Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1811 June 22


Vol. VI.]

[No. 382.

SATURDAY, JUNE 22d, 1811.

                  OFFICE OF ORDNANCE,
                  Demerary, 21st June, 1811.
NOTICE is hereby given to such Persons, as are inclined to supply the Store-Keeper's Department with four Boatmen, and as many Negro Labourers as may be required from time to time, on a Contract for six Months, and also Two Pioneer Negroes, for the Royal Artillery, for the same period (all of whom are to be Provisioned by their Owners), that sealed seperate [sic] Tenders, addressed to the Subscriber and endorsed, "Tenders for Negro Labourers, and Negro Pioneers," will be received at this Office till 12 o'Clock on Saturday the 29th Inst. which, will be opened by the respective Officers, and the most advantageous Offer accepted. For particulars apply to the Subscriber.
Ordnance Store-keeper.

Cheap for cash, or Rum at Cash Price,
2,000 Coffee Bags,
Inquire of the Printer. 22d June.

DOCTOR J. H. REISS, acquaints his Friends and the Public, that he has removed from his late residence, to the house of Mr. CLINE, next door to Messrs. McINROY, SANDBACH, & Co. Werk & Rust. June 22d.

On Sale by the Subscribers,
In Pipes, Hhds. and Qr. Casks.
ARCH. IVER, and Co.
June 21.

The Schooner GUYANA,
burthen 83 tons,
For particulars apply to said master, or at the Store of THOMAS FINLAYSON.
June 22d.

THE FOURTH SUBSCRIPTION BALL, which was to have taken place on the 3d, is postponed until Wednesday the 10th of July.
Subscribers will please to apply for Tickets at the Union Coffee-House.
Mr. WILLIAMS, [right pointing brace, indicating 'Stewards.']
June 22d. Mr. NAGHTEN,

ON a Cotton and Coffee Estate, on the East Coast, a Young Man of good Character.
Apply to the Printer. June 22d.

THE undersigned hereby makes known, that his Domicilium is at the House of Messrs. ARCHD. IVER and Co. American Street.

A very Capital and Elegant GRAND PIANO FORTE, of remarkable fine tone; also a very good one of smaller dimensions. Enquire of Messrs. JAS. ROBERTSON & Co. June 22d.

SUCH as are indebted to ABRM. HEWLINGS, either by open accounts, or notes of hand, due, are requested to take notice, that they will be indiscriminately sued for if they are not speedily liquidated. J. H. POLLARD, q.q.
June 20th.

THE Cargo of Brig Paulina, JOHN GOOKIN, Master, from Portsmouth, N. H. viz: -
Fish in Hogsheads,
Boards, Plank and Scantling,
R. O. Shooks, W. O. do. with heading,
R. O. Staves,
Cows and Calves.
June 20th. SAMUEL MACKAY & Co.

THE Undersigned offers for sale, his House and Lot in Werk en Rust, opposite H. CANTZLAAR, Esqr. Very easy terms will be given to an approved Purchaser.
June 22d. A. BAUM.

ABSENTED herself from the Subscriber, a Negro Woman named DUTCHESS, of the Mocco Nation, formerly belonging to Miss Judy Cuming. She is upwards of fifty years of age, and has a sore upon her leg. - The Subscriber gave her some money to purchase some thing in Town, and he supposes that she may have lost it my some means, and is afraid to return; if she returns within the period of fourteen days from this date and delivers herself up to Mr. DE ROOY in Charlestown, her fault shall be looked over, if not, he requests all and every person to secure her, and either deliver her to the above Mr. DE ROOY or lodge her in the Colony Barracks, and a reward of Two Joes will be given. The Law will be strictly enforced against any person that harbours her.
N.B. She is sometimes known to secret herself at the Pl. Kitty, where she has a husband named Cato.
20th June.

SHOULD the Proposals advertised for on the 3d day of this Month, for the purchase of the Land called RYAN'S ADDITION, not be sent in, the said Land will be offered at Public Sale on the 2d day of July next, at Fort Island.
June 22d. ALI DEY.

The Ship ANN,
Will sail the second Springs in July. For Freight or passage apply to the said Master, or to
June 22d.

