sheeting, Russia sheeting, a few coats, coatees, round robbins, pantaloons, waistcoats, fine India jean pantaloons, white and yellow nankeen do. [illegible], suspenders and gloves, fine elastic web [illegible], ladies and Gentlemens' silk and cotton stockings, do. do. gloves, gents. half stockings, do. fine worsted do. ladies' boots and shoes, planters ancle boots, boot top liquid, coffee and cotton bagging, a few liquor cases, &c. Stationary - folio paper, foolscap, thick and thin post, plain, gilt, mourning, and note paper, ink powder, sealing wax, quills, India rubber, round rulers, desk and pocket knives, estate books ruled and plain, pocket books with clasps and straps, waistcoat pocket books, bills of exchange and bills of lading; silver pen and pencil cases; saddlery, whips, portmanteaus, &c. &c. Tarras and temper lime, long wood hoops, first quality fish, in 4, 6, and 8 quintal [illegible] &c.
[illegible - paper fold] or otherwise, reasonable for
Cash: -
Best Cumberland and Yorkshire Hams, Double Gloster Cheese in lead, and Double Gloster and Pine cheese,
Salt in barrels, flour in half do. tobacco in barrels, old rum, gin, brandy, temper lime, Albany Boards, R. O. shooks, lamp oil, paints and paint oil, porter and wine corks, &c.
14th May 1811.
[Transcriber's note: unable to find this item in succeeding issues.]


BY Authority obtained, I the undersigned first Marshal of the Honble: Court of Justice of this Colony, do hereby, at the instance of the Honble: the Fiscal F. P. VAN BERCKEL, Ratione Officii.
By Edict, Advalvas Curiae,
The Person of CHARLES LANDEGREEN, Personally to appear before the Honble: Court of Justice, at their session to be held at the Court-House, in the Town of Stabroek, on the 20th day of May next, and following days; in order to answer such interrogations as will then be put to him, in the cause circumscribed by Petition, further to hears such demand and conclusion in Law, as the Honble: the Fiscal, Ratione Officii, will then make, and to proceed according to Law.
Rio Demerary, 14th May, 1811.
MARTs: SMIT, first Marshal.


On Thursday the 16th instant, at the VENDUE OFFICE. - Irish linens and sheeting, paints and paint oil, linen checks, brown holland, kegs tongues, barrels mess beef, &c. &c.
May 11th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.

On Saturday the 18th instant, at the VENDUE OFFICE. - Planters mess beef, 1 case Irish sheetings 1 do Irish linens, 1 do. linen checks, cotton hammocks, brown holland, &c.
May 11th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.

On Monday the 20th Instant, by order of M'INROY, SANDBACH & Co. at their Store, to close Consignments,-
Cotton and linen checks, brown holland, linen Bengals, bed tyk, Nuns thread, tow and flax Oznaburgs, and chintz, striped ginghams, Madras pullicates, cotton hammocks, &c.
May 11th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.

On Tuesday the 21st instant, at the store of Messrs. CHORLEY & COOK:- Tierces, barrels, and half barrels prime beef, barrels flour, do. salt, kegs split pease and jars of barley, tea in cannisters, jars currants and Turkey figs, spices, sail canvas No. 1 to 8, green baize and green cord, boots and shoes, coats, coatees, waistcoats, pantaloons, &c. coat patterns and broad cloth, boat cloaks, Russia sheeting, brown Holland, and plattillias, white India jean and cord, check shirts, duck trowsers, ginghams, counterpanes, silk beaver and leghorn hats, furniture chintz, white and yellow nankeen, green bordered table cloths, breakfast and tea setts, with trays, Ladies parasols and shoes, cotton shirting and cotton cambric, tapes and thread, Medicine chests complete, mahogany beassteads [sic - bedsteads], do. trays and [illegible] shelves, cotton and lambs-wool stockings, Irish [illegible], blankets, brass foundery, hardware, [illegible] ware and cutlery, carpenters and coopers [illegible], saddlery, hall lamps, glass decanters, tumblers [illegible]&c. stationary, pump and sole leather, willow [illegible] copying machines, cotton gin cranks, bags of [illegible], and sundry other articles. Also a good [illegible] Bay Horse, suitable for saddle or harness.
May 11th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.

On Friday the 24th instant, at the VENDUE OFFICE, the following property belonging to a Gentleman who is about to quit the Colony. - A house boy, a cook, a grass cutter, a neat strong chaise, almost new with harness complete, a horse a capital goer both in harness and saddle - Also a Dwelling House with Gallery all of Colony hardwood and necessary out buildings erected in front of the plantation Toevlugt next to Nemis estate.

