Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1811 December 21

Vol. VI.]


[No. 434.



Academy. [heading]
A. Cart presents his respectful compliments to the Parents, Guardians, and Friends, of the Pupils intrusted to his care since the commencement of his establishment, for their liberal support; at the same time assuring them, that no relaxation of duty shall render him unworthy of their future support and favour. He has much satisfaction in announcing to his friends, who had some objections to sending young Ladies to Bed and Board at his house, that the objection is now obviated, by reason of two Ladies having taken a house in the vicinity of the Academy, and from whose respectable characters he has no doubt that young Ladies might be accommodated in a genteel manner, either with Bed and Board, or Lodging only.
He also begs leave to inform his friends, that the Christmas Vacation will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday, the 24th inst.; and that the Academy will resume its labours on the 8th of January next, when a full attendance is expected.
An Assistant, who is fully competent to the duties of the Academy, as far as relates to Arithmetic and a thorough knowledge of the English Language, will meet with liberal encouragement. Dec. 21.

The Subscribers have received by the Brig Harmony, direct from Glasgow,
[first column]
Bottled ale and porter
Refined sugar, salt
Tabacco [sic] and negro pipes
Soap and candles
Paints and oil
Glass and earthen ware
Demerary shovels and hoes
Pruning and clasp knives
[second column]
Negro clothing
Cotton and coffee bagging
Checks and calicoes
Boots and shoes
Patent canvas
Cordage, assorted
Newcastle grindstones
Corn mills
Nail, assorted, &c. &c.
[end columns]
They have on hand of former importations, best London particular Madeira, in pipes, casks, and bottles; fine old Holland gin, Jamaica rum, &c.
Dec. 21. Douglas, Reid, & Co.

For Sale or Hire, [heading]
In a very eligible Part of the Town, [heading]
A Small Dwelling House, with suitable Out-Buildings; together with a Half-Lot of Land: near the Stelling of Messrs. Hyndman and Cary. For Particulars please to enquire of Mr. Fellows, at his Cooperage, in Cumingsburgh.
Dec. 21.

The Subscriber has received on consignment, per Caledonia, from London, (in addition to his general assortment on hand, for particulars of which see his Vendue of 6th and 7th of January), the following goods, which he offers by the package, at a very moderate advance.
A choice and elegant collection of printed calicoes and cambrics of every description, cambric and fancy muslins; table-cloths, 5-4 to 12-4; towels and napkins; chintz furniture, fast colours; linen and cotton platillas, long-cloths, long-lawns, shirting, Irish linens, linen checks, corded dimities, lining calicoes, Romal and Madras handkerchiefs, striped and drab nankeens, &c. which, if not sold previous to the 6th of January, will, on that, and the following day, be sold at Vendue.
Dec. 21. Joseph Hill.
Who requests those indebted to him by note-of-hand or open account to settle the same early in the ensuing year, it being his intention of quitting the Colony in March; after which, all debts indiscriminately will be handed to his attorney-at-law.

Just imported in the Caledonia, Capt. Tuit, from London, and for sale by the subscriber, for cash, or rum at cash-price only:
Prime mess-beef and pork, in barrels; Cork butter, new hams, ling-fish, in boxes; potatoes, pickled and smoked herrings, pearl-barley and split-peas, in jugs; mixed spices, fine hyson tea, double-refined sugar; jewellery, among which are a few brooches and finger-rings, set with diamonds; perfumery, gentlemen's improved patent silk hats, youth's beaver ditto, ladies' and girls' Morocco slippers, ladies' and gentlemen's cotton hose, brown and white half ditto, gentlemen's buckskin and Woodstock gloves, green canvas for window-blinds, printed calicoes, white salempores, violins, bows and strings, spare bows, &c. and on hand a number of other articles - vide Royal Gazette of 30th November.
New-Town, Dec. 21. G. Angle.
Who will give the highest price for old gold and silver or foreign coins.

