Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1811 December 28

Vol. VI.]


[No. 436.



From the [heading]
Fiscal's Office. [heading]

Advertisement. [heading]

Whereas, during the night between the 7th and 8th instant, ten Portuguese deserters, from Cayenne broke forcibly out and effected their escape from the prison in Fort Zeelandia, by undermining the wall of the same, viz.
Arnoldo Philipo,
Laurenso de Buyro,
Patensiano Martino,
Nicola Joseph Santo,
Joseph Naramo de Santo,
Bento Joseph,
Antonio Nazaro,
Antonia Rodriguez,
Penba Joseph Remanos,
Francsico de Borghes.
And whereas, at the legal inspection of the breach, it appeared, that most likely the said prisoners were aided and assisted in their breaking out and escape by persons outside the prison. And it being of the greatest importance to justice that such crimes should be inquired after, and the perpetrators discovered and punished; as also that the absconded prisoners should be overtaken, and again secured.
The undersigned First Counsellor Fiscal of this Colony, R. O. with the authorisation of the Honourable the Court of Policy and Criminal Justice, does hereby promise a Reward of One Thousand Guilders to whoever can give satisfactory information concerning the said breaking out, and of the persons who are hiding the same, so that they may fall into the hands of justice, and be convicted of the crime; and the name of the informer will, if discovered, be kept secret. And all persons are furthermore warned not to harbour, lodge, or grant a retreat for, any of the above-mentioned escaped persons, much less to assist the same in their flight out of this Colony, upon pain of being most rigorously punished, in conformity to the laws. And, on the other hand, all persons are exhorted and requested, in case of discovery of any of the said deserted prisoners, to detain the same, and deliver them to the Fiscal's Office, for which all expences incurred will be paid; and, moreover, for every one of the said deserters so apprehended and delivered over, a Reward of One Hundred Guilders.
Surinam, December 10, 1811.
E. G. Veldwyk,
First C. F.

Notice. [heading]
Brought to the Colony-Jail, by the Sailors of the Ship Mary, a new and large Punt. The owner thereof may have her by applying to the Cepier, and paying the expences. Demerary, Dec. 27.

For Sale. [heading]
A Small Punt, which will carry about a dozen hogsheads of sugar. She is entirely new, and built of the best materials. Apply to the Printer of this Paper. Dec. 27.

The Subscribers have received, per Harmony, Twenty Hogsheads of Building Lime, for which Produce will be taken in payment, at Cash-price. They also offer for sale, by the same vessel, a handsome London-built Gig.
Dec. 27. Douglas, Reid, & Co.

For Liverpool. [heading]
[sailing ship icon] The Fine Fast-Sailing and Armed Ship Kingsmill, John McLuen, Master, 504 Tons burthen,
Will sail from hence in all February. For Freight or Passage apply to said Master, or to
Dec. 28. Simson, Grant, and Co.

Notice. [heading]
All those who have any demands against, or are indebted to the late Mr. J. F. Le Tessier, or Mr. Louis de Helliand, are requested to give in their claims, or make their payments to the underwritten on Plantation Ruimveld, as Executors to the Will of the first, and as Attornies for the second, that they may be able to bring the affairs entrusted to their care, to a speedy liquidation.
The undersigned take this opportunity to make known to the Public, that they intend continuing the business carried on by the late Mr. J. F. Le Tessier, and that they of course have for sale any kind of hard-wood planks and American lumber. And also have on hand a quantity of rum-puncheons and molasses casks, which they will dispose of at very moderate prices for Cash.
They further offer for hire, several carpenter and sailor negroes, who have been accustomed to work on board of ships. Also a punt and the lot and buildings in Charles-Town, lately occupied by Mr. J. F. Le Tessier, decd. and the lot and buildings, situated in front of Plantation Vlissingen, called New-Town, near the American wharf. Lastly they make known that they intend exposing for sale at Public Vendue, on the 14th of January next, all the goods left by the deceased Mr. J. F. Le Tessier, consisting of some furniture, a quantity of Vin de Grave, by the dozens, some negroes, and
The eligibly situated concession No. 18, in Charles-Town, near the Stelling.
Demerary, this 28th December, 1811.
Steph. Cramer.
N. M. Manget.