On Monday the 27th May, by order of H. H. LUHRS, Executor to E. I. CHRISTIANI, on the Premises. - The House situated on the foreground of Plant. Werk & Rust, between the front part of No. 1, and the front Logie of M'INROY, SANDBACH & Co. with the Buildings attached thereto, a Horse, household Furniture, Gold and Silver ware, Dry Goods, &c.
At the same time by H. H. LUHRS, Deliberating Executor to the Boedel of J. C. SMIT, deceased. - Sundry articles of household furniture, and some Negroes.
May 14th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.

On Wednesday the 29th May, will be exposed for sale at the Vendue Office, by order of J. P. MUNCKER and J. S. MASSE, Esqrs. q.q. Plant. Cornelia and Ida.
Six bales of coffee bagging, marked P. C. I. [Transcriber's note: 'P.' above 'C. I.'] No. 1 to 6.
damaged on board the Ship Aldbro, Captain THOS. THOMPSON, from London, and sold for the benefit of those concerned.
May 14th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.

On Thursday the 30th Instant, at the Store of Mr. Wm. HEDGES, next the Vendue Office, the whole of his stock on hand, without reserve, consisting of the following articles.-
Butter in whole and half firkins, Bristol tripe, almonds, currants and raisins in jars, pickles assorted, brown stout and white wine French vinegar, London porter and Burton ale, herrings in barrels, double refined loaf sugar, hyson tea in pound cannisters, soap and candles, Ladies' and Gentlemen's buckskin and Limerick gloves, shoes and boots of all kinds, Gentlemen's silk and beaver hats, Childrens do. Ladies' black and beaver bonnets, straw do. London coats and coatees, vests, trowsers, musquito netting, 6-4 linen and cotton checks, Russia sheeting, shirt buttons, corded dimity, India do. India nankeen, coat patterns, Madras handkerchiefs, sago in bottles, blacking, blankets, stationery, a general assortment of Carpenters' and Coopers' tools, cutlery, jewellery, earthen ware, a very elegant Piano Forte, &c.
Also Tobacco, Gunpowder, Nails, from 4d. upwards, 4 and 5 inch Spike do with deck heads.
May 11th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.

On Wednesday the 12th June 1811, by Order of WILLIAM AUSTIN, q.q. - Plantation Greenfield, Mahaica, (at Public Sale on said Estate), situated between Plns. Orange Nassau, and Bee Hive, with Two hundred and Six prime negroes, and a parcel of creole Cattle and Sheep. - The negroes such as have families will be sold in family lots and the remainder single at a credit of Three, Six, Nine, and Twelve months - The terms for the Land and Building will be made easy and known on the day of Sale. The Negroes are generally good looking and well disposed, and among them are upwards of Eighty five creoles, a number of which are able workers, and well worth the attention of Planters.
May 11th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.

On Monday the 8th of July next by order of H. H. LUHRS, deliberating Executor to J. C. SMIT, deceased. - The Contract of sale for the Plantation Zara Johanna, from said J. C. SMIT, to C. SMIT, JCZ. the balance of which is One Hundred and Forty six Thousand Two hundred and fifty One Guilders H. Cy. running upon interest of 6 per ct. per annum and payable the first instalment on 1st March 1815 for f 6000 and so on annually f 6000 until the 1st March 1835, when the last Instalment becomes due. All to be sold payable in 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.
At the same time, some very valuable Negroes.
May 14th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.


THIS is to inform the
Public, that the follow-
ing Persons intend
quitting this Colony:

deezer Colonie word gead-
verteerd dat de volgende
Persoonen von voorneemen
zyn van hier na elders te
vertrekken, viz;

David Wardop, in do. from 26th do. or by the Antigua Packet.
James McFarlane, in do. or in 6 weeks from do.
Thomas Jones, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from 29th April 1811.
John Donoghue, in do. or do. from 1st May.
Wm. Postlethwaite, in do. or do. from 1st do.
R. A. Wilson, in do. from 1st do.
Wm. Lyng, in do. from 2d do.
John McFarlane, in do. or 6 weeks, from 2d do.
J. F. Meyer, in do. or 4 weeks, from 2d do.
Wm. Langley, in do. or do. from 2d do.
J. H. Pollard, in do. or 6 weeks, from 3d do.
Wm. McIntosh, in do. or do. from 3d do.
I. G. Tout, in do. or 3 weeks, from 3d do.
Benjn. Y. Cozier, in do. or 4 weeks from 3d do.
Moses L. M. Peixotto, in 14 days from 7th May.
J. Jones, in do. from 8th do.
Joseph Paxton, in do. or 6 weeks, from 8th do.
I. G. Tout, as Attorney for Wm. Burges, will Transport to Berbice in 14 days from 8th May, 1811, 4 Slaves the property of the said Wm. Burges. - Names of the Slaves to be seen at this Office.
Morgan Griffith, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from 8th May.

Militia Promotions. - We are requested to correct the following error in our last: for JOHN HALKET read Henry HALKET, to be Lieutenant.

