Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1811 June 01


Vol. VI.]

[No. 376.

SATURDAY, JUNE 1st, 1811.

G. M. O.
HIS Excellency Governor BENTINCK has been pleased to appoint HENRY T. FERGUSON, Gent. to be Cornet in the Corps of Demerary Militia Cavalry.
King's House, Stabroek, Demerary, this 1st day of June, 1811.
By His Excellency's Command,

JUST landed from the Brig Success, and for Sale by the Subscriber.
American-Stelling, 30th May.

Pork, Beef, Flour, Salmon, Madeira Wine, Negro Head Tobacco, Soap, &c.
For Sale by J. H. POLLARD.
Newtown, May 31.

A Stout Healthy Negro Man, Well-disposed, and for sale for no fault whatever.
Enquire at the Royal Gazette Office.
May 30th.


On Saturday the 8th day of June, will be put up and Sold to the highest Bidders, by Order of ADAM THORNBORROW, on Plantation No. 9, West Coast of this Colony. - One Hundred Head of Cattle, of all discriptions [sic], the finest stock in the Colony; also a few Horses, Mules, Sheep, &c. The sale will begin at 10 o'Clock in the morning precisely.
Terms of Payment, in undoubted good Bills, Cash or Cotton, at market Cash price to the Satisfaction of the Vendue Master.
Dy. Vendue Master.

Respectfully inform their Friends and the Public, that it will be opend [sic - opened]
On the Fourth Instant.
North-Street, Bridge-Town, June 1, 1811.

THE Subscriber has just Received an assortment of SADDLERY, which he is now Selling at Reduced Prices, for immediate payment in Cash; consisting of Saddles, Bridles, Hunting, Jockey, and Chaise Whips, head Collars, Curry Combs & Brushes, Mane Combs and Sponges, Portmanteaus, Chaise-Harness, Spare Girths, Stirrup-Leathers, Saddle Cloths, &c. &c. STEPHEN BUTTS,
Who requests all those who stand indebted to him, for 1809 and 1819, to make immediate payment, as it is totally out of his power to give further indulgence.
North-Street, Bridge-Town, 1st June, 1811.

SAMUEL MACKAY informs the Public, he has taken into Copartnership Mr. F. BACKER, and Mr. C. CARTER; and from this date the Business will be conducted under the Firm of SAMUEL MACKAY & Co.
They Offer for Sale Boards, Plank, Clapboards, R. & W. Oak Shooks, Oars, Rice, Tar, Lamp Oil, Tobacco in Hogsheads, Tierces, and Barrels.
Demerary, 1st June 1811.

JUST Imported in the Brig Success, Capt. PURVIS, from Madeira. -
Madeira Wine,
In Pipes, Hhds. and Quarter Casks.
Demerary, 1st June 1811.

THE Subscriber has received by the Demerary, and on hand from former importations, which he will sell reasonable for immediate payment,
[first column]
Madeira and sherry wine,
Jamaica and Grenada rum,
Gin, tea in cannisters,
Sperm. and tallow candles,
Fish in 8 quintal casks,
Beef in barrels and 1/2 barrels
Salmon in do. and do.
Essence of spruce,
Lavender water,
Shoe blacking,
Paint and neatsfoot oil,
White lead & Spanish brown
Green paint in pots,
Nails 6dy. to 20dy.
Stock locks,
Pad, chest, case, & trunk, do.
Hand saws, & handsaw files.
Socket and gouge chissels,
Hand, long, & jack planes,
H, HL & hook & eye hinges
Small brass do. with screws
Hammer-heads and gimblets
Pen and sailors' knives
Common and patent razors
Soap boxes and brushes
Scissars and fleams
Sail, bagging and oznaburg needles
Needle cases, Pins,
Cork screws, metal spoons,
Setts Ivory handled knives and Forks, with carvers complete,
Sad irons,
Buck axes,
Seins about 25 fat. long,
Madrass, muzahpatam, and common blue handkerchiefs,
Printed calicoes,
Blue and white cotton,
[second column]
Ginghams, Demity,
Jean, Jeanet, and Princess cord,
Musquito netting,
Thread, tape, and bobbin,
Muslin robes,
Black, brown, yellow, and stripe muslins,
Muslin shawls, veils, and Turbans,
Cotton & French cambric,
Long lawn,
Irish linen & Dowlas,
Plain and ruffled linen shirts,
Red flannel and check do.
Cotton, linen and cotton, & linen checks and stripes,
Bed ticks,
Linen Britannias,
Flax & Tow oznaburgs,
Im. Russia duck,
Men's and Women's stockings,
Black silk handkerchiefs,
Ditto Florentine and Vests,
Coats, coatees, jackets, pantaloons, and Marseiles vests
Cotton and silk braces,
Duffle and Duck trowsers,
Mens and Womens silk hats
Sealskin morocco, Planters, and coarse shoes,
Ladies slippers and boots,
Ladies parasols,
Silk and cotton umbrellas,
Post and Foolscap Paper,
Small setts books,
Blank and memorandum do.
Ink powder,
Wafers and Quills,
Anchors and grapnels,
Seal and Russet skins,
&c. &c.
[end columns]
31st May.

