Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1811 December 17

Vol. VI.]


[No. 433.



[sailing ship icon - heading]
For Barbados, [heading]
The Brig Princess, [heading]
J. Dawson, Master, [heading]
Will sail in all this week. For Freight or Passage apply to said Master or
Dec. 17. Bryant and Noonan.

For Sale, [heading]
Newfoundland Fish, superfine flour, prime pork, in barrels; mess-beef and tongues, in half-barrels; soap, spermaceti candles, fig-tobacco, negro pipes, Havanna segars; foolscap paper, blue India nankeen, gentlemen's boots and shoes, ladies' velvet and jean boots, and velvet, jean, and Morocco slippers; boy's strong shoes, children's shoes, cotton-cambrics, cambric, jaconet, fancy and India muslins, large India shawls, figured and plain silk handkerchiefs, sarcenets, silk stockings, gloves, musquito-netting, feathers, flowers, gold and silver trimming, ditto spangles, black sarcenet cambric, boys' and children's black and drab beaver hats, ribbands, lace veils and handkerchiefs, &c. &c.
Dec. 17. Samuel Wachope

The Subscribers have received by the Ship Grenada, Capt. Gilkison, from Glasgow; a general assortment of provisions, liquors, soap, candles, dry-goods, (amongst which are all kinds of negro clothing), glassware, earthenware, saddlery, hardware, cordage, &c.
Also on hand, [centered]
Newfoundland fish, lumber, staves, hoops, lamp oil, tobacco, tar, and Bristol marble temper lime.
Dec. 17. Wardrop and Ferguson.

All Persons who have any Claim or Demand against the Estate or Effects of the late Ann Harrison, deceased, are requested to deliver them, properly attested, to either of the subscribers; and those who are indebted to the said Estate, are desired to make payment of the same without delay, to
W. N. Firebrace, [Right pointing brace indicating 'Deliberating Executors.']
W. Jeffery,
Stabroek, 17th Dec.

Now landing from on board the Queen, and other late arrivals, the following articles, which will be disposed of reasonable for immediate payment:
[first column]
Irish butter, in whole and half firkins
Do. beef and pork, in whole and half barrels
Ox tongues, in firkins
Bristol tripe, in jars
White herrings, in barrels and kits
Gloster and Berkeley cheese
Hyson tea
Refined sugar
Split peas
Pearl and Scotch barley
[second column]
Curry powder
Black pepper
White-wine and brown stout vinegar
Florence oil
Fish and other sauces
Pickles, oysters
Olives, capers
English sweetmeats
Old port wine
London brown stout, in bottles
Burton and pale ale
Soap, candles
And sundry other articles
[end columns]
Dec. 17. J. R. Kenny.

For Sale, [heading]
Prime Irish mess beef and pork, in whole and half barrels; Cork double rose butter, in whole and half firkins; single and double Gloucester cheese, Yorkshire hams; tongues, in firkins; tripe, in jars; Scotch herrings and Irish potatoes; shads in barrels; Newfoundland fish, in 3, 4, 6, and 8 quintal casks; pickles assorted, white-wine and brown-stout vinegar; beer, porter, ale, and cyder, per dozen; Hollands gin, Island old rum and shrub, candles and soap, boots and shoes; tobacco, in barrels; negro jackets, red flannel and check shirts, ditto hats & caps; fine flannel and nankeens, green tea, in canisters; London particular Madeira wine, in pipes, hogsheads, and quarter-casks; ditto, in bottles, at f 30 to f 40 per dozen.
Middle-Street, Dec. 17. G. Lacey & Co.

Now landing from the Ship Kingsmill, John M'Clune, Master, from Liverpool, and Caledonia, from London, and for sale by the subscribers, a general assortment of merchandize, consisting of
[first column]
Dry goods
Plantation stores
Hard and tin ware
[second column]
Glass and earthen ware
&c. &c.
[end columns]
Also, London particular Madeira wine, bricks, building and temper lime, tobacco, in hogsheads, salt, in puncheon and barrels.
Simson, Grant, & Co.
Cumingsburgh, Dec. 17.

