Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1811 December 14

Vol. VI.]


[No. 432.



Proclamation, [heading]
By His Excellency Henry William Bentinck, Esquire, Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the Colonies of Demerary and Essequebo, with their Dependent Districts, Vice-Admiral, President in all Courts and Colleges within the same, &c. &c. &c.
Whereas there has been produced before us several counterfeit coins, in imitation of the Three-Bit pieces, which were cut out of the centre of the silver dollars, for the purpose of circulation in this Colony, which counterfeits appear to be of lead, or some mixed metal, and the letters "E & D," with the word, "3 Bts," are of a different dye and larger than those originally stamped on the pieces cut out of the dollar, (specimens of which may be seen at the Office of the King's Receiver); we hereby caution all persons of the above fraud, enjoining all His Majesty's faithful subjects to give their assistance in the detection of the same, that the perpetrators thereof may be brought to punishment.
And whereas, since the introduction of a regular Colonial Coinage into these Colonies, the said pieces are become, in a great measure unnecessary, we have thought fit to direct, in order the better to frustrate the evil intentions of the parties so imitating them, that they be withdrawn from circulation. It is therefore hereby ordered, that all persons possessing any of the said coin do bring them to the Office of the King's Receiver within one month from this date, when the genuine pieces will be exchanged for the current coin of the Colony; after which time they are no longer to be considered as good payment in any transaction.
Given under my hand and seal at arms, at the King's House, Stabroek, this 14th day of December, 1811.
H. W. Bentinck.
By His Excellency's Command,
Chas. Aug. Dale,
Gov. Sec.

General Militia Order, [heading]
His Excellency Governor Bentinck has been pleased to make the following Promotions and Appointments:
Essequebo Militia, [heading]
First Battalion, [heading]
1st Company – Lieut. Tuckerman to be Captain; J. Schepens, Gent. to be First Lieutenant; H. Moll, Gent. to be Second Lieutenant.
2d Company – Commanded by Captain W. Robertson; J. Thierens, Gent. to be Second Lieutenant.
3d Company – Commanded by Captain H. Fraser; R. M'Arthur, Gent. to be Second Lieutenant.
4th Company – Commanded by Captain J. E. Boter; G. C. Schott, Gent. to be Second Lieutenant.
Captain W. Robertson to be Adjutant,
Second Battalion, [heading]
1st Company – Thomas Dougan, Esq. To be Captain, vice Hartensvelt, resigned; A. Henderson, Gent. to be First Lieutenant; W. Kelderman, Gent. to be Second Lieutenant.
2d Company – Commanded by Captain Lanfferman; William Carbery, Gent. to be continued Lieutenant.
3d Company – Commanded by Captain Charles Bean; - M'Kenzie, Gent. to be Second Lieutenant.
4th Company – Commanded by Captain M'Pherson; S. B. Cox, Gent. to be continued Lieutenant; Chas. Ridley, Gent. to be Second Lieutenant.
Captain Charles Bean to be Adjutant,
King's House, Stabroek, Demerary, 14th Dec. 1811.
By Command,
J. R. Brandt,

By Command of His Excellency the Governor, notice is hereby given - that in future, no Colony Schooners, or other Small Craft, will be permitted to lay in the River near the King's Stelling, or in front of the town of Stabroek within the precincts of the Canals on each side thereof.
Proprietors are therefore requested to give the necessary orders accordingly.
Demerary, 14th December, 1811.
L. P. Van Braam,

                  Colonial-Receiver's Office,
                  Demerary, Dec. 13, 1811.
All those who are yet in arrears for Extra Taxes on Produce, and others, are hereby requested to acquit themselves thereof, before the First day of January ensuing; after which period, the necessary documents will be put into the hands of Mr. Hoytema, L. L. D. to enforce the same by summary execution, conformable to the Orders of the Honourable Court of Policy.
C. Vincent,

Now landing from the Ship Queen, Capt. Conkey, from Liverpool, and for sale by the subscribers:
Irish butter, in firkins and half-firkins
Hams and cheese
Mess beef and pork, in half-barrels
Tongues, in firkins
Tripe, in jars
Scotch herrings, in barrels and kits
Potatoes, in hampers
Pickles assorted
Sweet-oil, capers, and olives
White French vinegar, in bottles
Porter and Burton ale per dozen
Spermaceti and mould candles.
On Hand. [centered]
Mackerel, salmon, superfine flour, tobacco in barrels; onions, tea, chalk, hoes, shovels, and cutlasses; men's and boy's strong shoes, garden seeds, in small boxes; lamp-oil, in jugs; blocks and wood pumps; sewing-twine and chalk-lines; foolscap and post paper, small sets of books, quills, memorandum-books, &c. &c. Madeira wine and gin per dozen.
Dec. 14. Jeffers & Albouy.

