Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1811 July 02


Vol. VI.]

[No. 385.

TUESDAY, JULY 2d, 1811.

With Harness for a Pair of Horses, Travelling-boxes, &c. &c.
Apply to Mr. S. BUTTS.
N. B. - Sugar, of a good quality, will be received in Payment. July 1st.

FOR Sale by the Subscribers, the Cargo of the Brig Hunter, E. Greely, from Portland, viz. -
Red and White Oak Shooks, with Heads,
Red Oak Staves, Clapboards, Hoops, &c. &c. &c.
Also on Hand, - LAMP OIL.

THE Undersigned Commissaries of the Town of Vryburg, for the Collection of the Taxes agreed to be levied, at the Meeting of Proprietors held on the 26th of February, 1811; hereby give Notice, that J. M. SPOONER, Esquire, who has been appointed to receive the same, according to a List given him by the said Commissaries for that purpose, will attend at the King's Receiver's Office, every day, from 9 till 1 o'clock, Saturdays, Sundays, and Holydays, excepted, from this day until the 1st of September, by which it is hoped the whole will be collected.
July 1st. F. W. OVERWEG.

ALL Persons having Demands against the Undersigned, will please to give in their Accounts to the Hon. J. V. D. Paadevoort at Columbia District, before the 27th of this Month.
Demerary, the 2d of July, 1811.

THE Subscribers have Imported by the Ship ELIZA, Capt. WILLIAM GRAY, from Liverpool, the following assortment of Dry Goods and Provisions: -
Irish mess beef in barrels and half barrels, pork in half barrels, kegs containing ribs pickled beef, Westmoreland hams, legs of veal and mutton, pigs' cheeks, dried tongues, potatoes in hampers, kits Dutch herrings, smoaked salmon in tin, pine cheese, London porter, port wine, Hoffman's cherry and raspberry brandy, do. brandy apricots, pears, gages, and cherries, vegetable essences for soup, loaf sugar, hyson tea, sallad oil, currie powder, sago, mustard, soap and candles, coffee and cotton bagging, India salempores, flaxen Oznaburghs, negro jackets, trowsers, and hats, women's wrappers, Irish linen and sheeting, Carlisle and cotton checks, corded dimities, printed callicoes and cambrics, Madras and pullicate handkerchiefs, superfine Welch flannel, green baize, striped blankets, Gentlemen's fashionable black and blue coats, Russia sheeting, canvas 1 to 8, white rope, cordage from 9 thread to 6 inch, Gillow's elegant pier glasses, mahogany card tables, bedsteads, chests drawers, drawing-room chairs, Windsor do. India combs, glasses, razors and beads, hoes and shovels, cutlasses, truss-hoops, wood hoops, tobacco in hogsheads, lime in hogsheads, Dutch tarras in do. &c.
A general assortment of ironmongery, carpenters' and coopers' tools, nails, brass and tin ware, plated and silver goods, saddlery, paint, lamp and neatsfoot oil, paints assorted, medicines and medicine chests, copying machines, perfumery, stationery, boots and shoes, threads and tape, brown Holland and platillas, musquito netting, cotton and French cambric, white and black sarsnet, cotton and woollen hose, salt in barrels, rice, pitch, tar, Madeira wine in pipes, hogsheads and quarter casks.
July 1st. CHORLEY and COOK.

Will Sail from hence about the 19th Instant, to join the Convoy from Tortola. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master, or to
July 2d.

JUST IMPORTED and for Sale by the Subscriber, an elegant assortment of fashionable articles, as follows -
White, coloured, and black crape, sarsnets and Persians, ribbons, artificial flowers and feathers, silk, muslin, and cambric trimmings, Ladies' fashionable superfine split straw bonnets, girls' do. infants' do. Women's silk hats and bonnets, children's do. boys' leather caps and black willow hats; mull mull sprigged muslin of the newest patterns, book do. do. tamboured do. plain India and British book muslin, fashionable striped muslin, elegant leno, plain and striped muslins, muslin for shirts, caps and sleeves, worked muslin shawls, white and black silk stockings, do. do. gloves, black cotton stockings, white do. do. children's stockings, Ladies' dress and common slippers, gloves, fans, corsetts [sic], ornamental hair braids, bombazeen and bombazet, black twilled sarsnet, black silk for waistcoats, umbrellas and parasols, printed cotton, do. cambric, French cambric, cotton do. twilled do. striped do. Ladies' dresses, fine flannel, English and India nankeens, leather cockades, Irish linen, thread, tape, and needles, &c. &c.

