Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1811 June 08


Vol. VI.]

[No. 378.

SATURDAY, JUNE 8th, 1811.

[icon for a seal]

By his Excellency Henry William Bentinck, Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the Colonies of Demerary and Essequebo, Vice Admiral of the same, &c. &c. &c.

WHEREAS it becomes necessary to ascertain the White and Free Coloured Male Population of the Town of Stabroek, and its Precincts; I have thought proper to issue this my Proclamation, ordering and enjoining the Officers of the First Battalion of Militia, to go round, from House to House, on Monday next, the 10th Instant, to collect a correct Return of all Persons of the above description, and particularly to state those who are capable of bearing arms; which Returns are to be transmitted to me, by the Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant, on or before the 14th Instant.
All House-Keepers, and others whom it may concern, are, therefore, hereby required to give the said Officers every information and aid, in their power, to forward the object in view, and to respect them accordingly.
Given under my Hand and Seal at Arms, this Eighth day of June, 1811, and in the Fifty-first Year of His Majesty's Reign.
By His Excellency's Command,
Gov. Secty.

By the Honorable PETER CHARLES OUCKAMA, Commandeur in and over the Colony and Dependent Districts of Essequebo, &c. &c. &c.
To al to whom these shall come, or may concern, Greeting! Be it known.
WHEREAS by the election of L. HARTENSVELD and J. J. DEEGES, Esqs. as Members of the Honorable Court of Justice of this Colony, a vacancy in the College of Kiezers, or Electors, in the room of the said L. HARTENSVELD, and of a Financial Representative in the room of J. J. DEEGES, Esq. has been occasioned.
I therefore desire all and every Inhabitant, who, possessing Twenty-five Slaves and upwards, and thereby are entitled to Vote, to send their Votes respectively, in writing, both for the election of a Kiezer or Elector, and of a Financial Representative, in the stead of the said L. HARTENSVELD and J. J. DEEGES, Esqs: at the Commandement Secretary's Office, where the Votes will be received in a sealed Box, prepared for the purpose, from this day to Monday the First July next, on which day they will be opened, and the persons elected proclaimed accordingly.
And in order that no ignorance hereof may be pretended, this shall be published, and sent round for lecture from Plantation to Plantation, and inserted in the Essequebo and Demerary Gazettes for the general information of the Public.
Given at the Commandement of Essequebo, this 30th May, 1811.
By Command,
Secty. to the Commandeur.

NOTICE is hereby given, that Mr. JOS. TAYLER is appointed by the Commissioners of the Market, to act as Clerk of the said Market; conformable to the Resolutions of the Honorable Court of Policy, bearing the date 2d May, 1811 - and Instructions given to him for that purpose.
Demerary, 8th June, 1811. Inspector General.

THE Commissioners of the Market advertise that they are wishfull of Contracting for putting the place in proper order, and Trenching it round. Any person wishing to Contract, tenders for the same will be received by the Subscriber, until 10 o'clock on Monday the 24th June, when they will be opened in the presence of the Commissioners, and the lowest offer accepted.
Inspector General.
N.B. The Plan will be given on application to the Inspector General. Demerary, 8th June, 1811.

ANY Person wishing to Contract for the erection of new Buildings in the Market, Butchers' places, &c. tenders for the same will be received by the Subscriber, until 10 o'clock on Monday the 24th June, when they will be opened in the presence of the Commissioners of the Market, and the lowest offer accepted.
Inspector General.
N.B. The Plan and the mode of Construction will be given on application to the Inspector General.
Demerary, 8th June, 1811.

On Tuesday Next will be Published,
(In Quarto, Price f 11.)
In the Dutch and English Languages;
Manner of the Proceedings
Printed and Sold at the Royal Gazette Office; where may be had Smith's Medical Instructions.

On the First of August will be Published,
(In a Small, Pocket Size,)
Which have appeared, and may appear, in
The Royal Gazette,
From its Commencement to the First of August Next.
All Communications sent to the Editor of the Royal Gazette will be thankfully received.

RUNAWAY from the Subscriber, a Negro Woman by name of MARY, with her Mulatto Child, a Boy about four months old; she is about eighteen years old, coal black skin. All persons are forbid harbouring the said woman. Any person that will lodge her in the Barracks, or bring her to the Subscriber, shall receive a liberal Reward.
June 7th. J. HOPKINSON.

And for Sale by the Subscriber;
Fresh Superfine FLOUR,
New RICE in Tierces and half Tierces.
June 8th. OWEN KERNAN & Co.

THE Undersigned offers for Sale, his HOUSE in Cumingsburg, for which he will give an approved purchaser very easy terms.
He has also a few Negro Domestics, some furniture, and an Irish Jaunting Carr [sic] to dispose of.