H. Douglas [heading]
Has received by the Bridget, Capt. Kennan, from Liverpool, and for sale, cheap for prompt payment, viz.
[first column]
New Irish rose butter
Irish mess beef and pork, in whole and half barrels
Barley and split peas, in jugs
Lancashire hams
Pine cheese, tripe
Port wine, London porter
Table beer, salad oil
Irish linens, India salempores
Gentlemen's ready-made clothes
Negro jackets, shirts, hats, trowsers, blankets, pipes
[second column]
Osnaburghs, iron bolt-roads
Fishing-hooks, fryingpans
Box-locks, table-knives and forks, table-spoons, soup-ladles, seine & sewing twine, fishing-lines, crates of ware
Pot [sic] and foolscap paper
Spermaceti candles, soap
Canister powder, patent shot
Gentlemen's boots and hats
Children's shoes and hats
[end columns]
On hand of late Importations. [centered]
[first column]
London particular Madeira wine per dozen
Hyson tea, loaf sugar
Shovels, copper skimmers, ditto ladles, ditto pumps
Funnels and lamps, iron pots
Glauber salts, mill-grease
Mill-brasses, wedges, nails
Cordage, blocks, hanks
[second column]
Leaf and fig tobacco
Tapes, thread, India shades
Lamps, double flint tumblers and wine-glasses
Cups and saucers, soup and shallow plates, tureens
Broad-cloths, printed calicoes, jeans,
&c. &c. &c.
[end columns]
American-Stelling, Dec. 14.

The Subscriber has received by the late arrivals from Liverpool, and for sale at his store in Bridge-Town:
Hams, butter, beef and pork in whole and half barrels, tobacco in hogsheads, and an assortment of dry-goods, consisting of - Irish and German linen, do. platillas, long laws, cotton cambric, printed calicoes of various descriptions, black cambric, do. calicoes, diaper, huckaback, bed tick, fine furniture chintz, furniture and other checks, ginghams, white cottons, ladies' and gentlemen's stockings, do. umbrellas, cotton Britannias and platillas, handkerchiefs, seersuckers, cotton shirting, thread, blue and white salempores, &c. &c.
Also a few puncheons of brown stout porter.
Dec. 14. William Lucas.

For Sale, [heading]
A handsome Bay Mare.
Dec. 14. Enquire of A. Baum.

For Hire. [heading]
An excellent Cook, a Hostler, and a Sailor. Apply to
A. Macqueen, q.q.
Dec. 14. Colin Macrae.

Wanted to Hire, [heading]
A Good Cooper Negro, for which liberal wages will be given. Apply to the Printer. Dec. 14.

Simson, Grant, & Co. have for sale the following articles, now landing from the Brig Ruby, Captain Sawyer, from Portland:
Red oak staves
Rice, in tierces, Onions
Herrings, in barrels
Smoked herrings
Kegs of salmon
Fish, in boxes, &c. &c.
They have also on hand a quantity of best-quality Nova Scotia lumber, Newfoundland cod-fish, London particular Madeira wine, in pipes, half-butts, hogsheads, and quarter-casks, &c. all which will be disposed of on reasonable terms, for bills, cash, or produce, at cash-price.
Cumingsburgh, Dec. 14.

Imported by the late arrivals from England, and for sale by the Subscribers, at their Store in America-street, cheap for immediate payment:
Gentlemen's fashionable dress coats, blue, black and drab colours
Ditto pantaloons, light and dark-blue, black, and drab colours
Ditto Kerseymere small cloths
Ditto vests of various patterns
Irish linen and cotton shirting
Hams, cheese, and spiced salmon in kitts
London porter, potatoes in hampers
Mess beef and pork in barrels and
A few puncheons of negro hats
Also On Hand. [centered]
Newfoundland cod fish, W. P. Lumber
Madeira wine in pipes, and sundry other articles, too tedious to enumerate.
Dec. 14. Archibald Iver and Co.

