Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1811 June 15


Vol. VI.]

[No. 380.

SATURDAY, JUNE 15th, 1811.

                  Commissariat Office,
                  15th June, 1811.
Wanted for the use of His Majesty's
Troops in this Colony.
PERSONS willing to Contract for Six Months, for any of the above Articles, will please send Tenders to this Office, sealed and marked "Tenders for Candles, Fuel Wood, or Oil and Wick," until Monday the 24th instant, at 10 o'clock in the morning, when they will be opened in presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops, and the lowest offer or offers, if approved, accepted.
The Contractors to be bound in the Penalty of Two Hundred Pounds Sterling for the due performance of his Contract.
Ast. Comy. Gen.

HAVE Imported by the William Rathbone, Capt. Kennan, from Liverpool.
Beef and Pork in Half-barrels,
Rounds of Beef in Tubs,
Tripe in Jars,
Soap and Candles,
Cotton Bagging, and Cordage,
Which they will Sell reasonable for immediate payment in Cash or Cotton.
12th June.

Wanted for the Mess of the Royals.
Any qualified Person will receive a liberal Salary, on application to the Mess-man.
Camp, June 15.

A Young Healthy Field Negro Women [sic], and her female child; also two Mulatto boys, capable of attending on a Gentleman. The above are sold for no fault whatever, their present owner being about to quit the Colony. For further particulars apply to
June 15th.

ABSENTED herself from the service of the Subscriber, about six weeks since, a yellow skinned negro Woman, named ROSE, about 40 years of age, and well known in Town. ONE JOE Reward will be given to any person that will bring her to the Subscriber.
June 15th.

A DWELLING House with a Kitchen, &c. fit for a small family, at the Demerary Ferry.
June 15th.

AAN het Demerary Veer, Een Woonhuys met Een Combuys, &c.
Juny 15e.

THE Undersigned hereby requests all those who stand indebted to himself, or to HUGH WILSON, deceased, to come forward and settle their respective Accounts, within the space of six weeks from this date, in order to prevent the disagreeable consequences which must take place should the above requisition not be complied with
Cumingsburg, 14th June.

CAPTAIN PURVIS particularly requests those Gentlemen, who have received TRUNKS from on board the above vessel, to examine if either is marked VDH No. 1. - such Trunk being missing. Information will be thankfully received, and all expences paid, either by himself, or Messr. WARDROP and FURGUSON.
June 15.

HAS received by the William Rathbone, Capt. KENNAN, from Liverpool, and for Sale cheap for prompt payment, viz: -
[first column]
Irish mess beef and pork in half barrels,
Pickled tongues in firkins,
Best Yorkshire hams,
Pine and Gloucester cheese,
Rounds beef in tubs,
Potatoes & pickled herrings
Tripe in jars,
Pickled oysters and muscles [sic],
Fish sauces,
Small jars almonds, raisins, currants and figs,
English Sweetmeats and pickles assorted,
[second column]
Mustard, black pepper,
Vinegar, sallad oil,
Porter, beer and ale,
Fashionable made coats and vests,
Russia sheeting,
Irish linens,
Cotton and linen checks,
Furniture chintz and check
Tow and flaxen Oznaburgs,
Negro cloathing,
Crates of Queen's ware assorted, &c.
[end columns]
Also on Hand of late Importations:
[first column]
Old London particular Madeira wine per dozen,
Cogniac brandy,
Hollands gin, old rum,
Hyson tea,
Bengal stripe,
Princes cord,
India jean, dimitties,
Marseilles quilting,
Canvas and sewing twine,
Musquito netting,
Thread, tape, twist,
Candles and soap,
White, green, yellow, Spanish brown, and black paints,
Paint and lamp oil,
Lamp and shoe blacking,
[second column]
Nails 4dy to 30dy,
Gentlemen's, Ladies' and Children's hats, Shoes, stockings, and umbrellas,
Broad cloths, stationary,
Looking glasses,
Iron hoops and rivets,
Cutlasses, sad irons,
Knives and forks,
Razors, penknives, scissors,
Rice, salt, pilot bread,
Blocks, jib hanks,
Sailors' and Tradesmen's cloathing,
Stock fish,
A few thousand feet Cabacalli and Determa boards and plank.
[end columns]
H. D. has also two new PUNTS, for Sale or Hire.
He requests the favour of those who still remain Indebted to him for last year's Accounts and Notes of Hand, to come forward with payment. June 14th.