The Well-known Armed Ship
Will sail with or without Convoy, the last Springs this Month. For Freight or Passage apply to
Demerary, 1st June, 1811.

NOTICE is hereby given, that the Domicilium Citandi et Executandi of SAMUEL JONES and JONES and CLARKE, of Mahaicony Ferry, is at the Jubilee Tavern, on the American Stelling.
Demerary, 1st of June, 1811.


BY Authority obtained from the Honorable Court of Justice of this Colony, I the undersigned First Marshal will sell on the 11th of June, 1811, in presence of two Commissaries of said Court and the Secretary.
In behalf of COLIN MACRAE, versus C. L. ROBERTSON qq. D. GLASFURD: - An Acceptance or Promissary Note amounting to Twenty-one Thousand Guilders, of Wm. ROBERTSON,
Whoever may pretend to have any right to oppose the above sale, will please address themseves [sic - themselves] in writing at the Marshal's Office, with their reasons of opposition; and those inclined to purchase, please attend on the day above-mentioned
Rio Demerary, 1st June, 1811.
M. SMIT, First Marshal.


On Monday the 8th of July next [see 18110514EDRG] . . .
[Transcriber's note: an insert, compare with the original.]
Also a piece of woodland in Camoeny Creek, called Forbes Gift. All sold payable in 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.
At the same time, some very valuable Negroes.
May 14th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.


THIS is to inform the
Public, that the follow-
ing Persons intend
quitting this Colony:

deezer Colonie word gead-
verteerd dat de volgende
Persoonen von voorneemen
zyn van hier na elders te
vertrekken, viz;

Ann T. Perry, in 14 days or 6 Weeks, from 10th May.
J. G. Reed, in 14 days or 3 Weeks, from 11th do.
A. M'Kechney, in 14 days, from 16th do.
John Martindale, in do. or 3 Weeks, from 16th do.
H. B. Williams, in do. or One Month, from 16th do.
E. M'Pherson, in do. or do. from 17th do.
Danl. Cargill, in 14 days or 6 weeks from 18th May.
Adam Stewart, in 14 days, from do.
John Ball, do. do. do.
Miss Ferrier, in 14 days or one month, from 20th do.
Jos. Beete, Junr. and Family, with two servants, do.
Pierre Charpentier, in 14 days from 22d May.
John King, do. do. do. 24th May.
Alexander Burges, in 14 days from 25 May.
Baron Robertson, do. or 3 weeks, from do.
Samuel Wardle, in 14 days or 6 weeks from May 25
Richard Watson, Senr. ditto 27.
Bath. Fowler, in do. or 4 weeks 28.
Rev. Mr. Wray, in 14 days 28.
Stepe. Tavernsen, ditto ditto 30.
Mary Russell, ditto ditto, 30.
A. Van Braam, ditto ditto 30.
Margt. Howard, in do. from 30th May or by the First Packet.
A. S. M'Culloch, in 14 days from May 31.
Samuel S. Walworth, in 14 days from June 1st.

