Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1812 February 25

Vol. VII.]


[No. 453.



Mr. J. W. ROBINSON [heading]
BEGS leave to offer his compliments to those concerned, and requests a settlement of their notes and accounts as he would be very sorry to have recourse to any unpleasant measures.
Feb. 24.
N. B. - The Terms of his Vendue (advertised for Monday and Tuesday next, and which will begin early on those days,) are as follow:- Three month for merchandize, and six for negroes.

ON Thursday next, the 27th of February, 1812, will be publicly sold to the highest bidders, for immediate payment in cash, at the King's Warehouse, on the premises of Messrs. Fullerton, Oliverson and Co.
31 boxes of soap and candles, 12 kegs of tripe, 4 kegs of sausages, 20 whole and 18 half barrels of beef, 3 casks of gin, 18 hogsheads and 29 boxes of fish, 65 kegs of butter, 2 kegs of lard, 1 barrel of dried apples, 98 kegs of crackers, 5 boxes of smoked herrings, and 20 barrels of tar.
Seized on board the American Barqu Jane, by Lieut. Guise, Commanding His Majesty's Brig of War Liberty, and sold under authority of an order of the Hon. Joseph Beete, Judge-Surrogate of the Vice-Admiralty Court of this Colony.
John Forbes, Collector,
R. B. Knight, Actg. Comptr.
Custom-House, Demerary,
February 24, 1812.

FOR SALE, [heading]
Thirteen very Prime Negroes.
Apply to William King.
Feb. 25.

PICKED-UP, at Plantation La Grange, a LARGE FOUR-OARED YAWL, painted red. - The proprietor may have the same, by paying the expence of advertising, and bestowing a reward on the negroes who found her. Feb. 24.

Just Published - Price Six Guilders, [heading]
A Pocket Almanack for 1812, [heading]
And expressly calculated for these Colonies; [heading]
With an APPENDIX, [heading]
Containing the Names of the Members and Officers of the Courts of Policy and Justice; of the Board of Electors; of the Financial Representatives; of the Boards of Orphan Chamber; and of the Consistories. The Names of the Officers of the Secretaries' Offices. The Names of the Councellors at Law, Attornies, and Solicitors. Names of the Officers of the Marshals' Offices; of the Court of Vice Admiralty, of the Custom House, &c. The Days of Meeting of the Courts of the Brigade of Demerary Militia. The Course of Exchange, of 4s 8d. the Spanish Dollar brought into Demerary Currency, at f 3 the Dollar. The Names of the different Plantations in Demerary, their Produce, Proprietors, Measurement in Front, and Number of Slaves. An Account of the Colonial Revenue and Expenditure for the last year. Total of Colonial Exports. A Chronology of many Remarkable Occurrences in different Parts of the World, &c.
Printed and sold at the Royal Gazette Office; [centered]
Where also may be had, [centered]
Sheet Almanacks for the Present Year,
The Manner of Proceeding in the Courts,
Smith's Medical Instructions,
Second Edition of Ryk's Oration,
Blank Bills of Lading and Exchange,
Block-House-Signals on Cards, &c.
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The Subscriber has imported in the Caledonia, John Cameron, Master, and on hand from former importations, the following goods, which will be sold reasonable for immediate payment, viz:
[first column]
Beef & pork in half barrels,
Butter in firkins,
Hams and cheese,
London porter in bottles,
Best port and Madeira wine per dozen,
Grenada rum, gin,
White wine vinegar,
Black pepper,
Tea in cannisters,
Muzillipatam handkerchiefs assorted,
Madras & blue & white do.
Printed and white calicoes,
Furniture chintz,
Salempores, blue cotton,
Gingham, dimities,
Jean and Jeanette,
Musquito netting,
Cotton thread,
Irish linen, cotton shirting,
Scotch diaper, long lawn,
Bed tick, blk silk Florentien
Black silk handkerchiefs,
Ladies' muslin robes,
Do. veils, shawls, & turbans,
Black, brown, green, and yellow muslin,
Spotted leno do.
Ladies' stockings,
Do. boots and shoes,
Ready made cloaths,
Silk and cotton umbrellas,
7-8, 4-4, and 6-4 cotton cambric,
Neck cloths,
Plain and frill'd linen shirts,
Servants' coarse ditto,
Anchor dowlas, and harn,
Cotton, cotton & linen, and linen check,
Linen blue stripe,
Cotton ditto,
Cotton and linen Britannias,
Tradesmen's and negro hats,
Blue trowsers, Oznaburgs,
Silk and worsted shoulder braces,
Square and oval swing looking glasses,
Mahogany waiters assorted,
White lead in 14 and 28 lb. kegs,
Black do. in 28 lb. kegs,
Yellow and green paint,
Paint oil in 2 & 2 1/2 gall. jugs,
[second column]
Neatsfoot oil,
Paint brushes, assorted,
Shoe scrubbing & cloth do.
H. HL, and hook and eye hinges,
Small brass do. with screws,
Stock locks 6 to 12 inches,
Large double bolted padlocks, small brass ditto,
Brass case & sloping desk do.
Chest and trunk do.
Best cast-steel hand-saws,
Ditto files,
Long, jack and smoothing planes, gouges & chissels assorted, turn screws,
Hoes, shovels, & pruning knives, coffee mills,
Gridirons and frying pans,
Large vat cocks, wine do.
Beams with copper scales, brass chains, and Dutch weights,
Setts ivory handled knives and forks with carvers,
Green & black bone handled ditto, buck handled do.
Sailors' and pen knives,
Horse fleams,
Patent razors, ground on 4-inch stone,
Small mahogany dressing cases,
Shaving-boxes and brushes,
Cork screws, metal spoons,
Brass and japanned bed-room candlesticks,
Japanned waiters,
Fish-kettles, sauce-pans,
Tinder-boxes, funnels,
Watering-cans, dish-covers,
Coffee and milk pots,
Horn and tin lanthorns,
Spermaceti candles,
Osnaburgs, sack, packing,
Whitechapel needles,
Large and small scissars
Union jacks for colony boats
Red, white, and blue burgees for ditto,
Broad and narow [sic] blue, red, and white bunting,
Anchors and grapnels, &c.
[end columns]
Feb. 25. L. M'Bean.