The Ship ELIZA,
Coppered and Armed,
Is intended to join Convoy, to sail the 1st of August, will load Coffee and Cotton only.
For Freight or Passage apply to
July 1st. CHORLEY & COOK.

HAVE Imported in the Ship ALBION, Capt. Nicholson, from London.
Excellent small hams, loaf and pine cheese, kegs sour crout, red and white herrings, tripe, porter, beer, Port wine, cyder, perry, almonds in shell, flasks raisins and currants, jars white and brown sugar candy, assorted pickles in small cases, olives, capers, currie powder, garlic, Chili, Tarragon and white wine vinegar in jars, vermicelli, and macaroni, loaf sugar, small boxes spermaceti candles, do. of real eau de Cologne, oats in puncheons, kegs tallow, boxes yellow soap, do. negro pipes 5 groce each, jugs paint, lamp and Neatsfoot oil, kegs white lead, jars green and blue paint, kegs prepared mineral, slate and stone coloured paint, shoe and assorted paint brushes, long and short brooms, crumb and furniture brushes, dust pans, rush door mats, Hudson's bleaching liquid for linen, 6dy. 10dy. 30dy. and vane nails, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 gallon iron pots, copper boilers used in washing linen, of 15, 20, and 25 gallons each, best japanned canisters, to hold about 20 pounds tea each with good padlocks, setts of beams and scales with Dutch weights, setts of steelyards to weigh 2,500 Dutch weight, with scale board, balance peas, frames & canhooks complete, (similar to those imported some years ago in this Colony, called American patent steelyards,) tin water pails with covers, painted and not painted, leather fire buckets, polished silver table and tea spoons, handsome plated castor frames, Mogul cards, table setts of elegant glass ware, comprising 4 quart and 12 pint decanters, 4 dozen of small sized Madeira glasses, 2 dozen claret, 1 dozen liquor, 2 dozen half pint tumblers, 2 dozen half pint goblets, 2 quart and 2 pint handled glass mugs for porter, 1 doz. Champaigne and 1 doz. green hock glasses; silk parasols and umbrellas, best planters shoes with buckles, and gentlemen's morocco slippers, Irish linens, twilled coffee bagging, 20 and 40 inch inverness cotton bagging, flaxen oznaburgs, fine baby flannel, negro blankets and hats, lined and unlined negro jackets, womens wrappers, warm watch coats, check shirts, flannel jackets, cordage from 9 thread to 3 inches, white rope, boat cables, 4 to 6 inches, bolt rope, spun yarn, oakum, pump tacks, 4, 4 1/2 and five feet triangle grating bars, hard metal mill brasses, best steel cappooses, and steps, brass wire sugar strainers, puncheon and sugar Hhd. truss hoops, box marking irons, an assortment of blocks, mast hoops, gib hanks, gaff trucks, hooks and thimbles, dead eyes &c. ensigns, union jacks, and signal flags for Colony boats, seine and sewing twine, best superfine French black and fancy coloured coats, kerseymere pantaloons, nankeen jackets, black silk, white dimity and fancy coloured vests.