For Sale, [heading]
The following Goods and collection of Books, imported in the Ship Caledonia, just arrived from London:
[first column]
Firkins rose Cork butter
Loaf sugar in puncheons
Hyson tea
Hoffman's cherry and raspberry brandy
Beer and porter in bottles
Old sherry wine in bottles
Borradail's gentlemen's beaver and silk hats
Ladies' and children's beaver hats, trim'd
Servants' glazed hats, silver and gold bands
Silk and cotton umbrellas
Russia brown sheeting
Sein twine and deep sea lines
Stationery assorted
Black and coloured wafers in tin boxes
Boat cloaks with sleeves
Flannel jackets
Flannel dressing gowns
Glass ware assorted
Linen and cotton checks
[second column]
Real blue India salempores
Indigo blue double-breasted negro jackets, lined
Blue nap trowsers
Striped cotton shirts
Negro blankets
Men's striped and duck trowsers
Negro hats
Tradesmen's blue cloth double-breasted jackets, lined and bound, metal buttons
Tradesmen's silk bound hats
Best flaxen Osnaburghs
Negro pipes in boxes of 10 dozen each
Buck knives
Fishing hooks
Garden seeds in boxes
Pearl barley in kegs
White-wine vinegar in jugs
Turpentine in small jugs
Hoes, shovels, and cutlasses.
[end columns]
Collection of Books, all bound or half bound in Russia:
Elegant Extracts, in verse, prose, and epistles, 3 vols. handsomely bound - 1 copy.
V. Knox's Essays, 3 vols. - 2 copies.
Paley's Philosophy, 2 vols. lettered - 1 copy.
Porteus's Tracts, on various subjects - 1 do.
Mrs. Ople's Simple Tales, 4 vols. - 2 do.
History of Ireland, by the Rev. J. Gordon, 2 vols. - 1 do.
Francis Hues' last years of Louis XVI. - 1 do.
Cleland's Life of the Hon. W. Pitt. - 1 do.
Mavor's British Tourist, through England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, with maps, 6 vols.
Asiatic Annual Register, 12 vols. - 2 copies.
East India Almanack or Register. - 4 do.
London Dictionary. - 1 do.
The British Cicero, a collection of the most admired speeches in the English language, 3 vols.
Public Characters from 1797 to 1811, 10 vols. lettered.
Memoirs of Richard Cumberland, 2 vols. - 4 copies.
History of the Political Life of the Right Hon. W. Pitt, by Gifford, 6 vols. - 1 copy.
The Political and Confidential Correspondence of Louis XVI. by Miss Williams, 3 vols. - 1 do.
Trial and defence of John Peltier, for a libel on Bonaparte.
Letters written by the late Earl Chatham to his nephew, Thomas Pitt, afterwards Lord Camelford. - 4 copies.
Selections from the Spectator, Tattler, Guardian, &c. by A. L. Barbauld. - 2 do.
Mavor's History of Rome, 3 vols. - 1 copy.
Memoirs of Talleyrand, by the author of the Revolutionary Plutarch, 2 vols. - 1 do.
Watts's Biographical, Historical, and Chronological Dictionary. - 1 do.
Doctor Franklin's Works, 3 vols. - 1 do.
Stark's Scottish Biographical Dictionary. - 1 do.
Grose's Classical Dictionary of the vulgar tongue - 2 copies.
De Foe's Works, containing Robinson Crusoe, Cavalier Col. Jack, Captain Singleton, Voyage round the World, Players in London, 12 vols. - 1 copy.
Barbauld's Novels, 50 vols. viz. Clarissa, 8 vols. - Grandison, 7; Crusoe, 2; J. Andrew, 1; Tom Jones, 3; English Baron and Otranto, 1; Pompy and Vicar of Wakefield, 1; Female Quixote, 2; Raffelas and Almoran and Hamet, 1; Julia, 1; Simple Story, 1; Man of Feeling, 1; Clinker, 1; Zeluco, 2; Eveline, 2; Cecilia, 3; Romance of the Forest, 2, Udolpho, 3; Belinda, 2; &c.
Malcom's India, 1 vol. - 1 copy.
Brodie's Roman Government, 1 vol. - 1 copy.
Jacob's Travels in Spain, 4 vols. - 1 do.
Kilpatrick's Embassy to -
Seward's Letters, 6 vols. - 1 copy.
Tobin's Sketches in France. - 2 copies.
A collection of the latest English Comedies, 6 vols. - 1 do.
Walter Scott's Don Roderick. - 1 do.
Wolton on the Spanish Colonies, 2 vols. - 1 do.
Anecdotes of the Court of France. - 1 do.
Clarke's Life of Lord Nelson. - 1 do.
Macgill on the present times. - 1 do.
Dec. 21. John Mackintosh.