In whole and half firkins, and
Just arrived, per Brig WILLIAM RATHBONE, from Liverpool, and for Sale (for Cash) by
Superior Quality Madeira Wine.
June 15th.

NOTWITHSTANDING the repeated advertisements in the month of March last, respecting the negro SARAH, she is yet concealed by some evil disposed person; and I do hereby offer a reward of FOUR JOES, to any person who will give such informations as will lead to the discovery of said negro, and convict any white or free coloured person, of harbouring her. She is (as before described), five feet high, has a very large mouth, with one foretooth a little rotten, her complexion of a sickly yellow, and is a creole of Monsterrat [sic].
N. B. Should she, without giving me any further trouble, return to her business, I will (although contrary to what she deserves) freely forgive her.
June 15th.

ALL Persons having any demands against the Estate of ANDREW HAMILTON, deceased, are requested to render in their Accounts for examination, as such as are indebted to said Estate will please to make immediate Payment to the Undersigned, at Plantation Evergreen, Essequebo.
JAMES WILSON, [right pointing brace, indicating 'Joint Executors.']
June 15th.

Cork Rose Butter,
And Lancashire Hams,
Also a few Dozen of Gordon, Duff, and Co.'s Old wine.
June 15th. NURSE and TROUGHTON.

THE Subscriber respectfully informs the Merchants and others, that he has furnished himself with a large new Boat called the HAWK, which will carry nearly 30 Hogsheads of Sugar, and which he wishes to employ in these Colonies as a Drogher. He will be thankful for any Freight that may offer.
Application to be made at Mr. JACOB's store on Robb's Stelling.
15th April. [sic]
[Transcriber's note: unable to find this item in previous issues.]

A. KENNAN, Master,
328 Tons Burthen,
Armed with 14 guns, eighteen-pounders, and men answerable. Will sail a Running Vessel the Second Springs in July. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master on Board, or to
American-Stelling, 15th June.

ABSENTED himself from the Subscriber, a few days ago, a Negro man, known by his Country people under the name of QUAMINA, otherwise HARRY. Whoever will apprehend the said Negro and deliver him to the Subscriber, shall receive ONE JOE REWARD.
June 15th. D. N. A. VAN HOYTEMA.

Picked up in front of Plantation KITTY, a few days ago, a small Punt, nearly new, the owner can have her by paying all Expences.
Kitty, Estate, 15th June. PICKED up in front of Plantation KITTY, a few days ago, a small Punt, nearly new, the owner can have her by paying all Expences.
Kitty, Estate, 15th June.

Sales by Execution.

BY Authority obtained, I, the undersigned First Marshal of this Colony, will offer for Sale, to the highest bidder, at the Court-House, in the Town of Stabroek, on Tuesday the 9th of July next, in presence of two Councellors-Commissaries of the Honourable Court of Justice, and the Secretary:
1st. - In behalf of CHARLES VINCENT, Colonial Receiver, versus the Proprietor or Representative of the half Concession, No. 59, Front-Dam, Stabroek: - The above-mentioned half Concession No. 59, with the old and ruinous side Building, of little value, thereon standing.
2d. - In behalf of JOHANNES MULLER, versus A. D'ANJOY: - A Concession, No. 7, with all the Buildings thereon standing, viz: a Dwelling House long about 36 by 22 feet, with a Gallery, a side Building, serving for a Wash-house and Kitchen, and another side Building, and Necessary; all as said Concession and Buildings are possessed by the said A. D'ANJOY, and situated in Kingston.
3d. - In behalf of N. VOLKERTS, versus J. J. LOOFF, for his Children: - The Negroes George (with the Yaws), Bob, Sophia, and her Child Amelia.
Any person who may pretend to have right of property on the aforementioned effects, and Slaves, please to address themselves with their reasons of opposition to me the undersigned First Marshal, and those intending to purchase, please to attend on the day and at the place above-mentioned, and to hear the conditions of sale.
Demerary, 13th June, 1811.
M. SMIT, First Marshal.