IMPORTED from London in the Ship HEBE, and FOR SALE by the Subscribers: -
Kegs tripe, boxes lyng fish, fine small hams, Berkley, Bath, loaf, pine, and double Gloucester cheeses, best Hollands gin, fine old island rum, bottled porter and pale ale, and brown stout in barrels, perry, cyder, Hoffman's cherry and raspberry brandy and raspberry vinegar, pickled walnuts, cauliflower, gherkins, and pecallilo, capers, olives, sallad oil, essence of anchovies, cavies and other fish sauces, mustard, vinegar, pepper, salt, Stoughton's bitters, fine gunpowder, hyson, and black teas in canisters from one to six pounds, loaf sugar, boxes fine bloom raisins, do. almonds, jars Turkey figs, spices assorted, sago, split pease and pearl barley in kegs and jugs, Poland oats, starch, blue, fresh garden seed, watering pots, cullenders, coffee pots and mills, pepper do. iron and tin tea kettles, common and patent dish covers, dripping pans, gridirons and frying pans, saucepans of various descriptions, lanthorns, chamber candlesticks, tea trays and waiters, tea canisters, bottle coasters, funnels, wine and large and small vat brass cocks, guaging rods, proof bubbles, hour glasses, marking irons, boiling house copper lamps, skimmers and ladles, and teaches, very large iron boilers, grating bars, vat and puncheon hoops and rivets, long wood do. hogshead and puncheon truss do. lime and real Dutch terrace, boat anchors, grapnels, and cabooses, hoes, shovels, cutlasses, pruning bills, axes, iron pots, grid irons, steelyards, brass wire for coffee manaries, and sheet copper for mills, nails assorted, counting-house iron chests, chamber door locks, setts large stock locks, with master keys, common do. double and single padlocks, small brass do. do. drawer and writing desk do. screws assorted, pump tacks, picture hooks, drawer handles, sash pullies, brass and iron butt hinges assorted, large Bath spiral do. HL, T, and hook & eye door and window do. bolts assorted, stay-hooks and staples, whip, cross-cut, and hand saws, files assorted, saw sets, double and single iron jack and long planes, spare irons for do. and for coopers' jointers, augers and chisels assorted, adzes, gimblets, pads and bitts, hammers, squares, boat scrapers, caulking irons, coopers' broad axes, drawing knives, bung borers, dowling bitts, flagging irons, punches, &c. best steel pin bushed blocks, and common do. of all sizes, mast hoops, jib hanks, pump leather, boat cables, and other cordage from 9 thread to 4 1/2 inch, white rope from 1 to 2 1/2 do. deep sea lead lines, fishing do. assorted, chalk do. halyards and bunting for flags, sewing and seine twine, sail needles and palms, seines 15, 25, and 30 fathoms complete, real Russia canvas, koker and common light do. white and brown real Russia sheeting and duck, imitation do. Inverness cotton bagging, Oznaburgs, checks, negro blankets, jackets, shirts, trowsers, and hats assorted, servants' glazed do. with gold, silver or plain black bands, Gentlemen's best silk do. first and second quality beaver, straw and Leghorn white chip do. Children's do. umbrellas and parasols, military, Hessian, and jockey strong and dress boots, do. with buckles, Officers heavy and light bridles, Pelham do. snaffle do. with martingales, best Gibson's saddles with cloths &c. complete, chaise harness, whips assorted, handsome horse fly nets, leather and hempen halters, curry combs and brushes; Gentlemen's surtout coats, fashionable blue, green, mixed and black dress do. black silk and handsome figured Marseilles waistcoats, pantaloon drawers, silk braces, fine flannel jackets and coatees, do. dressing gowns, camblet boat cloaks; scarlet, blue, black, and bottle green superfine broad cloths, mixed and drab stout do. black, blue, and white superfine kerseymere, extra broad fine green cloth for table covers, large handsome fine damask table cloths, huckaback, thicksett, India demity, cotton lining, bombazeen, florentine, jaconet muslin, fine French cambric, Irish linen, fancy coloured and black silk handkerchiefs, white and handsome printed quilting for waistcoats, white and yellow nankeens, salempores, fine flannel, buck and doe-skin gloves, drab do. Ladies' and Gentlemen's fine cotton stockings, white and brown half hose, lambs wool do. bed tick, large bed cotton quilts, green gauze, musquito netting, and netts ready made complete, best hair mattrasses, 3, 4, and 5 feet, with best feather pillows and bolsters; neat tent bedsteads; cherry-tree chairs, mahogany night do. Pembroke tables, celerets, writing desks, backgammon boards, chess do. with ivory men, dice and playing cards; gilt and plain note paper, letter, foolscap, folio, and Spanish do. blank bills of lading and exchange, blotting paper, quills, wafers, wax, ink powder, pencils, penknives, inkstands, rulers, quire books, 2 and 3 quire ruled account do. assorted, bound in calf; setts ledgers and journals, slates, pencils, &c. Neatsfoot and paint oil, spirits turpentine, white lead, fine yellow, black, blue and green paints, paint brushes, shoe do. and blacking, table do. house brooms, dusters and scrubbing brushes; best steel mounted silver capped fowling pieces, plain do. fine and coarse gun powder, shot assorted in bags and half bags, flints; yellow and white coffin furniture, and funeral gloves. Parrot cages, best corks, fine pale yellow powdered bark and rhubarb; plated candlesticks and cruet frames, best mould candles and yellow soap, tallow, breakfast ware assorted, chamber do. table shades, vase lamps with pullies, line &c. complete, barrel lamps, window glass assorted sizes, handsome cut decanters, tumblers, Madeira and claret glasses, salt sellers [sic], &c. do. plain; nests small red leather trunks, black leather travelling do. and portmanteaus, boxes pipes, tobacco in barrels and hogsheads, salt in puncheons or barrels, empty puncheons, and prime Shetland salt fish.
June 22d.

