Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1811 October 22


Vol. VI.]

[No. 417.


                  October 22d, 1811.
CASH WANTED for the following Bill of Exchange, drawn by JOSEPH BULLOCK, Esq. Commissary-General, on the Commissary in Chief, London.
No. 174 . . . . . . 200 Sterling.
Tenders in quadruplicate only, endorsed, "Tenders for a Bill of Exchange," will be received at this Office until Monday next the 28th Inst. at 10 o'clock in the morning, when they will be opened in presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops, and the highest, if approved, accepted.

                  October 22d, 1811.
CASH WANTED for the following Bills of Exchange, drawn by JOSEPH BULLOCK, Esq. Commissary-General, on the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, London, at Thirty Days' sight.
No. 1959 . . . . . . 300.
1960 . . . . . . . 300.
1961 . . . . . . . 250.
1962 . . . . . . . 250.
1963 . . . . . . . 150.
1964 . . . . . . . 150.
1965 . . . . . . . 100.
-------- 1500 Sterlg.
for which Tenders in Quadruplicate (and on half sheets foolscap paper) sealed and marked "Tenders for Bills of Exchange," will be received at this Office until Monday next the 28th Inst. at 10 o'Clock in the morning, when they will be opened in the presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops, and the highest offer or offers, (if approved) accepted.

                  October 21st, 1811.
CASH IS WANTED for Bills (to be drawn by THOMAS HENRY DUMMETT, and approved by the Commissioners for Investigating Accounts of Army Expenditure) on the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury for 1,000 Sterling, for which Tenders will be received at this Office, until the 23d instant.

THE Subscriber has received on Consignment, per Ships John and Antigua Packet - Prime mess beef and pork, in barrels and half barrels, butter, hams, and porter; also an assortment of dry-goods, consisting of muslins, ladies's and gentlemen's umbrellas, negro clothing, long-lawns, &c. which he will sell at his usual low prices for immediate payment in cash.
N.B. He has also on hand, a few hogsheads of very superior Tobacco. Oct. 22.

DRIFTED, from the Sluice-Trench of Plantation Vlissingen, on the 12th instant, a PUNT, 36 feet keel and 11 feet beam; lined with American boards. Any information, respecting said Punt, will be thankfully received; or a reward given to those who may have picked her up. Apply to

MR. H. KAMERLING, Attorney-at-Law, being admitted to the Bar of the Honourable Court of Justice of Essequebo, gives notice that his Domicilium is at the House of F. W. TUCKERMANN, Esq. Fort Island Oct. 22d.

