Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1811 August 17


Vol. VI.]

[No. 398.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 17th, 1811.

ALL those who may have any demands against my deceased Brother, FREDERICK, please to apply at the Store of Mr. VAN SENDEN, where they will be paid.
August 17th. J. BERGH, q.q.

A Lot of Land in Cumingsburg, known on the Chart of the Colony as No. 221. For particulars apply at the Store of
August 17th. OWEN KERNAN and Co.

For Sale by the Subscribers,
[first column]
Nails from 4dy. to 40dy.
Iron puncheon hoops,
Rivets, files,
Skimmers, ladles,
Sugar strainers,
Boiling-house lamps,
Kitchen furniture,
Bar iron,
Fowling pieces,
Fusees with belts,
Hoes, shovels, cutlasses,
Axes, locks and hinges,
Neatsfoot oil,
Spermaceti do.
Lamp do. paint do.
White wine vinegar,
Basket salt,
Almonds, raisins, currants,
Spices, tea,
Port wine,
Cherry and raspberry brandy
Old hock,
Beer and porter,
Mess beef, hung do.
[second column]
Smoaked tongues,
Soap and candles,
Pease, barley,
Shoe blacking,
Paints of all colours,
Black varnish,
Spirits turpentine,
Cordage from 1 to 7 inch,
Brown and bleached canvas,
Irish linen, flannel, callicoes,
Boots and shoes,
London made coats,
Ladies' shoes,
Silk and Leghorn hats,
Services of earthen ware,
Dutch terras, glue,
Roman cement,
Building lime,
Oats, salt,
Long wood hoops,
Madeira wine,
White pine lumber,
Clap boards, &c. &c.
[end columns]
August 17th.

IN One Month from this date, if not previously claimed and the Expences paid, will be Sold according to the resolution of the Honble. Court of Policy, a BROWN HORSE, which was sent to the Colony Goal by the Military of the Guard in Stabroek, on the 11th of August.
August 17th. S. G. MARTENS.

THE Undersigned request another meeting of the Creditors of Plantation Parika and RICHD. WELLS, decd. on the 26th of August next, at ten o'clock in the morning, in the Union Coffee House, as the distribution of some produce, to the highest bidder, which was prevented in a former meeting by a provisional disposition of His Excellency on the Petition of the officers of his Majesty's Customs, is by final disposition, allowed to take place.
The produce to be disposed of on that day will consist in
17 Casks of whole Coffee,
8 do. broken do.
12 Puncheons Rum, and
20 Casks of Sugar,
It is understood that the produce will be delivered on the Estate, and that the Purchasers of Rum are to furnish Puncheons.
Demerary, 12th August 1811.
CH. VINCENT, [right pointing brace, indicating 'Sequestors for Parika.']

ABSENTED a few days ago, a French Girl named PRENET BARNARDINE, of a yellow complexion, with a scar on her arm, with large feet, rather a likely face, she was seen on several Estates up the Coast. Whoever will bring her to the Subscriber, or lodge her in the Barracks, shall be Rewarded.

Just arrived by the Tweed, and for Sale by
August 17th.