The Subscribers have on sale, (principally imported in the Grenada), at their store in New Town, the following articles, on reasonable terms
Negro jackets, hats, shirts, trowsers, blankets, women's wrappers, salempores, checks, Osnaburghs, Russia sheeting, seins 15 to 25 fathoms, sein and sewing twine, cordage of all sizes, canvas No. 1 to 6, white rope, cotton and coffee-bagging, Irish mess beef and pork, butter in whole and half firkins, hams, cheese, tongues, tripe, ling fish, potatoes, pickeled [sic] and smoked herrings, pease, barley, salt in baskets, soap and candles, refined sugar, hyson tea, sago, vinegar, salad oil, pickles, capers, olives, raspberry and cherry brandy, old port, best wired porter, beer and ale, do. in barrels, hoes, shovels, cutlasses, axes, adzes, carpenters' and coopers' tools, bolts, locks, and hinges, nails, 4d. to 30d. boat and coopers' do. sheet lead, puncheon and vat hoops, with rivets, sad irons, powder and shot, blue, black, and bottle-green broad cloths, black kerseymere, gentlemen's fashionable coats, coatees, jackets, pantaloons, trowsers and vests, boots and shoes, ladies' shoes, patent Leghorn and willow hats, broad brim'd do. servants' glazed do. with bands, children's hats, ladies' and gentlemen's silk, cotton, and thread stockings, cotton and worsted ancle socks, children's shoes and stockings, gloves, large sized boat cloaks with sleeves, black silk Florentine, crape, bombazeen, flannel, green baize, bedsteads with mattresses, &c. complete, Irish linen and sheeting, dowlas, cotton and linen cambric, muslin, ginghams, calicoes, corded dimities, jeans, quilting, counterpanes, long lawns, pullicate and other handkerchiefs, striped nankeen, furniture checks, ladies' and gentlemen's parasols, white, yellow, and brown paints, paint oil, lamp and neatsfoot do. copper skimmers and ladles, brass wire coffee manaries, copper scales with weights, dish covers, Silver table spoons, forks, wine funnels, soup ladles, fish knives, table mats, ivory chess men with boards, brooms with handles, cloth, shoe, and hair brushes, &c.
Dec. 17. Henry Halket and Co.

For London. [heading]
[sailing ship icon] The Ship Caledonia, J. Tuit, Master,
Well armed and manned, to sail a running vessel in all February. For Freight or Passage apply to the master on board, or to
Simpson, Rose, Croal and Co.
Who will be much obliged to the friends of Messrs. Ingles, Ellice and Co. and Messrs. Bolton and Littledale, for their early assistance to this vessel.
Dec. 17.

Imported in the Ship Caledonia, James Tuit, Master, from London, and for sale on reasonable terms, for immediate payment:
Beef and pork in barrels, pickled and smoked tongues, ham in canvas, pine double Gloster, and Dutch sweet milk cheese, Bologna sausages, tripe in jars, ale and brown stout, cyder and perry, port wine, Seltzer and Soda water, salad oil, olives, preserved cherries, strawberries, raspberries, damascenes, apricots, &c. almonds in shells, mixed spices, sago, hyson and gunpowder tea, honey in small pots, split peas and pearl barley in jars and kegs, Lundyfoot's snuff, Virginia shag tobacco, long Dutch pipes in small boxes, Hoffman's cherry and raspberry brandy, cotton bagging, baling rope, patent canvas, flaxen and tow Osnaburgs, sein and sewing twine, Hambro' deep sea and fishing lines, carpenters' and coopers' nails, hoes, shovels, cutlasses, American felling axes, gardeners' pruning shears, scythes with Shead's furniture complete, patent steelyards, sash pullies and weights, steel plates and capooses, boat scrapers, frying pans, gridirons, hooks and staples, hinges of every description, bolts, horn and stable lanthorns, garden seeds, gardeners' watering-pans, oats in puncheons, paints and oil, stock and chamber door locks, brass desk hinges and locks, cupboard do. window bells, powder and shot, small neat solid mahogany sideboards, cane bottom chairs, dressing cases, pier and toilet glasses, bidets, knife cases complete, with sets of town-made knives and forks, neat light gigs, with harness complete, spare sets of chaise harness with plated and brass mounting, long chaise and tandem whips, corks, a few sets of table services, cattle, stag, and leopard patterns, stationery, chess boards and men, mops and brooms clothes and shoe brushes, boot jacks, boot stretchers in sets, Day and Martin's blacking, gentlemen's, ladies' and children's boots and shoes, Limebeer's patent boots, gentlemen's fashionable coats, coatees, jackets, vests, and pantaloons, ladies' and gentlemen's cotton hose, gentlemen's, ladies', and children's beaver hats, children's morocco caps, and rocking horses, an assortment of thread, tape, bobbin, and scissars, ladies' and gentlemen's umbrellas and parasols, ladies' fine muslin robes, corded and satin worked muslins, jubilee cord, dimities and jeanets, furniture chintz, calicoes in small trunks, colerains, romals, seersuckers, salempores, check, Irish sheeting. French and cotton cambric, table cloths small sizes, diaper, dowlas, huckaback, green cloth table-covers, gloves and ribbands, an assortment of jewellery, a variety of perfumery, Dutch terras, bricks, iron sugar boilers, anchors for colony craft, and an extensive assortment of negro clothing, consisting of jackets, watch coats, drivers' coatees, hats, blankets, shirts, and trowsers.
Simpson, Rose, Croal, and Co.
Dec. 17.

