Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1811 September 14


Vol. VI.]

[No. 406.


Demerary Races.

September Meeting.

TUESDAY the 17th of September, 1811.

Col. Stewart's bay h. Jack



One Mile.

Mr. P. M'Garel's bay h. Daisy,


His Ex. the Governor's bay m. Saraband,



Half Mile.

Mr. Johnson's bay h. Rigdamfunidos,


Mr. Carmichael's grey h. Tally-ho,



One Mile.

Mr. Dawson's bay m. Miss Slammerkin,


WEDNESDAY the 18th.

Col. Stewart's black h. Oronoko,
Mr. Dawson's do. Bo-Peep,

Three Half-Mile heats the best of the three heats.

Mr. Dudgeon's ch. h. John Bull,



600 Yards.

Mr. Williams's do. Ambulator,


Mr. Phipps's ch. h. Traitor,




Mr. Cary's bay m. Fancy,


THURSDAY the 19th.

Mr. Williams's ch. h. Fire-Fly,




Mr. Carmichael's bay h. Jack,


His Ex. the Governor's bay m. Saraband,




Mr. Dudgeon's bay h. Witchcraft,


Mr. Tinne's br. h. Ajax, Mr. Ferguson's roan m. Silver-Tail, and Capt. McNicol's bay h. Bouncer.


FRIDAY the 20th.

Col. Stewart's bay h. Jack,
Mr. De Veer's br. h. Honesty,

Three One-Mile heats the best of the three heats.

Mr. Mayers's bay h. Don Fernand,




Mr. Sloane's ch. H. Pizarro,


The Horses to Start at 5 o'Clock each day, and the matches to follow in regular rotation; and such Horses as are not ready to Start when called for at the Starting Post, are to be considered as having forfeited. In all the single heat matches, the Horses, after coming in are to be led down the Avenue that no time may be lost for the succeeding Race.
Will be at Mr. Marsh's Coffee-House, to begin at 8 o'clock, on the 20th September.
Demerary, 14th September, 1811.
Treasurer and Clerk of the Course.

IMPORTED in the Ships Colpoys and Friendship, from London, the following articles, which will be sold by the Subscribers, cheap for cash:
[first column]
Beef, in whole and half barrels
Pork, in do.
Pig cheeks, in do.
Yorkshire hams
Ox tongues in kegs
Sides of bacon
Tea and refined sugar
Bloom raisins
Black pepper
Currants, in jars
Spices assorted
Sauces do.
Beer, porter, and ale
Claret and port wine
Cordage, assorted, from 5-inch cables to 9 thread ratline
Tin ware consisting of sets of dish-covers, crimson-coloured and gilt-edged gentlemen's dressing cases, cash-boxes, &c.
Table knives and forks
Plated spoons
Waiters, bread-baskets
Scissars, &c.
Hoes, shovels, and cutlasses
Best London-made jockey-saddles, deep flaps
Weymouth, Portsmouth, & other bridles
Spare heads and reins
Martingales and neck-straps
[second column]
Collar heads with hemp reins
Web and round-head halters
Chaise and jockey whips
Leather portmanteaus, 16 to 27 inches
Gentlemen's Morocco dress-shoes
Do. planters', strong
Ladies' do. patent made
Boys' do.
Flannel of different qualities
Green table-cloths, elegantly fringed, with center-pieces
Stationary assorted, too numerous to enumerate
Buck beads, glasses, and knives
Tortoise-shell, ivory, and pearl, dress-combs
Ladies' scissar-chains
Pencils and thread cases
Pins, needles
Clothes, tooth, and nail brushes
Nuns' thread
Ladies', gentlemens', and children's fashionable beaver and silk hats
Printed, spotted, and twilled muslins
Dimities, &c. &c.
[end columns]
Sept. 14. BRYANT & NOONAN.