For Sale by the Subscriber,
Reasonable for Immediate payment.
[first column]
Irish mess beef in barrels,
Tongues in half do.
Hams, tripe,
Pease and barley,
Gunpowder and hyson tea,
Leadenhall tongues in kegs,
Fine Gloster cheese in lead,
Hoffman's cherry and raspberry brandy,
Best Hollands gin, perry,
Fine flavoured old rum,
Madeira wine in pipes, hhds. quarter casks and per doz.
Raspberry vinegar and capilaire,
Golding's rose, honey, and lavender water,
Catsup and fish sauce,
Olives, capers, spices,
Soap and candles,
Poland starch,
Salt in barrels,
Coats, coatees, round robins and pantaloons,
Jean and nankeen trowsers,
Fine white Marseilles,
White India nankeen,
Black coatees and trowsers,
Cravats, cotton shirts,
[second column]
Musquito netting and Irish sheeting,
Fine muslins,
India jeans and chintz,
Black and blue cloths,
Scales & weights, lanthorns
Stationery and saddlery,
Liquor cases,
Breakfast and tea china,
Ladies', Gentlemen's and childrens, boots, & shoes,
Very large chamber swinging glasses, mahogany frames and best plate glass,
Small do. do.
Nails for horse shoes,
Nails assorted 4dy. to 30dy.
London-made shovels, cutlasses, felling axes &c.
Paints, black, blue, green, yellow, brown, and red,
Paint oil,
Chamber oil in bottles,
Neatsfoot oil in jugs,
Boat anchors and grapnels,
Cordage from 1 inch to boat cables,
Sein and sewing twine,
Bolt iron, sheet copper, &c.
[end columns]
A few Casks of fine dry COD FISH, which he will sell reasonable for Cash or Rum; also Lamp Oil, new Puncheons and Molasses Casks.
August 17th. HENRY O. SEWARD.

SHOULD there be any Person or Persons of this Colony having Claims against the late Mr. RICHARD ATKINSON, deceased, they will please tender in the same to the Subscriber at the VENDUE OFFICE, within three weeks from the date hereof; it being his intention, at the expiration of that time, to remit what funds he may then have in his hands to the relations of the deceased.
August 17th. Executor.

Public Vendues in Essequebo.

ON the 1st and 2d of September next, by order of Government, a large Canoe with a Tent, a small do.
By order of the Board of Orphan Chamber, a Negro named Glasgow, wearing apparel, tools, &c.
By order of Mr. J. B. THEYSSE, q.q. the Estate of W. S. MAYERS, decd. a piece of Land, situate at the mouth of Supenaam Creek, 50 rods facade, 2 good Carpenter Negroes, household furniture, and what farther may appear.
By order of Mr. J. B. THEYSSE, q.q. the Estate of JACOBUS KOFOED, dec. a Negro named Amsterdam.
On the same days, a complete assortment of Dry Goods and Provisions.
Rio Essequebo, Fort Island, 17th August, 1811.
B. HEBBELINCK, Dep. Ven. Master


On Thursday the 22d inst. will be exposed for sale at Public Auction, by Order of GEORGE LAING, Esq. Agent, sold for the benefit of the Underwriters and others concerned. - Dutch herring in kegs, stock fish, split ling, lyng fish, dryed salmon, Gentlemen's hats, and sundry packages of merchandize, having been broke into by the crew of a French Privateer.
Also fourteen barrels Superfine Flour.
August 17th. KINGSTON and M'BEAN.

On Monday the 26th of August, [see 18110730EDRG]
Also on the same same [sic] day by Order of Doctor A. BAUM, a Lot of Land, No. 11, situated in Werk & Rust, with the Buildings thereon, and at present occupied by Mr. JEFFERS.
July 6th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.

On Tuesday the 27th, will be exposed for Sale at the Vendue Office, - A Schooner Boat, with her masts, sails, &c. Also an assortment of dry Goods, &c.
August 17th. KINGSTON and M'BEAN.

On Monday the 2d of September, will be exposed for sale at the Vendue Office, by order of Mr. SYTHOFF, Six prime field people.
Also by Order of Mr. GENTLE, - A young Negro Man, at the same time negro cloathing, Ticklenberg, Oznaburgs, Britannias, hammocks, &c. a few Pipes Madeira Wine, &c.
August 17th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.