[Transcriber's note: no new or modified vendues in this issue.]


THIS is to inform the
Public, that the follow-
ing Persons intend
quitting this Colony:

deezer Colonie word gead-
verteerd dat de volgende
Persoonen von voorneemen
zyn van hier na elders te
vertrekken, viz;

Samuel Wardle, in 14 days or 6 weeks from May 25
Richard Watson, Senr. ditto 27.
Bath. Fowler, in do. or 4 weeks 28.
Rev. Mr. Wray, in 14 days 28.
Stepe. Tavernsen, ditto ditto 30.
Mary Russell, ditto ditto, 30.
A. Van Braam, ditto ditto 30.
Margt. Howard, in do. from 30th May or by the First Packet.
A. S. M'Culloch, in 14 days from May 31.
Samuel S. Walworth, in 14 days from June 1st.
W. S. Kirton, and Family, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from 1st June.
James M'Farlane, in do. or do. from 2d do.
John Halket, in do. or One Month, from 3d do.
J. C. H. Kuster, in do. or 6 week [sic], from 5th do.
George Healis, in do. or do. from 5th do.
Mrs. Wm. Bovell, and Children, in 14 days, or 6 weeks, from 7th June.
Miss Rebecca Marshall, in do. or do. from 7th June.
Miss Mary Lester, and family, in 3 or 6 weeks, from 10th June.
Jonn [sic] McFarlane, in 14 days, or 6 weeks, from 10th do.
Alexr. Macrae, Junr. in do. from 10th do.
John Smith, in do. from 12th do.
John Ryan, in do. from 12th do.
J. Pletterhuysen, in do. from 13th do.
Wm. Hedges, in do. or 6 weeks, from 13th do.
Wm. Good, in do. or do. from 13th do.
Elizh. Bruce, in 14 days, from 8th June.

NOTICE is hereby given at the request of Mr. HEALIS, who intended to quit this Colony and was advertised for that purpose on the 5th inst. that he will now remain until further advertisement.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, 15th June, 1811.

The Army Ship Emma, arrived here on Thursday last, from Barbados, with Major-General CARMICHAEL, and Suite, on board. He takes the command of the Garrison; and received, on his landing, the customary salute from the Fort.

We understand, that the Sibella, Capt. Love, and the Hebe, Capt. Brown, from London; and the Ann, Capt. Spence, from Liverpool; are daily expected in our river.

From the limited circulation of the Paper, in which the Extracts from the Log-Book of the William Rathbone, (which the Vessel, mentioned in our last, to be then standing for the river, proved to be), appeared in, on Wednesday - many are, perhaps, even to this moment, ignorant of what they state. We have therefore assigned them a place in the Royal Gazette.
[Transcriber's note: European news acquired at sea - not transcribed.]

We received, by the William Rathbone, London and Liverpool Papers to the 19th of April; and by the Emma, Barbados Papers to the 4th of June; but they contain nothing important.


From the London, Liverpool, and Barbados Papers.

Meeting at Lloyd's. - A piece of Plate, value £ 500. has been voted to Mr. Marryat; for his successful exertions in opposition to the Marine Insurance Bill.

Bonaparte has issued another Decree, for encouraging the manufacture of sugar from Beetroot, and indigo from wood. A large extent of ground is ordered to be laid out in plantations of both these plants, and a number of experimental schools are directed to be established for this purpose. He calculates upon the saving of 100 millions from this measure.

General Calvert is mentioned as the successor of Sir James Craig, in the chief command of the army in North-America; and Sir George Prevost is mentioned as the new Commander in Chief in the West Indies, vice the veteran Sir George Beckwith.

Major General Hodgson has been sworn in as Commander in Chief of Curacoa.

Mr. Foster has taken leave of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, previous to his departure for America.

The Bank have been paying all the dividends, under five pounds, in specie. There have been payments to a considerable amount made in half guineas, seven shilling pieces and dollars.

Joel Barlow, the new Minister Plenipotentiary from the United States to France, was bred a Clergyman; but afterwards abjured Revelation, professed himself a Deist, and was a member of the French National Convention during the reign of Robespierre.

To the Editor of the Royal Gazette.

