Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1812 January 25

Vol. VII.]


[No. 444.



NOTICE is hereby given, that the Office of the Honorable the Fiscaal is removed to the House of H. D. Obermuller, Esq. in Stabroek.
Demerary, Jan. 25.

THE Commissaries of the District of New Town solicit the attendance of Proprietors of Lots therein, at Marshall's Hotel, on Monday the 3d of February, at 11 o'clock, for the purpose of inspecting their accounts, and appointing successors. The Commissaries particularly request the presence of every gentleman concerned, on account of the approaching termination of the leases.
William Cook, [right pointing brace, indicating 'Commissaries.']
W. M'Bean,
New Town, Jan. 24.

NOW landing, and for sale by the Subscribers, the Cargo of the Brig Hannibal, Capt. Banks, from Portsmouth:
W. P. boards, plank, and scantling
R. O. and W. O. shooks
Fish in hogsheads
Biscuit in barrels and half barrels
Oars, &c.
Jan. 25. Hyndman and Cary.

FOR SALE or HIRE, [heading]
THE Premises on the American Stelling, lately occupied as the Jubilee-Tavern. - Further particulars may be known on application to P. Benjamin, Esq. or at the Office of this Paper. Jan. 25.

STOLEN or Strayed, since yesterday morning, a handsome large Grey SCOTCH TERRIER, belonging to Capt. James Dougall, of the Ship Demerary, answers by the name of Stamp. Whoever will return the said Dog, or give information at the House of Messrs. M'Inroy, Sandbach, and Co. so that he may be recovered, shall receive One Joe Reward. Jan. 22.

THE Subscriber having purchased a piece of the Land called Pleasing Hope, on Leguan Island, for grazing and provisions; and finding the same much trespassed upon by cattle, mules, and flocks, belonging to the neighbouring gentlemen; he therefor offers to depasture cattle and mules, by the month or year (on moderate terms), as may be agreed upon.
All kinds of stock found trespassing, in ten days from the date of this notice, will be impounded, and the negroes attending the same put in the stocks, according to law; which, he trusts, will not be considered a harsh measure after this notice. Application to be made to the Subscriber, on the property.
Jan. 24. John Furnace.

Notice is hereby given, to whom it may concern, that the Undersigned (formerly Widow J. Wagster, maiden-name Wannell, now Widow H. Fasy), has revoked this day the Power of Attorney passed on Mr. I. M. Bauch, in the year 1801.
Demerary, Jan. 18, 1812.
Widow H. Fasy.
[Transcriber's note: this item does not appear in preceding issues.]

LOST or MISLAID, [heading]
AN ACCEPTANCE, by M. Downie to A. Blackwood, dated on or about the 1st March, 1808, for the sum of f 336. - This Acceptance being fully paid, it is requested that the person, into whose hands the same may have accidently fallen, will restore it to Mr. Downie, as, after this intimation, it will be considered as void. Jan. 14.
[Transcriber's note: this item does not appear in preceding issues.]

Two capital Chaise Horses [heading]
FOR SALE. [heading]
Enquire at the Royal Gazette Office.
Jan. 25.

FOR LIVERPOOL. [heading]
[sailing ship icon] The Ship Mercury, T. Powell, Master,
Well armed and manned, and two-thirds of the cargo already engaged; will positively sail in all February. For Freight or Passage apply to the said Master.
Jan. 25.

MARSHAL's OFFICE, [heading]
DEMERARY. [heading]
By authorization obtained, there will be offered for sale, by me, the underwritten First Marshal of the Honourable Court of Justice of this Colony, in presence of two Counsellor-Commissaries and the Secretary, at the Court-House, in the chief town of Stabroek, on Tuesday, the 11th of February next:-
1st. In behalf of J. Verwayen, as having married J. M. Milbourn, Widow and Executrix to the late C. D. Mack, deceased, versus Joseph Bergh, remaining Partner of the late Firm of Bruninghaus and Bergh. - The Concession Letter B. No. 6. situate on the front-lands of Plantation Werk en Rust, with the Buildings thereon, standing as a Dwelling-House, long about 50 feet, by 24 feet broad, two stories high, with a brick Warehouse below; a side Building, 100 feet long, by 18 broad; a small side Building, long 30 feet, by 18 feet broad; a Horse-stable; as likewise a Cistern.
2d. In behalf of H. Hunt, versus Samuel Jones - a negro woman, named Nancy.
All persons claiming right or title to the above property, and negro woman, will be pleased to address themselves, with their reasons of opposition, to me, the First Marshal; and those intending to purchase will be pleased to come at day and place aforesaid, to hear the conditions of sale.
Rio Demerary, 24th of January, 1812.
M. Smit,
First Marshal.

