Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1811 September 07


Vol. VI.]

[No. 404.


This Day is Published,
AN Account of the Ceremony of laying the First Sill of the Dutch Church, on the 12th August; including the ADDRESSES of His Excellency, the Governor, and the Reverend G. Ryk.
Printed and Sold at the Royal Gazette Office.

AT a Meeting of the Commissioners of the Market, held September 3d, 1811, the present high price of Butchers' Meat was taken into consideration, and resolved, that by the opening of the new Market, on the 1st of October next, the same should be reduced and fixed as follows, viz:-

Beef . . . at . . .

20 Stivers per pound,

Veal . . . . . . . .


Sheep Mutton . . . .


Goat Mutton . . . .


Pork . . . . . . . .


And all those who frequent the Market, or rent Stalls therein, are hereby directed to regulate themselves accordingly, under pain of being excluded from coming to the said Market, and such further penalties or fines as by law established.
The Stalls in the Market being engaged to be completed by the 1st of October next, the Inspector General is hereby authorised to let the same to such as are inclined to rent them, for a term of Six Months, at the following rates, viz: - The buildings on the North side, to be occupied exclusively by Butchers, and consisting of ten Stalls, each 12 feet, with the use of the Slaughter-House on the Stelling, shall be let to them at the rate of twenty-two guilders each per month; and the others, of the same size, East and West sides, to be occupied by Hucksters, shall be let to them at the rate of six guilders per month, each.
Demerary, September 3d, 1811.
Inspector General.
[Transcriber's note: this advertisement did not appear in an earlier issue.]

IN One Month from this date will be sold at Public Vendue, at six weeks credit, according to the Resolution of the Honorable Court of Policy, dated the 28th day of August, 1804, the following runaway Slaves, now in the Colony Stocks, viz: -
Cupido belonging to Doctor WHITE,
Cato . . . . . . . JAMES CAMPBELL,
Mentor . . . . . . Unknown,
Mary . . . . . . . The Boedle [sic] of FOSTER,
Jack . . . . . . . The Boedle [sic] of F. C. ENGELS
Jim . . . . . . . Unknown.
Demerary, 6th September, 1811.
S. G. MARTENS, Drossart.
RUNAWAY from Plantation Arno's Vale on Sunday night last, the 1st Instant, two young Negro Men named YORK and VIGILANT, both well known in town, and the latter also at Mahaica, where he formerly worked as a Carpenter under the late Mr. SPOONER. Whoever should apprehend, and will deliver them to the Subscriber, or to Mr. JAMES PARSS in town, shall receive a proportionable reward.
September 6th. W. BOSTOCK.

A SLOOP BOAT, almost new, coppered, and completely found in Sails and Rigging, she will carry ten hogsheads, or about fifteen bales, and draws very little water when loaded. For further particulars enquire at this Office. Sept. 7th.

HAS Imported in the Ship Friendship, Captain STRIPLIN, from London, the following articles, which he offers for Sale, payable in Cash:-
Hams, pine and loaf cheese, beer, porter, port wine, old hock, cyder, perry, cherry and raspberry brandy, loaf sugar, hyson tea, sweet oil, vinegar, pickles, fish sauce, capers, olives, barley, split pease, sugar candy, almonds, currants, rose water, oats, Dutch terras, temper lime, salt in barrels, do. table salt, cotton and coffee bagging, checks, check shirts, lined and unlined jackets, tradesmen's jackets and trowsers of a superior quality, negro blankets, ditto hats, watch cloaks, boat cloaks, flannel jackets and night gowns, Company's white and yellow nankeen, green baize, green table covers, bombazeen, black crape, cotton cambric, gloves, salempores, soap, candles, paint oil, lamp oil, spermaceti oil, neatsfoot oil, white, yellow, green, blue, and black paint, tallow, mill grease, canvas, Oznaburgs, hoes, shovels, cutlasses, felling axes, nails assorted, stationary, carpenters' and coopers' tools, with many other articles from former importations.
Also on Hand,
A quantity of Wallaba Shingles, very reasonable for immediate payment in cash, and a consignment of Pictures by the Tweed, equally cheap for cash.
September 6th.