This is to inform the
Public, that the following
Persons intend quitting this

Van het Secretary deezer
Colonie word geadverteerd,
dat de volgende Persoonen
van voorneemens zyn van hier
na elders te vertrekken, viz;

G. Willoughby, in 14 days, or 6 weeks, from July 26.
H. Yearwood, . . . . . . ditto . . . . . . . 26.
H. Hyndman, . . . . . . ditto . . . . . . . 26.
R. Hyndman, . . . . . . ditto . . . . . . . 26.
J. Barton, in 14 days from . . . . . . . . . 27.
R. Gemmel, in 14 days, or 6 weeks, from . . . 29.
F. W. Overweg, . . . . . ditto . . . . . . . 1.
L. Playter, . . . . . . ditto . . . . . . . 1.
A. Black, . . . . . . . ditto . . . . . . . 1.
J. Donaghue, . . . . . . ditto . . . . . . . 1.
G. Angle, . . . . . . . ditto . . . . . . . 2.
H. R. Kruse, . . . . . . ditto . . . . . . . 2.
J. Smith, his Wife and Family in 14 days from 3.
G. Healis, in 14 days, or 6 weeks, from . . . 7.
J. Allan and his Wife, in 14 days from . . . 15.

THE time fixed by the Honble Court of Justice, agreeable to former advertisements issued from this Office, for Creditors to give in their Claims against the respective Concerns and Estates aftermentioned, viz.
Against the Insolvent firm of W. MACKENZIE &Co.
------- the Insolvent Estate of J. J. ROQUETTE, decd.
------- the Insolvent Estate of J. THEYSSE, decd.
------- the Insolvent Estate of L. VAN BUUREN, decd.
being about to expire, the undersigned, by virtue of a special order of the Honble. Court aforesaid doth hereby call on all those who have not yet given their claims against the said concerns or estates respectively, to lay the same before the Court on the first day of its Ordinary Session of the month of September next ensuing, on pain of perpetual silence.
Court-House, Stabroek, Demerary, this 14th August 1811.
P. F. TINNE, Dep. Sec.

BY Virtue of an Order of the Honorable Court of Justice of the Colony and Dependent Districts of Demerary, dated 23d July, 1811, are hereby Summoned all Colonial and other Creditors of the Estate of AMOS LEEDS, deceased, (to which Estate J. LYON and T. T. THOMSON have been appointed Curators), to lay before the Court of Justice aforesaid, on the first day of its Session, to be holden in the Month of September, 1812, when the Court will decide on the preference or priority of such Claims and decree perpetual silence with respect to those who shall not have given in their claims by that time.
Court-House, Stabroek, Demerary this 14th August, 1811
P. F. TINNE, Dep. Secty.

BY Virtue of an Order of the Honorable Court of Justice of the Colony and Dependent Districts of Demerary, dated 23d July, 1811, are hereby Summoned all Colonial and other Creditors of the Estate of TIMOTHEUS DUIM, deceased, (to which Estate D. H. VAN NOOTEN and B. HEBBELINCK have been appointed Curators), to lay before the Court of Justice aforesaid, at its Ordinary Session to be held in the month of May 1812, when the Court will decide on the preference or priority of such Claims and decree perpetual silence with respect to those who shall not have given in their claims by that time.
Court-House, Stabroek, Demerary this 14th August, 1811
P. F. TINNE, Dep. Secty.

WHEREAS a PUNT belonging to the Quarter and Barrack Master General, 28 feet Keel and 12 feet Beam, broke her chain, and drifted from the King's Stelling at Fort William Frederick on the night of the 15th inst. Any Person or Persons having taken up the same and returning it, or giving information where it may be obtained will be rewarded.
Camp, August 17th.

[right pointing hand icon] A particular account of the Ball, Supper, Illuminations, &c. given this week, in honor of the Birth-Days of their Royal Highnesses the Prince Regent and Duke of York, by Major-General Carmichael, will appear in our next.

The arrival of the Ship Tweed, has enabled us to lay before our readers, the following important intelligence, extracted from Letters received by His Excellency the Governor: -
[Transcriber's note: most European news not transcribed.]

It appears that the Prince of Orange is gone to join the army under Lord Wellington.