We anticipated, on the arrival, on Saturday last, of the Demerary, from Glasgow, the capability, in consequence of being immediately favoured with London and other Papers, of detailing the operations before Cadiz, and the cause and consequences of Massena's retreat; but, though we feel under the same obligations to the Gentlemen for the loan of Papers, we are disappointed in their contents. The first arrival, however, even from Barbados, must "raise uncertainty's dark vail [sic]," and "show us what we wish to see!"

So extremely scarce is silver become in England, that the Bank (as we mentioned in a former number), as well as the Offices of Government, have agreed to receive the stamp dollar at 5s. 6d. instead of 5s. being an advance of 11 per cent. but the greatest inconveniences are experienced in trade notwithstanding, for want of change. This Colony then, has been particularly fortunate in the time of the creation of our silver currency; which, were the operation to be now performed, would produce so very must less a sum in species, than it did at that moment. It is a very singular circumstance, that since England has had an open trade with South America, (the great desideratum of her politicians, for the last two centuries,) the precious metals have become scarcer than at any other period of her history. The gold of the Brazils, and silver of Peru, sought by the English with so much avidity, seem, now the trade is open, to have eluded their grasp; and instead of pouring mines of wealth into that country, the intercourse seems to have been productive of little but bankruptcy, misery, and distress! -

      How void of reason are our hopes and fears!
      What in the conduct of our life appears
      So well design'd, so happily begun;
      But when we have our wish - we wish undone?

On the 18th of March, the Caledonia, Capt. Thomson, from this River, entered Port-Glasgow.


May 15. Ship Demerary, Capt. Dougal, from Glasgow, - Gen. cargo.

May 14. Sloop First Attempt, Capt. Elder, for Barbados.
------- Brig Vigilant, - Stevens, - Liverpool.
------- Ship Antigua Packet, - Mares, Do.


The first report of the Commissioners for the Herring Fishery, appointed by the Act of 1809, presented this Session to the House of Commons, states, that the total number of barrels of herrings brought from the Fishery in 1809, which came under the cognizance of the officers, amounted to 90,185 1-4, of which 42,548 had been cured gutted, and of these 34,701, had been found entitled to bounty under the regulations of the Act. The amount of bounties paid was 3994 2s.

A cutter belonging to a respectable house in Antigua, was proceeding from thence to Port-au-Prince, with a cargo, and in sight of one of our frigates, was boarded by Christophe's piratical vessels, and carried into Jean Rabel, where the supercargo was taken out immediately, and without delay, mounted on horseback, and hurried away like a thief, without time being allowed, even during a journey of 130 miles, to refresh or rest; when at the end of it he was put down at the rebel chief's door, and in the mean time the cutter was sent to Cape Francois. Christophe ordered the cargo to be discharged, and he forbid every body to purchase; this suiting his purpose, he told the supercargo if he did not choose to accept very low prices for the articles landed, he might do as he thought fit, while the tyrant did not suffer the cargo to be re-shipped; the supercargo was therefore compelled to acquiesce in the despotic dictates of this man. Is our government acquainted with such outrages?

Montbret, the principal director of the Douaniers in Holland, has fleeced the inhabitants in the following manner:- He wrote to 150 housekeepers, offering them employment under him, as most of these men were in business, this offer was rejected. He then threatened to sue them under a particular law, which obliges every inhabitant, under a penalty to accept of any office, requisite for the welfare of the state, and the collection of the revenues. Most of his victims, to avoid the expences attendant upon conviction, compromised, by the payment of a sum of money, and he is thus supposed to have netted within three months about 10,000l. sterling.


The Prefect of the Department of the Mouths of the Mense, makes known by the present to all Editors, Printers, Booksellers, and others, trading in books in this department, that by a Decree of his Majesty the Emperor and King, dated the 29th December, 1810, it is ordered, -
"1st. That all editions published in Holland, anterior to the 1st Jan. 1811, works printed in France prior to the same epoch, and constituting part of a private literary property, shall not be considered surreptitious, if they are stamped before the 1st of Narch [sic - March] next.
"2d. That in consequence Editors, Printers, Booksellers, and all others dealing in Books in Holland, who are possessors or proprietors of them, are bound to declare, within the space of a month, from the date of the promulgation of the present Decree, to the Prefect of the Department, who will inform the Intendant General of the Interior of Holland of it, the number of copies they possess of each of the said editions.
"3d. That the copies of such Works must be presented in each Department, by every Printer or Librarian, before the 1st of March, to the Commissary who may be appointed for this purpose, and the first page in each copy shall be stamped by him with a stamp prepared for the purpose, after which they may be freely sold throughout the Empire.
"4th. That the Booksellers shall be bound to pay the authors or proprietors the twelfth part of the whole of the copies declared by them actually remaining in their warehouses, or at their disposition, and that every month, in proportion to the sale they may have, which will be determined by the number of copies remaining, which they shall produce.
"In consequence, the Prefect orders all Editors, Printers, and Booksellers, in this department, who are possessors of editions expressed in the above-mentioned Decree, to send to the Prefect before the 11th of this month a declaration of their firm, in which declaration the profession and dwelling of the declarant shall be specified, the title of the work, name of the author, number of copies in their warehouses or at their disposition, the place where, and the time when they were published, as well as the period of their impression in France. The said Editors, Printers, and Booksellers, shall be bound to present the copies which are in their magazines, or at their disposal, to the Commissary, who shall be sent for this purpose to the places where the said Editors, Printers, and Booksellers, possessors of editions to be stamped, dwells, and draw up the verbal processes necessary, sign, and forward them to the Prefect of the Department.
                  "C. G. HULTMAN.
"Hague, Feb. 1, 1811."