JUST IMPORTED in the ADMIRAL COLPOYS, and for Sale at the Store of
An assortment of Fowling Pieces, Powder and Shot, pistol and other fancy Tinder Boxes, and phosphorus quick Lights; Butter, Cheese, Soda water, &c. And from former and very late importations, a number of articles of a general description. September 6.

NOW Landing and for Sale by the Subscribers, the Cargo of the Brig VENDUS [sic], Captain DAMRELL, from Portsmouth, N. H. viz:-
Boards, Plank, and Scantling,
W. O. Shooks with heading,
R. O. do. with do. R. O. Staves,
New Fish in hogsheads and boxes,
Spruce Spars for colony boats 55 to 60 feet long,
Clapboards, Oars,
Mackarel in half barrels, Wood Hoops,
Small Boats, &c.
Superfine flour, rice, tar, tobacco, pilot bread in barrels, crackers in kegs, &c.
Sept. 7th. SAMUEL MACKAY and Co.

THE Subscribers have Imported in the Ship Friendship, from London, the following articles, which they offer for Sale on moderate terms, at their Store in America-Street:-
[first column]
Best London brown stout,
Do. do. pale ale,
Port wine,
Cumberland hams,
Pine and loaf cheese,
Real Dutch terras,
Glauber salts in kegs of 112 pounds each,
Prepared paint oil in jugs of 3 gallons,
Lamp oil in do.
Neatsfoot oil in do. of two gallons,
Hoffman's cherry and raspberry brandy,
Best Poland oats in puncheons,
White lead, Spanish brown,
Black and yellow paint,
Paint brushes assorted,
Stationary do.
An assortment of glass ware including a few pair of fashionable wall shades, silver edged,
Negro hats,
Men's jackets lined and unlined,
[second column]
Cloth and duck trowsers,
Striped cotton and check shirts,
Women's Penniston wrappers,
Do. Oznaburgh petticoats,
White and yellow India nankeen,
Blue salempores,
White and figured calico,
Cotton cambric,
Irish linen,
5-4 do. sheeting,
Coffee and cotton bagging,
Canvas No. 1, 2, and 3,
Coffee manaries, do. sifters,
Copper and brass wire,
Nails 6dy. to 30dy.
Coopers' 8dy. do.
Boat chains 25 fathom long with swivels every 6 feet,
Wooden and iron handled cutlasses,
Hoes, shovels,
Pump tacks,
Iron pots, &c.
[end columns]
Sept. 6. OWEN KERNAN and Co.

THE Subscriber offers for Sale at his Cooperage for immediate Payment.
Puncheons and Vat Hoops and Rivets,
Puncheon Truss Hoops,
Long wood Hoops,
Coopers' Tools, &c. &c.
September 7th. ROBERT ARNOT.

A SERVANT, capable of taking care of Horses, and to attend a Gentleman.
Enquire of the Printer. Sept. 7th.

By the FRIENDSHIP from London.
THE Subscriber has received by this opportunity his additional supply of FRESH and GENUINE MEDICINES, which he can afford to sell at reduced prices for Cash. Amongst these are the following valuable Nostrum and other Preparations:
For Consumption, Colds, Coughs, Debility,
[first column]
Lichen Islandicus
Pectoral Lozenges,
Refined Licorice,
[second column]
Cundel's Bals. of Honey,
Anti-Asthmatic Balsam,
[end columns]
Rheumatic Affections,
[first column]
Whitehead's Essence of Mustard,
Do's. Pills of do. do.
[second column]
Steer's Opodeldoc,
British Oil,
Haarlem Oil,
[end columns]
For the Teeth and Gums,
[first column]
Grenough's Tincture,
Hemet's Dentrifice,
[second column]
Rose Tooth Powder,
[end columns]
For altering and sweetening the Blood,
[first column]
Species for Decoction of the Woods,
[second column]
Spilsbury's Drops,
Maredant's do.
[end column]
Affections of the Stomach,
[first column]
Peppermint Drops,
Do. Lozenges,
[second column]
Stomachic Bitters.
[end columns]
In Female Debility,
Senate's aromatic Steel Lozenges, celebrated beyond every other preparation for their highly restorative property.
Spices, Gold & Silver Leaf, Stationary, Perfumery, &c. &c. Ruspini's Styptic for internal and external bleedings, &c. &c.
September 7th. J. L. SMITH.