Sales by Execution.

BY Virtue of an Order of the Honourable Court of Justice of this Colony, are hereby Summoned, all Persons who have any Claims on the nett proceeds of the Sale by Execution of the Plantation GORCUM, situate in Mahaica, in order to give in their said Claims on the first day of the Ordinary Session of the said Court held at the Court-House, Stabroek, which will take place in the month of July next, when the Court will proceed to decide on said Claims, after which time no further Claims will be admitted.
Court-House, Stabroek, 1st June, 1811.
P: F. TINNE, Dep: Secty:

BY Virtue of an Order of the Honorable Court of Justice of this Colony, are hereby Summoned, all Persons who have any Claims on the nett proceeds of the Sale by Execution of the Plantation GLAZER's LUST, situate in Mahaica, in order to give in their said Claims on the first day of the Ordinary Session of the said Court, held at the Court-House, Stabroek, which will take place in the month of July next, when the Court will proceed to decide on said Claims, after which time no further Claims will be admitted.
Court-House, Stabroek, Demerary, 1st June, 1811.
P. F. TINNE, Depy. Secretary.

AT the Commissary Court in the month of July next, are to be passed, the following Transports and Mortgage, viz: -
EDWD: BISHOP, Senr: Transfer of the Plantn. ZORG EN ARBEID, with the Appurtenances, unto EDWD: BISHOP, Junior.
C. A. ROBERTS gives a Transfer of the Land called RYAN'S ADDITION, (now in standing brush) unto A. DEY, as Nom. Uxs. the Widow and Boedel-holder of the late JNO: RYAN, And
EDWD: BISHOP, Junr. Mortgages the Plantn. ZORG, and Appurtenances, (with right of first mortgage), unto SEBASTIAN VAN NOOTEN, J.Z. of Amsterdam.
Proper notice to be given of any opposition intended against the above.
Secretary's Office in Essequebo, 28th May, 1811.
J. J. L. MOLIERE, Sect. ad Intm.

[right pointing hand icon] So servile a Copyist is the Conductor of the Essequebo & Demerary Gazette, of the Royal Gazette, that even its very errors are echoed!*

We are, by no means, under the influence of sorrow now, that the "curious paragraph" alluded to, was inserted, for we understand that certain Sons of St. Patrick have declared it to be an Excellent Bull - and they must be judges on so peculiar a subject - and excellence even in blundering, speaks improvement! But we assure A True-born Englishman, now in Stabroek (from whom we confess to have received a truly curious epistle) that he need not be alarmed, for the Packet Subject has nothing to do with Catholic Emancipation; nor are we in the least more likely to become its improper advocates, because we stated, that the April Mail sailed from England in March!

* See the repetition of our mistake respecting the Packet, in the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette, of the 29th ult.

We have heard that a Vessel has arrived in Berbice from Lisbon direct, bringing accounts to the 16th of April; . . .

Two P.M. - London Papers to the 10th of April, have just been handed to us. They contain Dispatches from Lord Wellington, dated Oliveira de l'Hospital, 21st March – and they somewhat support the above statement, by announcing, that, at that time, the French were more rapid in their retreat than ever.

We stated some time since, that the Danes were fitting out an Expedition of considerable magnitude. By the arrival of these Papers, we find that it descended on the Island of Anholt, on the 26th of March, but on the following day, the flotilla and army, consisting in all of nearly 4000 men, after a combat of four hours and a half, received a complete and dicisive [sic] defeat, and were obliged to return to their ports, with the loss of three pieces of cannon, and upwards of 500 prisoners; a number greater by 150 men than what the British Garrison consisted of! (The Particulars shall appear in our next.) J. W. Morrice, a gentleman well known in this Colony, having once had the command of Diamond Rock, off Martinique, was the Commandant on this occasion.

The following appeared in the Trinidad Paper of the 13th of April.