And Possession had any time next Month,
THE PREMISES now occupied by the Subscriber; to an approved purchaser very liberal terms will be granted.
The Premises on the American Stelling, now in the occupancy of Mr. ELLIS, and well known as the Commercial Coffee House. Further particulars may be known on application to P. BENJAMIN Esq. or
[Transcriber's note: no 'posting' date for this item; previously appeared with posting dates in 18110427EDRG and 18110521EDRG.]

Summonses by Edict.

BY Virtue of an order of His Excellency H. W. BENTINCK, granted on the Petition of H. H. LUHRS, being appointed, together with I. C. BRANDES, as Executors to the Estate and effects of the late JAN CORNELIS SMIT. Are herewith by me, the undersigned first Marshal of the Honorable Court of Justice of this Colony,
For the First Time by Edict Summoned!
All known and unknown Creditors of the abovementioned JAN CORNELIS SMIT, decd. in this Colony, To appear before the Honorable Court of Justice, at their Session in the Town of Stabroek, on the Fifteenth of July next, and following days. In order to give in their claims, and at the same time, to deliver their opinion; whereas, after the expiration of the Fourth Edict, the non-appearers will be proceeded against according to law.
Thus published and affixed there and where it ought to be.
Rio Demerary, 17th June, 1811.
MARTS. SMIT, first Marshal.


On Tuesday next the 25th inst. at the Vendue Office, - 100 pieces Irish linens and sheeting, six dozen linen shirts, and about 20 hogsheads of sound Cod Fish.
June 22d. KINGSTON & McBEAN.


THIS is to inform the
Public, that the follow-
ing Persons intend
quitting this Colony:

deezer Colonie word gead-
verteerd dat de volgende
Persoonen von voorneemen
zyn van hier na elders te
vertrekken, viz;

W. S. Kirton, and Family, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from 1st June.
James M'Farlane, in do. or do. from 2d do.
John Halket, in do. or One Month, from 3d do.
J. C. H. Kuster, in do. or 6 week [sic], from 5th do.
George Healis, in do. or do. from 5th do.
Mrs. Wm. Bovell, and Children, in 14 days, or 6 weeks, from 7th June.
Miss Rebecca Marshall, in do. or do. from 7th June.
Miss Mary Lester, and family, in 3 or 6 weeks, from 10th June.
John McFarlane, in 14 days, or 6 weeks, from 10th do.
Alexr. Macrae, Junr. in do. from 10th do.
John Smith, in do. from 12th do.
John Ryan, in do. from 12th do.
J. Pletterhuysen, in do. from 13th do.
Wm. Hedges, in do. or 6 weeks, from 13th do.
Wm. Good, in do. or do. from 13th do.
Elizh. Bruce, in 14 days, from 8th June.
Ben. Odwin, in 14 days or one Month, from 21st June.
Hugh Hyndman, in do. or do. from 21st do.
John W. Bovell, in 14 days or 6 Weeks, from 22d do.