In the British Court of Admiralty, the case of the Rose in Bloom has been lately decided, under very particular circumstances. She was an American ship, invested with the character of a cartel, provided with a license from Mr. Russel, the American Charge d' Affairs at Paris, countersigned by the American Consul at Bayonne, and destined from that port to the United States. She was also furnished with stores and supplies by the American Government, and chartered to convey between 20 and 30 American Captains and others to their own country. Thus far all was correct; but the Master, without the privity of his owners, had taken on board some puncheons of Brandy, and other French produce to the value of about 1000l. sterling, and, being met by one of our cruizers with this property, she was, under the Orders in Council, sent into a British port. On these facts, the Learned Judge condemned the ship and cargo, with the exception of "the stores and supplies provided by the American Government."




When the Body went from hence, she had on board four or five New Zealanders, who made part of her crew. These people were displeased at their treatment on the passage, and determined on revenge. On their arrival, they communicated their complaints to their friends and relatives, who were of the Whangarooa party, and frequently at war with Tippahee and his subjects; and the design of taking the ship was formed in consequence. It being Captain Thompson's intention to take in a quantity of spars, he applied to the natives for assistance in procuring them, which they promised; but, in order to entice him on shore, artfully objected to perform, until he should accompany them to point out such as he might best approve. The Captain was thereby prevailed on to leave the vessel, accompanied by his Chief Officer, with three boats manned, to get the spars on board, the natives who had arrived in the ship being of the party, which was accompanied by a number of others in their canoes. The boats were conducted to a river, on entering which they were out of sight of the ship: and after proceeding some distance up, Captain Thompson was invited to land, and mark the spars he wanted. The guides led the party through various parts of the woods that were least likely to answer the desired end – thus delaying the premeditated attack until the boats should be left by the effluence of the tide sufficiently high to prevent an escape; which part of the horrible plan accomplished, they became insolent and rude, ironically pointing at decayed fragments, and inquiring of Captain Thompson whether they would suit his purpose or not? The natives belonging to the ship then first threw off the mask, and in opprobious [sic] terms upbraided Captain Thompson with their maltreatment; informing him at the same time, that he should have no spars there but what he could procure himself. The Captain appeared careless of the disappointment, and with his people turned towards the boats; at which instant they were assaulted with clubs and axes, which the assailants had till then concealed under their dresses; and although the boats' crews had several muskets, yet so impetuous was the attack, that every man was prostrated before one could be used. Captain Thompson and his unfortunate men were all murdered on the spot, and their bodies were afterwards devoured by the murderers, who, clothing themselves with their apparel, launched the boats at dusk the same evening, and proceeded towards the ship, which they had determined also to attack. It being very dark before they reached her, and no suspicion being entertained of what had happened, the second officer hailed the boats, and was answered by the villains who had occasioned the disaster, that the Captain having chosen to remain on shore that night for the purpose of viewing the country, had ordered them to take on board such spars as had already been procured, which account readily obtained belief, and the officer was knocked down and killed by hose who first ascended the ship's side. All the seamen of the watch were in like manner surprised and murdered. Some of the assassins then went down to the cabin-door, and asked the passengers and others to go on deck to see the spars, and a female passenger obeying the summons was killed on the cabin ladder. The noise occasioned by her fall alarmed the people that were in bed; who running on deck in disorder, were all killed as they went up, except four or five, who ran up the shrouds, and remained in the rigging the rest of the night. The next morning Tippahee appeared alongside in a canoe, and was much offended at what had happened; but was not permitted to interfere, or to remain near the ship. The unfortunate men in the rigging called to him, and implored his protection; of which he assured them, if they could make their way to his canoe. This they effected at every hazard; and was by the old king landed on the nearest point, though closely pursued. The pursuit was forcibly held while the murder of the unhappy fugitives was perpetrated. A female passenger and two children who were afterwards found in the cabin, were spared from the massacre, and taken on shore to a hut, in which situation Mr. Berry and Captain Pattison, of the City of Edinburg, found them when they rescued them. Tippahee was afterwards permitted by the Whangarooans to take three boat loads of any property he chose out of the ship, fire-arms and gun-powder excepted; and the bulk they divided among themselves. The salt provisions, flour, and spirits they threw overboard, as unpalatable; the carriage guns they did the same with, considering them useless; the muskets they prized very much; and one of the savages, in his eagerness to try one, stove in the head of a barrel of powder, and filling the pan of the piece, snapped it directly over the cask, the explosion of which killed five native women, and eight or nine men, and set part of the ship on fire. From the foregoing detail, it appears that neither Tippahee nor his son Myaye had any share in the barbarous acts committed by those sanguinary miscreants; but that the Old Chief had, on the contrary, endeavoured to preserve the lives of several of the crew; and if we consider the order in which the incidents are narrated, we must at least conclude this to be the most probable account received of the doleful event before us; and the more especially so, as it is the report of an Otaheitan, who was on the spot at the time, and who, as an alien, not being interested on the part either of the Bay of Islanders or of the Whangarooans, may still more be entitled to credit. In the principal facts, alas! All accounts unhappily coincide; and while we have to deplore the calamity, we cannot forbear expressing a hope that the Commanders and crews vessels traversing these seas will temper friendship and humanity toward the uncivilized Islanders with prudence and caution, and be ever guarded against surprise and treachery, to which numbers of our countrymen have become the victims.