IMPORTED from London in the Braganza, Capt. Lamb, and for sale by the Subscribers,
Beef and pork, in half-barrels, Leadenhall beef, in kegs, hams, pine and Bath loaf-cheese, pickled Dutch cod, in small kegs, fine oysters, in ditto, and Sardinia's in ditto; pickled tripe, brown-stout, in barrels, bottled beer and porter, port wine, cyder and soda water, in pints, Holland's gin, Hoffman's cherry and raspberry brandy, raspberry vinegar and orgeat, King's fruits in brandy, mixed comfits, barberries, carraways, dragees, cardamons and peppermint lozenges, rusks and rout cakes, in pound-canisters, pickles assorted, fish sauces, salad oil, mustard, vinegar, pepper, basket-salt, bitters, bottled damsons and gooseberries, gunpowder, hyson and souchong teas, refined sugar, raisins, spices assorted, sago, split peas, pearl barley, Poland oats, blue, starch, Day and Martin's liquid blacking, Golding's lavender, rose and honey water, in pints and half pints; Irish linens, French cambric, white and yellow nankeens, Salempores, India calicoes, strong double thread 5-4 ditto, an assortment of real Madras handkerchiefs, of the choicest French patterns and finest quality, also India silk ditto; real collistraw and seersuckers, best London plated ware, consisting of candlesticks, with shades, painted in landscape, figures, flowers and scroll, also cut and plain ditto, with branches, chamber ditto, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, & 20-inch oblong waiters, ditto dishes and covers, bread-baskets, coffee-urns, oval meat-dishes and covers, liquor and cruet frames complete, single and double bottle-stands, meat-skewers, plated on steel, snuffers and trays, shade ditto, bronzed candalabra figures, with patent burners; views in Switzerland, Scotland, Wales, &c. in rich gold frames, hanging paper and bordering, of the choicest and most fashionable patterns, plain green, peach, and pink ditto, and gold bordering, to suit, marble and dado, panorama paintings on muslin, with Gothic arches, for ornamenting rooms; transparent landscape window-blinds, fitted on rollers and pullies; printed cottons, of the newest patterns, in patches, furniture ditto, shawls, handkerchiefs and ginghams; ladies' robes, elegantly worked in rich lace and gold and colours and gold, tamboured gauze and plain ditto; narrow corded and India dimities, Marseilles quilting, white thicksets, twilled jeans and York-stripes, cotton shirting and lining; gentlemen's coats, waistcoats, and trowsers, cotton shirts and drawers, flannel jackets, coatees, and dressing-gowns; flax and tow Oznaburghs, Russia, Coker, and brown canvas, Inverness bagging, white and brown Russia sheeting and duck, imitation ditto, damask table-cloths; checks, negro blankets, jackets, shirts and trowsers, and hats, servants' glazed ditto, with bands; gentlemen's silk, beaver, and straw ditto, children's ditto; umbrellas, parasols, boots and shoes, strong ankle ditto, with buckles; boat cloaks, broad-cloths and kerseymeres, 8-4 green table cloths, chaise ditto binding and tufts, fine flannel, ladies' and gentlemen's cotton hose, silk, patent Angola, lamb's wool, and cotton, ankle ditto; bedsteads, and best hair mattrasses, with nets, complete; dining and drawing room chairs, dressing-glasses, Morocco and mahogany dressing-cases complete, from 1 to 2 1/2-inch ditto, deep-sea lead-lines, fishing ditto assorted, chalk ditto, halyards, and bunting for flags; sewing and seine twine, sail needles and palms, real Dutch terras; in hhds. and salt, in puncheons; sets of brass window-blind furniture complete, coffee-manaries, sheet-copper, of the most approved thickness and size, steel punches for ditto, brass and copper wire, brass and iron wire parrot-cages, small garden-engines, watering-pots, spring roasting jacks, in tin frames, japan coffee-biggins, bread-baskets, and knife-trays, cooks' and butchers' cleavers and knives, long handled fryingpans, drippingpans, stewpans, and sauce-pans, of all sizes; spermaceti candles in boxes of 14 lbs. tallow candles and soap, lamp-oil, in barrels, spermaceti ditto, in 1-gallon tin cans; paint-oil, in jugs, white-lead, blue, and green paints; paint, shoe, and scrubbing brushes, hair brooms; best steel-mounted, silver-capped, fowling-pieces, plain ditto, gunpowder, shot, in whole and half bags, flints, bark, rhubarb; and many other articles, of former importations.
Sept. 14. CORNFOOT, BELL & Co.
Also on hand a quantity of best black spruce spars, of various sizes, and best London particular Madeira wine, in pipes, hhds. and quarter-casks.

LOST on Leguan, an Order drawn by J. F. NARJES on H. H. LUHRS, q.q J. BONJES, in favor of R. VAN DEN SAINT HEUVEL, for the sum of Four-Thousand and Forty Guilders, payable in Rum. Any person who may find the said Note, will be liberally rewarded on delivering it to Mr. JAMES DUNLOP, at the Store of Messrs. JAMES JACKSON and Co. or the Subscriber on Pl. Parika.
N.B. Payment of the above note being stopped, it will be of no use to any other person. Sept. 12.