FOR LIVERPOOL, [heading]
[sailing ship icon] The Dominica Packet,
Thomas Hea, Master, [centered]
Will sail from hence the beginning of April, a running vessel, or join convoy in the Island, should any offer. For Freight or Passage apply to
Cumingsburg, Feb. 25. Simson, Grant, & Co.

NOTICE. [heading]
A BROWN HORSE was taken up by the Dienders, on the 8th instant, and brought to the Colony-Jail. The proprietor thereof can have him restored, by applying at the above Jail, and paying the expences; and, if the said horse is not claimed within 14 days from this date, the same will then be sold at Public Vendue, according to a Resolution of the Honourable Court of Policy, dated July 9, 180? [3 or 5].
Demerary, February 24th 1812.
S. G. Martens,

All those having claims against the deceased Nicholas Rousselet, Esquire, of this Colony, are requested to present them for examination as early as possible to
New-Town, James Robertson,
Feb. 15. Deliberating Executor to his Last-Will.
[Transcriber's note: unable to find this item in previous issues.]

DEMERARY. [heading]

This is to inform the
Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony;-

Van het Secretary deezer Colonie word geadverteerd
dat de volgende Persoonen
von voorneemens zyn van hier
na elders te vertrekken, viz;

J. H. Cantzlaar, in do. or 6 weeks, from Feb. 3.
M. R. Embleton, & one servant, in do. or do. 5.
C. I. Robertson, in do. . . . 9.
J. Jones, in do. . . . 12.
J. J. M'Pherson, in do. . . . 13.
J. Innes, and servant, in do. . . . 14.
J. F. Smith, in 14 days . . . 14.
W. Douglas, in do. or by the Ship Thomas, 19.
T. Blake, in do. or 6 weeks . . . 20.
J. Aikin, in 14 days . . . 21.
P. Hamer, and her Son, in do. . . . 21.
Robert Phipps,
Sworn Clerk.