A Pleasant DWELLING HOUSE, very advantageously situated in Kingston, being a Corner Lot, fronting the one now occupied by C. J. O'HARA, Esq. and next to that of J. BOTHAMLEY, Esq. decd. with a good Side Building 50 feet long by 14 wide. For terms apply to Doctor DUNKIN, Mr. W. ROACH, or the Subscriber on Pl. Naamryk.
September 6th. W. ODWIN.

MUCH has been written, since this ūra [sic] of mercantile embarrassment, by those whose opinions we highly value, pointing out to us our duty, which is certainly a consideration well worthy the attention of every one who wishes to appear, what we may reasonably suppose every man does, a worthy member of society. And, to convince our correspondents of the high sense we entertain of their recommendations, and of our own duty, we trust our friends and connexions in this colony will excuse our telling them, that, from this day, we resolve to request immediate payment for every thing on delivery, and to sell no goods on other conditions to any person or persons whomsoever. In fact, stern necessity does not, at present, allow of any other mode of doing business.
Our friends and customers will not be deceived in us; as such accounts as are outstanding of this year we are perfectly willing to let remain over (that is, we don't ask for payment of them, though happy to receive it) till the usual period of settling accounts in January and February next, when we hope to see better times, and more favourable prospects opening to the West India interest; and to any House to which we may be indebted we should think it extremely improper to refuse credit.
We have received by the Friendship, from London, an additional assortment of provisions, plantation stores, &c. to those remaining of our late importations - for sale, on the above terms.
Newtown, 7th Sept. JAMES ROBERTSON & Co.

THE Plantation TWEE GEBROEDERS, the sale of which is advertised to take place on the 13th Instant, will be disposed of in the following manner, viz:-
117 Slaves, divided in thirty-three lots, the largest of which will contain nine Negroes; the Land in six lots, extremely well adopted for the cultivation of Sugar, and conveniently situated for Estates on Leguan Island, for the purpose of cutting fire-wood, staves, hoops, &c.
Also a Lot of Wood Land, situated up the river Essequebo, extending from the Nauw to the Hoeresierma Creek, formerly the property of the Heirs of BATO, and now belonging to the Heirs of VAN RODEN.
H. SWART, q.q. the Heirs
Essequebo, September 2. of VAN RODEN.

DE Plantagie genaamd de TWEE GEBROEDERS, reeds geadverteerd te worden verkogt op den 13 deeser, is verdeeld als volgd-
117 Slaaven, in 33 Looten, zynde 't hoogste van deese Looten 9 in getal - de Gronden in 6 Looten, zeer geschikt voor Suyker Plantagien geleegen op Leguaan Eyland, tot 't kappen van brandhout, duygen, boomstukken, hoepels, &c. Een stuk hout Grond geleegen in de boven rivier van Essequebo, van 't Nauw tot Hoeresierma Creek, eertyds toebehoord hebbende aan de Erven BATO, thans de Erven VAN RODEN.
H. SWART, q.q. de Erven
Essequebo, 2e September. VAN RODEN.

Imported per Vigilant and Commerce,
BUTTER, hams, cheese, London brown-stout in bottles, soap and candles, paints and oils, cylinder gunpowder in canisters, patent shot, an assortment of gentlemen's clothing, &c. which the subscriber is selling at a reduced price, for immediate payment. He has also on hand Russia sheeting, raven duck, calicoes, damask, India jean, nankeen, royal cord, flannel, waistcoating, thread and tape, silk hats, boots and shoes, tea in canisters, carpenter's tools, earthen ware, parrot cages, rat-traps, horse combs and brushes, nails, hinges, bolts, frew-nails, corks, Madeira wine, old rum, salt in barrels, flints, fish-hooks, &c.
Robb's Stelling,
7th September. ALEX. REITH.