THE Undersigned, Commissaries of NEW-TOWN, have the honour to inform the Proprietors of Lots situated therein, that agreeable to the Resolution passed at the last general Meeting, they have entered into a Contract for the temporary repair of the American Stelling, and of the Bridge leading over the Canal into Stabroek - By virtue of the authority vested in them, they have levied the Ordinary Tax for the present year, 1811, to defray the above exigence. The Commissaries feel a confident assurance that the prompt attention of the Proprietors will enable them honourably to fulfil the engagements entered into for their general benefit.
WILLIAM COOK, [right point brace, indicating 'Commissaries.]
June 7th. Wm: M'BEAN.

THE Subscriber has for Sale a few Pipes and Hogsheads of
Old Madeira Wine,
Imported in the Success, Capt. PURVIS, the Pipes and Hhds. are of Barbados Gauge, and the quality of the Wine is warranted to be excellent.
8th June.

DIVINE SERVICE will not be Performed tomorrow, in consequence of the arrangements making to fit up the Organ. 8th June.

WM: PIPPARD, Master.
Will Sail the First Springs in July.
For Freight or Passage apply to
June 7th.

TAKEN off from alongside the Ship MARY, by five of the crew early this morning, a five oared Pinnace, bottom lead coloured and black top, the wash streak about the quarters broken. Whoever can give information respecting the same to JOHNSON, DYETT, McGAREL, & Co. will be handsomely rewarded. 8th June.

DRIFTED from Plantn: Vrie & Rust, on the 3d Inst. a white bottomed TENT BOAT, with shutters to the Tent, and the upper-works painted green; 21 feet long and 5 1/2 feet wide. Any person having picked up the same, will be handsomely rewarded by delivering her at the Boat Yard of Mr. HARROWER, or giving any information of her at the Printing Office. June 8th.


On Monday the 10th of June [see 18110521EDRG] . . .
On the same day, by order of Mr. ARTHUR M'KENZIE, (for immediate payment) an English Blond Horse, and a capital American Draft Horse.
May 21st. KINGSTON & McBEAN.

On Tuesday the 11th of June, at the stores of EVAN FRASER, Esq. in Cumingsburg, by Order of HU. MACKENZIE & Co. - Fifty Casks of Salt Fish to close Sales.
June 8th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.

On Friday the 14th instant at the stores of Mr. THOMAS FINLAYSON. - A choice assortment of Dry Goods, Provisions, Liquors, &c. &c. received by the latest arrivals.
June 8th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.

On Monday the 17th Instant, [see 18110604EDRG] . . .
On the same day, very Elegant Furniture, consisting of Mahogany dining tables with D ends, do. sideboard, bedsteads with mattrasses, dressing tables with toilets and stands, chairs, mahogany tea trays, do. dinner do. a table service of blue china and other ware, and a variety of glass; silver spoons, forks, wine strainers and castors, several dozen green handled knives and forks, table linen, napkins and sheets, table and other lamps, shades, candle sticks [sic] and shade snuffers, kitchen utensils, Burton ale and cyder, and a quantity of very excellent London particular Madeira wine, and what further may appear on the day of sale, the property of a Gentleman intending to leave the Colony.
June 4th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.

On Tuesday the 18th June, at the Store of JOSEPH HILL, Esq. a consignment of Goods per Success, from London, direct from the Manufacturers (without reserve)
A case, containing 203 pieces cambric muslin, a do. 200 doz. clouded bordered hdkfs. 3 do. 150 pieces Platillas, a do. 50 pieces rolled white calicoes, a puncheon 200 pieces Carlisle linen check; 8 trunks, 1,600 pieces, printed calicoes; 1 trunk 9-8 cambrics, do. 250 pieces, a trunk chintz furniture; 2 cases, 6 doz. Ladies' black silk hats; also, of former importations, saddles, bridles, soap, candles, pease, spices, tea in canisters and chests, tongues, tripe, sugar, double Gloucester cheese, currants, Cogniac brandy, Malmsey wine, cyder, perry, Martinique noyeau, lamp and paint oil, white lead, red and blue paint, glass and earthenware, nails 4d to 30d, hoes, shovels, cutlasses, hinges, locks, hammers, hatchets, iron pots, rat and mouse traps, gridirons, frying pans, Swedish bar iron and puncheon hoops, gunpowder, shot, Japan and tin ware, stationary, cotton checks, linen and cotton platillas, Britannias, salempores, Irish linens, Russia and Lancashire sheeting, towels, table-cloths, cord dimity, coloured nankeen, fancy muslins, fine cambric muslin, coloured quilting, white jean and silk vests, cloth and kerseymere, pantaloons, white jean and striped trowsers, calico and check shirts, haberdashery, umbrellas, mattrasses and bolsters, composition mortars and pestles, boots and shoes, stone blue, olives, capers, pickles, fish sauce, brass wine and vat cocks, corks, rose and honey water, perfumery, &c.
June 8th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.