Being partly persuaded that you will not put yourself to the trouble of replying to your discarded Correspondent, W. H. whose productions I have repeatedly seen you cast in the trench with becoming contempt - they being of a similar nature to that which appeared on Wednesday last, in a certain paper, whose "Conductor" seems determined shall be the receptacle and sluice of all the literary mud, vulgarity, and scurrility in the Colony; - and, at the same time, really considering that an answer is necessary, even if it be only to convince Mr. W. H. that school would be a much more proper place for him, than his present situation, if he ever wishes to become an author; or even the pilotship of a ferry-boat, if he ever dreams of becoming useful to society! - And yet, I scarcely know how to answer his rhapsody - it abounds with so many contradictions, so many false inferences, so many grammatical, historical, and anecdotal errors, so many improper applications, so many self-conquered attempts at wit, so much of a dialect I do not understand - and so much of the slang of low-life! - But I will attempt it.
Passing over the (tacit) complimentary acknowledgement of W. H. that an AMICUS, a JUVENAL, and a PHILO, are among the number of respectable and intelligent contributors to the Royal Gazette, when its Echo, he might have said, can only boast, (if the "Conductor" ever did so much forget himself, as really to boast of such assistants,) of an ARGUS, of lustful notoriety; an O'LIFFEY, of nonsensical notoriety; a WHITELOCKE, of "super-numer-ary" notoriety; a W. H. of erronious [sic] notoriety; and a few other Scribblers, of no notoriety at all: I shall immediately proceed, sir, to the first elegantly expressed question of - "Now, what the deuce would you be at?" - Ignorant as I am of what answer was returned by the "Conductor of the Echo" - this doubtless would have been yours - "I would be at nothing to which you can aspire to assist in, or that can possibly reduce me to the necessity of presenting you a stiver for your productions!" - N.B. I have since been informed that the Conductor had the generosity to give a bit for the article in question!!!
Secondly. - "Tamed by long residence in a warm climate, I thought your passion were more moderate!" - Quere. How long has a warm climate possessed so cooling a power? - W. H. appears as learned in the nature of heat, as he is in literature! - Passions made moderate by stimulants! - A new discovery for Moore's Almanack next year.
Thirdly. - "A greenhorn flushed with the laudable idea of astonishing the natives!' - What the Bucks, or the Creoles? I know of no other natives. - But, we will suppose that the sapient friend of the nonsensical O'Liffey, intends the settlers instead of the natives - which circumstance certainly has more of the probability about it - the bucks or creoles not having, as yet, so much of the literary character about them as even himself! - Well, this greenhorn; what is a greenhorn? Why, an inexperienced person - lately from obscurity - rather ignorant - a bashful boy, &c. &c. - and this same greenhorn, thus characterised, "has succeeded to a nicety!" has astonished the natives (alias settlers,) with his literary abilities - a pretty compliment this truly to the latter! for what must they be, in regard to intellect, if a greenhorn's productions can succeed in astonishing them? - But, in what particular department of literature has he succeeded in? in Puffing: "for of all the puffers" says W. H. "that ever made a puff in this puffing world, (according to Shandy), Peter is the greatest. Now on the one hand, who this Shandy can be, I am at a loss to conjecture; for the former Shandy-family knew nothing of the present Peter, I am certain: and, on the other hand, what or who has Peter puffed? and what have been the effects? Why he has puffed "His Majesty's recovery!" What is the explanation of the words to puff? Why to praise too much; to express yourself too much pleased with any thing. So then, there are persons in this colony, whom His Majesty's recovery does not please; who do not like to hear it puffed, or spoken of in too partial and too animated terms! (I suppose then to have puffed His Majesty's death would not have incurred the censure of W. H.!) - Oh! that under the sacred shadow of the British flag, individuals should be found, to whom the recovery of the British Monarch has been unpleasing tidings; or that it should resound in their ears too often! - But what else has been puffed? - Why, "the aid of his numerous friends!" - So much the better - that shews respect on one side, and gratitude in thanking them for it, on the other! I wish I could say as much for the Conductor of the Echo! - And now to the effects of all this puffing: - why the risible muscles of those astonished people have been kept constantly on the stretch! - Unfortunate beings! how much pain you must have been in! and how unfeeling on the part of Peter! - And yet, in one respect the said Peter deserves much praise for it, for owing to the scarcity of cash in the colony, the long faces have a much larger majority even now than the broad! - But what is there so laughable in the King's recovery, or in the aid of friends? Why, that he is recovered from a dreadful visitation of Heaven; that you have shewn your loyalty; and that there are people in the colony, whose aid, for the worthy, is so spontaneous, and so often bestowed.
N.B. On the subject of risible muscles - they are put in motion by various springs; and some laugh enviously, some revengefully, some hatefully, some contemptuously, some joyfully, some sorrowfully, some thoughtlessly, and some horribly! - W. H. may decide for himself!
Fourthly. - "To serve for another string to his bow," (how elegant! how pat he has all the old-women's sayings in Scotland! and how applicable!) "he has created" (created! what, a greenhorn possess the power of creating! what a change! - this is an acknowledgement of superiority indeed! - for even the tamed resident in a warm climate, whose passions are in consequence more moderate! - the old importation! - the greyhorn! - has never yet been thus deified! - But what has he created? A "TENTH, or Colony Muse!" - A Muse! It would be enough indeed to boast of, methinks, had he created a creature like W. H.! But a Muse! - astonishing indeed! - And what is a Muse? A Poet's mind! What! create a mind! - more wonderful than all the rest! - What a pity it is, that when the HEAD of W. H. was created, the Greenhorn did not assist!
Plant: ----------, June 14.
[right pointing hand icon] I shall resume the subject for your next. [centered]