"The sudden and unaccountable exit of the Hon. GEORGE SMITH, late Chief Oidor, First Alcaide del Crimen, and Fiscal, has, with the answer of the Commandant of the Quarter, that he is not to be found, thrown the whole of St. Ann's Valley into great consternation, while the remaining Partners of THE CURIOUS OBSERVERS endeavour to smother their grief, by hoping for the best; but what is become of his Honour all are equally anxious, but at a loss to know. - An old black woman, who has some time been the lonesome tenant of a Cave in the Valley, and being of supernatural pretensions, has attempted to account for this strange affair, and declares - that she had a lawsuit, in which she was unjustly cast, and in search of revenge, she studied the art of OBI; that having ascertained the effect of her powers, by a few experiments, she carefully prepared her ingredients, and set to work, by boiling them three nights and two days; that a bottle of the liquor produced by this Process, was then exposed to the heat of the Sun, and his Honor happening to pass at the time, he was instantaneously seized, and so attracted by the charm, that he stood motionless, and could proceed no farther, that this took place on the 8th April, exactly an [sic] noon, and, by shaking the bottle, the powers of her OBI forced him to the waterfall on the late Baron de Montalembert's estate, where, by the same power, she obliged him to remain, and directed him to bathe; that from his aversion to take the water, she says, he must have been afflicted with the hydrophobia, which she instantly removed by touching his forehead, unseen and unfelt by him, with her little messenger Quack; upon which his apprehension of being drowned immediately subsided, and, having put on his bathing cap, he took the water in the most gentle manner, and swam round the bason of the waterfall; when, all of a sudden, a hideous spectre appeared to tread the water, - holding out a scroll, with these words upon it, "I have appeared
"from your sentence, and am come to summon you to your
"defence. B. de M." - That the ghastly but furious look of the ghost, when he beckoned his Honor to approach him, was most horrid and terrifying, that he seemed conscientiously petrified with the appearance, but still more so at the command of the ghost and attempted to escape, but the spectre with the rapidity of lightning, and the ferocity of a Tyger, fastened upon and carried him down the stream, that upon this she ascended a hill near by, of a stupendous height, and thence observed the ghost, with immense wings and a dragon's tail, bearing away his Honor in the direction of Cocorite, and on passing by Abercromby Estate, formerly Peru, she saw the ghost point stedfastly [sic] towards it, and shake his head - that having put his Honor into a boat, with old Charon at the helm, at Cocorite Bay, the spectre returned and signified to her, that he had commanded the late Fiscal of Grenada to put his Honor on board a brig so called; and, upon no account, and at his peril, and the displeasure of the spectre and herself, to permit his Honor to return, to disturb the peace of the Colony again, upon which the spectre cast off his wings and tail, immerged himself into the waterfall bason, and disappeared; - and all evil spirits are to rest, for three months, she says.
Although we believe neither in supernatural things, nor in the art or charm of OBI, or give any credit to this old woman's story, yet true it is, that his Honor GEORGE SMITH, Esq. went off, or otherwise escaped from the colony, on the 9th April, or very early on the 10th, with the assistance of his few aiders and abettors, who have constantly thought more of their own interest than the good of the colony; but in the present instance they are, we think, entitled to some share of merit as well as praise for their exertions. So far as the particulars attending the transaction have come to our knowledge, we shall give a relation of them to our readers. - On Tuesday evening, then, a gentleman landed at the Carenage from a man of war brig, and in the course of that night, an express arrived at Mr. Burnley's head quarters, in King Street, announcing the disembarkation of Mr. Whitfield, no other than George Whitfield, Esq. lately Attorney General of Grenada, a British colony under British laws, thanks be to God! An application was immediately made to a Captain of one of the merchantmen in the harbour, for a boat, but it not being convenient for him to lend one, another was procured to go to the Carenage. The boat put off and went into Cocorite Bay, where Mr. Smith was waiting for it. All things having been previously prepared, the boat shoved off, and landed the party at the Carenage, and from thence they proceeded over land to the Macaripe Bay, in the offing of which the Grenada brig was laying to. After taking some refreshment, which was provided at Prospect Estate, the Deserter and his friend repaird [sic] on board the brig, where they were received, cheered, and saluted with hearty welcome. Immediately afterwards the brig stood out to sea, and seemed to shape her course for Grenada, where there were two running ships ready for sea, and it is said they were to have sailed on the 11th, for England. This is all we have heard of this mysterious escape, and we give it to the public, without vouching for the correctness of every particular, but we believe the occurrence to have happened in the way that we have stated, so God send his honor a good passage and safe arrival in England, where we intend to pay our respects to him, if not in propria persona by our trusty and well-beloved John Doe and Richard Roe, at all events, on the first day of Trinity Term in Westminster Hall."