Imported, and for Sale by the Subscribers: [heading]
Hams, mess beef and pork, firkins of butter, firkins of tongues, single Gloucester cheese, and hampers of potatoes; Hoffman's cherry and raspberry brandy, and brandy-fruit, bottled beer and porter, fine old port wine, hock, in cases of 2 dozen each, cyder and perry, in ditto, white-wine vinegar, Chili and Tarragon ditto, olives, capers, currie-powder, pepper, mustard, pickles, salad oil, basket-salt, Stoughton's and Wright's bitters, loaf sugar, gunpowder and other teas, almonds in shell, small jars currants, white and brown sugar-candy; spices, vermicelli and macaroni, barley, peas, oats in puncheons, salt, in ditto; Hudson's bleaching liquid for linen, eau de Cologne, perfumery assorted, gauging-rods, boxes of bubbles, Negro pipes, in boxes of five gross each; fowling-pieces, gunpowder and flint, small ledgers and journals, blank boos of various sizes, best foolscap, folio, thick and thin wove post and common post paper, blotting-paper, ink-powder, quills, pencils, &c. Russia and brown canvas, flaxen Oznaburghs, tallow, mill-grease, wax candles, best tarred cordage assorted, baling rope, bolt-rope, spun-yarn, oakum, deep-sea and fishing lines, seine and sewing twine; boat-flags, hour and half-hour glasses, an assortment of blocks, mast-hoops, gib-hanks, gaff-trucks, hooks and thimbles, dead-eyes, &c.; yellow bordered green cloths for covering tables, green baize, fine Welch flannel, best superfine ladies' and gentlemen's broad-cloths and kerseymeres, flannel and nankeen jackets, gentlemen's best superfine coats, white and printed marseilles and black silk waistcoats, cloth pantaloons, Irish linens and sheeting, 6-4 cotton cambrics, plain muslin, French cambric, counterpanes, bed-tick, huckaback, diaper, table-cloths and napkins, ladies' white and black silk handkerchiefs, umbrellas and parasols, jockey and Hessian boots, gentlemen's Morocco slippers, beaver and glazed hats, with bands; Negro hats, checks, dowlas, checks shirts, best lined jackets, watch-coats, unlined jackets and women's wrappers, blankets, salempores, long and short brooms, furniture and crumb brushes, dust-pans, rush door-mats, shoe-brushes, paint ditto assorted, paint-oil, white, yellow, green, blue, and black paint, jugs black varnish, kegs prepared mineral slate and stone colour paint, lamp-oil, spermaceti-oil, neatsfoot-oil; best leather trunks, elegant ditto, hunting-saddles and handsome bridles, swing dressing-glasses, a cylinder-fall writing-table, painted floor-cloths, 21 by 30 feet, 12 by 18 feet, and 1/4 wide, for stairs; table-shades, barrel-lamps, plated wall-candlesticks and shades, patent shade-candlesticks and glasses, table sets glass-ware, handsome cut quart and pint decanters, goblets, tumblers, wine-glasses, butter-tubs, chrystal fruit glasses, plain ditto, breakfast cups and saucers, chamber-ware, patent double block-tin dish-covers in sets, gridirons, sod irons, japanned tea-trays and waiters, polished silver table and tea spoons, plated ditto, plated bottle stands, candlesticks, cruet and liquor-stands, vat cocks, gallon and half-gallon measures, sheet-lead, brass-wire sugar-strainers, coffee-manaries and sifters, wire for manaries, pump tacks, 4, 4 1/2, and 5 feet grating-bars, hard metal mill-brasses, best steel cappooses and steps, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 gallon iron pots, copper boilers used in washing linen, of 15, 20, and 25 gallons each; best japanned canisters, to hold about 20 lbs. tea, sets beams and scales, with Dutch weights, steelyards to weight about 2500 lb. Dutch, with scale-boards, balance-peas, and can-hooks; tin water-pails, leather fire-buckets, hoes, shovels, felling-axes, cutlasses, grindstones, boat-anchors and grapnels, standing scrapers, carpenters' and coopers' nails assorted from 4d to 4d. vane nails, bolts and hinges for doors and windows, stay-bars, brass and iron locks, carpenters' hammers, augers, gimblets, axes, adzes, hand, whip, and cross-cut saws, files, braces and bits, planes, &c. coopers' drivers, punches, bungbores, spoke-shaves, broad axes, rivets, compasses, masons' trowels, puncheon and sugar-hogshead truss-hoops, box marking-irons, &c.
J. Robertson & Co.
Newtown, Dec. 14.

Imported in the Ship Queen, and for sale by the Subscribers:
Hams, bottled ale in tierces of 6 1/2 dozen
Irish mess beef in barrels
Do. pork in half barrels
Firkins of butter, do. tongues
Jars of tripe, cheese and potatoes
Bricks, and a few hogsheads of tobacco.
Dec. 14. Simpson, Rose, Croal and Co.

For Sale, [heading]
The Cargo of the Brig Rising States, Captain Blanchard, from Portsmouth, consisting of
[first column]
R. O. Staves,
R. O. Shooks,
[second column]
Fish in boxes & casks,
Superfine Flour.
[end columns]
Dec. 14. Thomas Finlayson.

M'Inroy, Sandbach, & Co. [heading]
Have received by the Demerary, and for sale at their Store,
[first column]
[second column]
Irish Butter,
[end columns]
Dec. 14.