In addition to the following remains of their former Assortment.
Porter in barrels, Hyson tea, in chests and canisters, brandy fruits, sweet meats, spices assorted, basket salt, salad oil, mustard, black pepper, Stoughton and Wright's bitters, Hoffman's cherry and raspberry brandy, claret, hock and Rhenish wines, perfumery assorted, as honey and lavender water, combs, tooth brushes, hair and tooth powder, Windsor and Naples soap, half pound cannisters snuff, boxes mould and wax candles, boxes mottled soap, jugs Neatsfoot oil, kegs 4dy to 30dy nails, trenching shovels, and Dutch hoes, wood handled cutlasses, 15 to 18 inches long, puncheon hoops, and rivets, an assortment of tools most generally in use by carpenters, coopers and masons, crosscut and whip saws, sheets thin mill'd lead, brass and iron chamber door locks, stock and press locks, carpenters adzes, round eye axes, cross garnet, hook and eye hinges assorted, stay bars, standing scrapers, brass cocks, inch bore loose keys, small wine do. gallon and half gallon measures, door and shutter bolts, boat anchors and crapnels [sic], ribb'd grid irons and frying pans, sad irons, and rat traps, powder and shot, light fowling pieces, hour and half hour glasses, gauging rods and bubbles, japaned tea trays and waiters, plated candlesticks, bottle stands, liquor frames, table and tea spoons, complete setts table services of British china, printed ewers and basons &c. and breakfast cups and saucers, glass shades, barrel lamps, plated wall candlesticks, and shades, assorted quart and pint decanters, tumblers, goblets, Medaira [sic] and clarret [sic] glasses, rummers and covers, finger cups, handsome butter stands and salts, setts chrystal fruit glasses, patent dish covers, white, green, and black handled knives and forks, parrot cages, elegant trunks, 4 and 6 quire bound books, paper, quills blotting paper, wafers, &c. hunting saddles, bridles, chamber glasses, pembroke tables, gentlemen's dressing stand mahogany writing table, painted floor cloths, Hessian boots, children shoes, ladies slippers, black and white silk stockings and gloves, cotton stockings, Barcelona handkerchiefs, yellow bordered green cloths, silk and beaver hats, servants glazed do. diaper, assorted Irish linen, table cloths and napkins, Irish sheeting, 6 qr. cotton cambric, plain muslins, callicoes, long lawn, pocket handkerchiefs, French cambrics, cotton shirting, counterpanes, green baize and canvas, assorted broad cloths, kerseymere, linen checks, Russia sheeting, striped bed tick, salempores, platillas, dowlas, Russia canvas, fishing seins, fishing and deep sea lines, red, yellow and black paints, jugs black varnish, grindstones, puncheons salt, corks, &c. &c.
July 2d.