      Those who go to law are the birds;
      The court is the field;
      The judges are the net;
      And the lawyers are the fowlers!


ENTERED. - None.

May 29. Ship Amazon, Capt. Reed, - for Clyde.
--- 31. ---- Mercury, - Powell, - Liverpool.

Average Cash Prices of Produce in Stabroek this day.

Cotton - 13 to 13 1/2 stivs.

Sugar - 2 1/2 to 3 stivers

Coffee - 5 to 5 1/2.

Rum (C.P.) - 18 to 20

Remaining In
The Post-Office
[first colmun]

Atkins Thos.


Anderson, Geo. Esq.


Ashfield Eliz.


Aird Donald


Alan William


Alleyne Jos.


Arthur Innis


Abraham Mr. H.


Alton Dan A.


Alleyne David


Amey Jas. George


Anderson Mr. Jno.


Arbman Mr. L.


Brawer J. S. Esq.


Bosquet Esq. M.D.


Bovelin Miss Harriet


Boters, Remi & Co.


Bedford Alex. F.


Barker Mr. Willm.


Breakenridge James


Brenmer Willm. Esq.


Buller Mr.

care Dr. M'Pherson

Bishop E. Esq.


Brander James


Brown John

Cumings lodge

Barzun Eliza


Ballard John


Bloomsbury Andw.


Boddam Jno.


Buchanan Alex.


Beresford Mrs. Frances


Bennie Mr.

Union C. House

Baynes Miss Fran.


Butler Miss Mary Anne


Borne Mr. James


Biegman J. P.


Bishop Miss Louisa


Brooks Mrs.


Barr Robt.


Beckfields Mrs.


Boyce Mr. Tobias


Branch Mr. James


Barck, G.

care Hyndman & Cary

Bayce Eliz. Anne

care Dr. Walker

[Transcriber's note: spelling unclear, could be 'Boyce.']

Bailey David


Berdaw Queen Miss Elizth.


Bagot Mons. Jean Pierre


Buys d'Heer


Bouvel Mad. Eliz.


Bradshaw Rice Esq.


Bonyun Benjn. Esq.


Brooks Jno. Esq.


Buchanan Alex.


Blootenburg Mrs. C.


Barrett Andw.


Bouwens de Wed. Wm.


Boon W. D.


Bremner Heny.


Burgess Willm.


Berthram Jno. A.


Binquebanc W. F.


Bolton Miss Frances


Bosquet Mrs. Mary


Boerner C. J.


Brathwaite John E.


Barrett Mr.


Caseley Wm.


Coram Jos.


Crozier Willm.


Crawford James


Clark Chas.

care A. Reith

Campbell Miss Mary A.


Carmichael Fras.


Cambridge Philip


Clark Jno.

care J. Jones Esq.

Clark Jas.

care W. Ferrier

Crichlow Rebeccca Anne


Connor Jno.

white smith

Chapman Jno.


Crafts Geo. Esq.


Crick Edw.


Crone Jno.


Cart A. Esq.


Connor Jos.


Crawford Ths.

care J. Fullarton

Cameron J.


Champlin Jeffery


Cuvillie Peter W. D.


Clayton Miss Mary

care Mr. Smith

Chandler Jno.


Choret Mon.

maitre d'Ecole

Crony Wm. Parker


Caird Mr. Willm.


Clarke Joseph


Corbet Jno.


Clifton Mrs. James


Chapman Thos.


Commin Bess


Dey Mrs.

Bushy Park 6

Deeges Johan. F.