HAS received by the Commerce, Capt. Watt, from Glasgow, cheap, for cash,
[first column]
New Irish mess-beef and pork, in half barrels
Double rose butter
Lancashire hams
Potatoes, ling-fish
Scotch pickled herrings
Gloucester cheese
Hyson tea, refined sugars
Black pepper, mustard
Vinegar, pickles assorted
Barley, split pease
Tripe, rounds of beef
Old port wine
Table beer, London porter
[second column]
Fowling-pieces, canister powder
Patent shot, flints
Nails, 4d to 30d, frying-pans
Pump tacks, box locks
Hinges, cutlasses, hoes
Shovels, sein and sewing-twine
Fishing-lines, cordage
1 1/2 to 4 inch blocks
Mast hoops, temper-lime
Negro pipes, gentlemen's coats, coatees, pantaloons
[end columns]
On Hand of late Importations.
[first column]
Glauber salts, in kegs
Mill-grease, iron pots
Truss hoops, guadgingrods [sic], boxes, bubbles
Copper ladles and skimmers
Copper spirit-pumps and funnels, Osnaburghs
Blankets, negro clothing
Mill brasses, mill wedges
[second column]
Steel cappooses and steps,
Cases for ditto
Sheet lead, paints and oils
lamp and shoe blacking
Madeira wine and onions
Glass, tin, and Queen's ware
Indian salempores, axes, and looking glasses
[end columns]
Broad cloths, flannels, Indian jeans, dimities, threads, tapes, knives and forks, penknives, scissars, razors, candles, soap, gentlemen's, lady's, and children's boots, shoes, stockings, and umbrellas; tobacco, salt, rice, &c.
American Stelling, 7th Sept.

ARRIVED by the Vigilant, from Liverpool, and Admiral Colpoys, from London.
Cork new butter, best quality,
Tongues in kegs, cheese in lead,
Hyson and gun-powder tea, per chest and per lb.
Double refined sugar,
Morton's London brown stout in casks, seven dozen each
Very fine perry,
Olives, capers and sauces,
Hoffman's cherry and raspberry brandy,
Paints and paint oil, boat anchors and grapnels,
Cordage from 1 inch to 5 1/2 inches,
Fishing seins 20 fathoms each with funnels complete,
Stationary assorted, breakfast and tea china, a few sets,
Carpenters', coopers', and boat builders nails, fine brads,
Bolt iron, sheet copper, iron puncheon hoops and rivets,
Coopers' tools, strong window bolts,
Spermaceti chamber oil in bottles,
Neatsfoot and lamp oil,
Straight and folding guaging rods,
Ladies' and Gentlemen's fine cotton stockings,
Ladies' ribbed silk do.
Black silk do.
White Marseilles for waistcoats,
Long white India nankeens,
A few casks good Cod Fish,
Fine old Rum remarkably well flavored,
Real Hollands,
Fine Muslin, long Cloth, Chintzs, &c. &. [sic]
And a variety of other Articles which will be sold reasonable for immediate payment in Cash or Rum.

ALLE de geene die iets te varderen hebben van den Boedel wylen E. A. CHRISTIANI, worden verzogt hunne pretensien in te geeven, ten Huyse van Dr. J. C. MULLER, om na anvond bevending te worden betaald, en dewelke verschuldigt zyn ten tyde voor zyn overlyden, verzogt betaling te komen doen ten Huyse voornoemd, ten eynde den Boedel te kunnen liquidienen, en om alle rechtsmiddelen te prevenierren.
H. H. LUHRS, q.q. mede
Sept. 7. for J. C. MULLER, q.q.
[Transcriber's note: see 18110910EDRG for an English and Dutch version (modified) of this item.]


On Monday the 9th of September, [see 18110820EDRG] . . .
Also by order of JOSEPH HILL, a quantity of hams, imported in the Vigilant.
August 20th. KINGSTON and M'BEAN.