To the Report of the Committee appointed by the House of
Commons respecting Commercial Credit.

"That the distress which in the origin was considered to be attributed to the imprudent speculations to South America, has been in a certain degree occasioned by other circumstances of a different nature, and far more extensive in [illegible]. That the system of warehousing goods for re-exportation, without payment of duty, and the events of the two last years, have made Great Britain the emporium of the trade, not only of the Peninsula, but also of the Brazils, Spanish America
[illegible line, caused by a paper fold]
the direct influence of the enemy, whose traders ha[mutilated]
anxious to avail themselves of the protection of British[mutilated]
and the Honour of British Merchants, and the power, [mutilated]
and high character of the nation have in fact contributed to produce a most alarming evil. And the measures of the [mutilated]re-
my having been especially directed to the preventing t[mutilated] ex-
portation of the immense quantities of merchandize [mutilated] all
discriptions [sic] thus accumulated, the consequences are[mutilated]hat
the goods are become a burthen, and the advances [mutilated]hat
owners on account, and the payment of freight and inf[mutilated]
have become grievous, in such a degree as to th[mutilated]
the most solid and respectable houses with all the ev[mutilated] of


In other climes, where I have been,
Fair Nymph! thou oft' doth frowning stand,
Whilst, on the threshold thou art seen
Beck'ning with thy lily hand
                        THE STRANGER!

As if indeed thou fain would'st say,
"From custom this is due from me,
But yet I hope he'll answer - nay!"
At least indeed so constru'd he -
                        THE STRANGER!

But here - so cruel-kind art thou,
That fearful of intrusion's sin,
If he should loit'ring stand, and bow,
Thou get'st behind and pusheth in -
                        THE STRANGER!

Demerary, May 12th, 1811.

We have inserted the above as requested – but, nevertheless, give it The Stranger as our legal opinion, that it is actionable!!! – for it is certainly defamation!!! – and the blackest ingratitude for such hitherto unexperienced treatment!!! – a treatment, which must assuredly have originated in "love at first fight!!!!!!"

For Sale,
Blank Bills of Lading,
Blank Bills of Exchange,
Coffee Certificates,
Block-House Signals on Cards, &c. &c. &c.
Stationary, &c. at Reduced Prices
for Cash only:
Viz: -
[first column]
4, 5, and 6 quire Journals,
1 and 2 quire books, plain and ruled,
Boxes type for marking linen
Best clarified quills,
Wafers, wax, red tape,
Slate and black lead pencils,
Pocket journals,
Do. memorandum books,
[second column]
Desk knives,
Red and black ink powder,
Rulers and wafer seals,
Music paper,
Foolscap do
Gilt and plain letter do.
Blotting and wrapping do.
Clasp receipt books,
&c. &c. &c.
[end columns]
Also a few Copies of SMITH's Medical Instructions.

DRIFTED from the Brig GOLDEN FLEECE, a SMALL PUNT. Any Person who has found her will be Rewarded by delivering her to the Subscribers.
Demerary, 11th May, 1811.

A Large Punt, with double floors, having been picked up adrift in the River, and now laying behind the Colony Barracks, Notice is hereby given, that if she is not claimed in fourteen days from date, she will then be sold at Public Vendue.
Demerary, 11th May, 1811
S. G. Martens, Drossart.

LIST of Runaway and Arrested SLAVES in the
Colony Stocks of DEMERARY, 11th May, 1811.



Brought by





Boed. Engels,




Pl. Vlissigen.

Saint Pierre,

St. Deeges,

La Reduite,


Rule, Berbice

Pl. Profit,





Alx. McKenzie,



W. Latham,

Pl. Sophia,



Pl. Elenora,


M. Lane,

L. Teems,






Pl. Trois Ami.


Pl. La Resource,

Pl. Meerzorg.






J. Cooper,

S. G. MARTENS, Drossart.

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By Edward James Henery.

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