Notice. [heading]
All persons indebted to the estate of George Burgess, deceased, late Manager of Hackney, Pomeroon, are requested to come forward and make payment; and all those to whom that estate may be indebted, to render in their accounts to Mr. A. D. Guthrie, at the Store of Mr. Reith, that the same may be examined and settled by the subscribers.
Pomeroon, John W. Thomas, [right pointing brace, enclosing this and the next name, and indicating, 'Executors.']
Dec. 21. William Ferrier,

The Subscribers have imported in the Grenada Capt. Gilkison, the following goods, which they offer for sale at their Store, in Robb's Town.
[first column]
Beef and pork in barrels
Rounds of corn'd beef
Pieces of hung beef
Mutton and bacon hams
Pine and brick cheese
Butter in whole and half firkins
Brown stout in barrels
Strong ale in do.
Bottled porter and beer in puncheons
Port wine
Irish linen, Irish sheeting
Dark and light ground calicoes
Dark ground fancy chintzes
Light ground do.
Rich India chintz
Hair cord, tape, and fancy dimity
India jean
Prince's cord
Red, blue, pink, and chambré ginghams
Cotton and linen check
Striped Holland and Bengal ditto
Blue and white pullicate handkerchiefs
Madras do.
Cotton and linen platillas
Cotton Britannias
Ladies' and gentlemen's silk stockings
Brown Holland
Musquito netting
Cotton hammocks
Mattresses, with bolsters and pillows
Cotton shirting
Ladies' and gentlemen's cotton stockings, ancle-socks
Worsted & thread stockings
Shetland hose
Children's stockings
Cotton cambric
Black sarcenet ditto
Black muslin
Bed tick
Russia sheeting
Green gauze
Long lawn
Ready-made table-cloths
Welch flannel
Superfine blue, black, and mixed broad cloths
Black and drab Kerseymere
Gentlemen's ready-made cloaths, consisting of coats, coatees, round robins, pantaloons, and trowsers
Black silk and quilting vests
Ladies' & gentlemen's black silk hats
Children's beaver do.
White & black broad brim'd ditto
Servants' glazed do.
Ruffs, assorted colours
Ladies' bonnets
Ladies' & gentlemen's gloves
Flaxen, tow, and Strelitz Osnaburgs
Cotton and coffee bagging
Negro clothing
Blankets and hats
Kilmarnock caps
Tradesmen's jackets
Ladies' kid and Morocco shoes
Gentlemen's dress and walking ditto
Planters' strong shoes
Youth's and girls' shoes
Hessian and top boots
Swing cotts, complete
Furniture, consisting of mahogany dining-tables, with D ends
Pembroke tables
[second column]
Chairs and bedsteads
Mahogany bason-stands
Mahogany waiters, assorted
Square, oval, and hanging, dressing-glasses
Gunpowder and patent flint
Seins, 10, 15, 20,25, & 30 fathoms long
Sein and sewing twine
Cordage, from 9-thread ratline to 7-inch cables
White rope for baling
Ship screws, single & double
Widow-glass 8 by 12, 10 by 14, 11 by 14, 12 by 16, and 12 by 18
Cords, pullies and weights
Glass ware
Sets of table service
Queen's ware assorted
Paints and oil
Spirits of turpentine
Neatsfoot oil
Fowling pieces, Buck guns
Holster pistols
Plated snuffers and trays
Steel and japanned do.
Ivory handled knives & forks
Penknives, sportsmen's ditto
Razors, in cases, scissors
Sailors' knives
Fish-hooks, assorted
Trunk and box locks
Wine cocks, Buck knives
Brass and japanned candlesticks
Double and single padlocks
Patent padlocks
Window-bolts, stay-bars, & staples
Socket and mortice chisels
Hook-and-eye, HL, and garnet, hinges
Nails, 4d. to 30d.
Vat and puncheon rivets
Coopers' nails
Iron pots, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 gallons
Iron-tinned goblets
Fish and stew pots
Teakettles, steelyards
Square, flat, & round, iron, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 1-inch
Bars blistered steel
Grating bars and bearers
Boiling-house lamps
Steel plates and capooses
Sheet lead
Scale boards, with weights
Cambooses with pots and covers
Suits of colours for colony craft
Blocks and dead-eyes
Hoes, shovels, cutlasses and pruning-knives
Coopers' tools
Carpenters' tools, consisting of long, trying, jack, and smoothing planes
Bead and mould planes
Augers, gimblets & oilstones
Tenon, hand, and key-hole saws
Cross-cut and whip-saw files
Rat-tail do.
Spare irons for planes
Socket and mortice chissels
Adzes and axes
Claw hammers
Chalk lines
Paint and shoe brushes
Wine and porter corks
Small boats
[end columns]
Also On Hand, [centered]
[first column]
Madeira wine in pipes, hhds. qr.-casks, and per doz.
[second column]
Newfoundland salt fish, in 4, 6, and 8 quintal casks
[end columns]
Lumber, R. O. Staves, and Hoops.
Dec. 21. Hugh Mackenzie & Co.