Dodson Jno.


Dunn Mr.


Dean Miss Amelia


Dallas Torquille


Debraw Willm.


Dalgleish Thos.


De Beausobre Mons.


Dykhuyzen Mrs.


Dunlop Jno.


De Loys Miss Hasest


[second column]

De Saulles Louis


De Groot Hugo


Day Mr. Jno. C.


Dunlop and M'Nicol


Daws Nics. Esq.


Daly Miss Eliz.

care Mr. Geo. Perry

Donald James


Elliot Mrs. Mary


Eyman Mrs. S.


Edensor Geo.


Elbers F. C.


Eskeldsen Robt.


Esdaile Richd.


Edey Miss Sarah


Ewing Rose

at Mr. Shepherd's

Eavenson Mrs.


Everitt Peter


Fraser Mr. C.


Forbes Geo.


Fraser Jno. Esq.


Fraser Miss Betsey


Fraser Miss Frances


Fraser Donald


Fraser Geo.


Findlater Davd.


Francken K. Esq.


Fairbless Jenny


Franklyn Billy


Fotheringham James


Farley Eliz. Anne

care W. Leach

Finley Mr. Math.


Finderson Miss Clarissa


Foderingham Miss Mary B.


Foderingham Willm.


Frye Dr. Jno.


Focking Cornelius


Gibson Andrew


Grant Charles


Grant Allan


Geddes Jno.


Goodwin Capt. Richd.


Game Miss Betsey


Gordon Miss Melia


Game Peter


Gunn Jno.

with Don. Cameron

Griffith John


Grant, Miss Sarah


Huntingford, Benjamin


Hallorn, George


Hopkinson, Miss Johanna


Harriot, Archibd.


Harford, Richd.


Hall, Benjn.


Hagan, Malega


Hubbard, Mrs. T.


Hunter, G. C. Esq.


Holm, Mr. Thos.


Huesteeg, d'Heer L. I.


Hartog, Philip


Henry, Miss Mary

care R. Noonan

Hasperhooven, Chr.


Hewit, Mr.


Howel, Joseph


Herklots, A. P.


Halstead, Willm.


Hinde, Robt.


Hooper, William


Houston, A. Esq.


Hardman, Thos.


Hoomes. Mr.


Hinkson, Mrs. Mary


Hays, Richd.


Hopfer, Albert Fried.


Hall, Richard


Junor, Alex. Esq.


Jaffry, Ninion Esq.


Jameson, Bryce

Cof. Grove

Jones, Jno. Willm.


Innes, Wm.

care J. Wilson Esq.

Johnson, Andw.


Jaffry, James


Johnstone, James

care A. Johnstone

Johnston, Jno.

care J. M'Intosh

Jampriere, Mon. Onf.


Ingram, Chas.

care P. Benjamin

Innis, Jas.


Jones, Miss Cath.


Jordan, Miss Martha C.


Junor, Hugh


Jones, Owen


Jennings, July


Jenkins, Mrs. Diana


Jansen, Miss M. H.


Jameson, Willm.


Johnstone, J.

Cumings lodge

Jack, Jno.


Jones, Enoch


Jones, Rebecca A.


Irvine, Hugh


Jones, Jno. William


Jemmot, William


Jackson, James


Knolman, H. I.


King, A.


Kelly, Jas.

care T. Naghten Esq.

Knegt, A. C. Esq.


Kealy, Mr. Jno.


King, Messrs. W. & J.


Kidd, Miss

at E. Baker's

Kightley, Miss

at Mr. Reed's

[third column]

King, Jno.


Kok, D. C. Esq.


King, Willm.


King, Thos. Esq.


Kouseman, J. H. Esq.


King, Miss Elizabeth


Kirtain, Miss Henneynata


Keller, Mr. George


Kemp, W.

at Mr. Cuming's estate

Knett, Miss Elizth.


Koert, Mr. Jno.


Laing, Jno. Esq.


Loell, de Heer D.


Light, Doct.


Lea, Mr. Jno.

at Mr. Stokes

Lee, Thos.