DEMERARY. [heading]

This is to inform the
Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony;-

Van het Secretary deezer Colonie word geadverteerd
dat de volgende Persoonen
von voorneemens zyn van hier
na elders te vertrekken, viz;

J. J. Anslow, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from Jan. 2.
R. Deane, do. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.
J. Higgins, in do. or 6 weeks . . . . . . . . . . 3.
Mrs. C. Ryan, do. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.
A. Auld, in do. (or by the Ship Nereid) . . . . . 6.
L. Cary, in do. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13.
Mrs. Atkins and family, in do. or 6 weeks . . . . 14.
H. Clementson, in do. or do. . . . . . . . . . . 16.
Mrs. Clementson, and one servant, in do. or do. . 16.
G. Dickson, in ditto or ditto, . . . . . . . . . 17.
C. Taylor, in 14 days . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17.
T. Hoppe, with one servant, in do. or 6 weeks . . 20.
E. Brush, do. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21.
G. Trotter, in 14 days, or by the Ship Ariadne . 21.
Mrs. S. Walcott, in do. or 6 weeks . . . . . . . 24.
J. Walcott, in ditto, or ditto . . . . . . . . . 24.
Robert Phipps,
Sworn Clerk.

AT the COMMISSARY COURT of the 10th of February ensuing, will be passed the following TRANSPORTS and MORTGAGE, viz.
By Benjamin Spooner, Transport of the East one-third of the half Lot No. 27, situate on the North Dam, Stabroek, with the buildings thereon, to Mrs. E. Mapp.
By the Honble. J. van den Paadevoort, in favour of C. Vincent, q.q. J. J. B. Heemskerk, now director of the Loan late under the direction of D. Changuion, deceased - an act, explanatory of a Mortgage executed in bahalf [sic] of the said Loan, on the Plant. Land of Canaan, on the 10th of October, 1780.
By J. Byble, as Executor to Midas Steurman, Transport of the half Lot No. 67, situate in Werk en Rust, with the buildings thereon, to Diana and George Staunton.
By Naghten and Fitzgerald, Transport of the West half of Lots No. 6 and 7, situate in Cumingsburg, to R. Fellows.
By R. Kingston, Transport of the Lot No. 37, situate in Cumingsburg, to H. O. Seward.
By H. O. Seward, Transport of so much of the said Lot No. 37, as now railed in, to Messrs. Simson, Grant, and Co.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, ?? of January, 1812.

IN DEMERARY. [heading]

On Wednesday the 29th instant, will be exposed for sale, at the Vendue Office, by Order of H. Austin, Esq. - Fifty barrels flour, - Also Leadenhall beef in kegs.
January 25. Robert Kingston.

On Thursday the 30th instant at the House of Heneage Williams, Esq. by order of Mr. D. Reoch - Eleven thousand feet Cabacally lumber.
Jan. 25. Robert Kingston.

On Friday the 7th of February, at the Vendue Office - a Curricle, with cross-bar, pads, &c. - it can be used occasionally as a single horse chaise. Also five hogsheads of terras.
Jan. 25. Robert Kingston.

On Tuesday the 11th of February, will be sold at the Orphan Chamber - Wearing apparel, a table-clock, gold and silver watches, a horse, Officer's accoutrements, and what will be further offered for sale. And also by order of H. A. Eberhardi, Esq. q.q. the Boedel of J. A. Sargenton, decd. - Wearing apparel, gold and silver, and books.
Jan. 25. Robert Kingston.

The Schooner Providence, Capt. Skell, from Grenada; and the Brig Tartar, from Guernsey - are the only arrivals since Tuesday. They bring us news - and, therefore, what our Readers will meet with this day, is extracted from recent London and other Papers.

[Sailing ship icon - heading]
For Barbados [heading]
The Ship Ariadne, [heading]
Captain Bird, [heading]
Will sail on the 1st of February. For Freight or Passage apply to said master, or
Jan. 25. Garden, King, and Co.

Custom-House, Demerary. [heading]
Vessels Entered and Cleared. [heading]

ENTERED. [heading]
Jan. 16. Snow Dominica Packet, Hea, from Newfoundland.
21. Bark Jane, Cross, Portland, N.A.
Ship Albion, Holmes, Dublin.
Brig Hannibal, Banks, Portsmouth, N.A.
Brig Hiram, Wells, New London.

CLEARED. [heading]
Jan. 16. Ship Proselyte, Barton, for London.
17. Sch. John Duncan, Barrie, Martinique.
Brig Hunter, Greely, Portland, N.A.
21. Sch. Neptune, Eagers, Tortola.

In the Colony-Stocks of Demerary. [heading]



Brought by





Pl. Elizabeth-hall,

Juff. de Wolf,


Bennet (Berbice),



Juff. Doresten,




Pl. Covent Gardens,


Pl. Georgia,

B. Jeffery,


P. Benjamin,

Pl. Loo,





Dctr. Richardson,

Clerk of the Market



Pl. Cornelia Ida,






Pl. Ruimveld,


S. Deeges,

Pl. Essex,


Phillis Butler,

John Farrows,






Pl. Sopiha.

Jan. 25. F. STRUNKAY, Scout.

In the Colony-Stocks of Essequebo. [heading]



Brought by






H. Pieters.


Dr. King,




Vrygezer [?] Totts.

Jan. 6th. W. V. D. WAGT, Scout.

STABROEK: [centered]
Printed & published every Tuesday & Saturday Afternoon,
By Edward James Henery.

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