Marshal's Office, [heading]
Demerary. [heading]

By virtue of an order granted on the petition of A. Vanderstok, in relation as substituted executor to the estate and effects of the late Abraham Fleischman, deceased, are herewith by me, the undersigned Marshal of the Honourable Court of Justice, for the First Time by edict summoned all known and unknown creditors, in this Colony, of the abovementioned estate, to appear before the Honourable Court of Justice, at its Session, in the chief town of Stabroek, on the 20th of January, 1812, and following days, in order to give in and make good their claims: whereas, after the expiration of the fourth edict, the non-appearers will be proceeded against according to law.
Demerary, 13th of December, 1811.
Van Kinschot,

Public Vendues [heading]
In Demerary. [heading]

On Friday, the 20th inst. will be exposed for sale at the Vendue-Office, by order of Mr. Van Senden, - fifty barrels of new ship-bread, fifty 1/2 barrels of new crackers, imported in the Ceres, Capt. Tibbets; also, by order of Mr. Van Senden, executor to --- Costerloh, deceased, - wearing apparel; at the same time, ling-fish, potatoes, raisins, 20 pieces of cotton bagging, spice-salmon, in kits.
Dec. 14. Kingston & M'Bean.

On Monday, the 30th inst. will be exposed for sale at the Vendue-Office, by order of Sally M'Vicar, - a negro woman, Nancy, and child, a huckster.
Dec. 14. Kingston & M'Bean.

DEMERARY. [heading]

This is to inform the
Public, that the follow-
ing Persons intend
quitting this Colony;-

deezer Colonie word gead-
verteerd dat de volgende
Persoonen van voorneemens
zyn van hier na elders te
vertrekken, viz;

L. Coignaud, in 14 days, or one month, from Nov. 21.
R. Watson, sen. in do. or three weeks, . . . 25.
M. Sturdivent, (late Mate of the Ship Antigua Packet), in 14 days . . . 25.
J. S. Johnson, in do. or 6 weeks, . . . 28.
W. Karst, do. . . . Dec. 3.
C. J. Musgrove, do. . . . 3.
S. Walke, and one servant, do. . . . 5.
I. D. Goddard, in 14 days or one month, . . . 5.
Robert Phipps,
Sworn Clerk.

The arrival of the Bridget, Capt. Kennan, from Liverpool, has put us in possession of papers, which contain the Dispatches from Lord Wellington so anxiously looked for; and which will be found below. The Demerary, Capt. Dougal, from Glasgow, is the only European arrival since Wednesday.
[not transcribed - European news]

For Glasgow. [heading]
[sailing ship icon] The Ship Demerary, James Dougal, Master,
To sail the first springs in February. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master or
Dec. 14. M'Inroy, Sandbach, & Co.

For Glasgow. [heading]
[sailing ship icon] The Ship Sir Edward Pellew, C. Macdonald, Master,
To sail the second springs in February. For Freight or Passage apply to said Master, or to
Dec. 14. Garden, King, & Co.
Who have for sale, first quality Cod Fish, imported in the above ship from Newfoundland.

For Liverpool. [heading]
[sailing ship icon] The New-Brig Bridget, A. Kennan, Master,
Burthen 405 tons, armed with 12 guns, 18-pounders, and men answerable, sails the second springs in February. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master, or
Dec. 14. Hugh Douglas.

For Liverpool. [heading]
[sailing ship icon] The Ship Maxwell, John Irlam, Master,
Will positively sail hence the middle of January. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master or
Fullerton, Oliverson, & Co.
Dec. 14.


Vessels Entered and Cleared. [heading]

ENTERED. [heading]
Dec. 5. Brig Betsey, Kilburn, from New London.
Ship Thomas, Forster, Liverpool.
6. Sloop Mary, Briggs, Barbados.
9. Ship Queen, Conkay, Liverpool.
Ship Fame, Williams, ditto.
Ship Sir Edw. Pellew, M'Donald, Newfoundland.
11. Brig Bridget, Kennan, Liverpool.
Brig Ruby, Sawyer, Portland, N.A.

CLEARED. [heading]
Dec. 6. Ship Commerce, Watt, for Greenock
11. Sloop Mary, Briggs, Barbados.

Runaway and Arrested Slaves, [heading]
In the Colony-Stocks of Demerary. [heading]



Brought by


Pl. Elizabeth-hall,

Juff. de Wolf


Bennet (Berbice)



Juff. Doresten,




Pl. Covent Garden.



Dr. Muller,


M. Bourda,

Pl. Petershall,


Pl. Georgia,

B. Jeffery,

St. Pierre,

J. J. Deeges,

Pl. Paradice,





Judy Mitchel,



Soe. Tekelenbourg,




Pl. Ruimveld,


Cornfoot & Bell,






P. Benjamin,

Pl. Loo.

Dec. 14th. F. Strunkay, Scout.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
Every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon
By Edward James Henery.

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