Lost [heading]
Last-Night, [heading]
Between the Royal Gazette Printing Office, and Plantation Rome, a Bunch of Keys. - Whoever may have found the same, and will bring it to the Printer, will be liberally rewarded.

DEMERARY. [heading]

This is to inform the
Public, that the follow-
ing Persons intend
quitting this Colony;-

deezer Colonie word gead-
verteerd dat de volgende
Persoonen van voorneemens
zyn van hier na elders te
vertrekken, viz;

L. Coignaud, in 14 days, or one month, from Nov. 21.
R. Watson, sen. in do. or three weeks, . . . 25.
M. Sturdivent, (late Mate of the Ship Antigua Packet), in 14 days . . . 25.
J. S. Johnson, in do. or 6 weeks, . . . 28.
W. Karst, do. . . . Dec. 3.
C. J. Musgrove, do. . . . 3.
S. Walke, and one servant, do. . . . 5.
I. D. Goddard, in 14 days or one month, . . . 5.
Robert Phipps,
Sworn Clerk.

At the request of William McBean, Esq. Notice is hereby given, that he proposes to leave this Colony for Europe in the month of April or May next, and that he requests those to whom he may be indebted, to apply for settlement. He further earnestly entreats those who have been so very long indebted to the former firms of M'Inroy, Sandbach, and Co.; M'Inroy, Sandbach, M'Bean, and Co.; and M'Inroy, Sandbach, and M'Bean, to pay the same either to him or Messrs. G. Buchannan and G. Rainey.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, 17th Dec. 1811.
Robert Phipps,
Sworn Clerk.

General Militia Order. [heading]
[mutilated by paper folds]

His Excellency Governor Bentinck has been pleased to make the following Promotions and Appointments:
Demerary Militia, [centered]
Second Battalion. [centered]
1st Company - C. N. Bollers, Esq. to be Captain, vice Baron Van Grovestein, promoted; Second Lieutenant J. P. Valtz to be First Lieutenant, vice John Noble; P. [illegible] Pool, Gent. to be Second Lieutenant, vice J. P. Valtz, promoted.
2d Company - Lieutenant [illegible] Sloan to be Captain, vice Panye, resigned; C. Sp[illegible] Gent. to be First Lieutenant, vice Sloan, promoted; John Reed, jun. Gent. to be Second Lieutenant, vice [illegible]er, resigned
3d Company. - Moses Buchannan, Esq. to be Captain, vice G. Robertson, resigned; First Lieutenant John Ross and Second Lieutenant [illegible]nder M'Lean, to be continued.
4th Company. - Edward Terril, Esq. to Captain; William Chichester, Gent. to be First Lieutenant; James Northy, Gent. to be Second Lieutenant.
5th Company. - Lieutenant L. Avery to be Captain, vice Rutherford, resigned; Thomas Richardson, Gent. to be First Lieutenant, vice L. Avery, promoted; John Walcott, Gent. to be Second Lieutenant.
6th, or Coloured, Company - Captain D. S. Van S'Gravesanden and First Lieutenant J. B. Hoppe, to be continued; Edward Graham, Gent. to be Second Lieutenant.
Staff. [centered]
--- Dardier, Gent. to be Quarter-Master, with the rank of Second Lieutenant.
Doctor John Austin to be Surgeon to the Battalion.
To be Assistant Surgeons:
Doctor Gordon Brown, to the 1st Company.
A. G. Richardson, to the 2d ditto.
F. C. Marius, to the 3d ditto.
J. Chapman, to the 4th ditto.
G. Walker, to the 5th ditto.
James King, to the 6th, or coloured, ditto.
King's House, Stabroek, Demerary, December 17, 1811.
By Command,
J. R. Brandt,

Since our last, the Kingsmill, from Liverpool; the Grenada, from Glasgow; and the Caledonia, from London; have entered our River. The latter, having had a passage of only twenty-six days, has brought Papers of so recent a date as the 18th of November; and we are happy, on their authority, to lay the following interesting articles of intelligence before our readers:
[not transcribed - European news]

Died. - This morning, H. P. Heemskerk, LL.D. at the house of Mr. Obermuller, Stabroek.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
Every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon
By Edward James Henery.

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