Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1811 May 21


Vol. VI.]

[No. 373.

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TUESDAY, MAY 21st, 1811.

PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given, that the COMMISSARY COURT, which was to be held at Fort Island, Essequebo, on Monday the 3d of June next, is postponed till the 1st of July, thereto following.
Essequebo, 17th May, 1811.
By order of the Honble: Commandeur P. C. OUCKAMA,
Secty. Aii.

THE TRUSTEES of the Plantns. Elizabeth and Success, belonging to Mrs. ANN GOOLSBY, request the Creditors of the same to attend a Meeting to be held at Mr. MARSH's Hotel, on Thursday the 6th June next, at 10 o'Clock in the Forenoon, at which time the books concerning the administration of said Estates, commencing on the 1st June, 1809, and closing with the 31st May, 1811, will be laid over for examination, and a prolongation of trust proposed.
The Trustees beg leave to inform the Creditors at the same time, that THIRTY CASKS OF SUGAR will be ready for delivery in Stabroek, to the highest offer; and sealed Tenders for part, or the whole thereof, be received at the said Hotel, from this day to the 6th of June aforesaid, when the same shall be opened in the presence of such Creditors as will choose to be present. Demerary, 21st May 1811.

And Possession had any time next Month,
THE PREMISES now occupied by the Subscriber; to an approved purchaser very liberal terms will be granted.
The Premises on the American Stelling, now in the occupancy of Mr. ELLIS, and well known as the Commercial Coffee House. Further particulars may be known on application to P. BENJAMIN Esq. or
Royal Gazette Office, 18th May, 1811.
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THE Undersigned hereby makes known, that his Domicilium Citandi et Executandi is at the House of Mr. J. W. ROBINSON, near the American Stelling.
May 21st, 1811. CALLIES MAUVILLE.

JUST Arrived by the Brig LYDIA & MARGARET, Capt. ARNOLD, and Brig ACTIVE, Capt. PARSONS, from America, and for Sale by the Subscribers: -
New Cod and Scale Fish in hogsheads and tierces,
Herrings in barrels, superfine Flour in do.
Rice in tierces, Potatoes in barrels and hampers,
R. O. Staves, Lumber, R. O. Shooks, and
Fish in boxes.
May 20th, 1811. JAS. H. ALBOUY & Co.

THE late dissolution of the Firm of ROBT: SPENCE & Co. has caused no alteration in the business carried on in North Street, Bridge Town, as supposed by numbers of the Gentlemen who have been many years in the habit of dealing there.
This is therefore inserted to acquaint those who have been led into the above mistake, that all orders in the COPPER-SMITH's, PLUMBER's or BRASS-FOUNDING business, will be executed as usual, on the same terms of credit to customers.
N.B. Also all Blacksmith Work and Horse-Shoeing done on the most reasonable terms, with dispatch; the latter by the year or otherwise.
An able person to superintend the above Business Will meet with good encouragement. None need apply but a Person who can show documents how he came to the Colony, and received permission from his Honor the Fiscaal to engage in his profession.
North Street, Bridge Town, 21st May, 1811.

Found on a Negro,
Under suspicious circumstances,
A Silver Hunting WATCH,
The Owner of which is desired to call at this Office and prove the property.
[Transcriber's note: no 'posting' date for this item.]

A Neat Strong Chaise,
With Harness, &c. complete.
A Mahogany Secretaire and Book-Case, WITH GLASS DOORS.
Enquire at the Printer.
Demerary, 21st May, 1811.

A Young Healthy Creole Boy,
Who has been accustomed to wait on a gentleman; he is sold without fault, and will be disposed of very reasonable for CASH.
Four Carpenter Negroes,
Apply to
Demerary, 21st May, 1811.

This Sacred Edifice having been presented with an elegant small Organ, suited to the dimensions of the building; the Committee are ready to contract with an Artificer for putting it up in the gallery. Sealed Tenders for the same, will therefore be received by the Rev. Mr. STRAGHAN, or Mr. ROBERTSON, until Saturday the 1st of June, when they will be opened and the most approved, accepted.
The Committee appointed on the 10th June, 1808, for building St. George's Church, now, that this Sacred Edifice is completed, are wishful of giving over their charge to the Subscribers, that Trustees may be appointed by them, under such Regulations as may be most agreeable - framed and formed into a Code of Instructions for the future government of the church, and for making suitable provision for the expences which may be found necessary. They, therefore, request a Public Meeting of the Subscribers at the Vestry of St. George's Church, at 12 o'clock, on Saturday the 1st of June, to chuse a Vestry of Five Gentlemen; and, in order to collect the public opinion, in behalf of such as may be selected for the Vestry, it is proposed, that a Box be kept at Mr. Robertson's House, wherein are to be deposited Sealed Notes, having the names of five persons, and the Subscriber's who votes in their behalf, which will be opened at the Meeting on the 1st of June, when those gentlemen who have the greatest number of Votes on the nomination, will be elected Vestry-men for the year ensuing.
By Order of the Committee,
18th May, 1811. Treasurer.

The Ship Russia Company,
JOHN COLE, Master.
Will Sail in all this Month to join the June Convoy at Tortola. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master on board, or to
Those Gentlemen who engaged to ship Sugar on board the RUSSIA COMPANY, are requested to send it without delay, as no Sugar will be taken in after the 25th Instant. Pl: Ruimveld, 18th May, 1811.