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By His Excellency Henry William Bentinck, Esquire, Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the Colonies of Demerary and Essequebo and their Dependent Districts

Whereas [mutilated] proclamation was issued (as will be seen below), by His Excellency Lieut.-Col. [mutilated], acting Lieut.-Governor of the Colonies [mutilated] Demerary and Essequebo, on the 27th of August [mutilated]08, representing the dangerous effects of [mutilated] Pox in these Colonies; and whereas Doctor [mutilated]W. Dunkin, Surgeon-Major and Officer of [mutilated] has reported to us that the above disease has been brought here in the British merchant ship Grenada, and that several passengers, with their baggage, were landed from the said ship previous to the circumstance having been reported; in consequence whereof there is too much reason to fear that the disease may be communicated to the Inhabitants: We have, therefore, thought proper to have the same re-published, and do hereby order and enact, that no person, whatsoever (except the Officer of Health), shall be permitted to go on board the said ship, which will be distinguished by a yellow flag at her mast-head, and that any person desirous of communicating with any of the Officers or Crew on board, for the purpose of receiving her cargo or otherwise, will be allowed to go alongside, but on no pretence whatsoever on board of the said ship.
Given under my hand and seal at arms, at the King's House, Stabroek, this 21st day of December, 1811.
H. W. Bentinck.
By His Excellency's Command,
Chas. Aug. Dale,
Gov. Sec.

Proclamation, [heading]

By His Excellency Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew Ross, Acting Lieutenant-Governor of the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, with their Dependent Districts, and President in all Courts and Colleges within the same, &c. &c. &c.
And the Honorable Court of Policy, of the Colonies aforesaid, &c. &c. &c.
Unto all whom these presents may or shall concern, Greeting, be it known:
Whereas we have taken into our most serious consideration, the imminent danger of the infection of the Small-Pox to which these Colonies have been lately exposed, and being desirous, by the most effectual means in our power, to prevent the recurrence thereof for the future;
We have therefore judged fit to order and enact, and it is hereby ordered and enacted accordingly, That, in future, no person in these Colonies shall be permitted to inoculate with the Small-Pox matter, or to allow or suffer such inoculation to take place on his estate or in his family, on pain of incurring a fine of Six Thousand Guilders, to be forfeited both by the medical practitioner or other who performed such inoculation, and by the person who directed, allowed, or suffered, it to take place. And it is further ordered and enacted by these presents, that every person in whose family, or on whose estate or plantation, or amongst whose dependants or slaves, of whatever description, the natural Small-Pox shall hereafter unfortunately make its appearance, and also the medical practitioners to whom any instance of natural Small-Pox shall occur, shall, on the first discovery, give or transmit immediate information thereof to the established Colonial Officer of Health for the time being, and shall, at the same time, confine the patient so infected, in order to prevent all communication of the disorder, on pain that all persons, whether medical practitioners or others, neglecting to give such immediate information, or to confine the patient on whom the natural Small-Pox shall have been discovered, shall forfeit and pay a penal sum of Three Thousand Guilders: which fines, as well as those of Six Thousand Guilders herein-before-mentioned, shall be applied as follows, viz. one-third for the Fiscal, another third for the poor, and the remaining third for the informer or informers.
And we do further on the present occasion, in the strongest manner recommend to the Inhabitants of these Colonies, and particularly to all Medical Practitioners, to promote the general adoption of the Vaccine Inoculation, as the surest means of counteracting the destructive influence of the Small-Pox.
And that no ignorance may be pretended of the present Ordinance, the same shall be published, affixed and printed for general information.
Thus enacted in our Ordinary Assembly held in the Town of Stabroek, Demerary, on the 11th day of August 1808 [sic - republishing an earlier ordinance], and published the 27th of the same Month.
Andrew Ross.
By Command of the Acting-Lieut.-Governor, and the Court of Policy,
P. F. Tinne, Dep. Sec.