MESSRS. JAMES SHANKS and C. WILKINSON, late Assistants to Mr. A. CART, respectfully inform their Freinds [sic] and the Public in general, that they will (by permission of His Excellency the Governor) open a SEMINARY for the Education of Youth, in the English and French Languages, in their several branches; Writing, Arithmetic, Book-Keeping by double and single entry, on the most moderate terms. Trusting from the experience of five years at the profession (which the latter has had in the West Indies), and their assiduity and attention to the children entrusted to their charge, to merit their patronage and encouragement. They will likewise devote a few hours in the evening, to instruct those who may not have an opportunity of attending the School through the day, in either of the above branches. To commence on Monday the 16th of September, at the House lately occupied by Mrs. MOREHOUSE, opposite St. George's Church.

In the English and French Languages,
including Writing, Arithmetic, and
Book-Keeping, per Month . . . .

f 33

In one of the above Languages, includ-
ing Writing and Arithmetic, per do.

16 10

In Book-Keeping, per do. . . . .


Entrance . . . .

16 10


Christmas and Easter, each . . .

16 10

From 8 till 10 - from 11 till 1 - and from 3 till 5 o'clock.
Evening School - from 6 till 8 o'clock.
Wednesday and Saturdays, half Holydays.
N.B. - In consideration of the Christmas Vacation approaching, they have thought proper to omit that charge.

Custom-House Sale.
ON Thursday, the 3d of October next, will be publicly sold to the highest bidder at the Custom-House, between the hours of 12 and 2 o'clock, the BRITISH SHIP GRANGER, burthen 325 16-94 tons, built at Southwick, 1809, with her tackle, apparel, and furniture, as she lays in this River; seized by ALEXANDER KENNEDY, Esq. Commander of His Majesty's Sloop of War Forrester, and legally condemned in the Vice Admiralty Court of Demerary. - A deposit of 25 per cent. to be immediately made, in Cash or Government Bills, and the remainder of the purchase money paid in like manner, in fourteen days from the day of sale, or the deposit is to be forfeited, and the Ship resold at the risque of the first purchaser, who is to abide by any loss sustained by such re-sale. The Ship, immediately on being sold, is to be entirely at the risque and expense of the purchaser; subject, however, to the custody of the Officers of His Majesty's Customs, until the full amount of the purchase money is paid. This vessel becoming the property of British subjects, will be entitled to a British Register.
Custom-House, Demerary, 11th Sept. 1811.
JOHN FORBES, Collector.
JOHN ASHLEY, Act. Comptroller.

A NEGRO Man, named DEMBO, the property of P. McARTHUR, and formerly the property of Mr. VAN DER HAAS; is about five feet six inches high; well made; and has three scars on each cheek. He is supposed to be concealing himself at, or near, Mr. SAMPLE's Estate; any person sending him to the Barracks, or delivering him to Mr. ANGUS CATENACK, Blacksmith, in Cumingsburgh, will be handsomely Rewarded. Sept. 14th.

THE Undersigned finds it necessary to inform all those who are indebted to Mr. G. ANGLE, either by open Accounts or Notes of Hand, to come forward and settle the same before the 20th instant, as necessity compels him to place all Accounts, &c. as remain unsettled after that time in the hands of his Lawyer to sue for, without respect to persons.
By Authorisation of G. ANGLE,
Sept. 14th. W. DOBBRAUSKI, Jr.

For Sale by the Undersigned,
A STEAM ENGINE, of Eight-Horse power, with spare Wheels, &c. and Sugar-Mill complete.
Sept. 13th. GARDEN, KING and Co.

THE Subscribers have just received, by the Brig Susan, Capt. Salter, from Portsmouth, N. A. Fish, lumber, white and red oak shooks, with heading, red oak staves, clapboards, tar, rice, &c. &c.
Sept. 10. JAS. H. ALBOUY & Co.
[Transcriber's note: this advertisement did not appear in an earlier issue.]

THE Subscriber's Domicilium, that was lately at R. NUGENT's Esq. on Leguan, is now at D. YEARWOOD's in Kingston; if there are any accounts against Plantation Cane-Garden, contracted before March, 1810, not already rendered, he requests they may be, as he intends shortly leaving the Colony.
Kingston, Sept. 11 J. ANSTICE.