THIS is to inform the
Public, that the follow-
ing Persons intend
quitting this Colony:

deezer Colonie word gead-
verteerd dat de volgende
Persoonen von voorneemen
zyn van hier na elders te
vertrekken, viz;

Danl. Cargill, in 14 days or 6 weeks from 18th May.
Adam Stewart, in 14 days, from do.
John Ball, do. do. do.
Miss Ferrier, in 14 days or one month, from 20th do.
Jos. Beete, Junr. and Family, with two servants, do.
Pierre Charpentier, in 14 days from 22d May.
John King, do. do. do. 24th May.
Alexander Burges, in 14 days from 25 May.
Baron Robertson, do. or 3 weeks, from do.
Samuel Wardle, in 14 days or 6 weeks from May 25
Richard Watson, Senr. ditto 27.
Bath. Fowler, in do. or 4 weeks 28.
Rev. Mr. Wray, in 14 days 28.
Stepe. Tavernsen, ditto ditto 30.
Mary Russell, ditto ditto, 30.
A. Van Braam, ditto ditto 30.
Margt. Howard, in do. from 30th May or by the First Packet.
A. S. M'Culloch, in 14 days from May 31.
Samuel S. Walworth, in 14 days from June 1st.
W. S. Kirton, and Family, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from
James M'Farlane, in do. or do. from 2d. do.
John Halket, in do. or One Month, from 3d do.
J. C. H. Kuster, in do. or 6 week [sic], from 5th do.
George Healis, in do. or do. from 5th do.
Mrs. Wm. Bovell, and Children, in 14 days, or 6 weeks, from 7th June.
Miss Rebecca Marshall, in do. or do. from 7th June.

We have had no arrivals since our last, capable of affording us anything new.

Heroic Defence of Anholt.

His Majesty's ship Tartar, off Anholt, March 31.
SIR - I have the honor to acquaint you that the Wrangler and Safeguard not being ready, I proceeded with the Sheldrake according to your orders from Yarmouth Roads on the 20th instant, and anchored off the north side of Anholt on the 26th. On communicating with Capt. Maurice, I was happy to learn from him, that the garrison were in high health and spirits, and fully prepared to repel any attack which the enemy might meditate against them; and an opportunity very speedily occured [sic] to prove the just foundation on which he reposed his confidence in them; for at dawn of day on the following morning we observed a heavy firing commence from the batteries round the light houses, which made it certain that the island was attacked on the south-side. I immediately weighed, as also the Sheldrake, and as soon as it was light, a telegraphic signal was made from the island that the enemy had landed and that the gun-boats kept up a heavy fire. The wind being from the westward, I had the mortifying alternative to run ten or eleven miles to leeward, to get round the east end of the island, or to beat up a still greater distance to weather that branching out from its north-west point. But considering that the knowledge of the frigates being near to the Island (of which they were hitherto ignorant) would make a considerable impression on the enemy, I resolved on going to the leeward round the shoal of the Knobens, as bringing me sooner in their sight, at the same time I made a signal to the Sheldrake to keep on the north-side of the island, Capt. Maurice having signified by telegraph that she would be serviceable there.
As we rounded the reef, the noble and incessant fire kept up by the English batteries, left no doubt on my mind as to the result of the affair; and about ten o'clock I had the satisfaction to observe a signal made from the Light-House that the enemy's troops, to the number of 5 or 600, had surrendered at discretion.
As I had expected, their flotilla made off the instant the Tartar came in sight, and the wind being light during the fore part of the day, they were enabled to sweep directly to wind-ward; and as their small draught of water allowed them to go within the western reefs of the island, while we were obliged to beat round it, they were nearly out of sight to leeward before we could bear up after them. The Sheldrake, however, was happily placed in the way of that division of them, which endeavoured to escape towards the coast of Sweden.
I beg leave to inclose a copy of Captain Stewart's letter to me, stating the capture of two of them, and I cannot sufficiently praise the intrepidity and skill with which he attacked a force so superior to his own. Those which I pursued separated in different courses; three of the largest steered for the island of L¤ssoe, I followed them; but they had gained so much the start of me, that they were not within reach of my guns when the night came on, and we found ourselves in shoal water, on the flat extending to the south-ward of that island, and were obliged to haul off. I afterwards captured two of their transports which I passed during the chase of the gun-boats; one of them had 22 soldiers on board, with a considerable quantity of ammunition, shells, &c.; the other contained provisions.
The island being greatly incumbered with prisoners, Capt. Maurice has sent a flag of truce to Jutland, offering to release them on their parole not to serve until regularly exchanged. If this proposal shall be accepted, it is my intention to take them over to Rauders in the Tartar and Sheldrake, and at the same time to demand the officers and crew of his Majesty's late sloop Pandora wrecked.
The prisoners of war taken in the gun-boats consist of two Lieutenants of the Danish Navy, and 119 men.
I have directed the Wrangler to proceed to England, with Lieutenant Baker, Royal Navy, of the island of Anholt, charged with Captain Maurice's dispatches, which I hope may meet with your approbation. I have the honour to be, &c.
(Signed) JOSEPH BAKER, Captain.
Sir James Saumarez, Bart. and K.B. Vice Admiral of the Red, Commander in Chief, &c.