THE Subscribers have received by the Ship Antigua Packet, Captain John Mares, from Liverpool and Cork, a variety of fashionable goods and provisions, which, with the former stock, constitute the following assortment, viz.
[first column]
Irish mess beef and pork, in barrels and half ditto
First quality double rose butter, in firkins and half ditto
Westmoreland and Lancashire hams
Mutton ditto and hung-beef
Neats' tongues, in kegs, and dried ditto
Pigs' cheeks
Brown-stout and white wine vinegar
Best pickling ditto, in jugs
Raspberry ditto & salad oil
Pickles and preserves
Fine salt, in baskets
Fish sauce, olives, and capers
Raisins and currants, in jars
Almonds and figs, in ditto
Black-pepper, blue, starch
Vermacilla, in canisters
Spices assorted, in japanned ditto
Gunpowder and hyson tea
Loaf-sugar, mustard, & sago
Hoffman's cherry and raspberry brandy
Ditto brandy-fruits
Stoughton's elixir
Rose, lavender, and honey waters, and scented soap
Rappee and Scotch snuffs, in 1/4 canisters
White-lead, Spanish-brown, and red and yellow paints
Paint and neatsfoot oil
Spirits of turpentine
Candles and soap
Fine printed calico and cambrics
Furniture chintz
White jeans, assorted widths
Royal ribs and Prince's cords
Fine and coarse corded dimities
Cotton cambrics, 9-8 & 6-4
Fine jaconette muslin
White calico
Platillas and Britannias
Shirtings, hammocks fitted up completely
Superf. Spanish-wool flannel
Green baize
Striped bed-tick
Linen and cotton checks
Coarse broad-cloths and green table-cloths
Diaper and damask table-cloths
Huckabuck and cotton napkins
Irish linen and sheeting
Long lawn, brown Holland
Real French cambric
Holland tapes and Nun's thread
Blue and buff striped jean and nankeens
Russia sheeting, flax Oznaburg canvas, No. 1 to 8
Negro hats, jackets, and trowsers
Blankets, blue salempores, pullicate, and Madras handkerchiefs
White and black silk sarsnet
Bombazeen and bombazet
Crape and sewing silk
Black Barcelonas
Gentlemen's fine cambric handkerchiefs
Ditto superfine navy-blue, black and fancy-coloured coats and coatees
Ditto London printed vests
Ditto black silk ditto
Ditto black, blue, drab, and white, military pantaloons
Ditto flannel jackets and under-vests
Ditto ditto night and dressing gowns
Ditto nankeen coatees and jackets
Ditto fashionable silk striped India jeans and nankeen trowsers
Ditto boat cloaks, lined with green
Ditto check shirts and duck trowsers
Ladies' fashionable kid, Morocco, and velvet, shoes
Gentlemen's Hessian, military, and jockey, boots
Ditto ancle & walking shoes
[second column]
Boys' and girls' shoes
Gentlemen's yellow & white military buckskin gloves
Ditto drab and yellow doeskin ditto
Ditto cotton netted ditto
Ladies' yellow and tanned do.
Ditto fine, plain, embroidered, and lace instep, cotton stockings
Gentlemen's plain and embroidered ditto.
Ditto white and brown pantaloon ditto
Ditto lamb's wool ditto
Ditto cotton night-caps
Youth's cotton stockings, assorted sizes
White and coloured cotton braces
Ladies' and gentlemen's patent silk hats
Gentlemen's beaver ditto
Boys' black and drab do. do.
Young ladies' do. do. beaver bonnets, with silk tassels
Boys' black leather hats
Green silk umbrellas, spring-tops, and plated furniture
Ladies' fashionable parasols
Sein and sewing twine
Nails, 4d. to 30d.
Horse-shoe ditto
Hoes, shovels, and cutlasses
Iron pots and saucepans
Fishing lines and hooks
Ship-scrapers & time-glasses
Sets tin dish-covers
Plain and japanned coffee-biggins, bread-baskets, waiters, and trays
Knife-trays and spittoons
Melon-moulds for puddings
Tin dripping pans & funnels
Copper, tin, and cast and wrought iron, teakettles
Coffee-pots and tinder boxes
Tin pumps
Vat and wine cokcs [sic - cocks], with loose keys
Paint, tar, scrubbing, table, &c. brushes
Brooms, with handles
Stationary, consisting of sets of books; post and foolscap paper; 1, 2, and 3 quire books and memorandum books; quills, slates, black-lead pencils, wafers, sealing-wax, ink stands, & powder, rulers, &c. &c.
Sabres, dirks, and pistols
Pocket-globes and pocket-books
Cases of mathematical instruments, thermometers, and copying-machines
Plated dishes, with covers, coffee-pots, goblets, bells, sugar-basons, egg-stands, candlesticks, trays, forks, bottle-slides, fine pen-knives, scissars, lancets and magnets
Military spurs, with silver chains
Cordage and white rope
Union jacks
Best gunpowder, in canisters
Glauber salts, in kegs
Rhubarb, laudanum
Huxum's tincture and Augustina [sic] bark
Cut and plain decanters and tumblers
Wine and claret glasses
Rich butter-cups
Rummers and covers
India shades
Iron and truss hoops
Gridirons and fryingpans
Locks, bolts, and hinges
Indian axes, knives, beads, and looking-glasses
Day and Martin's blacking
Gin-cranks, sole leather, blocks, & turners' lathes
Crates of plates, ewers and basons, cups and saucers
Madeira wine, in pipes, hhds. and quarter-casks
And various commodities of the produce of the United States.
[end columns]
Oct. 21. CHORLEY & COOK.

At low prices for immediate payment:
MESS beef, in half barrels, do. pork, in do. pigs' cheeks, in barrels, ox tongues, in kegs, sides of bacon, butter, in whole and half firkins, tea and refined sugar, bloom raisins, currants, in jars, mace, cloves, cinnamon and nutmegs; Champaign, noyeau, claret, port, and Madeira wine; a few puncheons old Antigua rum; soap, in boxes, cordage assorted, from 5-inchcables to 9-thread ratline, tin and Japan ware assorted, consisting of sets of dish-covers, crimson-coloured and gilt-edged gentlemen's dressing-cases, cash-boxes, tea-trays, &c. double-plated candlesticks and castors, knives and forks, table and tea spoons, waiters and bread-baskets, frying pans, scissars and penknives, hoes, shovels and cutlasses, tin rum pumps, best London-made jockey saddles, deep flaps, Weymouth, Portsmouth, and other bridles, spare heads and reins, martingales, neck straps, collar heads with hemp reins, web and round head halters, chaise and jockey whips, leather portmanteaus, 16 to 27 inches, gentlemen's morocco dress shoes, do. planters', strong, ladies' do. patent made, boys' do. flannel, of different qualities, green table-cloths, elegantly fringed, with center-pieces, stationary assorted, too numerous to enumerate, looking glasses, tortoise-shell, ivory, and pearl dress combs, backgammon boxes, ladies' scissar chains, pencil and thread cases, pins and needles, Nuns' thread, shirt buttons, printed, spotted, and twilled muslin, dimitties [sic], &c. Madras handkerchiefs, clothes, tooth, and nail brushes, fish hooks, ladies's, gentlemen's and children's fashionable beaver hats; an assortment of glass ware, consisting of India shades, butter coolers with covers, pint and half-pint decanters, cut and plain wine glasses, do. tumblers, do. salt-cellers, do. pickle urns, salad bowls, &c. &c.
October 22d.