Reward of Six Joes.
RUNAWAY, on Tuesday last, from the Ship Sophia, DONALD M'LEAY, Ship's Carpenter, and is supposed to have been assisted by a Brother he has, who is employed on Plantation Garden of Eden. The said Donald M'Leay is 24 years of age, 5 feet 5 1/2 inches high, fair complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, has a small scar on his right cheek, and mild spoken; born in Scotland, is a joiner by trade, and this his first voyage at sea; had on nankeen trowsers, flannel jacket, and wears a drab-coloured great-coat occasionally.
Whoever will apprehend and lodge him in the Barracks shall receive the above reward, and be paid by Capt. R. F. HAWKINS, of the said Ship.
And all persons are particularly cautioned not to harbour or encourage the said man, the same subjecting them to a heavy penalty.
Planters and others are also cautioned not to employ him, as that is his object; for, be assured, he is worthless.
Runaway, an Apprentice, named JAMES DUNLOP, aged 15 years, a native of Rotterdam, in Holland, dark complexion, 5 feet 3 1/4 inches high, dark eyes and hair, stout made. Whoever will apprehend and lodge him in the Barracks, or bring him on board, shall be paid Two Joes Reward. And Captains of Ships are cautioned not to ship him, as well as others not to harbour the said apprentice.


On Wednesday 18th September, will be exposed for Sale at the VENDUE OFFICE, - One hundred pieces Irish linen, fifty pieces long lawns, twenty quarter casks London particular Madeira wine, Madeira onions in barrels, new potatoes in do. &c. &c.
September 14th. KINGSTON & McBEAN.

On Monday the 30th of September, [see 1811090831] . . .
Also on the same day and place, by order of J. J. KOTWYK, Curator to the Insolvent Boedle [sic] of P. F. BROTHERSON, deceased, properly authorised - All the outstanding and unsettled accounts and claims in favor of said Boedle and Estate, (as they appear by the different Books), of which specific lists are to be seen at the Vendue Office; and besides this, the books and papers relative to this affair, at the Office of the seller, in his above-mentioned capacity; and further, what may appear on the day of sale.
August 31st. KINGSTON and M'BEAN.
[Transcriber's note: this vendue now has a 'posting' date and in the next issue has a minor modification 'called the Sand Hill;' and a list of debts owed the decedent.]


This is to inform the
Public, that the following
Persons intend quitting this

Van het Secretary deezer
Colonie word geadverteerd,
dat de volgende Persoonen
van voorneemens zyn van hier
na elders te vertrekken, viz;

F. W. Overweg, in 14 days, or 6 weeks, from August 1.
L. Playter, . . . . . . ditto . . . . . . . 1.
A. Black, . . . . . . . ditto . . . . . . . 1.
J. Donaghue, . . . . . . ditto . . . . . . . 1.
G. Angle, . . . . . . . ditto . . . . . . . 2.
H. R. Kruse, . . . . . . ditto . . . . . . . 2.
G. Healis, in 14 days, or 6 weeks, from . . . 7.
A. Simpson, of Plantation Kitty, in 14 days,
      or 6 weeks, from . . . . . . . . . . 19.
W. Seymour, in 14 days from . . . . . . . . . 22.
W. Hedges, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from . . . 23.
M. Macdonald, in 14 days from . . . . . . . . 24.
J. Walsh, and two servants, in 14 days or 3 weeks, 31.
E. Walsh, in 14 days . . . . . . 31.
J. Koene, and his servant Charles, in 14 days from 5 Sept.
H. S. Parsons, do. 11.

Secretary's Office, Essequebo.

PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given, that Mr. CAPPEL, intends to leave the Colony within fourteen days from this date.
Secretary's Office in Essequebo, 11th September, 1811.
J. J. L. MOLIERE, Sec. ad intm.

ALZOO den Heer CAPPEL voorneemens is, binnen den tyd van viertien dagen, deze Colonie te verlaaten; zo word zulks aan het publicq bekend gemaakt.
Secretary van Essequebo, den 11e September, 1811.
J. J. L. MOLIERE, Sectr. ad intm.

For a knowledge of the late arrivals, we refer our readers to the Ship List, &c.; they are numerous, but we do not find that they bring any news.