By Command Of [heading]
His Excellency the Governor. [heading]
Notice is hereby given, that, in future, no Colony Schooners, Boats, Punts, or Small Craft, will be permitted to lay at the Ferry-Stelling, in Stabroek, longer than is necessary to land their Articles. Proprietors are, therefore, requested to give the necessary orders accordingly, at the damage thereby occasioned, will be for their account.
Demerary, 21st Dec. 1811.
F. Van Den Velden,

                  Office of Ordnance,
                  Demerary, Dec. 20, 1811.
Sealed Tenders are required to be sent to this Office till 2 o'clock on Monday next, by any person willing to supply the Engineer Department with the following articles, which will be opened in the usual manner, and the lowest offer, if approved, accepted; viz:
[first column]
3 double-iron Jack Planes
3 single do.
1 Rabbet Plane
1 Plough do.
[second column]
1 doz. of Socket Chissels
1/2 doz. do. Gouges
4 Adzes, 4 Felling Axes
2 Chalk Lines.
[end columns]
The tenders must be sealed and endorsed "Tenders for Carpenters' Tools," and addressed to
C. J. O'Hara,
Ordnance Store-Keeper,

                  Office of Ordnance,
                  Demerary, 20th Dec. 1811.
Persons willing to contract for Six or Twelve Months for furnishing Negro Artificers, Pioneers, and Labourers, as they may from time to time be required for the different departments of the Ordnance, are desired to send sealed tenders to this Office, on or before Friday, the 28th instant, at 12 o'clock at noon, indorsed respectively, "Tenders for Pioneers for the Artillery, Carpenters and Labourers for the Engineer Department, or Boatmen, Coopers, and Labourers, for the Store-Keeper's Department." Which Tenders will be opened by the respective Officers, and the lowest offer, if approved, accepted.
The parties to be severally bound in a penalty of £ 200 each, for the performance of their contracts. The probable number of Negroes, &c. that may be required, and other particulars, will be given on application to this Office.
C. J. O'Hara,
Ordnance Store-Keeper.
All persons having demands against this Office for the present quarter, are desired to send in their accounts by the first of January next.

Robbery. [heading]
A Merchant's Store in town having been broken into on Monday night last, and some cash stolen therefrom, among which was a Five-Joe paper, No. 186, it is requested, that, should it be offered by any negro in payment, he may be detained and information thereof given at the Office of this Paper; and any white person, who may discover the said Five-Joe paper already in his possession, will please to recollect from whom he received it, so that the thief may, if possible, be detected. Dec. 21.

Marshal's Office, [heading]
Demerary. [heading]

By authorization obtained, there will be offered for sale, to the highest bidders, by me, the undersigned First Marshal of the Honourable Court of Justice, in presence of two Counsellor-Commissaries and the Secretary, at the Court-House, in the chief town of Stabroek, on Tuesday, the 14th of January, 1812: -
In behalf of H. A. Kruse, versus J. A. Otto, four negroes, named Groote Adam, Kleine Adam, Nyse, and Esseu, (surnamed Harry).
All persons conceiving to have right or title to the above-mentioned, will be pleased to address themselves, with their reasons of opposition, to me, the undersigned First Marshal; and those intending to purchase will be pleased to attend at day and place aforesaid, to hear the conditions of sale.
Demerary, December 20, 1811.
M. Smit,
First Marshal.

Public Vendues [heading]
In Demerary. [heading]

On Tuesday, the 24th inst. by order of Mr. Thomas Shute, a choice assortment of the following articles: - A quantity of Madeira wine in bottles, port in ditto, real Holland's gin per dozen, Hoffman's cherry and raspberry brandy, porter, beer, cyder, white-wine-vinegar in jugs, mess beef and pork in half barrels, flour in do. June butter in firkins and half firkins, smoked and pickled tongues, Bristol tripe in jars, salmon in barrels and kits, mackarel, herrings, shads, hams, hung beef, cheese, almonds, raisins, currants, Turkey figs in jars, candles, soap, split peas, salt in barrels, sago, pepper, starch, blue, Hessian boots, strong and dress shoes, silk, beaver, willow, and glazed hats, Gentlemen's coats and coatees, cordage, cables, and boat anchors, gunpowder and shot, nails, frying-pans, brushes, corks, Irish linens, Osnaburgs, flannel, ready-made shirts, night gowns, shirtings, calicoes, nankeens, umbrellas, blue and white earthen ware in sets, hyson tea, loaf sugar, sein and sewing twine, &c.
December 21. Kingston and M'Bean.