AT the COMMISSARY COURT of the 8th July next, will be Passed the following TRANSPORTS, Viz:-
By J. Verwaayen, Nom: Uxs: Transport of the double depth of Plant. Philadelphia, situate on the West Coast of this River, between Plantations 't Vergenoegen and St. Christophers, being one hundred rood facade and 750 deep, containing 250 acres of land, more or less, to Stephen Cramer, q.q. F. Martin, q.q. the owners of Plantation Philadelphia.
By J. Parss and J. Lamb, Transport of the Lot No. 1, situate in Charles Town, with the Buildings thereon, together with the Mud lot in front of said Lot No. 1, to the Government and Colony of Demerary jointly.
By James Lyon, Transport of 3/4, more or less, of the Concession No. 62, situate in the front of Plantation Werk en Rust, with the Buildings thereon, to P. Fox.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, 21st June, 1811.

ALZO HENDK. JAN VAN DE WATER, Meerderjaarig Jongman, gebooren in s'Gravenhaage in Holland, woonachtig alhier, ter Eenre. En
Mejuffrouw LOUISA ANNA CORNELIA TUCHSEN, minderjaarige Jonge Dochter, gebooren binnen deeze Colonie, met consent van haar Edele Moeder Mejuffrouw S. C. B. BRUEYS, en haar Edele Voogd den Wel Edele Gestrengen Heer M. VISSER - ter andere zyde.
Van voorneemens zyn met elkander een Wettig Huwelyk aantegaan, wartoe zy op den 19e Juny, 1811, door Heeren Raaden Commissarissen, uit den Edele Achtb: Hove van Justitie in Ondertrouw zyn opgenoomen. Zoo word zulks aan een iegelyk bekend gemaakt, ten einde die geene welke vermeenen zich tegens het voltrekken van dit Huwelyk te kunnen opponeeren, zulks in tyds zoude kunnen doen daar en zoo 't behoord.
Actum Secretary van Demerary, den 22e Juny, 1811.
Zynde dit de Eerste Bekendmaaking.
In kennisse van my
ALEX: TINNE, Oudste Clerk.

Between Mr. J. H. VAN DE WATER, Batchelor, born in the Hague in Holland, And
Miss LOUISA ANNA CORNELIA TUCHSEN, Spinster, born in this Colony; with the consent of her Mother, Mrs. S. C. B. BRUEYS, and her Guardian the Honorable Ms. VISSER. - For the 1st Time.
Any Person knowing just cause or impediment why the above Parties should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony, must declare the same at the Colonial Secretary's Office. - Demerary, 22d June, 1811.
ALEXR. TINNE, Senr. Clerk.

Public Vendues in Essequebo.

ON Saturday the 29th of June next, on Plantation De Vrouw Anna, on Leguan Island, by order of H. H. LUHRS, q.q. JAN BONJES.
From 30 to 40 head of creole Cattle, a chaise horse and gig, an elegant clock, sugar boilers, watches, silver knives, forks, and spoons, do. sugar tongs, tea sieve, carding needles, silver salt-sellers and milk pots, a plated cruet stand, shades, candlesticks, decanters, a sword with silver hilt, a silver mounted cutlass, chairs, commodious do. &c. Also a piece of Land of 25 acres situated on Varken Island, next to Mr. ADAM's, and which is very suitable for any tradesman who would be wishful of a small place of his own.
On the 2d July, at the Vendue Office, by order of Mr. Wm. MOOY, q.q. the Estate of K. H. SCHREIBER. A very good Negro, household furniture, a piece of Land situated on the West Coast of this river, 50 rods facade and 300 rods deep.
By order of Mr. J. B. THEYSSE, q.q. the Estate of S. W. MAYERS – A piece of Land above Supenaam Creek, Carpenters' tools, &c. and what further may appear.
On the same day, a complete assortment of Dry Goods and Provisions. – Also a new Punt 19 feet by 6 1/2, a Koker Frame of best Greenheart, 6 feet square by 22 long.
Rio Essequebo, Fort Island, 10th June, 1811.
B. HEBBELINCK, Dy. Vend. Mr.
[Transcriber's note: this advertisement did not appear in an earlier issue.]