ROTTERDAM, June 22. - On the 9th, took place the installation of our new Chamber of Commerce, under the auspices of Baron de Stasfart, Prefect of the Mouths of the Meuse. Having appointed 15 merchants to compose the Chamber, all of whom, with the exception of Mr. E. Suermondt, were present, and took the oaths, he addressed them as follows:
"Gentlemen, - The glory of arms does not suffice the hero who governs us. The title of Conqueror satisfies not his noble and generous ambition. He aspires to the still more glorious title of the Restorer of Commerce and of the national prosperity. Like another Henry IV, he wishes to be proclaimed the father of his subjects.
"Anxious to ascertain the wants of the most industrious cities of his empire, Napoleon the Great has assembled in each of them, under the denomination of a Consultative Chamber of Commerce, the merchants most distinguished by their information and discretion. Upon this principle it is, Gentlemen, that the choice of an enlightened Minister calls you to carry, periodically, to the foot of the throne the wishes of your fellow-citizens, the wishes of the good city of Rotterdam - that city whose flag once proudly waved over the two seas, and whose caduceus, rivalling the sceptre of the most powerful Monarchs, carried her conquests into another hemisphere.
"You will second the views of the beneficent genius who presides over our destinies; you will unite your efforts with his towards the attainment of Continental independence, and you will one day share with him the glory of having restored your country to its primitive splendour.
"As for me, Gentlemen, considering as I do the honour of presiding over you as one of the most pleasing prerogatives of the Prefecture, I shall frequently come among you, in quest of those lights and that information which I require, in order, in the most effectual manner, to contribute to the happiness of the new country which Napoleon the Great has given me - Long live the Emperor! Long live Napoleon the Great and well beloved!!
E. Bicker Caarten, in the name of his colleagues, made the following reply:
"Monsieur le Prefect, - We feel highly pleased at having the honour of seeing you here; and we return you infinite thanks for the gracious manner in which you have expressed yourself towards us upon the occasion of our installation. We expect to have frequently the honour of your presence at our meetings, in order, under your auspices, and guided by your lights, to promote the prosperity of commerce, which we further recommend to your powerful and gracious protection."

A LIGHT TERRIER BITCH, named Tigress, whoever can restore her shall be rewarded.
Apply to the Printer. Sept. 14th.

FOUND this morning, tied to the Kitty-Bridge, crossing the Canal, a CREALL. The owner can have her, by paying for this advertisement.
Kitty, 14th Sept.

Brazilian Blood Horses,
BEING the Cargo of the Schooner Blond, just Landed and for Sale by the Subscriber, at his Store in Cumingsburgh; who will receive first quality Coffee in payment of Store [sic], if delivered within eight days.
Sept. 14th. H. O. SEWARD.

THE Subscribers have just received, by the British Brig Penelope, Capt. Perkins, from St. Andrew's.
Fish, lumber, red oak staves, flour, bread, butter, shads, &c. &c. &c.
Sept. 14. JAS. H. ALBOUY & Co.


Sept. 9. Brig Hope, Capt. Miller, from Liverpool, and Oporto, - Flour.
David, Taylor, London and Rio Janerio [sic], Chalk.
11. Sch. Guyana, Carbis, Surinam, Molasses & Lumber.
12. Brig Penelope, Perkins, St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Lumber, Flour, &c.
13. Ship Gen. Miranda, Silk, Santos, Ballast.
Schr. Blonde, Hunt, Para, - Horses.

14. Ship Richard, Capt. Robinson, for Berbice.
Sloop Blackbird, Coverley, Newfoundland.
Sch. Juno, Joe, Surinam.

A. MILLER, Master.
Will Sail in all the next Month. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master on board or
September 14th.

JOHN LAMB, Master.
Will sail the first Springs in October. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master on board, or to
Sept. 13. CORNFOOT, BELL and Co.

LIST of Runaway and Arrested SLAVES in the
Colony Stocks of DEMERARY, 14th September, 1811.








Boed. Engels,


Saint Pierre,

St. Deeges,

La Reduite,


Pl. La Resource,

Pl. Meerzorg.


J. Madden,



Dr. Reitser,

Pl. Georgia,





Pl. King Donan,



Juff. Van Doristen,




Dr. Lewis,


Pl. Trion,

Pl. Bats. Adventure,


Pl. Elizabeth-hall,

Juff. de Wolf,



Pl. Vergennoegen,



Pl. Henry,



Elizabeth Hall,

Sally Ann,





Pl. Rome,

S. G. MARTENS, Drossart.

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