                  Demerary, October 19th, 1811.
NOTICE is hereby given from this Office, that security will be demanded from all purchasers; it is therefore requested of those who attend Vendue Sales (for the purpose of buying) that they will be pleased to provide sufficient security to prevent unpleasant consequences.
[Transcriber's note: this item does not appear in an earlier issue.]


[Transcriber's note: no new or modified vendues in this issue.]


This is to inform the
Public, that the following
Persons intend quitting this

Van het Secretary deezer
Colonie word geadverteerd,
dat de volgende Persoonen
van voorneemens zyn van hier
na elders te vertrekken, viz;

Mrs. R. Freeman and her Son, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from . . . Oct. 5.
J. F. Hoesberg, in 14 days, from . . . . 7.
P. W. Cuvilje, in do. . . . . . . . . . 7.
M. Howard, with one servant, in do. or 6 weeks. 8.
E. Afanador, in do. . . . . . . 9.
J. Williams, in do. . . . . . . 11.
H. Parson, in do. . . . . . . . 12.
C. Taylor, in do. . . . . . . . 12.
C. Hendrison, in 14 days . . . 13.

The schooner Barbados, arrived yesterday from that Island, and placed Papers in our possession to the 12th Instant. Their contents are interesting, and the substance of which will be found in our subsequent columns.

Several Americans have also arrived since our last, but we do not find that they bring any accounts worth mentioning.

The sale of the ship Granger took place yesterday, at our Custom-House, and was knocked down to Capt. O'Brien, for f 53,510.


This heroically-defended Island has been again attacked by the Danes, the result of which has proved equally disastrous to the enemy, as glorious to its brave defenders. The Garrison of this Island, amounting we believe to not more than 150 to 200 men, is said to have made prisoners about 500 Danes. The official account had not reached England at the date of the paper containing this intelligence (26th August). The Governor of Anholt (Capt. Maurice, R.N.) being so much respected here and in the neighbouring Islands, this further proof of his gallant conduct will be very gratifying.


State of the Negotiation with Mr. Foster, &c. from an American Paper.

We understand, from a source that we cannot but respect, that Mr. Foster, believing the French Decrees to remain unrepealed, had proposed to the President that a Non-importation Law should be passed with France, placing her in the same situation, with respect to this country, as England; and in consideration thereof, his Government would be willing to rescind their Orders in Council - or, on the other hand produce proof of the actual revocation of the French Decrees, and then the Orders shall cease to operate, and be void. Mr. Madison, being unable to do the first without the assistance of Congress; and, perhaps, not having it in his power to perform the latter, did accordingly issue a Proclamation, convening them on the first Monday in November next. If Congress conclude that Bonaparte's Decrees are still in force, then there is no doubt they will pass the restrictive law, and a final settlement with England will be the consequence; as we are informed that Mr. Foster has instructions to make such arrangements with regard to minor points, as will obviate every material difficulty in their settlement. But should the President and Congress contend, contrary to our expectations, that the French Decrees are repealed, without producing proof of their revocation, and refuse to pass the Law against France, then we must confess there is a great probability of retaliatory measures from England, which may eventuate in a war. Mr. Foster, previous to Mr. Munroe's departure from Washington, had an interview with him which lasted several hours, and terminated satisfactorily to both Gentlemen. Mr. Foster, we learn, is making arrangements to stay in this country a considerable time.
Respecting the President and Little Belt - it has been long intimated that the Government approved of the conduct of Commodore Rodgers on that occasion, and that an investigation was therefore unnecessary: - the reverse of this however is now apparent, a Court of Inquiry having been appointed, and officially directed by the Secretary of the Navy, to be composed of Commodore Decatur, as President, and Captains Stewart and Chauncey; Nathan Sanford, Esq. officiating as Judge Advocate. The Court was to be held at New-York, where the Members were at the date of this account (26th August), and the proceedings were to be entered upon in a few days.


We extract the following paragraph from a late Glasgow Paper: - "Though there has been little improvement in the prices, a considerable deal of business has been done in our market during last week. In the articles of cotton, rum, and sugar, betwixt ninety and a hundred thousand pounds worth has been sold."

R. CAMPBELL, Master,
Having half her cargo already on board, will positively sail the 15th of November, full or not full. For Freight or Passage apply to said Master, or to

JOHN GRAY, Master,
Stands A 1, at Lloyds,
Well armed and manned, and will sail from hence, on the 13th of January, for Freight or Passage apply to the said Master, or
Who have for sale, a few Pieces of good Cotton Bagging, imported in the above vessel, and will be sold cheap for Cash or Cotton.
October 22d.

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By Edward James Henery.

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