IN DEMERARY. [heading]

On Monday the 9th of March, [see 18120215EDRG for '10th of March'] . . .
[see 18120218EDRG for '10th of March'] . . .
[see 18120222EDRG] . . .
On the same day, 20 to 25 head of cattle, of the best breed, among them are 7 young cows with calves.
Feb. 14. Robert Kingston.

On Tuesday, the 24th of March, by order of the Executors of William Harris, deceased, at the Vendue-Office, - A piece of wood-land, situated in Hayama-Creek, with the buildings thereon, consisting of logies, Negro-houses, &c.; twenty-one prime slaves, being a complete wood-cutting gang; 40 pieces of timber, Wallaba and greenheart; a tent-boat, one large and two small punts; 40 M. shingles, 400 Wallaba staves; a horse, some articles of furniture; a parcel of carpenters' tools, whip and cross-cut saws; and what farther [sic] may appear on the day of sale. - The land and buildings will be sold at a credit of six months and the other articles a three months.
Feb. 25. Robert Kingston.

Died, much regretted by his friends, and acquaintance, on Plantation Vrouwe Anna, Leguan-Island, on Saturday last, the 22d inst. H. H. Luhrs, Esq.

The Ship Nereid, from London, via Gibraltar and Madeira, arrived yesterday. . . .
[Transcriber's note: European news not transcribed]

Extract of a Private Letter from Lisbon, of a recent [centered]
date, received by way of Madeira, by a [centered]
Gentleman in this Colony. [centered]
[Transcriber's note: European news not transcribed.]

In the course of last year. [heading]

January. - Four vessels from Liverpool; 3 from Barbados; 2 from Surinam; 1 from Berbice; and 12 from North-America. - Total, 22.

February. - One from London; 1 from Liverpool; 4 from Barbados; 1 from Grenada; 1 from Dominica; 2 from Surinam; 1 from Oronoque; and 11 from North-America. - Total, 22.

March. - One from London; 2 from Liverpool; 1 from Glasgow; 8 from Barbados; 1 from Dominica; 2 from Surinam; 1 from Berbice; and 6 from North-America. - Total, 28.

April. - Two from London; 5 from Liverpool; 1 from Bristol; 3 from Glasgow; 3 from Barbados; 1 from St. Vincent; 2 from Grenada; 3 from Surinam; and 1 from North-America. - Total, 21.

May. - Five from London; 1 from Liverpool; 1 from Glasgow; 1 from Belfast; 3 from Barbados; 2 from Surinam; 1 from Oronoque, and 3 from North-America. - Total, 17.

June. - One from London; 2 from Liverpool; 2 from Glasgow; 1 from Dublin; 1 from Lisbon; 2 from Barbados; 3 from Surinam; and 2 from North-America. - Total, 14.

July. - Three from London; 6 from Liverpool; 1 from Whitehaven; 6 from Glasgow; 1 from the Cape of Good Hope; 1 from Rio Janeiro; 1 from Antigua; 3 from Barbados; 2 from Surinam; 3 from Berbice; 2 from Oronoque; and 6 from North-America. - Total, 35.

August. - Two from London; 1 from Greenock; 1 from Antigua; 1 from Lisbon; 1 from Madeira; 5 from Barbados; 2 from Surinam; 1 from Berbice; and 5 from North-America. - Total, 19.

September. - Four from London; 4 from Liverpool; 1 from Glasgow; 1 from Martinique; 3 from the Brazils; 3 from Barbados; 2 from Surinam; and 13 from North-America. - Total, 31.

October. - Four from Liverpool; 1 from Greenock; 2 from the Brazils; 2 from Barbados; 2 from Surinam; 2 from Oronoque; and 10 from North-America. - Total, 25.

November. - One from Liverpool; 2 from Glasgow; 1 from Bristol; 2 from Barbados; 1 from Surinam; and 10 from North-America. - Total, 17.

December. - Two from London; 8 from Liverpool; 1 from Lancaster; 1 from Greenock; 5 from Barbados; 1 from Oronoque; and 9 from North-America. - Total, 27.

STABROEK: [centered]
Printed & published every Tuesday & Saturday Afternoon,
By Edward James Henery.

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