His Majesty's Sloop Sheldrake, Anholt, March 28.
SIR - In obedience to your signal yesterday to keep on the north side of the island, my attention was particularly occupied in preventing the escape of the enemy's flotilla to leeward, hoping by so doing I anticipate your wishes.
At two p.m. observing the Tartar to windward of the island, and the gun-boats endeavouring to push through the passage inside the reef, I endeavoured to place myself in such a situation as to turn them, or render an action unavoidable. About four p.m. we crosed [sic] within long range of shot, their force consisting of sixteen gun-boats, and armed vessels, in close and compact order, formed in line, steering down with the apparent determination of supporting each other; but they, finding us equally determined to bring them to close action, began to disperse just when we were in hopes of placing ourselves in such a situation as must have annihilated the whole of them in a short time. However, as five of them kept in one direction, I kept after them, and have the pleasure to inform you we brought them to close action at half past one, when one of them No. 9, immediateately [sic] struck; she mounts two long 18-pounders and four brass howitzers, 65 men, and commanded by Lieutenant of repute in the Danish Navy. Immediately the prisoners were on board, we made all sail after the largest lugger, which, I am also happy to inform you, we captured about 8 p.m. after exchanging a few shot. She proved to be gun-vessel No. 1 mounting two long 24 pounders, and four brass howitzers, complement of 70 men, only 60 of whom we found on board; from the number of shot she received, I am convince she must have lost many of her crew; her Commander is also a Lieut. in the Danish Navy.
I am extremely rejoiced to say we have no person hurt; our sails and rigging being a little cut, and a few grape shot in the hull, is the extent of our damage.
I feel great pride in being able to inform you, the officers and crew I have the honour to command, behaved so as to meet my warmest praise, and I can assure you, Sir, all on board were greatly annoyed at the enemy not allowing us the pleasure of making an example of the so much talked of Danish gun-boats.
Night coming on, and we having on board forty more prisoners than our own people, I am sorry to say we could not succeed in capturing any more of them, as they separated after the first had struck; but several that escaped were under our fire, and appeared to have suffered much; so much so, that some of the people say one sunk. I have, &c.
(Signed) J. P. STEWART.
Captain Baker, his Majesty's ship Tartar.

To the Editor of the Royal Gazette.
Rising very early on Tuesday morning last, and sitting alone in my piazza, admiring the beauties of the opening dawn, - and the state of the mother-country, and our much-loved monarch, (it being his birth-day) being paramount in my mind; and cheered with the good news just received; it drew from me the following hasty production, which may fill up a vacant corner of your paper; and although not written either in the style or correctness so sublime a subject deserves, the liberal mind will take the will for the deed.
Demerary, June 5.

His Majesty's Birth-Day.

