Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1811 November 12

Vol. VI.]


[No. 423.



THE GOVERNOR has been pleased to appoint CHARLES AUGUSTUS BARON GROVESTINS, one of his Aides-de-Camp, with the Rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in the Militia.
King's House, Demerary, November 12, 1811.
By His Excellency's Command,
Gov. Sec.

RUNAWAY [heading]
A NEGRO man, named Townside, by trade a cooper, formerly the property of the late Mr. John Shipley. It is supposed that he makes use of a pass given him some months ago, and pretends that he is authorised to look out for a purchaser for himself. It will be obliging if any gentlemen, who may know any thing of this negro, will inform the subscriber; and a handsome reward will be paid to any person who will lodge him in the Colony-jail, or deliver him to
Cumingburg, Nov. 12. ADAM SMITH.

NOTICE. [heading]
THE Subscribers request all persons indebted to the Estate of Mr. Hugh Munro, late carpenter in Mahaica, to come forward with immediate payment; and such as have demands against the Estate will please render them to first undersigned.
JOHN ROSS, [right pointing brace, inclosing this and the following name, and indicating, 'Deliberating Executors.']
Nov. 12. G. ROBERTSON,

IN DEMERARY. [heading]

On Friday the 21st of November, at the Vendue Office, without reserve, to close consignments, - German linen, Oznaburgs and coffee bagging, cotton hammocks, cotton yarn, and cord.
November 12th. KINGSTON and M'BEAN.

DEMERARY. [heading]

This is to inform the
Public, that the follow-
ing Persons intend
quitting this Colony;-

deezer Colonie word gead-
verteerd dat de volgende
Persoonen van voorneemens
zyn van hier na elders te
vertrekken, viz;

Mrs. R. Freeman and her Son, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from . . . Oct. 5.
M. Howard, with one servant, in do. or 6 weeks. 8.
J. Williams, in do. . . . . . . 11.
H. Parson, in do. . . . . . . . 12.
C. Taylor, in do. . . . . . . . 12.
K. Johnson and Children, with one servant in do. . . . 23.
William Hawkes, with his servant, Louis, in 14 days, or 6 weeks . . . 26
J. Reed, do. . . . . . . . . . 28.
Alexander Izat, do. or one month . . . . . . 29.
Mrs. Atkins & family, in 14 days from Nov. 2.
J. B. Young, do. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.
J. Van Ostrum, do. . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.
J. Frankland, and family, with five slaves, (names to be seen at this Office), in 14 days, or 3 weeks from . . . 3.

Secretary's Office, [heading]
Essequebo. [heading]

Banns of Matrimony, [heading]
(for the First Time) [heading]
Between Mr. N. J. Kip, Bachelor, under age, born in this Colony, and of the Reformed Church, (having obtained consent of his Mother, Mrs. C. C. Knegt, and of his Guardian, the Hon. G. Timmerman), and Miss Sarah Bishop, Spinster, of the same persuasion and place. - Any person knowing just cause or impediment why the above parties should not be joined together in holy matrimony, must declare the same at the Secretary's Office of this river.
Essequebo, the 10th of November, 1811.
J. J. L. Moliere, Sec. ad intm.

Huwelyks Proclamatie. [heading]
(Voor de Eerste Maal) [heading]
Alzoo den Heer N. J. Kip, minderjarig Jongman, beboortig alhier, en van de gereformeerde religie (met consent van desselfs moeder, Vrouwe C. C. Knegt, en Voogd de Wel Edele Gest: Heer G. Timmerman, ter eener, en Mejuffrouw Sarah Bishop, meerderjaarig Jongedochter, meede van de Hervormde Godsdienst, en alhier gebooren, ter andere zyde.
Voorneemens zyn met elkander een wettig Huwelyk aantegaan, waartoe zy op den 4e November l k door Heeren Commissarissen alhier in Ondertrouw zyn opgenoomen. Zoo word zulks mit deesen aan een eygelyk bekend gemaakt, ten eynde die geene welke vermeenen zig teegens het solemniseeren van gem: Huwelyk te kunnen opponeeren, zulks in tyds zoude kunnen doen daar en zoo het behoord.
Actum Secretary, Essequebo, 10e November, 1811.
J. J. L. Moliere, Sec. ad intm.

Notice. [heading]
At the next Commissary-Court, in the month of December, will be passed the following:
By Richard Deane, q.q. Barton, Irlam, & Higginson, in favour of W. Roach, a Transfer of 2-3 of Plantation Good Intent, situated on Pomeroon River, with slaves, &c.; and, at the same time, by the said W. Roach, in behalf of R. Deane, q.q. aforesaid, a Mortgage on the above-named Plantation good Intent, with the slaves, and further appurtenances.
Further, at the Commissarial Meeting of January, 1812, by the Attorney of Joseph James, unto Mr. John Kingston, Transport of one half of Plantation Clairmont, (formerly De Vyver), situated on Leguan Island, in this River; and the said John Kingston will then again transfer unto Robert Kingston the aforesaid half or moiety of Plantation Clairmont.
Proper notice to be given of any opposition intended against the above.
Secretary's Office, Essequebo, 8th November, 1811.
J. J. L. Moliere, Sec. ad intm.

From the Secretary's Office of this Colony is hereby advertised, that at the Commissarial Meeting in the month of January, 1812, Mr. Johannes Mercle intends to give and grant unto his four adopted children, named, Jacob Frederick, Philip Jacobus, Maria Barbara, and Johanna Wilhelmina, by way of donation, and to transfer unto them, in free and entire property, the saw-mill called Wurtemburg, and 300 acres of land, the whole situated on Great Trooley Island, in this River, together with the other buildings and cultivation thereof, and the following ten slaves, Prins, Willem, Codjo, Harry, Quami, Kitty, Carolina, Nelly, Prins, and Rosalina.
All persons, accordingly, who may have lawful claim against the above saw-mill, land, buildings, and slaves (or should pretend a right of opposing said intended donation), are hereby required to give proper notice thereof at this Office before the 1st of January next.
Secretary's Office, Essequebo, 8th Nov. 1811.
J. J. L. Moliere, Sec. ad intm.

The Belleisle, Capt. Cameron, the Nereid, Capt. Johnson, and the Amazon, Capt. Reid, arrived yesterday. The London Papers which have been handed to us, are to the 20th of September, and those of Glasgow, to the 28th; but their contents are not of particular importance, if we except the accounts of an engagement having taken place off Boulogne, under the immediate eye of Bonaparte, and the defeat, in Spain, of the Army under General Blake.

Custom-House, Demerary. [heading]

Vessels Entered and Cleared. [heading]

ENTERED. [heading]
Nov. 7. Schr. Eliza, Capt. Adams, from St. John's.

CLEARED. [heading]
Nov. 7. Brig Abeona, Capt. Blunt, for Kettery, N. A.

Runaway and Arrested Slaves, [heading]
In the Colony-Stocks of Essequebo. [heading]



Brought by



H. Hendresse,


Dr. King,

A. Henderson,




Nov. 12. W. V. D. Wagt, Scout.

Runaway and Arrested Slaves, [heading]
In the Colony-Stocks of Demerary. [heading]



Brought by


Pl. La Resource,

Pl. Meerzorg.





Dr. Reitser,

Pl. Georgia.





Pl. Elizabeth-hall,

Juff. de Wolf



Pl. Vergennoegen.


Bennet (Berbice)



Juff. Doresten,




Pl. Covent Garden.



Pl. Plaisance,

Jan Will,

Pl. Unite,




La Penitence,



Dr. Muller,

Nov. 12th. F. Strunkay, Scout.

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