*                         *
*     THE COLONY MUSE.    *
*                         *

A Parody on the Article signed Philo Mus¾us.

[right pointing hand icon] All between Crochets, was, according to the Drama spoken - aside.

What tho' my draughts, you in the trench convey,
And friends officious gave you rum to-day;
What tho' your little-better pulse precludes
Immediate death - and your q.q. secludes;
Yet o'er your mind, let me, dear friend, resume
My wonted power - and to purge presume: -
- (Unknown to Fortune, me my Interest leads
To purge him tho' relax'd - and then he bleeds! -
Well-known to Fame, to me these arts belong,
But what care I? - they make my pocket strong!) -
One little pill, is all I wish you'd take;
A little pill! – [my Interest bade me make!] -
To you, my friend, I dedicate my skill;
And, lest you should relapse - do take the pill.

On hearing this, the patient tool the pill; and, as the delighted doctor left the room, he concluded - thus -

To him my praise is due, who yields to fear,
And takes my physic like my patient here!
To me may Eloquence be ever kind,
And patients easy-duped, thus, always find!
Oh! if call'd in, may no prescribing Spark,
Presume to counteract my purge with bark!
No meddling physic-monger blame my pill, [right pointing brace encompassing this and the next two lines, presumed to be a refrain]
But hold in mem'ry, that to run a bill,
Is far, far better than to cure or kill! -
So, may I soon extensive practice gain,
Sell physic by the puncheon, and then cross the Main!

June 12. MOMUS.


June 14. Brig Wm. Rathbone, Capt. Kennan, from Liverpool, - Gen. cargo.
---- 15. Schr. Guianna [sic], - Henson, - Surinam, Lumber, &c.

June 14. Ship Kingsmill, Capt. McLune, for Liverpool.
---- 15. Schr. Lydia & Margaret, - Arnold, - Newbury-Port.

Died. - Yesterday afternoon, at two o'clock, on Pln. le Resouvenir; Miss J. E BUYN, aged 18 years, and six months, daughter of J. F. BUYN, Esq. - Attorney at Law.

LIST of Runaway and Arrested SLAVES in the
Colony Stocks of DEMERARY, 15th June, 1811.



Brought by





Boed. Engels,




Pl. Vlissingen.

Saint Pierre,

St. Deeges,

La Reduite,


M. Lane,

L. Teems,



Pl. Trois Ami.


Pl. La Resource,

Pl. Meerzorg.


Van Nooten,




Pl. Mis Delice.





Dr. Richardson,

Pl. Belle Plaine.



Van Well.






Pl. Woodlands.

S. G. MARTENS, Drossart.

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