The dawn appears: - Brittania's sons arise,
And banish Morpheus, from your half-clos'd eyes;
Arise, and hail your Monarch's natal day -
Your much-lov'd king! - with joy the call obey.
His silver'd locks demand the rev'rence due
To aged Virtue; from his subjects true.
His three-score and thirteenth year this day he views;
Fifty and one of which, a monarch shews,
Whose manly virtues, and whose people's love,
Declare him worthy of a seat above;
Tho' now, by the unerring hand of fate,
His frame's too weak to guide the helm of state;
His much-lov'd Son, with equal virtue bred,
A second-self! he places in his stead,
'Till god, his maker, whose high will be done,
Restore him safely to his health and throne;
And grateful subjects all rejoice, and sing
Praises to Him, who has restor'd their king!
Ye Sons of Britain! that blest Queen of Isles!
See, on your virtuous efforts, Heaven smiles!
Whilst other lands are drench'd in human gore,
You rest securely on your sea-girt shore;
Your fleets triumphant, skim the briny wave,
And you alone, th' European Monster brave!
To Heaven, with one accord, your voices raise,
And to the Ruler of the World give praise!
Let godly-love your grateful bosoms warm,
'Tis he who saves you lo the general storm;
E'en now, it seems, that your propitious stars
Shine on your armies in the field of Mars!
The troops of France, invincible before,
Slain and defeated, fly from shore to shore.
The Victor at Barrosa, forc'd to yield,
Left British Soldiers - masters of the field.
Graham, the Eagle drops, tho' soaring high,
And Erin's Hero makes Massena fly;
On Baltic shore, you trip the Morris' Dance,
And there too, humble the proud friends of France.
May these, of greater deeds, precursors be;
May Heaven, its blessing ever pour on thee!
Aid thee to unshackle Europe's groaning land,
And crush the Tyrant, with his furious band.
May Civil Discord, with your brethren cease -
Emancipation's struggle end in peace.
Firmly united, guard your native shore,
And George, your king - whose health may God restore, [right pointing bracket here, perhaps denoting a repeat of the last stanza]
And Britain flourish now and evermore!

To the Editor of the Royal Gazette.
SIR - Knowing that originality is a stranger to the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette, either from the timidity or incapacity of its "Conductor;" and, at the same time, considering the ludicrous over-sight you were guilty of respecting the packet, as fair game at which to fire a smile - I, in perfect good-humour, transmit to that gentleman, the paragraph which appeared on the 29th of May; which paragraph you remarked upon in a manner, which I thought exposed you again to the playful sting of friendly satire. In consequence of which, I presented to the same person, for insertion verbatim, the article which appeared last night, or, in strict veracity, a similar article - for I declare that so many alterations have been made in it, that I scarcely knew it this morning! - The SMILE is transformed to a FROWN - and the words venom, sore, and futile, are placed in the room of others more worthy of my pen, less disgraceful to the paper they were to appear in, and more applicable to you, sir - No, they did not indeed contaminate my manuscript - I discard them - for if my diction cannot soar into the SKY, it shall never descend into the MUD! - if it is not REFINED, it never shall become VULGAR! - or if I cannot be WITTY, I never will become SCURRILOUS!
You will oblige by inserting this, for two reasons - first, because I find that the main drift of the article in question, having been thought, by some, to be a good bit, has tempted the said "servile copyist." to boast of being its author: - and secondly, because, as some of my friends knew of my intended attack on you, this explanation is necessary.
Demerary, June 6th.

The conduct of Juvenal is indeed admirable! He first fires at us, and then comes to complain that he is himself wounded! "Admirable indeed! most admirable!" - However, being convinced how very dear to Literary Parents are their Mental Offspring, we have complied with his request.


June 5 Ship Nereid, Capt. Johnson, from Glasgow, - Ballast.
Sch. Good Intent, Strickland, Barbados - Lime &c.
Burchall, Lawson, Do. - Flour, Rice &c.
7 Ship John Little, Pellard, Lisbon, - Ballast.
Bellisle, Cameron, Glasgow, - Ditto.
8 Brig Margaret Elizabeth, Bailey, Berbice & New York, - Flour and rice for the Garrison.

June 5 Ship Aldbro, Capt. Thompson, for London.
Russia Company, - Cole, - Do.
Snow Abeona, - Malcolm, - Do.
Brig Cornelia, - Burrell, - Liverpool.
Ship Mary, - Laughton, - Ditto.

And Possession had any time next Month,
THE PREMISES now occupied by the Subscriber; to an approved purchaser very liberal terms will be granted.
The Premises on the American Stelling, now in the occupancy of Mr. ELLIS, and well known as the Commercial Coffee House. Further particulars may be known on application to P. BENJAMIN Esq. or
Royal Gazette Office, 8th June, 1811.
[Transcriber's note: an earlier advertisement appeared in 18110521EDRG.]

LIST of Runaway and Arrested SLAVES in the
Colony Stocks of DEMERARY, 8th June, 1811.



Brought by





Boed. Engels,




Pl. Vlissingen.

Saint Pierre,

St. Deeges,

La Reduite,


Alx. McKenzie,



M. Lane,

L. Teems,



Pl. Trois Ami.


Pl. La Resource,

Pl. Meerzorg.


Van Nooten,







Pl. Windsor Forrest.



Pl. Mis Delice.





M. Stuard,

Pl. Med & Meerzorg.





Cornfoot and Bell,

Pl. Turkyen.

S. G. MARTENS, Drossart.

STABROEK: Printed and Published
By Edward James Henery.

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