On Wednesday the 22d Inst. will be exposed for sale at the VENDUE OFFICE. - 100 hampers potatoes in good order, Irish linen, checks, callicoes, &c.
May 21st. KINGSTON & McBEAN.

On Friday the 31st Instant, will be sold, at the House occupied by C. T. TINNE, Esq. who is departing for Europe; at Six Months credit, without reserve:-
Tin and glass ware, elegant furniture, silver and gold, gold epaulets, a choice collection of books, English, Dutch, and French, consisting of excellent works of science and jurisprudence, &c. A table service of white and blue China, for twenty-four persons, an elegant and complete drawing case, a horse, negroes, a pipe of the very best Madeira wine, lately bottled off, after having been five years in the Colony, and what will further be offered on the day of sale.
May 18th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.

On Wednesday the 5th of June, by Order of the Attornies of THOMAS CUMING, at Pl. Thomas,-
A very elegant new gig made to order and double sett of Harness for to use with an outrigger, a pair of well matched English draft horses, saddle and draft do. 30 or 40 head of cattle, a stock of 70 to 80 of sheep. Several dozen of old Madeira and other wine, Household furniture, &c. &c.
May 18th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.

On Monday the 10th of June will be sold on Plantn: Best. - Household furniture, carriages, horses, cattle, sheep, &c. belonging to Mr. JOS: BEETE, junr.
And at the same time and place, by order of JOS: BEETE, junr. q.q. - sundry articles of Furniture, &c. belonging to the Estate of ROBERT FERRIER, Esq. deceased, comprising in the whole - Two four-post and five tent bedsteads, with mattresses, musquito nets, bolsters, and pillows, three small beds and a child's crib, two sets dining tables, a large mahogany side-board, a large sideboard made of colony wood, four sophas, about four dozen of chairs adapted for drawing-room, dining-room, and bed-chamber; a grand piano forte, a small do. a secretaire and book-case, a pair card tables, several small tables, a wardrobe, three chests drawers, wash hand stands and bed-room glasses, wall and pendant lamps, patent and other candlesticks, butter tray and stand, and a knife tray, a canteen, a liquor case, backgammon board, prints, glass and earthen ware, table and bed linen, a few articles of plate, sundry books and maps, a fashionable barouche, two single horse chaises, two horses, harness, saddles and bridles, about fifteen head of creole cattle, sixty sheep and lambs, a tilt boat, and a large pipe Barbados guage, of Newton, Gordon & Co's. finest London particular Madeira wine, two years in the colony and quite full.
May 21st. KINGSTON & McBEAN.


THIS is to inform the
Public, that the follow-
ing Persons intend
quitting this Colony:

deezer Colonie word gead-
verteerd dat de volgende
Persoonen von voorneemen
zyn van hier na elders te
vertrekken, viz;

Thomas Jones, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from 29th April 1811.
John Donoghue, in do. or do. from 1st May.
Wm. Postlethwaite, in do. or do. from 1st do.
R. A. Wilson, in do. from 1st do.
Wm. Lyng, in do. from 2d do.
John McFarlane, in do. or 6 weeks, from 2d do.
J. F. Meyer, in do. or 4 weeks, from 2d do.
Wm. Langley, in do. or do. from 2d do.
J. H. Pollard, in do. or 6 weeks, from 3d do.
Wm. McIntosh, in do. or do. from 3d do.
I. G. Tout, in do. or 3 weeks, from 3d do.
Benjn. Y. Cozier, in do. or 4 weeks from 3d do.
Moses L. M. Peixotto, in 14 days from 7th May.
J. Jones, in do. from 8th do.
Joseph Paxton, in do. or 6 weeks, from 8th do.
I. G. Tout, as Attorney for Wm. Burges, will Transport to Berbice in 14 days from 8th May, 1811, 4 Slaves the property of the said Wm. Burges. - Names of the Slaves to be seen at this Office.
Morgan Griffith, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from 8th May.
Ann T. Perry, in 14 days or 6 Weeks, from 10th May.
J. G. Reed, in 14 days or 3 Weeks, from 11th do.
A. M'Kechney, in 14 days, from 16th do.
John Martindale, in do. or 3 Weeks, from 16th do.
H. B. Williams, in do. or One Month, from 16th do.
E. M'Pherson, in do. or do. from 17th do.
Robert Phipps, Sworn Clerk.

Secretary's Office, Essequebo.

AT the Commissary Court in the Month of July next, the Attornies of JOHN & R. GLADSTONE, of Liverpool, will give Transfer of a Mortgage, passed in their favor, on the 1st of October, 1804, and secured on Plantation Amsterdam, situated on Leguan Island, unto PETER GRANT, q.q. R. & W. PULSFORD, of London.
Proper notice to be given of any opposition intended.
Secretary's Office in Essequebo, 16th May, 1811.
J. P. ROUSKOLB, first Clerk.

MET de Commissary in de Maand July eerstkoomende, zullen de Gemachtigdens van JOHN & R. GLADSTONE, a Liverpool, passeeren een Overdragt van 't in dato 1 October, 1804, in hun faveur gepasseerde Hypotheecq gevestigd op de Plantage Amsterdam, geleegen op 't Leguaan Eyland, aan PIETER GRANT, q.q. R. en Wm. PULSFORD, te London.
Iemand recht van oppositie sustineerende addresseere zig daar en zo 't behoord.
Secretary, Essequebo, den 16e Mey, 1811.
J. P. ROUSKOLB, Eerste Clerq.

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