On Tuesday the 10th inst. will be exposed for Sale at the VENDUE OFFICE, - Madeira Wine in pipe, hhds. and quarter casks, hock in cases of one dozen each, a few cases of Burgundy, onions, split pease, Irish linen, Tuclenberg, hammocks, hats, Coffee bagging, &c.
September 7th. KINGSTON and M'BEAN.

On Tuesday, 17th inst. at the store of Joseph Hill, Esq. (without reserve), printed cambrics and calicoes of various kinds, corded dimity, linen and cotton platillas, Britannias, rooled [sic] white calicoes, table cloths, towels, napkins, huckaback, diaper, Irish linens, Russia and Lancashire sheeting, shirting calicoes, long cloths, long lawns, cambric-muslins, checks, chintz furniture, Romal and Madras handkerchiefs, coats, coatees, white jean and striped trowsers, cloth and cassimere pantaloons, black silk, coloured quilting and white jean vests, green baize, flannel, hosiery, stationary, saddlery, hyson tea, spices, stone blue, umbrellas, boots and shoes, ladies' slippers, Fribourg's best London snuff, earthen and glass ware, haberdashery, brandy, Malmsey wine, hone-water, noyau, ironmongery of every description, tin and japan ware, lamp oil, tripe, split peas, pocket and bordered handkerchiefs, Trafalgar table-covers, black pepper, gunpowder and shot, composition mortars, beads, candles and soap; also per Vigilant, from Liverpool, new Cork butter, Westmoreland hams and cheese, in excellent order.
September 7th. KINGSTON and M'BEAN.


This is to inform the
Public, that the following
Persons intend quitting this

Van het Secretary deezer
Colonie word geadverteerd,
dat de volgende Persoonen
van voorneemens zyn van hier
na elders te vertrekken, viz;

F. W. Overweg, in 14 days, or 6 weeks, from August 1.
L. Playter, . . . . . . ditto . . . . . . . 1.
A. Black, . . . . . . . ditto . . . . . . . 1.
J. Donaghue, . . . . . . ditto . . . . . . . 1.
G. Angle, . . . . . . . ditto . . . . . . . 2.
H. R. Kruse, . . . . . . ditto . . . . . . . 2.
G. Healis, in 14 days, or 6 weeks, from . . . 7.
A. Simpson, of Plantation Kitty, in 14 days,
      or 6 weeks, from . . . . . . . . . . 19.
W. Seymour, in 14 days from . . . . . . . . . 22.
W. Hedges, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from . . . 23.
M. Macdonald, in 14 days from . . . . . . . . 24.
J. Walsh, and two servants, in 14 days or 3 weeks, 31.
E. Walsh, in 14 days from . . . . . . . . . . . . 31.
J. Koene, and his servant Charles, in 14 days from 5 Sept.

Secretary's Office, Essequebo.

ALZOO den Heer C. WESENER voorneemens is, binnen den tyd van 14 dagen of 6 weeken, deeze Colonie te verlaaten, zoo word zulks van het publicq geadverteerd.
Secretary van Essequebo, den 29e Augustus, 1811.
J. P. ROUSKOLB, Eerste Clercq.

AT the Commissary Court of October next is to be passed, by Messrs. MOOY and MOL, in favour of J. A. Lanferman, a transfer of the saw-mill, lands, and further appurtenaces, called Sarapapa, and situated on the west coast of this river, together with fifteen slaves; and is further to be given, by J. A. Lanferman, unto in behalf of Wm. Mooy, a transfer of one-half of Plantation Catharina-Elizabeth, and appurtenances, (situated on the Arabian coast, with eighteen slaves.
Proper notice is to be given of any opposition intended against the above.
Secretary's Office in Essequebo, 4th Sept.
J. P. ROUSKOLB, First Clerk.