Lowe, Chas.


Layfield, Thos. F. Esq.


Logan, M.


Luders, J. G. Doct.


Lister, Miss Mary

Mahaicony creek

Lundberg, Jno.


Lathrop, Daniel


Lopis, Miss Norah


Leeds, Miss Leonora


Loekey, Miss Mary


Lewthwaite, William


Leslie, A. B.

6 letters

Lookey, Johanna


Letch, Jas.

at Mr. Gentle's

Lemon, Miss Mary


Linktrong, W. J.


M'Kay, Duncan


M'Kensie, Jno.


M'Kensie, Kenneth


M'Kensie, Rodk.


M'Kensie, Geo.


M'Kensie, James


M'Kensie, Alex.


M'Rae, Finlay


M'Millan, Andw.


M'Geoch, W.

care J. Beete Esq.

M'Donald, Jno.


M'Nicol, Donald


M'Laggan, Pitter


M'Robbe, Jno.


M'Bain, Alex.


M'Kid, James


M'Clyment, Philip


M'Donald, Jos.


M'Farquhar, Jno.


M'Donald, Donald


M'Gowan, Miss Mary


M'Culloch, Alex.

care T. Shute

M'Farlain, Cain


M'Donald, Peter


M'Lean, Alex.


M'Culloch, Willm.


M'Pherson, Willm.


M'Pherson, Jno.


M'Pherson, James


M'Aulay, Jno.


M'Farlain, H.

care Semple

M'Carty, James


M'Bean, Jno.


M'Arthur, Peter


M'Turk, Doct.


M'Reand, William


M'Donald, Alex.


M'Culloch, Robt.


Means, Robt.


Middleburg, d'Heer Peter


Moffat, James


Maxwell, Pat.

J. Crawford

Mitchel, William


Munro, Alex.


Mitchel, Geo. I.


Morrison, Jno.

Canal No. 3

Mayers, Sam. P.


Morgan, Queen Anne


Morphey, M.


Maker, Thos.

care Lambly

Maynard, Peter


Mann, Michael


Mings, James


Martin, D.


Minnet, Jos.


Manson, Miss Sarah


Morgan, Jno.


Moller, Mrs.

Arabische coast

Murray, Alex.


Markaan, d'heer

Canal No. 1

Moore, Miss Molly


Moller, d'heer


Murrow, Ths.

Care T. T. Thomson

Martin, Francis


Munro, Hugh


Mayers, William


Mayers, Christ.


Milne, J.

care Rutherford

Munro, Joshua


Milton, Jno.

Care Chichester Esq.

Milne, A. G.


Mathieson, Kenneth


Martin, Willm.


Niccols, Miss Elizabeth


Nolten, Hk.

In the hospital

Neilson, Mrs. Martha

Jno. Clement

Neilson, Miss Lucy


Nicholls, Samuel


Noyes, W. P.


Nanton, James


Nicholson, James, Esq.


Orford, Sam.

J. Fileen, Esq.

Osburn, Henry


Ogelby, Catherine


Page, Henry


[fourth column]

Poolman, J. H.


Parker, Willm. Esq.


Pendergras, Miss Catherine


Primrose, James


Petrie, Willm.


Pickett, Thos.


Parkinson, Willm.


Parsons, Chas.


Parkinson, Thos.


Patience, Miss Christian


Porter, Robert


Procter, Benjn.


Peters, Chas.


Pollard, Lucy


Peak, Mr.


Pitman, Frans. Esq.


Richardson, Jno.


Ross, Alex.


Ruperti, F. W.


Reach, Alex.


Ramsey, Mr.

at Craig, Esqs.

Reynolds, W. B.


Robinson, Doct. James


Reid, Wm. Gosling


Rocquette, P. I.


Reid, James


Richards, Henry


Roach, Rebecca


Richardet, Mons.


Ryves, Francis


Roach, Richd.


Reach, Davd. R.


Ramsay, Robt.


Reed, Richd.


Rose, G.

Garden of Eden

Reynders, J.


Reed, Jos.


Rodenbach, Jno.