Aug. 6. [sic] Ship Sophia, Hawkins, from London, Lisbon, and Teneriffe, - Wines.
Tweed, Webster, London and Madeira, General Cargo from London, and Wines from Madeira.


DIED - Yesterday, at his House in America-Street, Charles Ryan, Esq.

R. F. HAWKINS, Commander of the Ship SOPHIA, gives notice, that the Sale of the CLARET and VIN DE GRAVE, advertised by JAMES ROBERTSON and Co. is postponed for the present, for reason, that the Customs here have seized the said Ship, but upon what grounds he does not yet know.
August 13th.
[Transcriber's note: this item did not appear in an earlier issue.]

DEN Ondergeteekeden adverteerd met deese aan elk en ygelyk die het mogte aangaan, dar syn Domicilium Citandi et Executandi voor alle zyne privé saacken op den 1e Mey, 1792, gekoosen beest op zyn Plantagie genaamt D' Anna Maria, geleegen in de rivier Essequebo, op het Leguan Eyland, tuschen de gronden van de Plantagie De Witte Zwaan en die van die Plantagie Nieuw Osterbeek; Alwaar denzelven het nog bylst continueeren.
Essequebo, 3e Augustus. F. W. WIEHE.
[Transcriber's note: this item did not appear in an earlier issue.]

The Domicilium Citandi et Executandi of the Subscriber, is at the House of JOHN CROSSMAN, Esq. Demerary.
Essequebo, August 12. SAML. PHIPPEN.
[Transcriber's note: this item doid not appear in an earlier issue.]

LIST of Runaway and Arrested SLAVES in the
Colony Stocks of DEMERARY, 17th August, 1811.



Brought by





Boed. Engels,


Saint Pierre,

St. Deeges,

La Reduite,


Pl. La Resource,

Pl. Meerzorg.





J. Madden,





Francis & child,

G. Angle,


Betty & 3 children,

Widow Atkins,

Pl. Friendship.





Swiers & Downer,

Pl. Roomen,



Pl. Dochfour.


Doct. Thomas,

Pl. Eendraagt,


Pl. King Donan,




H. Fraser,


Juff. Van Doristen,




Pl. Rome,


Ad. Smith,

Pl. Kitty,


V. D. Broek,

Colony Negroes,


Pl. Bs. Adventure,


Good Luck,

Dr. Bovel,

Pl. Papaja,



Pl. Kitty,


Nancy Johnson,

Negroes of de Ryk,






Dr. Lewis,

S. G. MARTENS, Drossart.

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