THE Subscribers have Imported from London, by the Ship ALBION, the following Goods, which they offer for Sale: -
Berkeley, Bath loaf, and pine cheese, fine small hams, boxes lyng fish, kegs tripe, pickled sausages and prime Leadenhall beef, hung beef, smoked and pickled tongues, sour crout, Scotch and pearl barley in kegs, split and green pease in jugs, bottled porter and pale ale, brown stout in barrels, perry, cyder, hock, Rhenish claret, and port wine, Hoffman's cherry, raspberry, and nectarine brandy, do. raspberry vinegar and preserved fruits in brandy, Seltzer and Soda water, Turkey figs, Jordan almonds, Garronne raisins and currants, olives, capers, Stoughton's bitters, mustard, salad oil, pickles and fish sauces, white wine vinegar, black pepper, table salt, gunpowder and hyson tea in canisters, refined sugar, spices assorted, sago, starch and blue in boxes, watering pots, coffee do. and biggins, coffee, pepper, and corn mills, iron tea kettles, sauce and frying pans, gridirons, lanterns, chamber and patent candlesticks, vase and cabin lamps with pullies, &c. India shades, elegant liquor frames and castors, butlers' trays, japanned waiters and bottle stands, plated do. fashionable tea urns, silver soup ladles, cheese, butter and fish knives, sets of earthen and glass ware complete of latest and most fashionable patterns, white and green ivory handled knives and forks, table and desert with carvers and guards, buck and sailors' knives, brass wine and vat cocks with keys, guaging rods, proof vials and bubbles, real Dutch terras, building and temper lime, boat anchors and cambouses [sic], iron boilers of all sizes, skimmers and ladles, boiling house copper lamps, cappooses and steel steps, mill brasses, cow-mouths and plates, grating bars, vat and puncheon hoops and rivets, hogshead and puncheon truss hoops, hoes, shovels, cutlasses, pruning knives, felling axes, iron pots of various sizes, steelyards to weigh from 1 to 400lbs. sheet lead, tobacco in hogsheads and barrels, negro pipes, a complete assortment of carpenters' and coopers' tools, nails 40dy. to 4dy pump tacks and flooring brads, HL, T, and hook and eye hinges assorted, window and door bolts, stay hooks and staples, whip, cross-cut and hand saws, do. do. files, single and double blocks assorted sizes, mast hoops, jib hanks, bunting and ensigns for colony boats, barrel lamps, mill grease and tallow, pump leather, real Russia canvas, patent and common do. cordage assorted from 5 1/2 inch cable to 12 thread ratline, seine and sewing twine, white and brown Russia sheeting and duck, Inverness cotton and coffee bagging, German and flaxen Oznaburgs, deep sea lines, real India nankeens, yellow and white, India salempores, India linens and sheeting, fine Britannias and platillas, real Madras, and Masulipatam handkerchiefs, superfine imitation India do. fancy coloured and black silk do. French and cotton cambric, white and fancy callicoes, fashionable coloured chintz and printed calicoes, jaconet muslin, India jean and dimity, diaper, huckabuck, table cloths of various sizes, black Florentine, green table covers and bombazeen; Gentlemen's surtout and fashionable dress coats, black silk and fine fancy Marseilles waistcoats, coatees, flannel jackets and night gowns, fine loom pantaloons, cotton netting braces, boat cloaks, real buckskin wash gloves, military do. military, Hessian and jockey boots, full and half dress shoes, planters' do. with buckles, Ladies' and Gentlemen's silk and cotton hose and ancle socks, fashionable umbrellas and parasols, red, black, blue, corbo, and mixed broad cloths, fine Welch flannel, white and printed quilting and Marseilles for vests, drab, olive, and white thickset. Hair mattresses with feather pillows and bolsters, camp bedsteads complete, musquito netting, gauze for window blinds, neat hunting saddles with plated stirrups and neatly fringed saddle cloths, Portsmouth, military, and plated snaffle bridles, plated spurs with silver chains, military do. with screws, sets of best fashionable plated gig and tandem harness, martingales, hunting, jockey, twig and chaise whips, horse nets, curry and mane combs and brushes, stall collars. Negro cloathing of all sorts, Gentlemen's beaver, Leghorn, willow, and light patent silk hats, Ladies' fashionably trim'd straw bonnets and black silk hats, children's black ruff hats assorted sizes, servants' glazed do. with gold and silver bands and buckles, gilt sabres and waist belts, regulation feathers, cockades, gold epaulettes and silk sashes. Backgammon boxes, chess boards and ivory men, a complete assortment of stationery, sets of ledgers and journals; neatsfoot, chamber, paint, and lamp oil, white lead, blue, black, green, and Spanish brown paints, paint brushes, hair brooms, parrot cages, mould candles, soap, window glass, brass and steel mounted fowling pieces, fusees with accoutrements complete, gunpowder in canisters, patent shot assorted, carpenters' glue, a general assortment of medicines, travelling canteens complete, liquor cases; new COD FISH in hogsheads, and old London particular MADEIRA WINE in pipes, hogsheads, and quarter-casks, &c. &c. &c.
July 2d.