MET de Commissary in de Maand October aanstaande, zal door de Heeren MOOY en MOL worden getransporteerd, de Zaag-Moole en verdere Gronden, &c. genaamd SARAPAPA, en geleegen aan de West wal deezer rivier, met een getal van vyftien slaaven aan den Heer J. A. LANFERMAN.
En zal voorts door gemelden Heer LANFERMAN aan en ten behoeve van Wm. MOOY, worden gegeeven Transpoort der helfte in de plantage CATHARINA ELIZABETH, cum annexis, geleegen aan de Aroabische Kust, met een getal van agtien koppen slaven.
Iemand recht van oppositie sustineerde addresseere zig daar en zo 't behoord.
Secretary van Essequebo, den 4e September.
J. P. ROUSKOLB, Eerste Clercq.

THE Subscribers have received, per Friendship, from London, and Vigilant, from Liverpool, a choice assortment of PROVISIONS, DRY GOODS, and PLANTATION STORES, which they offer for sale. They have also on hand
Choice old Madeira, in pipes, hhds. and quarter casks
Tobacco, in hhds.
W. P. boards and scantling
R. O. shooks and staves
W. O. ditto
Rice, in whole and half tierces
Fish, in hhds. and boxes, &c. &c.

Stand A 1 at Lloyd's, will sail from hence in October, with or without convoy. For freight or passage apply to the Master, or to

THE Subscriber has received, by the brig Vigilant, from Liverpool, the following goods, whih he will dispose of on reasonable terms, for cash only, viz.
Hams, cheese, kegs of beef, in which are rounds, new potatoes, soap, candles, perfumery, superfine broadcloths, velvens, and assortments of gentlemen's wearing apparel; also Madeira wine, porter, beer, cyder, perry, Seltzer and soda waters, gentlemen's tool-chests, and several other articles.
Union Coffee-House, THOS. MARSH.
7th Sept.

Several arrivals have taken place since our last, (see the Ship List,) but no intelligence of importance has been received.

Intelligence has reached London from Martinique, stating, that, in order to prevent that island from being drained of its cash, Governor Broderick, has issued a proclamation, prohibiting the American traders being paid in specie beyond the sum of 300 livres. They were compelled, according to the new regulation, to take either produce or bills for their cargoes.


Sept. 2. Brig Vigilant, Stevens, Liverpool, Gen. cargo.
Ship Richard, Robinson, do. Ballast.
Brig Susan, Salter, Portsmouth, N. A. Lumber and Fish.
3. Sloop Blackbird, Coverley, Quebec, Beef, Pork, Flour, and Butter.
4. Ship Admiral Colpoys, Venables, from London.
Commerce, Watt, Glasgow.
Brig Braganza, Lamb, London.
6. Schr. Juno, Joe, a negro, Surinam, Molasses.
7. Ship Friendship, Striplin, London, Gen. cargo.
Schr. Phoenix, Norburn, Martinique, Rum, Noyeau, &c.
Brig Venus, Damerill, Portland, Lumber, Fish, &c.

Sept. 2. Brig Aligator, Capt. Harrold, for Portsmouth.
6. Sloop Mary, Tynes, Barbados.
Ship Jane, Cross, Portland.
7. Schr. Energlen, Hinson, Surinam.
Brig Aimé, Nicholson, London.
Schr. Mechanic, Barnard, New London.
Brig Massasoit, Robinson, Portland.
Brig Traveller, Nowlan, New London.

LIST of Runaway and Arrested SLAVES in the
Colony Stocks of DEMERARY, 7th September, 1811.








Boed. Engels,


Saint Pierre,

St. Deeges,

La Reduite,


Pl. La Resource,

Pl. Meerzorg.





J. Madden,



Dr. Reitser,

Pl. Georgia,





Pl. King Donan,



Juff. Van Doristen,




Dr. Lewis,


M. Doyle,



Pl. Trion,

Pl. Bats. Adventure,


Dr. Deeges,

Pl. Best,


Pl. Elizabeth-hall,

Juff. de Wolf,


Pl. Land Canan,

Pl. Schoonord,


Pl. Washinton,

Abary Ferry,



Pl. Vergennoegen.



Pl. Henry.

S. G. MARTENS, Drossart.

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