Except the Ann from Liverpool, we have had no arrival of importance in our River, since our last publication; we have, therefore, very little to present our readers, under the title of news.

Three P. M. - A Vessel is now in the Offing, supposed to be the Packet.


In the House of Commons, on the 4th of April, Mr. Barham rose to call the attention of the House to a subject of great importance to the national honour and character, namely, the total abolition of slavery, by introducing the system of free labour into the West India possessions. To effect this he did not intend to interfere at all with the property of persons already possessed of slaves, over whom, however he might regret it, they had obtained a lawful authority; his plan was to abolish it by a slow, progressive, but certain degree, by introducing free labourers to fill up such vacancies as must naturally occur, and to endeavour to enlighten and cultivate the minds of those at present in slavery. This object, if obtained, would render these possessions more secure and more beneficial to their possessors, than they at present were; as, by introducing a class of labourers from a more civilized part of the world, improvement would be introduced also, and the planters would not be confined to one or two branches of cultivation, as they now are. This would render the possession more beneficial, and the increased civilization of the labourers would also render the possession more secure. The persons whom he wished to introduce were the Chinese labourers, the population of which country was so redundant, that he understood there were at present upwards of two hundred thousand of them, with their families, who would be happy to embark for the West Indies. - These persons, however, he would have perfectly free - free to come and free to return at pleasure. One regulation, however, he would have, namely, that no man should be admitted who did not bring his wife with him. If there should be objections, they might be discussed in a Committee. One or two of them, however, he would now advert to. One of them was, that it might be said such a measure would serve to unsettle the minds of the negroes. He (Mr. B.), however, thought it would have a contrary effect; that the persons so introduced would be considered as as [sic] additional European force, and would tend to keep them in a greater state of subordination. The plan which he had in view, he thought, would require no pecuniary aid from the Public, but merely for a short time a little countenance and encouragement; and if it should not be considered that the present was the moment when it should be adopted, yet, if it should now be digested, it would be ready for adoption whenever the period did arrive. The Honorable Member concluded by moving, that a Committee be appointed to consider the practicability and expediency of supplying the Colonies with free labourers from the East, and report to the House thereupon - which motion was put and carried.

[right pointing hand icon] It having been intimated to us, from a quarter, entitled to our highest consideration - that "enough has been said already;" and that we "had better decline the insertion of a reply to W. H. be it written by whom it may, as it would, perhaps, cause a rejoinder of such a nature (considering the present temper and evident intentions of that writer) as would lead, in the end, to a total suppression of the paper it appears in." We, therefore, having no personal animosity towards the Conductor, must request A COMMENTATOR, (whose end, even as it is, has been completely answered, viz. the ridiculing of "a low-bred man, who wishes to pass for a great man - an ignorant man, who wishes to pass for a scholar - and a stupid man, who wishes to pass for a clever fellow!") to accept this, as an apology for not fulfilling our promise towards him; and to a REVEALER of SECRETS, a VINDICATOR and several other Persons we have received communications from - we can only return our thanks.
As for W. H. we leave him to that "contempt and abhorrence," his disgustingly vulgar, illiberally personal, and scandalously scurrilous productions have inspired! - and the Conductor we also leave to make his peace with those Gentlemen, who are in the habit of subscribing to his paper, and assisting with papers, and whom, in return, he has permitted to be disgusted and insulted.


June 19. Brig Paulina, Capt. Gookin, from Portland, - Cattle, Fish, and Lumber, &c.
---- 20. Ship Ann, - Spence, - Liverpool, Gen. cargo.

June 20. Brig Success, Capt. Purvis, for London.

LIST of Runaway and Arrested SLAVES in the
Colony Stocks of DEMERARY, 22d June, 1811.



Brought by





Boed. Engels,


Saint Pierre,

St. Deeges,

La Reduite,


M. Lane,

L. Teems,



Pl. Trois Ami.


Pl. La Resource,

Pl. Meerzorg.


Van Nooten,






Dr. Richardson,

Pl. Belle Plaine.



Van Well.






Pl. Groot Diamond



Pl. Providence.



Mahaica Ferry.


Pl. Parika,

Pl. Den Amstel.


Pl. Hope,

Pl. Cumings Lodge.


Pl. Call and go in,


S. G. MARTENS, Drossart.

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