Public Vendues [heading]
In Demerary. [heading]

On Friday, the 10th of January, 1812, at the Vendue Office, by order of William Roach, Esq. - A ship's long-boat, coppered, with her sails and rigging, complete; will carry ten puncheons, being of easy draught of ware, and well calculated for a plantation-boat.
Dec. 28. Kingston & M'Bean.

On Friday, the 10th of January, 1812, will be exposed for sale, at the house of Heneage Williams, Esq. - About 22,000 feet of Colony-lumber, consisting of cabacally, bullet-tree, mora, and crabwood, boards and plank, which will be sold in lots of 500 feet, for the convenience of purchasers.
Dec. 28. Kingston & M'Bean.

DEMERARY. [heading]

This is to inform the
Public, that the follow-
ing Persons intend
quitting this Colony;-

deezer Colonie word gead-
verteerd dat de volgende
Persoonen van voorneemens
zyn van hier na elders te
vertrekken, viz;

W. Karst, do. . . . . . Dec. 3.
C. J. Musgrove, do. . . . . 3.
S. Walke, and one servant, do. . . . . 3.
I. D. Goddard, in 14 days or one month, . . . 5.
R. Gordon, in 14 days, . . . . . . 16.
N. Crichlow, in ditto, or 6 weeks, . . . 17.
J. J. Muncker, in ditto, or do. . . . . 21.
Miss Kitely, in 14 days, . . . . . . . . 23.
Miss Cooper, in do. . . . . . . . . . . 23
Robert Phipps,
Sworn Clerk.

At the Commissary Court on the 20th [?] of January ensuing will be passed the following Transports and Mortgage, viz.
By C. De Coden, transport of the Lot No. 69, situate on the north side of the Middle-Dam, Stabroek, with the buildings thereon to G. Henschelius.
By Martha C. Jordan, transport of a fourth-part of the Lot No. 78, situate in Cumingsburg, with the buildings thereon, to Kitty Reid.
By Benjamin Jones, q.q. Alexander Waldron, deceased, transport of the east half of Lot No. 27, situate in Cumingsburgh, to Hester Righter
By William Tubman, q.q. James Watson, of Lancaster, mortgage on one undivided fourth of Plantation Quakers-Hall, cum annexis, in favour of Jacob Ridley, of Lancaster.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, December 28, 1811.
Robert Phipps,
Sworn Clerk.

Notice. [heading]
The present year having nearly expired, those Subscribers to the Royal Gazette who are in arrears with their subscription-money, are particularly requested to come forward with immediate payment; and all, who intend to renew their engagement of the Paper, to announce the same as soon as possible, by a transmittal of their - payment in advance.

The William Rathbone, from Liverpool, is the only arrival of importance since our last. . . . [European news - not transcribed]

[right pointing hand icon] To our Readers. - Having been favoured with a file of American Papers, we intend laying before the Public, on Tuesday, several articles, which we think well worthy of perusal.


Vessels Entered and Cleared. [heading]

ENTERED. [heading]
Dec. 18. Brig Traveller, Nowlen, from New London.
19. Brig Mechanic, Greely, Portland.
20. Brig Harmony, Gemmell, Greenock.

CLEARED. [heading]
20. Sch. Industry, Folsom, for New York.

Runaway and Arrested Slaves, [heading]
In the Colony-Stocks of Demerary. [heading]



Brought by


Pl. Elizabeth-hall,

Juff. de Wolf


Bennet (Berbice)



Juff. Doresten,




Pl. Covent Garden.


M. Bourda,

Pl. Petershall,


Pl. Georgia,

B. Jeffery,


Judy Mitchel,



P. Benjamin,

Pl. Loo.


Pl. Ruimveld,



J. Berg,

Hayama Creek,



Pl. Manna,

Cambridg [sic]





H. H. Denny,

Dec. 28th. F. Strunkay, Scout.

Runaway and Arrested Slaves, [heading]
In the Colony-Stocks of Essequebo. [heading]



Brought by



H. Pieters,


Dr. King,




Vrynezer Totts,



P. Wachlog.

Dec. 20th. W. V. D. Wagt, Scout.

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By Edward James Henery.

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