On Monday, the 30th inst. by order of J. W. Thomas and W. Ferrier, Executors of George Burgess, deceased, - A horse, a tent-bedstead and mattress, a sideboard, 2 tables, a sofa and covers, a liquor-case, with 3 flasks and a decanter; a writing-desk, 2 pencils, a water-stamp, and a penknife; a gridiron, a fryingpan, a teakettle, a pepper-mill, a boat-cloak, a pair of pistols, boot-hooks, a tinder-box with lock, and 2 silver watches, with a gold chain.
Dec. 21. Kingston & M'Bean.

On Tuesday, the 31st instant, at the Jubilee-Tavern, by order of William A. Ellis, an excellent billiard-table, with balls, cues, lamps, &c.; likewise several articles of household furniture, &c. &c.
Also a quantity of stationery, consisting of 1, 2, 3, and 4, quire books, account-current books, foolscap and letter paper, &c. &c.
Dec. 21. Kingston & M'Bean.

DEMERARY. [heading]

This is to inform the
Public, that the follow-
ing Persons intend
quitting this Colony;-

deezer Colonie word gead-
verteerd dat de volgende
Persoonen van voorneemens
zyn van hier na elders te
vertrekken, viz;

W. Karst, do. . . . Dec. 3.
C. J. Musgrove, do. . . . 3.
S. Walke, and one servant, do. . . . 5.
I. D. Goddard, in 14 days or one month, . . . 5.
R. Gordon, in 14 days, . . . 16.
N. Crichlow, in ditto, or 6 weeks, . . . 17.
Robert Phipps,
Sworn Clerk.

The Ship Russia Company, from London, and the Brig Harmony, from Glasgow, are the only arrivals from Europe since Tuesday last.

The American President's Address to Congress, is all we are enabled to present our readers this day, as an article of foreign intelligence.

We understand the Packet is hourly expected in our River; and that, in consequence of her having been obliged to put back, before she had been long at sea, there are two mails on board.

Died, on Thursday night, at his house in Charles-Town, J. F. Le Tessier, Esq.

For Liverpool. [heading]
[sailing ship icon] The Well-Known Ship Thomas, G. Forster, Master,
Intended to sail by the middle of February next. For Freight or Passage apply to said Master or
M'Intyre, Sayres, and Co. or
Dec. 21. Thomas Finlayson.

For Glasgow. [heading]
[sailing ship icon] The Brig Harmony, Capt. Gemmell,
Is in every respect a first-class Vessel, and will be dispatched in all February. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master on-board, or
Dec. 21. Douglas, Reid, and Co.


Vessels Entered and Cleared. [heading]

ENTERED. [heading]
Dec. 12. Brig Rising States, Blanchard, from Portsmouth, N.A.
13. Ship Demerary, Dougall, Liverpool.
16. Sch. Favourite, Cooley, New London.
--- Ship Kingsmill, M'Clune, Liverpool.
--- Ship Grenada, Gilkison, Glasgow.
17. Ship Caledonia, Tuit, London.

CLEARED. [heading]
Dec. 13. Ship Traveller, Fisher, for Liverpool.
--- Sch. Burchall, Lawson, Barbados.
14. Ship Camilla, Orr, Greenock.
16. Sch. Sukey, Plumly, Boston.
--- Brig Claud Scott, Stroyan, Liverpool.
--- Ship United States, Johnson, Bath.
--- Ship Tweed, Webster, London.

Runaway and Arrested Slaves, [heading]
In the Colony-Stocks of Demerary. [heading]



Brought by


Pl. Elizabeth-hall,

Juff. de Wolf


Bennet (Berbice)



Juff. Doresten,




Pl. Covent Garden.


M. Bourda,

Pl. Petershall,


Pl. Georgia,

B. Jeffery,

St. Pierre,

J. J. Deeges,

Pl. Paradice,





Judy Mitchel,



P. Benjamin,

Pl. Loo.


S. Deeges,



Pl. Ruimveld,



J. Berg,

Hayama Creek,



Pl. Manna,

Dec. 21st. F. Strunkay, Scout.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
Every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon
By Edward James Henery.

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