On Friday the 5th of July, by Order of ALEX. SIMPSON, Esqr. qq. at the Store of Mr. THOMAS THOMPSON, Cumingsburg - A Large Quantity of Damaged Ship Bread, do. Beef and Pork in Tierces, Suet, &c. &c.

On Monday the 8th of July [see 18110514EDRG] . . .
[see 18110601EDRG] . . .
Also by Order of W. ROACH, Esqr. a fine Mulatto Girl, named Betsey.
At the same time, some very valuable Negroes.
May 14th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.

On Monday the 29th July, will be exposed for Sale at the Vendue Office, by order of A. EDMONSTONE and JAS. BOWMAN, Esqrs. Executors to THOS: RIDING, deceased. - Sixteen Negroes, Carpenters and Wood Cutters, with what else will be produced on the day of sale.
Also by order of Mr. H. WALDRON - a mulatto taylor named George, and a negro taylor named Jerry.
June 29th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.
[Transcriber's note: date of vendue changed from 'Monday the 1st July' see and compare 18110629EDRG]


THIS is to inform the
Public, that the follow-
ing Persons intend
quitting this Colony:

deezer Colonie word gead-
verteerd dat de volgende
Persoonen von voorneemen
zyn van hier na elders te
vertrekken, viz;

Miss Rebecca Marshall, in do. or do. from 7th June.
Miss Mary Lester, and family, in 3 or 6 weeks, from 10th June.
John McFarlane, in 14 days, or 6 weeks, from 10th do.
Alexr. Macrae, Junr. in do. from 10th do.
John Smith, in do. from 12th do.
John Ryan, in do. from 12th do.
J. Pletterhuysen, in do. from 13th do.
Wm. Hedges, in do. or 6 weeks, from 13th do.
Wm. Good, in do. or do. from 13th do.
Elizh. Bruce, in 14 days, from 8th June.
Ben. Odwin, in 14 days or one Month, from 21st June.
Hugh Hyndman, in do. or do. from 21st do.
John W. Bovell, in 14 days or 6 Weeks, from 22d do.
Mark Dyett, in 14 days or one Month, from 24th do.

H. LOVE, Master
Will positively sail about the 20th of the present Month. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master on board, or to
July 2d. Pl. Rumiveldt.
Those who have engaged Freight on board of the said Ship, are requested to send it without delay, as what is not on board by the 15th instant, will be refused.

FROM the Sluice Trench of Plantation Repentir, A PUNT, twenty-six feet long and six feet wide, sealed inside with boards. A General Reward will be given to any Person who will restore said Punt to the Undersigned.
July 2.

It is with infinite pleasure we announce, not only the arrival of the Packet at Surinam, bearing the Mail for May, but that she also brings the agreeable information of the Northern Powers having coalesced openly against France!

This most desirable of all circumstances; this most welcome of all events; this most gratifying of all news which could reach us; comes in no questionable shape, and therefore we do not hesitate to pronounce it authentic! - And now, from this date, ye, who have watched, with regretful and indignant sensations, the rapidity with which Fate has urged the blood-stained Dynasty of Napoleon to its present eminence - mark! we say, its perhaps equally rapid fall! The tide is turned! Disaster and Defeat have already annihilated, in one quarter of the globe, the Flower of the Army of France - her eagle lies at the feet of England's Regent - her ships throng his ports - her warriors his prisons! And we hope soon to be able to inform you, that the new Coalition has completed her ruin!

We understand that the Price of Colonial Produce has risen considerably in consequence.

Since our last, we have to announce the arrival of the Sibella from London, the Eliza from Liverpool, and the Albion from London. The first, we are informed, brings a report of the Defeat of Massena by Marshal Beresford, in which action he is said to have lost 4000 men and the French 7000.

By the Eliza, we received Liverpool Papers to a late date.

Reports have been circulated for some time past of a number of privateers, belonging to French proprietors, being now in a state of preparation in the ports of America, and destined to cruize against the British trade in the West Indies. When it is recollected that any permission of this nature is expressly disallowed, not only by the common law of America, but by repeated positive enactments, no person will readily believe that there is any truth in the statement at all, and still less that any such vessels are fitting out with the knowledge and connivance of the American Government. We are sorry to observe that these rumours are assiduously magnified by some writers who are anxious to increase by every means in their power, the hostile feeling which subsists between England and America.

A Jamaica Paper states, that the excessive rains at St. Ann's Bay, in that island, had occasioned the lake at Rio-Ho, to overflow and inundate 2000 acres of pasture land, beside cane and wood-land. A smart shock of an earthquake was felt in Jamaica on the 22d of March, accompanied by a very high tide, which did some damage to the shipping. - Accounts had been received from the Indian coast of the murder of Captain Cromartie, and the crew (eight or ten in number,) of a sloop which sailed from Kingston in Jamaica for the purpose of landing a cargo of cattle. It appears that an altercation took place at Port Astrea, between Capt. Cromartie and his people, and the Indians employed in furnishing the cattle, who, being a very vindictive race, determined to make them atone with their lives for the quarrel; accordingly they secreted their bows and arrows in the bundles of grass brought on board for the subsistence of the animals, and made a despertate [sic] attack on these unfortunate persons, all of whom were destroyed, with the exception of two, who jumped into the sea, reached the shore, and sought protection from some Indian women. One of them was wounded with arrows in four places, besides the loss of an eye; he, however, managed to escape, and reached Amba, from whence he proceeded to Jamaica; the other afterwards quitted his protection to walk to Baya Honda, but was intercepted on the road, and also fell a sacrifice to the revengeful spirit of these savages.

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By Edward James Henery.

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