Robson, Nic. Edwd.


Robinson, W. & Ed.

colrd. men

Robertson, Geo.


Ramsden, W.

care W. Roach

Roachward, Thomas


Redouf, Miss Lucy


Roach, Jonath.


Robert, Mrs. Eliza


Ray, Robt.

Hygea [sic]

Redwar, Christian


Reoch, D.

care Rutherford

Robinson, Miss Frances


Suter, William


Simson, Jno.


Scott, Alex.


Smith, Jos.


Stacey, Francis


Shanks, Andw.


Salmon, W. A.


Stewart, Daniel


Smith, Willm.


Smith, Jno.


Smith, Alex. R.

J. Bergh

Smith, Thos.


Smith, Mrs. Mary


Smith, Rd.

care T. Shute

Stuart, Jas.

care of Sloane

Stannton, Barth.


Stark, James


Sands, B.


Schultze, Mrs.


Schultze, J. Christr.


Strack, Jasper


Shurland, Miss Sarah E.


Shotborgh, Nics.


Stalman, Mr.


Statham, Jos.


Shillingford, Michael


Southern, James


Singleton, W.

care Ashington, Esq.

Simons, Nancy


Shepherd, H.


Symson, Willm.


Scheepens, de Heer J.


Stoll, A. J.


Sinckler, Willm.


Taylor, Chas.


Turton, R. S.


Tuckniss, Jno.


Thompson, T.


Timmerman and Moliere


Teysen, B. Junr.


Taylor, Wilson


Turney, I. R.


Thomas, Miss Mary


Tywell, T.


Treadwell, C.


Tywell, Rosetta


Taylor, Miss Sally


Thorn, N. A.


Tomlin, Miss Sarah


Thomas, Dr. B.


Trotman, Sarah


Taylor, Francis


Tally, Jno.


Touson, J. H. H.


Thorpe, Jno.


Thomas, Miss Mary Diana


Tubbs, Miss Jemima


Temfiest, Henry


Thomas, Messrs. B. & Co.


Thomson, Robt.


Thomson, Miss Louisa


Thomas, Bristow


Unthank & Richardson


Van Onna, J. E. Esq.


Vaughan, Thos.


Van den Bosch, de Heer A.


[fifth column]

Van Wieringen, Chas. Esq.


Van Kinschot, Esq.


Visser, J. F.


Van Cooten, H.


Van den Zantheuel


Van der Burght, d'heer J.


Van Thol, S.


Vion, Mejuffrouw E.




Van Genderen, Mrs. M. E.


Wray, Mr.


Whitaker, Jno.


Wachope, Samuel


Walcott, Jno.


White, Thos. A.


Watson, Chas. A.


Willebers, de heer Dk.


Watson, Miss Euphemia


Wilson, Jno.

Good Hope

[sixth column]

Whitaker, Mrs.


White, Miss Anne Pistel


Ward, Margaret


White, R. W.


Ward, Jno.

Ship carpenter

Wake, Willm Thos.


Walrond, Benjn.


Williamson, Adam


Woolward, Miss Anne


Wheelwright, J.

care Dr. Gall

Wilkenson, Miss Charlotte


Wolden, Esther

Js. Thorn

White, Thos.


Waller, Jno.


Willoughby, Dr. Edwd.


Young, Richd.


Yeoward, Henry


Zuaving, Justus


Zimmerman & Jansen


LIST of Runaway and Arrested SLAVES in the
Colony Stocks of DEMERARY, 1st June, 1811.



Brought by





Boed. Engels,




Pl. Vlissingen.

Saint Pierre,

St. Deeges,

La Reduite,


Alx. McKenzie,



M. Lane,

L. Teems,



Pl. Trois Ami.


Pl. La Resource,

Pl. Meerzorg.


Van Nooten,







Pl. Windsor Forrest.


Dr. Arenberg,







Pl. Mis Delice.






De Ryk,


J. A. Otto,



M. Stuard,

Pl. Med & Meerzorg.

S. G. MARTENS, Drossart.

STABROEK: Printed and Published
By Edward James Henery.

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